• Skippy Having Bum Fun with Giant Dildo

    Skippy Having Bum Fun with Giant Dildo

    Skippy Baxter really is a true-life buddy of Bentley Race site owner Ben. And it's taken Ben years to convince Skippy to take off his clothes for the camera. I don't know why he'd be shy, Skippy is a sexy guy with a beautifully athletic body, and a bid-nobbed cock. But I get it, not everyone wants to share the full monty with the world.

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  • Warm Up with 2 Hot Aussie Boys

    Warm Up with 2 Hot Aussie Boys

    It's winter in the northern hemisphere, but it's the height of summer in Australia and here are a couple of Aussie boys from Bentley Race to warm you up. Blond skateboarder Max Gatling is showing off some of his tricks before pulling his big uncut cock out of his orange AussieBum underwear. He's done four photo sessions and a jack-off video where he's playing with a Fleshjack, and there's lots more coming.

    Jack Rylie is a baby-face lad from outback Queensland and he's just finished filming his first video. Jack admitted that he was nervous, but after one of his mates told him about the kind of shoots they do at Bentley Race, this country boy decided that he wanted "to give it a go." He looks sexy in his red jockstrap and knee-high sports socks and he's got a meaty uncut cock. He doesn't keep his gear on for long and spills a juicy load of jizz across his smooth belly. And Jack will be back for some more cock fun in the new year.

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  • Michael Lucas Does First Bareback Scene

    Michael Lucas Does First Bareback Scene

    When Lucas Entertainment started filming bareback sex scenes back in September 2013, many wondered if the studio head Michael Lucas would ever appear in a raw sex video himself. The studio has rolled about about 10 scenes since the very first one with real-life lovers Seth Treston and Billy Santoro. But since September Lucas has appeared in two videos and wore a condom in both.

    Finally, on December 19 Lucas Entertainment announced that Michael Lucas did film a bareback fuck scene with his brand new exclusive performer Michael Lachlan. The video debuted the following day and was not only Lucas' first condomless video, but also Lachlan's first scene with the studio. He's been signed to an exclusive contract, so we'll be seeing a lot more of this hung Aussie.

    Michael Lachlan is a newcomer to porn and hails from Australia. He wears a thin moustache and some chin scruff, and he's chiseled and packs a thick monster cock, and no doubt we'll be seeing this stud sliding his fat dick inside some hungry butts. But for his first scene Lachlan said he wanted to bareback with Michael Lucas. Nothing like starting off your gay porn career with a big bang! You can see all 11 bareback videos at Lucas Entertainment.

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  • 6-Guy Orgy

    6-Guy Orgy

    Orgies are fun, and I've been to more than a couple. And this one from Amateurs Do It has six Aussies in a pile on the couch. The thing I always liked about group sex scenes is that they're completely different than picking up guys at the bar or in a bath house. Even at the baths, where you'd think it'd be easy to get sex, a lot of times the guys at the tubs just circle around and around looking for the most perfect fuck of the night. I just want to suck your cock, I don't want to marry you.

    But most of the sex parties that I've attended have had a completely different atmosphere -- the guys are there for sex and if you want to suck their cock, they're only too happy to stuff it down your throat. All of these guys have appeared on Amateurs Do It before and the site brought them in for a horny gang bang. The guys start off on the couch in their clothes, then they strip and start pairing off -- everyone seems to have their favourite.

    After some dick sucking, the guys head into the bedroom for a group fuck on the bed. The guys pile onto the bed in a tangle of bodies and everyone's sucking a dick. But when it comes down to the fucking, the guys move back into their original pairings. While two guys fucking missionary style on the bed, another guy throws his legs in the air while his partner stands on the floor and screws him, and the final pairing sees a bottom bend over the bed while his hung tattooed pounds his ass. And it only gets hotter when the cum starts to fly and with six guys wanting to unload their nuts, there's a lot of spunk squirting.

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  • Taking a Niner on the Bed

    View full video at Amateurs Do It

    The bald bottom in this video from Amateurs Do It is very lucky indeed. He's played with a hot stud with longish messy hair -- he's really fucking sexy. And he's got a super fat cock and it's 9 inches long. After getting his meat sucked, this hung top climbs on top of this bottom and starts drilling his ass. And the view from behind watching this top's furry ass pumping hole is a huge turn-on.

  • Aussie Amateur Guys Doing It

    aussie amateur guys fucking

    A couple of months back, new gay porn Amateurs Do It burst onto the scene giving us Aussie guys bearing it all and getting off together. Even though the site just opened, it already had 151 videos and just a few weeks ago I wrote a review of this site for Gay Demon and there really wasn't much I didn't like about this site. You can read the full review of Amateurs Do It here.

    Lucas and Jordan are a couple of guys featured in one of the latest episode from Amateurs Do It. I really like Lucas. He's a good-looking, tall, 28-year-old Aussie with an athletic body and a lot of ink on his body. He's also got a pretty big cock. He's appeared on the site a number of times.

    Lucas is paired up with a 19-year-old named Jordon, who has also appeared on Amateurs Do It before. And this horny stud gets his ass fucked by Lucas' big dick.

  • Hairy Australian Rogan Richards

    rogan richards

    Rogan Richards is a sexy hairy hunk from Australia, and he's making quite a splash over at Men at Play. Richards is a handsome man with a couple days worth of face scruff, soulful brown eyes, and beautiful kissable lips.

    He starts off in a suit and standing in front of a mirror. He seductively strips out of his executive attire and reveals is rock-hard, hairy body. He's got a ring in each nipple and he's wearing some tattoos on his arms.

    He finally sits back in a chair and starts stroking his stiffening meat. Lying back gives us a beautiful view of his muscled hairy body. He's packing a big-nobbed cock. When he's close to shooting, his balls tighten and then he splooges all over those ripped hairy abs. Rogan's audition is pretty hot and I can't wait to see this hairy Australian hunk in some hardcore action at the office.

  • Aussie Guy With Uncut Cock

    Uncut Aussie with a big cock

    Andy Lee stands in the shower with his bulge showing through his sexy blue speedos as he shows off for Bentley Race's camera. He takes the shower head and drenches himself down, making them cling. He removes them, puts them over his shoulder, teasing you for more. Once hard, Andy shows his big cock with foreskin.

  • Aussie Guys In Jocks Fucking

    Australian studs in jockstraps have fun with toys and cock

    Bentley Race films as two hot athletic studs from Australia, Jake Randel and Robbie Price strip down to their jockstraps, play with a butt plug, rim and fuck!

  • Ripped Muscle Guys Bareback Fucking

    aussies bareback fucking

    Kaleb Storm is an Aussie guy who lives in Canada with his buddy Nick Ford. And they recently took a trip to Australia and caught up with Ben from Bentley Race. Kaleb and Nick have been wanting to make a porn video together for a long time, so doing one for Bentley Race seemed like the perfect opportunity to fulfill their fantasy.

    Kaleb is the blond guy, and he's got a beautifully ripped and muscled body plus a big-nobbed cock. Nick is the dark-haired stud and he's a little beefier than his blond buddy, but equally blessed with a hard muscled bod. The guys swap blowjobs on the balcony and then head into the hotel room to get into some bareback fucking. When Kaleb lies on his stomach and holds his butt cheeks wide, Nick can't wait to feel his cock inside Kaleb's tight butt hole.

    Nick mounts Kaleb and raw fucks his ass, and there are some pretty hot close-ups of his big, hard dick sliding into Kaleb's cum-hungry hole. When Nick is finished pounding his buddy's ass, he squirts his load all over the blond's face. I'm sure these two guys are going to have many good times jerking off and watching themselves in this sweaty fuck session. Head to Bentley Race and check it out - you'll pump out a load yourself!