The Customer/Dexter's Saga

By Joystick

Chapter #36

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End of Chapter 35

"Good! I was wondering when the truth would come out," Jesse smiled back at him and leaned in and kissed his lips.

"And they say we Arabs are blood thirsty..."

"Well, I am my father's son and you Arabs have trained me...."

Chapter 36

Monday, after returning to the city and on a secure phone, Rashid again called the Caliph trying to set up a meeting between him and Jesse.

“Look, I am going to permit Jesse to marry my niece! What more proof would you want than that? Do you think I would allow someone that was not committed to Allah and Islam to even touch her?”

“We are well aware of your feelings for her as well as Yethro’s feelings for him. Yethro has already reported that he is happy with the match and certain of his son’s commitment to Allah. He also reported the hefty bridal price he was forced to pay you. He says you drive a hard bargain. We are proud of you. There are few people who can say that they took that crafty old Bedouin to the cleaners, as the Americans say.”

“Well, Jesse is a “good catch’. He is on his way to both the Governorship of the state and later, when he is old enough; He will run and win the Presidency of the country. When he takes that office, he will replace this constitutional law with Sharia law and establish the western branch of the Caliphate. As his Uncle-in-law, I will be able to keep a close eye on him. He relies on me now for advice and will continue to do so in the future even more.”

“I thought Yethro was his ‘controller’.”

“Actually, no one is his controller. Both Yethro and I talk to him and offer suggestions and he follows most of our suggestions and recommendations.” Rashid said. “He has been learning Islamic religion and law and attends Mosque and classes every Friday. The Imam is very impressed with him and loves to debate points of law with him. He is trying to learn Arabic, but finds that difficult. He even comes up with ideas that are interesting.”

“Hmmmmmmm! That could be dangerous! We would rather have someone who is committed to us and will follow the orders sent out by the Caliphate.”

“If that is what you were hopping for, you can forget about ever establishing an American Caliphate up here. If there is one thing that Yethro was right about, it was that the United States would never welcome Allah or the Caliphate blindly. In fact, they will never accept any law except their own constitutional law. He has told you this over and over. You and I never believed him and that is the one overwhelming reason you sent me here. Well, I have been here for a while now and the longer I study the situation, the more I come to the conclusion that Yethro was right. America is different! The old methods will not work here. If we are to extend our Caliphate here, it will have to be done by an entirely new method. It must be done ‘The American Way’. We must allow them to set up their own Caliphate and only later can we absorb it into our world Caliphate. Or better yet, maybe we can join in their Caliphate!”

“Watch yourself! You are treading on blasphemy and treason. If you are not careful…. Well, do I have to remind you what will happen to you and your family?”

“You do not have to warn me of consequences! I know them only too well, but with all due respect, what I am telling you is the truth. You must accept this fact! If you do not want to believe it, that is your problem. That is the way it is and you had better face up to it or you will never have any kind of Caliphate here. You and I both know that the Caliphate must continue to expand. Without expansion, without the entire world under Islam, we will be lost. Even if one individual is left to exercise his own free will, we will have to admit that the infidel can be right. There is no alternative – expansion or death and the demise of our own Caliphate. Once that caliphate is established and running here in the United States, then we take over and absorb it into one grand Islamic World Caliphate.” Rashid almost shouted into the phone.

“Relax… don’t get so upset. Until now, our methods have worked in every other place; it is hard to believe that it will not work there. However I am willing to listen.”

“I know it’s hard to believe, for you, and at one time it was for me also. As much as I disliked Yethro, he is not only right but he has just about convinced the majority of State Governors in this country that there is a future for Islam here. And believe me that is no small accomplishment. Not only that, and the facts do bear this out, if he had been born here in the United States, he would be the run-a-way choice for the presidency today. And that would be without forceful methods.”

“Since when are you against the use of force?” the caller laughed. “You were always the one that was the first to draw your blade or gum.”

“Well I have since learned that while it is easy to cut the throat of an unarmed non believer or to put a bullet in the back of his head while his hands are bound behind him, it does not change his mind nor does it endear you to his relatives. And we must not only win over the people but their children as well. There are too many armed Americans to contend with. We must win the hearts and minds of these people. We must make them WANT to join with us. We cannot militarily defeat them and then expect them to lay down their weapons. They are full of incongruities. They profess to be a ‘Christian people’, yet they separate church and state. And they truly feel that this is good. We must convince them that Islam is the wave of the future and make them willing to cast off this Christian cloak that is strangling them. These people are all childish customers who, like Jesse, have entered our Middle Eastern Bazaar and have to be sold on Islam. We can sell it to them and we are doing just that.”

“I don’t know. It seems like ever one we send there is sort of corrupted by just living there.”

“Yes, it is a corrupting atmosphere, but neither Yethro nor I have been corrupted. We are just facing reality and trying to do the job we were sent to do,” Rashid explained. “If you don’t believe me, recall me and I’ll be glad to come home.”

“No, that will not be necessary. While I don’t agree with everything that you have said, perhaps you are right and, in fact, I think it just might be time for your Caliph to meet with this Jesse. Let us meet and see what you are all talking about. Yes, it is time. I will meet with him and see if I can observe what you and Yethro see in him. Perhaps, in addition to this, He and I can arrange the sort of formal alliance whereby he is bound to The Caliphate. That way, while we do trust both you and Yethro, we also will have formed a physical bond between us.”

Breathing a silent sigh of relief yet still cautious, he said. “Yes I’m sure once you meet him, you too, will recognize and see what we see in him. However, there is really no need for you to create a formal alliance with him. He is already bound to us by the payment of the “Bride Price’ for my niece, he is now part of my family both in blood and soul.”

“Yes, that may be true–for you, but not for the leadership of the Caliphate. Ronia and you are not of our blood and all the members of the Grand Council of Caliphates should be related by blood preferably. If not that, then by formal marriage or treaty.”

“Since when has this been the custom?” Rashid demanded to know.

“Idiot! What better way to insure the success than by blood? You know that has always been the case. It is written; the Caliph would have to come from the blood of the prophet. Unless your father, mother, or your sister’s husband are from that line, Jesse will have to marry into it before we will allow him to be a member.”

“Then all this is a fucking waste of time.”

“Not really, Yethro is of that line and while his adoption of Jesse has not been officially authorized as yet, we could get official recognition.”

“We have permitted non-converts to enter our community before. There have been many of them.” Rashid stated.

“Yes, we have, and most have been very helpful to us. And there is a chance we may do that with Jesse. It remains to be seen. Look, I admit that this is all very complicated. But these conditions and traditions must be met and respected,” his contact said. “However, in order to make sure that he is worthy, I would like to meet this young man. Who knows, if he lives up to what you say he is­–maybe we can work something out. It has been known that the Compassionate and Merciful Caliphate has ways to resolve things of this nature,” he laughed.

“Good, I will arrange something and let you know. You do the same and let me know,” Rashid said and hung up. Damn, he thought, they always find ways to complicate things.

Meanwhile, on another secure phone, Jesse was talking to the President and telling him about Rashid’s plan to introduce him to the Caliph.

“Do you think that is such a good idea? It could be dangerous,” the President said. “I do not feel that we should move so fast.”

“Good idea or not, it has to happen sooner or later and I think sooner is better.”

“How so?”

“If nothing happens, they are going to find others to carry out their program. Make no mistake about it! One way or the other there has been and will continue to be a concerted effort to take over our government. If not me, then they will use someone else. This way, I can make sure that we control the outcome.”

“You are right. It’s just that I have only a short time left in office and I wanted to see this settled once and for all!” The President said.

“So do I, but you can forget about a quick solution to this, This will go on and on for many years and there is not much we can do about it except to keep plugging away and hope something will happen that will tip the balance in our favor”, Jesse sighed. “I really hate to say this but I’m afraid that even if we ‘win’ this battle, we will find that we only won a small part of the war. There are billions of these nuts out there. While they might not all be crazy, the nuts do lead the sane ones and until the sane take over this will go on and on and on.”

“You are not very encouraging, but you are most likely right. Well keep me informed and thanks again!”

“I will do that, sir,” Jesse said and hung up.

During the week Jesse was called into Yethro’s office. As he sat down Yethro said, “I have a surprise for you. You can’t tell anyone about this. How would you like to go fishing in Lake Huron this weekend? Just the two of us. Friday we can stop by the lake and hitch up the old Chris-Craft Corsair and bring her up to Bay City, put her in the lake Friday evening and take her out Saturday morning for a day of real fishing. Have you ever been fishing on the big lake?”

“No. Is there anything different about it?”

“Not really. But the fish tend to be bigger and the water rougher. I think you will like it. In any event ­­­– we will be able to get away from business for a few hours. We need some time to ourselves. And the State can take care of itself for a few days. Besides, Dan can run things for a while and just in case he needs me, there is always the cell phone plus the ship to shore radio. You know that you and I have not had a few hours off since I took this office and I think we deserve a break. What do you say?”

“That sounds wonderful. I was going to take Ronnie out but I guess I can always do that. I mean, how many chances do you and I get to be alone? You know, I was just wondering if you were getting tired of me or maybe you were playing around on the side.”

Yethro jumped up and grabbed Jesse by the arm, spun him around, forced him over the desk and swatted him on the ass. Then he ran his fingers around over his backside and whispered, “I will never get tired of you and this sweet arse of yours.” And after a few playful squeezes and rubs, he let him up.

Jesse laughed and playfully rubbed his ass, “Now that you have warmed it up, it seems a shame to let it cool down.”

“I agree but there isn’t any time for that now. Maybe you should take some Dramamine this weekend. I plan to pound the crap out of you and all that bouncing on the water is going to make you seasick. Oh! One other thing–don’t forget to bring your passport. We might stray into Canadian waters and while I’m well known, even I have to show my passport if they ask me to. Now get back to work while I make all the arrangements. Don’t tell anyone about this or we might have the National Enquirer for bedfellows.”

“If you are afraid of that, why not invite Rashid,” Jess joked. “That way he can keep an eye on me and report to his niece that we are really going fishing and not going to meet with any other women. She thinks I’m still fooling around with Phyllis and that way it will cool her down about our not going out this weekend.”

“You, my son, are acting like an American hen-pecked husband. You are my son and as such are of Bedouin stock. You do not have to explain your actions to a woman–least of all to one that is your wife.”

“I can’t help it, Yethro, I do care for her and don’t wish to see her hurt. She never asked to be dragged into this! She is so young and inexperienced in things of the world.”

“You hurt Phyllis and it did not phase you in the least. Don’t worry about Ronnie. Both she and Rashid are of good Arab stock and will do fine. You just enjoy yourself and get as much sex as you can. It will only help in the marriage bed. And give serious thought about your conversion. I would not want you to go right from the knife of circumcision to the marriage bed. It will take time for you to heal and the blood on the marriage bed must be hers – not yours.” Yethro chided him.

Wednesday, Rashid got a call from the Caliph. “Rashid, my friend, I have decided to meet with this Jesse of yours!”

“Great! I will be looking forward to seeing you again,” Rashid said.

“Unfortunately, you will not be there this time,” he said. “I have talked to Yethro the other day and we decided to have a meeting between the three of us. Any more people will surely attract too much attention. Yethro will bring him to us, and if we think he is what we want, we will approve of Yethro’s adoption. Then, since he will be Yethro’s son, he will also be of the line of the prophet. I am sure that even if we do not approve, some other way would be found. I myself have a daughter that I’m sure Jesse would find desirable,” the Caliph laughed. “And I’m sure later on he may want to take her as his second wife just to seal the deal.”

“While I’m sure he would be honored to have her in his household–I’m not so sure either my niece nor the American public would appreciate another woman in his bed!” Rashid said.

“But if he replaces American law with Sharia law, it would be permitted and expected that he take another wife. Besides, from what I hear and read many American political figures do have many bed partners. All we do is legalize, authorize and permit it.”

“I’m sure the daughter of the Caliph would not like to be seen as a ‘second wife’! There must be hundreds of men willing to jump at the chance of marrying her, your Eminence.”

“Yes, there are many, but none with the potential of this Jesse. Hmmmmmm! Now that gives me an idea, Rashid, I wonder why I did not think of it before! You will marry her!!! That will close the circle. As your wife, my daughter can report back to me and be my personal representative to the American Caliphate. It also puts the blood of the prophet in your lifeline and ties the two Caliphates together in a strong knot.”

Rashid almost choked, but hoping that he was joking, he kept his mouth closed and said nothing.

“I see. Am I to understand that by your silence, you do not agree to this?”

After a while he said, “I was just shocked and humbled that your Eminence would even consider such a poor low-born person as me…….. I do not have words to express my feelings at this honor. However, I do not have the bridal price that would justify your daughter’s hand.”

“That is not really true. From what I hear you have a lot of money in a Swiss bank account that will become yours when Jesse marries your niece. However, I would require only a small portion of it to compensate me for the loss of my daughter. After all, I would not want to leave my daughter’s husband unable to support her.”

“But I will not be able to pay you right away.” Rashid pleaded. “The honor of our families will be besmirched.”

“Now, now, my dear friend let us not worry about that, my future son-in-law. Just provide me with male grandchildren that I can bounce on my knee… and do it quickly…. Now tell me if we have a deal….

“How can I refuse”….

“Good I knew you would accept my offer. Then it is all settled. I am going to arrange a meeting between Yethro, Jesse and myself and if I find him acceptable then he will be approved and welcomed into our inner circle. Good bye for now Rashid.” The Caliph smiled and put down the phone and said to his second in command who had been listening on an extention, “Now we shall see what this Jesse is made of….”

“What do you mean by that?” asked his assistant. “If he is anything like Yethro, he should be a horny homosexual.”

“I know it is the rumor that Yethro purchased him from that bordello, but he also freed him and then adopted him. No Bedouin would ever do that! How would you know that?”

“Yethro is capable of doing anything. Are you forgetting? It was that rotten son of a bitch that sold me into sexual slavery when I was in that hellhole of a prison. He and that bastard relative of his, Dan, hand picked, interviewed and even tried me out before shipping me over seas to be sold.”

“Now, now, my friend, I cannot find fault with them for doing that. After all you were serving a life term for multi-murders and never would have been set free under any circumstance. You were lucky that they spotted you as a prime example of manly flesh and realized that it was a waste of taxpayers’ money keep you penned up. Had he not sold you to the slavers, I would never of had the opportunity to find such a rare gem as you. Just look at what you have become since you accepted the true faith. While it is true that you can never return to the United State, you are now a free man and no longer a slave. I even treat you like my second in command and you act as well as a trusted advisor to not only me, but to the counsel members. Who knows there might even come a day when this Jesse sets up his ‘American Caliphate’ that I might even convince him to restore you to your place in the United States. Would you like to go back there?”

“I will never go back there. I like it here and I like serving you and our people.”

“Well. Be that as it may, I think that I will have a special job coming up for you.”

“And what is that, Master?”

“I love when you call me that!” the Caliph said and reached out and ran his fingertips along his lieutenant’s chin line and over his lips. “I like the way that beard is coming in. It changes your entire face and I don’t think, your mother or anyone else would recognize you as an ex-convict. Therefore, I have decided to take you with me on a big trip.”

“Where are we going?”

“We are going to take a trip to North America where we will meet this Jesse. You as well as a few more men will be going as my bodyguard. I may even let you meet Yethro! How would you like that?”

“I have already had that ‘pleasure, your Eminence, but, I would love sometime alone with him! If only to ‘thank him’ for all that he has done for me.”

“I don’t know. That sounds like you want to kill him. I know how you feel, but for now we need him and you will not harm him.”

“Your orders would be obeyed,” he said bowing his head. “But it would be hard to comply.”

“You will comply and do so, willingly,” he said reaching out and tenderly holding his crotch and giving it a bit of a gentle squeeze, “or I will see to it that you become a eunuch,” the caliph released his grip and said shaking his finger under his nose. “Do not force me to do that as you know how I will I miss seeing and playing with those big balls of yours. Is that understood?”

“Yes Master!”

“I will determine when and if you will kill him. Again ­––IS THAT UNDERSTOOD!” shouted the Caliph..

To be continued…


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