Christmas break wasn't a time of year Nathan looked forward to. While everyone else was excitedly packing to head home for the holidays, Nathan was usually holed up in his room trying to hide from the mayhem.

Both of his parents had been killed in a car accident when he was sixteen, and he and his sister had been sent to live with their maternal grandparents out in the middle of nowhere, with next to nothing in terms of money. Flying home for Christmas wasn't even an option, so Nathan had become accustomed to spending the holidays on campus. He just wished it was warmer.

Nathan pulled his comforter up around his ears. Aaron was making a lot of noise packing up his things. Apparently, staying at your girlfriend's parent's house for the entire of Christmas break required tossing around everything you owned.

"Nathan?" Aaron peered over Nathan's body to see if he was awake. "Nathan... I'm going to grab a shower."

A muffled response of, "Good for you," escaped the tightly bound roll. Nathan wrenched an arm free, blowing hair from his eyes as he rolled over to look at his clock. "It's five in the morning? Why the fuck are you showering so early?"

"I want to get in there before everyone else starts showing up." Aaron cleared his throat nervously. "And I want to make sure I get the shower furthest from the door."

"What difference does it make?" Nathan rolled back and covered his head again. "All the showers are the same."

"No... the shower furthest from the door will have my red towel draped over the curtain."

Nathan crunched up his face in confusion. What the hell was Aaron on about? He rolled back, but Aaron had already left the room. Christ... you have to be fucking kidding me? Aaron's looking to fuck me before he goes away. He wasn't entirely sure how he felt about that after the last time. In his favour, Aaron hadn't climbed into bed with him; he was offering him a choice and giving him an out if he wasn't interested. But that wasn't the point.

Nathan hauled himself out of bed and threw on a pair of sweatpants with the intention of storming into that shower and telling Aaron exactly what he thought of this stupid game he was playing. Giving in to Aaron now would set a precedent, and Nathan refused to be used as a sex toy Aaron only picked up when he was in the mood for dick. No matter how amazing the sex had been last time, he had more respect for himself than that.

The steam from the shower obscured his view as he stepped into the dressing room area of the shower cubicle. Aaron's red towel had been thrown over the curtain as promised. Nathan lifted it down and hung it on a hook. "Aaron? Please tell me it's you in there."

The curtain drew back and Aaron leaned out, covered head to toe in lathery layers of glorious suds. Nathan's dick twitched. Traitor.

"Are you coming in?"

In, on, under... I'll cum anywhere you want. Nathan's fading resolve screamed 'no' in the distance, but his body continued to undress itself; intent on getting what it wanted. What it needed.

And it needed Aaron; and only Aaron.

Nathan slid into Aaron's arms and let himself be pushed up against the wall of the shower. The hot water had managed to avoid that particular section, and the cold tile sent spikes of sensation up Nathan's spine, but the warmth of Aaron's mouth hovering above his lips drove the cold from his body and he was left waiting, wondering if Aaron was ever going to kiss him. Aaron had left a swath of open mouthed kisses along his shoulders and neck the last time they'd been together, but Aaron had never taken his mouth.

The sharp taste of peppermint slipped through the soft curve of Nathan's lips and entangled itself with his tongue, prodding and exploring anxiously. He latched onto its source, feeling the hum of Aaron's arousal from the back of his throat straight down to his knees. He clung to his roommate for support.

Without warning the support slipped away and Nathan found himself looking down at the top of Aaron's head. He touched it lightly, prompting Aaron to look up.

"Christ... you have a beautiful cock." Aaron dropped his eyes again and used a rough hand to pull Nathan's foreskin tight to his body, fully exposing the plum coloured head.

Aaron's tongue flicked out tentatively, tasting the slick pre-cum that had gathered there. He moaned softly as he licked his lips.

Nathan rocked his head back against the wall as Aaron used his thumb to caress the fluid combined with a string of spit right back to the thick ridge. He groaned in anticipation of the moment he'd been fantasizing about, when Aaron would wrap those gorgeous lips around his dick and take him all the way in.

Aaron sucked the head into his mouth, ran his tongue over it and then began pulling smoothly on it, flicking the slit with his tongue on the upstroke while his hand jacked on Nathan's shaft.

The urge to thrust up into Aaron's mouth, seeking the ultimate depth and fulfillment had Nathan biting his lip as he fought to resist the urge.

The 'Gay Sex 101' lesson he'd imparted last time was a one off. He was comfortable being a bottom, and knew better than to top from the bottom. He'd learned that lesson the hard way with one of his previous relationships; nothing says 'behave and know your place' like a trip to the emergency room. It would be up to Aaron to set the pace and let Nathan know what he wanted him to do.

Aaron's hands brushed smoothly up Nathan's body, followed closely by his tongue and his lips.

Groaning with exhilaration, Nathan let himself be turned to face the wall. Aaron pressed him there, trapping him, and ran his thick muscular thumb down along Nathan's crease and into his ass.

Nathan angled back, lifting his hips, wanting the full length of the soapy digit pressing into the soft flesh beyond his rim.

A hushed 'fuck yeah' escaped Nathan's lips as Aaron squatted back down, using both thumbs to stretch him open. The addition of Aaron's tongue licking and thrusting into his ass had Nathan gripping onto the walls of the shower in astonishment. Where had all this passion of Aaron's come from? Yesterday, they'd been sitting on the sofa playing 'Call of Duty' on the Xbox, without any indication that Aaron was the least bit interested.

"Fuck." Aaron stood, grinding his dick against Nathan's ass. "I had no idea you would taste so good."

"They don't call me 'sweet cheeks' for nothing."

Aaron dropped his mouth from Nathan's neck. "Seriously?"

"I'm joking... god, you're easy." He pressed back into Aaron's body, revelling in the rock hard response. "Fuck me."

"Hold on... I've got condoms in my shaving bag."

Nathan leaned his head against the shower wall and closed his eyes, enjoying the warmth. Thank god the shower seemed to have an unlimited source of hot water or he might've frozen to death by the time Aaron got organized.

The thick head of Aaron's cock stroking the crease of his ass caught Nathan off guard, and he braced himself, remembering to breath. This was going to hurt like a bugger.

As the bulky ridge of Aaron's dick passed the constricting ring of muscle, Nathan's mind reeled with restrained panic. He wasn't sure if he'd ever get used to this ass searing pain, but he was willing to try, if Aaron was open to taking their relationship further.

"You feel so fucking good," Aaron whispered in Nathan's ear.

Nathan stuttered to respond, but Aaron's powerful hips were jamming him forwards, scrambling his brain, and lifting him skyward; rubbing him hard against the shower enclosure.

In a moment of clarity, Nathan dropped a hand and grasped his dick, not to encourage it, but to protect it from the rough edges on the tile. He capped his thumb over the tip, rotating it over the slit.

Aaron stopped what he was doing. "If I turn you to face me, can you support yourself?" Nathan nodded his head silently. He could and would do anything if it meant he could continue riding Aaron's dick. Once he'd moved past the initial burn this time, warm tendrils of pure ecstasy had spread up from his ass to every extremity of his body, and he felt certain he could live in that place forever.

Nathan wrapped his arms around Aaron's neck, and his legs around Aaron's waist, and sunk back onto his waiting hips. There was nothing as glorious as the feeling he got when he turned himself over so completely. With his feet off the ground and his hands unable to do anything but hang on, he was at Aaron's mercy.

The sound of guys arriving in the washroom to shower had Nathan smirking and taking Aaron's mouth to keep them both quiet. He snorted loudly, rolling his head back in amusement, when the word 'faggot' was bandied about, in jest, in the change room. "They have no idea what they're missing out on."

Aaron grunted in apparent agreement, shoved Nathan against the wall and took his mouth again to keep him from speaking further, rocking Nathan heavier and more aggressively than he had before; building to his cresting point.

He groaned out a 'fuck', echoing deep into Nathan's throat as he came and shuddered through, pulsing and heaving. He set Nathan back on his feet and dropped to his knees, taking Nathan's throbbing dick back into his mouth.

Nathan had to clamp his hands over his mouth and clench his teeth to remain relatively silent. Aaron's tongue was sweeping the most incredible circles at Nathan's tip each time he sucked his shaft all the way up from the root, and then Aaron would drop back down, forcing the head right to the back of his throat.

"I'm going to cum." Nathan tapped Aaron's shoulder, thinking he was going to pull away, but Aaron kept up the steady rhytym, clutching at Nathan's thighs and moaning in exhilaration as the first warm strands of passion hit the roof of his mouth.

Aaron pulled softly, milking every last drop while watching the shifting patterns of Nathan's eyes. He licked his lips and stood to take Nathan's mouth. It felt warm and familiar, and the need was still heavy there; as if they could start all over again.

"Fuck, what am I going to do with you, Nathan?"

"I can think of a few things." He brushed a hand across Aaron's chest and hauled his hips closer to meet his own. "But not here. After we get cleaned up, I'll sneak out first and go warm up the sheets. We can continue this back in our room."

"I can't."

Nathan took the soap Aaron handed to him and ran over the important bits. He could have another shower later when he wasn't so distracted.

"Sarah's dad is picking me up at ten," Aaron continued.

The soap hit the floor of the shower. "Are you sure that's where you want to be over winter break?" Nathan bent over to retrieve the unruly cleaning agent, and brushed his ass across Aaron's thighs a few times as he fumbled with it. It was awfully slippery.

"Her family is expecting me."

"Tell them something came up." Aaron's dick pulsed and hardened as Nathan stood up and began stroking it. "And it was really, really hard to handle... and needed hours, upon hours of extra attention."

"I can't let Sarah down like that."

Nathan dropped his hand. "Suit yourself." This was obviously a pointless exercise, which was extremely frustrating, because he really liked Aaron. As it was, they already spent most of their free time together, and Nathan could definitely see things working out between them; for a while anyways.

"It's not that I don't want to stay here with you... I just can't."

"The word 'can't', would imply someone is stopping you other than yourself. Is that the case?"

"No, no one is stopping me... I have obligations." He sighed heavily. "To Sarah... to my family... and to myself."

"I have obligations too, Aaron, except mine include treating my loved ones with a little respect."

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"I would never lie to the people I love about something as important as who makes me happy."

"You're on about this whole gay thing again, aren't you?" He grunted noisily and slammed his hand into the metal door leading to the change room. "I'm not gay, so drop it."

Nathan's gut balled up and he crossed his arms, trying to contain himself, but-- no-- not going to happen.

"So, you're just going to keep lying to yourself," Nathan began. "Be a happy little breeder with his lovely wife and one-point-five children, is that it?" He shoved Aaron's chest angrily. "Well, on behalf of Sarah and all the other women out there. Fuck you!"

"Cut it out! What is wrong with you?"

"You know what you are? You're a fucking coward and a pathetic excuse for a man, that's what you are!"

"Keep your voice down!"

Nathan dropped his voice. "Let me tell you how this particular fairy tale of yours ends... because I've seen it... I've slept with it." He pressed closer to Aaron for emphasis. "Soon after the honeymoon, the delusional husband starts to have urges, and he finds himself cruising gay bars and picking up tweaked out twinks off the street corner, bringing back all sorts of nasty stuff to the marital bed. Is that what you want for Sarah?"

"Fuck off! You don't know what you're talking about."

"Tell me what I'm missing."

Aaron grasped Nathan by the shoulders and stared intently at him. "Nathan... you are the only guy I have ever been attracted to. I thought maybe I'd turned gay for a while... after you first arrived, so I spent some time looking at other guys around campus, to see if I felt anything. But nothing."

"Not even a tingle?"

"No, I can honestly say I don't find guys the least bit attractive."

"What about after we fucked?"

"Yeah, okay, that messed with my head a little, but only because some guy's ass would remind me of yours... or the angle of a guy's jaw would catch my eye... and I'd imagine myself running my mouth along it, tasting your skin, not his." He dropped his gaze. "God, Nathan, what have you done to me?"

"Aaron... sometimes even straight guys, like you, develop man crushes. You just happened to take yours a little further than most."

Aaron's gaze lifted. "You think that's all this is... between us?"

"It's a strong possibility."

"So, what do we do?"

"We stop fucking each other, first off."

"I was afraid you were going to say that."

"It's not fair to Sarah, if you plan on staying with her, to have a gay fuck buddy on the side, and you know it."

Aaron scrubbed at his face. "I know." He studied Nathan's face and lifted his hand, letting his fingers brush along Nathan's cheek. "You're just so fucking beautiful."

Nathan removed Aaron's hand from his face and intertwined his fingers with Aaron's and held them to his lips. "And so is Sarah, except she can give you the life you want... I can't."

Aaron blew a heavy sigh through his nose and nodded his head, and let Nathan's hand drop from his. "I guess I won't see you again until after winter break then, hey?"

"Yeah... I'll be here when you get back."

"Are you going to be alright on your own?"

Nathan pulled his iPhone from his pocket and waved it in Aaron's face while wearing his most convincing smile. "Rumour has it, that this guy, Jonathan, who's been cruising me, is staying on campus over Christmas as well." He patted Aaron on the back and sent him out into the main changeroom. "I'll be just fine."


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