• Cornered in the Locker Room

    I could never have thought that I would lose my virginity in the fucking locker room, like a whore.

  • The Construction Worker's Boy

    I watched from my bedroom window as his big, dark arms picked up a stacked pile of lumber and threw it atop his shoulder with ease. I found myself envious, wanting to be the lumber, my body, strewn over his shoulder in complete submission.

  • Forced first time

    A scary beginning turned in to the best sex I ever could imagine.

  • Future Brother in Law (Part 1)

    David's first gay encounter is with his future brother in law, a chiseled man with a giant cock. Will it be the first of a complicated relationship? Or will it be a one afternoon stand?

  • My dad and me: the beginning

    How my dad introduced me to the family tradition when I turned 16.

  • Gym Buddy

    My first week back at a campus gym after over a year... and I'm committed to cumming everyday now.

  • Gymnast Fun

    A pretty boy gymnast performs some tricks for some cum

  • Forbidden Love Among Family

    A son has been dealing with the struggle of incestual thoughts towards his father. In the end, he find himself getting something even better.

  • Black men's pusy

    A white college boy discovers how attractive he is to black men and enjoys their favors .

  • The neighbor made me his bitch

    Older neighbor borrows some tools but ends up making me his bitch.

  • My Moms Boyfriends Cock

    The boyfriend needed both the mom and son to satisfy his sexual needs.

  • Getting the hot red head from the gym...

    Hot looking guy at the gym rescued me and then fucked me

  • Army Private had a HUGE Cock!

    Picked up this nerdy looking Army GI-Joe boy and fucked myself on his cock

  • That Poor Boy

    A pretty boy gets used by some thugs

  • Giving Blowjobs To My Friend Paul

    Paul stood up and his tent was definitely bigger than mine. When he undid his jeans and pulled them down I was amazed at the size of his dick! Paul was taller and Paul's pole looked to be 6.5 inches long! It was fatter than mine, his balls were huge compared to mine and he had dark pubic hair. My pubes were soft, brown, and sparse. As I stared at his dick, mesmerized by his large boner, I absentmindedly took hold of my own dick and started to stroke it.

  • BestFriend #1

    Me and my bestfriend have known eachother since birth and today we become better friends.

  • Getting fucked in a storage unit

    I picked up an old friend from out of town to get some things of his out of my storage unit and it got heated...

  • The Movers

    One day I was going for my morning jog and noticed my neighbor had a moving truck out front with 2 men sitting on the back of the truck .

  • The Weight Room

    I use a weight room near my dorm, and one night I met someone who could satisfy my needy bitch ass.

  • Little Latino Neighbor has a Big Cock...

    Hot little latino from my apartments wants my ass

  • Big Dicks at Bush River

    A seedy, practically hidden arcade outside Baltimore, get's an eager crowd.

  • Mr. Smith

    Hockey Coach

  • Getting to know Robin

    Gay went on a camping with his cousin and his crush Robin

  • My new Assistant

    Who knew I'd end up hiring some guy to work for me after a fuck in the park...

  • The In-Laws

    Sam moves in with his new husband's rowdy brothers but it soon becomes clear that his oldest brother-in-law, Jordan, wants Sam all to himself.

  • Cheat me again - 1 - A RAINY NIGHT IN APRIL.

    When Morgan comes home one night he surprises his wife fucking with a stranger. But slowly he can see he is losing his impotence at that visiĆ³n and little by little he starts pleasing his wife's lover.

  • The Gathering

    Alec's mundane existence ends, after he discovers a fuck heaven on earth...

  • Fire Station 7

    The time was around 2 am that John had to get up and take a piss and notice a Firemen drying off from taking a shower from his Bathroom widow that look over the Station. John was a closet Bi male who had just turn 25, and was well into his third year as a Welder over at a small welding fabrication shop 12 miles from his house.

  • Coffee Shop

    This is a story about getting it for the first time. This is my first time writing, so tell me how i am doing please.

  • Prison Sacrifice

    Warden Harris gives Bruno a special thank you gift...