• Best Friend

    Night not to forget.

  • Brokeback Mountain: Reflection

    This is an alternate story base on the celebrated film that stared the late Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. In this story Ennis del Mar and Jack Twist get that sweet life and live happily ever after with plenty of hot sex in which Ennis ravish Jack as often as possible. Mainly because Jack in the form of Jake Gyllenhaal was simply made to fucked and fucked often. Thanks for reading.

  • Caged Prison Heat

    A true story of sex with a murderer that loved cock in his ass. This is a rewrite and resubmition of the story; The Good side of Prison written in 2009

  • Climbing Machu Picchu

    Dealing straight on with lost opportunities and the call to experience experiences rather than standing off to the side and living them vicariously

  • Congo Drums

    Sensuality to the drum beat of a Congo River epedition

  • Damage Control

    What to do about the governor's cast-off boyfriend?

  • Emerald

    Gotta read it. Might be your like or not.

  • Eric and Petey's Bachelor's Party Turns into Sex Orgy

    Eric's brother William and Petey's brother Ken host a wild bachelor's party a week before the wedding of Petey and Eric. Late in the night, the 19 hot guys at the bachelor's party get down and dirty.

  • Fun On A Full Moon

    Chance with a friend

  • I do love you

    About two guys who fell madly in love with each other.

  • Mike and Wade: Part 1

    My name is Mike. I'm 38 years old and single. I just moved into my new home I moved into about 3 months ago. This story is about an interesting delivery and how my life changed. Let's see how the story unfolds and I hope you enjoy it.

  • Mike and Wade: Part 2

    Wade had settled in at home and we are having a good time making a home for ourselves. I was swamped with work and Wade was always busy at the shop and loving it. Summer was coming to an end, but we were enjoying the last hot days of summer and planning their future.

  • My Son Jason - Part 2

    This is a continuation from Part 1. In Part 2, Jason finishes high school and the bonding between us continues.

  • My Son Jason - Part 3

    This is pure fiction based on experiences with some older and younger guys. In Part 3, Jason goes off to college but not before a trip to the beach with dad.

  • My Son Jason - Part 4

    This is a fictional story based on experiences with younger and older men. In Part 4, Jason goes off to college but returns home with his roommate for some bonding with dad.

  • My Son Jason - The final Chapter

    This is a fictional story based on experiences with younger and older men. In the final chapter, I meet someone and try to have a family, open relationship.

  • My Uncle's Farm

    My uncle has a farm, where he allows me to work this summer.But I do more than work that summer. I Fall In Love.

  • My Uncle's Farm Part 2

    My uncle has a farm, where he allows me to work this summer.But I do more than work that summer. I Fall In Love

  • Nice to Meet You

    The end of a weekend, the start of something more...

  • Sweet Sanjay

    Struggling with denial of love and desire in South India.

  • The Final Inning

    Brad Green is a highly respected and skilled thirty-nine year old ball player on his major league baseball team. For fifteen years this ruggedly handsome chestnut haired 6'3" 223 muscle bound ball player owned left field on his team with distinction and power. That is until the young Gabe Wilson showed up and took Brad's place at left field. At 6'2" Gabe is a twenty-two year old, dark-haired fun loving stud with gorgeous moviestar ...

  • The Unexpected Romance: Part 13: Shooting Starz

    Mark and Jack had arrived in Bora Bora at the Four Seasons resort. Mark had surprised Jack for his birthday. Their week in Bora Bora was incredible as they enjoyed the first week of the vacation.

  • The Unexpected Romance: Part 14: South Seas Cruz

    Today Mark and Jack embark on their South Seas Cruise and the rest of their vacation Tahiti. More surprises are in store for them as they sail the South Pacific. And of course lots of fun and adventures. Oh and some great romance. Hope you enjoy the story.

  • The Unexpected Romance: Part 12: Welcome to Paradise

    Jack and Mark are all packed and ready for the long flight to Tahiti. They had been looking forward to the trip for months and now its time to go.

  • The Unexpedted Romance: Part 10: Jack Settles In

    Things have been going well for Jack since he faced his demons. It wasn't easy but he finally realized that what happened to him in the past wasn't his fault and he stopped blaming himself. Jack is settling in after moving into Mark's home. Of course he just had to make some changes.