what can I say after so many years? other than this needed to be re edited and finished. something's are the same others different, I tried to add a lot more detail and to take my time with telling the story. this story will take time to unravel but is worth it.my grammar still sucks but I did my best. I will load chapter 2 tomorrow.

please let me know what y'all think. -Nex

mark walked into his father's small office a little nervous about the subject he wanted to talk to him about. His father sitting in his chair typing a few entries for

he didn't notice his son's presence, at first, but he could feel the mood in the room had changed so he looked up and saw his son with a nervous expression on his

face." something
matter son?" his father asked."dad I need to talk to you about something important if you have a minute..."
"I have time son, something bad happen?"
"no, I just need some advice is all." that was half of the truth he wanted to tell his father.
"okay tell me what's up."
"well...there this person at school that I really really like," he paused for a moment
"I mean I think I'm in love with them like spend the rest of my life with this person love."
"well, son that's called high school love, trust me something like that will pass with time."
"dad I don't this will, this person is on my mind 24/7. I can't go five minutes without thinking about them."
"well, son sounds like your sprung.and hey if its meant to be its meant to be and if not...with time you will get over it trust me."
"you think so dad?" mark asked
"I do and whoever this PERSON is I'm sure that if its meant to be they will feel the same way about you.
"yea your right...but what about my emotions? you know I can't control them well, I'll tell them I'm in love with them and they will run off."
"if its meant to be then they won't." his father answered. 'mark just be yourself." mark thought  to himself for a few moments the nervousness seemed to leave him.
"your right dad, I shouldn't be stressing over nothing." mark said with a little pep in his voice.his father nodded with a smile as mark started to walk out of his office, but before mark left

father began to unveil what mark was trying to hide.
"son I notice that you didn't mention the girl's name like you normal do." mark turned around and looked down to the floor instead in his father's eyes, mark was unable

to speak.
his father had figured it out so easily.
"so my guess son if it isn't a girl it must be a guy right." mark raised his head and looked in his father in his eyes
"yes." mark brace himself for the response.
"mark I'm very disappointed...that you think I could love you any less or treat any differently just because you like some guy. I thought you held your dear old dad up

to a higher standard
but I guess that I'm a terrible parent." his father humored him.mark exhaled
"thanks, dad."
"yea yea now I have work to do and it getting late."
"and I have school tomorrow." nick said agreeing with his father as he walked out of his father office.
"remember son if its meant to be its meant to be. and I love you always" the father said to is son.mark smiled
"I love you too dad."

the next morning

mark just finished his shower and was drying himself off.he wiped the steam off the bathroom body mirror to look at himself, now mark was a modest kind of guy so you

would never hear him
say it out loud but he knew he was sexy.he weight 172 lbs and was 6'2, his hair was jet black, short with a fade.his eyes deep blue with a hint of green they resembled

priceless jewels. his body was that of a god.
strong pecks, incredible biceps, and triceps. and strong deep cut abs, thighs defined and sturdier than an oak tree. a nice bubbled ass and an impressive eight and half

in cock.he was
the one of the most desirable kids on campus and he knew it, but his modesty would not allow to take advantage of it.he finished getting ready for school and met his

brothers in the kitchen who where eating breakfast.
"tyler the youngest was finished with his food and Brandon the eldest took his time because he was in collage and didn't have class until 1:30 pm. they may have been

brothers but none of them were related at all,
tyler was Japanese, Brandon black or African American, mark was white and they were all adopted.athough not related by blood they were close family and harrassed,

annoyed, taunted, protected, loved each other like
any normal family.mark who was running late, as usual, couldn't sit and eat so he threw a hot pocket in the microwave so he could eat in the go, he was rushing gathering

his things when tyler spoke.
"mark your gonna make me late for school again!"
"my bad tyler I woke up late."
"you always wake up late," Brandon said after sipping some coffee
"I know, I know."
"I'll get in trouble by my teacher if we don't leave now."
"hold on tyler let me find my math book." mark said while frantically looking.
"should be on the table in the den where you left," Brandon said. mark went to look
"thank you, god! and Brandon" he said when he found the book
"come on tyler lets go!" mark said jogging out the door. tyler was right behind him as the front door closed.Brandon sat alone in the kitchen/dining area he counted in

his head
"1 2 3" mark swung open the door and ran to microwave and grabbed his hot pocket while Brandon held up mark's car ket with one finger while sipping his coffee, mark

grabbed the keys off his finger and said
"thanks, Brandon!"
"MARK COME ON!" tyler shouted from outside
Brandon giggle to himself, he was going to miss the chaos of his two little brothers.he still cant believe he was going to Harvard in two months, he was use to having

his family so close, it was going
to be a big change for him.

that day at school.

mark and tyler arrived at rose high school 20 minutes late.he and tyler jumped out the car and began running to their classes.when he got to the door to his class he

stopped to catch his breath, he calmly walked in the class right to the teacher to explain why he was late.
"mr.walker I-" the teacher raised his hand to him showing that he didn't want to hear today's excuse.the teacher handed him a small stack of papers then told him to sit at

his desk, mark did as he was told.he sat down at his and began to read  the assignment.
"senoirs it that time of year, you knew this was coming to the final project for my class. it will for 30% of your overall grade in my class so don't take it

lightly.now I have randomly assigned each group with a random emotion yours will be love. I want every bit of information on it, from a medical standpoint to a

historical, from facts to pure theory, you name I want it. this project is due the week before school is out so you have plenty of time to do it.now i

understand that this is somewhat of a daunting task for some of you so you won't be doing this alone but with a partner! I have randomly assigned everyone at partner

look at the bottom of the page to see yours." mark looked at the bottom of the paper and it said mark copper and nick hill.
"nick hill?!!!" the guy he was in love with was to be his partner till the end of the year and with all the subject to study it was love.
"just great there is no way in hell that I can control my emotion if I'm around him constantly." he side to himself.mark thought to himself for a while and remembered

what his dad said.
"if it was meant to be it was meant to be." that statement echoed in mark's head, well he was determined to see if was meant to be so he got up from his desk  walked

over to the love of his life.



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