• A New Dream Ch. 01

    Jake and Danny's love story continues

  • Among The Paths To Delphi

    A man and a Centaur make a pact.

  • Asleep on the Couch - Back Home (AS10) CONCLUSION

    As I thrust in, I direct him to the nearest wall to stabilize our passion. He gets what I am doing and walks, filled with my cock, squeezing me, not letting me disengage from his inner chamber. Once we get to the wall, I press hard against him, shoving my cock further into him, plunging myself deep into his well-used ass. He takes me, all my long inches of manhood, as I thrust myself ever deeper.

  • Blades

    Two Doctors Find Their Tastes Differing.

  • Christmas Confessional

    Coming out at Christmas.

  • Home For The Holidays

    A son returns to his family home to spend it with his father after the death of his mother. Dad is mute with grief and the son finds something to do.

  • Longing For Love #12

    The continuing romance between Winston and Danny. I cried at the end of this chapter. I can only hope you are as moved as I was. Thanks for reading A.

  • Longing For Love #13

    Winston and Danny... some doubts... Thanks for reading and voting. Please post comments. A.

  • Longing For Love #14

    Winston and Danny work things out ??? Please vote and post comments. Thanks for reading A.

  • Longing For Love #15

    no description available for this story.

  • Longing For Love #16

    The next chapter of Winston and Danny.. enjoy.. A.

  • Lovers Nick & Eric and Wild Erotic Sex: Chapter 9

    Nick and Eric had a day & night full of steamy wild sex before Eric left for a model assignment with a cologne firm in Rome and Nick flew to LA. for modeling men's briefs and boxers. Chapter 9 features hot phone sex between them, while apart some hot guy sex and their reunion produced hot sex.

  • Natural -Selection- (N2)

    The story continues from 'Natural.' What was intended to be ONE story has inadvertently developed into a longer story. Enjoy. More to come.

  • neighbors

    Neil moved into a new home and over time met his neighbors, and it was the guy next door, the last one he met, the one who traveled all the time, that was a temptation.

  • Nick & Eric Find Friendship & Sex at its Erotic Best

    Eric meets hot young Nick. They soon become inseparable and best friends leading to the most intense and uncontrollable cataclysmic and torrent ball busting orgasms as a heart throb couple.

  • Nick & Eric Find Friendship & Sex at its Erotic Best - Chapter 2

    This is a continuation of the story of Nick and Eric and how they develop a passionate and sexual relationship. This chapter is written by Nick based on what he experienced and what Eric has shared with him. Enjoy!

  • Reluctant Homecoming

    Christmas homecomings can stir bittersweet ghosts.

  • Robby and Ryan Chapter 2-5

    This is a modified version of the Robby story. I have changed the title and fixed some grammatical errors These chapters tell the story of out first four months together and are the the foundation of our relationship. I do hope you enjoy.

  • Robby part 2

    How Robby and Ryan meet.

  • Robby Part 4

    Robby and I spend more time together and start to come to the realization that there is something very special between us and we share our first intimate moment.

  • Surprise of a Lifetime Chapter 2

    Matthias realizes things about Alejandro and himself. Maybe even some more surprises for the both of them.

  • synchronicity

    The past, reflected in the words of a stranger, affects the lives of two young men.

  • The Snow, The Men and the Tree

    Two men go into the Russian Wild to be together

  • War Letters

    WWII wartime letters reveal doomed GM military romance

  • Winter Trial

    relationship challenged during the death throes of a circus act

  • A Brother in Need

    As he layed there looking so helpless it was overwelming, He looked so vulnerable and totally stimulating, Sorry I just had to.

  • A Close Encounter of the Step-Brother Kind

    The story of a young man meeting with his new step-brother and the relationship that follows.

  • A Family Affair

    The Story of My initiation into gay sex, and the following years when My mother married one gorgeous hunk of a man.

  • A Father Is Made Aware Of Why His Son Is Gay

    A Father of two young men, is taken into the world of Hot, Exciting, man on man sex by chance. Learning for himself why his Son loves it.

  • A kept man

    I'd always been pretty much on the wild side. A feral boy, who'd enjoyed the freedoms of youth , and who never once imagined that life could turn out very differently to expectations. Indeed, I guess I'd assumed that I would remain master of my own fate wherever life took me