• August Heat

    I turned eighteen in the summer of 1999. That was the summer my entire life changed.

  • Sucking off Kevin

    My heart started pounding. I was finally going to blow someone I've been fantasizing about since my early teen years.

  • Maxed Out

    Max's argument with his girlfriend causes him to become sexually frustrated. Fortunately, his friend Jace is there to help.

  • Next Door Neighbor: 18-Year-Old High School Student Voyeur & Mature Male Exhibitionist

    Jaxon, a thirty-three year-old bachelor and college instructor, is lying naked on his upstairs bed wildly masturbating when he notices his young hot teenage neighbor Chris using binoculars to spy on him from his second floor bedroom of his home next door. Jaxon, overcome with lust, decides to give the young 18-year-old Chris a real live sex show.

  • Open House

    He's a realtor, and knows his market. Black dick is a rare prize here. It was eight months ago that I first offered to suck off. His reply was, "Are you any good at it?" I tried to persuade him over the coming weeks, until he finally showed me a pic of his member. It shocked me. I feared and desired it. Today, he's working, and finally invites me to a house for a tour.

  • Surprise Anal in the Gym Sauna

    I'd heard stories about sexual activity in the sauna. But I never saw or did anything except stroke off with other guys, every once in a while... until today. OMG you guys, I still can't believe what happened. But it did!

  • I Met Men on line

    Kevin and I met on line when he responded to one of my ads by sending a naked picture of himself and a brief statement why he wanted to get together.

  • My dad and me: the beginning

    How my dad introduced me to the family tradition when I turned 16.

  • My Moms Boyfriends Cock

    The boyfriend needed both the mom and son to satisfy his sexual needs.

  • How I became a Cocksucker

    Out of nowhere Roy Don stood up and pulled his pants down. Roy Don was a big boy and he had a big cock to match his size. I felt funny staring at it because even though I was seventeen. It was a naïve seventeen and I'd never seen anyone else naked. Roy Don said, "Touch it."

  • Work on the Farm

    Back in the late 70's I took a summer job on a Farm.

  • Teen boy adventure

    First gay encounter

  • Transition 4

    I took off my clothes at the front door and folded them on the bench in the foyer. I put on my running shoes, feeling a little silly standing there with nothing else on. I would have felt more comfortable had I been totally naked.

  • Waking up a new man

    After last night's events Cameron wakes up unsure of what's going on. Not to worry, Nash is there to take care of everything! This is part 2, part 1 being "Cameron's new obsession". Hope you enjoy!

  • My exhibitionist father

    Son goes to spend the summer with his father and gets quite a surprise from the man.

  • Black men's pusy

    A white college boy discovers how attractive he is to black men and enjoys their favors .

  • The Long Haul Parrt 3

    Events continue to arouse my curiosity.

  • The guy in the shower

    Two mates are forced to share a communal shower at university, then another student turns up and gets an erection...

  • A Little fantasy

    "What do you mean, if it were OK? It's already not only OK but fun and plenty of men are doing it and more and more married men are sneaking around getting their cocks sucked. All of these guys aren't straight, they're bi or gay. They just won't admit it. If you read the personals, you will see that most of the married men want to reciprocate. What goes on behind closed doors would surprise everyone," he returned.

  • Worthless Wife

    We were at an amazing resort in French Polynesia on the first day of our honeymoon. We were in an over-the-water bungalows, there were lavish buffets, still, blue lagoons where the water was crystal-clear to the bottom. Wow, it was the dream trip of a life time. There were beautiful young svelte bronze bodies in skimpy attire everywhere. Was I blown away?

  • The pool party

    It happened on the 4th of July. I was invited to a pool party at a friend's house. Kevin is openly gay and always some has pretty good looking guys hanging around, so of course I was going.

  • Forced first time

    A scary beginning turned in to the best sex I ever could imagine.

  • Eighteenth Birthday

    I don't mind telling you that I was excited. It was my eighteenth birthday and my first trip to an adult movie theater. When I moved across the lobby and walked into the darkened theater the smell had been overwhelming. The pungent aroma of sex was thick in the air. The room reeked of the quasi-chlorine smell of cum, cigarettes, sweat and the pungent ammonia smell of piss.

  • Neighborly Lust 4

    Continuation of my sexual adventures with my first love Darren

  • Unexpected

    You never know when unexpected sex will occur.

  • Grinding on the Uptown 5

    Fuck, I just had the HOTTEST experience ever on the New York City subway. Usually my commute is dull and uneventful. Not this morning!

  • First Crush (Part -1)

    Everyone has some secrets. And it is hard to forget your first crush. My lover and my roommate asked me to share story of my first crush with him. Read this story to see how he made me reveal my secrets to him. The story is being published in parts and is available on my blog cum eDiary at https://desimunda.wordpress.com/ with illustrative images, supporting the contents of the story.

  • Speedo Sex on Grindr

    I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that Grindr allows guys to post pics of them in speedos (this wasn't always the case). Today I hooked up with a guy who love speedos just as much as I do. He wasn't much of a talker but he fucked me hard!!1

  • Tangier Season

    Gregory escapes pot of Oscar Wilde scandal to land in Morocco fire.

  • Becoming Owen -- Chapter 8

    Owen's adventures in BDSM and the men he meets there. Adam gets creative.