Thursday morning 7:33am

"how long will y'all be gone?"

"only a day sweetie."

"...okay, is Jason going with you?"

"no he cant, but you can just lock yourself in your room. he wont be able to get in."

nick looked away from his mother( his foster mother), he was scared. he did not want to be alone with his brother

again because last time was a close call if their father had not came when he did only god would have known how far

Jason would have taken it.

"can i come with you?"

"not this time." his mother said with a sorry voice.

"hey were are not leaving until your off at school okay, when you get home lock yourself in your room.

nick lay still in his bed, his mother knew he was very concerned.

"tell you what why don't you have a friend over, so you wont get lonely."

nick thought for a moment, he then smiled at his mother and thanked her.

~~~~next day

"sooo your not gay?"

"no dude i still love pussy, but I'm just in love with this person who happens to be a guy."


"look i don't care who he's fucking as long as he can hit the quarter back and do his job on the field."

one team players says.

"he can fuck Gandalf the gray for all i care, just as long he makes a the play."

said another player

the whole locker room laughed.a player put their arm around Marc's head.

"so your gonna be at your best tonight right?"

"dude duh! i kick ass every Friday night, tonight is no different."

" okay just making sure, because you said you were in love and that can mess with a lot of things. were two games

away from state so just keep your head the game until win state then be all lovey dovey with your caramel drop."

said the team captain Danny.

"okay okay i get, keep your in the game."

"well, I'm glad that that is not an issue on this team." said the coach

"we have come a long way from under dog to top dog and last thing we need on this team is drama."

"thats not a problem on this team coach." Danny replied

"good, well get ready for tonight."

"yes sir!" the whole team responded


nick was sitting by himself enjoying his tuna and crackers.he was trying to think of ways to ask Marc his question

without sounding desperate or demanding which was hard for nick because people told him that he was a demanding

person.when someone sat next to him, it was Tyler, Marc's little brother.( now their will be a change with Tyler's

character. he is still Japanese however he a sophomore and he failed tenth grade because he sucked at math.)

now Tyler and nick only recently started talking to one another as friends.(nick didn't make friends but Tyler seems

like an exception.) they made small talk until nick noticed Marc was walking into the lunch room with his football friends. nick notice Marc's tight muscle shirt and how it hugged his body, his large shoulders, his big firm pecs,his jet black hair. nick remembered the feel of Marc's six pack and how solid it was, and lastly it was Marc's aurora that made nick feel safe...and loved.

"hey earth to nick."Tyler said.

nick snapped out of his trace.

"i still cant believe that my brother publicly kissed...well i actually i can, he can never keep his feelings in check, he has to express them."

"yea i learned that the hard way."

nick and Danny (team captain) walked up to their table.

"hey Tyler how are you." Danny grinned

Tyler blushed and looked down.

"much better thanks for asking"

"good I'm glad your after my game I'll come over to help study for math okay?"

"oh okay...i look forward to it."

Tyler was smiling and blushing really hard.

nick wonder what that was all about, but his thoughts were interrupted by Marc.

"hey can you guys give me and nick some privacy." Marc said.

Tyler and Danny left the area and it was only nick and marc.marc sat very close to nick, their bodies touching.

Marc looked nick in the eyes and said gently:

"is there something you want to ask me?"

"shit how did he know!" nick said to himself

"um no...nothing at all."

nick looked away from Marc's eyes, but Marc touched nick's chin with the tip of his fingers and slow turned

nick's gaze to his eyes.

"now lets try that again, is there something you want to ask me?"

nick now staring to Marc's deep blue green eyes, nick knew he couldn't lie to Marc.

"will you stay with me to night...please"

"is there anything wrong?" asked Marc

"no not really, i just want to be safe and i know that you protect me."

"okay i will, but will you come to my game tonight?"


nick kissed Marc on the cheek. ( in public no less)

someone in the lunch room gave a loud whistle and a couple of people even awed. this was because Marc and nick

became the second most popular couple on campus(even though nick told everyone their not dating)so they were usually the center of attention. and to Marc's and nick's surprise they had most of the school support and care.(lucky them right?!)

~~~ the last sixty seconds of the football game the score 37 to 39 Marc's team had less than a minutes to get the ball into

the in zone but that was on the other side of the field Marc knew he had to hit the quarter back as hard as he could

and he did. Marc hit the quarter back so hard he went flying on his back and the ball in the air. Marc saw his chance to

help his team win the game and he took it. Marc grabbed the ball from out of the air and started sprinting for the in zone

only seven second left to make it and twenty yards away. Marc just happen to glance in the stands and see nick standing and screaming

his name telling him to go( so was everyone else in stands) and the next thing Marc knew he was in the in zone just as the buzzer

went off. the score 40 to 39 they won!

~~~twenty minutes later in the locker room everyone has gone except Danny and Marc.

"nice save Marc."

"once again thanks"

" well this means states in a couple of weeks!just remember keep your personal life in check."

"alright alright. anyway you going home to play mortal kombat?

" no I'm going to help your brother study tonight."

"well our parents left for the weekend, you can stay the night if you want but i wont be there."

" you wont? why not?"

" nick wants me to stay the night with him."

"oh shit! you fucking him?!"

"no, i think its something else, dude he seemed scared."

"scared? scared of what?"

"i don't know but I'm gonna find out."

"let me know when you do and if you need back up just give me a shout!"

"will do Danny see bro."

"k later"

Marc was packing his stuff when he pick up his sweaty football jersey. he smelled it "wow thats what i smell like?! well

at least you know its mine." he was going to throw it in his locker but he thought for a moment."i feel like i need

this for some reason" he said to himself. so he took his jersey and put it in his gym bag and left.

~~~~~ Marc's house

Danny knocked on the door and he wait a few minutes, it opened and Tyler standing at the door.

Danny bent down to the little twink and said

"hey i hear your all alone tonight would you like to do some math?"

"yes i would what's the first question?" respond Tyler with smile

"first question, how far can my 13 inch dick go down your throat?"

"that an easy one silly... all of it!"

they both laughed and walked into the house, they were going to do more than just math.

~~~~~nick house

Marc walked up to nick's home, and knocked on the door.while he waited he took notice of how nice the house was and bigger than

most house but not like their was rich or anything. Marc figure that nick's parents made a good amount of money.all of

the sudden the door opened. there standing in the door way was a 6'5 muscle bound,white guy, with no shirt on.

Marc was surprised by who answered the door, he thought he had the wrong house. but he didn't he knew nick was in there

before Marc could introduce himself to the man, he stopped he smelled something, something that made Marc mad,and

it was coming from the man.marc refused to introduce himself, Marc did not like this guy at all, and he guy didn't like

like Marc either. they both want to physically fight to the point where there will be blood, but for life of Marc he could not figure

out why he felt like this towards this guy.then out of no where nick called Marc's name. and all the rage in them both subsided

"nick!"Marc yelled out

"hey Jason can please let my friend in. mom said he could come over."

"okay" Jason replied and he stepped out of the way.

Marc walked past Jason, it took everything for him not to attack Jason.

"lets all go into the living room just for a minute okay."

they all walked into the living room and sat down.

"well,Jason this is my friend Marc and Marc this is my step brother Jason, and before you ask yes he is adopted too."

that answered some of Marc's question but not all of them, he will need to know more about nick's life.nick made small talk

basically by himself as the two other just stared at each other with hate.after eighteen minutes nick saw no that

Jason or Marc were going to make peace or play nice.

"well, Jason goodnight were off to my room..."

"no, not with him." Jason said with a stern voice.

but father said it was okay,do you wanna call and ask?"

the was the last thing Jason wanted.jason knew it their father got involved it would be bad knew him.

"fine just come hug me."


nick knew it was coming and it couldn't be avoid it, nick walked up to Jason and stood their. Jason bent down and

picked nick up and gave him a deep kiss that last about twenty seconds.nick could only let it happen or someone

would have been hurt if nick did not give this hug(really kiss) to his brother.marc was in shock and enrage at this

but mostly enraged.once again it took everything for Marc to not hurt or kill this man who kissing the love his life.

when Jason finally put nick down he said:

"yum just like chocolate."

Marc without realizing he hit the nearest wall making a hole in it. nick grabbed Marc and pulled him into his room

and locked the door.

"well, that went alot better than i thought it would, no one didn't bleed this time." nick said to himself.


"oh fuck me harder! shit! awe fuck yea!"

"wow your a lot tighter than usual. you like daddy's dick?!"

"ooo yea, i like soo much!"

Tyler's legs were in the air and his knees were next to his ears. this was their favorite position. Danny wanted to get his cock deep inside of Tyler ass and Tyler wanted Danny cock deep in his ass. Tyler was some how able to all 13inches of Danny's dick and Danny loved it, a nice tight warm hole for his long snake friend. and what Danny loved the most about Tyler was that Tyler could take getting fucked, the last time they fuck Tyler could sit down for three day. but now Danny wanted this boy to feel his wrath, Tyler really had no idea what Danny was capable of...but he was going to find out. Danny slowed his movement and then stopped for a moment. this confused Tyler.

"did you come?"

Danny only look at him and smiled

"well,whats wrong? I-"

before Tyler could finish Danny power drive his hip into Tyler, this made Tyler yelp. Danny then proceeded to go

a 110 mph in Tyler ass. causing the bed to rock with great force, Tyler was constantly yelping.the head of bed began to hit the wall with force,with so much force that things started to fall off the wall.danny was focused on fucking Tyler and he was sweating all over the place which made his tan body shine. he was getting close he even started to go faster and harder but just before he could cum, the bedroom door was kicked in.they turned and looked to see a man with a gun and the gun was pointed at them.

well, theres part 1 of chapter 5. whats going to happen to Danny and Tyler?! who is the man with the gun? and what going to happen in nick's room?!!!

find out next time!



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