~ As written under my pen name of Gavin E. Black

The energy of the music is what drove most people to the doors of club 'Crush' and that was on account of Jake and his crazy mixing skills. I still couldn't believe Jake had managed to swing me a job behind the bar. And on weekends too. Not just some shitty weekday shifts. It made me wonder who Jake had had to fuck to get me the spot.

Not that I cared. It's not like we were together. Jake and I had only fucked around that one afternoon. Several times, mind you, but that had been last week and I hadn't talked to him since. Not until he'd phoned me about the job.

I looked up towards the DJ booth as I emptied the dishwasher, catching Jake's eye and holding it. I winked at him playfully, making him grin. There was a strong possibility my job security was going to rely heavily on my job performance, and not the kind happening by mixing drinks behind the bar.

I hadn't told Jake that the afternoon he'd picked me up at the beach, and fucked me in every possible position I ever could've imagined, had been my first time with a guy. He hadn't suspected, and I wasn't about to tell him.

My brother, Andrew, on the other hand had just about died laughing when I'd wandered back into the apartment around ten that night, wearing only a bathing suit, totting a towel, and creeping my way across the living room to my bedroom. My body and specifically my ass had never been that sore. I'd pumped a multitude of dildos up my ass over the years, but nothing could've prepared me for the pummelling Jake had given me.

A tingle ran down my spine and furled in my gut, stiffening my cock as I remembered my first time. Jake was an incredible lover. If I had to let him fuck me every night after work to keep this job, I would have absolutely no objections.

"Hey, Connor. Snap out of it."

My new boss Dylan shouldered me out of my trance and I got back to work drying and setting out the rest of the beer glasses I'd started unloading. I was about to pop them into the fridge to cool them off when Dylan nudged me again.

"Can you head downstairs and check on that finicky keg I told you about?" he asked as he pulled one of the tap levers multiple times to no avail. "The fucking thing isn't working again."

"Yeah, sure."

I wasn't a fan of scurrying around in basements, especially dark, creepy basements beneath noisy nightclubs where no one would hear you scream if you were attacked by some random drunk, wandering patron. Or worse - some kind of ghostly apparition. The club was in a really old industrial building.

I stuffed my hands into my jean's pockets as I wove my way through the basement to the back where the kegs were hooked up, not wanting my digits trailing at my sides in the near darkness. An icy cold gush of air drifted around my body, tickling my ears and disturbing the delicate threads of a nearby cobweb.

I shivered, goosebumps puckering the skin on my forearms and frightening the little hairs on the back of my neck to full attention as my mind leapt to all sorts of crazy conclusions regarding the cause of the disturbance in the otherwise dank, motionless air occupying the basement.

Stop it.

I really needed to think about curtailing my appetite for late night ghost hunting shows. I jumped as a loud sound from overhead reverberated through the floor above me. Judging by how far I'd walked, I placed myself somewhere just beneath the DJ booth. Jake must've hopped down from his post to get a drink or hit the washroom for a piss.

I swore as my foot connected with one of the heavy beer kegs. The image of Jake snaking his gorgeous cock out of his pants in the washroom above had totally distracted me. I had spent literally hours worshipping that cock. If I concentrated, I could still feel its smooth hardness sliding through my lips and caressing my tongue.

Fuck. Cut it out.

I needed to concentrate on fixing the keg. I sat on the edge of the first keg and leaned sideways to reach the temperamental one. I could operate one of these things in my sleep. My mind wandered again as I shut the valve and pulled the attachment apart.

I'd known for a long time I was gay. Even back in high school I'd made a point of joining every possible sports team and taking physical education long past the grade required for graduation - all for the sake of being able to sneak glimpses of other guys' cocks in the shower; collecting plenty of visuals to jerk off to later. But that was before I'd discovered the plethora of gay porn available on the internet. Unearthing this treasure trove had taken me to the very edge of ecstatic for two reasons. One - I no longer had to play asinine sports, which I'd hated with a passion for as long as I could remember, and two - I could watch two (or more) guys actually fucking each other as I jerked off. Priceless. Absolutely fucking priceless. I could kiss the guy that invented the internet.

A measure of beer spilled down my wrist.

Stupid fucking thing.

I tapped the plastic hosing on the edge of the keg and then peered into it. It was completely clear. The problem had to be with the valve. It most likely needed to be replaced, but club owners were notoriously cheap when it came to maintaining stuff like that. I could probably do a temporary fix on it myself anyways. I'd passed a toolbox on the way in. If I pulled the valve apart and cleaned all the crud out of it and then put it back together it should work for a while longer.

I turned straight into Jake.

"Holy fuck, Jake!"

Jake smiled. Immediately disarming me and sending a warm tingle through to my balls.

Fuck he's hot.

"Sorry," Jake said. "I thought you would've heard me."

"I was a little distracted."

"By these kegs?" Jake knocked on one, permeating the basement with a baritone wave of sound.

I blushed. Honestly. I actually blushed. Luckily the lighting in the basement was dim or I would've been blushing deeper in embarrassment for... blushing.


Jake's close proximity to my body was turning my insides all wobbly and I needed to get back to work. "I need to fix this valve," I said, skirting around Jake to go find the toolbox.


"Because it's broken." I threw the toolbox down on the ground next to the keg. Jake stopped me from lifting the valve.

"And what would happen if you didn't fix it," he asked.

"We would have no amber ale on tap first off."


I shrugged.

"And Dylan would be pissed," I added.

"No, I wouldn't," Dylan said as he stepped up behind me.

My heart just about hammered up into my throat. I grabbed onto the nearest support post to steady myself. My nerves were officially shot. "Fuck, you guys," I said. "Could you cough or something instead of sneaking up on me and scaring me half to death?"

"I don't know," Jake replied, moving closer to me and cupping my face in his hand. "I kind of like it when you're all flustered and scared like this." He brushed a thumb across my lips and then popped it into my mouth, hauling my jaw open and playing with my tongue. "What do you think, Dylan?"

"Mm... let's see," Dylan said as the hardness of his jean covered cock pressed against the crease in my ass.

Oh fuck, yes.

I let my head drop back against Dylan's chest. He was a good foot and a half taller than me and I fit perfectly into the curve beneath his chin. His hands found their way onto my abs, caressing them, and then swept up under my shirt; one running a line up the center of my chest to my throat, while the other encircled my waist, holding me in place against his body.

I moaned softly in anticipation.

Dylan's hot breath puffed across the top of my hair and his body shook as he laughed.

"You were right, Jake," he said. "Your friend appears to be a bit of a slut." He rocked his shaft harder against me and I groaned, reaching back behind me to grab his ass and haul him closer.

"Greedy too," Dylan added.

"He is a bit," Jake said, smiling as he rubbed his hands up my chest, tweaking at my nipples through the thin material of my shirt.

I pressed my ass back against Dylan's body; Jake's touch ramping me up; and ground against him, wanting to feel the full length of his hardening cock jamming against my ass. He moaned a soft breath into my ear and I knew for certain my second time around having sex with a guy was going to be double the fun of last time. My cock stiffened, wetting the inside of my boxers, as I pictured what these two gorgeous men were going to do to me.

Yeah. To me.

I'd turned myself over to Jake last time. Letting him use me in any way he wanted. I'd never thought of myself as a submissive person until I'd started fantasizing about what it would be like to have a guy fuck me for real. Watching scene after scene unfold on my computer screen every night had fuelled a craving in me that couldn't be satisfied by my hand and a chunk of rubbery fake dick. The very idea of turning my body over and allowing someone to take and give pleasure, from and to me, had started to occupy my every thought. It was around that same time when my relationship with my girlfriend, Amy, had started going south. Pretending to be straight had run its course. It just wasn't working for me anymore. What I needed could only be found in one place.

The cold air of the basement whispering past my taut nipples alerted me to Jake's intention of removing my shirt. I raised my arms over my head and allowed him to undress me. I leaned further into Dylan's chest as Jake made short work of my jeans and boxers, and shoes and socks; the cold, rough cement of the floor sending chills up my spine through my bare feet.

I groaned as my teeth chattered. Nervous but excited. I was standing in the basement of a busy nightclub where any number of people might walk in and see me; naked and cold and waiting to be used. Jake motioned for me to place my hands on my head.

"He's pretty," Dylan said as he circled around me, running his hands all over my chest and down my back to my ass. He gave it one sharp strike with his hand and I groaned, shifting my position slightly to regain my balance. I curled my fingers into my hair as Dylan's calloused hand encased my semi-erect cock and jacked it a few times; handling it much rougher than I was used to. I closed my eyes and steadied my breathing.

Just breathe.

My heart jumped, racing, when I heard the clang of a keg being unhooked behind me. I peered over my shoulder, but Dylan swivelled my face back to look at him.

"Don't be doing that," Dylan said as he gripped my chin tightly in one hand. "All the nice people want to see your face."


I cut my eyes across the space behind Dylan. There were at least ten people standing in the shadows. This had all been planned. My gut tightened as my cock twitched, sending a tremor up my spine.

Holy fuck.

My breathing sped up and I shifted, digging my hands further into the mass of unruly curls on my head.

"You up for a bit of fun?" Dylan asked me.

I licked my lips and nodded my head, scanning the observers for anyone I knew. I groaned and twitched, lowering my gaze to the floor; almost dropping to my knees. Even if there were anyone, it was too late to go back. My body was aching to be used.

"Fuck!" I cringed in shock as an unexpected sensation ran down my back. I began to step away from what was happening but corrected myself and stood still as Jake poured a second stream of beer from the container we used to bleed the lines, across my shoulders. Little rivulets traced my collarbone and ran down the center of my chest, but the bulk of the pungent ale found its way down my back to the crease in my ass, running through and dripping off my balls and the tip of my cock. The chill air of the basement kissed my wet skin, making my muscles clench and jump as they tried to maintain my body temperature.

"Bend over," Jake said. "Grab your ankles."

Oh my god.

I did what I was told, but I was shaking with apprehension. I trusted Jake implicitly, but I knew absolutely nothing about Dylan. The sound of Dylan laughing made me jump. He was no longer in front of me. Another measure of beer was poured over my ass. This time it travelled along my spine, soaking my hair, and curled its way around my face to drip off the tip of my nose.

Dylan laughed again. "You really are a dirty little slut now, aren't you?"

I nodded my head as I licked the beer from my upper lip, and closed my eyes as I tried to decipher the whispered murmur of a sudden heated discussion happening behind me. My back and my hamstrings were starting to ache, and I desperately wanted to either stand up or kneel, but I held my position, adjusting the grip on my ankles. My eyes popped open when Jake spoke.

"Absolutely not," he said to Dylan in finality then tapped me on the ass. "Stand up."

Oh god. What did he just save me from?

I straightened up, cringing as my back muscles protested the change in position and reached for Jake to support me. I was shivering for real now and Jake pulled me in.

"You alright?" Jake whispered in my ear.

I nodded and ran my hands up into his hair, closing the miniscule gap between our bodies.

"If you want us to stop just tell me," Jake added.

I shook my head. "No, I'm fine."

Jake cupped my face. "You are so fucking sexy," he whispered against my lips and then nodded to Dylan.

I gasped and bit gently into the taut flesh of Jake's jaw line as Dylan's rough hands pried open my crease and his warm, wet tongue thrust at my hole, aggressively licking and probing.

A deep groan erupted from my chest and I coughed in surprise at producing the sound.

Jake smirked. "You like that, huh?"

"Mm... love it." I nudged Jake's cheek and gripped tighter to his shoulders as Dylan kept attacking my ass, pushing me deeper into Jake's embrace. Jake's hands swept across my back and down my spine, and he cupped my ass, allowing Dylan greater access.

I set my moistened lips against the thrumming pulse of Jake's throat and licked at the familiar taste of his skin and inhaled the scent of the coconut tanning oil he used, trying to distract myself from the thought of so many eyes watching my escalating arousal.

"Oh, fuck yeah." I squirmed, tilting my ass as I spread my legs wider. Dylan had reached through to stroke my cock.

"Ah - " I flinched. Dylan had forced his thumb into my ass and stretched me open by pulling down. It burned for a second, but soon his hot, moist breath was tickling the dusting of hair on my balls, and his tongue was slicking up the walls of my hole.

"Fuck," Dylan said. "Does he always taste this good?"

"Could be the beer," Jake replied and winked at me.

I startled, making Jake chuckle when Dylan spat into my open hole. He spat again and massaged the full length of his thumb into my ass. I pushed back against it; wanting more.

Fuck yeah. Give me more.

"Greedy little bitch," Dylan said as he withdrew his thumb.

I shrieked and giggled as Dylan's hand landed hard on my ass cheek, warming it, as he stood up. And then a flush rose in my face. I hadn't just seriously giggled.

And that's the part you're embarrassed about?

"Get over here," Dylan said as he spun me around. He unzipped the front of his pants, retrieving his cock, and pushed me to my knees. I stroked the shaft of his thick cock with my hand first, judging its size, before tasting the flared, angry head with the flat of my tongue. The taste of the velvety surface was different than Jake's; more pungent, but fucking amazing in its own way. I sucked the entire head into my mouth, humming around it in enjoyment.

"You like that, bitch?" Dylan growled from beneath an expression hooded with desire.

I tapped his rock hard length against my tongue, slapping it in the pool of moisture I'd collected, as I peered up into his face. I nodded my head and took him back in, pressing his cockhead against the back of my throat as I wrapped his shaft with my tongue and tugged at the sacs of his low hanging balls, and then sucked all the way back along the length, ending at the slit.

Dylan groaned and rocked away, dropping his ass down onto one of the kegs. I crawled forward on all fours, cursing the uneven surface of the cement floor as it dug into my flesh, and slid my mouth back over Dylan's cock. I kept my hands on the floor and tipped my ass up, dropping my shoulders slightly and separating my legs, letting the cool air tickle my balls as I sucked Dylan right to the tip, savouring every inch. The thought of being so exposed, and people watching me, sent a fresh surge to my cock, tightening it, and my hole puckered and released with excitement.

I trembled as a wave of need overtook me.

Oh. God. Please.

I moaned around Dylan's shaft as I swayed my hips back and forth; my body aching to be touched. I reached through my legs and cradled my balls, allowing my index finger to brush at my taint. When Dylan didn't stop me, I slipped my finger into my mouth, wetting it, and then pressed the tip into my ass.

Mm... yeah.

I tucked my hips up and struggled to keep my balance as I buried the entire length of my finger deep inside.

I groaned and dropped Dylan's cock from my mouth.

"Fucking greedy little...!" Dylan grabbed a handful of my hair and stuffed his cock back in my mouth, burying my face in his pubes as he jammed his cockhead down my throat. I choked and pulled off; regaining my balance by grabbing onto his thighs with both hands, and spat a long vicious line of saliva onto his cock.

Fuck... sorry.

I jacked Dylan a few times and checked over my shoulder to see what Jake was up to. His jeans were undone and his shirt was pulled up and over his head, exposing his chest, and he was stroking his cock with strong, steady movements that were flexing his bicep with a seductive precision only Jake could pull off.

I quite literally drooled at the sight of him.

"Get over here," Dylan said to Jake. "Maybe you can teach this little slut some manners."

Jake grinned at me. "Doubt it."

I adjusted my position so Jake would have room to stand beside Dylan as Dylan pulled himself back onto his feet. I stroked my hands up Jake's thighs and leaned in, kissing the material covering them, and peeled his jeans open further, extending my tongue past the metal zipper to tickle the dark, sweat slickened hairs surrounding Jake's cock. I dipped lower and sucked one of Jake's balls into my mouth, tonguing and wetting the cool sac.

Jake's clean, musky taste permeated my senses as I reached around to grasp onto Jake's perfect ass. I released hot surges of air across his pubes as my fingers traced up and down the center seam of his jeans, pressing into his crease. I'd lost count of the number of times since I'd met Jake that I'd dreamt of gaining access to that crease, but Jake had told me he didn't bottom for anyone; ever.

I tipped my head back and balanced the length of Jake's thick shaft on my tongue starting at the base, and licked it all the way to the tip and then let gravity drop Jake's heavy cock into my mouth. I sucked hungrily on the head and played the ridge with my tongue just the way Jake liked it.

"Fuck, that's good," Jake said as he brushed his fingers through my hair. He rocked his hips a few times, sending his cock pulsing and hardening even further between my lips, caressing the roof of my mouth. I released his ass and encased his shaft with my hand, gliding the smooth skin back and forth over the hard member beneath its surface as I sucked at the head.

I pulled his foreskin right up over the tip and sipped it closed with my lips before running it back with my hand and jamming the full length of his cock into my throat.

Jake grabbed my hair and pulled me off.

"You're going to make me cum if you keep that up," he said and patted my face with the flat of his hand. Dylan's hand raked through my hair next and he hauled me towards him. The sting of my hair being wrenched around like that brought a few tears to my eyes, but I blinked them away and dove back on Dylan's cock.

"Good little slut," Dylan said, but refused to relinquish his hold on my hair, preferring to sweep his other hand into it as well, setting me off balance. I tried to arrange myself so the rough cement wasn't digging into my knees, but there was no getting away from the exposed aggregate at Dylan's feet.

"Hands and knees," Jake said as he tucked his cock away.

I shivered. Not because I was bloody cold, which I was, but because Jake had wandered out of my sight. I sucked Dylan's cock to the end, caressing his length, and played the tip with my tongue as I listened for anything happening behind me.

I groaned and shifted. Not sure what I should be anticipating. And that uncertainty was encouraging my cock. It was poker hard and leaving a patterned trail of pre-cum on the dusty, cold floor. I shot forward and moaned around Dylan's cock. Jake's hand had struck my backside; hard.

And it stung deliciously.

Fuck yeah.

"You like that, you little slut?" Dylan tipped my head up to look at him. I hummed and nodded my approval. I pinched my eyes closed as Jake's hand warmed the other cheek.

Mm... again.

I arched my back as much as I could while still bobbing up and down on Dylan's cock, anticipating more strikes. The soft touch of Jake's hand brushing past my balls made me jump, and then my mind raced screaming through images of what I wanted him to do.

More... do more.

"Uhm - " I held Dylan's cock steady in my mouth, tonguing the thick vein running down the underside as I tried to collect myself. Jake had pulled my cock and balls through my legs from behind, squeezing and tugging on them just enough to make my eyes water.

He released them and his hand landed on my ass again. My cock twitched; drooling a new pool of pre-cum onto the floor, anxious for more of Jake's attention. But a quick succession of alternating strikes warmed my ass instead, and then stopped.

I dropped Dylan from my mouth and spat on his shaft until it was glistening with wetness. I stroked his length, twisting on the upstroke and enveloping the plum colored head in the extra skin. I sucked at the end, collecting the musky pre-cum and then let it settle in the curve of my tongue as I savoured it.

Dylan grunted his approval.

I swallowed and looked over my shoulder. Jake was rolling a condom into place.


"Lift him up," Jake said to Dylan.

Jake stepped closer and directed Dylan to hoist me up so I could wrap my legs around Dylan's waist and my arms around his neck.

Dylan sneered at me and snaked his face in to take my mouth.

Fuck you.

I twisted my neck, deeking away from him. There was no way I was letting Dylan kiss me.

"Fucking bitch," Dylan growled in my ear. So much for job security. I had a funny feeling I was unemployed again. Which was probably a good thing because I'd just recognized a couple of fellow employee observers standing in the shadows of the basement with the others.


I clung to Dylan's body and tucked my face into his neck as Jake plastered his chest against my back and guided his cockhead towards my hole. He circled it a few times, smearing the cold lube around and then positioned himself. I shifted my ass, improving my angle and he slipped right in; his entire shaft ripping past my outer ring, straight into my gut.

A small mewling cry escaped my lips.

Ow. Fuck. Ow.

I reached back to ease Jake away, but in doing so felt myself sliding further onto his cock, so I clambered back up Dylan's body and just hung on. Dylan grunted with amusement and shifted his hands, peeling my ass cheeks open further, increasing the burn.

"Here we go you little slut," Dylan hissed in my ear and bounced me down hard onto Jake's cock. I shrieked and squirmed, clenching my eyes shut.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Oh fuck.

Jake's hot breath found the back of my neck and he kissed it as he settled his hands along my ribcage, redistributing Dylan's control somewhat.

"Come on, baby," Jake whispered in my ear. "You can take it. You like it rough." He kissed my ear. "I know you do."

"Yeah, I do." I nodded my head. Oh my god. "Go."

Jake grunted, and began licking and biting at my shoulder as Dylan started pumping me up and down. I sucked in a shaky, wet breath and bit my bottom lip, fighting to stay above the pain. And after a few agonizing minutes had passed it began to feel so fucking good I forgot about Dylan and the onlookers, and became focused solely on Jake and his thundering heartbeat echoing throughout my body, and the pleasure filled sound of Jake's voice as he licked and sucked at my ear; and the feel of Jake's body possessing me completely as he stroked my insides.

"Mm... fuck me baby," I said and then grinned at the husky quality of my voice. Jake chuckled in my ear and I nuzzled further into Dylan's neck; the heat from being pressed between their two bodies finally warming my core. I groaned and worked my ass, drawing and releasing Jake's cock, making the most of each thrust; forcing his thick shaft against my prostate, again and again, building me up. I sunk into a rhythm in time with Dylan and let my mind go blank.

I was shaken from my trance when the ride became rougher, sending sharp pains up my spine as Dylan began to tire. Jake pulled out and Dylan set me back on my feet.

"On your knees," Dylan demanded. I looked at Jake and he nodded, so I did what I was told, sinking to my knees and clasping my hands behind my back as I peered out at the people watching me. Most were just quietly observing, but there were a few guys trying to inconspicuously stroke their aroused cocks. A tingle of warmth crept from my balls to my own cock as I focused on them, wondering if watching me was going to make them cum.

I licked my lips.

The sensation of more beer being poured over my head caught me by surprise, restarting my shivering as the cold crept back in. I clenched my teeth to keep them from chattering.

Dylan circled around from behind me and tapped my face with his cock, smearing the pre-cum on my cheek.

Fucking bastard.

"Open," he demanded, pressing the head of his semi-erect cock hard against my lips. I sucked him in, slipping the skin away from his soft head with my hand and tonguing the slit, sipping at the pungent flavor.

"Mm - " I shuffled closer to get a better angle.

"Fuck yeah, bitch," Dylan groaned. "You want that cock, don't you?" He shoved at my head, so I looked up. "Tell me you want it."

"I want it," I said softly, not sure what Dylan wanted from me.

"Say it like you mean it."

I stroked my hand up and down his shaft a few times. I 'did' want it. I wanted it in my mouth... in my ass, stroking me. Rubbing against my own cock... filling my hand.

I looked up; my chest heaving.

"I want it." I spoke clearly this time. "I want your cock."

Dylan grunted his approval and I covered his entire cockhead with my mouth and got to work, only relenting when Jake stroked his hand through my hair and turned my head. I tilted my head up and extended my tongue, stroking his thigh as he struggled through the final moments before releasing his load. I managed to catch most of it on my tongue, but a significant amount was left to drip from my face and the beer soaked tendrils of my hair. I pushed some out of my mouth to purposefully coat my lips and chin and swallowed the rest.

I sat back on my haunches and stared up at Dylan.

He smirked at me.

"My turn," he said and flicked his head over towards where the rest of the kegs were stored. I suddenly found myself being lifted; Jake at my shoulders and Dylan at my ankles. I hadn't realized how strong Jake was. Although I should've suspected it after the way he'd tossed me around at his house last week.


The cold hard ridges of the beer kegs dug into my tailbone and shoulder blades as they arranged me on top, hanging my head back off the edge of the last one in the line.

I reached back and steadied myself, clinging to Jake's pant legs as he fed me his cock. It was soft and warm. I circled my tongue around it, nipping into the folds of his foreskin and savouring his unique taste. The toes of Dylan's heavy boots banged against the keg beneath my ass, disturbing the moment.

"Let's see this ass of yours," Dylan said, smacking at my thigh.

I lifted my legs from where they were hanging off the edge of the keg and tried to position myself, but the edge of the keg kept digging into my back, making it impossible. Jake reached down my body, hooking my knees with his hands and hauled my legs up practically to my ears.

Oh god.

I closed my eyes.

"Urhm...." I squeezed my eyes closed tighter. Dylan had driven into me; hard. I tried to squirm away from a further assault, but Jake held me fast. I swallowed around his cock, dispensing of the extra saliva. A small amount escaped, travelling across my cheek and into my hairline.

I exhaled heavily, grunting, as Dylan slammed into me again.

My breath came back heated. Jake's balls were draped across the bridge of my nose; their weight kissing my cheeks, and for the most part Jake's body was blocking out any light.

I inhaled the scent of him and relaxed.

Dylan's next thrust was pure warmth.

God, yeah. Harder.

I shifted my ass, accepting each penetrating jolt, and hummed around Jake's cock with contentment.

Mm... glorious.

Dylan picked up his pace, thrusting harder and faster, hammering my ass into submission.

Fuck, yes. That's it.

I reached up and pressed Jake away, letting his cock slip from my mouth. "I want to cum," I said to him, hauling on his arm to bring him closer. A flutter of nerves tickled my stomach as he leaned in, hovering over my mouth with his.

Jake grinned down at me. "Do you now?"

God he's adorable.

I wrapped an arm around Jake's neck, pulling him down onto my mouth. It was pure heaven tasting him again; feeling the texture of his tongue, the softness of his palette and the strength of his lips, taking and giving; and sharing, everything.

Jake tore himself away, and placed a hand on my chest. His arm shook with each angry thrust of Dylan's hips, but he didn't move it away. He just stared at me.

I blinked, confused, as I ventured to engage my cock; wrapping my hand around it, but Jake knocked my hand away and took over, wetting his palm and caressing me with a caring but heated determination; his thumb and forefinger slipping smoothly along my shaft with just the right amount of pressure.

I gripped Jake's wrist to stop him and my hips rocked up.

"Oh, fuck!" I released my hold on Jake's arm and grunted through each burst as Dylan's cock forced it from my body, coating Jake's thumb and fingers in my warm load as he directed it onto my stomach. He milked every last drop from me until my cock became too sensitive and I had to stop him.

I winked at him. "That was hot."

"Fuck, baby...," Jake said to me; his eyes studying my face as he moved aside for Dylan to unload on me.

I extended my tongue while rubbing my hand up and down Dylan's thigh to encourage him, but kept my eyes on Jake as he circled around to the other side of the kegs.

He looked fucking lost.

"Yeah, baby - I wanna see you come," I said flatly. I flicked my eyes at Dylan for a split second and then went back to watching Jake.

"Fuck... I'm cumming," Dylan groaned, bucking, and shot thick ropes of cum onto the side of my face, wetting my eyelids and lips as well as my cheek. I licked what I could away; streaking the rest away with my hands into my already fucked up hair.

Jake pulled his shirt back on and started for the door.

"Jake?" I attempted to roll off the kegs, but my body objected, sending stabbing pains down my spine, up through my ass and out to all my extremities. My ears started to ring.

Jake please. No.

He wouldn't just leave me here with Dylan; naked and fucking freezing, covered in beer and cum with a bunch of strangers standing around gawking at me.

He wouldn't do that to me.

Would he?

I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms over my face and let the shivering set in. It was one thing to be used. It was another thing entirely to be used and discarded.

The sound of Jake's voice in my ear startled me.

"I just had to get some towels," Jake said as he stroked his fingers through my hair. "Let's get you dried off and then I'll take you home." He kissed my forehead. "Alright?" He winked at me and stroked a thumb across my cheek. "Maybe run you through a hot shower?" He grinned. "I'll soap you up myself."

"I'd like that." I lay my hand on the one Jake was using to caress my face and nuzzled into it, kissing his thumb.

"And then I think we need to talk, Connor."


I nodded.

We definitely needed to talk.


Leigh Jarrett

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