• A Breakthrough In A Day Of House Arrest

    Breakthrough: Blowjob. Day: Sometime In September House Arrest: For possessing drugs.

  • After The First, Wynn Takes Me

    My first year of college life was coming to a close.

  • Beginning Muscle Fetish

    when my husband develops a muscle fetish, I knew I had to make it come to reality

  • Family Ties Chapter 3

    Hope you enjoy chapter 3!

  • First Crush (Part-5: Friendship Grows Deeper)

    Sequence of story with same Title... It is the incident when my roomie asked me to share my Secrets of past life.. about my first crush ... and here I am telling him about my school life..and about my First Crush !

  • First Crush - Part 3

    My roomie asked me to share my secrets of Past.. .about my First Crush.. and here I am telling him about my school life.. :)

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 61

    Kayla and the others start their college classes. Mike meets an attractive stranger.......... Jake experiences the joys of hot sex with a college guy....... Mike and Eric share a post-class romp in the dorms and learn that secrets don't always stay secret for long.....

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 62

    Mike and Eric are faced with a harsh reality when they are caught with their pants down cock in ass....... Kayla and the girls learn that hot guys in sweatpants is in fact a season. A season we all appreciate.

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 63

    Eric, Mike and the guys learn about what really goes on in the Pi Alpha Kappa House; Mike runs into an attractive classmate at the Gym; Kaya, Haley and Charlotte search the campus for hot guys who will let them take candid pics of their bulges....

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 64

    Mike, Eric, Kayla and the others attend the PAK Halloween party where drama ensues......Mike and Eric have hot steamy sex......Jake makes an horrifying discovery....

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 65

    Frat Halloween party goes to shit when the police are called! Someone dies.....Someone gets the fuck of their life and Haley and the others gets closer to discovering the identity of the killer!

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 66

    Another murder rocks Harmony University..........and a dick pic could be the key to unlocking the reason behind it.... Jake makes a confession, and Mike spends the night with Eric.........

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 67

    Citizens of Harmony feed the less fortunate....The Chandler family Thanksgiving almost goes up in smoke.........Kayla helps cheer Jake up....Mike gets a mouthful from Eric!

  • He Became 2nd A Place To Live.

    Wynn and I cum to a housing agreement

  • He Became 2nd.

    I found a man to get me by my first love. Very deep sex.

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapter 43

    The hulking Coach Jackson is talked into getting into cockslut mode after his pictures are posted online in an ad by Brad Williams, offering Coach Jackson's hole to the most worthy candidate. And he's definitely ready to get used. Brad Williams and the team quarterback enjoy a good fuck after practice.

  • Just Chilling

    I got on the bed and started to fuck his mouth. He was gagging again because my dick was bigger than Serge. I pulled out of his mouth then went around to Serge I sucked on his nipples then kissed him. I tongues swirled around the I broke the kiss.

  • Just Two Guys

    Two lovers share some time together

  • Let Me Lead Chapter 6

    Declan has arrived at Duke University, much to Ash's surprise and enjoyment. It will be good to have someone close to him on campus. When something pops up with Ash's schedule, he finds himself left with a choice, and his decision shocks Declan. Will Ash discover something about himself he didn't know before? And will he enjoy what he finds?

  • Love (and other four letter words) Part 6

    I moaned as he thrust into me, his lower lip clenched between his perfectly white teeth. He stared down at me intently, his hands just above my shoulders, holding him in a plank position as his hips rose up and down.

  • Mr. Bolton

    The grade 12 students got the best time to pick for their spare period as most love to take it just before lunch. Mr Bolton made sure he had enough work to keep Allen busy during his 40 minute detention. Allen was amazed when he notice that Mr Bolton Zipper was unzipped showing off his green colour briefs very well and began to let him know that he was flying low just before his lunch break.


    It was around 2 am when I got up hearing the sounds of a shower coming through my bedroom widow and notice that his bathroom widow shutters where wide open. My cock got hard right away seeing himself dry off his wet body with a beach towel. I deeply enjoy watching himself rubbing the towel around his huge bulge and ass to get the extra access of water of his hairy frame body.

  • My College Buddy's Son - 2

    I get to enjoy more of this 18 year old stud who suddenly dropped into my life.


    My 18 year old live-in stud brings a friend to get some of my action

  • My Twin Brother and I - Part 66

    The morning in Milano, back to Firenze and on to Roma. The sex is almost never ending but the boys are also having a wonderful time in the land of pizza and pasta! And they meet a French guy with special talents, joining Johann in ensuring Antonio had an experience to remember!

  • My waiter, My Lover Chapter 2

    My life after Dean. (Sequel to :A Soldier to Love.)

  • Not a bad senior year after all - episode 2 - Operation "Popular" - Alli

    Aali and jesse meet in a more comfortable atires and aali finds jesse dark secret - together with the class.

  • Opposites Attract - Part 10

    Joe confesses to Craig about his encounter with Lawrence, but leaves out important details. Their rlationship gets deeper as Craig introduces Joe to his mother.

  • Ray - " The Group" meat & greet, Church street, the Castro, San Francisco

    Ray has a hard cock party to Hook up tops and bottoms only into thick cocks and built men.

  • Sailor Learns the Ropes - 1

    I just turned 18 and I'm in the navy. I'm learning a lot of things, all good.