- As written under my pen name of Gavin E. Black

There was nothing in the fridge besides a loaf of white bread, a few condiments, and something that was completely unrecognizable swimming around in the bottom of the crisper drawer. Groceries were always a bit sparse right before my brother, Andrew, got paid. But I wasn't in the mood for another jam sandwich.

I felt really bad. I honestly did. My inability to find a proper job and keep it for any length of time had really put my brother in a spot financially. I'd officially been living off his generosity for almost three months now, and he was getting sick of my mooching; a topic of many heated discussions.

I threw the fridge door closed, empty handed.

Now what am I supposed to do?

Leaning over the back of the sofa, I slid into it and rolled onto my side. My shoulder blades and lower back were bruised and extremely tender after being stretched out on those beer kegs last night. But they were the least of my worries.

I was unemployed again.

I'd tried to explain to Andrew that it wasn't entirely my fault that I'd been fired from my position as a bartender at the club 'Crush' after only one night. But without being able to give him the full details of what had pissed my boss, Dylan, off so much, I just came off sounding like an idiot. And I had no plans of ever filling Andrew in on that little piece of information.

I'd blown Dylan and let him fuck me and cum all over my face, but he'd been hung up on the fact I'd turned away from his kiss. He'd actually had the nerve to call me a tease after what I'd let him and Jake do to me last night.

A tease? Fuck you.

I was comfortable being called a slut and a whore; it was a real turn on, but I was no tease. What kind of tease lets you strip them, soak them in beer and use them to that extent?

Tease, huh.

Just because I wouldn't kiss him, the fucker had fired me. Talk about sexual harassment in the workplace.

I eased further into the cushions of the sofa and undid the Velcro fastener of my swim shorts. Andrew wasn't due home from work for a while yet, and the memory of everything that had happened to me last night was making me hard. I slipped my hand into my shorts and stroked my cock flat against my stomach.

Stretching off the edge of the sofa, I reached for the towel I'd left on the floor after my shower and spread it out on the cushions to protect them and slipped my shorts completely off my ass and lay down on my stomach. My fingers dug into the space between the last sofa cushion and the armrest and I propped myself up on my elbows as I thrust the hardening length of my cock and the sensitive head between my body and the towel. I dropped my head forward, groaning and biting my lip as my arousal ramped up.

This wasn't going to take long.

I shut my eyes, imagining it was Jake beneath me, taking my cock deep into his ass. And he was making the most incredible noises. I used the memory of his voice last night, moaning and sighing as he'd fucked me, to drive me further. But the abrasiveness of the towel was starting to chafe my skin, distracting me.

I needed to finish up.

Spitting a wad of saliva onto two of my fingers, I twisted around and pressed them into my ass in one swift move. I liked the way it burned and then eased off. I tipped my ass, penetrating it as far up as I could and rocked my hips back against the towel; my body undulating with increasing force as I imagined Jake's voice calling my name; crying for me to fuck him harder. I bent my free arm around, settling my lips on it and licked and kissed at my sweat dampened skin, envisaging it was Jake I was tasting, and he was responding to the feel of my mouth on his with low groans and sighs of desire. I slipped my tongue into the soft crook of my arm, dancing it into the heat.

Oh yeah... fuck.

I tempered my cries against my arm, biting into my flesh as I jammed my hips forward and coated the towel and the flat of my stomach in a warm blanket of slippery release; each shudder reducing the friction until the tip of my cock was too sensitive to continue. Last night had worn me out sexually in some ways, like the need to have my ass full of cock, but in other ways, like the need to pump my cock into something substantial, I couldn't get past the recurring desire regardless of how many times I'd jacked off this morning.

God, Jake, where are you?

I buried my head in the cushion and let my fingers slip from my ass. I couldn't believe this was happening. I needed to talk to Jake, but I had no idea where he was. He'd been gone this morning when I'd woken up. He'd just left me there in his bed and taken off. I'd tried calling his cell phone but had only got his voicemail and a message that his mailbox was full.

I pushed up onto my knees and used the towel to wipe down my stomach. The bathroom was definitely next on my agenda and I'd only just finished cleaning up when I heard Andrew's keys unlocking the front door. I scrambled back to the living room, shuffling the magazines around on the coffee table to make it look like I was tidying up.

My unemployment status automatically relegated me to the position of maid, but I was useless at it. I hadn't even managed to figure out the washer and dryer yet. Not that I hadn't tried. But I always ended up sorting the clothes into far too many piles, and Andrew had thrown a fit when he'd found out how much money I was pumping into the machines with the extra loads. If it hadn't been for the elderly lady down the hall taking pity on us, my brother and I would either be walking around in dirty clothes, or clothes that I'd managed to utterly destroy by washing them together. I don't know how she managed to keep everything nice.

As for the rest of the apartment—it was a mess; and not because I'm a slouch and ungrateful for everything my brother was doing for me. It's just I have a bad habit of becoming distracted. Usually by simple things. Like alphabetizing and categorizing my brother's vast vinyl record collection in new ways, or reorganizing the files on my computer to suit whatever my latest criteria quirk was. Nothing major. It was just time consuming.

"Hey, Andrew," I said as my brother wandered into the kitchen and slid a case of beer onto the counter. He didn't answer me. "How was work?"

"It was work, Connor. You should try it sometime."

And here we go again.

"Andrew, I'm really sorry about—"

Andrew slammed the fridge door and all the little magnets I'd arranged so meticulously fell to the floor.

Oh dear.

I moved to pick them up and fix them, but then changed my mind. Andrew was eyeing me with a strange look on his face.

"Where were you really last night?" he asked. He leaned heavy on the island. I wasn't sure if he was angry or something else I couldn't quite place. Worried? Repulsed? Both?


"I told you. I was working at Crush last night," I answered.

"And that guy Jake from the beach got you the job."


"As a bartender."

"Yeah." I circled the island but Andrew skirted away from me. He was definitely freaking me out. "Why all the questions?"

"Because...." Andrew tucked his arms across his chest. He looked like he was going to throw up.

Oh my god. He knows. How does he know?

"What did you hear?" I asked, wanting to get it over with. Maybe he hadn't heard too many details. Although what part of letting two guys fuck me in front of a group of onlookers could be sugar coated enough to sound like a normal activity.

"Was it you?" Andrew's gaze flicked up onto my face and then shot away. He couldn't even stand to look at me. "In the basement... with those guys. Was it you?"

Now, I probably could've said 'no' at this point, but I was fairly certain Andrew already knew the answer to his question. Someone he knew had obviously seen me.

I sunk down onto one of the kitchen stools.


My brother's head whipped up at the sound of my voice. "Don't fuck around, Connor. Just tell me if it was you."

I ducked my eyes. "Yeah." I looked up, meeting his gaze. "Yeah, it was me." I slid off the stool. "Look, Andrew—"

"I don't want to hear it." Andrew threw his hands up and dragged them through his hair, gripping at his head while his face turned a horrendous crimson. His hands slid back away, balling into fists, and slammed onto the counter. "What the fuck were you thinking? Do you actually get off on sick shit like that?"

My only response was a deep sigh, because the answer was 'absolutely'. I absolutely got off on sick shit like that. And Jake must've sensed that about me during our marathon sex session last week when we'd first met. I'd let him do things to me that I'd only dreamed of. I hadn't even had to ask. Jake had just instinctively known what I needed.

"Is that why you got fired?" Andrew asked.

"Not exactly."

God, not now.

Someone was ringing up from the lobby.

"It's Mom and Dad," Andrew said, pressing the key on the phone to let them in.

My stomach lurched. "You called them about this?"

"No, you moron." Andrew shoved me on his way to the front door. "The barbeque is tonight."

Shit. Totally forgot.

The annual barbeque was an institution in my family. When we were kids it had been great fun. All the neighbours would show up at my parents' house, and Andrew, my sister Karen, and I, and all the other neighbour kids would run around like lunatics while the grownups got completely smashed. As we got older, we became more adventurous and started stealing some of the unattended alcohol, and by the time we were teens, every one of us kids was well practiced in escaping to the shed for a quick toke and a shag with whoever was willing. Those were good times.

Nowadays though, the barbeque rotated from one family member to the next without the added excitement of neighbours. After we'd all moved out, it had been my mom's idea to change things up, but none of us kids ever had enough money, so my parents still ended up footing the entire bill for the food.

"What do you mean by not exactly?" Andrew said as he studied me from his place beside the front door where he was waiting for my parents to emerge from the elevator.

"I wouldn't let him kiss me, alright?" I said, shrugging for emphasis. "My boss was one of the guys doing me in the basement. He fired me because I wouldn't kiss him."

Andrew's face pinched in obvious confusion and he swallowed; his adam's apple bobbing a few times before he could speak.

"You let him," Andrew started and then indicated his meaning with his hand. "And he fired you because you wouldn't kiss him?"

"I know, right? It's totally messed up."

"That's the part that's messed up?" Andrew clasped a hand over his mouth, laughing at me; which was alright. It was better than the close to vomiting face he'd had earlier.

"Connor... buddy," he said. "You're seriously fucked up, you know that?" He peered down the hallway, but the elevator hadn't arrived yet. "So where does Jake fit into all this?"

"He was the other guy," I replied as I tried to arrange the fridge magnets exactly as I had done earlier in the day, before Andrew had knocked them all onto the floor. The heavier ones had a tendency to slide a ways, so you had to be sure and start them a bit higher than what you wanted. That way they would slip into place. I lifted my finger away and let the last one drift into its spot.

"Is that where you stayed last night?" Andrew asked.

I stepped back to examine my work. All the colorful alphabet magnets Andrew had bought me last Christmas as a joke, lined up perfectly. But I'd spelled out Jake's name with the second set in the midst of all the other patterns.

I hadn't meant to do that. Spell out his name.

"Yeah." I turned away from the fridge and leaned into it, watching as our mom and dad made the long trek down the hallway to our apartment; their arms laden with bags of food.

I made for the door to help them.

"He took me back to his place," I said, "gave me a bath and put me to bed. And when I woke up this morning he was gone."

And that last part was making me feel sick. I couldn't understand why Jake had taken off. He'd whispered to me in the basement; saying that we needed to talk. And we definitely needed to. But every time I'd started to say something last night, Jake had pressed a finger to my lips and said, "Not now".

After the bath, I'd passed the fuck out; sore but happy, thinking I'd wake up in Jake's arms the next morning. But all I'd woken to was a raging erection and no one to share it with.

I shoved the front door, smashing it into the wall as I strode through to help with the groceries. Jake had better have a damn good explanation for skipping out on me like that because I'd actually soaked a small portion of his pillow with my tears this morning. And that had really pissed me off. I hated feeling needy.

Dinner was incredible, especially the steak. My mom knew how to take even the worst cut of meat and turn it into something fabulous. Not that this was a bad cut of meat. It wasn't. But she'd given it the same treatment; marinating and grilling it to perfection.

I looked up and caught her eye. For some reason my mom always looked proud of me. Don't know why. I'd never done anything to make her proud of me. All through school my grades had been pretty mediocre. I'd stayed out of trouble for the most part. I'd only been suspended once, and it hadn't really been my fault. I'd made the mistake of laughing while another guy vandalized the school with chocolate pudding of all things. Apparently, that's tantamount to committing the crime yourself. Or so I'd been told by the Principal when he'd booted me out for a three day holiday.

"How was your dinner, Connor?" my mom asked as she strode towards me to gather up my plate; a plate I knew would soon be replaced by a smaller dessert dish piled high in fruit pie slices and whipped cream. And coffee. There was always coffee.

"Dinner was great, Mom. Thanks for bringing all this food over and doing all the cooking and everything. We were running a bit low on supplies."

"Still no luck on the job front?"

"No." I shook my head. "Not much happening out there. The tourists just aren't showing up like they did in previous years."

"Sign of the times, I suppose."

"Mm, yeah I guess." I twisted around in my seat. The phone hadn't rung, but someone was knocking at the door. It was likely one of the neighbours wanting to complain about the smoke from our barbeque wafting into their suite. It never failed. But there wasn't much we could do about it.

"Connor," my mom said from the direction of the front entry; she'd answered the door for us. Andrew, my dad and I were all too stuffed to move and Karen had buggered off somewhere; probably to the balcony for a cigarette. My lovely sister had arrived about two hours late and then spent the next two sucking back wine and cigarettes until she could barely walk. Some things didn't change.

"Yeah, Mom?" I answered, peering at her.

"There's a young man here to see you."

The uncertainty in her voice told me something was up. Full or not, I leapt to my feet, and padded across the room to see who was at the door. It was all I could do to keep my mouth from dropping open. I'd never seen him dressed up like this before. His pressed khaki shorts and white button down shirt, that was barely buttoned, accentuated his sleek body in all the right places. He looked stunning and gorgeous, and downright edible.

And he was carrying a massive bouquet of flowers.

"Jake? What the fuck?"

"I'm sorry," Jake replied as he shifted nervously; which was surprising, because Jake didn't strike me as the kind of guy that got nervous... about anything.

"I didn't know you had company," he finished.

I pressed him out into the hall away from my mom and closed the door. "What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to give you these." Jake held up the flowers, indicating that I should take them. I wasn't entirely sure I should. If you accepted flowers from a guy, what did that mean exactly?

What did you want it to mean?

I fingered the edge of my shirt and then gave in to my impulse, taking them. "Um... thanks," I mumbled, unsure of what to say.


Now I felt like an idiot standing in the hallway with a bouquet of flowers and nowhere to set them. I wasn't sure if I should cradle them, dangle them, or throw them over my fucking shoulder. I was beginning to regret taking them because once Andrew and Karen saw them, they'd never let me forget the day some guy had showed up at the apartment and given their baby brother flowers.

I'd never live this one down.

They smelled really nice though. I stroked the smooth edge of one of the petals. My brother and sister could bug me all they liked. I'd never been given flowers before and I was keeping them.

"I'm sorry I took off this morning before you woke up," Jake said. "I had some things to think about. And I always think better when I run so...."

"You went running?"

"Yeah." Jake lowered his gaze. "I know I said I wanted to talk, but I kind of...."


Jake nodded and his neatly combed hair slipped out from behind his ear, descending into a half moon shape that framed his cheek. I almost reached out to tuck it back, but I didn't want to throw Jake off by touching him. He seemed to be on the verge of abandoning whatever he'd come to say, and taking off instead.

"Connor, I—"

"Did you want to come inside?"

I know, I shouldn't have interrupted, but Jake was stressing me out with all the stuttering and stammering. I knew whatever he'd come to tell me had taken a lot of thought and apparently a lot of courage on his part, but I wasn't sure I was ready to hear it.

I clutched the flowers tight against my chest.

"I'd like you to come in," I said, "and meet my family. They're all here for a barbeque. We do it every year. It's kind of a family tradition. My mom makes the best potato salad... I'm sure there's still some left. Oh, and pie. She makes the best pie."

I stopped.

Jake was grinning at me.

"What?" I asked, bringing the flowers up to cover my face. I was blushing profusely. I could feel the heat in my cheeks.

"You're beautiful. You know that?"

I blinked, biting into the cello wrapping on the flowers, and peered over the top of them at Jake. I'd never been called beautiful before, and I wasn't entirely sure how I felt about it.


"Hm...." I lowered the flowers. My mind had wandered.

"I said, I really like you."

I exchanged the cello wrap for my bottom lip as I studied Jake's eyes watching me. I released my lip, sucking a drop of spit back into my mouth.

"Are you sure?" I replied finally.

"Yeah, I really do, and I don't know if it's too late after what happened at the club last night, but you have to know I never would've set you up for that if I'd known."

"If you'd known what?"

Jake stepped closer, making me jump a little. But in a good way. The guy gave me the most incredible goosebumps whenever he was near to me. When he was so close I could feel his breath dancing across my skin. My cock throbbed at the thought of him caressing my body with his hands, enveloping my mouth with is, and thrusting into me until my mind filled with the endless points of light he always brought to life within me, each one flashing more brilliantly than the rest for a brief moment, over and over again until....

I shivered as he touched my arm.

Oh my god.

I could almost feel my heart struggling to beat in sync with his.

"If you'd known what?" I asked again.

Jake lay a hand on my chest, very near to where my heart was yearning to be released from my body, and spoke softly to me. "If I'd known how deeply we'd connected the day we were together. Baby, when you kissed me last night—"

"Jake...." I whispered, in a low, breathless tone I hadn't even known I was capable of producing; the unfamiliar sound was ripe with longing and something much stronger than desire. I needed Jake more than anything I'd ever needed before in my life.

"Connor, I need—"

Oh fuck.

The flowers hit the floor at relatively the same time as my arms found their way around Jake's body, and I crushed my lips against his, devouring his mouth, and sinking into the moist and furious response I'd been dreaming of since I'd woken up this morning without him.

My Jake.

The Jake I needed to have wrapped around my body; our arms and legs entwined and our cocks pressed between us. Shifting and teasing each other until one of us couldn't stand it any longer, and rolled over, offering ourselves....

I stopped and pulled back.

But it's always going to be me.

Jake had told me quite emphatically that he'd never bottom for anyone; ever. And that didn't sit well with me at all. I liked playing the role of the submissive one, letting him use me and call me names, but I didn't want it to be like that between us all the time.

"Baby, what's wrong?" Jake lifted my chin with the curve of his pointer finger, and brushed a thumb across my bottom lip.

"Nothing." I shook my head. This wasn't the time to get into this. But we'd have to at some point. If Jake and I had really connected then he should at least be willing to try something new in the interest of building our relationship.

Our relationship. God... how did that happen?

"Let's go inside," I said.

Jake dipped down and lifted the flowers, handing them back to me. "We should probably put these in water."

"Mm." I pushed open the door, flowers in one hand, Jake in the other. This was going to be interesting. Not that anyone in my family was going to be particularly surprised to find out I was gay, but actually meeting the guy I was currently sporting a serious boner for might be a different story altogether.

I decided to play it casual.

"Mom, Dad... Karen, Andrew," I said as I stepped into the living room, being mindful to keep the flowers low enough to cover the undeterred bulge in my pants from being seen. "This is Jake. I met him last week at the beach, and ah... we've decided to start seeing each other."


A single exclamation from my dad and a snorting giggle from my sister. That was it. No one else said a word.

"So... we're going to head off to my room," I finished. "Jake and I still have some things we need to discuss."

"It's nice to meet you all," Jake said while practically wringing the fingers off me, and then he bumped me through the door of my bedroom faster than I could possibly keep up with. I tripped and landed flat out on my bed, which was fine by me.

Jake winked at me and unbuttoned his shirt the rest of the way and landed on top of me. His mouth found mine before I'd even had a chance to ask him what his intentions were. I was all for making out in my room, but my family was only one thin wall away from us, and my door wasn't even closed all the way over.

But then his mouth began doing amazing things to my body; warming my balls and sending tendrils of fiery shimmers into my cock; expanding it past the waistband of my swim shorts.

We needed to stop.

Jake groaned deep into my throat, and ran his hands into the small of my back and down onto my ass. And at that very moment, I ceased to care about the world around me.

"Mm...." I rolled my hips up to meet his and tucked my mouth close into his ear. "Close the door. I need you so bad right now." I thrust up against him again, shivering as his hard cock pulsed against mine. "There's no way I can wait until they leave."

"Yeah, I don't know," Jake said, pursing his lips. And then he nodded knowingly. Someone was tapping on my door.

"Oh, I'm sorry," my mom said. "Your door was open. I thought—" She gripped onto the door frame. "I, oh...."

"I'm going to put these flowers in water," Jake said, retrieving them and skirting past my mom into the hallway, presumably to the kitchen. I reached for a pillow and pressed it against my lap as I sat up. My mom really didn't need to see what Jake had done to me.

"Your dad and I are going to get going. We'll give Karen a ride home so you don't have to. Your brother's been drinking."

"Thanks, Mom."

I watched her studying me as she contemplated whether or not she wanted to say anything more. I didn't want to be the one to open a conversation that might make her feel even more uncomfortable than she did already. So I waited.

"How long?" she asked finally.

"I just met Jake last week."

"No." Her hands went to her mouth and then clasped together, nesting against her throat. "I mean, how long have you known?"

How long have I known? Was there ever a time I didn't know?

"Mom, I've always known. I just never... I don't know. I suppose I should thank Amy for dumping me. I never would've hooked up with Jake if she'd continued to put up with me."

"Things weren't good between the two of you?"

I just shook my head.

"But you were talking about getting married," my mom continued. "I thought you and Amy were happy together."

"What the fuck, Connor?" Jake said as he stepped into my room and closed the door behind him after my mom quite literally scurried out, making her apologies.


"Who the hell is Amy?"

I shut my eyes, thinking. There was no easy way around this. Jake had been my first. And he deserved to know that.

"Had you never—" Jake started and then stopped, sinking onto the bed beside me. "But you—" He covered his mouth.

I shook my head. "You were my first, Jake." I watched his expression change from shock, to disbelief and then to something else; the start of something deeper, and it scared me. I wanted it. I knew I wanted it. But it scared the crap out of me.

"Why me?" Jake asked as his palm found its way onto my face, immediately soothing my nerves. The tips of his fingers danced into the heat dampened curls of the hair clinging to my temple, loosening them. I panted against his wrist, needing him closer, wanting to taste his skin. I kissed his wrist and lingered, sending tremors cascading through the muscles supporting my upper body. I collapsed into him, shivering as his voice surrounded me.

"How did I get so lucky that you chose me?" he asked.

I dampened my lips. "I just knew. When I first saw you, I just knew you were the one. The one I'd been waiting for."

"Why didn't you say anything?"

I peered up at him. "Like what?"

Jake pressed his lips against my forehead. "Nothing. It doesn't matter." He leaned into me, pushing me over into the untidy waves of dishevelled blankets that seemed to have become a permanent characteristic of my bed. They felt stiff and scratchy against my back as Jake sunk me into them, but I liked my motley crew of blankets. They held a lot of childhood memories. Being here surrounded by them was fitting really; like I was coming full circle. As a small child I'd snuggled into these blankets dreaming of the day a boy meant just for me would find me. And now here he was, in these same blankets, with me.

"Where did you just go?" Jake asked.

"Nowhere." I touched his face. "I'm right here with you." I squirmed beneath him, burrowing deeper into the blankets. I needed him. I needed to feel him. "Undress me."

Jake's fingers were quick, sliding my shorts off, and removing the sheer tank top I'd dared to wear regardless of what my brother had said about it in the past. Jake's clothes landed beside mine on the floor and he surged towards me, rolling me onto my stomach.

His tongue tickled the base of my spine and followed the row of little bones up to the tiny hairs on my neck, and he bit playfully at my shoulder as his cock rocked against my crease; its slippery tip teasing my hole each time it dipped increasingly deeper.

Under Jake's weight, I actually felt a sense of freedom. The freedom to be myself and have my needs met. And most of all, I felt cherished and secure in his arms. It was weird because Jake and I barely knew each other, but it was unmistakeable. Jake needed me as much as I needed him.

I arched my back, jamming my ass against Jake's shaft and drew it back between my ass cheeks, teasing my hole; it jumped and pinched, longing to feel him deep inside.

No... wait.

I reached back, running my hand through Jake's hair, slowing his assault. "I need something from you," I said.

Jake settled his lips against my shoulder. "What do you need?" He brushed his fingers up and down my side, tickling me. I flinched, giggling.

God, I hated that.


I shoved at Jake until he relinquished his position and rolled away, leaving me to turn onto my side, facing him. This needed to be established now before we sunk into a familiar assumption. I'd been dating women for over ten years before I'd met Jake. I was used to topping. I liked topping; even when it had been with a woman. I craved the feeling of power it gave me.

"I need you to be more open," I said. "I want this to work between us, but it won't if you always want me to be your bitch."

It was quite comical the way Jake's eyebrows arched up towards his hairline, but I didn't laugh. This was serious. I had intense feelings for Jake, but honestly, this could break our relationship.

Jake's chest expanded and retreated a few times and then he lay back on the bed and looked at me, his eyes rimmed with trepidation. He licked his lips and reached a hand out towards me, pulling me closer. I sank onto his lips, tasting the uncertainty. He was actually trembling.

Maybe I didn't need to do this after all.

"Jake, you don't—"

"No, I want to." Jake brushed his hands up into my hair, drawing my face closer to his. "You entrusted me with your body on the first day we met and then again last night. I thought you'd done it all before, and that's why you were so confident and willing, but now...." He exhaled a long sigh. "Now I know the truth."

"That I just trusted you, pure and simple."

Jake nodded. "I feel the same way about you. I trust you. And I know you wouldn't be asking if it wasn't important to you."

I lowered my forehead onto his. "Jake, if you hate it, I promise I won't ever ask you to do it again." I set a light kiss on his lips. "But it means a lot to me that you're willing to try."

Jake flashed me one of his heart stopping smiles.

"So," he said, hooking me with his legs and hauling me closer until I was nestled between his thighs; the rise and fall of my stomach pressing and releasing his cock between us while my own was wedged between his ass and the scratchy blankets.

"So," I mimicked and dropped an open mouthed kiss in the center of his chest. I extended my tongue, drawing tiny circles as I repositioned myself and flicked and sucked one of his nipples into my mouth. Jake just hummed quietly, squirming a little, as he worked his cock against my body.

When he lifted his arms and dangled them up behind his head, gripping the pillow in complete submission, I almost came at the sight of him. He was the sexiest thing I'd ever laid eyes on.

I scooted up his body and inhaled the tantalizing scent of the taut skin stretching from the curve of his neck to the tender hollow behind his ear. I sucked a lobe into my mouth, savouring it, and then ran my tongue along his collar bone to where his shoulder dipped off under his arm. His scent was stronger here, buzzing my senses. I brushed the bridge of my nose through the soft, fragrant hairs beneath his arm and then spun my tongue in them. My body responded with a shiver that ran straight from my gut to every extremity, and suddenly I couldn't get enough.

By the time I dragged myself away; Jake was heaving and struggling beneath me. He definitely wasn't ticklish, but the attention to the skin beneath his arms and up and down his throat had left him breathless and his pupils dilated fully; black with desire, tempting me further. I pushed up on my knees, straddling his body. Jake smiled shyly and his gaze drifted down to my cock and then back to my face.

"You want it?" I asked, stroking my cock. It really didn't need the extra attention; it was hot and tight in my hand, but my steady pull and twist had Jake licking his lips.

Jake nodded and reached for my hips, directing me further up his body. I fell forward, grabbing my headboard and sunk my knees into the pillows at either side of Jake's head.

I gasped at the wet heat. Jake's hot, pink tongue had licked the precum streaming from my tip, dipped into the slit for more and smeared it around his lips before sucking me in, enveloping my shaft with his tongue.

My head dropped forward. Jake's mouth felt so good, I was going to have to concentrate. I didn't want to cum anytime soon. All the time I'd spent edging for my own personal enjoyment was going to come in handy. My stomach clenched, trembling as Jake's hands stroked up the back of my thighs and grasped the round peaks of my ass and pressed my hips forward. The pace he set as I fucked his face almost pushed me over the edge.

I pulled back and out, and grinned down at him.

"You're way too good at that," I said.

Jake waggled his eyebrows with a bawdy cockiness that was irresistible. I pushed back and descended onto his mouth. His lips were moist and soft and tasted of the strawberry chapstick I'd seen him tucking into his pocket earlier. I allowed him free reign, and his tongue invaded every possible surface of my mouth until I forced it back, tickling the tip with my own.

His mouth fell open in response, emitting the most incredible sound. I echoed it and layered my body on his, grinding against his rock hard response to our kiss.

"Mm...." I released his mouth and bit at his chin, pinching and caressing his nipples before dragging my body down his and taking his cock into my mouth. I played my tongue around the ridge a few times and then descended fully on it, enjoying the feel of the velvety head slipping along the roof of my mouth.

I wrapped my hand around his shaft and stretched the skin tight to his body making the head tip, pulsing in my mouth, and leak down the back of my throat. Jake's hand raked through my hair; his hips thrusting. A sound stirred in my chest. The taste of Jake's arousal as it hit the very base of my tongue was incredible. I swallowed and sucked him back to the tip, closing the skin back over the head and stroking him a few times.

"That feels good," Jake said and then flicked his gaze up to the ceiling. He was still really nervous.

"Jake, I'll take care of you, alright?"

He nodded, making me feel a little apprehensive. How could I promise him something like that? I'd never done this before.

For him you can.

I kissed the underside of his cock and licked the crease between his balls. I sucked one into my mouth, savouring its unique taste and texture before popping it back out through my lips. I pressed his thighs up towards his body and Jake hooked them with his hands. This was definitely new territory for me.

"Fuck." Jake writhed deeper into the bedding. I'd only just touched my tongue to his hole, but it had completely set him off. The tight ring of muscle jumped, pinching closed as I breathed across it. I pried his crease open further and angled in, licking and prodding. Jake's hand shot forward and strangled a fistful of my hair, making me release hot exhalations of laughter onto his balls.

"Oh, my god, Connor." Jake lifted his head and peered at me. "That feels incredible." He watched me for a second and then lay back down. I smirked and set back at him.

He's never even had this done before.

I took the opportunity to torture him a little. Doing so would build up his need, making him less apprehensive. And it made me smile to see him struggling to retain his composure.

When I pressed two fingers inside his ass though, and started stroking his prostate while sucking him off; he lost it. I could only hope that my brother had passed out after putting away the amount of alcohol I'd seen him consuming, because there was no possible way he wouldn't hear Jake's volumous stream of obscenities and cries for me to please fuck him; and fuck him hard.

"Fuck. Connor. Please." Jake's hands went under my arms and he hauled me up his body, groaning and bucking his hips as he wrapped his legs around me.

I grinned at him. "Are you sure?"

"God, yeah." Jake cupped my face and pressed the most amazing kiss onto my lips. "I want to feel how much you love me."

I blinked.

There. He'd said it. It was the craziest and most unfathomable thing that had ever happened in my life and there was no hiding it from him any longer. I was in love with Jake and he knew it.

I ducked my gaze away and stared at the pillows, almost wishing I could will them into swallowing me up. I don't know why I felt embarrassed, but I did. This was all moving so fast.

"How?" I asked as I stroked the pillow case; the heat of Jake's body beneath me reminding me that we were together now. He wasn't upset with me, or feeling like he needed to escape. He'd come to me. Knocked on my door. Wanted into my life.

Regaining my confidence, I met his watchful eyes.

"How did you know?" I asked.

"When you kissed me last night, I felt it. It rocked me to my core. I didn't know what to do with it."

"Hence the running."

Jake nodded and his breathing sped up. He shuddered through a wet gasp. "I've never been in love before—"

"Oh, fuck... Jake." My thumb brushed a tear from Jake's cheek as it streaked towards his ear. He didn't need to say any more. I'd seen it in his eyes earlier. Our hearts had been on a collision course with each other from the first moment we'd met.

Jake exhaled and laughed, smiling at me. I winked at him, kissed his cheek and rolled away, hauling my bedside drawer open. I still had a few condoms left from when Amy used to stay over. No lube though. That was in the drawer of my computer desk.

I scrambled for it, knocking my chair crashing into the wall in the process, which amused Jake to no end. Especially when my brother thumped on the wall and yelled at us to "shut the fuck up".

Jake was stretched out on his back still creased up laughing when I climbed back onto the bed.

"You're adorable when you're flustered," he said.

"Then expect me to be one hundred percent adorable whenever I'm around you because you seriously fluster me." I leaned in and kissed him then sat back on my haunches between his legs, ripping open the condom wrapper. Jake's hand cruised up and down my thigh and then across my stomach, reaching for my chest and tweaking at my nipples as I got organized.

"I can live with that," he said as he dispensed a sizable dollop of lube into his hand and began coating my cock. He hummed against my lips as I took his mouth again.

Um... yeah.

His hand glided effortlessly, twisting and pulling at my shaft and then he shifted, depositing the remainder of the lube from his hand into his crease.

His breath shot hot across my chin.

"Could you?" he said, laughing and smiling against my lips. "I can't quite reach." His legs fell open wider than they'd been before and his hips rocked up, causing his ass cheeks to clench as I massaged the lube deep into his hole with the length of my thumb.

"Relax, baby." I brushed a hand across his stomach and he loosened his grip somewhat. "You're alright."

Jake grabbed my arm as I withdrew from his body.

"Be gentle with me, hey?" he said and then dropped his hand to his side, raising it again to stroke my hip as I caressed his entrance with my cock, getting him used to the idea of what was coming next. I circled it a few times, each time pressing deeper, then held steady and used my fingers to direct the anxious, flushed head of my cock into his body.

His eyes pinched closed.

"Breathe, hun," I said as I slid a little further and then stopped.

Holy fuck.

Was not expecting that. I clenched my teeth. My body was screaming at me to thrust further and bury my cock to the hilt inside him. The feel of Jake's tight ring strangling the head of my cock was unbelievably uncomfortable.

"Fuck, you're tight," I said as I caressed one of Jake's thighs to relax him. Cliché, I know, but he was. I adjusted my other hand around my cock to keep it in place and pushed a little further.

"Ah—" Jake's hand slammed onto my chest. "Stop, stop."

"Do you want me to pull out?"

Jake shook his head. "No. Just give me a second." He threw his head back and licked lips. "Okay, go."

I eased in a bit further and almost lost control when the walls of Jake's ass wrapped around my cock, enveloping it in seductive, pulsing warmth. I fell forward, using one hand placed close to Jake's waist for balance as I caught my breath. This was more intense than what I'd been expecting.

"You alright there, buddy?" Jake said, ruffling my hair.

Very cute.

I grinned. "I will be in a second."

"Mm... god—" Jake tightened around my cock as I settled my balls against his ass. "Fuck, you're big."

"No, baby... you're big." I backed off and hammered home gently. "I just feel that way in your tight little virgin ass." I filled him again, harder this time, and Jake arched up to meet me, his voice filling the room with groans and a high pitched panting that fired me up each time my cock found its mark deep inside him.

I sunk onto my elbows, pressing my body against Jake's as I continued to deliver each loving thrust, hoping that the endless points of light I always experienced when he was moving in me, were lighting up the blackness behind his closed eyes.

And then his eyes fluttered open.

"I'm close," he said as he studied my face, searching for something. "I want to cum with you. Are you able to do that?"

"Mm... Hm." I covered his mouth with mine, and forced my tongue deep inside and then released him. I attacked his mouth again as I increased my assault on his ass; my hips on the verge of cramping as I drove deeper. I released his mouth again, letting the sound that had been building inside Jake escape.

"Oh, fuck!" Jake raked his fingers across my shoulders as he fought to keep up with my pace, his own hips rocking against me, drawing me in. "Harder! Oh, fuck! Connor! Harder!"

The air in the room shattered into fragments of sound as Jake's fingers dug into my back. I'd never heard anything like it. The sheer cresting height of Jake's ecstasy as he pumped his cock and shot wet bursts up between us; his climax escaping the confines of our entwined bodies to land on the lips of his soft open mouth and streak, dripping down the headboard; was beyond anything I'd ever experienced before. It sent me over the edge.

And before the last pulse escaped Jake's writhing body, I dropped my restraint and convulsed into completion, grunting and swearing, as I licked the salty, sweat dampened skin of Jake's throat, and inhaled the musky, seductive scent of my lover.

I came to rest on Jake's lips again and swept the remnants of his cum into his mouth with my tongue. Jake's hands swept across my back and up into my hair, running his fingers through it as our mouths playfully teased each other.

Finally, the fact we were both shaking with laugher had us separating. I landed one final kiss on Jake's lips and his entire body relaxed as he wrapped his legs around my body, sighing happily and hugging me tight against him.

"I don't know, Jake," I said. "I don't think you liked that."

Jake snorted out a laugh and slapped my ass.

"You were unbelievable," he said and then wiggled his ass around, sending little jolts of overstimulation up my spine.

Oh, sweet baby....

It was going to be a long night. And it would be the first of many days and nights we'd spend together. We'd found each other on the beach that day. I didn't know it then, but it was a connection that would last a lifetime, Jake and I.

My Jake.

The boy I'd been waiting for. The one meant just for me.


Leigh Jarrett

[email protected]


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