• "Why" this Kolaveri... Di?

    After a recent sexual encounter with my roommate.. for the first time, I asked him what made him behave so rudely and barbaric with me. Why he ignored my feelings and where does my emotions and preferences stand between us? His answer made me think twice... Read the complete story on my blog https://desimunda.wordpress.com/ and follow the blog to find latest advancements in our love story.

  • A Pool Party with my hot Neighbor

    A hot August day proves to get even hotter when I am invited to a neighbor's house to enjoy his pool for the day. He ends up making love to me and taking me to new levels of ecstasy in his first time.

  • A true life #1

    I know the other account has this but it's mine and I won't abandon my story it's my life

  • Academy Files - Chapter 2

    Reke Point of view as he deals with backlash, jerkoff sessions, and new crushes. Also, with an ending no one seem coming.

  • Academy Files- Chapter 1

    Keating Academy for Young Men, seems to be all about showing off and being the best. However, this story tells about 5 students who attend that goes throught love, deception, heartbreak, and lies. And these are their Academy Files.

  • Benjamin's Neighbour

    Benjamin was never very sexual.... until he saw Keith, his older, married neighbour.

  • Between a rock and a hard place

    I met this guy Tommy, on Prince St. last Summer. We literally bumped into each other twice and, taking it as a sign, we exchanged numbers. He was definitely a tall drink of water. Like, the giant Figi bottle, amongst the crowd of Niagara bottles. Sexy dark skin, black wavy hair. He had it pushed back behind his ears, but there was this one lock of hair that kept falling back across his eye. He had perfect, white teeth, and thick lips.

  • Biker Gand The Final Chapter

    Del was totally relax and nervous a bit as Stew and Marty both took turns sucking Del nice 6 plus dick as he began to shoot out huge amounts of pre cum all over Stew goatee and Marty Bushy trim beard. Stew then got out the bottle of Rush poppers as the 3 some got more intense as Del began to suck his very first cock.

  • Biker Gang

    Scruff new right away that Joe was starring at his rip crotch as his cock was hanging out the side of his blue briefs that he had on as he finally got the nerve to ask Joe what the hell he was looking at.

  • Biker Gang Part 2

    The steam room was getting really hot as the sweat started to pour out of their bodies as they book took a huge swig from the beer they brought with them. It was shortly after that the door open up and another man walk in wearing a same type of speedo that they both were wearing.

  • Birds of a feather

    I fucked a guy named Travis a couple summers ago. We met at a Lady Gaga concert, and although he was flamboyantly gay, he had this fucking amazing smile. Literally lit up his whole face when he smiled. He was smaller than I was, so it seemed naturally I'd be topping the fuck out of his boy pussy.

  • Blinded By Sex

    This story tells of my first sexual experience after I lost my sight in 1996 at the age of 32. First part of the story may be a little boring to some but it will help you understand how I lost my sight and what I was going through and how this wonderful young man helped me feel amazing.

  • Building Things - Chapter 45

    Derrick was sitting at the table, talking with Phoebe. She had cleaned as well as had cooked and Derrick had been thrilled by it all, but wanted the chance to talk to her about her situation with the elder Van Owen, her possible future with that situation. He was concerned about her very much.


    Coach Campell always shower after every game and deeply enjoy sitting behind his huge desk just wearing his jockey briefs underwear. Peter then notice before he took a seat that he was just in his blue briefs.

  • Dance with Me : Chapter One

    This is a romance story....not a sex story....The lovemaking will come in the next chapters. So if this is not your cup of tea ....dont read or vote.....but it is a very sweet love story for the others......A.

  • Dance with Me : Chapter Two

    The romance continues for Clark and Bradley....will they finally make love?

  • Dance With Me.... Chapter 3

    The romance and passion continue for Bradley and Clark......what will happen next?....

  • David & Goliath

    He was practically deep throating me, and that was just mid shaft. I took it like a champ, pushing him all the way in, til I could smell the fabric softener in his pubes

  • Family Members - part 1

    A quick shag session between Uncle Mark and his nephew Lance

  • Family Ties Chapter 1

    Jackson "Jax" Coleman is a trauma surgeon with a lot of excess baggage on his back, namely his family. Coming from a mob family has made things challenging for him throughout the years, especially with him being forced to be the mob doctor. But after being fed up with his family's ignorance, he comes out of the closet to them and is quickly disowned. But through his funk, he meets across Cashel "Cash" Davis, and the attraction is instantaneous. But Cashel has some baggage of his own, and that makes his and Jackson's newfound relationship difficult. When a bigger enemy to all of them threatens their well-being, it's time to set aside differences to face it head on. No matter the bonds you create and lose, your family ties can never be severed.

  • Family Ties Chapter 2

    You all liked the first chapter, so I thought I would continue this series to help fill the gap between chapters of my other stories. Hope you enjoy.

  • Fang House - Chapter 1

    Furry storfy. So my friend asked me to try my hand at writing a furry every since we attended furry fiesta and I thought while I was inspired by the recent rain storm to give it a go. Let me know what you guys thing. Welcome to Fang House for the Young and Criminally Insane.

  • Fear, Love, and Hate Book 1 Part 2

    So this is the story series that you all voted and emailed for me to continue. I apologize for the delay things have been really crazy, but I have kept up with writing and I thought I should post for you all. We pick up with the boys in the rain and we learn a little more about these two. Love my readers!

  • Fear, Love, and Hate Book 1 Part 3

    Thanks to everyone for the votes on my last chapter! In this chapter the boys share tender moments and a little something steamy... but of course the real world has to creep in at some point. Hope you all like it!

  • Fear, Love, and Hate Book 1 Part 4

    In this chapter the boys grow closer and we get another look into the conditions that shape these boys. Story ends on a happier note but still has some drama, and sets up for the next chapter which is action packed from what my beta reader tells me. Enjoy and please leave me comments if you have any suggestions or thoughts. You guys and gals (there on here too) make this worth it!

  • Fear, Love, and Hate Book 1 Part 5

    First thanks everyone for the love on this series! Now in this chapter we get a short, but dark peek into Deans life. We also get to see these boys throw down, and we are introduced to some characters that will shape these boys worlds, although unknown to them. Thanks for reading and like always leave me comments or send emails as you guys make this worth it!

  • foreskin triangle another erotic occurrence

    Baby & his sons enter the foreskin triangle

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 49

    The arrest of a mysterious man leads to the unravelling of the DeVille Vendetta against the citizens of Harmony........ Mike and Eric make love. Kayla, and the other partygoers find themselves in peril.......

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 50

    Alistair and Regina reveal their plans to Mike, Eric and their friends who find themselves in peril.......... Charlotte makes an announcement that changes everything; while Kayla and Kevin make love.

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 51

    Kayla helps Charlotte deliver her baby... Eric and Mike share a passionate moment while Jake gives something to Brett and vows to discover the identity of the blackmailer.......