Planning a birthday party is always hard work, especially when the party is for a 19 year young kid. The day was bright and early like any other day at the Hernandez/Loverdos/Northcote residence. The only difference, Sinclaire was on a mission to throw the world's best party for her baby boy. Who was anything but a baby anymore.

Leo was downstairs keeping Lana and Sinclaire company while they made phone calls to all the family members that were coming down for Lamb's birthday.

"I can't believe he's gonna be 19! Crazy! His old ass is gonna need a a walker soon!" Leo said, laughing at his own comment, "OMG! I'm so gonna get him one. He'd get a kick out of that!"

"You're so bad..." Lana said, with a chuckle, "So, the house is gonna be super packed. Sin's parents are coming, her three sisters, and all of Lamb's cousins. Then I think my brother Luca is coming, with my nieces and nephew. So many people and I've still got food to pick up."

"I can go with you, if you want... I'm literally dying to get out for some fresh air. It's been a minute since I've been out.... Pleeasssse!!!--" Leo said, practically begging.

"Totally! I need a roadie to roll out with. Sin's gonna be busy hanging decorations and welcoming family. Don't tell her," she said, lowering her voice to a whisper, "but she ain't gonna be nothin' nice until everything is perfect. But ya didn't hear that from me." she said, with a laugh, grabbing her wallet from the counter, "Let's go buddy!" She gave Sin the heads up they would be out at the market for a while and headed out.

As they made their way halfway across town, Leo gazed out the window thinking of how stoked he was to be out of the house, and not nursing his wounds on the couch, under a pile of blankets an old photography pictures and cat central magazines.

"So, where'd you gals send Lamb-Chop? He's been gone for three and a half hours."

"Oh, Sin got the bright idea to sign him up for a volunteer job at the homeless shelter on 20th blvd and pine-cone Drive. He's been talking about getting a mentor for his center, so we thought Mr. Gilbertson would be a good place to start. Plus, he agreed to keep Lamb preoccupied."

"Oh boy... I bet he's loving that! He's gonna be so exhausted when he gets home, only to be surprised by all his family and friends. I should text Fishermen and Uni. Make sure they're still coming and what not. I also need to remind Uni, to make sure his dad and Rowan are coming." Leo chuckled, half wanting to check and half wanting to talk to Rex. The latter being what he was really up to.

He definitely wasn't fooling anyone.

"I'm sure they are. He'll get over being tired when he sees all his family and friends."

"For sure! He'd better like the gifts I got for his punk-ass. He owns every piece of spiked, chained, leather there is. He's got several pairs of combat boots, not to mention the ones he won't give back. But that's besides the point, I guess... Anywho, I got him some VIP tickets to see some urban scene rave, plus he can get signed autographs and pictures. There're supposed to be a lot of A-list acts there." he said, shrugging his shoulder like whatever, "He'd better thank me. I have to be punished and suffer through it... Or... Omg! Gensanity moment! I'll give my ticket to Fischer. They both adore that mindless racket. Perfect! It can be a date night for them." he said, with a devious laugh.

"Oh, that'd be good for them. He'll love that. Sin got him a few new outfits and I got him a voucher for three free piercings. Sin's gonna kill me, but he loves that kind of stuff. Plus, I sprung for a few tickets to go visit my mom, sister and nieces. They couldn't come 'cause they're doing some repairs to their house."

"Right, that hurricane that hit Starrybourne island two weeks ago. It came so suddenly. I'm glad they're okay. If I can help in anyway, I'd be down."

"Well... I know you're still healing, buuuuutttt-- if you think about it and you feel up to it, you should totally come with. They said on the news a few days ago, Sun Crest Hollows was hit the worst out of the entire island. Just a mess. But let me rundown the specifics first: We'll be offering rebuilding aid, passing out clothes, supplies, and whatever else we can do to help. Oh, and we'd be gone for two months…"  

"Two months!!? Whoa! That's a long time. But—"

"Well don't think too much about it, right now. We leave on the 30th. So just let it sink in. I'm gonna put a little something on ya; You'd be helping a lot of people, and it's a chance to get off the island for a bit and broaden your horizons. Sun Crest Hollows has a large Greek culture and there's this inactive volcano where a lot of guru-likeminded people go to chant. It'll be fun... Whataya say?"

"That does sound promising... Can I answer later? I know I'd be helping and I think that'd get my mind right. I'm just sorta worried about leaving Rex alone right now. I mean, he's in good hands, now... he's got tons of people rallying around him. I'm not in too much pain. My stitches seemed to have dissolved nicely. The hole in my chest isn't as hollow as it was... I just really gotta weigh my life right now." he said, exhaling a sharp breath.

"Eh, you've got some days to think about it. Don't feel pressured. I know exactly how you feel. Sin's not going. She couldn't get the time off from work. So, I'll be sad to leave her for that long. We haven't been apart since we met. But, sometimes you gotta leave the nest and your lover behind, to do what's right for you."

"Yeah, that's true... I do need some space away from three percent of the people on this island." he said, looking out the window with a low expression.

"Would those three people happen to be your parents and brother?" Lana asked, quickly glancing at him.

"Yeah... I mean, I've come to the reality that they don't want me and I'm good with that."

"Are you?" she asked, not believing him.

He laughed, "Oh hell yeah! They didn't come check on me when I got shot, sliced, held hostage, or when I had to have surgery. So, if that doesn't shout a big 'Eff you!', I don't know what does."

"I'm sorry, honey. I wish there was a way to make them see how much they'll regret not being there for you. I feel they will, and maybe they'll come around."

"I appreciate the optimistic approach, Lana-bear but... I highly doubt they'll ever come around. I'll totally think about the trip, though." he said, giving her a quick smile. It wasn't like he had any commitments that were keeping him from leaving the island. Not to mention, he'd been wanting to leave for a while. When a golden opportunity such as this one presented itself, he knew it'd be crazy not to accept it.


Across town, Rex was busy being chased by Bento. To anyone who didn't know, it sounded more like he was being chased by a mass murderer.

He dashed into Fish's room, slamming the door behind him as he caught his breath.

Fish sprang up from the sudden noise and looked around for where it had come from. It took a minute for his eyes to somewhat focus on Rex, but once they did he just looked at him through his hair that was tousled all over his head and face.

"Rex, is that you?" he asked, feeling around for his glasses.

"Yeah... Sorry for waking you. I went to get some water and Bento was in my room, on my bed when I came back. I tried to get out without him hearing me, but it's like that beast has radar on me."

"I need to get you hypnotized." Fish said, pulling a hair tie from his nightstand. He tied his hair up into a messy topknot, and just stared at Rex, "You act like he's gonna eat you or something."

"Isn't he?!" Rex asked, climbing onto the bed.

"You're too much, Rexi." he said, pulling him over to him to comfort him against the big bad dog, "Anyways, guess what today is?!" he asked, in an eagerly excited tone.

"What? Get-me-a-new-lock-so-Bento-will-stop-trying-to-eat-me-day?"

"No, ding-dong! But good try. It's Lamb's birthday! Guess what I got him?! Oh, I'll just tell you! Me! But wait, there's more! Ahhh!! I'm so excitable!" he said, happily rushing over to his dresser. He pulled out a frilly-as-hell lime green lingerie set and skipped back to the bed with it, "I'm going to put this little number on and make sweet love to him as he rips it off with his teeth."

Rex flushed a pale pink, as a naughty thought flickered through his mind,    

"Oh dear... Th-That's very... erotic. You plan to do some tucking and taping to stay inside these little undies?" he asked, holding them up to gauge the size.

Fischer giggled, "Oh no... I want him to see all of my goodies." he said, pulling a small bottle of strawberry champagne lube from his nightstand drawer and some flavored condoms.

"Where do you even buy all this stuff?!" Rex asked, staring at him with an amazed expression.

"Oh my little prude, how I need to educate you. Fischer's-sex-Ed at your service. Lesson 1: All products can be purchased online. There're so many things out on the market. Don't tell anyone, but I used to have a sex blog. It's on hiatus 'cause my folks found out about it when I was 16. They think I deleted it, but I did no such thing. That's a story for another time. Anyway, I get discounts to lots of sites because of it."

"My brain feels really sad right now." Rex said, holding his hands up against his forehead, "With that, let's head out to the mall. I've got an interview in two hours at this bookstore called, 'Fables'. Plus, I still need to pick up Lamb's gift from that punk store, 'Alt of Ctrl'. Kind of a geeky name for a hardcore punk shop, if I do say so myself." he said, chuckling as he climbed out of the bed to stretch.

"Goodie! I can buy some edible body jewelry for later. We can pick some up for you and Lion-king!" Fischer said, heading off to turn the shower on. Following behind him, Rex flashed him a grin, "What's with the face?"

"Oh... I was just gonna ask if you could go grab some clothes from my room for me. I sort of left my door open, and I'm certain Bento is back in there lying in wait to attack."

"First thing we're doing, is swinging by the home repair store. I'll fix that lock myself." Fish said, heading off to pull some clothes for him.

"Thank you, mate!"

"Yeah, yeah!" he said, fanning his hand at him playfully.

Once they'd showered up, they headed to Duluth Harbor mall. Fischer headed off to pick up a few more things for Lamb's gift at the erotic store, 'Sextropulous'. As he browsed around he found tons of items that caught his attention. Meanwhile, Rex was in the middle of his interview running down the Dewey decimal system along with his innate organization skills, or more like his OCD for neatness. After their separate errands, they met up at, Alt of ctrl to pick up Lamb's gift and headed back to the car.

"I'm so excited for Lammy! I can't believe he's going to be 19! I wonder what that feels like? Don't you?"

"I'm sure it feels the same as 18." Rex said, teasing him lightly, "But I don't know why people make such a fuss about getting older. That's the way things are; you get older and then it's over."

"Ummm.... Please don't make that kind of speech at the party. Mega depressing much?!"

"Sorry, but it's the truth. Death is scary to those who haven't lived. Age progression means time is ticking away, but there's always the possibility that one may live to be 102 or maybe older, depending on genetics and health, I suppose."

"Let's try for something that doesn't have to mean death. Like, oh how'd your interview go?" Fish asked, quickly changing the subject.

"It went bloody well I'd say! I start next weekend." Rex said, with a confident smile.

"Congrats! How exciting! Or as exciting as a book store can be. This is great, but now I'll have to get a job, too. I don't wanna... I'm not the working kind of guy."

"I'm sure you could be. You enjoy shopping, maybe you could make a job out of that."

"Like a personal shopper?" he asked, thinking about how much fun it'd be to spend other people's money.

"Yeah... But I mea—"

"I could change the fashion lives of so many people! I'd be like a clothing god!"

"Umm... Yes, but—"

"You're so smart Rexasaurus!"

"Thank you." Rex said, chuckling lightly. Arriving at Lamb's house, Fish made the turn into the driveway, noticing all the cars parked on the side of street already.

"Geez, so many people already! I hope we're not late." he said, turning the engine off.

"I doubt we are." Rex said, as his phone started ringing, "Hello?…"

"Yo, Uni! How ya doin'? Just callin' to hear ya voice and make sure you and Fish-Bait are still coming to Lamb's party? I know y'all are probably still resting your noggins, but it'd mean the world if you'd roll through for a second or two. Also, did you text Gavin and Rowan to see if they're still coming?" Leo asked, following Lana around with a cart full of food as they strolled to the bakery.

"Leo! I'm well!" he said, in an ecstatic voice. Fischer rolled his eyes with a giggle, "Of course we're coming. How could his Boyfriend and his second best friend not come? Honestly... Anyway, Fish and I are already at the house. I'll text Rowan and Gavin, once I'm finished talking to you. Are you here right now?"

"Coo-Coo-Cool,  I'm glad to hear that. I haven't seen ya in some days, so I was worried…"

"Silly, I've been up texting you for hours on end everyday. Not to mention, you just saw me last weekend. How could you be worried?"

"Eh, texting and actually being able to see you... it's different. Right, last weekend. Even saying it feels like a long time..." he said, pretending to cry, "Anyways, I'm at the store with Lana, picking up some extra food and the birthday cake. Whatever you two do, don't go in 'til we get back. Sin's on one right now. She's busy making everything perfect."

"Well, maybe we can help her. I'm sure we'll be alright. Anyway, I'll see you soon."

"Good-luck-Chuck, be safe. I'll bring Magnolias to your grave."

"You're a mess... I'd better get a big bouquet of them... One-Four-Three!"

"I love you, too! Catch ya soon." he said, hanging up with a chuckle.

"What'd sir-crazy have to say?" Fish asked, opening his door to get out. Rex followed behind him, basking in the feeling of hearing Leo's voice.

"Oh, he said that Ms. H is having a mom moment. She wants the party to be perfect. So he warned us not to go in."

"Is that all?" Fish asked, knocking on the door, "I doubt that she's being a drill Sargent about this. It's just a birthday party. Leo's so melodramatic..."

"Come in! DOOR'S OPENED!!" Sinclaire shouted, tying some balloons to the banister and other places.

Fish and Rex walked in, seeing all the family members that had already shown up hanging up decor, setting up plates and other last minute details... They'd been put to work, per commander Sin's demands.

"I stand corrected..." Fish said, watching everyone quickly work, for fear they'd be cracked with the whip.

"Welcome, welcome! Put your gifts on the red table clothed table and come help me in the kitchen, please..." Sin said, running over to straighten the banner that was already hanging perfectly. Setting the gifts on the table, Sin quickly rushed Fish and Rex into the kitchen, while everybody else was busy working on other miscellaneous things that had already been teetered with, several times. Fish leaned against the counter watching her speed chop a big bundle of veggies and cook up some meat, while preparing a bowl of salsa and 7-layered dip. Talk about multitasking...

"Okay, can one of you please put the chips in that bowl over there? I need to find the dessert plates, and-- where'd I put the sporks? Dios mio!"

"Ms. H, please calm down..." Fish said, patting her shoulder gently, "Lamb will love the party. Your food is perfect. The guest are almost all here, Leo and Lana are getting the cake. It's going to be extraordinary."

She smiled, and patted his face, "Yes, you're right. It's just... I can't believe he's going to be 19. It's just not as easy as it was when he was 9 or 10." she said, with a laugh, taking a seat at the small table that sat in the corner of the kitchen.

"Why don't you relax, and let Fish and I take over the rest? I'm sure you need to rest before the guest of honor comes home." Rex said, throwing on an apron, to prepare for cooking war.

"Thank you both so much." She said, pecking both of their heads with a kiss, "Ahh, I just realized, I need to change. I got sauce all over myself." she chuckled, heading out of the kitchen.

"Okay, let's finish this. What should I do?" Fischer asked, looking around at all the food.

"Well, you can put those chips in that bowl, set out some more dishes, napkins, and get the glasses for the beverages. Also, I think we should find some little snacks for the kids. They look like they're ready to attack out there."

"Scary little gremlins... Children will gnaw your arms off if you let them. I'll let you feed them. I've got all that other stuff covered. Chop-chop!" Fish said, clapping his hands in a hurry manner, as he jumped on everything, except feeding a bunch of wild children.

Rex sighed, side eyeing him suspiciously, "So, you'd rather I got my arms chewed off?" he asked, pulling some fruit and chocolate spread from the fridge.

"You're not thinking of feeding them sugar are you?"

"Yes, why?"

"Ummm... no reason. Just that they won't only be gnawing off arms, they'll go for the jugular and the other extremities."

"Honestly, Fischer..."

"Eh, I was just saying."

Rex rolled his eyes, ignoring him as he finished making a fruit spread with a chocolate dip in the middle, "Well, since I'm being sent out to be killed by the cannibalistic children, I guess you can handle the rest of the cooking?"

Fish looked around at the many pots of food that were slowly simmering on the stove and the meals cooking in the double oven. Without a stitch of hesitation he took the snack tray from him and headed off to deliver the sugary goodness to the soon to be hyper kids. Rex laughed, knowing that was enough to keep him busy, while he finished everything up.

Meanwhile, Leo and Lana had arrived home and were lugging all the groceries inside. They were greeted by chocolate covered children and the laughter of adults reminiscing about when Lamb was little. Saying a quick hello, they headed to the kitchen where Rex was getting ready to take out the food in the oven.

"Hey Rex!" Lana said, swinging the grocery bags onto the counter.

"Hello Ms. L! How are you?" he asked, placing the hot pan on the counter.

"Good, good. Just full of excitement." she said, unpacking the bags, "Where's miss-worrier?"

"I second that." he said, leaning against the counter with a sigh, "Oh, Fish and I took over with the food prep. Ms. H needed a bit of a breather. I think she mentioned something about changing."

Lana let out a loud laugh, seeing the image of her frazzled lover in her head, "I thank you for that. She's a bit of a perfectionist. Spazzing for nothing."

"Indeed. So, I thought Leo was with you? Did he get lost?"

"I wouldn't get lost when cake is involved." Leo said, strolling into the kitchen with a goofy grin, "I'm happy you were concerned about me, Uni."

Rex rolled his eyes, "I wasn't concerned. I was just wondering, because I know that gut of yours is going to require extra food." he said, sticking his tongue out at him playfully.

Leo chuckled, taking a seat at the table in the corner, "Uh-huh... So, Fish was out there getting attacked by the tods (toddlers). They got chocolate all over his Versace... Chanel?? Gucci??" he said, trying to remember what big label designer he was screaming, they all sounded alike to him, "Whoever it is... They messed up his vest, so now he's in there on the floor bawling his eyes out. Lamb's G-ma is trying to get the stains out, but that vest is a goner."

"Poor baby. I totally owe him."

"Indeed..." Leo said, flashing him another grin.

Lana looked back and forth between them coming up with a quick excuse to leave them alone for a spell, "Soooo--- I'm gonna go check and make sure Sinny's okay." she said, exiting out of the kitchen.

Rex turned his attention back to the cooking, trying his hardest not to look at his troubled lion. Leo pushed himself up from the table and wrapped his arms around his waist, sucking his neck with a soft purr.

"I hope you're spending the night after the party? I really need to feel you close to me. Tell me you missed me. 'Cause I missed you like a fat kid misses sugar."

"L-L-Leo..." he said, dropping his spoon on the counter with a thunk. He turned around, and stared into his eyes with a coy look, "You startled me... How-- How're your stitches fairing?" he asked, trailing his fingers down the gray sweatshirt that had the phrase, 'show me your kitties' printed on it and two cat head images that were strategically placed over his pecks. Leo grabbed Rex's hand and slid it under his shirt with a naughty smile.

Rex slowly let his fingers feel down the five inch stitch line on his chest, before moving to the equally long stitch down his side, replaying the moment he thought he was going to lose him.

"I missed you.... a little." he said, taking his hand from underneath his shirt, "You should behave yourself, naughty feline."

"Eh, I don't wanna! I hope Lamb gets back soon. I'm starving." he said, nuzzling his head against his as he unwrapped his arms from around his waist.

"Maybe if you're good, I'll let you sneak a taste. Anyway, when do you think you'll be ready to go back to school?"

"I hope never."

Rex laughed, "That's your hope, but when did Mr. Greyrose say you'd be ready?"

"Mmm... I don't recall..." Leo said, taking a seat back at the small table.

"I'm sure you do. But it's alright."

"Yeah, yeah, but how'd you go back right after all that drama?"

"I missed two days or more. How could I not go back? Seriously!? Outrageous! So I caught up on all my work, plus I did extra credit. I have your missed assignments in my locker, by the way. Aren't I a good boyfriend?" Rex asked, turning off the stove and oven before he hopped on Leo's lap with a gleeful smile. Leo rolled his eyes, pretending to be annoyed as he turned his face away from him, "I love you, and I value your education... even if you pretend not to." he said, kissing him down his neck with a flirty giggle, working his way back up to his ear. He nipped it with a small bite, sucking it sweetly. Leo wrapped his arms around him, letting his hands slide underneath his black and white striped skull shirt, "Hands off..." Rex whispered, in a breathy tone.

"OMG!!! I'm forever doomed! My vest is utterly rui— oh, y'all are busy..." Fischer said, quickly dashing back out of the kitchen.

They laughed, ending their naughty play... for now. Rex climbed off his lap with a sigh, straightening his clothes back to their former neat appearance. Leo clicked his tongue in a playfully ornery way, and snatched him back by his arm with a smirk.

"You didn't answer about spending the night…"

"Didn't realize it was a question that really required answering." he said, with a cocky smile, "I'll think about it." he said, batting his eyes flirtatiously at him.

Leo rolled his eyes, thinking if he had to tackle him to the ground to get him to stay, he most certainly would. And while he had him pinned down, he might do a little more.


Back in the family room, Fischer was being tortured by all the children, who were repeatedly asking him about his hair and freckles. He let out a sigh as he leaned against the wall, thinking of where Lamb was. He missed him like crazy.

He wanted nothing more than to jump his bones. He smiled, letting his mid wander off for a moment. As he fantasized and tuned out the children, his phone started buzzing in his pocket. He pulled it out to see Lamb's picture on the screen.


"Hey babe. How ya doin? What're you up to today? I was thinking you and I could do something once I get home."

"I'm good, and I'd love to do something later. Happy birthday, by the way!! Where're you at?"

He laughed, "Thank you, Flores. I'm doing some volunteering at Haven shelter. I'll be home in about 30 minutes. I'm so tired, and on my birthday at that. But no better way to celebrate than to give back."

"Aww, I'll have to make your birthday even better. I've got a few plans already bubbling in my head. I'll give you a hint. You, me, in our birthday suits. Nuff said." he said, heading over to the table where the fruit snack tray was sitting. He swiped the last apple, dipping it in chocolate knowing he shouldn't. Especially since unbeknownst to him, the apple had been dropped on the floor. The children who had been teasing him about his hair giggled, as they watched him gnaw away at it.

"Wow... ummm... that sounds super exciting! Where's this little nudist adventure going to be taking place?"

"I'm hoping in your bed, if I'm lucky."

Lamb scoffed, with a light laugh, "Yeah, I'd love that... but my moms are home. And do you know that Bio mom would kill us!? I mean, Soul mom would probably give us the condoms, all while shouting out embarrassing comments of encouragement. I'm not sure what's worse."

"But I was gonna set up your room since I'm her-- Ummm... If I could make it to your house I was gonna set up something."

"You're at my house? Dude, my moms aren't throwing a party are they?"

"What? A party? Why would they do something like that?" Fish said, laughing nervously.

"You're stalling? They're throwing me a party, huh?"

"What? I can't hear ya. Love ya, bye!!" Fish said, quickly hanging up on him. Letting out a sigh of relief, he slid his phone back in his pocket, thinking he slightly might've ruined the surprise, but he'd be sure to make up for it with a night full of passion. Now he just needed to think of a way to get Lamb's moms out all night, or at least for an hour. Raking his mind for an idea, he grabbed his black overnight Prada bag packed full of special items for the night's events and wandered back into the kitchen, hoping that his bestie was done swapping spit long enough to help him.

"Rex, I need your help with something. Break yourself from Mufasa for two seconds." he said, seeing them making out, again.

Rex blushed, pushing Leo away from him as he followed Fish. Leo let out a sigh, wondering what they were up to. He followed them to Lamb's room and leaned against the door frame, watching Fish unpack his bag of tricks.

"If you're going to watch, at least close the door." Fish said, glancing up at him.

Leo rolled his eyes, and closed the door, "What's with all the sex toys?" he asked, eyeing the things on the bed.

"You know what all of these are?" Rex asked.

"Of course. Why wouldn't I?" Leo asked, with a snorted laugh.

"I don't know... I don't wanna talk about it. I was just curious." Rex said, feeling his face grow redder by the second.

"You know what they are, too! I gave you one. So- Oww!!!" Fish started to say, as Rex punched him in his arm.

"You own a sex toy? You naughty unicorn, you. How do I not know about this?" Leo asked, giving him a pervy look.

"You shouldn't know about it now..." he said, giving Fish a glare.

"Oh, he's your bf he should know you have needs sometimes when he can't be around to satisfy them. That's what a BOB is for. And sometimes you can have a threesome with them and have a wonderful night of passionate fun time. Which is what I plan to have with Lamb. That is, supposing I can get Sin and Lana out of the house." he said, setting up some aphrodisiac candles around the room. He plugged his iPod into the stereo, and placed it on the rap play list that would be the music of the night.

"Oh, that's simple... Just tell Lana you and Lamb wanna to fuck. She'll handle the rest." Leo said, shrugging his shoulder like it was no big issue, "And Uni has no need for toys. He could have access to baby-Leo any time he wants."

"L-L-Leo!" Rex stammered out, in an embarrassed voice, "You're mad! Bloody Mad!"

Leo laughed, "What? But he is..."

"Idiot!" Rex shouted.

"Anyways, Lamb told me not to ask Lana. Something about giving us condoms and words of encouragement."

"Mmm... Guess you don't want to mate then."

"I do. I really do..."

"Well, that's my only suggestion to ya. That way, I can spend the night with Uni." he said, wrapping his arms around Rex, who was still busy ranting on under his breath about Leo's last comment.

"Mmm, I don't know. I mean that's so weird to tell his mom we want to have sex. I'd be like really hesitant. You're trying to have my ass smooth embarrassed. I can tell!"

"Boy-Bye! You're such a chicken ass."

"And you're a dumb-ass!" Fish fired back.

"Leo let go of me. I'm still fuming about your baby-Leo comment."

"Eh, you're both babies! For real though. The only other way, would be for you to go out and rent a motel room. I hear that seedy Hagger's Suite motel is havin' a special; $5 dollar rooms."

"Umm, first off, that place is gross. It's cheap. And it's for whores."

"Okay?" Leo said, shrugging his shoulder at him, "You and Lamb are sex whores... sooo...."

"You bastard! I can't stand your ass!" Fish said, throwing a pillow at him.

"Eh, I'm injured! All I said was you're whores. At least I didn't say y'all were cheap."

"I don't do motels. I'll go rent us a room at Hanakotoba Hotel. Daddy owns it. I get to stay for free. And they have the best room service and a steam room. That'd be fun."

"You know what else would be fun?" Leo asked, with a laugh, "Explaining your stay to your dad when his staff mentions you were there, with Lamb. At least at Hagger's suites, what happens there stays there."

"Yeah, I'm trying to make love to Lamb. Not Lamb and whoever else has been on those sheets. Gross-Omega!! I think I'll take my chances with daddy. I'll just bat my pretty chocolate drops at him and he'll cave."

"Whatever you say, Red-lobster. Whatever you say. You're in for a world of embarrassment."

Fish rolled his eyes, not giving him or his last comment another thought. He could tell he wasn't going to be of any help. He'd have to think of a plan; specifically one that didn't include shady motels.


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