• A BDSM Story: Jason and Paul - Chapter 36-38

    More about Jason and Paul's exciting trip to Jamaica!

  • A BDSM Story: Jason and Paul - Chapter 39-41

    As Jason's and Paul's relationship deepens, they become property owners together. Jason, always pressing Paul's boundaries leads Paul into an exploration of his sexuality and sensuality. Paul pitches a fit to get Jason's attention. Paul get's punished in a spectacular way.

  • A BDSM Story: Jason and Paul - Chapter 42

    Another day in the Caribbean, and another nasty blowjob.

  • Alan's Angel

    Love is not so much blind as it is transforming. This story is written in the grand tradition of the classic film, "The Magic Cottage" for those of you old enough to remember it. Everyone who enters the cottage is transformed into a thing of beauty.

  • Aquata Cove - Chapter 52

    As both lovers are still separated, Merrick shows no signs of his grudge and anger slowing down in his heart, leaving Adam to wonder how he will get through to him.

  • At The Main Street Bar and Grill

    A serial murderer is targeting a gay bar, The Main Street Bar and Grill. Gay detective, Jack Specio, is sent to investigate, and almost becomes the latest victim.

  • Atonement or Exorcism?

    Young man returns to Europe seeking atonement for sins against former lover.

  • Biker Cop

    My First Fuck

  • Biker Cop 2 The Gothic Side

    Fuck you look fuck'n hot Ken as Cam eyes were open watching him unbutton his jeans as he pull them off and threw them on the floor.

  • Bored Househusbands

    Two househusbands move into adjacent homes, and become good friends. Their high-powered wives are rarely around, and soon the husbands become more than friends.

  • Brayson - The Window Cleaner Fuckbuddy P3

    Finally the power bottom is no more and he learns I have turned into a power top...... Who knows there maybe more to this story to come. Yes guys the Brayson story is real. (Maybe not the end!)

  • Building Things - Chapter 32

    Alec moved slowly, putting his legs out, stretching, laying on Conner. Their kiss became more intense. Conner opening himself to Alec, Alec pushing his tongue in past Conner's soft lips. Conner moaned as he knew it was on again.

  • Building Things - Chapter 33

    Alec turned and walked to the fridge. He opened it and scanned the items that were laying inside. He moved things around a bit, as Conner watched him, and then stepped up behind. Conner began to rub Alec's butt with one hand. Alec turned his head and looked at Conner..

  • Building Things - Chapter 34

    I loved writing this chapter very much, especially the ending. I hope that you all, the huge romantics, will love it as much as I do.

  • Building Things - Chapter 36

    I am beginning to wind this down to the conclusion. I certainly hope you have enjoyed thus far. The wedding of the century is getting ready to happen, yes, it is for Conner and Alec, as they deserve it. This is the lead in towards that. A few more chapters to go. I will produce them as quickly as I can.

  • Building Things - Chapter 37

    Conner smiled at him. Alec turned and opened the fridge, looking at all of the space inside, then closed the door. He turned back and looked at Conner with wide smiling eyes.

  • Building Things - Chapter 38

    Happy 4th to everyone! And this year should be a better 4th for everyone with the ruling that was passed. God bless intelligent decisions!

  • Building Things - Chapter35

    Derrick watching his hot naked body walk off. Derrick shook his head slightly watching him. He sipped more of his coffee and then went to the sink, pouring it out.

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.46 Hooked

    Rex has a heart to heart with Mrs. Whitehorse; Leo talks to Lamb about his convo w/ Fayleen; Fish has a run in with some family members he'd rather not be related to... :D

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.47 Heaven & Hell

    Rex and Fish tell the 'L's about the meeting w/ Mrs.Whitehorse; Leo discusses his run in with Fayleen; Sinclaire and Fayleen have an exchange of words and a little extra; Leo and Lamb let Sincaire and Lana in on Rex's plan

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.48 Exodus

    Rex is set to move out of the Lavoisier house, with that in mind he sets his plan into action. The only thing is, it's not going to be as easy as he'd hoped it'd be. Not when a certain Lavoisier just won't let go...

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.49 Snow Bird

    The drama continues as Ramsey holds Rexalynn and Fish hostage; Rex reveals he's intersex to Lamb's moms and Fish's family; Rex and Karsyn have a sweet moment; Umi and Behr's relationship is revealed... Sometimes love is dangerous and deadly.

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.50 Keys to the Kingdom

    The final chapter of CF!! Ahhh!! Read to see how it all ends... (FOR Now)

  • Cigarette Break

    I am not advocating that smokers quit, or that non-smokers start smoking. It just so happens that a cigarette break might be just the place to meet the love of your life.

  • Coach Basket Part 3

    Johnny was really enjoying himself as he was jerking his hard cock and trying to get another load of cum from Marty

  • Coach basket Part 4

    Roy shaft was pounding his hole good and hard as he can hear his balls slaps against Johnny hole, Roy began to pull out of him as he wanted to fuck him in a different possession. He pull Johnny ankles and legs around his reddish blonde shoulders before he guided his cock back into Johnny ass.

  • Coach Cliff

    Football Coach Gets All The Respect

  • Construction Boss

    is pre cum started to pour out like Niagara Falls now as my lips were licking up with great pleasure his sweet tasting cum that he was releasing.

  • Family Beach Party Turns X Rated Chapter 1

    Unusual Sex accidents between mother and sons

  • Fire Captain

    Roy was standing there with his cock hard as rock as he watch Rob all spread out on the bed ready for him to fuck his hairy ass.