• A BDSM Story: Jason and Paul - Chapter 36-38

    More about Jason and Paul's exciting trip to Jamaica!

  • A Brothers Bond

    A bond between brothers is reawakened

  • A brothers bond part 2

    The sexual relationship between brothers continues when their Uncle visits

  • A Brothers Bond part 3

    The continued story between two brothers and their Uncle

  • A father and son story

    Story of the awakening relationship between father and son

  • A Father and son story - Part 2

    The sexual awakening between father and son becomes sexual

  • A Father and son story - Part 3

    The continued story of forbidden sexual exploration between father and son

  • Aquata Cove - Chapter 52

    As both lovers are still separated, Merrick shows no signs of his grudge and anger slowing down in his heart, leaving Adam to wonder how he will get through to him.

  • Becoming Ryan: Part 1 - The birth of Ryan

    Samuel feeling trapped by social conformity awakens his less discerning alter ego

  • Building Things - Chapter 38

    Happy 4th to everyone! And this year should be a better 4th for everyone with the ruling that was passed. God bless intelligent decisions!

  • Building Things - Chapter 39

    He breathed in slowly through his nose and let it out as his eyes fluttered and he focused. He smiled softly to himself, as he lowered his arm and looked toward the other side of the bed, it was empty. He let out the breath as a slight sigh.

  • Building Things - Chapter 40

    Ty was walking in from the back door, wiping his hands on an old towel, seeing Derrick rinsing out a coffee cup at the sink. Ty smiled at him, only seeing the shirt Derrick wore, a button down powder blue long sleeve, Derrick's soft olive complexion and his dark hair accented by the color of the shirt.

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.48 Exodus

    Rex is set to move out of the Lavoisier house, with that in mind he sets his plan into action. The only thing is, it's not going to be as easy as he'd hoped it'd be. Not when a certain Lavoisier just won't let go...

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.49 Snow Bird

    The drama continues as Ramsey holds Rexalynn and Fish hostage; Rex reveals he's intersex to Lamb's moms and Fish's family; Rex and Karsyn have a sweet moment; Umi and Behr's relationship is revealed... Sometimes love is dangerous and deadly.

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.50 Keys to the Kingdom

    The final chapter of CF!! Ahhh!! Read to see how it all ends... (FOR Now)

  • Cigarette Break

    I am not advocating that smokers quit, or that non-smokers start smoking. It just so happens that a cigarette break might be just the place to meet the love of your life.

  • Coach Basket Part 3

    Johnny was really enjoying himself as he was jerking his hard cock and trying to get another load of cum from Marty

  • Coach basket Part 4

    Roy shaft was pounding his hole good and hard as he can hear his balls slaps against Johnny hole, Roy began to pull out of him as he wanted to fuck him in a different possession. He pull Johnny ankles and legs around his reddish blonde shoulders before he guided his cock back into Johnny ass.

  • Colter The Bear Part 3

    He stood around 6'2 weigh a solid 230 along with huge biceps and muscles from head to toe. He also new how to turn anyone on with those very tight Wrangles jeans that show off his pouch very well.

  • Colter The Cub - Part 1

    Colt could not keep his eyes off of John tight Red 70's style Adidas Track suit that he was wearing, He was so amazed by the crotch and the out line of John cock that was showing through.

  • Colter The Cub - Part 2

    Colt also had a little crush on Coach Bill who was a short fucker like himself and had lot's of feature of a Daddy Bear.

  • Connor

    He stood very close the entire time I was there, so close I could smell him. Not his cologne, but him, his scent was intoxicating, I felt the blood surge into my cock as he stood close. A trip to the Home Improvement Store changed my life

  • Construction Boss

    is pre cum started to pour out like Niagara Falls now as my lips were licking up with great pleasure his sweet tasting cum that he was releasing.

  • Fire Captain

    Roy was standing there with his cock hard as rock as he watch Rob all spread out on the bed ready for him to fuck his hairy ass.

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 19

    Greg is slowly reaching a breaking point. With the press constantly going after him for answers, he finds safety in two others. Tanner is taking Greg's fake relationship with Jesse very hard and watching it happen hurts him deeply. Unable to take it any longer, he has to get away. With the man he loves gone, Greg realizes his mistake and does whatever it takes to try and get him back. But the damage has already been done. Will he be able to get Tanner back? Will the Kings be able to survive whatever is thrown their way? And can Tanner and Greg keep their secret any longer?

  • Mikey - London 1957

    An early gay initiation way back when.......

  • Mr Marty - Part 4: Pre Sequel

    Marty just had just turn 27 and became one of the top tag team wrestler along with his good friend Mick Osbourne. They both lived the life like rock stars traveling in Private Jets and having Limos driving them both everywhere they wish.

  • Mr Marty - Part 4: The Early Years

    Marty was born up in Northern Michigan he was raise by his Mother most of his up bringing. He was above average throughout his schools year and onto to where got his Physical Education and a Science degree. He also got a scholarship in Michigan State for Wrestling.,Were he was somewhat successful during his 4 years at Michigan State.

  • My Island

    A fictitious Island in the Florida Keys is a setting for this series about a man in his late thirties, who owns and runs a marina resort, coming to terms at last with his gay ness. And dealing with the fact that his very sexy nineteen year old son coming home from school and coming of age is ready for anything. Into all of this, comes hurricane season, as well as the murder and mystery of solving the death of Michael's estranged wife.

  • My Island 2

    Second installment in a series about a marina resort operator and his son, a murder mystery, and hurricane season, all rolled into one hot sexy tale, and not just a little tail thrown in.