• A few months later

    I have been asked to do this

  • A Moment in Time Ch. 01

    Gay dude on a sexual and emotional rollercoaster.

  • A Studly Nurse Gives The Judge And The Marine Some Extra TLC

    Two hospital stays for a stupid tick bite! But it wasn't all bad - the extra, unexpected "care" from a HOT bitch of a male nurse was . . . excellent.

  • A twist of fate

    Short fun you Nevers know what life has in store

  • Awoken Sins

    Desire to keep closeted comes hard when Lust takes over. How can you keep control of yourself when your new Health teacher is so sexy?

  • Awoken Sins II

    Michael is drunk on emotion, with a new addiction; his goal to seduce one of his close friends grows to an all time high.

  • Beginning of the end

    "You're important to me, Liam, but I'm always distracted, I'm busy, and half the time, you end up hanging out here alone, and I always have to check up on you." "You really don't." Liam looked up at him. "I think you just want to not be locked down, and that's ok, just own it." He got up, and walked toward the door. "Liam..." "I'll just get my stuff."

  • Boss Man

    I watched him in the mirror, once again excited to see him, but now seeing him completely naked. He walked back into the room; I tried hard to avoid looking at his swinging cock, but failed and watched his cock as he stumbled around the room...After washing up in the bathroom I decided to follow by not wearing anything to bed. I found it erotic being in bed naked with Dan. I could easily pretend I was drunk too if he said anything in the morning.

  • Delivery Guy - Part 1

    My encounter with the hottest delivery guy.

  • From bullies to buddies part 2

    Continue down the rabbit hole

  • From bullies to buddies part 3

    A whole lot of fun

  • From bullies to buddies part 5

    We all have to cum to a climax

  • From bullies to buddies part four

    Enjoy while it lasts

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 78

    Kayla discovers who Jake as been sleeping with and finds herself in a sticky situation; Zach plots; Mike and Eric have a little contest, the winner gets fucked hard or maybe the loser gets fucked hard. Actually its a win win when these two fuck!

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 79

    Kayla gets the surprise of her life........Someone is arrested in connection with the Campus murders......Jake makes threats and Eric and Mike love making session is interrupted....

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 80

    Mike, Eric and the rest of the gang prepare to leave for their European vacation.....Jake runs into a 'friend'. Eric makes a heartfelt gesture......

  • Help, I married a slut

    Tucker can't even get through a day at work without his husband causing trouble at home

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapter 50 and Epilogue

    The final chapter of our horny exchange student, our cocky quarterback, and the two men who love them.


    Z was a bored young man with a wild sexual fantasies. Now he is stranded on an island, where not only dreams but nightmares seem to become reality.

  • Jon and the Big Blue Pickup, part 4

    Zack and Jon get jiggy but then an interruption.

  • LOVE (and other four letter words) part 9

    As the next couple of months progressed, Noah and I grew increasingly close and learned a great deal about each other. And yet, in spite of how honest he was about certain aspects of himself and his life, some key questions remained unanswered.

  • Love and Sex

    He grunted, as he shot his load deep in the boy's ass. He held still, feeling his dick throb up and down, pumping the boy full of his seed. He even held his breath a little, feeling the sweat dripping off his face, and chin. He let his breath out, slowly lowering himself over the boy's shaking, sweaty body. "Fuck, that was good. Fuck, I love you."

  • Mike and friends

    Just another day at school after gym class

  • My Husband, Grayson

    Eric thinks he's the only one who gets to enjoy his husband's twelve inch cock after more than twenty years of being together, but boy is he wrong when he discovers his husband's secret.

  • My So Called Life

    The last thing that he wanted was to think about how he had fell out of the big oak tree that was in the back yard. Time would let him forget the fall.

  • Noel, Ch. 3

    The third encounter with Tal. Noel continues to drift, but finds that he's actually looking forward to something for once.

  • Our system failed part 10

    Cole finds himself in a very interesting room

  • Our system failed part 2

    Riley and Brandon caught in a comprising position but what's really going on?

  • Our system failed part 3

    Will it happen for Cole or is something else on his mind?

  • Our system failed part 4

    With all his dreams in tatters maybe for good Cole has to face Brandon but will it be as bad as he thinks?