The race back to their dorm room took much longer than either one of them would've liked. But once they'd burst in through the door, it was only a matter of seconds before their clothes were off and they were falling onto Aaron's bed.

Nathan pushed Aaron down and climbed on; straddling his hips, and attacked Aaron's mouth as if his life depended on it.

He fell headlong into it as the caressing warmth of Aaron's tongue turned his muscles to liquid honey. Nathan groaned and pulled away, wanting to set up a game plan.

"Do you mind if I take the lead?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" Aaron struggled under Nathan's weight. "You're not planning on fucking me, are you?"

"Let's not get that far ahead." Nathan leaned in, and kissed and pulled at Aaron's lips. "I just want free reign to explore."

"You don't need my permission to..." Aaron gasped sharply as Nathan's tongue and lips swept down his chest and pulled a full thick nipple into his mouth. Sucking and flicking, making Aaron groan in desperation. "Fuck, Nathan..."

Aaron grasped at the bedding as a form of self restraint; he wanted to give Nathan complete control.

Nathan stroked his cheek across the hard nub. It had responded immediately to his advances, swelling and puckering until it was taut and pale. And the sweet sounds of desire its stimulation had elicited had sent warm surges of need straight through to his dick.

He allowed his mouth a final sweep across Aaron's chest before heading towards infinitely more interesting territory. A thick line was drawn with his tongue straight down the centre of Aaron's trembling body.

Taking his time was going to be difficult, but Nathan felt like he'd missed out, somewhat, with their two previous encounters. He liked when guys took control and sucked and fucked him, but with Aaron it was different. He wanted to know every detail of Aaron's body as intimately as his own; and so much more. He needed to possess him entirely.

Nathan brushed his thumb along Aaron's thick black 'treasure trail', sending the hairs askew, and then licked them flat again with his tongue. Aaron groaned, thrusting upwards, as Nathan's cheek rubbed against his thick tight cock, but Nathan had other places he wanted to visit first.

With a bit of encouragement, Aaron pulled his knees up and Nathan dove into the warm creases, lapping at the firm sacs. He gently pulled one into his mouth, savouring the perfect combination of taste and scent.

His heart shuddered. He couldn't imagine a more perfect place to be, than here, giving pleasure to Aaron.

As if he'd heard Nathan's thoughts, Aaron gasped and stroked a heavy hand through Nathan's hair. "That feels amazing." He shifted. "Do the other one."

Nathan dropped Aaron's ball from his mouth and spanked him hard on the ass.

"Ow...what the fuck was that for?"

"Interference." Nathan kissed the reddening area. "This is my exploration, so kindly keep your agenda to yourself." He brushed his hand across Aaron's ass, tempted to strike him again. "But just for future reference. Did you like that?"

"What...when you smacked me?" Aaron lifted his head to look at Nathan. "Yeah, it was pretty hot, actually."

"Oh, you are just priceless." He tapped Aaron lightly. "Roll over. I want to get at your ass." As Aaron rolled onto his stomach, Nathan leapt up and yanked his bedside drawer open. He grabbed his favourite lube and a chain of beginner's beads.

Ever since Aaron had made that crack about finding anal beads on his side of the room, Nathan had been dreaming of using them on him. He hid them behind his back as he approached Aaron's bed.

"I need you up on your knees, with your head down." Nathan strolled towards the end of the bed as Aaron complied. God, Aaron was so fucking obedient. So hot. Nathan steadied his pulse. The view from where he was standing was literally breathtaking.

He stepped closer. Aaron's ass and his thick powerful thighs were covered with a heavenly layer of fine dark hair. He needed to touch it. Run his lips and tongue across it. Dive into it.

"Push your dick down so I can see it between your legs."

Aaron grunted in confusion, but did what he was told. Nathan held his breath as his gut tightened. Jesus Christ, that was a beautiful sight. He licked his lips.

Nathan's hands coasted up the back of Aaron's thighs, right up onto the mounds of his taut muscular ass. Aaron quivered nervously at Nathan's touch, inhaling sharply, but remained as he was.

The soft hairs tickled Nathan's lips as he brushed his mouth across them. His need had never felt so intense before. Nathan's mind blurred. He wanted to fuck Aaron so bad. Plunging his dick into that virgin ass of his would be pure ecstasy.


Nathan's tongue surged forward, seeking the target, finding it, and pursuing the reward of Aaron writhing with desire and need. When a sufficient level of distraction was achieved, Nathan sunk back and rubbed Aaron's hole gently with his thumb.

"Fuck, Nathan...don't stop."

"I have something different in mind." Nathan retrieved the beads he'd dropped at the end of bed and coated them in lube, using the excess to grease up Aaron's pulsating ring.

A sharp exhalation of air from Aaron followed the insertion of the first bead. "What the fuck is that?"

Nathan kissed the skin above Aaron's asshole and drew his tongue down to the beads' connecting string and then popped the next bead in, followed by the tip of his tongue.

Aaron groaned deeply and Nathan grinned. He had no intention of telling Aaron what he was up too.

The rest of the beads went in smoothly and Nathan lay down to reposition himself, sliding his head under Aaron's body and drawing Aaron's slick, drooling cock into his mouth.

As he began to pull, Nathan reached through Aaron's legs, grasping the ring at the end of the beads' chain. He didn't want them getting away on him. A trip to the hospital to get the beads removed from Aaron's ass wasn't a good way to start this new relationship of theirs. And Nathan needed to be ready to withdraw them.

Judging by the heaving chest above him, the sounds Aaron was making, and the hardening, pulsing ridge riding Nathan's tongue. This wasn't going to take long.

Aaron's dick lifted in Nathan's throat, hot and hard, poised to spill the first thick ropes across his tongue. Nathan slowly withdrew the beads and Aaron flew forwards, cumming fiercely, swearing and shuddering, prompting Nathan place a hand on Aaron's stomach, to remind Aaron he was still under him as he fought to swallow the copious amount of Aaron's seed.

The beads hit the floor as Aaron flipped onto his back, taking Nathan with him. "Don't swallow it all yet..." He grabbed Nathan's face and attacked his mouth, consuming him, and drinking in the warm salty fluid as their tongues grappled for control of it.

Sated, Aaron took a final taste of Nathan's mouth and released him, settling into the bedding. He turned his head to see Nathan watching him intently. "What?"

"Nothing," Nathan replied. "That was just a little unexpected, that's all." He crawled closer and laid a kiss on Aaron's chest. "Unexpected, but incredibly hot."

Aaron's body responded immediately as Nathan pushed up and straddled Aaron's thighs, encasing both their dicks in his hand. Nathan dropped his head back, basking in the oneness.

A heavy exhalation escaped Nathan's lips and his eyes flew open as Aaron's thick fingers grasped and twisted his tight sensitive nipples. Nathan's dick swelled urgently in response, and he released Aaron's throbbing cock to concentrate on his own.

"Christ, Aaron...harder," Nathan panted quietly, stroking himself heavier now. "Pinch them harder..." Fucking hell. He was so close. Nathan frantically scanned the bed. Where the fuck was the lube? Spotting it, he dispensed some into his hands. One went back on his cock, the other, thrust desperately into his ass.

Nathan's body bucked as the combined sensations rocketed through his existence, pitching his spine into an ecstasy induced arch as he built to his cresting point. Fuck! The pain from his nipples was waning. "Hit me."

Aaron's breathing stammered. "What?"

"Smack my ass...hard."

"Goddamn it, fucking hot." Sparks flew behind Nathan's eyes as Aaron's hand made contact. That was all he'd needed to cross the threshold.

Nathan exploded, sending pulsing streams onto Aaron's rapidly clenching abs. He heaved forward, breathing hard and fast; his heart pounding out each thick burst. Aaron's balls lifted, brushing against Nathan's thighs. Fuck, Aaron was going to go off again.

He sat back and washed his hand through the slick fluid on Aaron's stomach and took over for him, dragging Aaron to the very edge and back until their combined juices flowed, pooling seductively in the soft hollow between Aaron's hips.

Nathan dropped down onto the bed beside Aaron, laughing with exhilaration. If this was any indication as to the type of experiences he'd be having with Aaron, they were going to get along just fine.

** Check back for the fifth and final chapter **


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