• Wagner Meets Darius On Lucas Kazan Site

    Wagner and Darius

    Seems like there are always more hot men to share from the Lucas Kazan repertory company. Here are beefy Wagner Vittoria, 30, from Rome who previously appeared with newcomer Diego, and slender Darius Ferdynand, a 25-year-old from London. Who knew that these opposites would attract so nicely? According to director (and recent birthday boy) Ettore Tosi, when fair-skinned Ferdynand flew to Sicily to meet swarthy Brazilian Vittoria, "the sparks flew." In Part 1 of their pairing, Darius sucks major thick cock, while Wagner eats tight young ass. We can't wait for the second installment. Who do you think winds up on top!? This is the first of several scenes filmed in Italy this fall that will debut online and then be released on DVD next year. For more information, visit Lucas Kazan.

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  • Craig Farell & Delta Cobra

    View full video at UK Naked Men

    Fucking the pool boy is a common theme in gay porn videos, but I'll excuse UK Naked Men's cliche in this new one called "What Craig Wants" because Brazilian hunk and newcomer Delta Cobra is just so fucking hot and sexy. This is Cobra's first foray into gay porn and you're going to want to see this one. In six months this stud is going to be everywhere. And although he's a top, this boy loves sucking cock.

  • Tony Milan Dominates Arnaud Chagall

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    I love watching a bottom getting screwed on a big fluffy bed. Arnaud Chagall is writhing on this beautiful white bed as furry Brazilian brute Tony Milan pumps his hole. Milan is a new Cocky Boys performer and I'm going to enjoy watch his thick cock fucking a lot of butts over there. With fists full of goose-down comforter, Arnaud moans and groans as Milan drills his tiny, white ass. Arnaud loves the attention and keeps pushing his ass higher in the air and Tony just keeps filling it.

  • Argentine Assets

    View full video at Brazilian Studz

    There's not much to say about this video. Felipe is a sexy hung stud and in this video from Brazilian Studz, he treats us to a long, slow show of him stroking his big, fat, uncut dick. I'll shut up now because it's a 5-minute video, and you want to watch it.

  • Gio Cruz Fucks Justin King

    Gio Cruz Fucks Justin King

    Justin King has been playing around in gay porn for a little while now, he's done a handful of scenes, but he's not one of those "OMG! He's everywhere" kind of performers. He's pretty hot, cute and furry, and I sure could stand to see more of him. I was pretty happy to find him recently on Alpha Males, where he's hooking up with Gio Cruz.

    Gio and Justin are introduced to one another by the company boss and Justin wants to know why Gio is so popular in this firm, so Gio pulls out his big Brazilian cock and shows him. Justin kneels and swallows this beautiful piece of dark, uncut meat, then Gio moves to a chair and sits back and enjoys Justin's hot, wet mouth sliding up and down his hard tool.

    Gio pulls Justin to his feet, sucks his meaty foreskinned cock and massages the furry stud's butt hole. Gio turns him around and starts rimming Justin's ass, but no amount of tongue fucking is going to relax Justin's rosebud, so Gio decides the only way in is with his hard-on. And watching this Brazilian top pushes his thick dick into this furry cub's ass is a feast for the eyes. For the finale, Justin sits back on the sofa and he and Gio unload their balls all over Justin's furry body - his hairy torso is a cummy mess.

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  • Monster Brazilian Cock Bareback

    well-hung brazilian fucking raw ass

    Tony's a passionate lover. He's got a huge, 10-inch cock and this Brazilian stud has learned that if he wants a bottom to take his monster meat balls-deep, then he's got to get them pretty revved up. He finds that lots of touching, kissing, nipple kissing, and ass licking gets a butt boy pretty horny, so much so that their asses open up almost on command.

    Miguel is the lucky bottom over at Latin Jocks who gets to take Tony's beautifully long and thick dick. After some sizzling foreplay, Tony slips in behind Miguel, hoists a leg in the air, and starts inching his tree trunk inside the Miguel's raw butt hole. Once Miguel's ass has stretched wide open, he climbs on top of Tony and impales himself on those 10 inches. After a hot round of fucking, Tony is so turned on that he shoots his cum load without even a hand so much as touching his dick.

  • Brazlian Lovers Tag Team Fucking

    brazilian hunks in threeway fucking action

    Diego Lauzen & Wagner Vittoria are a pair of real-life lovers. A couple of weeks ago they made their gay porn debut on Tim Tales, where they fucked raw and played a bit with site owner, Tim Kruger, and his 10-inch cock. Diego and Wagner are a couple of beautiful Brazilian muscle boys with gorgeous bodies and big uncut cocks.

    Then Kristen Bjorn picked up this pair and showcased them in their series Lovers Lane, where they again fucked raw on camera. And I think Kristen Bjorn has bigger plans for these two, but in the meantime, another scene that they filmed with Tim Tales just hit the airways.

    Diego and Wagner tag team uninhibited power bottom David Avila. David himself is hot, muscled stud and wears some sexy tattoos and a face full of scruff. But his ass is no matched for this Brazilian couple. They work up a sweat trying to keep this cock-hungry bottom satisfied and filled up.

  • Kristen Bjorn Signs Hot Couple As New Exclusives

    Diego Wagner Kristen Bjorn

    It must be the season for new exclusives. We just reported on two new models for two different companies. Now we're hearing that superstar director Kristen Bjorn has a pair of buff new guys joining the "exclusives" club at his studio. Bjorn says that Diegor Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria are "the hottest things to come out of Brazil in a long time." And the real-life couple is making their gay porn debut in the studio's popular Lovers Lane series, in which they suck and fuck each other. "There is a certain magic in the air when lovers have this type of amazing sex," Bjorn adds. To see the tattooed duo in action, visit KristenBjorn.com.

    Real-life gay lovers fucking on Kristen Bjorn

  • Brazilian Muscle Guys Barebacking

    View full video at Tim Tales

    I love watching real-life couples fucking. Porn stars are great, too, but there's something about watching a hot couple of guys barebacking and knowing that they do this a couple of times of week that gets me pretty revved up. These two Brazilian muscle hunks take turns fucking each other raw on Tim Tales. And you'll want to head over there and check out the full video because Tim Kruger even gets his 10 incher into the action.

  • Real-Life Brazilian Lovers Fuck Raw

    muscular hunk real-life brazilian lovers

    Tim Kruger found this pair of real-life lovers online. Diego and Wagner are a pair of beautiful Brazilian muscle men and when he saw them, he knew he just had to get them to fuck on his site Tim Tales. I'm not sure which one is Diego and which is Wagner, Kruger never said. And I'm not surprised given the way Tim gushed about these two hunks on his website. He said that he and his partner, Grobes, were beside themselves when this pair of lovers walked into their home for their film session.

    As is the case with most Brazilians, these two are nicely hung. And what's great about watching their fuck video is that they're both versatile and they take turns pounding each other's asses. And because they're lovers, they're not using condoms. Grobes is filming, as he generally does, but Tim Kruger, who is directing, can't resist pulling his 10-inch cock out and shoving in down a hungry Brazilian mouth while the bottom's getting his ass plugged. I guess that's one of the benefits of running your own porn site, you can always "direct" yourself into the scene.