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now the story will pick up where it left off, so if you can not remember what's going please go read or reread the last couple of chapters (their not that long). would want you to be lost! and I have done my best with the grammar and spelling . but I really suck at both of those things

lastly im always just an email ([email protected]) way! plz leave comments thoughts and opinions now without prolong any further here is milk and chocolate


"nick why do you think our parents didn't tell us that they knew that woman?"

asked marc.

"I don't know, its not like them to hide things from me we're all pretty open in my family."

answered nick.

detective McGraw sighed said " either way I need to speak to them, I need to know the relationship both your parents had with the victim."

both nick and marc nodded in unison.

"I understand that this can be very unsettling for you both, I would like to ask you two some question.you see I never got the chance because your parents wouldn't let me, im sure they were only thinking of your safety but it does look somewhat suspicious..."

"are you accusing my parents of this murder?!" the nerve of you!" snorted a very irritated marc. marc looked away from the detective and crossed his arms and leaned back on the sofa he was sitting in. " my parents are good people! they took me and my brothers in when we were kids, right out of a burning building, and they raised us as their own children and you think they could murder an innocent person. bullshit I say!"

"im sorry I didn't mean any disrespect toward your parents marc, but im telling you what it seems like."

"and im telling you its bullshit!"

"marc detective McGraw is just doing his job, you cant just cant hound him for that." said nick

marc sighed "I need some air." he stood up from the sofa and walked outside leaving only detective McGraw and nick in the living room.

"I see I hit a sensitive subject for him." detective McGraw said pulling a lollipop out of his pocket.

he unwrapped it and put it in his mouth. "you want one? " he offered nick.

"no thank you, im more surprised that you have one."replied nick

"helps with smoking." mcgraw answered "so what about you?" asked the mcgraw.

"what about me?, theirs nothing much to tell..."answered nick.

"not true, you don't look like your parents at all, im guessing that your adopted too right?"

"ha yeah I am, me and my step brother are."

"so you have a brother?"

"yeah but we're not related at all."

"so whats the story there?"

"well its complicated because I don't remember much, but all I remember is there were loud noise, louder than thunder. ive never been so terrified in my life. the next thing I know im with my family." I cant remember anything till my freshman year at my high school."

"and your parents have not tried to help you figure out what you don't remember?"

"they said the past in the past and that's where it needs to stay, and I never took it any further than that."

"well if your not careful the past can come back and haunt you."

"true, but I don't bother that sort of nonsense."

"I see." said mcgraw

marc stepped in back into the living room from outside, "are there any more question?"

"just two more and I'll be on my way."

"well get on with it." replied an impatience marc

"well for starters what were you two doing out that late at the school?"

both recalling the bump and grind session and the showering together they both gave same answers.

"we were doing stuff." they both answered together, both blushing a bit.

"you two were doing stuff? after school when no one else was around?"

"what? your going to accuse us of murder now?" snorted marc.

"only if the evidents points that way." answered mcgraw "and one last question did you two know the victim in any way?"

"well, honestly the woman seemed very familiar , like I seen her from somewhere before." said nick

mcgraw nodded.

"yea I feel the same way too, it like its on the tip of my tongue." but I cant seem to place it." repiled marc.

mcgraw closed his eyes and thought for a moment, after several moments the stood of out the comfortable chair he was sitting in.

" well, I'll be on my way, tell your parents I'll get with them when I have everything I need to know."

before nick and marc could reply mcgraw was out the door.

"what a very interesting man" said nick

"yeah and rude" replied marc.

"no you were the rude one"

marc leaned back on a wall he was standing next too. "well I don't like it when someone accuses my family of something so horrible."

"oh I understand." I was not to thrilled at the accusation either."

"well, anyway forget that guy, we have a beautiful Saturday. and I don't want to waste it thinking about this situation." said marc

"your right we should go out and have fun, it one of the few days I don't have swim practice." answered nick.

"oh my god, I cant believe you want to be seen in public with me! miracles do happen!" joked marc.

" nope I don't have anything else to do today, and I want to see how dumb you act in public."

"fine I'll be your personal dumb ass for the day." responded marc

"silly white boy!" giggled nick

"I see I am off to a good start. come on lets get going."

-later that evening-8:17PM

marc and nick were sitting outside of a small family owned restaurant at a small table looking out into there wonderful mid size town. the warm Florida air came with a slight breeze with the smell mid spring. the sun had just gone down, thus the town began illuminating itself in cascades of beautiful lights. with it being a saturday night the town began to grow more exciting and a bit more livelier,famlies head to restaurants, groups of people heading to stores and bars, others are out for movies. The town of cinders located in south Florida was a wonderful place to live.

"man I love this town, so easy going and warm hearted. you really don't see place like this anymore." voiced marc.

"your right, its so beautiful, relaxing and refreshing."

marc noticed that nick's hand was on the table , he made an attempt to hold it with his own. but nick pulled away. "marc im not ready..." nick said looking away from marc's eyes. Marc slightly annoyed asked. "why? I don't understand what im doing wrong." "marc I just..." nick was at a loss for words." im sorry but I don't see the problem, you are openly gay and everyone thinks we are dating anyway, so what the problem? is it me? asked marc

"no.'' replied nick." I care for you deeply its just that you kind of overwhelm me recently. saying that you love, kissing me in front of class, saying im going to have your child... its all kind of scary really."

marc thought for a few moments" your right."marc finally said. "maybe I did lay it on a bit too thick. I sometimes have a hard time controlling my feeling and sometime they just burst out , sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable." said marc

"thanks marc, im glad you can see were im coming from. I do care for you but I don't want to rush into something we'er not ready for. you see I want us to explore one another and not just in a sexual way but in a emotional, and mental way.i wanna know what makes you happy, sad, cry, and scared so when thing do happen I can help or protect you and you do the same for me. I know I can be rude and very demanding but I know I want you, but only in the way that I just explained."

marc was left speechless, he was very surprised that nick wanted to go to that level with him but he was even more happy because after all of what nick said marc knew that nick was his soul mate like they had been made specifically for one another." I understand and I willing to take that route, but first let me take you home". They got up and began to walk towards marc's car but off in the distance the murder stalked them waiting for the truth to be resurface from their past.

--elsewhere-- 9:55PM

"so you take that answer and times that by pie and that is what x equal."

"oh I see! why cant the teacher explain it this way, its so much easier! thanks danny." said tyler

"not a problem, I got natural talent for teaching young minds." danny responded

"sure you do." tyler said sarcastically

"you know im surprised that we are not fucking right now." said danny

"is that a suggestion because im down for it!"tyler said with a smirk

"no not today you need to study for the test you have on monday, so no cock for you mr."

" kill joy." pouted tyler

"hey tyler sense where kinda on the subject can you talk about something?"

"sure whats up?"

"well... I think we should go public with our relationship, im tired of keeping it a secret from everyone."

"danny, we cant."

"why not? everyone knows your gay and im bi, and on top of that your brother and nick are practically dating and everyone accepts them."

"not everyone is so accepting, marc will not accept it."

"what? marc is like my best friend, I think he will be fine, even happy for us."

"no, marc is very protect of his family and does not let anyone in, he will think that you are using for a fuck toy or something of that nature and flip his shit."

"I don't think he will, is a very cool tempered guy. just let me talk to him im sure he'll understand."

"danny please don't, not yet just give me sometime to break something's to him and then we will tell him together okay?"

danny stared at tyler for a moment.

"fine we will wait a little longer

tyler when back to doing his study guide and danny stared off into space. "how much longer is a little longer?" he thought to himself.


a man is falls down stairs while in the process of running for his life. he tries to stand back up but he cant his left leg is now broken. the man drags himself to a near exit towards the stairs. When he entered the room he look up to see that he was on the twenty-fifth floor of the building where he works. the man cursed himself, why did he have to stay late to finish his work why didn't he leave at 10:30pm like everyone else. he dragged himself under a large desk and waited to see if his killer had followed him in to the room. And indeed he had, the murder entered the room and walked around. each of his footsteps echoed throughout the room, each step getting closer and closer to the injured man until the murder's feet where right in front of the desk that the man was hiding under. the man put his hand over his mouth so he wouldn't make a sound, every fiber in the man's body stood still, the man watch as the murder's feet began to walk elsewhere. the man believing he was safe closed his eyes and let out a small sigh, that when he left great pain in his broken leg, the murder grabbed his leg a d dragged the man from under the desk, the man cried out in fear and pain.


the murder said nothing


the murder stopped for a moment, he dropped the man's leg. and picked up the man's right arm and twisted it and broke it.

the man cried out in unbearable pain. the murder did the same thing to the mans left arm, and another cry in pain.


the murder spoke for the first time

"I am experiment 9752"

the man in shock he couldn't believe what he just heard.

"no...no your dead I saw you die!" the man said

"no I did not die, but your about too."

the second after the murder said that he threw the man out of a window and the man fell twenty-five stories down to his death.

the murder walked away from the scene, he felt very little satisfaction.the only thing he could think of was his revenge. "two down eight to go." he said to himself.


"so it only took like five hours to get me home."

"look pacific rim was out in theaters and you said you love monsters vs giant robots so I got us tickets."

"and then taking me out to eat which was like another hour and a half." nick said

"yea 70.00 dollars later" marc mumbled under his breath.

"so thanks for the day I had a great time."

" yea I did too."

marc wanting to kiss nick deeply, held off on it he remember the conversation they had at the restaurant earlier he didn't want to push nick too quickly.

"so I'll see you Monday, to continue our project okay? marc said

"okay." nick answered

marc turned and began to walk away, he then felt a small tug on his right arm.

"marc." nick said softly.

"I know what I said earlier and I meant every word about taking it slow. but I really like it when you kiss me." nick said blushing."so if we could keep that going it would be nice..."

"I think we can keep it going" marc said a bright smile on his face.

marc stood in front of nick and bent down while nick stood on his tippy toes. the embrace each other in a soft but passionate kiss the seemed to last forever but only seconds for them.after the finally released each other they both had smiles on their faces.

"are you sure your not made out of chocolate? " marc asked jokingly

"are you saying that because im black."

"no im saying that because you taste just like chocolate."

"silly white boy. go home and get some sleep okay."

"okay goodnight nick"

"goodnight marc"

nick watch marc drive off in his car, then headed inside his home. walked through his home quietly because he thought everyone one sleep. he was wrong, when he saw his mother and father up he assumed that he was in trouble for coming home so late.

"mom, dad I know it late but-"

"sit down his father said."

nick sat in a chair next to his mother

"sweetie your not in trouble but you cant-"

she struggled with her words

"I cant what?"

"you cant see marc again, we forbid it, nothing but trouble will come it. that's the end of the conversation." his father said

nick was in shock and disbelief, they just cant toss marc out of his life .....could they?



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