• A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #6

    "I would love to go out to dinner with you Baby. How can I refuse that handsome face and that smile of yours? You have a place in mind?" PROTEIN FOR DINNER....OR LIQUID PROTEIN........ ?????

  • A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #7

    "Your big dessert in right here in safe keeping for later my sweet man." I said grabbing my large cock and squeezing. SEX and SEX.....

  • A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #8

    It felt so damn good to be holding a man in my arms. Hard muscles, firm heavy body, all those manly smells and taste ... Uuumm ... I loved the very being of a man, of him ... My Tommy.

  • Follow Your Heart

    This is a story about two divorce men that found each other and followed their heart.

  • Follow Your Heart: Part 2

    For the next couple of months Tim and David wrestled with their feeling about each other. Neither one knew what was happening between them or at least they didn't want to admit it. These two guys had never felt like this about a man. Finally they both realized how much they meant to each other.

  • Follow Your Heart: Part 3

    Its Thanksgiving and things start to make a change for everyone.

  • Follow Your Heart: Part 4

    Christmas Day arrived. Everyone on on edge for the big day when David's gets the surprise of his life.

  • From The Lips of an Angel #3

    He opened the door slowly, "Yes, Hello, may I help you?"...... "Hey babe, I am here my Zack." I said softly. He slug the door open wide and drug me inside and in his strong arms crushing me against the wall ........CC and Zack FINALLY MEET FACE TO FACE.

  • From The Lips of an Angel #4

    Zack with stub legs and his on-line boyfriend together...what will happen???????

  • From The Lips of an Angel #5

    I looked down at Zack... spread so wide open for me and my mouth started to water. Thank yall...read and enjoy...A.

  • Random Moments part #1

    "If I wanted you dead I would have my Beretta in my hand, you Bastard,"Breaking-up is hard to do....Miles and Greg split up.....but Miles finds his next door neighbor has a shoulder to cry on....

  • Robby and Ryan Chapter 10 & 11

    Our trip comes to an end and we fly home. What we learn before we leave changed us for ever.

  • Robby and Ryan Chapter 12

    We return to Seattle and Robby holds true to his promise.

  • Robby and Ryan Chapter 14

    I just shrugged and backed out of the driveway. He laid his hand on the console, palm up and I instinctively put my hand in his. He locked our fingers and kissed my hand, and told me he had a dream last night.

  • Robby and Ryan Chapter 16

    It had been light for a while when I felt him move a little, and felt more tears on my chest. These tears were for me. He was afraid, afraid something would happen to me, I could feel his fear.

  • Robby and Ryan Chapter 17

    For the first time in a while we moved in our sleep. I was curled up to his back with my cock resting on his crack and my arm around him.

  • Robby and Ryan Chapter 18

    We slept for twelve hours and when we woke up we were both starved. He started drawing on my chest and told me he could feel how much I loved him and he didn’t think he deserved it.

  • Robby and Ryan Chapter 19

    Life continues to get better. Robby and I celebrate our first Christmas and New Years together.

  • Robby and Ryan Chapter 1: The Begining

    Robby and Ryan are two teenagers that find each other and build a life long relationship.

  • Robby and Ryan Chapter 2

    I used our cum as lube when I raised his legs and slowly worked my cock around his waiting hole. When I finally squeezed my head into his canal then cleared his ring, he rose up and my whole cock sank into him.

  • Robby and Ryan Chapter 20

    Robby surprises me with a party for my eighteenth birthday and fucks me to unconsciousness.

  • Robby and Ryan Chapter 21

    I don't know if it's possible for a man to self-lubricate like a woman does, like down between her legs, making herself wet, but that's what Robby did to me. I could feel him in my moist crack

  • Robby and Ryan Chapter 3

    Robby and I enjoy our first Forth of July

  • Robby and Ryan Chapter 4

    I come to the realization that Robby means more to me than just a crush.

  • Robby and Ryan Chapter 5

    Things are starting to become clear.

  • Robby and Ryan Chapter 6

    Things become clear and we realize what this trip is doing to us.

  • Robby and Ryan Chapter 8 & 9

    The continuation of our story.

  • Short Stories

    Just a small non-erotic idea I had. Maybe the other writers would appreciate it.

  • A Brother in Need

    As he layed there looking so helpless it was overwelming, He looked so vulnerable and totally stimulating, Sorry I just had to.

  • A Charmed Life

    Two childhood friends reunite after fifteen years apart.