• A Funeral and a Wedding

    Making the most of "too late" in Turkish Cyprus

  • A Slice of Life

    Xavier is finally starting his senior year of high school and after all the drama that unfolded in the past he just wants to finish drama free. Of course this is High School so good luck with that X


    Jax and I were frequently in the showers together. It took all the willpower I could muster to keep from looking at his sleek, wet body when we were showering together. I worked hard training myself to keep my eyes on the wall below the shower heads, and not on Jax or my teammates when our practice or games were finished.

  • Eric & John Continue The Marathon Night of Man Sex

    In the last episode after John & Eric had sex at the restaurant and in the Cab, they returned to John's apartment and began an all night of erotic sex.

  • Eric & John Follow Bathroom Sex with an All-Night Sexual Marathon

    After the steamy bathroom sex, John takes his lover Eric out on the town in New York City before they return to John's studio apartment for an all-nighter of the most sensuous steamy sex in unbelievable wild positions and a river of cum.

  • Eric & John Visit Porn Awards in Las Vegas: Instantaneous Need For Man Sex

    After a month apart, Eric and John meet at the annual porn awards in Las Vegas once again famished for each other's cock and smooth ass.

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 82

    Mike gets his ass pounded by Eric in a most unlikely place.. A broom closet in Buckingham Palace. Mike receives a proposition from an unwanted suitor.... Guests are seated to an elaborate state dinner hosted by the Queen....

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 83

    Kayla and Charlotte devise a pan to help their friend......Eric asks Jake to do something that will have climatic results. As someone's cherry is popped three men began a very hot fuck session.....

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 84

    A very sensual threesome reaches a climax. James is a virgin no more as his number of sexual partners is about to triple.. Mike spills his seed in Eric's ass........Very Special day for Mike and Charlotte

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 85

    James get's fucked by a great big English Prick!.......Jake, James, and Kent trade places in the bedroom as they take turns sucking dick and fucking ass....Kayla worries as someone discovers her secret....The gang go to a concert!

  • Intersections

    Bryan and Steven are headed for an intersection that will change both of them in ways they never imagined.

  • Loving Jonathon

    A story of learning to love and enjoying great sex.

  • Loving Jonathon Part 2

    The next morning was even hotter!

  • Loving Jonathon Part 3

    A threesome ensues

  • Loving Jonathon Part 4

    A bisexual group experience

  • Super Love

    A Gay bashing foiled by a masked crusader turns into more.

  • The Trapper

    Tobias finds love in silence of a boy...

  • Trading Partners Ch 01: Avery and Dominick

    Avery, 55, tries it with Dominick, 22

  • Trading Partners Ch 02: Interlude

    Avery gets it on with Kelsey.

  • Trading Partners Ch 03: Avery and Kelsey

    Avery tries it longer term with Kelsey.

  • Tuff Guys New York Mr. Glass

    Long before Adam came out to the city he knew that he wanted to drive race cars. The small suburb was not for him so when he got older he moved to the city to find his way in life. Adam knows that he cannot fix cars like the other guys, but he drive them just as good. He meets a man who shows him how to be the guy that he wants to be.

  • A Short Story - Thermo-Dynamics of a Kiss !

    Read this real life incident inspired short story to see how a kiss can affect Thermo-Dynamics of your mind and body. Originally posted on https://desimunda.wordpress.com/2016/06/10/the-thermo-dynamics-of-a-kiss/ with illustrating pictures.

  • A Brother in Need

    As he layed there looking so helpless it was overwelming, He looked so vulnerable and totally stimulating, Sorry I just had to.

  • A Charmed Life

    Two childhood friends reunite after fifteen years apart.

  • A Close Encounter of the Step-Brother Kind

    The story of a young man meeting with his new step-brother and the relationship that follows.

  • A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #1

    My new life started that faithful day in May, when my three small sons' and I decided to head down to Atlantic Beach for the weekend.

  • A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #2

    Tom and I stepped under to the shower to rinse and it took all I had not to pop a boner in front of the kids. Damn that water running down his firm ripped smooth body in that small swim suit, God help me. We were staring at each other and I didn't know he was having the same trouble as I was.

  • A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #3

    I felt a lump in my throat as I walked back to my chair... God I was falling so hard for Mr. Tom Henry and his sweet girls. I had to hold back even though all I wanted was HIM... all of him in every way possible.

  • A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #4

    When our lips meet it was pure magic... so soft and sweet and we wrapped our arms around each other. I pressed my tongue on his lips and he opened up for me, as our tongues touched I felt chills all over my body.

  • A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #5

    I could feel his body heat on my back, I closed my eyes and moved back against him. On contact we both moaned softly.