one week later.

"the victim was 47 years old, white female,height 5'8, weight 163 lbs."

"cause of death?"

" blunt force trauma."


"everywhere. but the huge gash on the back of her neck probably put her out of her misery."

"anything else doc?"

"well, by my guess this was a revenge killing,whatever she did to him,he made her pay for it."

"so a man did this?"

"yea, unless she crossed she hulk, only a man can beat someone senseless like this, poor woman whatever she did she shouldn't have done it to him."

"anything else doc?

"not till i open her up, after that I'll give you a call."

"okay thanks."

detective Jeremy McGraw left the room, he lean body on the wall and sighed. he was stressed.he was the new detective in the department and not was he only new but he was very young, only 23 years of age and was already a detective. so it was quit clear that most people doubted him, but the skill he had where impossible to match,a keen eye, quick draw to the gun, a good sense of judgment,able to adapt to any situation, and a hell of a lot of luck and blessing from god himself.all those things helped Jeremy in getting hired into the department. but there was something about this case, he couldn't put his finger on it but he knew something was going to hit the fan and he was going to find out what it was.

" guess I'll retrace my steps." he said while he walked out of the building

~~~nick's house

nick walked into his house and threw his backpack down on the couch and then threw himself on the couch.he made a loud sigh which his mother heard she walked into the living room.she saw that her son was stressed and worried.

"you okay honey?"

"i guess." nick replied

"is this about what happened last week? the body you and that boy found?"

"yea." he lied

after a talk with his mom nick went to his room, he sat in his desk chair and leaned back.the issue was not about the the dead body he found, but it was with marc.marc had fallen in love with nick, nick would not believe Marc( nick was in denial he was in love with Marc)." Marc had giving nick his first kiss.they where in the library studying their subject love when Marc stopped studying and stared at nick again and once again nick noticed.

"see something you like." said nick with an attitude

" only you." Marc said with a soft deep voice.

nick blushed so hard you could see the light redness through his light brown skin. nick looked back at his books and said-

"shut up and do your work."

Marc laughed lightly but continued to look at the love of his life. he then saw nick's lips, they were interestingly thin and small yet so inviting to him he just had to ask.

"have you ever kissed anyone?"

"thats has nothing to do with our work and its none of your bussiness." nick said while still writing on his paper.

"well,actually love involves kissing and i think it would be good for our project to discuss it and-"

"alright! that's it I'm going home!" nick said cutting Marc off.

nick gathered his things and left the public library and started towards his car.marc caught up with nick when he was putting his stuff in the back seat of his car.nick leaned against his car with his eyes closed nick head hung down while his body was facing Marc.

"look i don't wanna play games today so we will continue Friday and another thing don't-

nick felt warm hands grab on to his face nick opened his eyes,he then felt a warm tongue enter his mouth, he felt Marc's soft smooth lips cress his own lips. Marc explore nick mouth while nick was in a daze, more like a trace. this went on for about 15 second until nick realized what was going on.nick pushed Marc off to get him off.marc looked at nick whose soft light brown eyes looked confused.

with a light smile Marc said

"you taste like chocolate."

nick didn't replie at that moment, he was still processing what had just happen.when nick came too he got in his car and started up the engine and rolled down the window and said-

"i don't eat chocolate."

then drove off. nick look in his rear view mirror and saw that Marc and a big smile on his face.

"silly white boy." nick said blushing

nick didn't known why he lied to his mom, she knew her son was gay and so did nick's step dad and there was no problem with that. it was that they were really overprotective of nick and Jason ( nick's step brother.)

"i don't want them to scared Marc away." he said out loud

little did nick know that someone was listening and they were going to find out who Marc was.

~~~next day at school

nick and Marc were working on there project as everyone else was.marc had a question that was burning inside of since their first kiss, and Marc not being able to control his feeling had to ask nick.

"are you in love with me yet?" he whispered

"no, not now or ever." replied an annoyed nick

"....are you sure?, because i think you are."

"what the hell is up with you?!" nick said drawing some attention thinking Marc would back off.( Marc didn't this only backfired on nick.)

"i just wanted to know-"

nick got out of his seat grabbed his backpack and started for the door. Marc grabbed nick by the arm, when he reached the middle of the class room. they were officially the center of attention now.( by the way the teacher is not in the class right now.)

"why do you keep doing that?!" said Marc.

"to get the hell away from you!" replied nick.

(they are yelling at each other)

"you don't mean that." said a slightly hurt Marc.

"yes i do!" nick lied.

"we kissed!"

"NO! you kissed me!"

"you didn't stop me!"

students in the class were really paying attention to and some couldn't believe what they had just heard.

"well if you love so damn much kiss me right here right now! in front of everyone for all to see!"

nick thought he had Marc, no football player in their right mind when kiss another guy in front people and including their friends and other players. but Marc was not in his right mind he was in love. as soon a nick said that Marc picked up nick in front of everyone and kissed him deeply, there was a lot a gasps and shocked faces. the shock to went unnoticed by nick as he was in a trace yet again, but not as long as nick remembered were he was at moment.nick pushed Marc off him again and stormed out the class blushing, flustered,shocked, and a little happy...just a little.marc was just happy that he got permission to kiss nick in public.marc licked his lips.

"just like chocolate." he whispered

~~~after school in a local park

in a local park there is a hidden path in some bushes, this path leads to a flower garden. very few people know about this garden therefore it is a secret. there is one park bench in the garden that over looks the river that and onto the is said that only people who are in true love can find it or stumble across it. and wouldn't you know nick is at the garden.nick found this garden a week ago ( nick met Marc a week ago ;) ) wanting to be alone(not really)he need time to think.he was looking at the sunset on the river when he heard a rustle from the bushes.nick didn't look back nor was he frighten he knew it was Marc.

"there you are my love!" said a happy Marc

"how did you find me?" nick said while still looking at the sunset.

"well, um I'm not sure. i can just feel you i guess,your warm like sun, the closer i get to you the warmer i feel, the brighter my days get,i can see so much more when I'm around you, i can-"

"okay, okay i get it I'm like the damn sun." nick said

" sorry... about what i did today" Marc said

nick said nothing

"....may sit with you?" Marc asked nervously

"well your not going to leave are you?"

"not till you do!" Marc said with a smile

"fine then." nick said without taking his eyes off the sunset.

Marc walked happily over to the bench and sat closely to nick and to nick's surprised Marc had a blanket with him. Marc covered nick and himself.

"how did you know i was cold?" asked nick

"i could feel that you were cold and its still winter."

"oh yea" nick responded

nick leaned his head onto marc's shoulder


"yes Marc"

"do you love me"

nick for the first time turned away from the sunset and look at Marc.

"will you ever make me do anything that i don't want to do?" asked nick

Marc gently grabbed nicks chin with the tip of his fingers, he look into nick light brown eyes and and said

"no never."

to Marc's surprised nick leaned in and kissed him on the lips, then nick faced the sunset again.marc licked his lips and giggled

"you taste like chocolate."

"i told you i don't eat chocolate...silly white boy."

well, there's chapter 4. i hope you all are enjoying the story line!

find out what happens next week!( hint: Marc goes over to nick's house and we learn why nick is scared of his step brother Jason. and detective Jeremy gets further on his case and ends up a nick's house as well! what does nick's family have to do with a murder?!!)



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