Heading back downstairs, Fish, Rex and Leo went to the living room where everybody was being told to hide. Lamb had just pulled up and was climbing out of his car. Taking their places, everyone waited patiently for the moment to shout 'SURPRISE'.

Coming up to the door, Lamb took a deep breath knowing his moms had put a lot of effort into his surprise party. He had to look as shocked as ever. He'd been working on his facial expressions the whole ride home, only finding one that was somewhat suitable. With that, he unlocked the door and stepped inside. He clicked on the lights to a loud, "SURPRISE!!!!!" from all his family and friends.

He flashed that gappy grin of his as he stared at all his family and friends. His cousins ran up to him hugging and pulling at him, vying for his attention. But no one was vying harder for his attention than his feisty red headed lover. Fish bulldozed his way through the bunch of children and wrapped Lamb in a big hug.

"You're body is mine tonight." he whispered in his ear in a seductive tone, before leaving him to his family who quickly snatched him into tight hugs and a multitude of kisses. He hadn't even finished catching his breath as he placed his best face back on and welcomed his family.

Fish sauntered back over to Rex and Leo who had swiped seats on the couch during the surprise shoutouts. Leo watched, trying to remember the last time all his family had been together like that. He sighed, unable to think of a happy birthday with his own family. He'd had several with Lamb's moms which he was grateful for, but he wanted the same thing from his parents. He shook his head, shaking the thought away with a low laugh to himself. He didn't know why a thought like that was flickering through his head.

"You guys didn't have to throw me a party! This is very unexpected. Thank you! I'm happy you're all here." Lamb said, pulling his moms into a tight hug. Though he wasn't too keen on surprises, he always loved seeing the people he loved in the same room.

"Yes we did. Our little baby is almost a man. Soon you'll be too old for us old women. We have to cherish this little window of opportunity." Lana said with a laugh.

"I'll always let you throw me parties, and I'll never be too old for you guys." he laughed. Letting his mind wander a bit, he couldn't help thinking about what Fish had planned for him. He could only imagine how wild it was going to be.

"Well, let's move this party outside, shall we?!" Sin said, ushering everyone towards the two acre backyard. It had been set up with chairs, tables, and a few game stations that no one knew had been hired. When Sinclaire threw a party, she really threw a party.

"When did she have time to set this up?" Fish asked, looking around at everything.

"Oh, she's been up since 3 A.M. doing this. The woman is a party wizard." Lana said, carrying some of the food to an empty table.

"Wowza." Fish said, with an impressed look.

Once the food was out and everyone had been moved outside, the party was finally ready to begin. Groups of people split off, some to eat, others to play games, or dance on the large dance floor. All and all the party was turning out to be a success. Leo had managed to pull Rex onto the dance floor and forced him to dance with him. He was embarrassed the whole time, but he secretly enjoyed himself. Fish was glued to Lamb's side, trying his best to drag him away from his herd of cousins, who were sticking to him just as hard as he was. But he was something they weren't, cunning.

"Alright kiddies, I think I saw someone with cotton candy, and some grilled pineapple skewers wayyyyy--- over there on the other side of the yard. Why don't you go check?!..." Fish said, coming up with a quick way to get rid of them.

"Candy!!!" they shouted out in unison, taking off at hyper speed.

"Oh, I didn't see the pineapple skewers. Where are they?..." Lamb said, looking around in excitement.

"You didn't? Hmm, my mistake." Fish said, shrugging his shoulder innocently, "Anyway, now that I have you to myself, why don't we sneak off to your room and have a party of our own?" he said, pushing his body against him. He fluttered his eyes, a coy smile painted on his lips.

"I'd love to... But, I've got guest to entertain and I'm the guest of honor. I can't just disappear. You and I will have time to celebrate your way, I promise, mi amour." Lamb said, caressing his face.

"Fine... But I'm gonna make it so I'm all you can think about this entire party."

"You're all I think about anyways." he said, flashing him a smile.

"Hmph... don't try and butter me up." Fish said, grabbing Lamb's hand. He slid it under his floral blouse up to his chest. Lamb's fingers danced over the lacy material a few times before Fish snatched his hand out, "I'll let you guess what I'm wearing. I'll give you another hint, it's a set, it's green, frilly and sexy. Oh, and you can take it off with your teeth." he teased, walking away as his grandparents came over to talk to him. Of all the times to be worked up, he thought to himself. He was happy the kilt he was wearing concealed the hard on that Fischer had brought on. Now he wished he'd of just snuck off.

Back on the dance floor, Leo had finally exhausted himself. He made a dash to the food table fixing a huge plate of ribs, cornbread, fries and another plate of dip. He took a seat at the table where Rex was catching his breath.

"Havin fun, Uni?" he asked, taking a bite of rib into his mouth.

"I assume. Other than being tortured on the dance floor, I could be worse." he laughed, taking a few fries from his plate, "You have way too much energy. Especially for someone who just had surgery."

"Eh, I almost died. I've got to kick my energy levels up now. Life is too short to be turned down." he laughed.

"Mmm... I see. Well, let me share some exciting news. I got a job earlier today."

"Already? Where at?"

"At this book store at the mall called, Fables. I start next weekend. And what do you mean, already? I need a job."

"Is big-Fischer making you pay rent? How's your new place by the way? I've got to come see it."

"No, Iruka's not making me pay rent. But I don't mind contributing. It's the least I can do. Everyone was very understanding of the whole I.S. thing so..."

"I see... Wait, you told everyone?" Leo asked, in a surprised voice.

"Yeah, I figured I had to. It was one of the only ways to explain the entire situation. So I put myself on the line and told them. But at least I feel a bit better with them knowing."

"I see... That's good. Guess you told them while I was sleeping?"

"Yes, while you were busy playing sleeping beauty, I had to confess about myself. But at least it was my choice. It felt kind of freeing, but I definitely don't want to have to tell anyone else." he laughed. "Oh, and I love my new place. With the exception of a four legged roommate."

"Four legged? You got another pet and you no tell me? What is it? Is it a cat?!" he asked excitedly, hoping it was.

"No, cat addict. It's not a cat. It's Raygan's dog, Bento. He likes me... a lot. Too much in fact. He comes in my room every morning and personally wakes me up with a spit bath. And he comes and flops himself down on me when we're on the couch. He knows I'm terrified of him, and he's just loving it. He's out to get me. I swear he is. He's down right crazy."

"Awww a puppy! What kind?"

"Aww nothing... he's crazy. And I'm not sure. He's humongous. He's the size of a horse."

"Great Dane?"

"I don't think so. But did you hear me about the out to get me part?"



"Is he fluffy, short haired, wired hair, or-"

"He's a long hair, lion looking dog."

"Hmmm... I'll have to google that later. But I'm sure he's not out to get you. He just wants to love you. So sweet."

"Sweet my ass... he's incredibly psycho. I swear it!"

"Ranting off about Bento again?" Fish asked, taking a seat with a plate full of fries and a bowl of soup.

"Fish-bait, what kind of dog is he? Rex said he doesn't know."

"He's a Tibetan Mastiff."

"Ahh... Never seen one of those before. Is he cute?"

"I guess... for a dog. I'm not much of an animal person. He's a sweet dog. Well behaved, with the exception of busting into Rex's room. Remind me on the way home to swing by the hardware store. One of my many uncles works there. He should be able to come fix your door."

"Brilliant! No more dog alarm!"

Fish laughed, shaking his head at him.

"So, where's the birthday boy?" Leo asked, searching the big sea of people for him. "I'm sure he's living this up."

"Hmm... I left him with his grandparents. I punished him before I left though." Fish said, flashing a devious smile.

"Punished?" Rex and Leo asked in unison.

"Oh, I let him feel me up, and now his imagination is running wild with what he can't have."

"You two are way too much." Leo said, stealing fries from Fish's plate since Rex had made his home in his.

"No, we're not as much as you two..."

Rex rolled his eyes, not claiming anything.

"Hey wasn't Rowan and your dad supposed to come?" Fish asked, spooning a spoonful of chicken tortilla soup into his mouth.

"Yeah, they were, but Gavin isn't feeling well. I think she said he came down with a stomach virus or cold. She apologized for not being able to come, and promised to have Lamb's gift next time she sees us. Which will probably be soon, since she informed me you and her made plans for shopping in a few days..."

"Aww, she told you? We were going to dress up like robbers and throw you into the trunk and spirit you away... Guess that plan's out of the question now, huh?" Fish teased.

"I hope it was never in question... Honestly..."

"You're such a baby, Rexi. Moving on... So, when are you solidering back to school, bullet-boy?"

"As I told Uni, your dad said two weeks."

"Errrnt..." Fish said, making a buzzer noise, "Incorrect! He said two weeks for your stitches to dissolve."

"I need my rest."

"That's fine, you'll just have more work to catch up on."

"Gunshot victims shouldn't have homework. This is bull! I might have even more work if I decide to go on this venture Lana invited me on."

"Venture? What is it? Oh, wait don't tell me... spirits, souls and ghost?" Rex asked, teasing him with a laugh.

"First off, it'd be spirits, chakras, and souls. Not ghost."

"Isn't a ghost a soul?" Fish asked curiously.

"WHAT?! Don't be crazy! They're completely different!"

"Eh, guru-freak, don't yell at me! Explain the difference."

"One is the spiritual immaterial part of a person thought to be immortal, while the other is the apparition of a dead person." Rex explained.


"You have a soul inside you now. It's like your intuition, your heart, your conscious in a way. You can't be a ghost unless you're dead. Does that better clarify it?" Leo asked.

"Yeah, that about sums it up. If I'd of known it was gonna turn into a god damn lesson, I wouldn't have asked. Ugh! Now explain the rest of your story."

"Mmm, anyway, you know that hurricane that hit Starrybourne Island really badly two weeks ago?"

"Yeah, what of it?"

"Well, it hit Sun Crest Hollows rather badly, and Lana's got some family out there she wants to go out and help them and the rest of the islanders. She wants me and Lamb to go with her. I want to go, but I'm not sure."

"You're unsure about helping people? That's a first... Why so uncertain?" Rex asked, looking into his eyes that seemed to be missing something.

Leo laughed, "Nah, it's not the helping part I'm hesitant about. It's the leaving you for so long part. But I really do need a trip."

"How long are you gonna be gone? Two weeks? That'll zoom by." Rex asked, thinking he was making a bigger deal than what it really was.

"More like... Umm..." Leo laughed nervously, "2 months."

Rex about choked on his fries, "2 months!? 60 days? That's like 1,440 hours!"

"Eh... That's why I'm not sure I should go. But I know you'd be okay. You've got clown boy here, your family... You'd be okay, right?"

"Who're you calling a clown, you damn goldilocks?!" Fish asked.

"Eh, you don't wanna start with me."

"Oh really?! Let's go! Red vs yellow!?!" Fish snapped, ready to fight it out.

"Oh are you both?!" Leo asked, with a smirk, amping him up more.

"You Son of Bitch?!" Fish said, getting ready to jump him as Lamb came up behind him and wrapped his arms around him.

"Leo, can't you ever behave with him? One day I'm just gonna let him attack your ass." Lamb asked in Spanish, kissing the back of Fish's head to calm him down.

"If he wants to try, his little ass is more than welcomed to take a swipe or two at me. I doubt he could though." Leo answered back in Spanish with a laugh, giving Fish a cocky grin.

Lamb rolled his eyes, taking a seat in Fish's seat, he pulled him down on his lap, and wrapped his arms back around him to keep him and Leo from literally bumping heads.

"Honestly... behave. Now what were you talking about to piss him off now?"

"Leo's talking about going out of town for two months." Fish grumbled, into his neck.

"What?! Where are you going? Are you okay?" Lamb asked, suddenly thrown off by the announcment.

"Lamb chill... I'm fine, and you'd be going, too." he said, taking a deep breath as he explained the trip to him.

"Wowza, 2 months. But it'd be for the good of others."

"And the grief and agony of two..." Fish said, looking at him with a look like he couldn't believe he was even considering leaving him for two months.

"Mi amour, it's only 60 days. That's nothing. I can't not go, my family's out there and they need help. Not to mention the other countless people who need help."

"But, aren't there other volunteers going? Can't they help?"

"Fischer! I can't believe you're saying something like that."

"Mmm... Don't say my name like that. I'm selfish, okay?! I full heartedly admit it." Fish said, trying not to cry, "I'm just going to miss you, okay!? I know this is who you are and if you don't go it'll be like a piece of you is being neglected. But I..." he said, his voice shaking as tears rolled down his face.

"Great going Lamb, you made him cry." Leo teased, feeling like crying himself. The thought of being away from Rex that long seemed unbearable.

Lambert nuzzled his head against his, "Flores, don't cry. It'll fly by quickly. I promise."

"You'd better call and text everyday, or I'll totally snap." Fish said, sounding like a spoiled child.

"I promise I will. So, are we going? We have to go, there're people to be helped. Yah or nah?!" Lamb asked, making puppy dog eyes at Leo.

"Dude, don't look like that. You know I can't resist those big blue orbs of yours. I'll go, okay? It'll be good to help out folks." Leo said, with a laugh unable to say no.

"When do we leave?"

"Not until Wednesday. I'm not sure I was even suppose to tell ya, so when Lana tells you, act surprise."

"Got it! This is gonna be so exciting." Lamb said, brimming with happiness.

"Yup, yup..." Leo said, with a wry laugh, "I'm gonna go get some more food, or maybe someone wants to say they're ready for cake?" he said, pushing Lamb in his head playfully as he headed to the food table. Rex followed him sensing there was something just not right with Leo.

Reaching the table, Leo let out a sharp sigh, setting his plate down.

"Leo, what's wrong?" Rex asked, coming to stand beside him.

"Huh? Uni... Ya scared me. Thought you were still at the table." he said with a laugh, "And what makes you think something's wrong?"

"I know that something's bothering you, so spill it. I can see it in your eyes."

Rex said, placing his hand against Leo's cheek. He looked into his eyes knowing something hadn't been right since he'd left the hospital. He was doing his best to pretend nothing was clouding his light, but it was more than obvious to him.

"Are you thinking about the Lavoisiers? Are you worried about me? Or..."

Leo sighed, taking his hand from his face with a small smile,

"Nah, I'm not thinking about that. I mean, I am. But... It's dumb. Let's just drop it."

"No, I won't drop it!... Now that my drama is behind me, it's my turn to take care of you. So don't just brush it off!" Rex said, feeling irritated that he wouldn't talk to him. It wasn't like him to be so tightlipped.

"Alright, calm down. I forget how vicious you can be." Taking in a sharp inhale, he crossed his arms in front of himself, "I'm trying to *pretend I'm not bothered that my stupid parents didn't come to see me at the hospital. That's crazy. I mean I had to have surgery. So-"

Before he could say another word, Rex pulled him into a hug, "You troubled lion. Why would you pretend you weren't bothered by that? I'm disturbed by that and they're not even my parents." he said, holding Leo's face between his hands as he started into his dual colored eyes.

"Like I said, it's dumb." he said, rolling his eyes with a wry chuckle, taking his face away from him.

"It's not dumb. But your parents are most definitely dumb. But do you really want to go on this trip? I'm all good if you do. I have Fish and his family... my mum, Ro, Gavin... I think I'll survive without you for two long months. I mean, my existence doesn't end 'cause you're not here. So don't worry. Have fun and take some well deserved time off. Just... don't overwork yourself, okay?"

"Yeah... I'll try not to. It'll be good for me to get away for a bit. And on the plus side, no school! Party time! Amirite?" Leo said, busting his best dance moves as he put his hand up for a high five.

Rex just looked at him like he was an idiot before he fixed himself a bowl of soup.

"Come on Uni, you can't leave a brutha hangin'..."

"No, but I can leave an idiot hanging." he said, taking his food back to the table.

"NOT NICE!!" Leo yelled, quickly fixing his plate.

Across the yard, Sinclaire called everyone's attention to her,

"Hello, I'd like to thank everyone for coming, and call the birthday boy up to open gifts." she said, encouraging everyone to clap with her.

"Guess I'd better go..." Lamb chuckled, excusing himself from the table.

"¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS! BIRTHDAY BOY! ¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS! ¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!" Leo chanted, being joined by the little kids.

Lamb shook his head at him with an embarrassed smile, taking a seat at the gift table. He opened up multiple cards full of money and gift cards. Next he opened Lana's gift, an excited smile coming on his face. Sin smacked Lana on her back for giving him another excuse to get something tattooed or pierced. She shrugged her shoulders with a giggle. Next he opened Leo's gift, which he couldn't have been more excited about. Up next, was Rex's gift: a pair of punk green plaid shorts and a black t-shirt adorned with safety pins, and a spray painted font that read, "Go cause some trouble". Coming to his next gift he read it was from Fish, he could only imagine what he could've gotten him. He hoped it was safe to open in front of his family. He opened it to a glossy black box with the name of an expensive watch company he couldn't pronounce printed on top. He opened it to a gold watch with a wide black band adorned with spikes and studs. By the looks of it he knew it definitely wasn't cheap.

"Fancy smancy!" Lana said, taking the box to get a closer look.

"Geez, Fish... how much did that thing cost?" Leo asked.

"I'll never tell.... Let's just say nothing is too good for my Lammy-chan." he said, with a proud smile.

"Damn... so he gets gold and he gets to get lucky tonight. What a lucky lil' fella. Maybe I'll be just as lucky to get something like that for my birthday next year?" he said, eyeing Rex with a smile.

"I can't promise you anything as luxurious, but we'll see." Rex said, side eyeing him as he finished his food.

"Eh, all I'm asking for is the latter. You're already golden, so let's skip the jewelry and get to the fun stuff." he said, flashing him a cocky smile.

"Honestly... you're too much. I can't even begin to take it."

"What?! What'd I do now?"

As the two of them bickered about gifts for his future birthday, the time for cake had finally decided to come. Lighting a number 19 candle on a separate cupcake, everyone chimed in and began singing happy birthday. Once the song was over he blew out his candle, and made a wish. Sin cut his slice first, and kissed him on his head. He thanked her in Spanish and kissed her on her hand.

After a few more hours and the departure of guest the party had come to a lovely end. Sin patted herself on the back, happy that the party had gone off without a hitch. Her and Lana were in the backyard cleaning up, while Lamb, Leo, Rex and Fish had taken over dish clean up.

"Well, that was fun." Leo said, helping clean up the dishes. He handed the wet dishes to Rex to dry, who handed them to Lamb to put up.

"Indeed. My gifts were amazing, the food, the guest. All beautiful and perfect. Couldn't have asked for a better party."

"Don't forget you have one more gift waiting for you." Fish said, helping himself to another slice of cake.

"I hope to get that gift soon. Don't know how we'll do it... but we will." Lamb said with a laugh, unsure of how they were going to have a romantic evening with his moms hanging around.

"Motel!" Leo coughed out.

"Hotel, and I'm in agreement. That'll be the only way. It'll only be for a few hours. Or maybe all night." Fish said, feeding him a slice of cake, as he trailed his fingers down his chest.

"I've got an idea." Rex piped up, coming up with a simple solution.

All eyes fell on him as he laid out his plan, "Okay, so why don't we say we want to go catch a flick at the cinema? We can buy the tickets and while two of us actually go watch a movie, the two of you could-"

"Make a movie! You're a genius, Rexasaurus! Ahhh, I could just kiss you!" Fish said, hugging him tightly.

Rex laughed, "As fun as that would be, let's get this finished up, an then head out. I need a distraction for a while, and I'm sure this one does, too." he said cocking his head at Leo.

"Yes, yes! I want out. Plus, I'll probably have to go to school Monday. Talk about a horrid way to be treated after taking a bullet."

"You've been healed for like three weeks, I think you're good..." Fischer said, arching his eyebrow at him.


"I was just sayin. Please calm down. Shit! If you're nice I'll let you and Rexi borrow my car. Maybe..." he said, thinking about loaning out his new expensive car.

"What kind of car did daddy buy you? It might not be my style."

"A 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish Volante. In Red. It's gorge!"

"Seriously, I thought those didn't come out till next year? Dude, let me see! You've got to let me test 'er out!" Leo said excitedly, wanting to see it in person.

"They don't. My dad knows someone who knows the owner. Hook up times infinity! But anyway, I would let you test drive it, but I don't think it's your style." Fish said, pulling his keys from his pocket, dangling them in the air tauntingly. Leo watched for a millisecond before snatching them from him and dashing out of the kitchen. He leaped over moved furniture and fallen party decorations as Fischer rushed after him. Rex and Lamb let out a sigh in unison and followed behind them. Outside, Leo was running around the car, trying to keep the keys away from Fish who was two seconds away from jumping on his back to get them.

"Give me the keys, or I won't let you sit in it!! Baka!!"

"What the hell did you just call me?" Leo said, stopping his runaround for a moment.

"Stupid..." Rex answered, watching them with a look of disdain.

"Uni?! Not nice..."

"What? That's what he said." Rex shrugged, giving him a sharp look.

"Ohhh... Well, he should just say that... Speak English!" Leo said, as Fish snatched the keys back from him.

"Now, if you're done playing, I'll let you sit in it. For two seconds."

"I'll be mutual for two seconds. Unlock the car, and rev it up! I want to hear this baby purr."

Unlocking the car they climbed in and started it up.

"Two months apart would do them some good." Lamb said, resting his arms behind his head as he watched them fawning over the car.

"You're not kidding. Oh, and for the safety of all of us, mainly Fish's life, if Leo were to get into a wreck in his car... could you drive us to the cinema?"

"Sure thing. Trust me, Leo's a good driver, but he'd have that baby wrapped around a pole."

"I hope not. When is he supposed to get his car back?"

"Not for a minute, sadly for him. I'm his personal chauffeur until then."

"You're such a good friend, Lamb." Rex said, giving him a smile.

"Aww, thank..." he said, wrapping his arm around his shoulder, "You're not too bad yourself, lil' one. Thank you for my gift by the way."

"You're welcome. I'm glad you liked it." he said, patting his arm with a laugh.

"Alright, get out! That's all you're getting."

"Aww come on!!! Dude, do you know how long I've been without wheels? I'm dying!" Leo cried out, throwing his body across the hood of the car. The sound of the car chirping out was the only response he was going to get.

"What happened?" Lamb asked, pulling Fish over to his other side.

"Nothing... I'm ready to go, and I still have to go get my bag of tricks from your room. So, let me go get that, and let's say good bye to your moms, then head out." Fish said, heading back inside. Lamb followed behind him, leaving Rex to console his car-less lover. Rex walked over and gave him the 'there-there pat' not saying a word. He just rolled his eyes at him and shook his head with a look of pitty.


Once Leo had finished mourning over his car and motorcycle, everyone said a quick goodbye to Sinclaire and Lana, before piling into Lamb's carousel red 1969 Pontiac GTO judge.

"So, when do Lamb and I get a tour of the new digs?"

"Lammy can come over anytime he wants. You, well you can be penciled in for sometime after..."

"Say one thing sassy, and Imma come back there and jump you."

Leo said, eyeing Fish in the rearview mirror.

"Such a baby. Calm down. You can both come over before your trip. Two months... I mean, what are we supposed to do without y'all. We're like the three musketeers. And Leo's that one that nobody remembers."

"HEY!" Leo said, turning around to glare at him.

"Please turn around and be still, before you have to get restictched..." Lamb said, slapping him on his back. Leo quickly turned around, crossing his arms in front himself angrily as he grumbled under his breath, "That'd be fun. We could hang out and what not. And as I said, two months will be like a snap. With all of our drama over, it should be smooth sailing."

"Right, we're all forgetting that enemy número uno, still lurks amongst the school with the rest of her parasitic friends." Fish said, bringing to light the one issue they still had to contend with.

They all let out a heavy sigh, as the thought of Estrella popped into their heads.

"Please don't remind us... I was trying to forget she existed. I haven't seen her since the three of us went back to school, which worries me." Lamb said.

"Holden wasn't there either." Fish said, wishing it would stay that way.

"Nor was Wolfgang... this only spells trouble."

"Ahhh Shit! Can't we all be issue free for like three seconds?! Damn!" Leo snapped, letting out a groan, "The only bright spot to this is that Wolf is off shooting for some dumbass soap opera. That's why he's missing."

"You've talked to him?" Lambert asked, curiously.

"Eh, it was intentional... He called me out the blue. He told me about it and made sure to insult me for being concerned about his bitchass..."

"Concerned?" Fish asked, leaning around in the front seat to turn the radio down, "What would you need to be concerned about with Mr.-Self-centered?"

"Fish put your seat belt back on." Lamb said, giving him a look in the mirror. Fish rolled his eyes, and refastened his seat belt, "But I do wanna know the same thing?"

"Mmm... Well, we were actually having a really great conversation at first... but I don't know, call it Twin-tuition, there was seriously something off about him. He went on to tell me about his role in some new soap opera drama, that he made emphasis to mention he would have a pivotal part in. But then he transtioned to talking about the director, and that he hated him. He started freaking out about not wanting to work with him and that he did something to him when he was 12. He never would say what, at least, not straightforward."

"Did something to him, like molest?" Lamb asked, coming to a stop light.

"Yeah... I asked him, but then he really went haywire! Screaming he was a man, and that didn't happen to men. That he didn't go around looking for that since he wasn't a faggot like me. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, getting the impression he was telling me some type of imperceivable truth. I don't know, after he had a fucking meltdown, he bust up laughing saying he was just running some lines on me. Telling me I was stupid for believing something so outrageous would ever happen to the golden child. Boy bye! He can miss me with that dumbshit..."

"Wow... how sick can someone be to pretend about something like that?" Rex asked, cocking his head to the side curiously.

"Eh, I guess that's the actor in him... I blocked his number from my phone. So, I won't fall victim to another hour of Wolfgang-knows-best. Anyway, he left Wednesday mornin'." Leo scoffed, "He's not supposed to be back until early January. So, we don't have to worry about him."

"Well, that's good news. If Princess-sociopath and Prince-psychopath don't come back, that'd be marvelous." Rex added.

He knew getting rid of half of his problems would make his life easier, but now that he'd recalled the school problem he was starting to get the ominous feeling that life was still playing with him. All he wanted was to have a peaceful school year with his best friends, date his boyfriend like anyone else and enjoy his life. But he knew it was gonna be a minute, if ever, before he got to do what he wanted. He had overcome the craziest person in his life, and there was no way a bitter ex-girlfriend could possibly be worse than a criminally insane person, right?...


Thom Katz

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