• Trending Video: Notorious Jerks Off

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    Notorious is a big boy at Bi Latin Men. He's straight and he's earning a bit of cash by doing a solo porn shoot, stroking his big latin dick while looking at a porn mag. Before playing with himself, Notorious gives a strip tease, showing his masculine hairy ass, and super-tight abs.

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  • Daddy Cream and Dominicano

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    Dominicano is making his first gay porn video. Holy shit! He jumps in and goes for it all. When this Bi Latin Men video opens Dominicano and Daddy Cream are kissing, baseball caps turned so the brims aren't knocking against each other. These two love kissing. Daddy Cream has a big cock and Dominicano sucks dick well. He also bends over and gets fucked, then nuts all over himself while getting his hole pumped. Then he lies back and Daddy Cream douses his face with a huge, thick load of spunk -- there's a reason he's called Daddy Cream.

  • Yeah That's Cum on His Face

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    If you're going to call yourself Rocket, you'd better live up to the name. And holy fuck! This hung Latin stud has no problem with that. In this video from Bi Latin Men, Rocket is getting his dick serviced by a hungry bottom who swallows his meaty dick and gets fucked and fucked. But the horny thing about this scene is Rocket's spectacular cum shot. The bottom is half on and half off the bed and Rocket is standing over him jacking his big uncut dick. When Rocket unloads, it's a gusher: the first couple of initial explosions splatter on the bed beside the guy's head, on his face and the side of his head, and once the excited bursts subside, Rocket dumps the rest of his huge, thick load all over this guy's chest. There's so much fucking cum! When you watch the video you'll know why: Rocket hadn't cum in two weeks. And watch for the lick at the end, it's fucking hot.

  • Thick-Dicked Str8 Latino Jacks Off

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    SD is one sexy Latino dude. He's 19 years old, very cute, and he's packing a delicious thick dick. He's filming his first video for Bi Latin Men. And wow! Can this guy shoot one tremendous geyser of cum. The first spurt lands on the couch behind him, then squirt after stream of jizz sprays all over his smooth body, he's a real cummy mess by the time he's finished.

  • Fucking a Tight Latin Ass

    Fucking a Tight Latin Ass

    Here's a horny (and VERY hot!) Latino top named Rocket who agrees to do porn for Bi Latin Men if they'll hook him up with bottoms to take his meat. This time, the lucky guy is Gomez, who takes every inch of Rocket's hard cock eagerly in his tight Latin asshole.

  • Latino Guys - Hump Day Hotties

    latino guy with monster long cock

    It's no secret that I love Latino guys, so I thought for this week's Hump Day Hottie that it was time we took a look at a few of the hot Latin guys I've been seeing around the Web. Ace is a super-hung handsome stud I saw over at Bi Latin Men. What can you say about Ace? He's hung like the proverbial donkey with a long, uncut monster cock that would have most cocksuckers dropping to their knees saying, "Feed me that beautiful dick, please!"

    latino muscle hunk with big uncut cock

    I got an eyeful of Peter over at Latin Jocks. Good grief! This stud is beefy and big in every way. He's handsome and his body is one of the most beautiful things I've seen all week. He's got round, rolling shoulders, massive arms, and a big, meaty ass. And that cock of his is not only impressive, but it's super fat and is sheathed in thick, chewy foreskin.

    latino and white guy swapping blowjobs

    Rodrigo is a new hung Latino guy over at Chaos Men. (Secret: although Chaos Men isn't a Latino site, they do feature a lot of Latin guys being they film in Texas.) Rodrigo hasn't had a lot of experience with guys and says that most of his activities have been limited to oral. Now I thought that meant that he let guys blow him. But as you'll see by this video, this guy sucks dick pretty well, so it looks like Rodrigo practices his oral sex skills, too. And after swapping blowjobs, Glenn jacks off all over Rodrigo's six pack, then seconds later, Rodrigo unloads his balls, too.

  • A Decade of Bi Latin Men Celebrated on Jan 28th!

    Bi Latin Men throwing a party

    Popular website Bi Latin Men turns ten this month, and they are throwing a party to celebrate the occasion.

    On Jan 28th, Bi Latin Men will take over 340 nightclub in Pomona, California, with some of their fan-favorite models like 3Trez and Brazil.They are also giving away free underwear and covering their models in shaving cream (sounds like a dress rehearsal for Folsom street fair to me). They're having former Drag Race contestant Yara Sophia preforming! Congrats on 10 amazing years, guys, and I wish you much more success (and much more Latin cock!)

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  • Latino Motel Sex

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    These horny amateur Latinos are in a motel, and are getting it on for the Bi Latin Men camera. They have great chemistry - they kiss and fondle each other as if they were boyfriends instead of two guys who just met before the scene. If you love watching touching, stroking and making out as well as sucking and fucking, check this clip out!

  • Huge Cocked Latino


    Here's a real hottie from Bi Latin Men. His name is Natural, he's from Mexico and he 21 years old. At 5'6" he may not be very tall, but he's sporting a huge 8 1/2 in uncut cock that's a full 6 inches around. As you can see, Natural is an upbeat guy with a happy attitude, and he's also definitely not camera-shy. In fact, he had a hard-on before the cameras even got rolling - I guess he's a bit of an exhibitionist, because his dick stayed rigid for the entire shoot. And Natural had no problem letting the camera man stroke that big piece of manmeat, but he did like showing off its massive size. Man, wouldn't you like the chance to suck on that!

  • Tattooed Latin Cholo

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    Desmo is one rough tattooed cholo! After spending a few years in prison, he's pretty fucking horny. This straight Latin ex-con says he's an MMA fighter (Mixed Martial Arts) who's hoping women will see this video and want to hook up with him. Desmo pulls his fat cock out of his boxers and goes to work on it for the Bi Latin Mencamera...