• Putting Out for the Frat Guy Next Door: End

    The final, explosive chapter: After a shocking revelation, our married man (and father-to-be) finds himself pulled into 3 separate directions, disrupting his vow of duty and responsibility with chaos... and lots and lots of really great sex.

  • The BBQ

    Seb's caught us in the act but what will he do as we have a bar be que?

  • The Familiar

    You don't always see it at first, what is right in front of you. Sometimes it may be too late, but occasionally, events unfold that bring everything together.

  • A Stranger In The Night

    Agreeing to be part of a stranger's fetish a man does what most would never do.

  • Fucking at a nudist group party

    An invitation to a nudist party got me new friends and a lot of cock.

  • Attacked in jail - 1 - HUMILIATED IN MY CELL.

    Mike is in prison for fraud. One day the door of his cell opens and in comes Harry Anscombe, one of the wardens. He comes with boxing gloves and he tells Mike that he is gonna humiliate him for three hours and first Mike suffers the pain test and later the gay test but he only feels humiliated at the mention of his wife as the bitch of your wife, the way Harry names her.

  • Doing Daddy's Friend

    He ran his fingertip along the hard shaft through my shorts. I moaned aloud and a chill shuddered through me and I could feel my cock jerk in reaction to his touch. He placed a big hand around my cock. I shuddered feeling his masculine hand on my cock. By this time my shorts had a soaked wet spot at the tip of my cock head. He was stroking my hard cock gently through my shorts, and his movement got braver with each stroke. Secretively I was praying he'd touch me, take my cock out and play with it. "Do you touch yourself here?" he asked, his fingers stroking the length of my cock.

  • PT: 2 Sizzling Hot Bus Boy Flirts with Lone Dinning Dude

    Johnny, the hot 18-year-old Bus Boy, visits Coach Devin's condo for a second time along with his 19-year-old buddy Noah, a member of Coach Devin's wrestling team. How will Coach Devin deal with the two horny guys when one of the dudes, Noah, is a member of his college wrestling team?

  • WTF

    Housesitting for my boss takes an unexpected twist.

  • Heavenly Twinks

    I get into an accident and I am greeted into heaven by some sexy twinks

  • How it all started for me

    From seeing my first big cock to taking them up my ass

  • Unintentional Recipient, Chapter 1

    An unintentional sext sent to the son of the CEO leads to an interesting turn of events.

  • Trading Partners Ch 01: Avery and Dominick

    Avery, 55, tries it with Dominick, 22

  • Five-Year Reunion

    Uncloseted movie heartthrob returns to 5-year high school reunion, revenge in mind.

  • The Slippery Slope (Part 1)

    When his girl-friend meets an old flame at a function Lance is shocked to find she wants to pursue a fantasy they had only talked about, in real-time

  • A Mentor's Sins

    This is a military story based of two officers I actually work with. Names have been changed for discretion purposes. Enjoy the story!

  • Too Good To Be True

    The lease on Joe's flat is almost up, and he has less than forty-eight hours to find a new place. Then, the perfect offer falls into his lap. Only it seems too good to be true. He quickly learns all about the importance of reading the small print.

  • My dad and me: the beginning

    How my dad introduced me to the family tradition when I turned 16.

  • My uncles place

    Sam and his uncle tom are having some fun while home alone

  • I Give You My Love

    A young man awakes in a world where he is prepared for the fucking of a lifetime.

  • Married Speedo Guy

    One day at the pool this married guy came over and started talking about our AussieBum speedos. Over the next couple of weeks it became apparent that the married guy wanted to do more than just talk about our speedos.

  • Skanky Park

    Lionel develops a taste for skanky Englishmen, when he cruises in a famous park ...

  • Unintentional Recipient, Chapter 2

    Another unexpected text recipient and surprises follow

  • Stephan and Me

    A deep speedo sex story

  • First time tasting cock

    This is a true story of the first time I tasted cock, and realised I was a total bottom Bitch, cock hungry, cum whore!

  • The First Blow Job

    A lonely Sam finds himself attracted to a man in a grocery store check out line. A connection he never expected to make leads to an adventure he never expected to have.

  • Forced first time

    A scary beginning turned in to the best sex I ever could imagine.

  • The Fishing Trip

    I go fishing with my cousin and things turn out for the best

  • The Crack Demon

    A monster from hell is unleashed on a group of young men, seducing and fucking them in grisly ways...

  • The neighbor made me his bitch

    Older neighbor borrows some tools but ends up making me his bitch.