• A College Couple Goes Home For Christmas - A College Man Part 5

    Alec andGregg are two years into a relationship while they're getting through college. We pick up the story we left off two years ago as Alec and Gregg are heading to Gregg's parents' home for the holidays. Fortunately they each know how to quell each other's nerves in the most effective way possible for two young, virile jocks whose nuts work overtime.

  • A Marine And A Judge Can't Wait

    Sometimes I make the very pleasant mistake of reading my favorite fellow authors' GayDemon stories at work, when I have a few spare minutes (and can log into the site via the WiFi from the building across the street!). When I first started doing so, it was a bigger problem than now - I had to go down the hall from my office to the men's room to, uh . . . take care of things when, preDICKtably, the HOT stories got me HOT; but now that I have a different office with its own bathroom, I need not be as judicious, at least for that reason. And since reading porn in one's office shows that I'm firmly into the nasty pig range of men, obviously I'm not going to go THERE about the reasons I should restrain myself. Thus I am often reading my favorite ball-tingling, bone-inducing authors - in absolutely no order of preference: Jack, Eric, Patrick, Tuppie, 'Nutz, Chad, Grant, Caliban, Bill and more. This, then, is how I came to have such a need to relieve myself; that particular Friday it was one of Patrick Law's masterful "Owen" series that I reread . . . and my cock took over my thinking, almost getting me in BIG trouble! Here's the account of the early part of that night.

  • A Marine, A Judge And An Inspirational Surfer

    Continuing our Hawaii holiday vacation, my husband and I encounter a HOT surfer after a surf meet . . . And work out their pent-up excitement.

  • A True Love Story, Chapter 1

    This is the story of the first man I ever loved. Our relationship began before I ever came out and before I lost my sight then after I was blind.

  • An Evening at the Baths

    Exploits and sexploits at the local bath house

  • Bareback Sex

    Bareback Sex at the Baths

  • Ben's Story from 1998

    Ben gets fucked and finds out he loves it

  • Best Summer Ever

    This story is not based on any res person or event

  • Biker Man Part 2

    Mike next Journey

  • Biker Men Part 1

    Born to be wild on a Journey

  • Chapter One - It's Not Rape If I Like It.

    *Warning: These are fictional characters, by no means is this a true story. Trevor makes his way home in the dead of the night. He didn't know he was going to be losing more than just his groceries.

  • Colour of Collars V

    Finally! Chapter V! Note from author at chapters end.

  • cursed by a nerd part 3

    chad and rick start to like the cure to the curse......

  • cursed by a nerd part 2

    2 bullys find their lives turned inside out after messing with a nerd with a gift!

  • cursed by a nerd: epilogue

    what happens to rick ivan and chad

  • Faces in the mirror

    A different one everyday

  • Family Ties Chapter 5

    Happy New Year everyone! Hope you enjoy the new chapter!

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 70

    The citizens of Harmony ring in a New Year with a festive Gala. Brett and Jake come to an understanding.......Eric wants to try something new for New Year's Eve.....

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 71

    The Text-message killer strikes again as the New Year brings tragedy to Harmony.........Mike gets surprising visit from a handsome friend....... The gang receives troubling news........

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 72

    A new year brings new hardships to Harmony as Brett's fate is revealed......... and nothing will ever be the same.....Back at campus Bryce learns a secret about his roommate.... Jake is visited by a familiar face.......

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 73

    Paul Hayes returns! Brandi and Brett's diagnosis is revealed.......Passions arises in Mike's bedroom as Eric tries to comfort him......A devastated Jake gets two surprise visits.

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 74

    Mike and Eric realize that the honeymoon is over as they have their first major fight as newlyweds.......Bryce visits Jake ; When Jake and Eric start a screaming match, Mike is comforted by someone who is not his husband............

  • Homeless for a Night

    I realize a long-time fantasy, and what a surprise I got!

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapter 48

    Brad Williams lets his former rival teammate have a turn with the mountainous musclestud, Coach Jackson, leading to an afternoon of fucking the three of them won't soon forget. An esteemed CEO executive has the tables turned on him when giving a guest lecture at the university when a certain cocky athlete is in the mood to play with his prey before he eats it. Only two chapters left!

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapters 46 and 47

    The always cocky Brad Williams decides to make his shower a golden one while washing up with the mountainous Coach Jackson, causing a chain reaction of outrage, anger, and a round of make-up sex so good it'll leave the two of them wanting to piss each other off a little more often.

  • I Love My Daddy Bear

    I meet a daddy at a bareback party and fall for him

  • I Remember

    I remember the good old days of gay sex

  • I, Priest

    The second thing was another priest telling me, "You're just too damned good looking to be a priest. Certain members of your flock are going to be attracted to you and many of them will ignore your collar. Try not to let the temptations overwhelm you. But if that happens, don't beat yourself up over it. Keep this in mind-priests are as human as any other man."

  • Jon and the big blue pickup part 3

    Finally!! The big blue pickup appears.

  • Jose

    How a tough Puerto Rican cop tames arrogant young punks. Guess how.