• Building Things - Chapter 24

    Ty pulled into the lumberyard with the truck and parked. He opened his door and got out. He watched as Alec got out and walked up to him, looking around. Ty smiled out of the corner of his mouth, thinking to himself that Alec had never been here before, this must be all new to him.

  • Building Things - Chapter 25

    With all of the emails I have received, which I thank you for, I am going out there on a limb with this. It's a little lengthy, I know, but I hope you enjoy it.

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.1 Beautiful Anomaly

    Rexalynn "Rex" Lavoisier has just started his senior year, and the only thing he's interested in is studying and trying to keep his past hidden from the present. He has no time for friends... And definitely no time for LOVE. But he finds both on his first day. With these unexpected things popping up, trouble is just beyond the horizon. Will he be able to balance life, love and keep his secret, all while dealing with his crazy family? ...

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.10 Howling with Wolves

    "W-W-What are you doing?" Without answering, he grabbed his face in his hands and kissed him. They kissed passionately, letting their tongues explore each others mouths. As they kissed, he grabbed his arms and pinned them above his head, "Le-- Leo..." he moaned out, as Leo kissed him down his neck. He smiled seductively into his neck as he continued kissing and biting him. He tried to break away from his strong grip, but he ...

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.11 Like A Circus

    Leo and Rex might actually, finally, maybe become a couple! Keep your fingers crossed, for the confused birds.... Someone has finally decided to let the the queen-star go and be happy. What will happen with the upcoming camping trip? Love, drama, and more drama.... That's for sure. Stay Tuned.... :)

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.12 The Two Kings

    Kicking off Habit 2! The gang is off to camp; Rex has second thoughts about going to camp| Happy Holidays|Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Enjoy!

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.13 Living Isn't Fucking Easy! (L.I.F.E)

    "Let the games commence!" Camp competitions are firing off; Estrella delivers a warning to Fish and Rex ; Rex and Leo find themselves in a hot situation and their little back and forth game of 'lion-and-unicorn' continues.

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.15 Flying Fish

    With the camp adventure coming to an end, Estrella unleashes her final ace on Fish. The party goes from lame to just totally insane! Check it out!

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.16 Moth & Flame

    Back on the calm grounds of Window Rock Island... well semi-calm, the gang is relieved to be free of camp. Rex and Leo get into a bit of a kerfuffle; Fish meets Gilmore; Wolfgang is back and it would appear he has set his sights on Rexalynn.. Drama, drama... What a way to ring in the new year... LOL... HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE/ HAPPY NEW YEAR Y'ALL! :)

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.17 Personal Cocaine

    Rexalynn and Leonardo finally admit their feelings for each other... Well, let's say Rex admits his feelings... Some kissing behind a tree. They take tree hugging to a whole new level. Lamb and Holden get into a fight, and some things get shattered; Someone ends up in the slammer; Rex meets Lamb's moms...

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.18 Compulsive Love Disorder

    Leo pays a visit to his parents; Lamb & Fish do a little volunteering; Leo meets Rex's older brother Ramsey

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.19 Ghost of Old Memories

    Leo reveals some dark tales from his childhood; Fish and Iruka talk about the upcoming family dinner; Rex gets in a fight with Ramsey and ends up fleeing his house... The ups and downs keep on coming...

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.2 Unicorn

    With his adopted father being a no show to pick him up, Rex hops a ride with Leo; He doesn't want to, but at the same time, he can't help but want to know more about him.

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.20 Laughing Gas & Dried Flowers

    "You're no fun... But Virgo, the virgin... That's fitting alright." he smiled with a cocky grin. "How do you know I'm a virgin?" "I don't. I'm just assuming... Are you?"

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.21 Lionhearted

    Holden attatcks Rex after he's sent on a "search & destroy" mission from Estrella; Ramsey and Rex come to a common ground... for now

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.22 Romantically Cordial

    Wolfgang comes over to Lamb's place to ask Leo why he's not coming home and why he's so protective over Rex; Rexalynn & Wolfgang have an exchange of words; Leo strikes back against Holden and his friends for attacking Rex

  • Chemical Flirtation CH.23 Silence is golden, Speech is silver

    Lamb and Wolf have a heated exchange of words... They reeaaally, don't like each other... Leo has a bit of a meltdown after he confronts Wolf for kissing Rex; Rexalynn comes to Leo's rescue and decides to skip the rest of school with him. Things are about to get steamy... Yas!!

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.24 Stripped

    Leo stumbles on to some old pics of Rex from the past; Rex reveals his secret to Leo and he does the same... How will they take each others news?! The suspense! The torture! Will Leo still love Rex as much as before? **(Just a guess... but he'll probably LOVE him more..) I wonder if that's even possible? Hmm... Anywho... Will Rex be able to handle the troubled lion stumbling on to his past? Read and find out... :)

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.25 Untamed

    Leo helps Rex work through the dream that keeps haunting him; Lamb heads to the doctor; Leo and Rex discuss dating ideas:)

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.26 Taking Chances

    Rex goes to Fish for Sex advice; Some fun in Leo's car...It was bound to happen; Fish is beyond stressed about his meet and greet... ~And this brings us to the end of Habit 2...~XD

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.27 Shooting Stars

    Alright!! Kicking off Habit|3.... :D Fischer and Lambert's family meet & greet dinner has finally arrived. As usual, Fish is surfing on one of his ultra worried waves. Cheers and prayers that all goes well. Rex and Leo are getting ready for their first date. But Ramsey wants to tag along... Stalker omega!....

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.28 Here there are Lions

    Leo and Rex kick off their date, but Ramsey decides to pop up and ruin shit. He reveals some interesting news to Leo.; Lamb is walking around like a nervous chicken on pins and needles. An unexpected visitor darkens his doorstep which only adds to his worries. Why do people always pop up when you seriously don't want them to?... sigh :-))

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.4 Running With Scissors

    Meeting the Queen bee is anything but honoring, as Estrella Thakkar makes her debut; upcoming school event; a new meaning to the word food-fight emerges as Rex and Fish get their hazing from Holden.

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.5 Caged Birds

    Rex & Fish skip school and have yet another explosive face-2-face; They bond at a cafe and Fish reveals some surprising things about his past

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.6 Hotheaded Spirit

    Lamb shows up with some new jewelry and talks about his moms and his not-so-relationship with his father; Leo and Rex come to terms; Rex makes a confession about how he feels about himself

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.8 Shut The Lion's Gate

    An unwelcome surprise darkens Leo's doorstep; It's Lamb and Fish's second date; Fish meets Lamb's moms; Things are getting serious between Rex and Leo; A secret of Leo's is revealed

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.9 Hunting the Lion

    Rex reveals what happened at his old school; Fish makes a confession; Rex makes a move, will Leo take the bait; Lamb tells Leo he's an idiot for staying with Estrella

  • Diaries of an Adam. CH. Sept

    And the drama that is my life continues

  • Eternal Night - Chapter 1: Darkness

    Cyrus's life has always been controlled by darkness and he struggles to find happiness when there is so much misery surrounding him.

  • Eternal Night - Chapter 2: Heat

    Cyrus tries to find a way to adjust to his life now that Diego is all he has left.