Arriving at the theater, Leo and Rex climbed out to a big crowd of people, standing in multiple lines for tickets.

"Packed much?" Leo said, looking at the several lines.

"Too packed...we could always go somewhere else... with less people." Rex said, feeling his heart begin to pound anxiously.

"You want us to take you somewhere else?" Lamb asked.

"Nah, we're good. We'll probably just catch the flick and then walk the blocks for a while, maybe get some dessert. Call us when you're done with your little rendezvous, and we'll come back here. Have fun! Don't do anything I would do."

"If that were the case, we wouldn't be going." Fish said, sticking his tongue out at him.

"Anyway, see you guys in a couple of hours. It's 6:30, so let's meet back here at 8:30." Lamb said, interrupting them.

"Make it 10... Enjoy yourselves." Leo said, hitting the top of the car with a few slaps. Grabbing Rex's hand they marched off into the big mass of people.

"Leo... I-I-I'm not good with big crowds. There're so many people. We could see the movie any time. Why don't we just go get ice cream? Or go... I don't know.... Anywhere else?"

"You've got to get over your anxiety of people. I ain't gonna let nobody hurt you. Trust me." Leo said, giving his hand a reassuring squeeze, "Now, what movie do you want to see? Pretend none of these people are here and it's just you and me. Close your eyes, count to 8, breathe and focus solely on me."

Rex did as he said, letting his fear slip away. He let out a deep breath and read the menu for the movie he wanted to see.

"We could see anything you want. I'm really not into the new age pictures. I only said it 'cause Fish wanted to sneak away with Lamb. So, it's up to you. Do they have any documentaries? That'd be good. Or a history movie?"

"Umm... I don't know, but we could go see Grace Unplugged. I've been reading about it online and it's supposed to be good. Now, go in with an opened mind, my little atheist, it's a Christian movie. So don't start spazzing out on me, okay?"

"I'm up for anything. Doesn't mean I have to believe it. But I'm open. Clearly, I mean I'm with you, aren't I? "

"You're so bad. So you don't mind?"

"Nope... snatch up the tickets and we'll go see something spiritual. You'd better hope it's good." Rex teased.

"It will be. It has to do with the big guy above. So I know it will be." Leo said excitedly, skipping over to get into one of the long lines to buy the tickets.


Meanwhile, Fish and Lamb were driving down the long road to a his dad's second hotel. He couldn't help feeling nervous. It wasn't like he and Lamb hadn't been alone together before, but this time seemed different. Maybe it was the fact that Lamb was older now, and even more manly. He glanced over at Lamb, seeing his nervousness from the way his fingers tapped against the wheel.

"So, your party was really amazing." Fish said, trying to break the awkward air between them.

"Agreed. I had a really good time. I'm extremely excited about my last gift."

"Really? You seem ultra nervous. We don't have to go if you don't want to. We could, go for a walk or-"

"No... I wanna go. I'm just really anxious. It's your fault though. But changing subjects really quickly-- you're really gonna be okay while I'm gone, right? I won't-"

"Please, don't say you won't go. I know I suggested that earlier, but I was just being spoiled. I'll be fine. Besides, you can bring me souvenirs back, but most importantly I just want you to do what you do best; which is being this devoted, altruistic, helping guy I fell in love with." Fish said, sliding his hand down Lamb's thigh.

Lamb smiled, "Good... Well, you know you can text and call me all day, right? And you and Rex won't be in too much trouble while we're gone. I am slightly worried about Estrella."

"I can handle her. If she wants to hurt Rexi she'll have to go through me. Maybe she finally got the hint though."

"I sadly doubt it. She's somewhere cooking up even more trouble. Call it a hunch, but there's definitely a reason for her absence. And it's not 'cause she's sick. Someone that evil doesn't get sick, they make others sick."

"Question... how did her and Leo even get together? I mean, opposites attract, but-- they haven't got one thing in common."

Lamb sighed, "Yeah, I never could see what he saw in her. She's a very pretty girl, looks wise. But her personality sucks ass. As you know. I think it was a matter of; he felt wanted, she saw someone she could manipulate and the rest as they say, is history."

"Cray-zay... Well, let's just hope she's done trying to get him back. I really don't have time for anymore drama. Besides, I have to start looking for a job. And I really don't want to."

"Is your dad making you get one, or is Iruka?"

"Neither. Rex is making me. He got a job at the mall, and he thinks I should get one too. But what is there for me to do? I enjoy shopping, so he suggested a personal shopper. Which might be good, but I don't know. Maybe I could open a store, and hire other folks to work there while I rack in the cash. Doesn't that sound promising?!"

"I guess... but I think you'd be really good as a personal shopper. Do they even have one of those at the mall?"

"I don't know... but I do see plenty of people who need my divine styling magic."

"Mmm... then I think that's what you should do. Write up a proposal to have one in an upscale store, take some testimonial photos of your work for a portfolio, and present it to whom ever wants to take a bite."

"Lammy-chan's so smart. I shall do that. These fashion mortals won't know what hit them." he said with a laugh, rubbing his hands together with a smirk.

"Oh, that reminds me... you know Leo got me those rave tickets, and I know he hates that kind of music... but-- umm... I was wondering, do you wanna go? I think Lil' Wayne, Kanye West, Jay Z, Whiz Khalifia, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Drake, Ludacris, Lil' Jon, T.I, Rhianna, Tyga, Jhene Aiko, and The Weeknd are set to perform. Just to name a few... I may have been reading up on this for a while." he laughed, "It'd be late at night, we'd be surrounded by loud, wild people-- but I think we'd have a good time. "

"Are you asking me on a date, Lamb?" Fish asked, with a giggle.

Lamb laughed nervously, "Yeah, I'd love for you to go with me. It'd be fun."

"I'm so in!! When is it?"

"Well, it's not till January. So, I guess I'm a bit early in asking."

"Oh... well, that definitely gives me time to pick out an outfit or two before then. Is this your first concert?" Fish asked, thinking this would be their first big date.

"Yeah, I've only ever watched them on YouTube. I hear they can get pretty rowdy though. What about you?"

"I've been to a couple. They were pretty spectacular! It's a whole different culture I tell ya. I was like the only Asian person there, so I was definitely noticed." he laughed, "But I had fun."

"Welp, I'm excited. After that we could make out in the back of the car or something. I've gotta be more creative." Lamb chuckled.

"Oh, I'm satisfied with a car. There's more than enough room to do more than making out. Maybe if you pull the car over, I could show you better than I could tell you." Fish said, running his fingers down Lamb's crotch.

Lamb smiled, driving 'til he found an abandoned parking lot that looked secluded enough. Parking the car, he snatched Fischer over to him, giving him a look as he pulled him into a deep kiss.

"You sure you want to do it here?" Fish asked, climbing onto Lamb's lap, "I mean, I'm only asking 'cause we could get caught by someone." he said, unbuttoning his blouse to reveal the lace green bra he'd teased him with earlier. He flashed him a smile before biting his neck with long sucks.

Lamb moaned out, "Y-Yeah, I'm--" he started to say as another moan slipped out, "Damn, that's what you had on under that shirt?" he asked, tracing every inch of his body.

"You likey? If we get in the backseat I could show you the matching panties that I had to squeeze into. Let me add, that I may or may not be hairless..." he teased.

Lamb smiled, climbing into the back seat as quickly as he could. Fish laughed, following him excitedly. Once in the back, Lamb pushed him down on his back and eagerly unzipped his tight floral jeans to the matching green panties. He stared down at his package with a pervy grin. Fish smiled, pulling Lamb's hand to his mouth, sucking his fingers lovingly as he stared up into his sapphire eyes longingly. He let his tongue trace up and down each one before he pulled him down into a kiss. Lamb wrapped his hands around his face as he let his tongue dipped in his mouth. Their tongues wrestled around happily, as Lamb slid his hand into Fish's underwear, he squeezed his balls a few times before stroking his cock up and down. Fish grabbed his arm, he gasped for air his body shivering with a burst of ecstasy. He moaned Lamb's name out in a lustful voice, arching his back as another orgasm rippled through him. He could feel himself getting harder and wetter by the second. Pulling him up, Lamb unhooked the bra and slid it off onto the floor. He sucked his nipples, pumping his cock at the same time. Pre-cum shot out as he continued pumping his hand up and down vigorously. Enjoying the feel of his sweet syrup dripping down his fingers, he sucked and bit his nipples before kissing his stomach slowly. Fish grasped Lamb's hair between his fingers, tugging at it as hard as he could, sending a multitude of sparks shooting through him. Unable to take it, Lamb snatched his hands from his hair and kissed them sweetly before taking his off his shirt. Fish trailed his fingers down his chest before they found their way down to the zipper of his pants. Pulling it down slowly he bit his lip with anticipation as he slid his hand in to play with the hard rod that was waiting to be pleased. Making love in the back of a car wasn't exactly what he had planned for their romantic night, but it was just as invigorating as he'd imagined.


A couple of hours had passed when Rex and Leo piled out of the theater with the rest of the movie goers.

"So... what'd ya think?" Leo asked, deciding to get his view first before he gave his own.

Rex glanced at him, "It wasn't too bad. My only complaint is that they didn't really dive into the 'bad things' she could've gotten into. I didn't too much mind her not being able to write her own songs, 'cause half of the people in the industry don't. But, I'm still on the fence when it comes to God and his followers. It's just, I still don't understand people who hold the bible in one hand and at the same time they have hate leaking from every pore on their body. But they love Jesus and all people, yet, they hate anything and everyone that's consider a sinner in their playbook. I never read anywhere where God said to hate other religions, or sinners. You're suppose to love people without judgment because he's the only one who can judge you. I think a lot of people forget that." he said with a sigh, "Other than making everyone outside of the church walls look like degenerates, I thought the movie was good. I just wish that people wouldn't confuse hate with living by God's rules."

"I get where you're coming from. A lot of peeps confuse living by the bible for a free-hate-everything-that-doesn't-comply-pass. But all Christians ain't that bad. Clearly, I'm one of them. Trust and believe, I clearly don't live by the guide book, but I do love God and all people. I don't sit around judging people, because it's not my place. Especially since I'm far be it from perfect. And though there're a lot of people who try to shove the bible down people's throats, I don't think it needs to be done. There's a saying, 'The sword isn't ours to swing; So, lay it down and judge not.' something like that. But-- anyway it was good, but it had a lot more potential. Let's leave it at that." Leo said, wrapping his arm around Rex's shoulders, "So, what do you want to do now? We've got a lot of time to kill. We could, find somewhere to make out... grab something to eat..."

"We're not doing anything like that silly. Not now, anyways. We made out earlier. Wasn't that enough?" Rex asked, bumping him playfully.

"Not nearly. Imma need something to keep my love tank full for two months." he said, as they strolled down the brightly lit street full of bustling couples and families.

"I'll give you something, but you don't leave until next week. We've got plenty of time. But listen, I'll only tell you this twice, and I won't be as dramatic about it as Fish was with Lamb, but, I will miss your crazy ass. We've only been together for a little while now, but I can't seem to remember what life before you was like. Actually, what life before any of you was like. I'm actually quite grateful for that."

"Awww, Uni!!!" Leo said, in a high pitched, overly, excited voice, wrapping him in a tight hug.

"Leo... you're squeezing me to death. I can't breath."

"Breathing is overrated."

"Maybe for you... people are staring." he siad, looking around at someof the people who were staring at them.

"They don't exist. And I'll miss you, too!!" he said, releasing him, "My only concern now is, Estrella. I don't want her trying to hurt you while I'm gone. Hell, not even while I'm here. But, I'll seriously snap."

Rex sighed, "I don't want that either. But, she's going to do what she's going to do. Fish and I can handle her. We have no choice but to. But I've dealt with crazier."

"True, but I think that Estrella's even crazier. Speaking of which, umm... have you heard anything on Behr's sentencing?"

"Behr has been moved to Sundial Vista Penitentiary. There's still no news on Ramsey's whereabouts."

"That's tough... I hope Ramsey's ass gets caught soon. He's my other worry.

"I hope so, too. I don't want to deal with anymore gun violence. Gilmore still hasn't been found, either... And I'm worried about Behr..."

"Why? What's wrong with him?"

"No, nothing's wrong with him. I just-- I still feel bad for him, is all. I really want to go see him. See how he's doing. He has no one else to visit him." Rex said, with a low expression, "I know he did wrong, but, I still love him."

"Eh, I'm not gonna tell you not to still love him. I'm grateful to him for helping save you and Fish. But, what he did was wrong. But at the same time, I think he's suffered enough. It's a complicated situation. Doesn't he have Umi to visit him? Not that you can't still go, I'm just curious."

"Mmm.... Fish says she's not doing very well. She's been locked in her house since he was hauled off. She really loved him. You missed the major show down she and Mr. Greyrose had."

"That's too bad. I don't ever want to know what that kind of heartbreak feels like. But it's crazy how no one knew about them dating. Mmm, but they're adults so they didn't have to introduce each other to their families... so maybe it's not that strange. But just think, if they would've, you and Fish could've been friends sooner."

"That'd of been great. I feel for her, I truly do. All that said, I doubt she's been to see him though."

"Hmm... Well, you wanna swing by sometime next week? I'll go with you... unless you wanna go alone? Which is cool."

"You're not completely comfortable with the situation, are you?"

Leo smiled, saying yes without having to speak a word, "It's okay. In all honesty, I don't know what I'd even say to him. It's probably crazy to go up there and bother him."

"I didn't say that, Uni. I think he'd appreciate you coming. He did wrong, and now he's paying for it. That's more than his brother and father are doing. It's just that prisons freak me out. That's all."

"Says the former convict." Rex said, chuckling lightly.

"Eh, a juvenile delinquent and an actual convict are two completely different things. You ass!"

"Yeah, one is too young to go to actual lockup so they send them to kid jail."

"I'm done talking to you. Now I really am gonna let you roll up there by yourself. I hope you're happy?" Leo said, crossing his arms in front of his chest as he stomped down the street ahead of him. Rex shook his head, not buying it for a second. He'd definitely go with him. As if he'd let him venture up to a big scary prison by himself. He laughed, not giving the empty threat much credence.

As Leo continued to feign anger his attention was quickly caught by the sight of his parents coming out of a new upscale restaurant by the name of 'Dicaprio's'.

He stopped in his tracks as he stared at them. Rex not paying too much attention bumped into him. He shook off the sudden impact and peeked around him to see what had him so entranced. Looking up at his gaze he followed it a few feet in front of him to his parents.

"Leo?" Rex said, seeing him become instantly enraged. He looked down at his clenched fist knowing he was ready to launch a full out attack, "Leo, don't let them get to you. I know it hurts but-" he started to say as Leo charged off to confront them. He knew he shouldn't, his brain was screaming for him not to, but it was being drowned out by the anguish in his heart. Rex chased after him, and grabbed him by his shirt to stop him. He jerked away and continued on the war path like a speeding arrow, on an unstopable mission for the bullseye. Coming face to face with him, he stared them square in the face.

"Oh, so you're alive? I didn't think you were 'cause that had to be the only reasonable explanation for parents, no matter how much they don't like their kid, not to come and see them after hearing they've been shot. But here you both are, alive and well. I won't bother asking you," he said, glaring at Channing, "'cause I know your answer. But I at least thought my mother, who just admitted she loves me not too long ago, and felt bad about all the past mistakes, would've at least pretended to care? Hell, I would've even accepted a damn e-Card! Was that confession just a joke?" he asked, glaring at the both of them.

Fayleen stood silent, unable to form a single excuse as to why she hadn't even called to check on him.

"You're obviously alright, considering you're making a scene. We were sure we'd run into you eventually, so get over it." Channing said, curling his lip up at him, "We're trying to go home, so move out of the way and stop embarrassing yourself." he said, putting his hand on his shoulder to move him from his path. Leo slapped it away and shoved him in his chest.

"You son of a bitch!! I know I'm just your gay son that you can't fucking stand, but I didn't think you could be this god damn heartless! Fuck, what am I saying? I'm talking to the devil. You have no heart!" he snapped, fighting back tears.

Channing stood his ground, catching the glances of all the bystanders who were watching and listening.

"I implore you to stop this, right now. Lower your voice and move..." he said, through his teeth as he stared him down.

"No! I won't lower my voice! Why should I?!" Leo asked, noticing all the people, "Oh! I get it!" he chuckled, "You don't want people to know that the great Channing Troublefield is a child-"

"LEONARDO! Stop it!" Fayleen yelled, cutting him off, "We're sorry we didn't come and see you. We--" she said, reaching out her hand to touch him.

He jerked away, taking a few steps back, "You were too busy to come check on your kid? I'm too worthless to waste your precious seconds on? Two seconds! Is that too much to spare? A phone call! Anything!? I got nothing from you! I could've died! I had to have surgery! Do you even know how crazy that is?" he asked, throwing his arms up in the air." Tears rolled down his face, as he continued going left. A cop and his partner came strolling up from behind his parents, after being informed of a public spectacle.

"Hey! What's going on here? We got a report about a fight and disturbing the peace... you people need help?"

"Oh, you assume they need help 'cause they're dressed all fancy. Typical! Yeah, let's all assume that I'm the one who's causing them pain and discomfort. That I'm the one attacking them!" Leo snapped.

"Sir, I'm only going to ask you once to calm down." the officer said, looking at him with a stern look.

"I AM CALM! What makes you think I'm not? Why don't you talk to him? He's the one who's done a multitude of crimes!" Leo snapped, gesturing his hand at his father.

"Leo!" Rex shouted, snatching him by his arm. Leo looked at him, his eyes overflowing with tears and anger, "Let's just go, okay? This isn't gonna do anything."

"Is there a problem here? Do you need us to take care of it or are you all done?" the officer asked, looking back and forth between Leo and Channing.

Leo swallowed a hard lump, "Yeah, we're good." he said, clearing his throat, "This wasn't gonna make an ounce of difference." he said, busting between his parents. As he walked through them, he and Channing shared a death glare that would've killed them both if looks could kill. Rex sighed, following behind him, but not before he gave his parents a little piece of his mind.

"Not that anything he or I say will make even the infinitesimal amount of difference, but you should be ashamed of yourselves. You should have a hard time sleeping, and I hope you both do. He could've died, but neither of you cares. You used to almost kill him with your fist, while your wife practically watched. I'm glad neither one of you showed up. He had all the people he needed there. You two are definitely people who aren't worthy to be in his life. If there's a place such as heaven or hell, I hope you both rot in hell. But you're so bad even Lucifer wouldn't want you." he said, walking off to find where Leo had disappeared to.

Following the long street for six blocks, he came to R.O.A.R park. The iron gates were locked, but it was clear by the sign of one of Leo's many leather bracelets that he was inside. Picking up his bracelet, he let out an exacerbated sigh, as he looked around for a way to get in. Seeing where the bars had been bent apart, he slipped through and searched the park for him. It was dark, with a few lights scattered here and there. After ten minutes of searching he found him laying at the top of a high hill that the kids had dubbed 'skyhill'. They loved to roll down the hill for hours on end. He was getting soaked by the night sprinklers as he lay beneath them crying. Rex stood on the sidewalk below, letting out a relieved breath that he had found him. Seeing a bench a couple of feet a way, he took a seat. He wanted to go check on him and comfort him, bet he decided it was best to let him cool his head a bit first.


Back at the abandoned parking lot, Lamb and Fish were resting in each other's arms, their clothes thrown over them like a makeshift blanket.

"That felt amazing... no, better than that. My brain isn't workin' at the moment, so I can't think of a better word." Lamb said, leaning his head against Fish's.

"My body is aching... that was the best I've ever had. Gosh, sex shouldn't be this good! We'll have to play like this again before you leave." Fish said, circling Lamb's chest with a glum expression.

"Indeed!" he said, grabbing his hand, "Don't be too down, Flores."

"Who says I'm down? I'm merely coming down off of a high. That's all. You got my all hungover... Damn..."

"What's on your mind?" Lamb asked, "I can tell there's something wrong, so what is it? The trip has you that sad?"

"No, it's not the trip. I'm over it, not over it. But, I'm just thinking about my sister. I really need to go see her. Iruka went the day before yesterday, and says she's really not herself."

"You wanna head over there?"

"Not now... it's late, and we smell like sex. So-- tonight wouldn't be the best time. I'm really worried about her. I've texted her and she says she's fine, but usually her text aren't just one word. So I know it's a lie."

"Yeah, she was more than vocal at the hospital. But we could swing by tomorrow, or Monday after school."

"I think I'm gonna let her rest up 'til Monday. I just hope she's okay."

"I'm sure she'll be fine." Lamb said, with a yawn, "Guess we should get redressed and pick up Leo and Rex?"


"Don't worry too much, Umi's strong, she'll spring back soon enough. Just tell her you're thinking about her and give her the heads up that you'll be by between tomorrow and Monday. I'm sure just knowing you care will make her feel a bit better." Lamb said, gently running his fingers through Fish's hair to calm his nerves before he kissed his forehead.


Back at the park, Rex finally decided it was time to check on Leo. He pushed himself off the bench and trekked up the steep hill. Leo had his arms covering his face as he continued taking in deep breathes to try and relax. Reaching the top, he looked at him with a small smile.

"I don't know if I should yell at you for leaving me and running off like a child or for almost getting arrested. So, I'll let you decide..." he said, popping his hip out to the side as he stared at him, "Leo? Hello? Leo!" Not getting any response he kicked him in his thigh with a huff.

"Eh! Was that necessary?!" Leo snapped, snatching his arm down from his face to look at him, "You see I'm crying here dontcha'?!"

"You left me alone with your crazy ass parents! You broke into the park and I had to follow your ass! I broke the law! I'm trespassing!.. The things I do for you, Troublefield." he scoffed, plopping down in the wet grass next to him, "Are you okay?" he asked, running his hands through the dampened grass.

"Ugh!! Did you hear what that bastard said?!! 'You're alive so stop complaining...' Fuck him-- " Leo said, mimicking his father as he pounded his fist into the ground, "I'm sorry about leaving you behind like that. I deserved that kick. Although it hurt."

"It was supposed to hurt. I should've aimed for your side or your chest, but I figured that'd be too vicious, even for me." he laughed, getting a tickle from the thought.

"You're wicked. Just an evil little unicorn." Leo said, side eyeing him with a disgusted look. He rolled his eyes, blowing out a raspberry as he closed his eyes back.

"Could you imagine me doing that?"

"Sadly, I could. I'm not sure if that's a good thing though."

"Oh, I tease." he giggled, "But I gave them a piece of my mind before I had to come search for you. You need to burn this bridge between you and them. If you don't, I'm gonna torch that shit for you. It needs to go up in flames and down in ashes."

"Agreed. They're gonna be the pure death of me. I swear it." Leo said, letting out a sharp exhale, "Thank you for keeping me from almost going off on that cop more than I did. That was kinda stupid." he chuckled wryly.

"Kind of? It was beyond ignorant!"

"Eh, did I really shout in front of a whole bunch of people that I'm gay?!"

"Umm... yeah. You practically gave a Public Service Announcement. This island is small and people are going to talk."

"I don't give a shit! Let them say what they will. I am what I said. And there's nothing wrong with that. Maybe there's something wrong with people who aren't born like us. They're the issue. So I'm glad I shouted it aloud!" he said, not feeling ashamed of his confession.

"I do agree. People like us, aren't the issue. At least we shouldn't be. It really irritates me. But what can you do?"

"There need to be more voices to speak up for human rights. I know there're tons, but there could never be too many. I'm gonna write me a memoir. What's there to be afraid of? I don't fear ignorance, ignorance fears me! Ohhhh-- he did that!" Leo said, with a laugh.

"You're too much. But that's a brilliant idea. I'd read it."

"You should write one, too. You've got an amazing story to tell. Seriously."

Rex scoffed, "Umm... I don't think I'd be brave enough to do that. But I'll tuck that away for a rainy day."

"Ugh, dude, you've got to get over yourself. You're the smartest person I know. You could write an amazing story. So get out of here with that scared shit! The king won't hear it." Leo said, rolling his eyes at him, as he lightly slapped him on his head, hoping that would knock the scared out of him.

"Alright, alright... geez, no need for assault. I'm gonna go find that cop and have you arrested."

"That cop should've been harassing them instead of me. Everybody's so blinded by the Troublefield aura..." he said, wiggling his fingers dramatically, like a wizard casting a spell, "But of course," he scoffed, "attack the blaxican boy... assume he's the one attacking folks. The nerve." Leo said, with a chuckle.


"Black and Mexican. My father is full black and my mother... well she might as well be full. Her mother is 50% so, I guess she'd be what, 25%? Which would probably only make me 5% if that much..." he laughed, "She pretends to not be either one. In mega denial."

"I had no idea you were mixed. I do recall you saying your mother was, but I just didn't think too much about it. So, she doesn't speak Spanish? Not that she has to. But you're so fluent..."

"Nah, she doesn't relate to the black culture or Latino culture. She hates that I speak Spanish. Lamb taught me all that I know. I'm less Latin than she is, but I like to throw myself into all kinds of different cultures. It's fun."

"I see. That's too bad. That's quite closed minded. But that's fitting to her personality."

"Indeed. I don't know how she's so closed off to both sides when she's half and half. Its far beyond me. But I guess it's the same as my dad being homophobic. Raised by what you hate, what a concept. Would that be considered ironicism?" Leo said with a sigh, shaking his head, "She's a mess. He's a mess. I just can't take it."

"I don't believe that's a real word... but it is rather ironic, yes. I especially dislike the way they make you so distraught. Some months away will do you some good. I want you to enjoy yourself. And while you're gone, I'll be able to focus on my studies."

"You say that like I'm a distraction." Leo said, looking over at him like he was going to stay just to keep being what he was to him.

"You are. But one I'm happy to have." Rex said with a laugh, playing with a blade of grass he had pulled up.

"Ass!" Leo said, taking the grass from him, "Eh, isn't that my bracelet?" he asked, noticing it strapped around his wrist.

"Oh, yeah... you dropped it outside the gates. I think 'thank you' is the phrase you're looking for." he said, preparing to take it off.

"Thanks." he said, rolling his eyes, "But keep it. I haven't given you any gifts lately."

"You gave me how many gifts just a few weeks ago? But I'll be glad to keep it. Gives me a piece of you to have while you're gone."

"How sentimental of you." Leo said, with a cocky smile.

"Eww, I know! Where'd that come from?" he asked with a chuckle, wrinkling up his nose at his last comment.

"You're so mean." Leo said, as his phone started binging with text message alerts. Slipping it out of his damp jeans he read the several messages from Lamb.

"I'm surprised your phone still works. It should've short circuited, what with how wet you are. You're probably gonna get pneumonia. Although, this was probably part of your sick mastermind plan, so you wouldn't have to go to school." Rex said, standing up to stretch.

"Le'gasp!" Leo said, covering his mouth in surprise, "How'd you know?" he said, with a snort, "Nah, I'll be alright. And I'll have you know, FYI, my phone is waterproof. So there! I, unlike you and Fish-taco, am a Samsung baby. I'm not hypnotized by the apples..." he said, pushing himself up.

"You poor thing. I feel sorry for you."

"I don't feel sorry for me. At least mybrand doesn't phase people out every five seconds. What iPhone is out now, iphone 300? They need to catch up to the times, baby. Your phone may be new, but it's living in 2012." he said, pushing him playfully.

Rex stumbled a bit, "Hey, I could've rolled down this hill!"

"Omg!! There's that genius-ness I was talking about! Let's roll down the hill and see who wins!"

"Are you bloody mad? I'm not rolling down this hill like some child! Nope, not doing it!" Rex said, crossing his arms over his chest as he turned his head up at the idea.

"Pweaseeee!" Leo said, sounding like a little child begging, "Please, Please, Please--"

"Okay, okay... if it'll make you stop. Goodness me..."

"I love it when you say things like that. It's so archaic."

"There you go calling me old again. See if I roll with you."

"Oi, don't get ya knickers it a twist, ole' chap. I think the way you talk is quite smashing, mate." Leo said, doing his best British accent.

"I hope that's not how I sound?" Rex asked, closing his eyes with a sigh as he shook his head at him.

Leo laughed, getting back down on the ground to prepare to roll,

"Come, come! Let us roll on to victory! Tallyho!!!" he said, excitably getting on his side.

"The things I get into for you. You damn fool. You'd better not hurt yourself... I'm really not sure this is-"

"Whoooooooooooooooo!!!!!! Hooooooooooo!!!!!" Leo shouted, not hearing Rex's warning.

"Smart... No, don't listen to me. Go ahead and splatter your guts out on the freshly cut grass, that we're not even supposed to be on!!!" Rex mumbled, preparing himself to roll down.

"Come on, chicken!! Cluck-Cluck-Cluck!!" Leo shouted from the bottom, making chicken sounds. He laughed, holding his stomach as he continued to crack up.

"OH SHUT UP!" Rex screamed, rolling down at warp speed.

"That's the way to do it!" Leo shouted encouragingly. He bounced over to him, offering his hand to help him stand.

"You so owe me." he said, grabbing his hand with a laugh.

"I made you be a kid for once. That's payment enough."

"Whatever, you're such a dork."

"You'd know, nerd!" Leo said, wrapping his arm around his shoulders, "We'd better haul it back to the theater, or as you call it, the cinema." he snickered, "Lamb and Fish finished early. Guess someone couldn't keep it-"

"HEY YOU KIDS!!! You're not supposed to be in here!" The sound of the park security man screaming from a few feet away said at the top of his lungs. His warning echoed by the reflection of his flashlight and the sound of his faithful dog's vicious sounding bark.

Without a second thought, Rexalynn booked it to the exit as quickly as he could. Screaming the entire way. Leo stood watching in amazement for a moment as the feeling of the security guards hand caught his attention.

Turning around, he flashed him a bright smile, as he squinted his eyes at the bright light shining in his face,

"Howdy, we were just leaving..." he said, apologetically staring down at the little older man who was barely at his chest in height, "Awwww, you're so cute!!" he said, turning his attention to his fellow small companion, "What's his name!?"

Making it back to the cinema, Rex turned around realizing after six blocks that he'd forgotten a certain someone. He bent over, resting his hands on his knees to catch his breath, as the sound of Fish and Lambert honking the horn caught his attention.

They climbed out wondering why he looked so beat.

"Rexi, what happened?" Fish asked, cocking his head curiously.

"Running, dog-- chasing..."

"Oh lord..." Fish said, rolling his eyes at the absurdity, "You really need to talk to someone about this fear..."

"Where's Leo? And are you alright?" Lamb asked, nudging Fish in his arm.

Fish rubbed his arm, and mouthed a 'what?' at him, like he didn't know why he was getting in trouble.

"He's still back there! The dog! It might've gotten him! Quick, we have to go get him!" Rex said, quickly snapping out of his exhaustion, "I'm a horrible boyfriend, I just left him to get eaten by the ferocious beast. I should've suffered with him...."

"I think you're being slightly overdramatic." Fish said, placing his hands on his hips, as he stared at Leo coming up the street.

"How? He's probably dead! It's all my fault! Why?--" he said, falling to his knees.

"Rex, he's okay... Seriously..." Lamb said, trying to calm him down.

Having seen enough, Fish grabbed him by his arms and forced him to get up.

"Seriously omega, he's fine!" Fish snapped, turning him around to see his goofy faced lover alive and well.

"LEO, you're okay!" he shouted elatedly, wrapped himself around him, "I thought the killer dog had gotten you. I was so worried..."

"Killer dog? Ohhh!! You mean, Muffins?"

"Muffins?" Rex asked, staring up at him curiously.

"Yeah, the security guard's dog's name was Muffins. Super cute little bulldog. I took pictures, you wanna see?" Leo said, whipping his phone out to pull up the pictures.

"You bloody IDIOT!! I thought the dog had eaten you, but you were busy playing photoshoot with it?! Are you effin kidding me?!"

Lamb and Fischer tried to stifle their laughs, but they were unsuccessful. They burst out in a fit of laughter, tears stinging their eyes. Rex blushed, feeling a bit embarrassed about his previous reaction.

"Buggar offf!! All of you!" he shouted, snatching Leo's phone. Leo was just about to try and catch him before the sight of a ratty looking stray cat caught his attention.

Stomping off to the car, Rex tried snatching the door opened, but the back doors were locked.

Clearing his throat, he stood waiting for someone to let him in so he could finish throwing his tantrum. Still laughing, Lamb unlocked the door for him. He climbed in and slammed the door as hard as he could. Letting go of his anger momentarily he opened it back, giving Lamb a quick apology for slamming it, before returning to his angry state.

After dragging Leo away from the stray cat that he'd quickly made friends with, they headed off to Lamb's. All-in-all, the day had gone wonderfully, despite the speed bump Leo had hit with his parents. He knew the trip couldn't come soon enough, he couldn't wait to get the hell out of dodge...


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