• A Father and Son Story Part 5: The Fathers Story

    The threesome continues and the Fathers attention turns to his son's best friend


    The Father makes a trip to his brothers whilst the son and Dan visit Dan's cousin

  • A High Country Tale: Chapter 3 - Part 2 Mighty Tungsten Tuberosity

    An Interracial Love Story, continued, with Creole essences, daddy-son action, group sex, and Hallowe'en time murder.

  • Bear Daddy Ken

    They both smile and had a very nice conversation as Brent eyes were glued on Ken bulge that was showing off very well in his tight Under Armour swim trunks that he had on. Brent always wonder about Ken sexuality.

  • Building Things - Chapter 42

    Next to last chapter. It's a little long, and I'm breaking it up so it's not so much of an 'epic'. Will have the rest posted very shortly as well. This has been kind of a heart breaker for me to write.

  • Building Things - Chapter 43

    Revelations unfold as the group begins to put everything together.

  • Daddy Bear

    Joe love feeling the pre cum that was pouring through the front of Arnie underwear as he has him in the head scissor hold with his mouth glued against his crotch.

  • Daddy Bear 2

    The 3 of them were onto their third beer when Stan decided to take some of his clothes off since the cabin was heated by a huge 4 by 4 feet fire place.

  • Daddy Bear: The Fire Chief

    Tom cock full erected with his very oiled hands as the pre cum started to pour through the front of Capt. Tom briefs. " How about some head Stew " He smile as he started to plant his bushy goatee mouth onto Capt. Tom 7 inch prefect cock that had a lovely shaft and a very well trim med section.

  • Davis and Jimbo

    as I passed by the window I saw a flash of red and turned to look. I caught a fleeting glimpse of an amazingly athletic guy, clad only in a red headband and a very skimpy pair of‭ red‬ nylon shorts with side vents split to the hip, running by my building.‭ ‬The deeply split side vents gave a tantalizing view of a white jockstrap band cupping a hard, round, dimpled butt cheek on alternate steps.

  • Eduardo

    The journey of nuturing a past lover´s refusal to have an open mind with respect to the differences in fidelity and loyalty.

  • Eduardo Part Three

    Continuation of the saga of the internal conflicts both imagined and real.

  • Eduardo Part 2

    The journey of a relationship between two men, one opening doors to the other to experiences once closed and never imagined.

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 1

    Michael and Eric are in love. New Characters Kayla and Kevin introduced. Michael makes up with his bestfriend and even has time to play matchmaker....Unaware that a certain someone will stop at nothing to get him, by Whatever means necessary. Harmony High Gets a new student.....

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 2

    Eric gives up his ass for the first time, Kayla defends Michael's honour and ends up in detention. Charlotte makes a promise that will have devastating effects on both Michael and Eric....

  • Him - Pt 2

    Our horny bottom boy gest led further astray by the mysterious, muscled stranger he met on the tube...

  • I lost my virginity to a black man

    I lost my virginity to a black man at a yard.

  • Jhonny

    I get the opportunity to wrap my lips although stretched to their limits around Jhonny´s huge cock and hear my friend, Jhon take it up his ass.

  • Mike and Eric Part 7

    The day that Mike and Eric plan to make love for the first time draws closer, but can they hold on to this happiness....

  • My Twin Brother and I - Part 54

    The fourth day in London. It starts with early morning sex with the well-hung bell-hop, a visit to the London and British Museums, a short shoot in Hyde Park, on to Harrods and back to the hotel. There was a memorable sun-downer and sex with the barista. Then 'Heaven' club, sex with Rafael and back to the hotel. It was a long day and all just wanted to sleep, albeit some were horny as always!

  • My Twin Brother and I - Part 55

    The day before Christmas. A day filled with lots of experiences and lots to remember. The shoot at Greenwich was the start of something big and the twins met a hugely sexy, attractive and hung Spaniard photographer, who was assigned to the new contract for them. A Christmas party with many nationalities present. The Persian and the Latino were favourites. [Guys, this is a long Part but I prefer to describe things in detail. Enjoy the fantasy - Anton's life is one hell of a rollercoaster ride!]

  • My Twin Brother and I - Part 56

    Christmas Day in London. Breakfast in bed, a visit to Ripley's Believe it or Not, a trip on the Thames, gawking at the decorations at Harrods, a drink in a posh pub, dinner in an Egyptian restaurant. Pierre and Clive realise they loved each other. They make out and there was another couple to get married!

  • Playing Games With a straight Guy

    Max is being tortured at work by his homophobic boss, who is trying to get him to quit. Max decides that revenge will be sweeter.

  • Syndrome Ch.1 Root A (Rough Draft Version)

    Hey guys, dropping in with a little surprise. First chapter of Syndrome, the sequel to Chemical Flirtation. Catch up with Rex, Leo, Lamb and Fish as they continue their journey. Rex meets his father and twin sister. #TeamUnixTroubledLion #TeamLammyxFlores

  • Tales of a Blackmailer - Chapter 1

    When a son catchs his dad cheating on his mom he decides to blackmail him to get what he's always wanted. Some stiff daddy dick in him.

  • The Bear

    I meet him a few times at the leather demon bar in the city. He always got a room for the night just above the downstairs bar. He invited me back with him a few times to his room and knew how to fuck one of my best fuck ever. Always love getting me and few other cubs into the sling.

  • The Boy With the Scar on his Face

    The finalized and completed version of the entire series. Enjoy.

  • The CUMfort Inn Tales...Tale Six...The Teacher's Tale

    Three angry, disgruntled students meet one of their professors at a gay resort, with disastrous results.

  • The Customer - Dexter's Saga 34

    Ronia & Jess are hit of the evening, but Jess has to tell Rashid his place

  • The Gentleman - Part 2

    "I see you received the roses." "I love them: They are beautiful!" "If you are available, would you like to go to dinner?" Jackie whispered in my ear, "Go ahead, and don't bother coming in tomorrow." She lightly swatted my bottom and said, "Go on!" I slipped my arm through Miguel's as we walked out the door. There was a definite sway to my hips as I anticipated the night to come.