• Top #Selfies of the Week: Body vs. Dick

    Top #Selfies of the Week: Body vs. Dick

    If you had to pick hot body or hot dick on a guy, which would you go for? And if you're a top and don't so much care about a guy's dick, then I guess you bypass the thought puzzle and go directly to asshole heaven. Which is figure is what heaven's like for tops: one big asshole.

    But yeah, otherwise you may be in a pickle of a quandary of a dilemma. Because you have to choose. And face is an independent parameter. He can be super gorgeous perfect facially but then either the dick or body is total shit.

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  • Parkside Pickup at Next Door Ebony

    Parkside Pickup at Next Door Ebony

    At Next Door Ebony in 'Parkside Pickip' two attractive black dudes, XL and Jin Powers, notice each other in a busy downtown park. XL was captivated by the sharply dressed Jin, who gives an inviting look back to XL, indicating 'come back to my apartment'. Back at Jin's place, XL is handed a glass of wine, and after a bit of chatting and smooching, Jin gets to his knees and takes XL's big black dick in his mouth. They retire to the bedroom for some slurping on Jin's cock this time. XL pounds Jin's ass fast and furiously, with shit loads of passion!

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  • Kevin Uses Straight Fraternity's Gloryhole

    Kevin Uses Straight Fraternity's Gloryhole

    This time on Straight Fraternity, it's Kevin's turn to put his big black dick through the glory hole and be pleasured. As he's getting his cock sucked gives verbal abuse, "suck that dick!". Choking on the thick, black meat, our tattooed cock-sucker turns around and puts his slutty against the hole to take a quick bareback fuck before Kevin shoots his loads down the guy's throat.

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  • "Saint Fatdicks Day"

    "Saint Fatdicks Day"

    Once a year Irish men hang out in the pub wearing green to celebrate St Patrick's Day. Nubius, XL and Jin Powers have just been to a party and had a few green beers and are now at XL's place about to get down and dirty. These guys are ready for Saint Fatdicks Day at Next Door Ebony. Jin has waited all year to get his hands and mouth on Nubius and XL.

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  • Lockerroom Spycam Reveals Uncut Footballer

    Lockerroom Spycam Reveals Uncut Footballer

    The spycam at Sneaky Peek continues to capture beautiful young men on camera as they unsuspectingly go about changing after the game. This tattooed, dark-skinned lad has no idea he's being filmed as his dripping uncut cock flaps around in the lockerroom while he dries off after post-game shower.

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  • Day Day & Assassin Romantic Fuck

    Day Day & Assassin Romantic Fuck

    Assassin books into a hotel on Valentines Day and invites his special friend Day Day over for a romantic surprise on Raw Rods. Day Day doesn't go for romance at all and he tells Assassin he appreciates it but would prefer something a bit more sexy. They fling into action with intimate kissing. Assassin goes down for a taste of Day Day's chocolate dick, gets flipped over and gets his ass eaten out before taking that big black shaft up his arse raw and hard.

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  • Suck My Dick If You Want To Keep Your Job

    Suck My Dick If You Want To Keep Your Job

    Lazy assed King B didn't show up for work last night and his boss, Nubius is a "suck my dick to keep your job" kinda guy. Nubius has a nice big black cock to suck so it's not such a punishment for King B, who also gets oral pleasure from his boss. King B won't let this one slide with just a blowjob, though. King B gets a fucking hard pounding. You can watch a free trailer on Next Door Ebony.

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  • Blowing An 11 Inch Cock on Straight Boyz

    Blowing An 11 Inch Cock on Straight Boyz

    The Straight Boyz cocksucker is arguably the luckiest man alive, at least with this black straight guy with an 11 inch cock in his throat. The anonymous donkey dicked stud sits back in his chair to receive a sloppy blowjob. Watch a trailer now at Straight Boyz!

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  • Samson on TIM Jack: A Paul Morris Video

    Samson on TIM Jack: A Paul Morris Video

    Samson likes fucking on deserted beaches and in bathroom stalls of a busy club. In this new Paul Morris video, he's not fucking - but fear not, because putting this dick into a hole before getting a damn good glance of it would be a massive shame. 8 inch hung Samson has dreadlocks. He's 32 and only 5'6". Watch the trailer of him massaging his huge black pole and shooting his nut at TIM Jack.

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  • Black Guy Orgy at Raw Rods

    Black Guy Orgy at Raw Rods

    Marcus Cooper is the first guy to take a dick in this bareback orgy at Raw Rods. Criss Coxxx who is a newcomer demonstrates his skills too, and before long there's a 5-man strong bareback orgy going down with big black dicks and cum-sloppy holes.

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