• Aching Bones - Chapter 10

    Lectures begin, and work starts for both Tom and Ashley, as they realise they've yet to truly accustom themselves to the area.

  • Aching Bones - Chapter 11

    The eleventh instalment of the series. The circle of friends grows as both Tom and Ashley encounter more people while experiencing their first university lectures.

  • Aching Bones - Chapter 12

    All appears near perfect between the two boys, having yet no problems; but Ash begins to fear his childishness and how it may affect him in the future.

  • Aching Bones - Chapter 9

    Sorry I've been away so long. During my absence I've thought of many ideas for both this story and future stories, so bear with me. I just haven't really prioritised writing for the moment. Thanks for those that remained patient.

  • Andy & Wes Part 13

    Andy and Wes get ready for Prom

  • Broken Armor Ch.20 No clocks In the tower

    The next morning I was laying on the couch snuggled up with Sidney's trench coat. The sound of Lachlan and Song bickering over how to make breakfast rattled through the house...

  • Broken Armor Ch.21 Whispers & shadows

    "Chance are you okay?!" Sidney asked, hopping around. "Yeah... I am now." I said, grabbing the knife from the floor to cut the cord ties off of his legs and wrist. Once he was free he wrapped me in a tight embrace. "Are you alright? What were you doing here?" I asked hugging him back.

  • Broken Armor Ch.22 Chasing Answers

    "Anybody expecting company?" Sidney asked. "Not that I know of." Lachlan said looking back at his dad. Mr. Starbuck shook his head no. "Who is it?" Song and I asked. Mr. Starbuck answered the door to three guys in suits and dark shades. "Umm hello gentlemen, how may I help you?"

  • Broken Armor Ch.23 Rust & Dust

    "I love you Sidney. I'll come back to you. I promise. Forever-" I said, my voice getting cut off by a cry. "And always." he said finishing my sentence. "I love you, too, Flutter." he said releasing me from his loving arms. His eyes were filling with tears as he kissed my forehead. He walked back over to Song who was trying her hardest not to cry. "Tick- Tock- Tick-Tock." Mr. Mortimer chimed mockingly over the intercom. Letting ...

  • Broken Armor Ch.25 Butterflies in the Air

    I dashed off the porch, unable to wait for him to make the long walk to the house. My legs felt like I was running on air, almost flying, as the sight of the man I loved got closer. He saw me and began running towards me too. I flew into his arms like a happy child as he lifted me up into a tight hug. I wrapped my arms and legs around him tightly as we kissed. The rain continued to fall as we broke our kiss to stare into each other's ...

  • Broken Armor Ch.26 Playing with Matches

    "Mr. and Mrs. Bèlle, I love your son very much, and I can't imagine my life without him!" Sidney blurted out. I blushed my eyes full of surprise as I looked at him and my parents reactions to his sudden confession. Sidney sat with his eyes closed, fiddling with his hair nervously as my father cleared his throat to speak.

  • Broken Armor Ch.27 Flutter

    Opening his door quietly, I peeked in seeing he was wrapped up in lots of blankets as he slept. I sat on the bed laying my head softly on his chest. "Flutter...?" he whispered, trying to move his arms. "Sidney...." I said looking up into his gorgeous eyes.

  • Broken Armor Ch.28 Forever & Always/ Epilogue "Unbroken"

    Epilogue: A week and a half had passed since all the crazy had finally ended. After staying for another week everyone to recover my friends were heading back to Madisen Brooks.

  • Building Things - Chapter 22

    Yes, boys! I'm back! A little slow, and I'm so sorry between the injury and the job demands, I'm dying here. I wanted to give you this so bad, but it was hard to type with one hand only. So, those of you who have stuck....and waited...and emailed...I love you all, and this is for you. I hope you enjoy it. Dover is still very much underway and the next should out in a few days as well, but for now...here you are.

  • Building Things - Chapter 23

    Derrick bent down and kissed him on the cheek. Ty breathed in deeply and opened his eyes. He saw Derrick leaning over him and smiled.

  • Diaries Of An Adam

    In this series i shall share my life experiences and hopefully help the newly gay people while providing entertainment.

  • Diaries of an Adam Ch. Quatre

    My life just gets a whole lot sexier

  • Diaries of an Adam. Ch. Cinq

    And my life goes on ... Im starting to explore more of whats around me ... Keep int mind that all those sexual experiences here are considered my very first.

  • Diaries of an Adam. Ch. Six

    My entire life turns upside down with some revelations I came across... Also i have the Best encounter of my life so far

  • Diaries of an Adam. Ch.Deux

    And here's the continuation you fab , flawless, beautiful people

  • Diaries of an Adam. Ch.Trois

    When the first heartbreak hits like a hurricane.

  • Every Thug Needs A Bottom. (Urban) Chapter 1-2

    Ka'Shon was your typical school boy. About his work, friends, and parties. Only thing is, is that he is gay. He has to deal with the pressure from everybody family, haters, and enemies. However, just as he thought life couldnt get any worse, a new thug boy start attending his school and the two start hating each other immediately, but one scenario can change their mind and heart all at once. Also, life gets crazy when Ka'Shon realize ...

  • Every Thug Needs A Bottom. Chapter 11-13

    The aftermath of the confrontation. Hameed and Ka'Shon gets away but Dre finds them. Also, tension rises and love is shown and these boys true colors are shown.

  • Every Thug Needs A Bottom. Chapter 14

    A jaw dropping scene between Dre and Ka'Shon, they express their feelings. Also, Someone Dies and leaves these boys hurting.

  • Every Thug Needs A Bottom. Chapter 17-18

    Chapter 17: bad habits never die and Walé is a prime example. Someone gets comes to shatter the new couple. Also, a past demon comes back in Ka'Shon life. Chapter 18: christmas eve drama escalates into a sexy daydream.

  • Every Thug Needs A Bottom. Chapter 19

    Christmas Dayyyy!!!!

  • Every Thug Needs A Bottom. Chapter 21

    Problems Escalates and Dre and Jashon wonder if being a thug is the right thing

  • Every Thug Needs A Bottom. Chapter 5.

    Jealousy runs rampant on Homecoming night. Causing inner desires to come foward.

  • Every Thug Needs A Bottom. Chapters 15-16

    Chapter-15 The Aftermath of The Shooting. Leads to ones death and confession. Chapter-16 One Month Later After A Shocking Death. Christmas is Coming fast and drama rises. Dre and Ka'Shon are a madly in love new couple. However, Dre is still scared to tell his Boss, which is Ka'Shon brother. Walé is trying to turn a new leaf in life however when tempted with Dick he cant say no. Also, Ka'Shon gets visitors.

  • Every Thug Needs A Bottom. Chapters 3-4

    Ka'Shon and His friends go to a party. drama happens. Ka'Shon and Dre have a steamy night.