• Alexander Greene Chain Smoking

    Alexander Greene Chain Smoking

    Alexander Greene has a bad boy charm about him with his blond hair, attitude and smoking habit at Boys Smoking. The sexy lad chain smokes outdoors as he strips down to his underwear, showing off his bulging cock and then pulling out his uncut pole with a full hard on, continuing to puff away on his cig. He strokes his dick until he releases a nice big load.

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  • Scottie Cooper Smokes & Jerks Off

    Scottie Cooper Smokes & Jerks Off

    Scottie Cooper is brand new to Boys Smoking. The gorgeous straight boy is sat naked on a chair with his Marlboro cigs, chain-smoking as he beats his throbbing, big cock. Scottie is a toned lad with a little scruffy beard, which gives him a trashy vibe that makes him really hot! When he's ready to blow his load, he positions the ash tray beneath his dick and deposits his spunk in there!

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  • JD Phoenix Smokes & Strokes His Dick

    JD Phoenix Smokes & Strokes His Dick

    Super hot JD Phoenix lights up his Benson & Hedges Menthol 100s and strips down to his blue underwear, puffing clouds of smoke seductively as he loses each item of clothing at Boys Smoking. He gets hard and plays with his cock, chain smoking more of his cigarettes and stroking. He can't contain his load any longer and cums into his clenched fist.

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  • Smokin' Twink Sex

    Twinks smoking during gay sex

    Jerry and Wensa are smooth and slender twinks from Europe - and you know that means uncut cocks. They're also chain smokers who love to puff on a cigarette almost as much as they love to fuck, and that made them perfect for a session in front of the camera for Boys Smoking. They get naked, light up together, then start playing with each other, which includes trading handjobs. Jerry and Wensa continue to smoke, and to blow the white creamy smoke on each other as their dicks get harder and harder. And they finish off this round with some serious anal sex, both boys smoking as they fuck!

  • Bad Boy Strokes as He Smokes

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    Trevor from Boys Smoking is an alt sort of dude, with a facial piercing, scruffy beard and his backwards baseball cap. And if there's one thing Trevor likes to do, it's smoke. But he's a guy, so he also loves jerking off. And here he gets to do both in front of a camera - and get paid for it! It doesn't get much better than this ;-)

  • Twinks Smoking in Bed

    Horny twinks smoking

    Euro twinks Michael and Kyle from Boys Smoking have nothing to do on this early afternoon, so they decide to relax, get naked and smoke have a cigarette. It appears no one ever told these boys not to smoke in bed, because they find themselves lighting up and puffing away while relaxing on the sheets. And after a little while, both the guys are feeling pretty horny, so they go down on each other, sucking cock with enthusiasm, even as they keep smoking. Finally they grab their own dicks as they light up again, then stroke their cocks till they shoot hot, creamy loads of cum!

  • Smoking Twink Sex

    Twinks smoke during sex

    Ryan Conners and Ayden James from Boys Smoking are two horny twinks who also love to chain smoke. They smoke cigarettes all the time - while watching TV, at work and during sex. Maybe that's one of the reasons these guys were so turned on by each other. After kissing, the guys suck each others' cocks, the entire time puffing on a cigarette and exhaling the creamy white smoke all over each other. Then it's time for some rimming, licking that tight puckered hole with a warm, wet, pointed tongue. When the guys can't wait any longer, Ryan takes control and fucks Ayden's tight ass, both guys smoking as they drive each other wild!

  • Twinks Who Love Smoking


    Here are some hot smoking fetish pics from Boys Smoking for those who love to watch twinks between 18 and 24 sucking away on a cigarette while they get naked. They all look so damn fucking hot the way they drag on their cigarettes between sucks of their buddies' cocks, then light up another one together...

  • Smoking and Stroking

    twink smoking fetish pics

    It's late in the evening, and blond Kayden Daniels from Boys Smoking feels relaxed and horny, and he wants to get off before he goes to sleep, but he also wants to have a smoke, so he decides to do both. Kayden pulls a cigarette out of the pack, lights up and then grabs his thick cock, which is already hard. He starts stroking it, enjoying the feeling of his hand on his dick and the smoke as he inhales. Kayden keeps jerking as his other hand moves down to his balls. Then he keeps puffing and playing with himself as he fingers his tight twink asshole!

  • Bryce Smoking

    Twink smoking fetish pics

    Super cute Bryce Corbin from Boys Smoking lights up his cigarette and starts puffing away as he looks into the camera, giving us a chance to gaze deeply into his sexy bedroom eyes. These pics are not only a turn-on for those into pics of twinks smoking, but they are beautifully shot to show off the erotic vibe as Bryce puffs white smoke and then exhales. And once Bryce has slipped off his boxer briefs, he looks so seductive that even non-smokers have gotta notice how hot he looks as he inhales his cigarette, then grabs his hard cock and starts stroking!