• The Latest in Glory Hole Design

    mirrored glory hole

    All glory holes should be like this from now on. How else can you combine cocksucking with seeing yourself cocksucking with the other guy feeling you cocksucking but not seeing you cocksucking? It's genius.

    Luxury department store Harrods has already installed mirrored glory holes throughout the store. And Neiman Marcus is slated to follow. Stock in the company that manufacturers Windex has already risen several points.

    Which reminds me, there's a diet tip to keep a mirror on yourself while you eat. Supposedly it adds to self-awareness and helps you pace yourself and do portion control. I think such an approach with glory holes may lead to the opposite effect and the all too common "Cock Binge Syndrome" (or all too uncommon).

    Now someone invent a glory hole with built in kneed pads. Then we can truly say we're in the 21st century.

  • Matt Stevens & Cameron Kincade

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    Matt Stevens is a hot, muscle daddy and he's got a daddy lover at his feet in this Men Over 30 video. Cameron Kincade loves older men and he's a full-service bottom who likes to show his man a good time. And this boy can suck dick. He loves feet, too, and after getting his feet and cock licked and sucked, Matt bends Cameron over and gives him a good fuck.

  • A Dozen Balls

    Can you count to twelve? Out loud? With no pants on? And in full view of your window? Okay, strike that last one.

    big balls

  • The Dildo Salesman

    The Dildo Salesman

    Sexy bald and bearded hunk Matteo Valentin is playing a dildo salesman in this new scene from Butch Dixon. He's in Carlo Cox's office and he's trying to get Carlo to buy 4,000 of these long, double-headed dildos for his chain of sex shops. Carlo says that before he commits to that number that he'll need a demonstration, and Carlo plunks a bottle of lube on the desk.

    Matteo suggests that perhaps Carlo could commit to buying more units in exchange for a live demo. Carlo says, "We'll see". So Matteo strips off his suit jacket, slips out of his trousers and climbs up on the desk and slips the dildo inside his ass. "Can two people use this dildo?" Carlo asks. "Did you want to put the other end in your ass or help me out?" Carlo grabs the dildo and starts feeding it deep inside Matteo's hairy butt hole; "I'll help out," he says.

    Soon the dildo demonstration is over and Carlo is feeding his own big dick down Matteo's throat, then he climbs onto the desk and pumps Matteo's ass with his huge cock. Riding Cox's hard-on in a reverse cowboy, Matteo sprays his creamy cum load all over the boss's desk. How many dildos did Cox end up buying? Who cares? Matteo leaves the office a very happy bottom.

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  • Sexy Bald New Yorker

    Sexy Bald New Yorker

    Al Carter is a straight bartender from New York City and he's making his debut over at Men Over 30. This 31-year-old has done a couple of scenes with guys for other sites and he says that they made him much more open-minded and willing to explore in his own sex life, not in the sense of having sex with guys, but getting more adventurous with women, and he was already pretty kinky.

    Having gotten into some ass fucking, Carter says that it made him understand the other side. And he admits that his cock is happy that he discovered ass play because during the few times he's had a woman playing with his butt that he cums a lot harder.

    Al is a sexy fucker with a bald head and chin-strap beard and he's wearing a lot of ink. He keeps his pubes trimmed, which is kinda hot. And while he doesn't get into any ass play in this video, he does jack his hard-on with both hands and shoots a nice load of spunk all over his belly.

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  • Bald Men Barebacking

    Bald Men Barebacking

    I love bald men, so this scene from Bareback That Hole is right up my alley. While Parker and Mason Garet aren't sporting completely shaved heads, they're close enough to get my mojo for chrome-dome men revving.

    Mason Garet is one hot bottom, he's so expressive when he's got a raw cock shoved up his ass. I haven't seen Parker before, but he's a rugged-looking man with a lean, well-defined body. And this daddy love deep ass rimming before stuffing his hard-on into a greedy hole.

    Parker puts Mason on his back and spread his long legs wide, then he pounds hole like he's trying to break through a wall. After a thorough ass drilling, Mason sprays his cumload all over himself and Parker jacks himself off and adds his jizz to Mason's bell-soaked belly.

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  • Ben Statham & Valentin Solis in Full-Service Garage

    Ben Statham & Valentin Solis in Full-Service Garage

    Valentin Solis is a new sexy guy over at UK Naked Men. He's a tall, French man and has a sexy accent, too. He's blond, lean, furry, and he's packing a big uncut cock.

    Ben Statham is the lucky guy who gets to service this beautiful piece of meat. And Ben is playing a client who has arrived at the garage with some car trouble. Valentin can't seem to figure out the problem, so he makes it up to his customer by pulling out his big dick and Ben happily gets on his knees to service it. Now that's a full-service garage!

    Ben lies back on his car, gets his ass screwed, and Valentin blows his wad of cum all over the car's shiny paint job. Ben's car still isn't fixed, but his mouth and ass sure are satisfied.

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  • My Neighbors Fuck on Camera

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    I love the dark-haired stud in this video from Wank Off World. He is such a hot fucker with a sexy beard and curly hair. And he's packing a fat piece of meat. His bald fuck buddy really knows how to take care of a dick with his mouth or his ass. And surfers are loving this one, too. It's one of the highest viewed videos on Queer Pixels this week!

  • Locker Room Sex

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    Two hot bald men in a locker room - what could be hotter? Nick Horn and Patrick Ives are slipping out of their jockstraps and fucking raw in this gym scene from Bareback Masters. I'm so revved up to see these two together, I love both of them. The only thing that would get me harder is being in the middle of these two hot men.

  • Training a Cock-Hungry Bottom

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    Adam Russo is just waking up in this video from Man Handled and he's got some morning wood. "Hey, boy!" he yells, rubbing his cock. And like a good boy, his bottom comes into the bedroom to get some more training on how to suck dick. Adam rams his cock down this boy's throat and holds his head until he starts gagging. This sexy bald daddy is going to teach this cocksucker how to deep throat cock and he doesn't care how much he chokes and sputters. Once the blowjob training is over, Adam feeds this boy's ass some hot daddy cock.