• Stroking Big Black Cock In Classroom

    Stroking Big Black Cock In Classroom

    Tyga X, one of Thug Boys hung black college stud with a big dick is alone in the classroom and feeling a bit frisky after boring lessons. He takes off his t-shirt and pops out his huge cock and begins to stroke. Massaging his cock he slowly works a big load out into his hand.

  • Hung Black Twink Liam Shoots A Massive Load

    Hung Black Twink Liam Shoots A Massive Load

    20yo Liam is 5ft 8in tall, weighs 130 lbs and has a slim, fit body with a big cut cock that really shoots a massive load. He's straight, but interested in doing any sort of porn, and chose Straight Fraternity to launch his career. He runs track, which shows with his fit, lean body; plans to enter the military and likes to go commando!

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  • Eric Deman: Impressive Nudist Beach Boner

    Eric Deman: Impressive Nudist Beach Boner

    The Eric Deman video library has a sexy new addition this week in the form of an eyeful of black cock. The sneaky cam captures a video of a group of naked guys crowded round chatting on the beach, one of them a hung black fella. He turns sideways and unwittingly exposes his big erect cock to the camera.

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  • You Certainly Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

    You Certainly Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

    It's not very often that I see something new in a gay porn video, I've been working in porn for a long time. But while watching this threeway from Thug Boy, I saw something that I've got to try. It's not big deal really, I'm sure I've seen this somewhere before, but this time it had me noticing and thinking, "Shit! I've never tried that." More about that in a minute.

    TKO and Deka are a couple of horny brothas in the mood for a little threeway action, so they pick up Will2K and bring him back to their apartment. And in no time, Will is on his knees stuffing these two dicks down his throat. He sits back on the couch and TKO eats his hole while Deka fucks Will's throat. Then TKO shoves his hard-on inside Will's ass and starts pumping.

    The guys get into a fucking sandwich with Will on the very bottom, TKO is top man with Deka in the middle. So far this is all pretty regular stuff, but what got me really turned on is that Will lies on his back and Deka face fucks him while TKO drills Deka's butt. And Deka unloads in Will's mouth and TKO doesn't stop drilling until his buddy's done, then he pulls out and makes a mess of Will's face. I've never blown my wad in a guy's mouth while getting my ass pumped; it looks like fun -- now I just have to get myself into a threeway.

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  • Tiger Mandingo: The Hot Bits

    Let's forget about the fact that former Lindenwood University, IL college wrestler Tiger Mandingo was embroiled in a HIV scandal last year. Put it completely aside and check out this guy's body.

    When I saw this article on BuzzFeed today I couldn't help but check out his social network pages to remind myself of his washboard abs. Whatever your view is on Tiger, there's no denying that he's got sex appeal.

    Tiger Mandingo on: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

    College sportsmen might have to become a recurring theme around here.

  • Don't Wake Me with Morning Head Unless You Mean It

    Don't Wake Me with Morning Head Unless You Mean It

    Have you ever been woken up with a blowjob? It's a weird experience. I had a lover who did that regularly ever few months, and I'd wake up feeling startled, a little annoyed that someone was disturbing me, then I'd realize that my lover's mouth was on my cock. Kind of hard to be pissed about that.

    In this new video from Next Door Ebony, Jin Powers wakes up first and he notices his man's morning wood under the sheets. PD Fox is his boyfriend and he's packing a major piece of meat. I don't know why Jin was wasting time rubbing his hand over the sheets, or even reaching under and stroking his lover's hard-on -- just pull the fucking thing out and suck it!

    And when he does, I love watching his big lips sliding up and down this enormous cock. Jin sure does know how to suck dick. And unlike me, Fox doesn't wake up grumpy, his hands slide up to his over-sized nipples and start twisting while his lover is downing his bone. But now that Fox is awake, he's horny and looking for another warm spot to plant his dick, so ready or not, Jin is getting his ass fucked.

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  • Interracial Classroom Fucking For Raw Rods

    Interracial Classroom Fucking For Raw Rods

    Senior college stud Rogelio Hernandez has a freshman in his class, Anthony Andrews. The two guys get a little heated up during the introduction to school that Rogelio is dishing Andrews and a taste of his hole is priority. Now with a big hard dick, Rogelio invites Anthony to sit down on his dick in an empty Raw Rods classroom and fucks his ass real good!

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  • Straight Black Guy Auditioning

    Straight Black Guy Auditioning

    Confident, straight, black stud Troy is looking for fame and glory. He visits The Casting Room to audition for porn, hoping that he'll get to fuck some pussy on cam. Troy stands stark bullock naked with his big black cock and muscular arse completely exposed to the camera. He's directed to display in some very slutty positions throughout his audition. Super pervy!

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  • Black Studs in the Classroom

    Black Studs in the Classroom

    TygaX and Leon aren't your average college guys, but in this steamy session for Raw Rods was shot in class, where bottom boy Leon services TygaX's long, hard cock orally, sucking and slurping on that hard piece of manmeat. Then Tyga turns things around, rimming Leon's hole till it tingles and then slamming his rigid black cock deep, pumping that raw ass during this rough barebacking session as Leon strokes his own dick and both guys work toward shooting their loads.

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  • That's a BIG Black Cock!

    That's a BIG Black Cock!

    22 year old black athlete Heath does his debut video for Spunk Worthy, and at first his cock is nothing special, but turns out that Heath's rod is a grower. He's got a great body, nicely muscled, and once he's in the mood, the magic happens - it turns out Heath is the proud possessor of a very impressive 9 1/2 inch inch uncut dick!

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