• A Trial Of Strength - Cast Of Characters

    The Cast of Characters in our story is now so numerous that readers sometimes have a hard time figuring out who's who. Some time ago, as a guide, I posted a list of regular characters (with the chapter number in which they first appear). I thought it would be useful to post an update version again, so here it is.

  • After Effects of a Kiss - Part 3

    I did not ask him for breakfast, lunch or anything else. Why should I? I've decided to keep mutual interactions to bare-necessities, and I am sticking to it. He is a grown up man, and older than me by a few years. He is mature enough to take his care by himself.

  • Army Base Bar

    I open a bar across the street from a military base, and install a glory hole in the toilet and a porno room

  • Building Things - Chapter 44

    My God! I have struggled over this, this closing of it. This chapter WAS over 110 pages and I had to break it up as it was beyond epic. As some of you know, this has been difficult for me to conclude, so that being said, I will continue with this over some time toward the conclusion. Bear with me, and I do hope that you enjoy this, as it tugs at my heart so. Thank you.

  • Climax! (The Ballad of Jason and Elijah #3.2)

    The moment you've all been waiting for!

  • Cousins reunion

    Reuniting with my cousin after a number of years brings back memories and flashbacks as our close friendship is reignited

  • Cum Hungry

    Thomas and his addiction to man juice

  • Finding Myself (The Ballad of Jason and Elijah #4.2)

    I told Elijah that I loved him after I fucked his brains out. I don't know why I said it, but it was out before I even knew it! I thought my attraction to him was strictly physical, but I guess it isn't. God, I'm so confused...

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 39

    Mike's birthday party gets underway....Kevin and Kayla have a heartfelt conversation. Mike gets the surprise of his life.....Haley tries to back out of a deal.

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 40

    Eric feels like his world is crashing down around him, while Mike learns "the truth." And Haley's objective is reached......

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 41

    Kayla and Eric talk............ Brett and Jake make love unaware that they are being watched. Haley is confronted by Kayla about the latest development in Mike and Eric's love life.....

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 42

    When confronted by Kayla, Haley almost reveals everything. Kayla pleads with Mike to forgive Eric despite all the evidence against him....... Facing blackmail Jake must make a heart-wrenching decision.....

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 44

    Joe Smith's trial starts and the truth begins to unravel leading to more hurt for Eric and his family.... Jake receives a gift from a secret admirer......

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 45

    Eric's father's trial wraps up.......just as sex and drama heat up the afternoon as Brett and Jake share a passionate hour while the blackmailer finally decide to act upon threats......

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 46

    The whole school learns what Jake and Brett have been up too..... Mike daydreams about Eric and confronts Haley about her deception. Jake puts on a little show......

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 47

    Kayla convinces Eric to go to Harmony's Prom; which is shaping up to be an explosive one...... Mike has a heartfelt moment with his sister and both Eric and Mike are urged to work on their relationship............

  • Gays of Our Lves: Episode 43

    Jake takes steps to outmaneuver the blackmailer, Haley and her mother get terrible news, and Eric passionate morning is cut short.........

  • Holiday Break Pt. 6

    I've fallen in love, and I had to make a decision. Chris is already out, and I'm left with Mr. Right, and Mr. Right. Both have a special place in my heart, but I need to pick just one. I know it

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapter 27

    Love is in the air as Valentine's Day approaches and our horny athletes each decide to take their gentlemen out on a proper date. But for this special Valentine's Day, it's tight, cherry, jock hole that's for dessert.

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapter 28

    Now that our horny athletes and their cherries have been plucked, Mr. Williams and Coach Jackson are taking any chance they can to show them a token of appreciation. No matter where or when the mood strikes...

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapter 31

    Greg and Jason Foster are the father/son pair every family aspires to be. Handsome. Wealthy. Elite. But no one can truly know everything that goes on behind closed doors... Sometimes even within our own closed doors. Like the fact that the Fosters are undeniable cocksluts, unbeknownst to one another. Which is where our horny athletes come in... Making sure this handsome patriarch and his football playing son are provided with all the jock cock they need.

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapters 29 and 30

    What are two horny jocks to do when they've got the locker room showers to themselves and unfinished business between them?

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapters 32 and 33

    With our two horny athletes occupied with a certain CEO bottom slut, isn't it time Coach Jackson and Mr. Williams had their own fun with each other?

  • I'm Jagger

    I let go, and watch my dick bob up and down, pouring out a thick creamy load of man spunk all over the towel. Holy fuck balls. I close my eyes, and lean back against the door, just letting my dick nut all over the towel.

  • James and Simon in the End

    The final chapter to a love story comes to an end. Not lot of sex but lot of heart. Enjoy.

  • Jons welcome wagon

    Jon loves a man (or 2) in uniform

  • Love (and other four letter words) Part 4

    Noah kissed his way down my neck, to my chest, finally down to my stomach, then lower. He got down between my legs and pushed my knees up, taking me into his mouth and grabbing my hand, placing it firmly on the back of his head.

  • Married men - Uncle Role Play with Derek Part 3

    Derek arrives for a another spanking

  • My Slut Bro

    Trey is a Hot Desert Knight porn guy. He and Raf met at a sex party in San Francisco. What started off as a sexual collision turned into a sweet friendship. A love letter to my buddy, Trey.

  • My Twin Brother and I - Part 63

    After a night of sex with Piero, he and Anton joined Luigi and the others. Some more sex and then when Piero was showcasing his hyperspermia, his uncle Giancarlo walks in on them. Some more sex. Then into the ancient city and all the wonderful art, architecture and open squares. The David by Michelangelo was the highlight and of course the Ponte Vecchio.