• A Cellular Desire

    Growing up and trying to find love is hard for a new eighteen year old gay boy, but he may find luck at this new site, or maybe might find what it's like in the grown up world...

  • An Unexpected Private Strip Show #2

    The strip show continues between my two ex-lovers......and ends in great 3-way sex......

  • Bro-Trip to Nowhere (The Ballad of Jason and Elijah #2.1)

    Elaine McAllister breaks up with Jeff and I take it upon himself to cheer my best buddy up by spending a weekend in the woods. I ask Elijah to join us on our so called bro trip and he seems than eager to come along. It's the first time since never that I've asked Elijah for a favor and I choose to use this opportunity to get to know my stepbrother a little better. But when we've taken one too many shots of tequila and are high on THC, things get complicated.

  • Buddies

    Some things need time. Rob's story is a story of self discovery that leads to amazing resaults.

  • Colour of Collars - Part IV

    SIDE NOTE: Some of you know that I'm Belgian and live in Brussels. I just wanted to let you know that I'm fine and thankfully I was home during the attacks last week.

  • Dad's Best Friend

    Joe was my Father best friend since High School as they were both prankster and got into trouble on and off unit they both settle down in the Mid 70's. Joe was every High School girls dream which he was very good looking standing close to 6 feet tall along with long curly brown hair with deep dark greenish brown eyes to die for. Most of his classmates called him Buck since he look very close to Buck Roger from the 70's TV sitcom.

  • Daddy Bear 5

    You can see the sexy passion coming from John as his cock started to get hard when glaring at both of them flirting with one another over on the couch by the window. John also loved the look of their hairy chest showing off very well from their wrangler cowboy style shirt.

  • Daddy Frank and Carl the Chav Lad

    A young lad is picked up by his Daddy at a bus stop and taken to a rest stop

  • Daddy Had Issues

    Mr Hughes worries that now his boy is of age he won't be able to able to take care of him or teach him how to be a man.

  • Delivery time 3

    Me and my favorite delivery man.

  • Delivery time 4

    After a long, satisfying night Nate and I curled up in each other's arms and feel asleep. I had no idea what the next day held let alone the future, the only thing I did know was that I really liked spending time with him, that he is was hotter then hell and phenomenal in bed.

  • Delivery time part 2

    A chance snow storm led to a hit afternoon but would I hear from my "straight" stud again? He had my number so only time would tell....

  • Delivery time the finale

    Sorry it has been so long, between some crazy stuff at work and not being exactly certain how I wanted to finish the series I sort of just back burnered it!

  • Escalation? (The Ballad of Jason and Elijah #3.1)

    It took a while (mostly because of I felt a bit discouraged to continue), but here it is! The next chapter in The Ballad of Jason and Elijah! Enjoy!

  • First Time - A True Story

    First Gay Sexual Experience

  • Gay of Our Lives: Episode 36

    Jake learns the hard way that sex is never really just about sex as he and Brett get more personal ....... Haley gets a rival and Kayla does something she never thought she would do.......

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 37

    Kayla stumbles upon great news but is sworn to secrecy. In her quest to break Mike and Eric up Haley shows that under that cold bitchy exterior is a bitch with a heart......Mike gets a new and exciting experience.......

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 38

    Kayla and Haley have a heart to heart. Michael's friends try to convince him not to skip his birthday party and Eric gets a visitor.....Jake wants Brett to do something for him......

  • Horny Exchange Student Chapter 26

    After a mishap with the police our horny athletes make a date with our favorite hunky cops Officer Davis and Officer Jones with the insatiable Coach Jackson in tow. Keeping a clean record should always be this fun!

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapter 30

    Love is in the air as Valentine's Day approaches and our horny athletes each decide to take their gentlemen out on a proper date. But for this special Valentine's Day, it's tight, cherry, jock hole that's for dessert.

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapters 22 and 23

    Coach Jackson finds his "no more pussy until I get your cherry" battle of wits with Brad Williams harder and harder to keep up. With both men putting their pride on the line, there's only so long the perpetually horny coach and athlete can go without getting laid until one of them's got to give. Realizing that they're falling more and more in love with each other, Ollie and Mr. Williams start to face the reality of their situation. Could it be that there really is something more to them than just really, really, really good sex?

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapters 24 and 25

    Coach Jackson breaks a few house rules after he lets his appetite for Brad Williams's thick jock cock cloud his judgment, but finds that sometimes the risk is worth the reward. One of our horny high school athletes gets a welcomed surprise and gets laid big time during a party... only to be surprised shortly after with something a little less welcome.

  • Jason and I (The Ballad of Jason and Elijah #1)

    Here's what you should know: 1) Jason and I are stepbrothers. 2) I'm gay and he's straight (I think). 3) We both have more in common than I first thought. 4) He makes my giney tingle. 5) I may or may not be hopelessly in love with him.

  • Jons sexual welcome wagon

    Jon plays a cat and mouse game to get into a guys pants.

  • Jons welcome wagon

    Jon loves a man (or 2) in uniform

  • Jons welcome wagon

    Jon goes late night shopping. Tube steak maybe?

  • Jons welcome wagon Part 5

    Jon is having a DP. a VAGINAL DP. Oh My!!

  • Jons welcome wagon episode 3

    Will Keith punch Jon out for offering to suck his cock?

  • Jons welcome wagon part 2

    Jon moves on Keith

  • Jons' Welcome Wagon Part 4

    Keith is fine but Jon gets a very rude shock!