• Dimitri Kane & Patrick Isley in 'Not Brothers Yet'

    Dimitri Kane & Patrick Isley in 'Not Brothers Yet'

    Dimitri Kane's mom is to marry Patrick Isley's dad in a few hours. The step-brothers-to-be have to be on the road if they'll make the wedding on time, but the car is fucked and Patrick's busy trying to fix it. He removes his shirt to examine the engine. Dimitri can't help but reach for his future step-brother's hot looking bulge and, although resistant at first, Patrick comes round to the idea when his frustration turns to horniness. They suck, rim and fuck in the garage in part 7 of the Not Brothers Yet series at MEN.com.

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  • Vadim Black Has A Forza Brother Fucking Each End - Or Does He?

    Vadim Black Has A Forza Brother Fucking Each End - Or Does He?

    Forget about sharing a guy with your brother, would you even want your brother in the same room while you were having sex? No thanks. I once saw my brother jacking off and that's a memory that I still can't get out of my head all these years later. But porn does have a fascination with family members having naughty sex. Remember the Visconti Triplets? They're still around and just did a bareback gang bang over at Lucas Entertainment. And this week supposed brothers Johnny Forza and Donny Forza are tag-team fucking Vadim Black's ass over at Dallas Reeves.

    I doubt that Donny and Johnny are bothers. (A while back I publicly asked here to see birth certificates, but never heard anything.) But porn is supposed to be about fantasy, right? So, we'll go with it.

    While Johnny is take a nap, Vadim and Donny are in the shower and Donny is giving the cute stud a mouthful. When Vadim says that he wants a Forza cock in each end, the guys dry off and head to the bedroom to wake-up Johnny. With Vadim in the middle, the guys get into some threeway sucking. Then down on all fours, Vadim continues blowing Donny while Johnny fucks Vadim from behind and Donny gets his turn too. The brother fantasy doesn't do anything for me, but Johnny and Donny have a couple of nice dicks and watching Vadim take them both is enough for me.

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  • Visconti Bros Return As Bondage Trio

    VIsconti Triplets in bondage

    We haven't heard much from the Visconti Triplets lately, but now the Hungarian brothers are back in a new scene--and they're all tied up! The nearly identical trio, who have starred in movies for Elite Male and been spokesmodels for Fleshjack, are back to work for the edgy Men on Edge. In fact, the popular site traveled to Europe to shoot the smooth muscular trio. The bros were filmed in an abandoned warehouse in Berlin, where they were trussed and serviced by Sebastian Keys and Van. The blindfolds went on and the clothes came off. Somehow, Sebastian got all three uncut cocks in his mouth! Brothers Joey and Jimmy got flogged and Jason took a dildo for the team. After hours of painful edging, the triplets shot their loads one by one. Triple the cum! For more information, visit MenonEdge.com.

    Visconti Triplets getting edged in bondage

  • Two hot brothers jerk off side by side

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    We are fascinated with brothers, aren't we. Robbie has already jacked his dick over at Spunk Worthy and today he's brought along his brother, Jessie. This is Jessie's first time stroking his meat on video, but he won't be alone. His brother joins him naked on the bed and they jerk their cocks together in this side by side. You know, I'm going to pull an Oprah here: she often said she wondered how the ride home went with some of her guests after the show, and I'm sure wondering what these brothers said to each other after they spilled their cum loads together. Maybe it's not the first time!

  • Brothers Jerk Off in the Men's Room

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    Brothers Joey, Jason and Jimmy - the Visconti Triplets - are beating their meat together in a public men's room. These well-muscled Hungarian jocks stand facing each other as they start their circle jerk, their cocks rock hard. The guys sit down on the bathroom floor and get serious as they pound their dicks, getting close and closer till they shoot their loads!

  • Fourway Twin Sex

    fourway twin sex

    On a recent trip to Costa Rica, Corbin Fisher filmed a hot fourway scene with The Twins. Luca and Liam are identical twins ... except it turns out that they're not quite so identical: Luca is bi and has had sex with both guys and girls, but Liam is straight and has never had a dick up his ass.

    The Twins end up on the bed with Cain and Dawson. The guys strip out of their swimsuits and Luca and Liam pick a guy and start sucking their cocks. Dawson and Cain stand back to back on the bed; Cain feeds Luca is cock and Dawsom face fucks Liam. After a few minutes, the twins swap: Liam is now sucking Cain's uncut cock and Luca swallows Dawson's cock right down to the balls.

    Dawson really wanted to break in Liam and give him his first taste of anal sex, so The Twins had to swap back. Liam lubes Dawson's dick and then squats on it ever so slowly and saying, "You gotta be easy on me." (Why do straight guys always decide to sit on a cock for the first time? It's not the easiest of positions to break open your fuck hole.) The two brothers are sitting on two hard cocks. Although more experienced, Luca struggles to take Cain's big uncut cock, but as Cain starts thrusting upwards, Luca's hole opens up. He sneaks a peek at his brother's virgin ass taking Dawson's hard dick.

    The Twins flip onto their backs and Dawson and Cain start fucking them harder and more intensely. Luca shoots his load first, with Cain's cock jackhammering his hole, Luca blows a big load all over his ripped abs. Dawson pounds away on Liam, until he matches his brother's load. But it's not over yet. Dawson blows his load in Liam's mouth and Cain pumps a big load down Luca's throat. And the cumshot photos are pretty hot, you're going to want to head over to Corbin Fisher to check them out.

  • Twin Brother Threesome Sex

    sex with twin brothers

    From time to time, we're promised really hot sex featuring twin brothers; but more often than not, the come-on is a lot hotter than the actual sex. This week, Corbin Fisher delivers some insanely hot action featuring CF's twin brothers, Liam and Luca. And Travis is the lucky bottom who gets to play with these twins in a threesome sex scene.

    Studly young Liam has never fucked a guy before, and not only does he bury his cock in Travis's ass, but he does it with his twin brother right there. Luca is amazed that his brother is diving right into some hardcore guy-on-guy sex. Travis climbs on top of Liam in a reverse cowboy, so we get to see Travis sliding up and down on Liam's hard cock. It's an awesome sight!

    One of the hottest parts of this threesome sex scene is watching Travis bouncing up and down, hard and fast, on Liam's cock. Meanwhile, Luca is sucking Travis's stiff cock. The guys swap and Luca takes over drilling Travis's ass. And in the same position as his twin brother, Luca thrust up into Travis's hungry ass. Meanwhile, his brother, Liam, is jerking Travis's cock. Travis starts to spray cum everywhere - and I mean everywhere! His dick just doesn't stop shooting. But it's not over there, these twin brothers kneel on either side of Travis and jerk off and blow their loads all over him. One twin brother's spunk falling all over the other's. Hot fucking hot is that?!

  • Behind the Scenes

    View full video at Man Avenue

    Here are the Visconti Triplets hard at work making their latest "public restroom" shoot. We can hear the direction as the camera man tells the guys what to do - which seems to involve one guy sucking cocks while he's getting fucked.

  • The Studding Twins

    Studding Twins

    We certainly are fascinated with twins, aren't we? In the last few months, here at Gay Demon, my fellow bloggers have written about several sets of twins getting off together: a couple of hot Latino twins jacked off together; and then, a two brothers jerk off together on Fratmen, which is a nice surprise because Fratmen usually only features solos; and finally, a couple of thug brothers get their dicks sucked at the same time by another black dude. This week Next Door Male jumps into the twin mania with the Studding brothers. Two cute blond brothers sporting two days of face scruff; hard, ripped bodies; pierced nipples; and a couple of nice meaty cocks. Just returning from an afternoon on the lake, kayaking and swimming, Dave and Matt, are using the outdoor shower to get ready for a double date with a couple of hot babes. They know they're going to get some later on, but they don't want anything prematurely ruining their evening, so these brothers decide to jack off together and release some of that excitement. Good thinking, guys!

  • Latino Twins Jerk Off

    Latin Twinks Jerk Off

    Miami Boyz grabbed themselves a rather interesting duo for this brand new shoot. See, Rodrigo and Facundo are genuine twin brothers who love pussy, but don't seem to have a problem sitting side by side while stroking their hard cocks to orgasm. How's that for hot?! Their stats are identical apparently. Both are 19 years old (of course), boast 8 uncut inches of manmeat each, stand 5'10" tall and weigh in at around 150 lbs. The story is laid out so - Facundo cums home from work to catch his brother beating off to some straight porn. Feeling adventurous and horny himself from the action on the TV, he decides to join in on the fun. Both brothers' sexy, dark eyes stay glued to the video playing while stroking their uncut pride and joys together. What a sight! There must have been a seriously intense moment in that porn flick, because the brothers are soon busting their nuts - one right after the other!