"calm down Marc, its no big deal."

"yes, it is, he did that bullshit on purpose."

"well who cares?"

"i do!"

"well, your with me now and it just us."

Marc stared at the door debating whether to open it and fight his opponet.he then felt a small tug on his arm.

"Marc please don't. just stay here with me please." begged nick

Marc looked into nick's eyes and shook his head.

"i will not leave you tonight, its just me and you." said Marc

nick sighed with relief.


nick walked towards his dresser to get the TV remote for Marc.

"this is a nice room a lot better than mine."

"oh thanks, i mean its okay, but here's the TV remote and there's a refrigerator behind that door over there if you want anything."

"what?! you a have a full refrigerator in your room?"

"yea and a microwave.


"yea i stay in my room a lot..."

"i bet. so what we gonna do first? movies, games, sex..."

"really? how childish of you."

" its just an option." said Marc sheepishly

"well, we will do everything but sex, but right now i need a shower."

Marc grabbed nick by his waist and pulled nick towards him.

"you mean we need a shower."

nick giggled.

"nice try, but we already did that."

"then one more wont hurt."

"haha silly white boy!"

nick then pushed Marc on his bed and skipped towards the bathroom. once he was in he closed and locked the door.

"your not gonna shower with me, but you can pick out what I'm going wear after i get out." said nick.

"such a tease." Marc said under his breath.

nick hopped in the shower, while was in the shower Marc look around the room.

"man this is really nice, i wonder what does his parents do for a living."

king size bed, a 52in flat screen TV on the wall, all the gaming systems,the most recent phone and computer. nick did have a lot of things for himself but

none to share it with. but there two thing that stood out the most for Marc. there were five locks on the inside of nick's room and all of

nick's window were locked and bared.

"well something not suppose to get into this room, but whats not allow in here?" he thought to himself.

45minutes later

Marc was starting to doze off then nick poke his head threw the bathroom door.

"hey wake up sleepy head find me something to wear."

Marc knew what he wanted nick to wear he reached into his gym bag and pulled out his football jersey. he walked over to the bathroom door and handed his jersey to nick.

"really? this smelly thing i just took a shower." said nick

you told me to pick" responded Marc with a grin

"true." replied nick

nick took the jersey.

" I'll be a another 30minutes." said nick

"oh my lord! what are you doing in there?!"

"i do this every night, my looks don't just happen it takes time."

"either way your always beautiful to me." said Marc

"don't worry it will be worth the wait so make yourself comfortable."nick said with a smile and close the door.

37minutes later

nick open the bathroom door, nick was wear Marc's jersey. the jersey was kinda big on him so it hung loosely on him and it went down let less than mid thigh, Marc could see nick's hairless and flawless legs,nick had straighten his hair so now it hung on hung on his forehead a little and it was half way down his neck.

Marc was in shock. nick was in shock as well because Marc was lying in nick's bed in nothing but boxer-briefs,nick saw Marc's strong thighs, his powerful biceps,his firm pecs, his solid six pac, and his very pale white skin.

"haha i don't remember ordering a tall glass of milk." laughed nick

"milk goes well with chocolate." said Marc

"indeed it does." responded nick

nick walked over to the bed and lay down with Marc,Marc pulled nick close to him.

"thats better." Marc said

nick giggled. Marc started to slide his hands up nick's thigh and up the jersey to rub nick's firm bare bottom. until he felt a cloth.

"i don't remember giving you underwear." said Marc

"haha your not that clever. we are not having sex." nick said in a somewhat stern voice.

"okay okay you win."

"nick you look beautiful.

"thanks you look...handsome."

"well that sucks, i was going for sexy."

"well you nailed it thats for damn sure."

"haha! i knew it!"

"so cocky." nick said

"hey nick."


"why are all your windows and your door bolted shut?"

Marc saw that nick was caught off guard with the question. nick looked away from Marc's eyes.

"um...to keep robbers and other things out."

"your lying to me." Marc said in a blunt voice.

nick didn't respond or look Marc in the eye.

"nick look at me." Marc said in a stern voice

nick obeyed.

"I'll never make you do anything you don't wanna do, but you must always be honest with me. deal?"

"deal." replied

"okay so why all the locks?"

"to keep Jason out."

Marc felt enraged for a moment but he calmed down.

"why does Jason need to stay out he is your stepbrother."

"because he tries to rape me, every chance he gets, every time me and him are alone together. my stepfather his dad, is there or shows up to stop it. but the last couple of time were too close of the call, but the last incident was way too close. Jason snuck in through my window, it wasn't bolted then."

"...I'll kill him." said a very upset Marc.

"he says I'm going to have his child..."

"impossible! because your going to have mine!"

"no its impossible because a man cant have a child!"

"you can."


"i don't know, i just know we are going to have a kid."

"its getting cold." said Marc

" yea its gets about 65 degrees in my room."


"i like the cold."

"well we are getting under the covers." said Marc

"fine" respond nick.

nick got and walked over to a wall and hit a switch that dimmed the light in the room and soft music began to play.he walked back to the bed and got under the covers with Marc. Marc wrapped his arm around nick's waist and pulled nick towards him.

" well this romantic." Marc said

"no this is how i sleep."


"oh shut up."

"hey Marc"


"that night we found that body."

"what about it?"

"did it seem familiar?"

"what do you mean."

" like you knew her, like-"

"I've seen her somewhere before." Marc said cutting nick off.

"yea like that." said nick

"i know her but i cant remember from where." nick said

Marc felt uneasy. he started to have flash back about his past, a past he cant remember.

"hey lets just get some sleep okay." Marc said.

nick yawned.

"okay, hey Marc thanks for keeping me safe. and i care for you."

"why don't you admit you love me?"

"too early for that, i need to make sure."

"ha in due time then.i'll wait forever if it takes that." replied Marc.

"silly white boy,it wont take that long." nick whispered as he fell asleep.

the next day around 10:00am

"once again I'm really sorry. i didn't think that people where having sex."

"detective Jeremy its okay, as hard as Danny was fucking me. i bet it sounded like abuse, but trust me when i say i wanted it." said tyler

"but still a guy walkin in on you in a situation like that and with a gun pointed at you, had to scared the shit out of you."

"yea, but you didn't kill us or anything...but i was kinda wishing that you had joined us."

"...sorry but I'm not gay, or bicurious."

"oh sorry thought i just throw that out there."

"no big deal, and thanks for telling me where your brother is i need to ask him some questions."

"he's not in any trouble is he?"

"no just some follow up questions on the body that he and the other boy found."

"oh okay, well here's the house"

the detective pulled up to nick' home. he and tyler got out of the car and walked up to the house and knocked on the door.nick answered, detective Jeremy explained why he was there and nick lead them into the house into his room.marc was sitting on the bed was watching TV.

nick explained to Marc what was going and from there the deceive processed with the question.

"so how long did you parents know the victim?"

"wait, my parents knew her?"

"yea, they told me themselves. yours did too nick"

"what they didn't tell me that."responded nick

"my parents didn't say crap about it."said Marc

" really? where lets get them all here so we can sort this out."the detective said

"we cant there gone, for the weekend."said Marc

"mine too."nick said

"a little too conveint." the detective said to himself.



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