• A Talbot's Thanksgiving

    the secret thoughts of a family when they sit down for thanksgiving diner

  • Avril's Ploy

    Professor plots to keep boyfriend on Thanksgiving

  • Doctor Love

    "I knew we would be good together in the bedroom, but I never had any idea that you could make me feel like you did. I know that there's a lot to think about but all I want is to be with you, David, if you'll have me."

  • Mr. Haywood's Awakening - Chapter 1

    Rod Haywood is a free man. His divorce is settled, his kids are away for the summer, and he's ready to get back in the game. That is, until a new relationship comes knocking.

  • Mr. Haywood's Awakening - Chapter 2

    The crew has been at Rod's house for over a month now. Rod's been keeping some distance from Fin, but tensions are starting to run high. What's a guy to do?

  • My waiter, My Lover (Sequel to :A Soldier to Love)

    This is the continuation of my life after Dean.It starts where the final Chapter of "A Soldier To Love" left off.The day I fell in love with a waiter named Drake.

  • Trip to my Home (Part 9: Twisted Life)

    Lust demands less, excites for lesser time and dies quickly. Love is long lasting. Love does not demand rather let you learn the art of "Giving". The feeling of being in Love, doesn't let you feel alone anytime, even if you are physically all alone. This incident which is published as a series with a name "Trip to y Home" on my eDiary at https://desimunda.wordpress.com/ made me experience both the Power of Love and Lust and made me swing between mixed emotions of Love and the Lust. It taught me the power of Love and hollowness of the Lust without Love.

  • We Don't Need No Clouds

    42 year old Omar Whatkins meets Crown in a bar on his 21st birthday. Crown is aloof of everyone and everything that is not happening on Social media. Omar makes it his mission to penetrate Crown's cyber and anal walls.


    I told you I am intense. Brazilian. Top. Strong personality. Very high sexual needs. My job (restaurant chef) is a lot of stress. I want for you to be my new boyfriend but, can you handle me?

  • A Short Story - Thermo-Dynamics of a Kiss !

    Read this real life incident inspired short story to see how a kiss can affect Thermo-Dynamics of your mind and body. Originally posted on https://desimunda.wordpress.com/2016/06/10/the-thermo-dynamics-of-a-kiss/ with illustrating pictures.

  • A Brother in Need

    As he layed there looking so helpless it was overwelming, He looked so vulnerable and totally stimulating, Sorry I just had to.

  • A Charmed Life

    Two childhood friends reunite after fifteen years apart.

  • A Close Encounter of the Step-Brother Kind

    The story of a young man meeting with his new step-brother and the relationship that follows.

  • A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #1

    My new life started that faithful day in May, when my three small sons' and I decided to head down to Atlantic Beach for the weekend.

  • A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #2

    Tom and I stepped under to the shower to rinse and it took all I had not to pop a boner in front of the kids. Damn that water running down his firm ripped smooth body in that small swim suit, God help me. We were staring at each other and I didn't know he was having the same trouble as I was.

  • A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #3

    I felt a lump in my throat as I walked back to my chair... God I was falling so hard for Mr. Tom Henry and his sweet girls. I had to hold back even though all I wanted was HIM... all of him in every way possible.

  • A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #4

    When our lips meet it was pure magic... so soft and sweet and we wrapped our arms around each other. I pressed my tongue on his lips and he opened up for me, as our tongues touched I felt chills all over my body.

  • A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #5

    I could feel his body heat on my back, I closed my eyes and moved back against him. On contact we both moaned softly.

  • A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #6

    "I would love to go out to dinner with you Baby. How can I refuse that handsome face and that smile of yours? You have a place in mind?" PROTEIN FOR DINNER....OR LIQUID PROTEIN........ ?????

  • A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #7

    "Your big dessert in right here in safe keeping for later my sweet man." I said grabbing my large cock and squeezing. SEX and SEX.....

  • A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #8

    It felt so damn good to be holding a man in my arms. Hard muscles, firm heavy body, all those manly smells and taste ... Uuumm ... I loved the very being of a man, of him ... My Tommy.

  • A Family Affair

    The Story of My initiation into gay sex, and the following years when My mother married one gorgeous hunk of a man.

  • A Fantasy No More

    The majority of this story is fiction, however everything up to the break, indicated by the row of asterisks, is completely true. I have not used real names or locations of course, but the teller is me and the other guy certainly does exist.

  • A Father Is Made Aware Of Why His Son Is Gay

    A Father of two young men, is taken into the world of Hot, Exciting, man on man sex by chance. Learning for himself why his Son loves it.

  • A Fire Spotter Christmas

    Young ranger volunteers for Christmas tower duty to escape.

  • A kept man

    I'd always been pretty much on the wild side. A feral boy, who'd enjoyed the freedoms of youth , and who never once imagined that life could turn out very differently to expectations. Indeed, I guess I'd assumed that I would remain master of my own fate wherever life took me

  • A New Dream Ch. 01

    Jake and Danny's love story continues

  • A New Home for Skyler

    Being Kicked out for being Gay, Skyler learns a deeper and truer meaning of Family Bonding and ties.

  • A New Lease On Life

    Brad suddenly finds himself single at thirty-eight years old. Is there love in his future?

  • A Night Alone In the Lab - Chapter 1

    CSI's Nick Stokes and Greg Sanders do a little after hours shooting.