Out in the back garden, Rex and Gavin took a seat on an old bench he'd bought at a garage sale. He'd spent hours refurbishing it, and it definitely showed.

"So, what shall we talk about?" Rex asked, flaking off a fork full of frosting.

"Anything and everything. The last time you and I had a conversation you were still missing teeth and talking about flying animals. That feels so long ago... I guess it was... I can't believe my babies are 18. God, how old I feel. But tell me whatever you want first. I'm all ears."

"Well, I guess we could talk about Leo and his proposal." Rex said with a chuckle.

"That boy is pretty sprung on you. I haven't seen someone that enamored since your mother and I were together."

"I see... Why exactly did you and mum not stay together?" Rex asked, looking over at him curiously.

"That is..." he sighed heavily, "a pretty tough question... Your mother and I had some issues after you disappeared. She was in the hospital for several months. She had extensive surgery, and was really depressed once she was released. Which was understandable. I was depressed, too. But I hid it for awhile, before it cost me my sobriety. So, with our own issues we just felt it was better to go our own ways. She moved to Window Rock first and three years later Rowan and I followed. I miss your mother every day. We had this kind of love that shook everything I'd ever known about love to ground zero. She built it back up like a skyscraper in the night. I will love her for the rest of my life. But, we're on different floors of that skyscraper now, if you know what I mean?..." he said, leaning back against the bench, letting the flavors of the rich cake dance on his tongue.

"You're definitely still deeply in love with her. Have you dated anyone since?"

"Dated?" he laughed, "If working in my shop counts as dating, then sure."

"I figured as much... You're far too in love with mum to move on. I'm happy you're at least friends. That's better than most divorced parents. You seem like an amazing father. I can't really recall my few years with you, but Rowan gushed all about you. She really loves you. I hope... in time we will have that kind of relationship, too."

"Oh, poppet, we've got that already. Trust me." he said, putting his arm around his shoulders, "You and Ro may not be my blood, but you're my heart. If you ask me, that's better... Or just as good. I love you, kiddo."

Rex rested his head against his chest. The scent of spiced cedar filled his lungs, as the unfamiliar sensation of fatherly love, gently encased him.

"I think that's better, too. Thank you for welcoming me back into your life. And accepting my friends. Not to mention, my mental case of a boyfriend."

"No thanks necessary. When he proposes to you, he definitely has my blessing. You love him too, right? Or did you want your daddy to scare him off?"

Rex chuckled, "I love him very much. So, no I don't really want you to scare him off. I think I'd love to marry him... one day... He seems to think our love is cast in star dust. I kinda have that same vision. I'm sure he'd say something like, 'Uni, you and I are anointed with love.'" he said, doing his best Leo impression.

Gavin laughed, "That sounds a lot like him. We had a nice conversation earlier, the kid is pretty poetic to say the least."

"He's something... He's a beautiful soul, and it's hard not to love him. He blew into my life like a storm without warning. He's the complete opposite of me, and so extroverted. I never thought I could love someone so much. Ugh... I sound like a teenager." he laughed, shaking his head at himself. It was hard not to gush about this unexpected twist in his life.

"You are a teenager... Silly. But umm, aside from love, how is school and what do you like to do for fun? I have so much to catch up on. What kind of things you like and what you don't?"

"Gosh, am I? How dreadful... I tend to forget. But as far as things I like: Books, Japanese culture, skulls and weird things. Oh, I love sweets, especially anything strawberry---"

Rex broke down all his likes and dislikes, detailing everything there was to know about him. Gavin couldn't help but smile. He just stared at his long lost child, with this eerily similar dopey grin that Leo always had plastered on to his face whenever he was around him. He was elated to have his family back together. Though he couldn't admit it, or at least, not yet, he wished Karsyn and he would get back together. He knew they didn't have to be married to love each other, but he longed to be back in her orbit.


Back inside, Rowan was showing the guys some photo albums of her and Rex from when they were little.

"Omggmmers-times-omega!! Is that Rexi as a baby!!?" Fish asked, looking over Rowan's shoulder, "He was so whittle! Well, he's still little. But I can't believe he ever wore anything aside from black."

Rowan laughed, "Is my brother emo or goth? I need to know so I can buy him a gift."

"Oh girl, we're all still trying to figure out what his style is. He claims he's not either one day, and the next he claims he's goth. Just buy him something black or anything with a skull on it, and you'll be in his good graces for life." Fish said, scanning the album happily.

"Skulls, huh? Well, that shouldn't be too hard. Although, I doubt the stores I frequent have anything with skulls on them. I'll just have to explore new places. That'll be fun."

"Ohhh binge shopping!!! As Rex's bestie I shall lend you my talents, and accompany you on your gift hunt." he said, tucking his hair behind his ear, "Let me have your number. We could force Rex to try on clothes like a baby doll. Aww, maybe I could even get him into something pink."

"Even I don't wear pink." she laughed. They quickly exchanged numbers and continued looking at the albums.

"When was this picture taken?" Leo asked, pointing to a picture of them dressed like Disney princesses.

"Oh, that was about a month prior to the kidnapping. About the last thing I really remember sharing with him." she said, running her fingers across it, "I'm happy we'll be able to make new memories. Make up for lost time..." she smiled, flipping the pages to the back where some old art scribbles she and Rex had made.

"Looks like y'all were quite the artist..." Leo teased.

"You'd better believe it. Picasso and Da' Vinci had nothing on us. But I sadly don't draw anymore. Kinda faded with time. I paint with music now."

"Oh, yeah, Mrs. Whitehorse told us you play and sing! Do you enjoy it? I used to play violin, but traded it in for a sewing machine as soon as I could. Hated it..." Fish said, recalling how much he despised having to learn something that didn't interest him.

"Oh, yeah!! I love it. Wouldn't mind making an album one day, go on tour with zombie fans worshipping your every move. You could sneeze and it'd be the greatest darn thing. But were you classically trained in violin?"

"Yuppers... Classically trained in violin, piano and flute. Nightmare omega!"

"Maybe if you tried doing covers of songs you like you'd enjoy it. My friend does that on his YouTube and it's so amaze! I really want to start making instrumental covers."

"Ohh, do you have a YouTube?" Leo asked, closing the photo album he'd decided to look through again.

"Not one that I post any videos on. Do you or Lamb play?"

"Yeah, we both play guitar. I play piano, and Lamb also knows how to play the harmonica. We do a little singing. All recreational though. I want to do something in photography, and this humanitarian is trying to open up his own homeless shelter."

"Gnarly! I'll come back around to the music in a minute, where'd you get the idea for that Lamb?" she asked, with an intrigued smile.

"Oh, it's been a passion of mine since I could remember. But I really want to help anyway I can. If I could save just one person, I'd feel like I made a real difference. One person can turn something into a domino effect and affect the lives of millions. Hopefully, of course, in a good way."

"Wowza! That will be so cool when you get it up and going. If you need volunteers you can totally sign me up anytime!"

"Thank you! I'll add you to my list of future volunteers." he said, flashing her his signature smile.

"Gholly. But yeah, switching back, music... Ohhh! Ohh! You should totally do a fundraising campaign on kickstarter or gofund me!! Or similar sites. That'd be a good way to one, get the word out, and pay for supplies, bills, and other materials. And you could hold a concert as well, using local talent and small businesses could serve food and sale their goods with a profit going towards the shelter needs. Okay, sorry, I just got so inspired."

Lamb, Leo and Fish stared at her for a moment, before smiles came to their faces.

"Girl, Rex better watch out, looks like there's another brainiac in the gang." Leo said, with a snorted laugh.

"Aww, thank you! But I wouldn't call myself a genius..." she said, feeling her cheeks blush pink.

"Great, you embarrassed her Leo!" Fish said, instantly noticing.

"Ahh, gah!! I'm not blushing am I?"

"Not unless your cheeks are naturally pink." Fish giggled.

"Now who's embarrassing her?" Leo asked, giving Fish's hair a light tug.

"Hey, hands off the hair Simba!"

"Before you two start fighting, I think that's a wonderful idea.. I hadn't even gotten that far in thought. Money was kinda last on my priority list but it's needed to get it off the ground."

"The root of all evil and the means to all dreams." she said, matter of fact.

"I like that!" Leo said, putting his hand up for a high five. They quickly high-fived.

Rowan laughed, happy to fit it. She didn't mind being one of the guys. She was a real boys girl.

"True, true... Hmm.... I'm not that tech savvy, but if you want to help me I'd greatly appreciate it." Lamb said.

"Sure! I'd love too! You need to write up a little about bio, film a video and this isn't mandatory, but you can offer incentives. But I've seen plenty of successful crowd funding campaigns that don't offer anything except a thank you. We'll figure it out. So exciting!"

"Indeed... I had no idea about crowd funding... At least not virtual ones. So I'm excited."

"How did you not know!? I thought I told you about one for some karate pajama looking pants. They were the kind with feet, so when you walk around on the cold floor, especially in the morning, your toesies are nice and toasty. Omg! That should be a tag line for something." Leo laughed, mentally adding another one of his own great sayings to his list. Lamb rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, I don't recall hearing about that. But if something like that got funded I imagine something that actually has cause would too."

"Shade has been cast!"

"Shade no shade... Just fact."

"Shade tree!" Leo coughed out, teasingly.


Back outside, Gavin and Rex continued their conversation, not wanting to leave any details out of what they had missed of each other's lives.

"Well, aside from you being with crazy people, I'm happy they never harmed you... As in you're still living, unlike their other victims. Yo-You know what I mean, right?" Gavin asked, quickly glancing at him.

"I understand. They were all a bit unhinged, but..." he paused, feeling like he shouldn't say exactly how he felt about 1% of his fake family, "I'm glad we have all been reunited. I've never had a man who actually wants to be my father. It's the craziest thing ever."

"The man who raised you wasn't--"

"Nurturing, loving...? No, not towards me. I could count the amount of times he showed care or authentic care on my fingers, without running out... But I never had to want for anything, and was provided a *good education at a prestigious private school. So, for that, I can't complain too much. Not that you or mum couldn't have provided that too... I'm in no way condoning them kidnapping me... I'm--" he started to say, speaking a little faster than his normal pace.

"Whoa! Hey now, calm down there." he said, resting his hand against his arm, "You don't have to pretend they weren't like family to you. They were the only family you've known and it's ok. I understand there's a bond there. You may not want there to be one, but, it's there." he said, flashing him a warm smile. He pulled him over by the back of his head and kissed his forehead.

Rex blushed, unsure of what to say. He didn't want to feel anything towards the Lavoisiers aside from hate, but for some odd reason, he couldn't bring himself to hate them.

"Yeah... I feel bad for Behr... He and I got along rather well. He and his mum... They were really good to me." he said, noshing his last bite of cake with a sigh.

"I've made you think about something unhappy, huh?"

"Oh, no! Not at all... It's still so weird to reason with being kidnapped is all. Having a sibling who's not crazy... A mum, a dad... Forgive me if I seem a bit aloof."

"No need. You're pretty open. You may not think so, but this conversation feels the same as when I'm talking to your sister. Easy, calm and kinda erratic, but in a good way. Seems I'll have two kids to talk off the edge of spastic. It's a tough job, but that's one of the joys of being a parent. You'd do anything to protect your kids... Crazy be damned."

"I could imagine... Maybe I'll learn that kind of love one day."

"For sure... There's really no other kind of love like that of a child. They humble you quite a bit and open your eyes to things you've either never realized or forgotten. It's pretty magical. Leo was telling me something sorta similar happen when he fell for you."

"Well, he's like an oversized child himself, so that comes as no surprise he'd say something so eloquent and mystical." Rex said, sighing lightly, "But I'm sure if, and this is a colossal sized 'if', I ever have children, I'm sure I'd do things I never dreamed I'd ever do just to keep them safe... But that's a discussion for another time... say in the deep, deep, deep distant future..."

"I see... Well, since I like Leo, you'd have to have kids with him." he chuckled amusedly.

"Good lord... Did he tell you to say that?"

"No, I thought he'd get a kick out of you telling him I said so..."

"With that, I'll be leaving you. Next thing I know, you and he will be planning our wedding."

"Hmm... Which of you wants to be the bride? I pick Leo, so his family has to pay."

"Honestly... I'm so not having this conversation." Rex giggled, walking back inside to the kitchen.

"Awe, but this is getting rather exciting." Gavin said, following behind him with a chuckle, "Just think about it."

"Thought about it, didn't like it, moved on. Waiting for dad to do the same." Rex said, placing his plate in the sink, "Do you want help cleaning everything?" he asked, looking around at the sea of dirty pots and pans, silverware and more.

"Fine, hint taken... Conversation dropped... for now. Believe me you, I'm not trying to marry off either of my babies too early. Nope, if I had my way, y'all wouldn't date or marry till you were a 101."

"Why 101, instead of 100?"

"101 offers me insurance, in case y'all live past the standard lifetime expectancy."

"I see... Nothing like being prepared I suppose... Even for the most unlikely of circumstances."

"The unlikely is what worries me. But anyway, you don't have to clean up this mess. I stormed through here like a twister, so I'll clean up. Unless, you want to help, then I'm all for it. Rowan and I usually talk about our hopes for how the next day will play out when we clean up. More preparing, if you will."

Gavin said, turning the facet handle to hot, knowing it'd take it some time to warm up.

"The next day, huh? Well, I guess I just hope to have more days like this, where I can get to know my family better. Pass my exams, and just for smooth sailing. Try to stay positive even in a sea of negativity. What about you?" Rex asked, carrying a load of plates over to the sink.

"Those sound good... Me? Well, I hope to have more days like this as well. That I will take a break from work, and maybe just go relax on the lake out in my little boat, with a good thermos of java, my favorite mystery book and unwind. I've got a dining room table to carve up, that's supposed to be delivered in the next two weeks... But I can't work when I'm so wound up. You know what I mean?"

"Yes. I get like that before a big test. I study extra hard, and end up sending my brain into overload. You, unlike me, at least know how to switch off. My switch broke off sometime ago." he said, leaning against the counter watching Gavin scrubbing away at a cast iron skillet.

"It's hard to recharge when you can't turn off. But, it has to be done. Ro's the same way. Before a concert recital she totally loses it the day before, thinking she'll forget a chord, or break a string. But I'll tell you like I tell her, the easiest way to turn off all those worries is to simply, let go."

"Let go? I don't understand?"

"Well, I could sing that song from frozen to better explain what I mean, but I don't think either of our ears would survive me singing." he said, finally getting the skillet he'd meticulously been scrubbing clean. Rex laughed, doubting he'd sound that bad, "So, what I mean by that is, let go of your worries. Worries are simply things thought up by our minds. Probabilities, one might say. Could the things you imagine go wrong in real life? Sure. Can you control anything in said situation? Possibly. But most of the time, we worry about things that will never come to pass. You can only do what you can do. It's that simple."

"I see. Well, that's great advice. I like it. I need to let go a lot. I just don't like not having control."

"Hmm, you sound like your mother. She's a bit of a control freak, too. In a good a way. She likes structure and stability. Uncertainty isn't something she handles well." he said, losing his euphoric glow for a millisecond. Rex cocked his head at him, knowing he was thinking about Karsyn .

"You really love her, huh?"

"Who?" Gavin said, realizing he'd left the conversation for a moment.


"Oh... Yeah... I do. But as I said earlier, we're on different levels of life." Gavin smiled, and fell silent once more.

Unbeknownst to them, Rowan had been listening from behind the wall. She felt a bit melancholy whenever she thought about her parents not being together, but she knew them not being together at the moment was for the best... But it didn't stop her from wishing they were under the same roof again.


After a few more hours of reunited bonding, the time had come for the gang to take their leave.

"Leaving already?" Gavin asked, tying up the last to go bag.

"Sadly... I have class tomorrow, so I guess I should get a good night's rest in order not to stress out... More than I already am." Rex said, giving him a smile.

"Well, you better clear your Friday off, 'cause you, me and Fish are going shopping!" Rowan said, pulling him into a tight hug.

"Shopping?" he said, "I can only imagine this is Fischer's idea."

"Not at all..." Fish laughed, heading to the front door. Lamb followed behind carrying four containers of food.

"I may have suggested we hang out, and that lead to having a shopping session. I promise it'll be fun." Rowan said, with a hopeful grin.

"I'm sure it will be. My only fear, is Fish dressing me up like a doll."

"But that'd be so fun!" she said, squeezing him tighter.

"I don't see why Fish gets to go! I want to come, too!" Leo piped up, wrapping his arms around both of their shoulders.

"Absolutely not! You'd torture me more than Fish. Besides, this is a family affair." Rex said, side eyeing him.

"Then why's Fish-bait going?"

"He's like my brother... Therefore, family. You see what I did there?"

Leo clicked his tongue at him, not buying it for a second.

"That's fine. I'll ask the nicer twin if I can go." he said turning his attention to Rowan, "Don't you think I should come? I could act as security."

Rowan laughed, "That's sweet. But I don't think we're going to need security. But if it's not too much trouble you could give us a ride to the mall!"

"Sigh... Yeah, I'll drive y'all there. I'll just force Lamb to hang out with me."

"You'll do no such thing... You weren't even supposed to come out here, bullet boy. You're still healing. The most you can do is drive us there, and then head straight home. Or to avoid you following us around like the stalker you are, we'll catch the tube or a cab. There, problem solved." Rex said, throwing a wrench into Leo's plans. He knew the gears in his wacky head were cranking away, and he would have none of that.

"I vote we take a private car. I don't do buses." Fish said, leaning against the car with Lamb.

"What's wrong, you too good for the bus, Raggedy-Andy?" Leo teased, flipping Fish's hair all over his face.

"When I untangle my hair from my glasses, I'll show you exactly why I'm too good for the bus." Fish said, taking his glasses off to get the hair that had gotten wrapped around them off.

"Fish is really cute..." Rowan whispered into Rex's ear.

"Is he?" Rex laughed, looking at her, then back at Fish. He had to admit, he'd never really paid too much attention, but Fish was pretty cute.

"I know he's your best friend, but ya gotta admit, he's a looker. Does he have a straight brother?"

"He does, but he's taken. Maybe there's another Greyrose out there with your name on them." he teased, nudging her playfully.

"Don't tease me... Now I have to go pray to the cute boy gods."

"What are you two beauties whispering?" Leo asked, leaning all of his weight on Lamb.

"Nothing!" they said in unison. They looked at each other and laughed.

"Anyway... Let's exchange numbers right quick. I hate that you're leaving already. There's still so much I want to talk to you about." Rowan said, pulling her phone from her back pocket.

Rex flicked his amethyst eyes up at her with a benign smile, "There's a lot I still want to ask as well. We'll have plenty of time to learn more about each other. I look forward to it, in fact." he said, exchanged numbers with her.

"Yay! I'll text you later." she said, pulling him into another tight hug.

He hugged her back, thinking that he'd never been this happy to have a sibling.

As the gang horsed around outside, Karsyn and Gavin were finishing packing up the rest of the food.

"Karsyn, you don't have to do that. I'm just going to toss most of it into the freezer. Then pull it out later. Really, you have work in the morning and you should go home a get some rest." he said, checking her out from behind.

"I don't mind, Gavin. Besides, if I leave you to put this food up, you and Ro will probably snack on all of it instead of putting it away." she said, glancing at him over her shoulder. He met her lavender gaze and smiled.

"Hey, umm... We've got some great kids, huh?" he said, walking over to her.

"We do indeed." she said, tucking a mahogany curl behind her ear.

"When you called me to tell me Rex had been found, my heart literally cried out.

I mean, we thought... I thought, we'd never see our baby again. He's not so much of a baby, is he?"

"No, he's not. He's pretty mature for his age." she said, pouring the leftovers of soup into a freeze safe container, "He's such a sweetheart. Aside from the Lavoisiers kidnapping him, I'm grateful he's had a pretty good life. Give or take a few instances... Well, the whole circumstance, really. But he has some good friends, and him and Leo seem like a well off match. Leo's a really good boy. He's had some troubles in his past, but who hasn't. He loves our son, and that's good enough for me."

"That kid is sprung on stupid, for our boy." he laughed, "Kinda like, how I am for you." he said, letting the words slip out purposely.

Karsyn looked at him, a low sigh escaping her full lips. She stared into his dark hazel eyes with a look of dismay, "I feel as though you're trying to say something, but in your roundabout way. You just don't know how to come out with it. I'm a blunt woman. You've known this since we met. Say what you need to say." she said, pushing her cat eye glasses back up on her face.

"I... you know I'm still very much in love with you, right? We may have fallen out, due to our child missing... my addiction, your depression... But I..." he swallowed sharply, "Karsyn , I love you." he said.

"Gavin..." she said, resting her hand against his cheek, "I will always love you."

"But?" he asked, placing his hand over hers.

"But... I think we still need time, or, I need time. Let's keep things as they are, for now."

"That mean there's a possibility of re-kindlement?" he asked, pulling her hand down from his cheek. He kissed it playfully, wishing it was her lips instead. He knew it wasn't going to be that simple... But ya can't blame a guy for trying. He thought, wondering how else he could win her over, again.

"There may be a possibility. Let's just focus on Rex and Rowan. One thing at a time... Oh, Rowan's supposed to spend the next two weeks with me. Are you going to be alright alone?" she asked, quickly changing the subject. Though she wanted to be back with him too, she knew more time was definitely needed. Even if it slightly pained her not be in the arms of the man she loved more than life itself.

"Oh, umm... Yeah, yeah, sure! I'm a big, strong man. I can, uh, catch up on my shows... Although, my shows have become Ro's shows, too... So, I guess I could finish up some more orders. With no TV to distract me I might be able to be productive. It's a real brain killer." he chuckled, with a low sigh, "Anyway, you'd better get the gang home. Ro has some flute music to practice and a music theory paper to write up... We need to make plans for the four of us to do something at least once a week."

"I agree. We'll talk about our schedules later. But that will be fun. Maybe we can go hiking, or to a poetry read. Hmm. Anyway, you made a delicious spread, as usual. You've come a long way from TV dinners and flat soda." she giggled, thinking of one of their first dates, "You were always quite an innovative man." she teased, heading out of the kitchen. He followed behind, thinking his TV dinner date night, was quite the success. It was good enough to hook her, so it had to be a knockout. At least in his mind.

Heading out to the car, Karsyn smiled at the sight of her children. She had dreamed of seeing them together once again and luckily never lost fate that the day would come again. Gavin stood behind her, thinking the same. He couldn't have been happier if he tried. He was relieved he hadn't embarrassed himself, too much in front of Rex. And he was glad he seemed to like him.

"Alright, let's get y'all home." Karsyn said, breaking up their fun.

Rowan pulled Rex over to their parents like a happy little kid who'd just found a puppy she desperately wanted to keep at her side.

"Y'all don't know how happy I am to have the family back together." she said, her eyes welling up ^joyfully. She pulled the three of them into a group hug, never wanting to let them go.

Once the family union had been broken, Rowan and Karsyn quickly discussed her staying over with her for the next few weeks, while Rex and Gavin said their goodbyes.

"I'm happy you came, Rex." he said, ruffling his hair.

"As am I... We definitely have to do this again, soon I hope."

"Sooner than soon." he said, pulling him into a tight bear hug, "I love you, poppet."

"I love you, too..." he said, still unsure if it was really okay to call him dad. It seemed too soon to say it, but rude not to, he thought. He sighed internally, thinking he'd say it next time, for sure.

Leo walked over and put his arm around Rex's shoulders, breaking him out of his thoughts. He slyly shook his head at him, wishing he would calm down.

"It was really nice to meet you, Gavin. Thank you for dinner, and the job. I'm excited to start working with you, and learn whatever I can." Leo said, putting his hand out for a hand shake.

"You as well, Leo." he said, giving him a firm handshake, "You take care of my boy. Don't make me come for you." he chuckled.

"No worries. He's safe with me." Leo smiled, knowing that surely wasn't going to happen. Not with how happy they were. He thought, dropping his arm to Rex's waist. Rex looked at him blushingly, still lost in his thoughts. He hoped this new family thing would get easier. Learning to call your real parents 'mom and dad' seemed so odd.

With their goodbyes out of the way, they climbed into the car and headed home. Rex watched the little house get further and further away in the rearview mirror.

"So, did you have fun?" Karsyn asked, glancing at him curiously, "You made quite the impression on your dad and sister. They adore and love you already. Which there was no doubt they wouldn't. I hope this wasn't too much?" she asked, placing a hand on his thigh.

He placed his hand on top of hers, with a light smile, "They were marvelous.

I... I'm not used to having a man be so... Fatherly. Gav... Dad is really sweet." he said, "Rowan... Gosh, could she be any sweeter? I love them both already... Or would it be more like, again?"

"Either or would work, I suppose. You know, I'm sure Gavin wouldn't mind you calling him by his name, if it makes you more at ease?"

"Ohh--um..." Rex stammered out, "It's no big. I just need a little time to adjust. Besides, how can I get used to it, if I'm calling my parents by their given names?" he chuckled, thinking he'd have to get use to the fact he was really wanted. He'd always thought his real family had thrown him away, but now that he'd met them and learned the truth, it shouldn't have been difficult to accept their love. But for him, everything, or at least when it came to relationships, was rather hard for him. Especially when love was involved.


Poor Rexi, always the relationship- challenged one... He'll get it together eventually... I think. :) Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, more to come. Let me know what you guys think.... Email or comment below. I always love to hear what you all think. Please don't forget to rate.


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