• The Repairman

    He was real nervous in meeting the new CEO of the Company Bill Watt's who was a son of a bitch and had a very bad reputation of being not nice to people. Mr Watt's stood just under 5'10 and was former British Amateur Wrestling back in his younger day's. The meeting was around 10 am in a conference room at the Hilton. It took Stephan a few seconds to knock on the door before the deep voice told him to come on in.

  • Academy Files - Chapter 2

    Reke Point of view as he deals with backlash, jerkoff sessions, and new crushes. Also, with an ending no one seem coming.

  • Academy Files- Chapter 1

    Keating Academy for Young Men, seems to be all about showing off and being the best. However, this story tells about 5 students who attend that goes throught love, deception, heartbreak, and lies. And these are their Academy Files.

  • Arranging The Jock-Sniffing Voyeur Butler's CUMuppance

    This is a continuation of A Sea Cruise for the Marine and the Attorney, where I recounted catching our sexy South African stateroom butler rubbing our rank, sweat-soaked jock straps all over his face. After making him jack off and fill those ripe jocks with his very plentiful seed - and videoing it - he decided to up the stakes by sneaking into our suite and watching while my husband and I fucked our brains out later that evening. This, then, is our next step, paying him back.

  • Biker Gand The Final Chapter

    Del was totally relax and nervous a bit as Stew and Marty both took turns sucking Del nice 6 plus dick as he began to shoot out huge amounts of pre cum all over Stew goatee and Marty Bushy trim beard. Stew then got out the bottle of Rush poppers as the 3 some got more intense as Del began to suck his very first cock.

  • Building Things - Chapter 45

    Derrick was sitting at the table, talking with Phoebe. She had cleaned as well as had cooked and Derrick had been thrilled by it all, but wanted the chance to talk to her about her situation with the elder Van Owen, her possible future with that situation. He was concerned about her very much.

  • Daddy's Home

    When Jason comes home early, nothing prepares him for what he's about to discover. (This is my first attempt at writing anything like this. If you guys like it I'll try and write more soon. Thanks!!)

  • Dance with Me : Chapter Two

    The romance continues for Clark and Bradley....will they finally make love?

  • Dance With Me.... Chapter 3

    The romance and passion continue for Bradley and Clark......what will happen next?....

  • Dancing Fool Gets Royally Fucked

    A young man in search of his own sexuality gets a lesson he'll never forget

  • Don't Fuel the Fire ! Ever!! Part 1

    What I did was one of my biggest mistake. I added fuel to the fire. He turned into a Wild beast beyond my wildest imagination. Read the incidents in this part (and next concluding part) of story to see how dangerous it could be to add fuel to the fire.

  • Family Ties Chapter 2

    You all liked the first chapter, so I thought I would continue this series to help fill the gap between chapters of my other stories. Hope you enjoy.

  • Fear, Love, and Hate Book 1 Part 4

    In this chapter the boys grow closer and we get another look into the conditions that shape these boys. Story ends on a happier note but still has some drama, and sets up for the next chapter which is action packed from what my beta reader tells me. Enjoy and please leave me comments if you have any suggestions or thoughts. You guys and gals (there on here too) make this worth it!

  • Fear, Love, and Hate Book 1 Part 5

    First thanks everyone for the love on this series! Now in this chapter we get a short, but dark peek into Deans life. We also get to see these boys throw down, and we are introduced to some characters that will shape these boys worlds, although unknown to them. Thanks for reading and like always leave me comments or send emails as you guys make this worth it!

  • First Crush (Part -1)

    Everyone has some secrets. And it is hard to forget your first crush. My lover and my roommate asked me to share story of my first crush with him. Read this story to see how he made me reveal my secrets to him. The story is being published in parts and is available on my blog cum eDiary at https://desimunda.wordpress.com/ with illustrative images, supporting the contents of the story.

  • First Crush (Part -2)

    Part of my story "First Crush (Part -2)" published with illustrative images on my blog cum eDiary at desimunda [DOT] Wordpress [DOT] com ======= I still did not say a thing. Neither did I open my eyes. It was my mistake. I forgot, that this may invite more troubles for me if I did not respond to him. Sometimes he behaves like a toddler. He wouldn't leave me till I revert back to him or pay attention to him. He did exactly the same. He started moving his butts up and down slowly, thereby rubbing his penis against my butts. It was already semi hard, which started getting harder with each movement.

  • First Crush (Part -4: Friendship Begins)

    My roommate cum my Lover pushed me to share my secrets of my First Crush with him. This part of story deals with the incident when I met my First crush for the very first time. The excerpt from the story is given below: ----------- I shook my hand with her. The touch of her smooth and silky skin was something I had never felt before. It was a baby soft skin. Her white teeth were complementing her smiling lips, covered in vibrant bold red color. My eyes could not decide where exactly to stay to enjoy her beauty. Every glimpse of her face, was looking prettier than what my eyes were currently focusing at and at the same time were becoming greedy not to miss the golden opportunity of enjoying rest of the beauty of this Live Goddess. Who knows, if I would ever get another chance for this in my whole life or not. Now I understood why all the guys were mad about her and why they were so sympathizing with her. Now I understood, why all the girl-gangs were feeling so insecure and jealous of her. She was born to control the universe with her beauty. -------------- Read the full story at https://desimunda.wordpress.com with illustrative images.

  • foreskin triangle another erotic occurrence

    Baby & his sons enter the foreskin triangle

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 54

    Mike, Eric, Kayla, Kevin, Jake, and Brett and the rest of the gang graduate....... Eric ask Mike something very special. Regina DeVille realizes the severity of her crimes as her son turns away from her..

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 55

    Commissioner Spencer questions Regina DeVille.......Kayla is blackmailed.......Eric reunites with an old friend........Mike turns to someone other then his fiancé......days before the wedding.......

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 56

    Mike and Eric have a morning romp. Eric gets a special show and Mike's night gets turned upside down..................

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 57

    The gang prepares for Mike and Eric's wedding........ Emily finds out about what her mother's been up too. Brett learns the identity of the blackmailer!!!

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 58

    Mike and Eric are married in a touching ceremony. Jake is confronted with the truth......Victor gives a toast!

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 59

    Mike and Eric's wedding reception continues........Brett tells Jake the truth. Eric and Mike spend the night together.....

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapter 39

    After Brad Williams brags about having a millionaire CEO putting out for him whenever he wants it one too many times in front of Coach Jackson, the menacing giant decides it's time to defend his territory and show this guy his rightful place.

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapter 40

    Brad and Coach Jackson, and Ollie and Mr. Williams share their last night together before moving off to college. Coach Jackson gives his athlete an unconventional going away present.

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapter 41

    Our horny exchange student and our cocky former quarterback adjust to their new life at college. Ollie reconnects with the handsome librarian and finds that he has a kink that's definitely worth exploring. Brad finds a way to keep things hot with Coach Jackson and is loving life until a rivalry with the new team quarterback takes center stage.

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapter 42

    Revenge has never been so sweet. Brad Williams enjoys a good hate-fuck with the college quarterback, while Coach Jackson and Mike Williams show a hot-shot CEO his place.

  • Killer Silence (Concluding Part)

    When my roommate cum my lover, returned from office, he was not his usual self. He was changed, and behaving differently. That made me worry about him and think if everything was alright with him? What I figured out was somewhat close to reality. It was impacting our relationship. Read this sensual love story to find out what was wrong that impacted our mutual understanding and how we resolved it.

  • Killer Silence (Part 1)

    When my roommate and my lover, returned from office, he was not his usual self. He was changed, and behaving differently. That made me worry about if everything was alright with him? Read this sensual love story to find out what was wrong that impacted our mutual understanding and how we resolved it.