Rodeo Cowboy

Story by sucker on 30 Mar 2009

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At twenty-three years old, Josh Rivers has been named World Champion in both calf roping and steer wrestling for three years in a row and is well on track to winning for the fourth consecutive year, thus becoming the youngest cowboy in rodeo history to achive four straight wins.

As he approached the rodeo grounds in Lawton, Oklahoma, he wondered what his standing would be after this round. He pulled his combination camper/horse trailer into the parking area. After checking in, he was assigned a spot to park his trailer. Fortunately, the one he was assigned had what he needed for his camper; water, electricity and sewage.

His trailer was a high school graduation gift from his grandfather. The front was a completely contained camping trailer with living area, kitchen, bath and bedroom. The back section was set up to carry two horses and all his equipment.

After setting up, he began to brush down Rocket, his golden palamino. Rocket was the perfect name for the horse as he was one of the fastest that Josh had ever seen.

After completing his chore, Josh went into the trailer and grabbed a cold beer and went back outside to relax and watch the setting sun. As he sat sipping his beer, another cowboy passed by and nodded a hello. Josh acknowledged by nodding back. Josh looked the cowboy up and down, noticing his round firm ass in the tight jeans and the noticable bulge in the front.

About half hour later, the cowboy returned, stopping to introduce himself.

'Hi,' he said. 'I'm Brad Davis.'

'Josh Rivers,' Josh replied as he stood and shook hands with Brad. 'Care for a beer?'

'Man, I'd love one. Nice set up you got here.'

'Thanks. It was a gift from my grandfather,' Josh answered as he headed inside for more beer.

'Did you say your name was Rivers?'

'Yea, why?'

'Man I've heard of you. You're know on the circuit. Everyone says that you'll probably be champion again this year. It's calf roping and steer wrestling isn't it?'

'Yes, it is. You say people are talking about me?'

'Fuck yea. You really have the others in those events worried.'

'Damn, I never dreamed that would ever happen,' Josh said with a laugh. 'What events are you in?'

'Bull riding and bareback riding,' Brad answered with a slight grin.

'I'd like to ride you bareback,' Josh thought.

Brad sat and they talked for a while. Brad was older than Josh by three years, was just over six foot tall and well built. He had that casual cowboy walk that was normal. His looks were those of a Greek god. His build was that of a weight lifter. Josh asked if he worked out.

'Some, when I can. Looks like you do some working out yourself.'

'I do. Got to keep in shape to take down those fucking steers and calves.'

Brad excused himself saying that he had some thing to do but said he hoped they'd have a chance to get to know each other better.

'I hope so also. Stop by anytime.'

'Thanks, I just might,' Brad answered as he began walking off.

Josh went in, fixed a bite to eat and settled back to watch TV. About two hours later there was a knock on the door. He got up and looked out to see who it was. His heart skipped a beat when he saw Brad standing there, shirtless, his hairy muscular chest fully exposed. He opened the door.

'Hi,' he said, 'come on in.'

'Brought a little something for us,' Brad said, holding up a six pack of beer.

'Well, let's get it open and start working on it.'

Again, they sat, drank beer and visited. As the evening wore on, Josh had a feeling that Brad was also gay and wanting things to develope. Josh wasn't one to take chances and possibly ruin his reputation on the rodeo circuit. He let filed Brad's sly comments in the back of his brain and kept things casual.

After Brad left, Josh went to bed and unable to control the urge, he jerked off his eight inch cock as he visualized Brad's hairy muscular chest and imagined what was hidden by the jeans, wanting it deep in his mouth and throat.

The next day was normal, taking care of Rocket, practicing, and working out. Brad stopped by and talked for a while asking if Josh wanted to hit one of the local bars later. Josh thanked him but politely declined. He had other plans.

After eating dinner, Josh headed out on a mission. As he neared a local motel, he saw a taxi dropping off a couple at the door. He quickly pulled in and just as the driver was about to pull out he flagged him down. Taxi drivers knew all the night spots.

'Yea, bud, whatch need?' the cabbie asked.

'Well, uh, I was wondering if you could tell me where there is a gay club?'

The driver looked him over and said, 'You sure don't look the type but the most active is the 'Bunkhouse' over on Dalton street. Go down four blocks and take a left. It's down about a mile and a half just past the city limits sign.'

Josh thanked him and returned to his truck as the driver watched him, shaking his head.

Josh found the bar with no trouble, parked and went in. The music was country and loud. The crowd was a mixture of cowboy types and cowboy want-to-be's, anlong with some blue collar types that looked like construction workers or truckers. The bar was only a quarter mile from a large truck stop.

Josh looked the crowd over and ordered a beer. finding a small booth in the far corner, he settled in. Josh liked to scope things out before joining in any action. Guys were cuddling and kissing in other booths, some were dancing together, others standing, talking and groping. Josh glanced at one booth just in time to see one young guy slide off the bench and go under the table. He knew then that the other guy was about to get his cock sucked.

Josh continued to take the scene in. Several guys passed and looked him over, some nodding a casual hello. About an hour later, the front door opened. Josh glanced over and his heart stopped. Walking in was Brad. Josh's suspicions were now confirmed, but it was up to Brad to make the first move.

Josh watched as Brad went to the bar and ordered a beer. He stood and as he sipped his beer he took in the crowd. When his eyes met Josh's he stopped, the beer at his lips. He lowered the beer and smiled.

Brad walked over to Josh and asked, 'May I join you?'


'Fancy seeing you here,' Brad said.

'I could say the same about you.'

Brad laughed. 'Nothing going on out at the grounds. Have met one person that interest me but I don't know how they feel.'

'Oh, really. I bet if you went to them and told them, you might find out.'

'I've thought about it but they're not there right now. I'm not sure what their reaction might be when I tell them.'

'All you can do is try and find out. All they can say is 'no thank you', however you might also get a totally different reaction.'

'You're right, I guess. I guess I'll give it a try next time I find them home. Would you care to dance?'

There was a nice slow song playing so Josh accepted, taking his beer with him. He had heard of people slipping drugs into unattended bottles and he wasn't taking any chances.

Brad held Josh close as they danced, neither saying a word, but each of their cocks was responding and each could feel the other's.

After a second slow dance, Josh excused himself, saying that he'd had enough of the corwds and loud music.

Brad knew why Josh was leaving. Josh returned to his camper and got comfortable. He stripped down and put on a pair of jogging shorts and turned on the stereo finding some soft easy listening music. He settled back, picking up a book that he had started.

About half hour later, there was a knock on the door. He knew who it was. Without hesitation, he opened it and invited Brad in.

'Hi,' Brad said.

'Hi, yourself. You get tired of the crowd also?'

'Yea. While I was there I talked to someone and they said that I should tell someone that I met how I felt about them. I decided I would.'

'And just who might that be?'

'Josh, I know we've just met, but I find myself attracted to you and would love to get you in bed.'

'Oh, really? Are you telling me that you're sexually drawn to men and want to have sex with me?'

'Yes, I am. I've wanted to get you in bed and have sex with you since the first time I saw you.'

Still standing and facing Brad, Josh smiled and said, 'Brad, I've felt the same way.'

They stood and stared into each other's eyes for a second. Slowly, they moved closer to each other, their lips soon meeting in an hot passionate tongue fighting kiss.

When the kiss broke, Brad slowly licked down Josh's chest, licking and sucking each nipple in turn. As he squatted down and moved lower, he slowly pulled down the running shorts that Josh was wearing, freeing the eight inch uncut tool that was held inside. He moved lower, working his tongue around the base of the hard cock, then down to the two large orbs in the sack below.

Licking and sucking, the two orbs, Brad ran his hands up and down Josh's legs and back up to his round firm ass. As he gripped the firm ass cheeks, he swallowed the entire tool Josh offered. Josh moaned loudly, as Brad ran his tongue around the shaft. Brad sucked the hard cock hungrily for several minutes before Josh pulled him up to a standing position.

Josh began undressing Brad and soon had him totally naked. Josh began returning the pleasure to Brad and was soon sucking Brad's onw eight inch cut cock. Brad moaned softly, saying, 'Damn, have I ever needed that. Fuck that feels good.'

Soon, Josh stopped and led Brad to the bed where he had already turned back the covers in anticipation of this encounter. They lay in bed kissing and making out before Josh flipped around into a sixty-nine. Both studs sucked the cock offered to them, both deepthroating it all. Before long, both were nearing the point of no return. Simultaniously, they climaxed, each filling the other's mouth with a huge load of thick, white, creamy man juice. Each eagerly swallowed the offering and were soon back into a passionate kiss.

'Josh, that was fantastic,' Brad said after the kiss.

'Yea, I think think so too.'

They lay and cuddled and talked. Brad asked where Josh was going next. Josh said that after Lawton, he was going to Denver for the rodeo there.

'Mind if I follow you?'

'Not at all. I'm hoping you will.'

'Well, then, I'm heading to Denver also.'

They kissed again, and soon Josh was again fully erect.

As Brad gripped the hard cock, he said, 'I'm a bull rider and I have a bull's cock in my hand.'

'Oh, you do? And just what does that mean?' Josh asked.

'Well. I'm also a bareback rider and I'm ging to ride that bull cock bareback.'

Josh smiled and said, 'It's all yours baby.' He reached into a drawer and handed Brad a tube of lube. After lubing Josh's cock, Brad straddled Josh and began sitting down on the hard cock. Once the mushroom head had popped in, Brad sat down hard and fast, burying the cock in his own ass. 'Oh, fuck yea,' Brad exclaimed.

After bouncing on the cock for a few minutes, Brad pulled off and flipped over on his back, raising his legs.

'Fuck me hard, fast and deep, baby like you would a bitch whore off the streets.'

Josh quickly got into position and reburied his cock in Brad's ass and began pounding him unmercifully. 'Oh fuck yea. That's the way I like it. Fuck this bitch whore. Make me beg.'

Josh smiled and slowed doen, not going as deep and taking his time.

Brad looked at him and said, 'Please don't do this to me. Fuck me hard. Please!'

Josh gave a few hard thrust then slowed down.

'You sorry mother fucker. Fuck my ass hard damn it. Please fuck me baby. I need you so bad.'

'Here goes you bitch.' Josh began pounding Brqad's ass as hard and deep as he could.

'Oh fuck yea, that's the way. That feels so fucking good. Fill my ass with your hot load.'

Josh soon did just that. With one last hard thrust his cock exploded, filling the cavern with his hot load.

'Oh, baby, that feels so fucking good spraying up inside me. I fucking love it.'

After Josh finished cumming and pulled out, Brad quickly took eht softening cock in his mouth, sucking off the last remnants of Josh's load. Soon, both men were sleeping soundly, cuddled in each other's arms.

The next morning, after a quick sixty-nine, they went their seperate ways, preparing for that nights opening of the rodeo. Josh placed first in both of his events and Brad was first in bareback riding and second in bull riding. They congratulated each other and wondered if they could keep their place in the future scoring.

That night, Brad joined Josh for dinner and again, after cleaning the dishes, they were soon in bed, sucking and fucking. this time it was Josh's turn to ride bareback, only he liked it slow and easy, making it last. Brad gladly oblidged.

There was sex every night and when the rodeo was over, Josh was still in first place in the winnings in both his events and Brad finished as he had started, first in bareback riding and second in bull riding.

As they prepared to head to Denver, Brad told Josh, 'I think you're a good luck charm for me.'

'I hope so. Maybe that will keep us together for a while.'

Brad smiled, hoping that Josh meant what he was thinking he meant.

Thjey had time to spare, so they took their time driving to Denver. Brad was in his truck pulling his horse trailer and Josh was in his. Josh had bought them hand held CB radios so they could keep in contact while on the road.

They'd stop at rest areas at night and every night was a sexual fantasy in the bed. The rest area the first night, Josh was fucking Brad hard and deep when there was a knock on the side. A deep voice said, 'Better take it easy in there. That trailers rocking pretty good. Hate to see it turn over.' Brad and Josh both began laughing.

'I wonder if he'd like to join us?' Brad said.

Having had quite a bit to drink, Josh said, 'He might.' He quickly went to the door and saw the driver walking away.

'Hey bud, come here.'

The driver turned and headed back to Josh. He was in his mid thirties and nice looking.

Standing totally naked in view of the driver, Josh said, 'If you'd like to fuck a hot cowboy in the ass, you can join us, unless you're against man sex.'

'Fuck no. Lead the way.'

Josh turned and let the driver in. Soon, Josh and Brad were watching the trucker strip. To their surprise, the driver was sporting nine and a half inches and was it ever thick. Both guys began sucking on it and licking the balls. Brad again lay back and raised his legs. After lubing the truckers hard massive cock, Josh said, 'He's all yours. Go for it. He likes it hard fast and deep.'

The trucker smiled and took his position. When he buried his cock in one thrust, Brad exclaimed loudly, 'Mother fuck, man, are you using a fucking baseball bat?'

Josh and the driver laughed as Brad said, 'Yea man, fuck that hot hole.

As the driver began pounding Brad's ass, the driver shocked Josh when he said 'Straddle him and let me suck you while I fuck him.'

Josh got into position and as the driver pounded Brad's ass he also swallowed all of Josh's cock. Just as Josh unloaded in The driver's mouth, the driver filled Brad's hole. When he pulled out, he smiled and said, 'Man that was great. I haven't dropped a load in a fucking week.' he then bent down and as Brad and Josh watched he sucked Brad off, swallowing his load also.

He quietly dressed and returned to his rig. Brad and Josh began laughing. 'Baby, I never expected you to invite him in but I'm glad as hell you did.'

'Yea, me too. He's a damn good cock sucker and did you see the wedding ring on his hand? I wonder if his wife knows what he does on the road?'

'I doubt it. I've been with a few married drivers before and they live one life on the road and a completely straight life when at home.'

They compeated in Denver, each winning their respective events. Brad again told Josh that he was a good luck charm.

While at the Denver rodeo, Brad met a young nineteen year old helper at the rodeo. Every time he was around Brad, he'd make it a point to get close and when he could he'd let his hand rub across Brad's crotch. Brad grabbed his hand one time while it was against his cock and asked, 'If you feel something you want, just ask for it.'

The kid looked at him and said, 'Well, I did feel something I'd like both in my ass and in my mouth.'

'Be out by the main gate at midnight. We'll see what we can do about letting you have it both ways.'

'The kid smiled and said, 'I'll be there.'

Brad later told Josh about what had happened.

'Damn, the kid came right out and said he wanted to suck you and get fucked?'

'Yep. Thought that if you wanted to we'd get him and both give him what he wants.'

'Sure, but not here. I'll get a room down the road and you can bring him there.'

'Perfect. Call me with the room number.'

They compeated and afterwards Josh headed for the motel and checked in. He called Brad and told him which motel he was in and what the room number was.

At midnight, Brad pulled up in his truck to find the kid standing and waiting. 'Hop in,' Brad said.

The kid hopped in and asked where they were going. My buddy has a motel room up the road. Think you can take on two of us tonight?'

'You mean that there will be two of you fucking my face and ass?'

'Yep. You interested or not. It's either both of us or neither of us. You can trust him. He's okay.'

'Fuck yea man. This is more than I expected. Damn, two hot cowboys pumping my ass in the same night.'

They arrived at the room and went in. Josh was already naked and Brad and the kid quickly stripped. Brad lay next to Josh on the bed and the kid immediately began sucking on both their cocks, alternating between the two.

Before long, Brad was buried up the kids ass as he was sucking Josh. Both his holes were filled at the same time. After a short rest, the kid had them both hard again and this time Josh was doing the fucking while Brad got his cock sucked dry. After the both came, Josh began stroking the kid off, getting him to shoot his load off on Brad.s stomach and chest. When the kid was jacked dry, Josh told him, Now you need to get down there and lick it all up and get him completely clean.'

'After what you two did for me, gladly.' The kid quickly went down and began licking up his own load until Brad was completely clean. Brad dropped the kid off at the front gate. He pulled to the camping area to find Josh already there.

'Hot fucking kid,' Josh said.

'Yea, thought you might like it. But what the fuck made you jerk him off and then lick it up.'

'Fuck if I know. I guess I had one of my kinky moments.'

'Well, I fucking loved it. I'm finding out more and more I like about you.' Thek kissed and crawled into bed.

They traveled to several more rodeos together. Then when Josh said he was signed up for one in Cheyenne, Brad curssed and said that he had forgot and had signed up for one in Butte, Montana. They agreed to meet up after the events and get back on schedule together. Josh headed for Cheyenne as Brad headed for Butte. They went through their events again winning. Brad called Josh and said that he was going to be pulling out the next morning and headed for the next rodeo in Gallop, New Mexico. Josh said that he missed him and would see him there.

They talked daily and on the second night, when Brad hadn't called by nine that night, Josh tried to call him. Thje call went straight to voice mail. Josh began to worry. Even though they had never officially agreed to be a couple, they considered themselves as such.

Josh went to bed, worried about Brad. At almost midnight, his phone rang. Quickly, he grabbed it and answered.


'Sir, my name is Dotty Davis. Is your name Josh?'

'Yes it is. What's this about?'

'Jos, I'm Brad Davis' mother. He in the hospital in serious condition. he's in a come, but before he went into the coma he kept saying, 'Call Josh. I want Josh.' I found your number in his cell phone.'

'Where is he? I'll be there as soon as can.'

She told him where Brad was and said that she and Brad's dad would be waiting.

'Call me immediately if there is a change, please.'

She promised she would.

Knowing he wouldn't be able to sleep, he pulled out and headed to see Brad. 'Lord, I've finally met someone that I truly love. Please don't let anything happen to him,' he prayed.

Driving straight through, he arrived in the small town where Brad was. After locating a place to board Rocket and leave his trailer he drove to the hospital.

When he entered the waiting room, a man and woman stood and approached him.

'Are you Josh?' the man asked.

'Yes. Mr and Ms. Davis?'

'Yes. You look tired.' Ms. Davis said.

'I drove straight through. What happened?'

'From what we understand, he had stopped at a truck stop and when he was walking back to his truck, a drunk driver drove through the lot running from the cops and hit him. He has several broken bones and a severe concussion.'

Suddenly, nurses were running toward Brad's room.

'Oh Lord, please don't take him yet,' Josh prayed.

TO BE CONTINUED..............


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