• 21st birthday

    Read to know about Peter and his birthday celebration.

  • Breakdown

    After my car breaks down outside a small rural town, I wonder how long I'd be stuck here.

  • Breakdown.......Part 2

    Things get more involved in the small town.

  • Broken Armor Ch.13 Kink in the Armor

    The next morning I slept in, not waking up until 11:30 in the morning. I don't think I had ever been so grateful that today was Saturday. I covered my head back up underneath the medium thick comforter trying to decide whether or not I wanted to greet the day just yet. I couldn't hide in bed forever, but I didn't want to talk about what happened last night.

  • Broken Armor Ch.14 Bruised hearts

    "Chance? Chance!!! Chanzellor!!" Lachlan yelled out. "Huh?" "Dude wake up you're yelling. Are you alright?" "Yeah... Sorry, did I wake you? What time is it? " I said looking for a clock.

  • Broken Armor Ch.15 Monarch Mimicry

    Today seemed like everything would be alright. I was really anxious to see Sidney. I had to talk to him. Tell him I was sorry for hanging up on him. And figure out how I was going to tell him what his brother had done to me. I really hoped he was at school today. What if he decided not to come today? He's probably tired from his trip.

  • Broken Armor Ch.16 Heartbreak forgiven- "Lachlan's chapter" & Ch.17 Dreams

    After dinner was over Song offered to wash the dishes before she headed home, but Mr. Starbuck told her she had done enough and not to worry about it. She smiled and said she was gonna head home. Lachlan offered her a ride as they headed out the door. I decided to stay and help Mr. Starbuck who was clanking dishes around in the sink. "Mr. Starbuck? Do you need some help?"

  • Broken Armor Ch.18 Riding the wave

    "Flutter!" he said happily. "Didn't even have to look, huh? You recognize my embrace that much?" I asked in a flirty tone. "I guess you could say that. My heart sure is fluttering around my chest like crazy. So it had to be you. Everything been going good at Lachlan's?" he asked putting his hand on top of my hands that were locked around him securely.

  • Brothers

    After our mother's death, my brother and I became extremely close, but several years later it was even closer.

  • Building Things - Chapter 17

    Derrick spread his hands wide over the counter as Ty was doing his best to quench his lust for Derrick's ass, sliding in and out, making Derrick moan and breath hard with each stroke.

  • Building Things - Chapter 18

    This is for you, Curtis. I wrote it the way you wanted it, the way you were drooling for it. I hope it's hot enough for you, buddy.

  • Building Things - Chapter 19

    Derrick stood in the kitchen, in his underwear, sipping coffee. He was lost in thought. He loved the morning, but this morning was different for him. So much had happened and in such a short time.

  • Building Things - Chapter 20

    Derrick helped Ty finish cleaning up the garage, getting everything put away and stacked just so.

  • Building Things - Chapter 21

    Derrick came out of the bathroom, he saw Ty finishing making the bed, and smiled...

  • Carnal Desire: What Dreams Are Made Of

    Wow, this place smells like old sex.


    Book of short stories.

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 11

    The time for Eric and Zane's wedding has come and Tanner and Greg are really looking forward to it. But is everything really going to be okay for the two? Tanner is uncomfortable with hiding his sexuality any longer and wants to let at least some people know. But will Greg let Tanner be open about who he is? Or will he keep the truth hidden away? And is Tanner ready to take one last step in his and Greg's relationship? Or will it all crash and burn?

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 12

    It's a few weeks after the wedding and Tanner and Greg are still going strong. But Tanner's a little confused about his feelings for Greg. How does he really feel about the man he's been secretly dating? And Tanner comes to the rescue for a young teammate, but does this teammate have something to hide? And can he confide in Tanner? The concert finally arrives and everyone's excited for the night. Tanner feels ready to tell his family about his sexuality and relationship with Greg. But is he really? And Greg gets the shock of a lifetime from someone he's trusted for much of his life. What will come out of it?

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 13

    Greg's been in a slump for the past few days after learning how close and and Scott really are and seeing Greg like this is worrying Tanner. So he calls on someone to help get Greg back on track. Tanner has finally come to terms on how he feels about Greg, but with an important match coming up, he finds he can't tell Greg how he really feels. Tragedy strikes and it leaves someone's life hanging in the balance. Will he ever recover from it? Will a relationship ever be the same again?

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 14

    RichardAdams needs to disappear for a little while. Tanner is still in a coma and it's been eating away at Greg for the past few days. How much more can Greg take. And we dive into the mind of an unconscious Tanner to see what's going on in his head. Will everything be okay in there? Greg finds himself waking up to something he never expected, and it comes with drastic results. Will everything be okay again? Will Tanner and Greg ever recover from this?

  • Let's Play a Game (Chapter Thirteen)

    Confessions and confusion.

  • Let's Play a Game (Chapter Twelve)

    I am wearing a very nice white suit with a nice turquoise necktie. The suit fits me perfectly, if I might add...

  • Love Is Endless

    Cancer, alcholic mom, and the most perfect day.

  • Love Is Endless Part Five; The Finale

    I apologize for it taking so long for me to write this, and how short it is, but I'm back and there are more stories to come. :)

  • Love Is Endless Part Four

    Cancer, Alcoholic Mother and The Perfect Day