Nathan had been hoping that Aaron would've made additional advances on him in the six weeks they'd been rooming together; if that episode had even been an advance. Aaron didn't appear to be the least bit interested. Nathan was starting to think that maybe Aaron had absentmindedly sucked on his thumb after wiping the drop of cum from his face.

It was Friday night, which meant the dorm room was strictly his until three in the morning. He and Aaron had worked out an arrangement, whereby they each had a night on the weekend that they wouldn't have to worry about being interrupted by the other. To date, Nathan hadn't made use of the arrangement, preferring to fuck his tricks off campus, but tonight he was considering bringing someone back with him.

He hadn't officially told Aaron he was gay yet, but Aaron knew he wasn't into hanging out at the pub on campus, and that he preferred going to a certain dance club downtown. And when Sarah had suggested setting him up on a blind date with one of her friends, Aaron had politely shut her down.

But it wasn't Aaron he was concerned about when it came to bringing guys back to the dorm. In fact, Nathan wasn't actually concerned about anybody. He just found the entire process of coming out to a whole new group of people to be absolutely exhausting, and he preferred hanging back on open displays of his sexuality until everyone figured it out for themselves. And really, for the most part, it was nobody's business who he was fucking. He was proud to be gay, but his existence extended far beyond the activities of his dick on a Friday night, and most straight people seemed to have a problem wrapping their head around that.

"Where are you going tonight?" Aaron asked as he ran a bit of product through his hair and scrunched at the curls until they settled delicately along his brow.

Nathan grinned. Aaron had to be the gayest straight guy he'd ever met; although he was constantly being reminded that Aaron's effeminate traits off the lacrosse field did not translate into weakness on the field. Aaron was a big guy and he knew how to throw his weight around. Nathan had the bruises to prove it.

"Same place as always," Nathan answered.

"I should go with you sometime."

"You'd throw me off my game."

"I could be your... what do they call it?" Aaron tapped his lip in thought. "I could be your wingman."

"You've got to be kidding me." Nathan looked at himself in the mirror. He wasn't stunning gorgeous like Aaron, but he could hold his own. His blonde hair and sleek toned body had served him well, but no one at the club would give him a second look if he showed up with his roommate. Aaron was every gay man's wet dream.

"What's wrong with that?" Aaron asked.

"What's wrong with that... is that you'd end up getting swarmed... and I'd end up getting a cab home on my own."

Aaron raised his eyebrows. "I think that's the most words I've ever heard you string together in a sentence."

"Look, Aaron... as much as I'd like to have you tag along, I don't think you'd have a very good time."

"And why is that?"

Nathan scrubbed at his face. "Aaron... you do realize I'm gay, right? And visa vie... the club that I go to is for queers."

"Are you saying that because I'm straight, I can't dance? Because if that's the case, I might have to haul your ass into court for discrimination based on stereotyping."

"Fine... do you want to come with me?"

"No, some of the guys have rented a bunch of porn, and I have a bucket of chicken wings and a case of beer with my name on it."

"You are such a goof." Nathan grinned, anticipating an additional response from Aaron. His roommate was an absolute riot when you got him wound up. They'd spent many hours creased up laughing on the floor after one or the other had inadvertently set off a chain reaction of escalating banter.

But right now there was only silence. Aaron had crossed his arms and taken on a bizarre countenance. Nathan stepped back cautiously as Aaron approached, not sure what to expect from him, whereas his dick was prepared to lurch forward based solely on unfounded and hormone induced hopes of Aaron kissing him.

"I'm glad you finally decided to tell me you're gay," Aaron said as he brushed a strand of hair from Nathan's eyes.

"I figured you'd already worked it out for yourself anyways." He bit his lip and dropped his eyes. Aaron was standing awfully close. And the way he was touching him. "You're alright with it?" He looked up into Aaron's eyes, waiting for a response. God, he could get lost in those eyes. The thought of them fluttering in ecstasy had Nathan seriously considering attacking Aaron's mouth.

"Yeah, I'm good, buddy." Aaron slammed his palm onto Nathan's shoulder and shoved him playfully while tousling his hair. "Why wouldn't I be? Just keep it on your side of the room."

"Let me guess... because homosexuality is contagious?"

"No, I just don't want to find any butt plugs or anal beads on my side of the room." Aaron raised his eyebrows when Nathan looked at him strangely. "What? I have access to the internet... I'm not completely oblivious to what goes on between guys."

Nathan shook his head. He'd just now realized that Aaron wasn't the gayest straight man he'd ever met after all. The boy couldn't walk a straight line if his life depended on it. But Aaron was so far in the closet, it would take nothing short of a bulldozer to dig him out; and that wasn't Nathan's job. It had been a lovely salacious thought, imagining himself and Aaron together, but the dream sequence was over and his ass was aching to be fucked.

"I need to get going," he said. "I want to be in and out of the club before midnight, so I can spend a couple of hours with the guy before you wander your drunken ass back in here."

"So, you just head in there... snag someone... and bring him back here to fuck?"

"That's generally how it's done, yeah."

"Do you even bother getting to know the guy?"

Nathan checked his wallet for condoms and then tucked it into his back pocket. "What would be the point of that?"

"I don't know... maybe you would have something in common to talk about."

"Aaron, guys don't cruise gay bars looking for their next husband. They're looking for their next fuck... and time spent talking, means less time fucking."

"It just seems so impersonal."

"Sweetheart," Nathan said with his best 'gay' voice. "By the time the night is over... if you haven't been up close and personal with every inch of that man's body... you're doing something wrong."

Aaron sighed heavily. "Well, I'll leave you to it. Sarah is out with friends tonight, so I'm going to hang with some of the guys from the team for a while, and then I'll head over to Sarah's dorm later."

"Sounds like a plan." Nathan pounded on Aaron's back as he headed for the door. "I'll see you later. Have a good night."


The night had been a complete bust. The temperature outside had dropped way below zero, prompting most people to stay home. Attendance at the club had been abysmal and Nathan had come away forty dollars lighter and twice as horny.

He rolled closer to the wall and hauled the comforter over his shoulders. It was bloody freezing in their room. The woollen socks and sweatpants he'd pulled on were barely making a difference. He'd checked the thermostat and it was registering a balmy twenty two degrees, which was complete bullshit.

The door, as if on queue, crashed open and Aaron spilled into the room with a waft of frigid air at his back.

"Oh, my god... I'm so cold," Aaron stammered.

"That's because it's winter, jackass. Close the fucking door."

"Christ, I can barely feel my fingers."

Nathan rolled back to face the room.

"Where are your gloves?" he asked Aaron. "And your winter coat... and your boots? Fuck, Aaron... what the fuck were you and the guys doing?" The lunatic looked as if he'd been liberated of every piece of warm clothing he owned.

"It's a long story."

"Isn't it always with you?" Nathan climbed out of bed and started rooting around in Aaron's closet. He selected the warmest sweatpants and sweater he could find and a pair of thick socks. Aaron's pants were covered in snow and would soon be a wet reminder of whatever asinine activity Aaron had partaken in that evening. At least he wasn't drunk. Dealing with a hypothermic drunk person was not on Nathan's bucket list.

"Everything off," Nathan said, "and then put these on." He handed Aaron the clothes and climbed back into bed. Those few brief moments outside the relative warmth of his comforter had chilled him to the bone.

He shrieked as Aaron's icy cold hand found its way onto his bare arm. His icicle ridden roommate had climbed into bed behind him, and was attempting to spoon.

"Sorry... my hands are a little cold."

Nathan tried to shift back to look over his shoulder, but Aaron was plastered tightly against him. "What the fuck are you doing?"

"I'm just so fucking cold... please, don't throw me out." His teeth chattered in emphasis. Nathan couldn't be sure if Aaron was faking it or not, but then Aaron's entire body started shaking.

"God dammit, Aaron. Why do I have to suffer for your stupidity?" He reached back to make sure the comforter was covering Aaron's body completely and then hauled him closer. He would not be accused of being self centered in this situation, even though he could no longer feel his toes, he was so cold. Aaron was drawing the warmth from his body like a wick.

He closed his eyes, trying to get comfortable, and sighed contentedly as Aaron's cold hand unexpectedly found its way onto his chest in search of a warm companion.

Gripping Aaron's hand tightly in his own, Nathan soaked in the feeling of security provided by Aaron's gentle and familiar presence and drifted off to sleep.


Normally, waking up with another man's morning erection jammed up against his ass would've fired Nathan up on all pistons, but he was going to take a moment to evaluate his situation first; much to the despair of his own throbbing cock. He concluded that Aaron was obviously still asleep, or he would've moved away or gotten out of bed, so he shifted forward to try and gain some distance.

"Don't get up yet." Aaron yawned and pulled Nathan back onto his hips, flooding Nathan's mind with possibilities. Aaron was so fucking hard against him, and if he wasn't mistaken, Aaron was beginning to grind on him, tentatively forcing the thick shaft of his dick to rub Nathan's crease. The heavy breathing in Nathan's ear was a clear indication that Aaron wasn't doing something absentmindedly this time.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm rubbing my dick against your ass."

"I detected that all on my own." He grasped Aaron's hand and pressed it against his own rock hard dick. "My question is why?"

"You smell really good in the morning."

"That's your why?"

"That's my why."

Nathan shivered as Aaron slipped the hand he'd laid on his cock into the front of his sweatpants and started stroking him. This was definitely an advance. He groaned in disbelief as Aaron kissed the curve of his neck and licked a long line up to his ear, taking the soft lobe into his mouth. Maybe Aaron wasn't as deep in the closet as what he'd assumed. Maybe he'd done this before.

"I've never done anything like this before," Aaron whispered quietly and kissed Nathan's neck. "I'm not sure what to do."

Or maybe not. Nathan reached back and ran his hand under the band of Aaron's sweatpants and hauled them off his hips. He needed to feel the warm flesh of Aaron's cock against his skin.

"Just listen to your body," he said, shifting as Aaron struggled to remove his sweatpants completely; the poor guy was so nervous he was quivering. "I'll guide you through the rest."

Nathan pulled his own pants down and rid his body of them, using his feet to peel them off his legs, and shove them to the bottom of the bed. Aaron's thick cock was immediately back where it belonged, rubbing ardently against his ass.

"Where do you keep your condoms?" Aaron asked.

Fuck, was Aaron planning on going all the way? Nathan hadn't expected that. He'd thought they'd just rub off against each other and leave the actual fucking for another time. Not that he was complaining. "Bedside drawer... the lube is in there as well."

The sound of the wrapper being torn, and the tantalizing snap of a condom securely in place, had Nathan's heart racing in anticipation. He tucked his knees up; curious as to whether or not Aaron would know what to do next. The gay porn Aaron had probably been watching on the internet wasn't the most reliable source for gay sex advice, but maybe Aaron had been doing some additional research as well.

Aaron's hand, slick with lube, slid down along Nathan's crease, straight through to his balls, and then backtracked. Nathan exhaled sharply as Aaron slipped a fingertip in past the outer rim of muscle and then retracted it. Aaron wasn't sure of what he was doing.

"It helps to open me up," Nathan said. "So it doesn't hurt as much when you start fucking me."

"It's going to hurt?"

"That's all part of it... the pain, pleasure boundary. As long as it doesn't hurt too much, it's the most incredible feeling to be riding someone's dick like that. There's nothing else like it."

Aaron circled the pulsating ridge of Nathan's hole with his finger. "What do I need to do?"

"Start with one finger, gentle at first, and then work up from there. You'll feel my ass loosen up and relax. That's when you'll know I'm ready for you, alright?"

Aaron kissed Nathan's shoulder as acknowledgment and dispensed more lube into his hand, warming it between his fingers before beginning. Nathan gripped the pillow as the first of Aaron's fingers pushed into him. His roommate's finger was thick and rough; and made him feel slightly self conscious.

It was one thing having a guy's dick up your ass; that felt absolutely normal in terms of his social comfort, but having a guys' finger up there felt far more personal, especially if it was a friend's. Funnily enough though, he smirked, the thought of Aaron's tongue thrusting into his ass only brought on feelings of lust.

He reached back and grasped onto Aaron's arm. The visual of Aaron's face buried deep in his crack; his hot breath tickling the hair of his balls, combined with Aaron's deep fingering was going to make him cum if he kept it up any longer. He needed him to stop.

"Did I do something wrong?"

"No, I just really need you to fuck me." He tucked his knees tighter to his chest. Judging by what he'd felt rubbing against his ass, Aaron was hung like a fucking horse. His preferred position to take something that size in would've been lying on his back, but Aaron probably wasn't ready to have the reality he was fucking a guy thrust in his face quite yet. "Shift down my body a bit... and take it slow. You can't just shove it in there. Use lots of lube, keep up a steady pressure, and let me draw you in, alright?"

Aaron grunted in agreement.

The high pitched shriek, followed by a low panting whine came out of nowhere. Nathan had never emitted a sound like that before in his life. The chorus of Johnny Cash's 'Ring of Fire' immediately began playing in his head as the tender flesh of his ass seared with pain. No amount of stretching could've prepared his body for this assault on his senses. He hadn't had anything that big up his ass since the last time some guy had fisted him, and they'd worked up to it over the course of at least half an hour.

"Are you alright?" Aaron asked as he stroked gently at Nathan's thigh and kissed his arm.

"You're an awfully big boy, Aaron."

Never before had Nathan ever considered backing out of a fuck, but he was giving it serious consideration. He wanted to be able to walk around and sit down like a normal person in the coming days.

"I wanted my first time to be with you." Aaron kissed Nathan's arm again and rested his forehead against it. "I knew you'd be cool about it... and not get all impatient with me."

Nathan relaxed slightly, letting Aaron slide a bit further in.

"Your first time is important," he said. "You'll always remember it." He laughed softly. "Mine was with this geek, Tom Strachen." A heated pulse shot up Nathan's spine as Aaron closed in against him.

Aaron readjusted his position. "Tell me when you're ready."

"Just give me a second."

"So, what happened with this Tom guy?"

Nathan snorted with amusement. "It was during our middle school graduation... so, like grade nine. We ended up behind the equipment building outside the school. It was pouring rain, but we were too worked up to wait for a better venue. We came back into the auditorium completely soaked; sporting grass stains on the knees of our pants. I was grounded for a month over that one."

Aaron backed off and thrust forward gently after Nathan tapped him lightly on the hip. "I like it when you laugh." Aaron thrust again, more forcefully this time. "The sound spills out of you like it's new to you, and you're not quite sure where it came from."

"My life hasn't exactly been a picnic full of opportunities to practice my laughing skills." Nathan gripped the sheets with one hand and braced himself against the wall with the other. Aaron was rapidly increasing his pace and force, jamming him closer to the edge of the bed. "But that... is a story... for another... time."

He groaned loudly and clenched his teeth. The pain was gradually being taken over by overwhelming euphoria as the endorphins flooded his system. Then a warm rush of unbridled desire surged up from his balls, tightening his cock. Aaron had encased it with his rough calloused hand and was stroking it in unison with the increasing strength he was using to pound his ass into submission.

Nathan was barely aware of his surroundings. The sound of Aaron breathing heavily in his ear, and the warmth and power of Aaron's body against and inside his, were consuming him. And then Aaron started into a volumous stream of seductively primal noise that had Nathan releasing his own voice. He could vaguely hear people milling around in the hall outside their room, but at that very moment, he couldn't care less who heard them. In all the years he'd been fucking around, he'd never felt this swept away before.

Aaron shoved Nathan forward, bracing his own arm against the wall as the other wrapped around Nathan's chest to hold him securely against his body. Against the better judgement of his reality skewed mind, Nathan gasped out the word 'harder' and immediately collided with the rough surface of the painted concrete wall as Aaron readily oblidged. That was going to leave a nasty bruise. But as long as he didn't suffer any permanent brain injury, Nathan wasn't going to complain. He liked it rough.

Regardless, a sigh of relief passed Nathan's lips as Aaron grabbed him by the waist and aggressively hauled him further down the bed, away from the wall, and plunged back into him with a decisively urgent fervour. Nathan's mind rolled as his body lit up again. Fucking hell... mild mannered Aaron was an animal in bed.

Nathan rose up onto his knees at Aaron's insistence and steadied himself against the bed, so as to not pitch forwards. He wasn't even going to have to touch himself in order to cum. Aaron's massive dick was more than capable of doing all the work.

"Try to angle down," Nathan said. "You'll be hitting my prostate heavy and I'll be able to cum without stroking off."

"You can do that?"

"Definitely." He dropped his head down, sensing the increased pressure as Aaron followed his instructions. The tension began to build rapidly after that. There was no way he was going to be able to back off on the orgasm building in order to enjoy the sensation. Aaron's cock was compelling him forwards, rubbing the exact spot needed to get him off.

Nathan erupted with a new guttural and volumous utterance as he climaxed in waves of fulfillment, showering the bedding in thick short bursts. Aaron wasn't far behind him, shuddering through a crest and collapsing on Nathan's back, pinning him to the bed.

Nathan immediately coughed and swatted at Aaron to get off. The weight of Aaron's muscular body was crushing his slightly smaller frame. He could barely breathe. But the pain of Aaron withdrawing had him thinking that next time they ought to wait until Aaron softened up a little, regardless of the possibility that he could end up unconscious from lack of oxygen.

"Sorry." Aaron sunk into the bedding and motioned for Nathan to join him. He grunted contentedly as Nathan settled into the concave of his shoulder. "Hey, I've been meaning to ask you something. When did you realize you didn't like girls?"

"I think I've always known. I remember having a crush on a guy in my kindergarten class. My mom freaked out when I told her. My being gay never sat well with my parents." Say it Aaron... tell me you're gay... release yourself from all the lies you've been living.

"That must've been difficult, knowing your parents didn't approve. How did you ever get past that?"

"I stayed confident and true to myself, knowing I'd been born this way for a reason." The closet is a dark and scary place, Aaron. Take a step into the sunlight with me...admit to me that you're gay.

"Did you pick up a guy tonight?"

"No, the club was pretty dead."


Nathan brushed his hand across Aaron's chest and tucked tighter into him. Good as in... good, because I want to know where your dick was before I touched it, good... or good, because I want to start a relationship with you, good.

"I have to get going," Aaron said. "It's almost noon."

"Is it really?" Nathan pushed up so he could see his clock. "What the fuck happened to the time?"

"We slept in, that's all." He leaned over the edge of the bed and lifted his pants off the floor. "I have to meet Sarah at one for lunch. We're going to check out the new exhibit at the art gallery."

Nathan fell back onto his pillow. He knew exactly where this was going. Absolutely nowhere. Aaron wasn't willing to admit he preferred dick, or maybe he considered himself to be bisexual. He'd met a few guys like that. They'd all turned out to be gay.

"You'll keep this to yourself," continued Aaron. "I wouldn't want the guys on the team to find out what we did."

"What on earth would I say to them? Hey guys, great game. By the way, did you know Aaron climbed into my bed last weekend and shoved his massive dick up my ass? And he fucking loved it, because deep down, he knows exactly who he is."

"Fuck off! I'm not gay."

"Oh, I see... so you were just trying gay on for size."

"I was curious. That's all."

"Then what was all that bullshit about wanting your first time to be with me. Having a first time would imply that you intend on having other times."

"You must've misunderstood me."

Nathan bunched up his fists. Let the back peddling begin.

"I wanted to see what it was like," continued Aaron. "But I'm not gay. I have a girlfriend and everything."

"Funny... most straight guys I know would rather cut off their left testicle than stick their dick up another guy's ass."

"Why do you have to be such an asshole about this?"

"Because, obviously, that's all I was to you."

"You know that's not true."

Nathan exhaled heavily and rolled over to face the wall. He suddenly felt like he needed a couple more hours of sleep. "Have a good time with your girlfriend. I'll just lie here and contemplate what the fuck just happened, and why I feel like a strung out hustler on a Monday morning."

"Christ, do you have to be so fucking dramatic?"

"Yes, I do... I'm gay, remember?"

"Don't start in on that whole gay thing again." Aaron laid his hand on Nathan's shoulder. "You're one of my best friends, and we shared something together... that's it." He leaned down and kissed Nathan's cheek. "I'll see you later."

The temptation to scream once Aaron closed the door tore at the back of Nathan's throat, but he throttled his frustration and bit into his pillow instead. Wiping the memory of what he and Aaron had done together was going to require nightly visits to the club, and lots and lots of unadulterated meaningless sex.


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