Marc entered his English class late as usual. the teacher handed him his assignment. Marc sat down in a seat and started to read.

"now you all knew this was coming. the assignment that will count for 30 percent of your grade. now i have picked for you an emotion yours is love. now you must give all sorts examples, research, any major events in history that was caused by love ect. now you will not be doing this alone but with a partner! now i have picked your partners because some people didn't end up anyone last time. and this is due at the end of the year so you have plenty of time!"

Marc looked at the bottom of the page to see who he will be partnered with he almost gasped.

"Marc copper and Nicholas hill." the paper read

"that's great the person im in love with will be my partner till the end of the year, i hope i can control my feeling. and how ironic that i get the subject of love?! damn!" he thought to himself.

He decided to get up and speak to his partner.he walked over to nick, Marc noticed that some student had already started discussing their project and really noticed that some student hated their partners.

" so this was really a random pick" he said to himself.

Marc stood in front of nick, almost blushing and scared to speak. nick was reading something from his text book while all this was going on.

"um hey im mra-"

"i know who you are." nick said cutting Marc off

"look i understand if you don't want to work with me. I'll just tell the teacher that you perfer to work with someone who is straight."nick said while looking back down at his paper.

" oh no! i have no problem with that! i just get nervous when i have a big project you know." said a really nervous Marc.

" that brings to my next point. don't do c's or d's. only b's and a's okay? and also i will not be doing your share of work your gonna earn your grade with me. got that?"

Marc only replied with a "yes sir."

the bell ranged it was time for the next class

"good meet me after my swimming practice and we will get started."

" oh i have football practice after school and i am never sure when it will be over, so i cant-

nick cut him off and shot him a look" everything ends at 5:30pm so meet me by the pool in the gym okay!"

"yes sir" Marc replied.

nick got from his chair and left the class room, before he was out nick turned and said

"it was nice meeting you." and with a blank face nick was gone out the door.

"wow" Marc said.

~~~~ after school 5:15pm

Marc just got out of the shower from football practice, he was very eager to get to the swimming pool to meet nick again so he was rushing a bit to get changed.

"what's the rush Marc?"

Marc looked back to see his best friend Ryan.

"oh i got somewhere to be you know."

well i don't know, so where are you going?" Ryan leaned his 6'0 frame against a locker.

Marc did not want to tell Ryan that he was going to meet nick because Ryan had a big problem with gay people.well truth be told Ryan hated anything that the bible didn't agree with. his parents are Christian to the extreme. Marc remembered one time that Ryan wanted to tell him something very important and to meet him at his house the next day. but when Marc arrived Ryan parents said they sent him off to a different school for a while. " that was our sophomore year and when Ryan came back he was very different" Marc thought to himself. Ryan really never had a problem with anything until he came back from that school. and to this Marc never found out what school Ryan when too and Ryan will not talk about it. but Marc knew that Ryan would find out sooner or later so he told him right there.

"im going to meet nick hill."

"what?! that fag for what?!"

dude that's not cool okay don't use fag."

" but that what he is!"

okay whatever Marc rolled his eyes and finished getting dressed. Marc explained that he had to work with nick because of the project. when Marc told Ryan this he seemed to calm down a little.

"well, don't let that fairy touch you or get into your head okay."

"whatever Ryan im my own man and i do what i want."

"just watch yourself. and by the way my two emotions are envy and wrath if you were wondering " Ryan said before he walked out the door.

"envy and wrath huh? fitting for the new Ryan because that was never the old one." Marc said to himself and he too left the locker room.


Marc entered the pool room with a slight jog not wanting to be late.

"so your actually on time."

Marc looked at nick and saw a beautiful human.

nick stood there with his tight swimming shorts on that only went down about mid thigh. nick's brown skin was so shiny from the water. he had a hairless swimmer body with a slightly viable six pack. his black wavy hair was all wet and matted down about half way down his neck.his ass was small and round like a freshly picked plum and just as juicy. his 5'7 height was short compared to Marc 6'2. and his eyes were very light brown almost golden, they look so soft and inviting.

"um are you gonna stare at me or follow me in the looker room?"

Marc was so stunned that he forgot to continue walking, being called out like that made him blush. but quickly shook it off and followed nick in the locker room which was empty.

that's the end of chapter 2! find out what happens in the locker room next time!



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