• Aussie Justin Evans Returns

    Aussie Justin Evans Returns

    19 year old Justin Evans from Poland has already been on the site when Bentley Race was travelling Europe a couple of years back with his mate Zac. Bentley is back in Europe and organised to meet Justin Evans for another hot scene. Awesome! This time around, Justin is looking a lot more buff, and that ass is particularly more of a bubble. Justin shows off in and out of his sports gear, working it for Bentley's camera.

    More Bentley Race playing and filming his mates!

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  • Ask GayDemon: Two Dimensional Tuches

    Ask GayDemon: Two Dimensional Tuches

    Is there anything i can do about my flat ass? It looks terrible in jeans, even though I think I've got a nice bottom when I'm naked. It just doesn't fill any pants I wear right.
    -Two Dimensional Tuches

    I can totally help! You're so lucky you reached out to me! I will save you from your misery!
    Know that saying "Accentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative." That's from a song, actually. And definitely not a Rihanna song. She doesn't sing songs. She sings money.

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  • Mr Man's Top 10 Celebrity Butt Grabs


    This week we look at the top 10 of Mr Man's celebrity 'Butt Grabs' playlist, which includes 18 scenes from film and TV! The scenes are in no particular order, but we want to know what YOUR favorite scene is - so let us know in the comments. Celebrities spend hours working on their glutes to drop their pants on the big screen. Lets take a moment to consider those butts of steel.

    Click to see all 18 scenes in this playlist!

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  • Sexy, Masculine, Handsome Pierre

    Sexy, Masculine, Handsome Pierre

    Pierre is the latest good-looking, masculine guy to grace the Next Door Male site. He's actually from Canada, hence the French-sounding name, but now living happily in California, and he's well worth checking out.

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  • Max Carver Shows His Ass On 'The Leftovers'

    Max Carver Shows His Ass On 'The Leftovers'

    HBO's The Leftovers delivered a treat to us in the form of Teen Wolf star Max Carver show his bare buttocks. What a cute ass he has too!

    Max has nothing to be shy about, although he certainly looked a bit embarrassed in the show. Now, actually finding a sexy butt like that whilst strolling through the woods would be a real treat.

    Max Carver

    Story via Attitude Magazine.

  • Hairless Twinks Fucking

    Cute twink gets his friends cock up his smooth hole

    Hot and smooth Xavier Powell from Video Boys gets his completely hairless bubble butt fucked by an equally tasty boy, Symon Boisdur. Xavier's chiseled abs tighten as Symon pounds away on his tight, hot hole.

  • Cum Eating Stud Fucked By Black Guy

    Sexy guy with bubble butt gets pounded by black cock

    Athletic black jock Ace Rockwood gets his cock sucked by Rick Mathias, a sexy guy with a flawless, tight little bubble butt. Rick gets pounded by the hung black stud and then takes his cum in his mouth!

  • Baseball Twink With Bubble Butt

    Twink with baseball bat and a bubble butt

    Kody Blue is a hung baseball twink with a knack for getting naked. Bentley Race fans will be pleased to see him stripping from his gear and showing his smooth bubble butt whilst suggestively clutching his baseball bat.

  • Hot Jock With Toned Abs

    American jock gets his big dick hard for Bentley

    Rich Santana is in his baseball cap and shades looking so cool when he begins his shoot with Bentley Race, traveling in America. Rich has a superb set of abs, a really big dick and some sexy gear!

  • Muscle Hunk John Magnum

    john magnum

    I don't know what happened to Perfect Guyz. This hot jock and straight guy site went AWOL a few months back. It happens sometimes, site owners change or sometimes life's drama just gets in the way of producing gay porn videos. Whatever the reason, it doesn't matter - Perfect Guyz has re-emerged like a Viagra-induced hard-on from a long slumber.

    First, Perfect Guyz redesigned their site and the new look is hot. And they've been adding stunning new muscled guys and jocks like crazy. And they seem committed to a rigid update schedule; they even post the date and time of the next update - April 1st, 2011 @ 2pm PDT. That's pretty impressive. But even more rousing is their latest model John Magnum.

    John is a 25-year-old muscle stud that you don't want to miss. He lives up to the Perfect Guyz name because he's perfect in just about every way. He's ex-military (a veteran of Iraq). He's handsome with captivating, steel-blue eyes, a square jaw, and close-cropped hair. And this stud takes very good care of his body. He's ripped with strong shoulders, bulging biceps, and a washboard stomach. And he's a little on the furry side, too.

    In this jerk-off video, this muscle hunk awakes with some morning wood. He starts stroking his 8-inch, thick cock all over that bed, exploring a number of positions to satisfy himself. He even fucks the mattress, which gives us a great opportunity to see that fantastic muscle bubble butt of his. And when he finally cums, it's worth the tease. Fuck, this stud shoots a mean cumshot - must be that military training. Head over to Perfect Guyz and check out the new look and John Magnum's free preview video.