Nathan rushed across the busy street in a futile attempt to get in through the doors of his neighbourhood pub without getting completely soaked. He'd moved to Vancouver almost ten years ago, and he still couldn't get used to the rain. In its favour, the city was extremely clean, greenery intense and breathtakingly surrounded by miles of beaches and snow capped mountains, offering some of the best sunbathing and skiing in the world.

But not in April. This was rainy season and the trip across the street, from his small apartment, would've been navigated more successfully with an umbrella, but one didn't want to look like a tourist, or so he'd been told, and be caught shying away from the joys of living in a temperate rain forest.

Nathan shook out his coat and hung it on a hook near the bar and took a seat. He motioned for the bartender.

"What can I get for you tonight, Nathan?"

"Hey, Phil... just pull me my usual." Nathan crossed his arms as he looked around. "It's busier than usual in here tonight."

"Yeah, engagement party... poor sucker. The girl is pretty cute though." Phil clapped his hands together. "I'll grab your beer."

"Thanks buddy."

Nathan tucked in and dipped his eyes as people pushed past him. Ten years in the city, and he could count the number of friends he had on one hand; and that included Phil, the bartender.

After Aaron had packed up and moved out, Nathan had quit the lacrosse team and focused on his studies. Occasionally, he would catch a glimpse of Aaron across the common, but they'd never spoken again. The pain and emptiness had followed him, even after he'd finished university. People had tried to become a part of his life, but he'd routinely pushed them away before they'd even made the first step. Without Aaron, he preferred being alone.

Nathan drained the glass and set it, along with some money, on the bar. "Thanks, Phil... I'll see you tomorrow." He was about to turn and leave when a heavy hand landed on his arm.


Fucking hell. Nathan spun around and pulled Aaron into a friendly embrace, pounding his back. "You've got to be fucking kidding me!" I was just thinking about you... always you, only you.

"Jesus Christ... I thought it was you." Aaron slammed his hand into Nathan's shoulder and embraced him again. "I can't believe it. What are you doing in Vancouver? Do you live here now?"

"Yeah, I'm working with an environmental group here... you?"

"No, I'm still living back east. I flew in for a buddy of mine. He's getting married this summer, and he was looking for a bit of moral support during this engagement party thing of his."

"So, are you practicing law out there?" Nathan leaned against the bar to support himself. Aaron's eyes were doing strange, but familiar things to his legs. He was still so fucking beautiful.

"Yeah, I've been running my own small firm for a few years now. We deal mostly in discrimination cases."

Nathan smirked. "Do you get many 'straight guys can't dance based on stereotyping' cases, councillor?"

Aaron drummed the bar in amusement. "No, I haven't seen any of those cross my desk yet."

"Time will tell." Nathan motioned for Phil to get him another beer. "Can I get you something?"

"No, I should really head back over there." Aaron held out his hand and pulled Nathan into another embrace. "It was really great seeing you again. It's been a long time."

Nathan tucked his head into Aaron's shoulder and inhaled deeply as Aaron's arms surrounded him. Christ... no, please don't let go.

He stumbled, shivering against the bar as Aaron released him.

"Fuck, Nathan..." Aaron dipped down, so he'd be able to look up into Nathan's face. "Are you alright?"

Nathan shook his head silently, as his heart hammered out of control. He'd made a serious underestimation about the endurance of his love for Aaron. Wiping a stream of tears from his face, he raised his head and met Aaron's gaze. "I lied to you... that day. That day you moved out."

"What?" Aaron supported Nathan and steered him towards an empty booth, and slid in beside him. "You lied to me about what?" He dropped his arm around Nathan's shoulder and brushed a thumb across Nathan's bicep as he cradled Nathan tight into his chest.

Nathan shuddered through a sob.

"Oh, fuck, Nathan..." Aaron laid his cheek against Nathan's still damp hair, warming it with his breath. "And I'm the fucking idiot?"

Laughing softly, Nathan turned his face into the curve of Aaron's neck. "I just wanted you to be happy."

Aaron's eyebrows dipped in anger and he pressed Nathan away from his body. "So, you made the decision for me? You decided what would make me happy." He shoved Nathan away and leapt up out of the booth, turning away and then storming back. "Fuck you!"

"Wait... Aaron." Nathan struggled out of the booth and ran after Aaron, who'd gone back over to where his friends were gathered. Christ, what have I done? "Aaron, please--" He touched Aaron's shoulder in an attempt to have Aaron turn around and face him.

Aaron spun on him, voice booming. "You wanted me to be happy?" Thick lines creased Aaron's flushed, outraged face. "My entire life has been fucking miserable because of you!" He leaned against a chair for support and downed a drink from the table.

"I thought... I thought you'd be happier with Sarah."

"Fuck, Nathan... I never loved Sarah the way I loved you." Aaron paused and surveyed the table. His friends were staring open mouthed at the exchange. He returned his attention to Nathan. "Sarah and I didn't even last a year. She got fed up waiting for me to look at her the way I used to... the way I did before I met you."

"Why didn't you try and find me?"

"You'd told me you didn't love me." Aaron shook his head and dropped his eyes. "That last night we spent together... when I was holding you afterwards... I thought I saw something in your eyes. I thought I saw love, and suddenly it was like my whole world opened up. I thought I'd be spending the rest of my life with you by my side... as my lover and my best friend. But instead you pushed me away, and said you didn't love me. I wasn't going to go looking for you after that. I'd been hurt enough already."

Nathan covered his mouth and breathed deeply, remembering how he'd pushed the man he loved away. I am such a fucking idiot. "I was scared... I felt something... and it scared me."

Aaron looked around and grabbed his coat. "Is there somewhere else we can talk about this?"

"Wait--" Nathan held up his hand to stop Aaron from moving. "Let me get this out first." He swiped a hand across his face. Fucking tears weren't going to let up. "You were right in what you saw. I was in love with you." He laughed hesitantly. "I think my body knew it, long before my mind did. I couldn't get enough of you. From the very first day I met you... I knew I was in trouble."

"Yeah me too," Aaron said laughing. "You were pretty adorable with that cum on your cheek... your face all flushed and everything."

"Christ Aaron..." Nathan shoved Aaron further away from his friends. "They heard you--"

"Hell, they don't care." Aaron wrapped Nathan up in his arms and buried his face in Nathan's hair. "They know I'm gay. They're gawking, because they're surprised to hear I had a girlfriend."

Nathan pulled back. "What?"

"Turns out you were right." Aaron shrugged. "I like guys."

"But--" Nathan shook his head. "You know what... never mind."

Aaron brushed his fingers through the hair above Nathan's ear. "So, are you seeing anyone?"

"No, but--"

"Do you live nearby?"

Nathan's heart just about stopped. If it wasn't for the throbbing surge now powering his dick, he might've had trouble finding a pulse, but then his heart started shuddering violently against his chest, reminding him to breathe. He nodded his head and pointed towards the door. "My... my apartment... is... right there."

Nathan hesitated as Aaron grabbed his hand. "Wait--"

"What's wrong?" Aaron's brow creased in confusion, and then he clapped his hand onto his forehead. "Fuck... I'm an idiot. You're not interested. I'm sorry... I just assumed, because of the way you were holding me and everything. I totally read that wrong."

"No, that's not it. I'm interested, but I hadn't finished what I wanted to say." Nathan reached for Aaron's hand and stroked his thumb across it. "Before we go running off, and I get completely distracted. I need to tell you something." He breathed deeply and wet his lips, and then bit down on the bottom one.

"What?" Aaron reached for Nathan's other hand as understanding overwhelmed him. "What did you want to tell me?"

"Fuck, this is hard for me, Aaron."

"Then let me start." Aaron leaned in and softly took Nathan's mouth. "I'm still in love with you too."


The door fell open with more force than necessary, but Nathan was having trouble manipulating the keys, while Aaron was simultaneously removing his pants for him, and aggressively caressing his throat with his tongue.

He tossed the keys towards the kitchen counter, but they slid across its surface and onto the floor, breaking the cat's water dish. Aaron stopped his assault, laughing.

"Did you just break something?" he asked, looking around.

"It's nothing." Nathan peered over the counter at the broken glass. Luckily, the dish had been almost empty. "It's just Lulu's water dish."

"Lulu?" Aaron snorted loudly and creased up.

Nathan shoved him affectionately. "Shut the fuck up. I inherited the stupid cat, alright. She came pre-named."

"You didn't think to change her name?"

"No." Nathan squatted down and picked up the largest of the broken pieces. "That would've confused her."

"Where is she?"

Nathan reached for the broom and dust pan, and attempted to sweep up the smaller bits. "Probably on the bed."

"Smart cat--" Aaron whispered under his breath as he made his way down the hall. It was a decent sized apartment for downtown Vancouver. One bedroom and a small den extended off the hallway that connected them to the combined kitchen, dining and living room. There was no view to speak of, but it was quiet, and Aaron felt a sense of Nathan in every space he entered.

He stopped as he walked into Nathan's bedroom and ran his fingers over a framed picture just inside the door. It was a group photo of their lacrosse team, and he and Nathan were standing side by side in it. Smiling. Happy.

"Seems like a lifetime ago, doesn't it?" Nathan pressed up against Aaron's back and wrapped his arms around Aaron's waist, resting his chin on Aaron's shoulder.

Aaron sighed and turned to face Nathan, cupping his face. He kissed Nathan's lips and then studied him. "We need to get something straight, between you and me." He grinned. "If you break my heart again... I swear to god. I will kick your ass from here, all the way back to that damn school."

"Not going to happen," Nathan said as he ran a finger down Aaron's shirt and hooked it in his belt. "I love you too much."

Aaron smirked. "That sounded nice." He pulled at Nathan's arm, hauling him towards the bed. "Hearing you say it."

"Well, get used to it, because it's going to become a habit."

"That's a good habit," Aaron said as he sat on the end of the bed and deftly unhooked Nathan's belt and dropped his pants to the floor. He brushed his cheek across Nathan's hardening cock and inhaled the intoxicating scent of him as he began licking at the fabric of Nathan's underwear. Nathan brushed a hand through Aaron's hair and sighed softly with exhilaration.

"So, what made you realize you were gay?" asked Nathan.

"Well--" Aaron tucked his fingers into the band of Nathan's underwear and released him, shoving the underwear towards the floor. "After Sarah and I broke up--" Using his thumb and forefinger, Aaron pulled Nathan's foreskin up to completely cover the head of Nathan's dick and delicately licked at the puckered crease, and then drew the skin all the way back against Nathan's body and sucked gently on the head as he jacked the shaft a few times. Nathan almost stumbled into Aaron's lap, and decided to lay a hand on Aaron's shoulder to steady his balance in case Aaron attempted to complete that manoeuvre again.

"You were saying--" Fuck, there he goes again. "Christ, Aaron. That feels really good."

"Mm... it tastes really good too." Aaron peered up at Nathan as he repeated the action a few more times, and then stopped to remove his shirt.

Stepping out of his pants, Nathan struggled to remove his own shirt. "Aaron, please... the question. Before the rest of the blood leaves my head."

"There's not really much to tell," Aaron replied. "I was pretty busy for a few years setting up my firm, so I wasn't doing a lot of dating. I went out with a few of the girls in the office down the hall from mine." He stood and removed his pants, tossing them onto a nearby chair. "It was alright... nothing too exciting. But then a guy approached me in the coffee shop I go to every morning and asked me out. I thought, 'Sure, what the hell'."

Nathan pressed Aaron back onto the bed, running his hands through the thick hair on Aaron's chest. "Where'd all this come from? You didn't used to be this furry."

"I can wax it off if you don't like it."

"No, I love it." Nathan brushed his fingers across the soft hairs and then leaned in to take one of Aaron's fully aroused nipples into his mouth. He flicked his tongue across its surface and then kissed it. "Go on with your story. Did you and coffee guy hit it off?"

"No, we went out a couple of times... slept together once. Big mistake. The guy turned out to be a fuckin' muncher. Probably had his u-haul double parked outside my apartment on our first date."

Nathan laughed into the soft flesh of Aaron's stomach, making Aaron gasp and twitch, and then he continued his quest to lick a thick line down the centre of Aaron's body.

"But even after that horrifying experience," Aaron continued. "I only felt comfortable dating guys." He clutched at the bedding as Nathan took a firm grip of his cock and began stroking it. "I don't know if that makes me gay or not, really. All I know, is I prefer hanging out and fucking around with guys. Girls... not so much."

Sliding his thumb across Aaron's slit and caressing the pre-cum into the thick head of Aaron's dick, Nathan contemplated what Aaron had just said. "I hate to break it to you buddy, but you need to stop defending that zone... you're gay."

"Yeah, I know." Aaron looked down the length of his body at Nathan. "Are you going to suck that thing, or are you planning on just playing with it and tormenting me?"

"Tormenting you sounds like fun." Nathan grinned and dropped down, burying his face in the underside of Aaron's balls, running them over the ridge of his nose, and inhaling the scent of Aaron's arousal, and then he blew softly across them, watching them pucker.

Aaron laughed. "Christ, you're still more of a goof than I am."

Nathan winked and rode his tongue over the fleshy head of Aaron's cock and around the ridge of Aaron's perfect mushroom cap, and then sucked at the slit, removing the sweet pooling fluid that had collected there.

Aaron groaned and closed his eyes as Nathan dove onto his dick, taking him deep into his throat on the very first stroke.

Nathan could only take Aaron's cock all the way in a few times before he had to come up for a full breath of air. He'd almost forgotten how massive Aaron was, but his ass hadn't. It was clenching and throbbing hungrily, sending intense waves of need up his spine. He reached down and grabbed his own dick to try and temper the desire. A slow steady rhythm would calm his body down. He licked his lips and took Aaron's dick back into his mouth.

A hand grasping his arm had Nathan pushing up onto Aaron's chest, so Aaron could take his mouth. Their tongues mingled and sparred with each other, sucking and licking, tasting and immersing, again and again until Nathan felt certain he'd melt onto Aaron's chest and become one with him. Disappointment had him shuddering when Aaron pulled away.

"I want to try something different with you," Aaron said.

Nathan's eyebrows went up. Fuck yeah.

"Don't get all excited," Aaron continued; chuckling. "It's only something different for me. I want to bottom for you."

"You've never tried it?"

Aaron kissed Nathan's lips briskly. "No, I was waiting for the right person."

"Intriguing--" Nathan grinned. "I used to dream about popping your cherry... and making you my bitch."

"I can only imagine how that played out... but don't get carried away. I don't want to be crippled by your exuberance." Aaron shifted as Nathan swept down between his legs and aggressively hoisted his hips up, tipping Aaron up onto his shoulders. "For Christ's sake, Nathan... I said gently." He gasped and closed his eyes as Nathan's tongue began circling his hole. "Fuck yeah--" He sighed, resigned. "Never mind. Fuck. Me. You go ahead... and do whatever... you want."

Nathan's tongue nipped in and out, poking lightly, and then he spat and moved the fluid around with his thumb. "Mm... carte blanche... my favourite."

He settled his tongue at the base of Aaron's crease and licked a wet slick path all the way across Aaron's hole to his balls, and took one into his mouth, sucking it up away from the other. He let it drop with a popping sound.

"Fuck, Nathan... careful."

"Sorry, but I've always meant to ask you something."

"Can you ask it with your tongue back in my ass?"

Nathan shrugged his shoulders. "Sure." Grinning, he took a swipe with his tongue across Aaron's pulsing ring, and dipped a finger tip into it. "That first day--" He spat and licked, pressing his tongue against the hole. It wasn't ready to give in the least yet. "When I had jizz on my face--" Reaching forward, Nathan had Aaron wet his finger for him, and then gently pressed it back against Aaron's hole. "Did you taste my cum on purpose?" He spat and caressed deeper. Now we're getting somewhere.

"Yeah... did you think it was an accident?"

"Rather bold after just meeting me."

"You're the one that jerked off in front of me." Aaron threw his hands up over his face and tried to relax. Nathan's finger was all the way in now and Nathan was twisting it around to make some room. "I couldn't stop myself. You looked so adorable, all sweaty and aroused, pumping your meat. You should've seen your face when I started sucking on my thumb."

Nathan set Aaron down and motioned for him to move over, so he could stack two pillows in the middle of the bed. "Why'd you wait so long to make a move on me?"

"I was conflicted." Aaron's eyes sparkled, remembering. "I almost got fucking hypothermia making sure I was cold enough to have an excuse to climb into bed with you."

"Now who's the fucking idiot?" Nathan smacked at Aaron's ass playfully. "Could you reach me the lube? It's in the bedside drawer there. And the massage oil. I'm going to need that as well."

Aaron handed Nathan everything and lay back in the remaining pillows, watching him. It would be too easy to take Aaron as he lay there nervous and shivering. Easy and pretty damned one sided. Nathan needed Aaron to want his cock; badly. He wanted to hear Aaron begging him to fuck him; begging to feel his cock in his ass. He wanted Aaron to always remember his first time, and how incredibly satisfying submission could be.

"On your stomach, with your hips on the pillows," Nathan said, and Aaron immediately complied. "Spread your legs a bit--" He tapped Aaron's ass when the spacing was sufficient for him to reach through and draw Aaron's dick back to drape down the front edge of the pillows. "You're not to touch yourself... do you understand?"

Aaron nodded his head silently and Nathan stroked a single finger from the tip of Aaron's dick, up along the shaft, between Aaron's balls and around his pursed tight rosebud.

Pouring some oil into his hands, Nathan straddled Aaron's body and started massaging his shoulders, working the tension and apprehension from them before moving along Aaron's spine.

He dug his thumbs into the firm muscular cheeks of Aaron's ass, starting at the bottom and rotating up in circles, again and again, until Aaron's already seductive sounds of enjoyment became huskier and blanketed in need.

Just to tease him, Nathan pressed his fiercely hard cock against Aaron's crease, and rubbed and thrust it against Aaron's skin.

Aaron clenched up, but then softened, breathing heavier.

Nathan backed off and warmed some more oil in his hands, and started deep strokes down Aaron's thigh. He worked the tight muscle groups all the way down, paying special attention to the ball and sole of Aaron's foot, and then started down the other side.

"How does that feel?" Nathan asked as he finished Aaron's massage and wiped his hands off on his own thighs.

"Fucking incredible."

"More relaxed?"


"Good... move your legs apart a little further." Nathan repositioned himself between Aaron's legs and dispensed some lube onto his fingers, and used it to stroke his hands along Aaron's shaft, from root to tip, hand over hand, gently, then tightly, then barely at all. Aaron ground his hips into the pillows, forcing his dick hard and aggressive against the bedding. He moaned in satisfaction.

"Aaron, that would constitute touching yourself, and I asked you not to do that." Nathan sat back and crossed his arms, and waited. "Are you going to apologize to me?"

"I'm... I'm sorry."

Nathan poured a small amount of lube in his hands and began rolling Aaron's sac between his fingers. Aaron groaned with enjoyment, fighting the need to thrust his hips. Nathan dropped his hands. "I'm not convinced you're sorry, Aaron."

"I am... fuck, Nathan, please don't stop."

Nathan smirked and continued caressing Aaron's balls, and pulling them gently away from Aaron's body; occasionally stroking Aaron's cock as well. "Do you like what I'm doing?"

"Yeah... it feels good."

Nathan rode his thumb along the seam between Aaron's balls back to the short span of skin before his ass. After finding the indent he was looking for, Nathan pressed into it and massaged the base of Aaron's dick.

Aaron exhaled softly.

"Do you like this?" Nathan asked.

"Yeah... mm... hm." Aaron tucked his face and grabbed the bedding, but kept his body perfectly relaxed.

Circling Aaron's hole gently with his forefinger, Nathan drizzled a stream of lube down Aaron's crack, letting it pool against his finger before inserting the tip, just enough to tease him. Aaron sighed and tipped his hips up higher, trying to draw more of it in.

That's it Aaron. Nathan brushed his lips across Aaron's ass, noting it was furrier as well; he smiled, pleased, and pressed deeper. He laid a hand on Aaron's back to soothe him when the soft tissue clamped down on his finger. As it released, Nathan began a slow and steady twisting, thrusting motion; building up Aaron's need for something more substantial to be filling that space.

"I need you up on your knees," Nathan said after releasing Aaron. "Head down... and don't touch yourself, alright?"

"I won't. I promise."

Nathan settled himself behind Aaron. "Did you like what I was doing with my finger?"

"Yeah... I liked it."

"Did you want me to put my finger back in your ass?"


"Yes, what?"

Aaron hesitated. "Yes... I want you to put your finger back in my ass."

"What about two?"

Aaron hesitated again, longer this time. "Yes... two... I want you to put... two fingers in my ass."

After more lube, Nathan carefully slid two fingers in just far enough to reach Aaron's prostate, and then used the soft pads to gently massage the gland, making Aaron squirm, moan and break out in a lovely glistening sweat.

"That feels so good." Aaron said between heaving breaths.

Nathan pressed a bit deeper across the gland and Aaron released a throaty 'Fuck' and jammed his ass back against Nathan's hand, forcing his fingers all the way in.

Aaron immediately shot forward again, gasping, and then sank back on Nathan's fingers, taking them in as deep as they'd go.

Not wanting to interrupt, Nathan held his hand steady and let Aaron fuck himself on his fingers. After a few heavy strokes, Nathan added some more lube and curved a third finger around to be taken in on the next thrust.

Aaron coughed out a groan, slowed down and descended fully on the increased girth.

"Do you like fucking yourself on my fingers?" asked Nathan.

"God... yeah." Aaron pulled away a fraction of an inch and then plunged back, cursing with enjoyment.

"Are you going to cum soon?"

"Yeah... I... think so... yeah."

"Did I say you could cum?"

Aaron slowed his movement and dropped his head. "No."

"You're not to cum until I say so," Nathan removed his hand, and ran his thumb along the edge of Aaron's open hole. He leaned forward and dipped his tongue into the pulsating warmth as he reached through Aaron's legs and began jacking his shaft.

"Christ, Nathan." Aaron shifted uncomfortably.

Nathan licked at the ring as it started to close over and then pressed his tongue into it, and it immediately popped open again.

Fuck, that was beautiful.

"Nathan..." Aaron reached back and grasped at Nathan's arm.

"Did you need something, Aaron?" Nathan shifted his position and eased a finger back inside Aaron's ass and stroked his prostate.

Aaron gasped and squirmed. "God... please, Nathan... I need you... please... fuck me."

"With what... my finger?" Nathan stroked it in and out of Aaron's hole a few times, and then cupped Aaron's balls gently.

"No... fingers, Nathan, please... I want your dick."

Nathan rose up on his knees and set the head of his dick at Aaron's opening and pressed against it. "You want me to fuck you with this big cock of mine?"

"Yes, fuck... yes." Aaron's arms shot out and gathered the discarded pillows, pulling them to his face. "Fuck me... please fuck me... fuck me hard with that big cock... please, Nathan."

Nathan smacked his cock against Aaron's ass cheeks a few times and then settled onto his heels. "Roll over onto your back."

Aaron fell face first onto the bed and rolled over. "Are you fucking kidding me?"

Nathan cocked an eyebrow. "Excuse me?"

"Christ, I'm sorry." Aaron draped his arm across his face. "I didn't mean it... I'm sorry."

Nathan exhaled, pleased with Aaron's attempts at submission. It would take a bit of work, but Aaron would come around. He reached across Aaron's body to his bedside table and pulled a box of condoms out of the drawer.

Aaron touched his arm. "Nathan... wait--"

"Have you changed your mind?" Nathan brushed his hand through Aaron's hair and kissed his forehead. There was no way he was going to force Aaron to do anything he didn't want to.

"No... fuck, no." Aaron took the box of condoms and tossed them onto the floor. "I get tested every six months. My last one was a month ago... I was clean, and I haven't been with anyone since."

"You want to do this bareback?"

"Yeah, I do." Aaron searched Nathan's eyes. "You're not positive are you?"

"Only if you can become infected by being celibate."

Aaron snorted with amusement. "You, Nathan Kent, celibate? When did hell freeze over?"

"Very funny, but I haven't been in the mood. I was tested a few years ago though... a couple of months after fucking my last trick. The pipes are clean." Nathan brushed his fingers across Aaron's lips. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

Aaron nodded his head. "I want to be yours. I want you to own me, and claim me, by filling me up."

Jesus fucking Christ!

Nathan fell back into the bedding almost crushing Lulu, who'd come to investigate. He pushed her off the edge of the bed and chucked a pillow at her. She took off out of the room and Nathan shifted his gaze back onto Aaron, who was watching him intently.

Aaron was offering him something that he'd often dreamed of and wanted desperately; to possess Aaron completely. And here Aaron was, just offering it to him, like a gift, like his love.

Emboldened, Nathan crawled around until he was between Aaron's legs again. The first thing he needed to do was work Aaron back up to his begging point.

Lubing up his fingers, Nathan pressed the full three back in. Aaron's hips thrust up, and Aaron's tight cock bounced against his stomach, leaving threads of pre-cum, seemingly tethering it there. Nathan leaned forward and broke the threads with his tongue, chasing them back to their source and then licked his lips.

He removed his fingers and extended his arm towards Aaron, who hungrily pulled them into his mouth, sucking and savouring his own juices. Good boy... so fucking hot. His dick pulsed furiously. It didn't want to wait any longer.

Just one more minute. Nathan shifted and placed the fingers in his own mouth, spat along them and thrust them back inside Aaron, shoving his shoulder against Aaron's thigh to get him to spread his legs wider. Aaron groaned and twisted, panting; his ass clenching and pulling, wanting more, needing more.

"Fuck, Nathan... please. I'm sorry, but I can't stand it. Please fuck me. Please. Please. Please, fuck me."

That was all he needed to hear. Nathan scrambled up, forcing Aaron's legs onto his shoulders. He wanted to see Aarons face, and watch Aaron's eyes fluttering in ecstasy as he claimed him.

Aaron's ass was wet and loose, requiring very little lube. Nathan slid in easily, letting Aaron's body consume him, and caress his raw and unhindered dick with a velvety embrace.

Once in, Nathan stayed motionless for a second, listening to Aaron's rapid inhalation of air, and feeling the stroking pulse of a thin vein just inside Aaron's ass. The full depth of Aaron's chute closed around him as Aaron adjusted his legs.

Dropping forward, Nathan plunged his tongue into Aaron's waiting mouth, fucking him with it as he held his body motionless. Aaron's hips pressed into the bedding and then jammed back up, sending Nathan's cock further inside. Aaron immediately regretted it when Nathan pulled away from his mouth.

"Aaron? I'm supposed to be fucking you."

"I'm so sorry... it won't happen again."

Nathan grinned. "I'll let it slide tonight." He sunk into Aaron's mouth again, and began a slow steady assault on Aaron's virginity, pressing him increasingly further into the bedding as the sound of Aaron, moaning and grunting radiated down his throat, spreading warmth and desire straight through to his balls.

Aaron's stomach shook with a laugh and he pursed his lips as the headboard began a rhythmic thudding against the wall, and the entire bed started creaking. "If I'm going to move in with you, we need to get a new bed."

Nathan licked Aaron's lips playfully. "Who says you're moving in with me?"

"I do." Arching up, Aaron grabbed Nathan around the chest and rolled him over onto the bed, where he now towered over him. He reached forward for the headboard and used it to steady himself as he drew Nathan's dick in and out at his own speed, which was significantly faster than the pace Nathan had been setting.

"What about your law firm?"

"I'll move it to Vancouver."

Nathan brushed his hands up Aaron's chest, enjoying the view, and pulled Aaron down to kiss him. "Alright, but no more misbehaving, or I'll have to spank your ass. I want you at the edge of the bed on your knees, so I can make you cum. Then we'll go out and buy a new bed."

Aaron placed himself so only his feet were trailing off the edge of the mattress as requested. He waited patiently for Nathan to circle around behind him, and felt Nathan's mouth whisper across the skin of his ass. Swearing and gasping for breath, Aaron almost collapsed when Nathan drove his dick down into his prostate, and then dragged back across it, making it quiver and pulse.

"Fuck me, Nathan... please, fuck me--" Aaron gripped the bedding, groaning. "Take me... please... I want to be yours."

Nathan brushed his thumbs across the back of Aaron's hips and plunged back into him, once; his body coming alive with the single thrust.

He picked up the pace slowly and drove into Aaron hard. Their slick, sweat drenched skin keeping audible time, as their legs began to shake from the exertion.

The telling tension of the gland against the firm sensitive ridge that ran the length of Nathan's dick started Nathan's heart racing. He rubbed his hand up and down Aaron's spine and then reached for his shoulder, hauling Aaron up against his chest. He whispered in Aaron's ear. "You can cum now."

Nathan groaned with need at the sight of Aaron's cum forming increasingly smaller droplets across the bedding as each wave jolted through Aaron's body. He bit at Aaron's ear lobe and sucked at his neck as the effect of Aaron's orgasm squeezed and released his tensing cock, bringing Nathan closer to his cresting point.

Aaron laid his head against Nathan's shoulder, and sent Nathan moaning in ecstasy and anticipation as he lifted his hand, covered in cum, to Nathan's lips.

Nathan pulled Aaron's fingers into his mouth, caressing his tongue and lips over Aaron's slick knuckles.

It was the catalyst he needed. Nathan's body tightened and pitched as he drove hard into Aaron, and then he held him close onto his hips, rocking his own, ever so gently, as each rope of thick cum was unleashed into Aaron's ass.

Nathan bit at Aaron's shoulder and laughed. "Oh, my god... that felt amazing." He peered around at Aaron, who was panting and leaning against Nathan for support. "Are you alright?"

"Uh... yeah. When can we do that again?" Aaron heaved out a heavy laugh and crawled forward onto the bed. He dropped his head as Nathan climbed up behind him. Without Nathan having to ask, Aaron pressed down, forcing a small amount of Nathan's cum back out of his ass.

"Fuck, Aaron... that's hot." Nathan licked his tongue across Aaron's opening a few times and then got up on his knees and pressed his dick back inside Aaron's warm, wet hole.

"I love you," Aaron said, "and I won't ever leave your side unless you want me to." He hummed softly as Nathan deliberately set him off balance, plunging them both into the pillows. The feel of Nathan's arms and legs wrapping around him brought Aaron an amazing sense of peace that he'd been longing for, for far too long.

"Then you're stuck with me for life." Nathan kissed the soft skin between Aaron's shoulder blades. "I love you, Aaron Campbell. My heart is entirely yours... I've defended that zone for long enough."


Leigh Jarrett

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