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mark walked over to nick's desk with some nervousness.

"don't screw this up, don't screw this up," he kept telling himself. he walked quietly to nick's desk without disturbing him. mark now eyeing the guy he had fallen in

love with began examining his hair. it was curly and long about to the shoulder, it was black with the tips highlighted a honey brown. it was pulled back into a very

neat ponytail with a few strands hanging over nick's forehead. it looked liked Corbin bleu's hair from high school musical but only in a ponytail.nick skin was a

flawless caramel brown that seemed to be made of peaches and cream.Nick now noticing that someone was standing in front of him looked up, which revealed nick golden

eyes that seemed to glow. nick lips were thin yet luscious with a hint of pink to them.nick's body seemed to emit the fragrance of cocoa butter that mark found so

intoxicating, mark had always kept his distance from nick so seeing all this was new to him and almost overwhelming but he somehow kept his composure and was able to


"hi I'm mark copper and it seems that we're gonna be partners on this project for the rest of the year." he said,

"hi I'm nick nice to meet you, and yea it seem like were gonna be stuck with each other for the rest of this year."

"well, um do want to go ahead and start?"

"actually no, you came to class very late and class is almost over so we wouldn't get much done. so let meet up after my swim practice is over okay."

"when will that be? see I am on the football team and my practice isn't over until around 4:50ish. " mark said

"well, my practice ends at 5:30 so you can meet me by the pool at that time." nick said as the bell rang signaling that the class was over.

"awesome I'll see you then." mark said while grabbing some of his things.

"one more thing mark." nick said before mark left out the door,

"I hate people who are late, so don't be late, got that?" nick said with a stern look and a divaish attitude before he walked pass nick and out the door.

oh, i won't" mark shouted down the hall, then began to walk to his next class.

later that day

it was 5:15pm and mark was rushing to meet nick, trying to change as fast a he could at his locker it caught the attention of his best friend Danny.

"yo, man where the fire?" Danny joke.

"oh I just got to meet nick at the pool at 5:30 and I don't wanna be late."

"well, good luck with whole not being late thing you are never on time. and nick who?" Danny replied

"nick hill. and I'm not always late."

"nick hill....nick hill" Danny ponders the name trying to see if he could recall the person.

"oh isn't that the gay black kid?" Danny asked

"nick is gay? asked mark

"yea, he doesn't shout from the rooftops, but I don't think he hides either. but from what I understand is that he is very demanding and a little rude, those are just

some of the things I've hard though and he is very smart.

"wow so nick is gay..." is all mark repeated

"yeah, I've already told you that...what's the matter? the gay thing should be a problem i mean your brother tyler gay and you defend and embrace him all the time."

"no, it not a problem I just didn't know is all." mark defined

"well, your acting like its a big deal."

"it's not ." mark lied

"look I need to go I'll see you tomorrow man. and thanks!" mark said jogging out the door of the locker room

Danny stood there a little confused.

" thanks for what? I didn't do anything," he said to himself

mark jogged to the indoor swimming pool at their school, he had a few thoughts jumping around in his head.

"if nick is gay then I might have a chance with him," he thought

mark jogged into the swim area 5mintues late. he saw nick sitting on a bench look at his phone. mark walked over to nick tried to speak.

"hey, I know I'm fiv-"

"five minutes late." nick said cutting him off.

"practice got out late ." mark defended

"now making excuses."

"its the truth....I wouldn't lie to you or anyone for that matter." mark said with a serious tone, he doesn't like it when people call him a liar or a bullshitter. that

simply was not him.they look at each other for a few moments, then nick stood up his skin glistening in the artificial light of the swim area as he was still wet from the

water.he obviously had a swimmer's body and his caramel skin matched his wet hair perfectly he looked like something out of a television show.

"look I don't know you so I'm gonna let you know where I stand." nick spoke to mark.

"I don't do c's or d's, nor will I do your share of the work. if you're going to work with me you will earn your grade and if this is a problem for then ask mr.walker

to partner up with someone else got that."

"wow he is demanding and rude." mark said to himself

"I was thinking the same." was all that mark could respond with.

"good glad to see where on the same page." nick said as he walked to his locker mark followed. as they walk mark could help but notice the very plump and curvy ass

that nick had. nick was still in his swim shorts that were tight and came down to about mid thigh.they were now stand at nick's locker, with mark stand behind nick he

stared at his ass.nick's ass put mark in a trance making him forget his surrounding and accidently said "such a lovely ass." out loud forgetting nick was right there.

nick laughed slightly.

"so you're another huh?"

"what? I'm sorry i zoned out." mark said.

"I'm sure you did, staring at my ass will do that you." nick said in a not so happy tone.

"oh, I'm so sorry it was just there and-."

"you know all you so called straight guys are all alike." nick said cutting him off

"yall come to me thinking that you will fuck me for a test run, to see if fucking a guy is better than a girl.like I'm some slut who will just lay on my back and beg

for your cock." nick said with anger

"no it's not like that at all!" mark defended

"then please tell me, I've hard them all." mark nervous yet again but manage to tell nick what he was feeling.

"look nick I really like you to the point where I want a relationship with you.but, to be honest, I've never been into guys before and I'll don't think I am, but there

something about you in particular.your aura feels right... like I'm suppose to be in it or something.there are other things I want to tell you. however I fear you will run away

if I do tell you.i can lay things on a bit thick, I wear my heart on my sleeve and if I'm not careful I'll cut it and bleed all over you.what I'm telling is only half of

what I feel about me and you, I really do think were meant to be together and now I'm asking for a chance to see."

nick was take back a little.

"well, i have not actually heard that before." nick said before he turned around to put some clothes on. the locker room was quiet as they were the only two in it.mark

waited eagerly for a response from nick not sure if he will get a yes or no from him. nick was done dressing and put on his backpack and carried his gym bag in his

other hand. then turned to mark.

"I'm not looking for a relationship nor do I want one. I just want to finish this long and tedious project and move on with my life." after nick said that headed

towards the door.mark was sad and disheartened but he refused to give up.just as nick was about to exit the locker room mark stood up and  said loud enough so that nick

could hear him.

"I won't give up, i don't care who finds out that I'm trying to pursue a relationship with you. i know i love you and I think you love me." nick stared at him across the

locker room. and he gave a small smile and said "silly white boy." and left the locker room.



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