• Putting Out for the Frat Guy Next Door

    A seemingly straight married man finds himself slowly seduced by the jock next door.

  • First time tasting cock

    This is a true story of the first time I tasted cock, and realised I was a total bottom Bitch, cock hungry, cum whore!

  • My dad and me: the beginning

    How my dad introduced me to the family tradition when I turned 16.

  • HockeyBoy98

    Ryan stands in front of his locker, pulling off his sweaty uniform while watching himself in the mirror that was magnetically attached to the inside of his locker. In the reflection he could see some of his team mates behind him as they got prepared for their showers, casually talking to each other as they got naked

  • Boss Man

    I watched him in the mirror, once again excited to see him, but now seeing him completely naked. He walked back into the room; I tried hard to avoid looking at his swinging cock, but failed and watched his cock as he stumbled around the room...After washing up in the bathroom I decided to follow by not wearing anything to bed. I found it erotic being in bed naked with Dan. I could easily pretend I was drunk too if he said anything in the morning.

  • Cornered in the Locker Room

    I could never have thought that I would lose my virginity in the fucking locker room, like a whore.

  • Forced first time

    A scary beginning turned in to the best sex I ever could imagine.

  • Bathhouse Fuck From Anthony

    A surprise fuck at the baths from a co-worker earned me a new fuck buddy

  • Horny College Guy

    Online hook up with a collage kid. I did all the work but it earned me a bonus fuck...

  • Fucked by a Bodybuilder

    I always had a thing for slim to skinny guys. Muscle bound guys didn't do it for me. Seemed they all had done the body building because they had no cock and I'm a fucking size queen, but this guy wasn't the norm. Beautiful, hot, hung and a dirty mind!

  • A Foam Party Fuck on the Dance Floor

    Naked and chest deep in foam on the dance floor and all those guys taking turns up my ass

  • Our system failed

    Fresh faced college student looking to explore his sexuality

  • The neighbor made me his bitch

    Older neighbor borrows some tools but ends up making me his bitch.

  • The In-Laws Work Overtime

    To make some extra cash the brothers do a night shift in a warehouse.

  • Chinese Take Out

    My fun with a chinese twink

  • My Husband, Grayson

    Eric thinks he's the only one who gets to enjoy his husband's twelve inch cock after more than twenty years of being together, but boy is he wrong when he discovers his husband's secret.

  • Community Theater Fucking

    Got cast in a play and one of the leads discovered my other talents, taking raw cock up my ass and down my throat.

  • The Car Salesman

    Gunnar's incredible 'service' goes up a notch or two...

  • Room 224

    Hey y'all. Thanks for stopping by and reading my little story. It is the first time I have gone "public" with this side of me. I hope you enjoy it. Please leave comments or likes. Thanks, Aiden

  • My Walmart Stalker

    After being followed from Walmart I found myself deep in a graveyard with him deep inside me

  • Anonymous Guy Fucked me at Lafitte's on Bourbon St

    While chatting up a few guys in a crowded bar, this guy fucked me quietly and no one around us knew a thing was happening ether. Another true story from a slutty Texas bottom.

  • Forbidden Love

    Starting to undress as he awaited word that his bath was ready, he stared at himself in an oval mirror encased in mahogany wood. Looking deep into his own eyes he allowed himself to again drift back to the simple life of childhood.

  • Putting Out for the Frat Guy Next Door: Chapter 2

    Our seemingly straight married man adjusts to his new role as his jock neighbor's personal cocksucker. And he likes it... he likes it a lot.

  • Small And Cute

    Its third time lucky for Stevie, after he finally emerges from the closet...

  • How I turned a Big Dick Bottom into a Top

    Drunk and horny, he wanted to get some cock up his ass but he was no match for this quick thinking power bottom.

  • Speedo Locker Room Experience

    Finally getting the courage to wear speedos at the pool resulted in a locker room fuck session with another speedo guy.

  • Mike and friends

    Just another day at school after gym class

  • Fate

    That moment when events come together.

  • Coffee Shop

    This is a story about getting it for the first time. This is my first time writing, so tell me how i am doing please.


    The neighbor across the street sure spends a lot of time polishing his car. Maybe he's hoping to get something else polished.