Nick arrived at his home around 6:15 pm that evening, he parked his car next to his older brother's.Nick was not to thrilled that his brother was home before him because Nick would not be taking a relaxing walk into his own home, he now had to rush to his room and lock himself away. simply because his brother was home before he
was, his older brother Ryan wasn't a bully or an asshole to nick but it was the very opposite, Ryan loved Nick.... more than a brother should.they were not related at all their parent had adopted them both and Ryan was white and Nick was black and were raised as brothers so to nick they were just brothers and that's all nothing more,
nick did consider Ryan as his protector, but that's what older brothers should be.nick let out a loud sigh, he began to remember when it all started. it started after a few months after Nick hit puberty when he was 15, he had just gotten home from school when he walked past Ryan who was on his way out the door. then something hit them
both the very same moment they walk passed each other, they stopped and looked at one another. they knew something was different about the other but wasn't sure what it was. after several moments they finally broke their stare and went their sperate ways for that day, however, they plagued in each other's mind wondering if the other brother the same way. at first, they felt awed and embarrassed so they avoided each other as they realized that they wanted each other in a sexual way.Ryan saw nick as the super cute smart girl in class that he was afraid to talk to while Nick saw Ryan as the cool kid in class who would never be gay or even into him, however with each passing day, their curiousness about each other kept growing and with  living in the same house, they could only avoid each other for so long until something happened...they had manage to avoid one another for about a year, nick was sixteen and Ryan seventeen, both were in high school, nick a sophomore and Ryan a
junoir. Ryan had become your typical high school cool guy and had the looks that came with it. his hieght was 6'4 and he wighed 186. his hair short, wavey and brown. his eyes milk chocolate brown and he had a winning smile with perfect teeth. he was lean yet well muscled from track and basketball his two favorite sports and his
skin was tan from the Florida's summer sun he was the most handsome guy in the school at the time. He did have a serious personality mixed in with a bit of humor and ryan was smart all staight a's without even trying, his parents where scientis after all and every girl he dated gave him anything he wanted including thier pussy. It was no secert that Ryan was blessed in the cock area a full 8inches on the ruler, and he even fuck one of his teachers but she soon moved to  another state afterwards. Ryan seemed to have it all except for one thing and that thing was nick. the feeling that occurred between him and Nick did die down a bit, but day in and day out nick was on is mind he wanted Nick in the worst way possible and he knew nick wanted him too, so the fired foe each other did die down but it was still there. But how does one approach this situation? It not like he walk up to his little brother and say " hey let's be lovers." It wasn't that simple.nick on the other hand, was very different from Ryan. nick was a bit of a loner or as he called it independent, he was also rude and demanding and a bit of a kill joy. He was also good looking much like his older brother but got tired of being asked out by girls so he came out as gay that year to be left alone.lucky for nick the school had a few openly gay students so nick wasnt treated much differently or bullied.nick was not into sports but he enjoyed swimmming and somehow join the school swim team but didnt make any friends in the day that year the school was close for the week for a tropical storm was coming to the Florida so nick and his brother stayed home. their parent were out of town doing research on some top secret stuff that they never told their own two boys they were scientist after all. so nick and Ryan were left alone to wait out the storm.ryan sat in the den reading a book with some lamps as the power went out because of the storm a normal thing to a floridian, the storm getting pretty bad a lot of rain and wind going about 20 miles an hour on the outside the house.

"I hope this lets up soon." ryan said to himself.

 He got up and walked near a window and from a distance tried to look outside.he could see nothing but dark grey clouds and rain, then he saw a flash of light.

" Lighting?" he whisphered to himself.

He heard a low and distant rumble.

" Yep, nick gonna freak out."

You see nick hated loud noises and was terrified of them to the point where he would hide in small spaces to try to escape them, and thunder was the wrost offener.about after 20mintues or so the thunder was right above their house, it seemed like the sky was being ripped opened and Ryan found this to be very annoying as he could not focus on his book. and then Ryan heard a small little voice it was almost like it didn't want
to be noticed.

" scared,"

 It was nick Ryan looked up from his book and look at his young brother.nick was wearing nothing but a zip up hoodie and some tight underwear.nick looked absolutly adorible but also terrified,

"You can come sit with me if it will make you feel safer," Ryan replied,"

"If your okay wit-"an exploding sound of thunder filled the air and nick dashed to the couch were his brother was sitting.

"Stupid fucking thunder!" nick said hiding in his hoodie like a little bunny.

Ryan ignored what his little brother said he something else on his mind.
"Why is Nick in his underwear?" Ryan said to himself
"He's never done anything like this this an invitation?"
Ryan thought to himself.

Ryan began to feel that fire he had for his brother a year ago again. what should I do?" Ryan said to himself. while nick was yammering in the back ground.Ryan glanced at nick, his body screamed take me big brother in the most sexual way possible.Ryan knew at that point that nick wanted him to try something, that fire was a blaze inside of nick too but nick was much to suttle and embrassed to act so forward with it, however Nick did set the sernoiro so how could Ryan refuse.
suddnely an idea poped in Ryan's head, he knew what to do and how to approach his brother so he immaedly put his idea to action.

"It's hot." Ryan said

"Well the power is out, there no AC." replied Nick

Ryan took off his shirt exsposeing his upper body.Everything on him was made of steel, shoulder, triceps, biceps, abs, everything on ryan's body was perfect.after Ryan free himself of his shirt he leaned back on the sofa next to Nick, he then looked at his younger brother with a blank expression. Nick quickly looked away from his brother hoping Ryan didn't see him check him out, but Ryan did and his little trap work now it was time for part two of his plan.

"something wrong nick?" Ryan asked

"Uh no... nothing."

"You sure"

"Yea...i see you been working out a lot more." nick said.

"Gotcha," Ryan said to himself

"Yea man wanna feel? I sure I gained at least two pounds of muscle." Ryan replied while flexing his bicep.

"Sure..." answered a nervous nick.

Nick took one finger and taped Ryan's bicep.

"Nick come on, you cant feel it like that," Ryan said taking nick's and making Nick feel his whole bicep

"Wow you have been working out." said a really flustered nick

"Yea, I have been working on my chest too," Ryan said as he moved Nick's had across his arm to his chest.nick was lost, he was feeling his big brother's body and it was better than what he had imagined. nick let his hand explore Ryan's chest with Ryan's help. nick was in
awe of his big brother, his body was so warm and hard. nick didn't realize that he had put his other on Ryan's body and was officially feeling up his brother, nor did he notice that Ryan had put his hand on Nick's thigh.Nick was rubbing Ryan's abs when he felt some hand on  his butt and it was Ryan's, Nick paused realizing that he had been set up by his older brother. nick started the game of cat and mouse and found out that he ended up the mouse. nick look at Ryan who and a very serous face as if he was pondering something until he finally broke his silents.

"Nick take off your hoodie," Ryan said calmly

Nick did not object, he wanted to and so he did.Nick sat there on the sofa with his brother in nothing but his tight underwear, Ryan still shirt less gently pushed him down onto the sofa.nick stared up at the ceiling, Ryan rubbed Nick's firm, caramel body and soon crawled on top of nick.

"It going to happen." nick said to himself.

"Ryan going to make love to me." Nick thought.

Nick's heart , mind, and body were ready for Ryan and all Ryan had to do was take him. they both thought that they were destined for each other.

 But fate had other plans.

To Be Continued.



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