• Middle Eastern Cock


    Let's go back in time over 1,200 years ago when Arab poet dude Abu Nuwas wrote the following totally gay shit:

    "I die of love for him, perfect in every way,
    Lost in the strains of wafting music.
    My eyes are fixed upon his delightful body
    And I do not wonder at his beauty."

    Yeah, total fag. Isn't history neat? Now back to the present.

    So not all guys who are of full or partial Middle Eastern descent are going to market their porn careers that way. But there are a few, like damn hunky Abraham Al Malek (top) and damn hunky Aybars (next pic down on the left). Since my previous vision of a highly sexualized Middle Eastern man was the Lebanese Klinger character from M*A*S*H (hey some of his dresses were backless!), it's refreshing to see some guys creating new sexual imagery. Racial diversity isn't strictly about black and white.

    But I am talking about race because Middle Eastern guys are for sure a minority in porn. And I would at least hope an appreciated one. But filling out the picture, and adding to the diversity of images around Middle Eastern men are, thankfully, hordes of amateur posers, some pictured here. I'm afraid this post may have contributed to the stereotype of Middle Eastern men being majorly hung.

    Well I encourage you to investigate that stereotype in depth.

  • On the Road to Marrakesh

    On the Road to Marrakesh

    A fellow blogger buddy just told me this morning that he had booked a trip to Morocco for early September. Then I opened my assignment queue and discovered that I'm blogging about a French and Moroccan guy hooking up on Alpha Males. Weird. It's not like gay porn is overflowing with Arab men, let alone Moroccans.

    And if Anzar is what's a good example of what's waiting for my buddy in Marrakesh, then I'm jealous. Anzar is slender and very hairy (even his butt is furry) and he heads out on the Paris streets to see if he can find a French lad to play with. It's not long before Anzar and Brice Farmer eye each other, then they're heading back to Brice's place for a sizzling fuck.

    They're passionate and love kissing, then Anzar goes down and swallows Brice's thick banana curve. Brice grabs the Moroccan's head and face fucks him vigorously, then he dives into the stud's furry ass with his tongue. Brice pulls Anzar back on his bone and gives him a ride like he's never had before. But watching them spoon fucking is the best and such a turn-on. Brice holds Anzar's leg and pushes it forward and fills the Arab's hole, all the while these two horny guys can't stop kissing.

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  • Mixing Business with Pleasure - Bentley Race Gets His Face Creamed

    Mixing Business with Pleasure - Bentley Race Gets His Face Creamed

    I guess Ben from Bentley Race is too busy gallivanting around the world because when he saw Aybars on a profile site, he had no idea the hairy hunk was a porn star. Ben was recently in Munich and he hit up Aybars and wondered if he'd be interested in modelling for Bentley Race. And of course Aybars agreed.

    If you're like Ben and aren't familiar with Aybars, he's a German / Turkish hunk who lives in Europe, but he's done quite a bit of filming for Raging Stallion Studios in their Arabian Nights series of DVDs. And now Bentley Race is having his turn with the sexy Turk ... all alone in a hotel room -- what a lucky bastard!

    And one of the perks of running your own porn site is that if the models are into it, you can mix business with pleasure. And Aybars is into it, so after getting some of the shooting out of the way, Ben hands off the camera to his assistant and wraps his fist around the Turk's thick hard-on. Then Ben swallows and gulps and gets Aybars excited enough that he shoots a big wad of jizz all over Ben's face. Again ... Ben is one lucky guy.

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  • Abraham Al Malek and Dato Foland

    View full video at Stag Homme

    I've been waiting for another look at sexy Arab hunk Abraham Al Malek ever since I saw him fucking Damien Crosse's ass on Stag Homme. It's been a few weeks, but here he is back again. After Abraham and Dato Foland connect online, these two horny Internet cruisers come together for a hot fuck. And Al Malek is one the getting screwed.

  • Moroccan Hunk Gets a Blowjob

    Moroccan Hunk Gets a Blowjob

    Bodybuilder Kamal Ali only recently did his first jack-off video ever for Men of Montreal. And this Moroccan muscle hunk is back on Marko Lebeau's casting couch and getting his first on-screen blowjob. Kamal was a little hesitant about it, only because he's never performed on video before. But he is a stripper, so he's used to putting on a show and it didn't take him long to get warmed up.

    Kamal started bodybuilding seriously about 3.5 years ago when he moved to Montreal. He was born in Marrakesh, Morocco and he's only 19 years old. He weighs a very solid 220 pounds and has a big, beefy body. He's fucking gorgeous and has me wondering why we don't see more Arab men in gay porn. He's currently working as an exotic dancer while studying to become a personal trainer, and he's hoping to start professional bodybuilding competitions later this year -- he's bulking up to try and get to 270 pounds!

    Marko gets down to servicing this Arab hunk's stiff cock and Kamal is really enjoying the head. Marko pays some attention to Kamal's huge, beefy ass and drives the stud's hole wild with his tongue. Kamal finally settles back in a chair, spreads his massive thighs, and Marko nurses on his boner until this Moroccan coats his beautiful torso with a creamy load of spunk.

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  • Gay Arab Club - In the Spotlight

    Gay Arab Club - In the Spotlight

    I love Arab men, but they're not so easy to find in gay porn. So I was pretty happy when Gay Arab Club landed in my inbox box and my editor asked if I was interested in doing a site review. Was I? When's my deadline? Because I could do a whole lot of whacking off before even writing a sentence.

    Gay Arab Club turned out to be a whole lot better than I had hoped for, and my preconceptions were all wrong. First, I sort of thought that I'd be seeing horny Arab guys sucking and fucking in traditional garb inside the sultan's tent - you know like Arabian Nights does gay porn - or guys with the scarves wrapped around their faces and hiking up their long, white robes in the desert. And while there was some of that, mostly this site features Arab guys mixing it up in the same settings we're used to see in porn videos. Like blue-eyed, Arab guy Thashykii who is slobbering all over this deliciously big and fat uncut Portuguese dick in a warehouse. In the second collage, you'll find Jean Bineau, an Algerian guy living in Paris, and he's getting his ass fucked by another French man with a big uncut cock in a storeroom.

    There are 420 videos over at Gay Arab Club, so there's plenty to choose from. Whether you like watch Middle Eastern men jacking off or Arab guys sucking and fucking in duos or small groups, you'll find it all over there. And one of the things that I really liked about this site is that many of these Arab guys are not only having sex with each other, but other European guys, so I got my fill of foreskin, too.

    If you like Arabic men from all over the Middle East and Northern Africa, you'll want to head over to Gay Arab Club and check them out. You won't be sorry.

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    View full video at World of Men

    The Arab guy in this video gets me so revved up. OMG! His chest and belly are covered in a thick mat of fur, and his legs are hairy, too. In this video from World of Men, Brice Farmer comes over to play with Anzar and watching this Arab stud sucking Farmer's big, banana-curved cock will get your own dick pretty hard. The best part of this video for me is when Farmer hoists Anzar legs over his head and shows off this guy's very hairy ass before chowing down on his butt hole. I just about shot my wad right then and there.

  • Brice Farmer & Hairy Arab Stud Anzar

    Brice Farmer & Hairy Arab Stud Anzar

    In this video from World of Men, photographer John was playing tourist in Paris and spotted this hot guy in a go-go dancing bar. Before John could approach the sexy Arab, he was gone. John returned the following day hoping to get lucky and he did.

    After a quick intro and some small talk, Anzar and John headed back to the hotel. And once this Arab stud stripped off his clothes, John was delighted to see a beautifully furry body standing in front of him. Anzar is also packing a pretty nice hunk of meat, uncut as well, which is unusual for Arab men.

    When John figured out that Anzar was up for more than just be filmed naked, they headed back out on the street where they bumped into Anzar's friend Brice Farmer. Back at the hotel John got to film these two hung dudes nursing on big cocks and it turns out this furry Arab likes taking a dick up his ass, too.

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  • Edji Da Silva and Brandon Jones

    edji da silva brandon jones

    Brandon Jones is a Montreal native who is well acquainted with the city's gay nightlife. Brandon is a DJ and he's having a bit of downtime and grooving on the dance floor. Edji Da Silva is a dark and sexy Arabic man who was taken with Brandon, so after dancing together for a bit, Edji steals Brandon away into a backstage area and the fun begins in this hot scene from Lucas Entertainment.

    Edji Da Silva is a handsome, dark-haired stud with soulful, deep-brown eyes. He's wearing a beard, has beautiful kissable lips, and a thick cock. Man is it fat! Edji has a solid body, his chest is hairy and he's wearing a tribal tattoo across the left side of his body. I'm so jealous that Brandon Jones is going to get to slobber all over that beautiful dick.

    The guys kiss passionately, then start stripping out of their clothes. And when Edji presents his hard fat cock, Brandon kneels and swallows it. The guys move to a private booth and continue swapping head and Edji sucks Brandon's uncut meat. And after Edji bends Brandon over and eats out his ass, he stuffs his impressive meat into Brandon's tight fuck hole. When Edji has had enough of Brandon's ass - can you ever get enough? it's so perky and tight - he fills up the bottom's mouth with his cum load.

  • Muscle Jock's Hairy Ass

    muscle jock hairy ass

    We don't often see brown-skinned jocks at Fratmen, so Kumar is a real treat. I'm not sure where he's from - the Middle East, India, or maybe he's homegrown from the U.S. - but I'm betting his heritage is Indian. Regardless, he's a hot muscle jock.

    Kumar starts his scene by the pool and it's not long before he's stripping out of his clothes and taking a dip in the pool. He sits on the edge of the pool and starts warming up his cock with his fist. Nice dick, too; it's got a long shaft and a little bit of a misshaped cock head, but it looks delicious nonetheless.

    Kumar heads indoors where he takes a shower and then lies back on his bed. The crisp white sheets really shows off Kumar's brown skin nicely. This is where we really get a good look at Kumar's hard muscled body. I'm really thrilled when he rolls over and shows off his beefy, hairy ass. I'm an ass man and Kumar's is one of the hottest butts I've seen in a long time. And it doesn't hurt that his butt cheeks are hairy - I just want to spread 'em and dive right in. Head over to Fratmen and check out Kumar.