• How I seduced My Shy Straight Virgin College Roommate

    Cory, a 21-year-old promiscuous gay college student, begins his junior year with a new roommate Jai, a 21-year-old innocent virgin straight guy who has never had a sexual encounter. This is the story of Cory's devious plan to seduce his straight roommate for wild gay sex.

  • Housesitting is Fun

    I housesit for a friend and get his little brother as a bonus

  • Army Recruit

    I recruit a fresh Army recruit into sluthood

  • Best Friends Finally Fuck

    After 28 years of friendship, it took a weekend camping in our speedos for Stephen and I to finally reveal that we wanted each other and boy did we fuck each others brains out.

  • Hot Jogger Stops To Say Hi To a Guy mowing His lawn

    Clay, a 38-year-old sexy single gay man is mowing his lawn on a warm summer afternoon when Sean, a 23-year-old heart throb wearing only a pair of tight hot red gym shorts with tennis shoes is sited jogging down the sidewalk. Sean stops to say hi when he gets invited inside for a cold beer. The two strangers wind up having raunchy steamy man sex.

  • My First Home

    Relieving my neighbour's sexual frustration...

  • A Player's Cocksucker 1

    Matt is crushing on hot jock Brandon, who takes advantage.

  • My Daughter's Friend

    I have known I was bisexual since I was in my late teens, but before the events in this story all I'd ever experienced with other men were fantasies.

  • Doing Daddy's Friend

    He ran his fingertip along the hard shaft through my shorts. I moaned aloud and a chill shuddered through me and I could feel my cock jerk in reaction to his touch. He placed a big hand around my cock. I shuddered feeling his masculine hand on my cock. By this time my shorts had a soaked wet spot at the tip of my cock head. He was stroking my hard cock gently through my shorts, and his movement got braver with each stroke. Secretively I was praying he'd touch me, take my cock out and play with it. "Do you touch yourself here?" he asked, his fingers stroking the length of my cock.

  • Laundry Room Fuck

    A late night load of laundry got my ass reamed out but good

  • Eight Marines in a Hot Orgy

    A brazen Marine holds an orgy in his barracks room.

  • A delicious beat down

    A muscular teen, three bad boys, one gym and lots of hormones. What could possibly go wrong?

  • A Summer School Hook Up

    Met this boy in class, he ended up getting me to follow him to model home for a closet fuck. Nothing like a couple of horny teens fucking like dogs in heat

  • Fucked up against a tree in the park

    Ill fitting inline skates separates me from my friends but gets me a hot cyclist fucking me against a tree.

  • Fucked by black guys in a bar

    wrong turning led to me being gang banged by black guys.

  • A Player's Cocksucker 2

    I could still remember the taste. I would roll it back and forth in my head, how salty and tangy it was. It was... delicious..


    Jax and I were frequently in the showers together. It took all the willpower I could muster to keep from looking at his sleek, wet body when we were showering together. I worked hard training myself to keep my eyes on the wall below the shower heads, and not on Jax or my teammates when our practice or games were finished.

  • Taken Hiking

    College student makes mountain hiking profitable.

  • A Player's Cocksucker 3

    He was a hot, sexy football player, and I was hot for him.

  • A Player's Cocksucker 4

    Having cum inside of you is the strangest fucking thing..

  • The Red Eye

    He was coming back from LA and had just boarded. It had been a great weekend and he was tired from running the LA marathon. Chris was also very horny.

  • Becoming the Quarterbacks slave

    Hot shot, the next big thing, now he has to chose a college.

  • Pro Footballer Visits a Glory Hole

    Closeted NFL player ventures to a nearby city to check out an adult bookstore and finds what he is looking for.

  • My dad and me: the beginning

    How my dad introduced me to the family tradition when I turned 16.

  • My Threesome

    This is a true tale of a mix of erotic lust and friendship. My heart still beats thinking about it.

  • high school secrets

    This school has a secret, and new student Eli doesn't realize it yet but hes right in the middle of it all.

  • A Player's Cocksucker 5

    The football players gathered together in the middle of the field and bumped chests and yelled at each other in fits of hypermasculinity, and I loved every ridiculous second of it.

  • Chinese Take Out 2

    I order chinese take out and get a new delivery boi

  • Father's Day 3

    A week after Father's Day, coach comes by for dinner

  • Specialising in Straight 2

    A gay man planned and abducted a straight AFL player. Brody was then tied up and forced to have sex with a group of horny gay men against his will. All the while being filmed for internet distribution.