• Aching Bones - Chapter 8

    Installment eight of the series. Things become difficult to bear as the effects of the previous night's cryptic conversation surface. Sorry it has taken so long, thanks to all that have remained patient and given positive feedback to the series.

  • Aching Bones - Part 1

    The first of the following series "Aching Bones". It will be a relatively small series following the growing attraction between two young men (late teenagers). Though more details shan't be revealed.

  • Aching Bones - Part 2

    The second instalment of the series, following two young men in their exploration of the unknown. I understand the first chapter was very short, as it was just an introduction. This chapter is sort of the ending of the prologue; and so is rather short too (marginally longer than Part 1). However, parts 3, 4 and 5 will be up tomorrow (I had a long day off today), and are much longer than 1 and 2. Each chapter will probably get ...

  • Aching Bones - Part 3

    Instalment three of the series. Tom and Ashley get to know each other a little. These stories will continue coming often, usually more than one a day.

  • Aching Bones - Part 4

    The fourth instalment of the series, this ought to be the longest yet. I know the others have been short, I'm working on it; but am also trying to find suitable places to end each part without extending it too long.

  • Aching Bones - Part 5

    The fifth instalment of the series - Things become more tense for Ashley, and Jennifer becomes entwined in the boys' friendship.

  • Aching Bones - Part 6

    Instalment six of the stories. The pace of each chapter is going to slow down from here on in, as the story deepens. Future chapters will therefore be longer than before. Again, all criticisms and comments wanted, thank you all for continuing to read the series.

  • Aching Bones - Part 7

    Instalment 7 of the series - I hope you enjoyed the previous parts, and continue to enjoy them. As always, all criticisms and positive comments appreciated. Thank you.

  • Breakdown.......Part 2

    Things get more involved in the small town.

  • Broken Armor Ch.18 Riding the wave

    "Flutter!" he said happily. "Didn't even have to look, huh? You recognize my embrace that much?" I asked in a flirty tone. "I guess you could say that. My heart sure is fluttering around my chest like crazy. So it had to be you. Everything been going good at Lachlan's?" he asked putting his hand on top of my hands that were locked around him securely.

  • Broken Armor Ch.19 A Good Day For Dying

    We walked in and sat down on the blue stripped couch. He took his coat off laying it on the back of the couch. I sat at the other end of the couch with a big gap between us. He pulled me over to his side, causing my head to fall over onto his lap. "Why were you way over there?" he asked in a sultry voice. "I really don't want you to see me like this. I feel so weak right now. " I said nestling my head in his lap. Sidney grabbed ...

  • Brothers

    After our mother's death, my brother and I became extremely close, but several years later it was even closer.

  • Brothers.....Part 2

    Dustin and I get even closer.

  • Carnal Knowledge: What Dreams Are Made Of Chapter 14

    Sunday morning after the big Independence Day party ended Logan awoke in Bobby's bed to the band leader singer's fingers titillating his hard nipples, "I just love playin with these."

  • Coach

    After high school, I found that my football coach was hot for my body.

  • Family

    I find out my uncle is gay and after sex with him I move on to someone else I'm hot for. (Note: The idea for this story was given to me by one of my dear readers, Latestarter. I hope he enjoys it.)

  • Family....Part 3

    Things develop further with my dad.

  • Family...Part 2

    Sex with family expands to more members.

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 13

    Greg's been in a slump for the past few days after learning how close and and Scott really are and seeing Greg like this is worrying Tanner. So he calls on someone to help get Greg back on track. Tanner has finally come to terms on how he feels about Greg, but with an important match coming up, he finds he can't tell Greg how he really feels. Tragedy strikes and it leaves someone's life hanging in the balance. Will he ever recover from ...

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 14

    RichardAdams needs to disappear for a little while. Tanner is still in a coma and it's been eating away at Greg for the past few days. How much more can Greg take. And we dive into the mind of an unconscious Tanner to see what's going on in his head. Will everything be okay in there? Greg finds himself waking up to something he never expected, and it comes with drastic results. Will everything be okay again? Will Tanner and Greg ever ...

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 15

    Hello again, Gaydemons. An explanation for why I've been gone so long. Tanner and Greg have broken up after Tanner found Greg in bed with Brody and Clint. Now the two aren't speaking to each other and can barely even look at one another, which causes Tanner to revert to his hot-headed ways. And that hot head of his makes it's way back to the ice, and it isn't pretty. The divide between Tanner and Greg is widened after a fight between ...

  • Let's Play a Game (Chapter Fifteen)

    Everything is bright and spinning. I don't know where I am but I feel bodies touching me at my sides...

  • Let's Play a Game (Chapter Fourteen)


  • Let's Play a Game (Chapter Thirteen)

    Confessions and confusion.

  • Love Is Endless Part Five; The Finale

    I apologize for it taking so long for me to write this, and how short it is, but I'm back and there are more stories to come. :)