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                                 Robby and Ryan Chapter XI

       I got up and dressed deciding to drive my truck; it had been a while and it needed to be driven. I pulled up in front of Rob’s house and honked the horn. He came out dressed in work clothes for the lumber yard but he still looked hot as fuck.

       He climbed into the truck with a huge smile and asked, “Why the truck?” I just shrugged and backed out of the driveway. He laid his hand on the console, palm up and I instinctively put my hand in his. We locked our fingers then he kissed my hand and told me he had a dream last night.

       He started to describe it and I realized we had had the same dream. I told him I had missed him and he said that doesn’t even begin to describe it. We chatted on the way to work; I told him about work last night and he told me about school.

       We had a little time so we stopped at Millie’s for a cinnamon roll. We were greeted with a smile from Millie and I told her we only had a few minutes.

       We ate fast, I took a coffee to go, and we got to work a few minutes before 9. It wasn’t very busy so we just talked most of the time. He told me they were having a party for him on Friday and he even had some friends from school who were going to come.

       Noon rolled around and we locked up and headed for home. He told me he hadn’t smoked anything since Monday and he couldn’t wait to get a buzz, adding there was something else he wanted too.

       I said how about we go home, smoke a joint in the hot tub, and take a nap; a nap to sleep.

       He said, "Deal," as we drove in the driveway and asked, “We’re not going anywhere are we?”

       Not until I take you home tomorrow night, I told him. I sat down and in a minute had created a perfect number. Rob sat on the bed and was taking his boots off.

       He said, “You can roll faster than I can take my boots off. You need to teach me.”

       I smiled at him and my number then unlaced my boots. He took his boots and went into his room and came back in his red and black sleep pants. I had my pants and shirt off and stopped just to look at him.

       I had missed him so much over the last five days; we just stood and looked at each other, no words spoken, but we could hear each other perfectly. I knew what he was thinking and it made me smile.

       He smiled at me and said, “I know what you’re thinking. You think you know what I’m thinking, don’t you?”

       I said, “I do, you think I am even better looking when I’m older.” His smile faded slightly and he tilted his head a little. I said, “This isn’t a one-way street you know,” as I took off my underwear and grabbed a couple towels.

       I told him I had turned the hot tub on this morning and we walked out to the deck. He dropped his pants and got in as I lit the joint. I took a big puff and stepped in behind him.

      He slid over next to me and I held it for him so he could get a hit. One of us had to keep a dry hand. We each took a few more hits and I set the roach aside as he moved closer so our arms and legs were touching. He rested his head on my shoulder, I put my hand on his leg, and started telling him about his dream, or should I say, I filled in the blanks.

       He didn’t move his head; he just sat and listened to me. “We had the same dream, Robert,” I told him.

       “You knew exactly what I was thinking in the house, Ryan,” he replied.

       I told him again, “This thing, it’s not a one-way street, Rob.” I said his name softly, “Robby... I’ve been thinking about tonight,” and I let it hang, waiting.

       Finally, he said, “I’m not sure I like the tone of that, Ryan James Chancellor.”

       I told him; “This next step, this is the last one for us; maybe we should wait. Hear me out Rob; I have been listening to you this week. There is a very good chance, with little to no effort on your part, you could have a girlfriend. Everything we have done you could rationalize away. To be blunt Robby, you can’t do that after, well, after you let someone do that to you.”


       He didn’t move his head and didn’t react. Finally, he said, “You’re going to have to do better than that, Ryan.” He turned; sat in my lap, put his arms around my neck, and his forehead on mine. “I haven’t been able to think of anything but you for the last five days,” he said softly. “If you tell me I can’t do for you, what you did for me; well, well, I’m going to go badass on you, are we clear?”  

       He didn’t move his head; he just kept looking in my eyes, “Ryan, are we clear?” He asked again.

       “We should take that nap.” was my reply.

He said, "That’s more like it," as he climbed off me and out of the tub.

      He had his towel and was on his way to my bedroom by the time I got out. As I walked in he was getting into bed and I dried as best I could then crawled in on my side.

       I held my arm out and he assumed my favorite position. His head was on my chest, arm over me, and his leg over mine, with his dick resting on my side. We had another silent conversation roaming around in each others head until we fell asleep. Our connection was becoming stronger.

       We slept for five hours and when I woke up, I felt amazing. I pulled him closer to me; we were like two puzzle pieces, the way we fit together was like we were made for each other.

       He moved his arm and started making circles around my nipple and I couldn’t help but smile. “What are you thinking about Skate?” he asked.

       “What I always think about Robby. You.”

        “Ryan? Why were you giving me that bullshit earlier?” He questioned.

       I told him that with how things in school had changed; maybe this was something we should hold off on.

       “Is that what this is really about Ryan, or, is it, the after thing again?” he persisted.

       “Rob, There is no going back after this; there are only two ways it can go, good or bad. I couldn’t live with myself if it went bad, Robby. I don’t even want to think about it going bad, but I really couldn’t handle it if you resented me, or even hated me after.”


       “Ryan you’re carrying around shit that has nothing to do with me. What did Zach do to you?” he asked seriously.

       “He didn’t do anything to me, but I have been through the first time thing. It can fuck you up and I don’t want to do that to you.” I admitted to him.

       “Ryan, nothing is going to change how I feel about you and I don’t think it's going to change how you feel about me,” he tried to convince me.

       “It’s because of how I feel about you Robby, we’re connected, I don’t think that will ever change, but the thought of it scares me, a lot. I don’t want to be the cause of that Rob,” I confessed, trying to make him understand.

       “Ryan, this is going to happen; you can either be a willing participant or I can rape you. It’s your choice,” he told me with a smile.

       How fucking hot is that! I thought. "OK my little horn dog: it sounds like a win, win."

       He got up and walked over to my jewelry drawer grabbing my special lube and held it up. “Whatcha got there, Robby?” I asked him.

       He smiled at me as he crawled across the bed. I took the lube from him, popping the top as he lowered his lips to my nipple.

       I put a few drops on my finger and applied it to his tight hole feeling his ass pucker as the cold oil hit his sweet hole. My dick was full and hard when he took it from me letting a string of lube fall on my head and he watched it slide down my shaft.

       He rubbed it around then licked some off his finger, “This tastes funny.” he said.

       “That’s the coke Jr.”

       He set the bottle on the headboard and licked that spot on my neck; my queue that he was going to renew the fading hickey and I couldn’t help but pull him closer; letting him know, I didn’t care.

       He took pity on me and moved down to my nipples, and then further down. He took me in his hand and licked around the head telling me it made his tongue numb.

       As he slid down a little more on my shaft, I said, "It will do that."

       He took more of me into his mouth and we both moaned at the same time. I told him he was in charge; we would go at whatever speed he wanted.

       He was working me with his mouth and hand; each stroke going a little deeper and was getting closer to taking it all, but he was taking his time. I pulled on him a little to let me prepare him because I didn’t want to hurt him and he knee walked to the side so I could reach him better; never letting me fall from his mouth.

       I worked my finger around his hole then grabbed the lube and was a little more generous to ensure that he wouldn’t hurt. I teased him with my finger and as he went further down on me I introduced my finger to his velvet hole.

       I was pleased when it easily cleared his ring and his ass sucked it in as he moaned loudly around me. As I worked my finger; he removed his hand from my shaft and slowly took in every last inch I had to offer.

       He came back up and looked at me; the corners of his mouth lifting into a smile, then the little fucker just slid back down, again taking it all and burying his nose in my pubes, never taking his eyes off me.

       I tenderly took a little control and rested my hand on his head and started to gently pump my dick into his mouth and he took it like a champ. I smiled remembering telling him that some had the ability or desire.

       He came back up letting me fall from his mouth.

He moved over me so I removed my finger and he slid his ass crack back and forth over my love tool as he sat on me looking into my eyes. He rose up and I held myself at his entrance; rubbing my knob back and forth spreading the lube and my ooze. 

       I said, “You need to go slow Rob, don’t try and take it all at once.” I held myself at his opening as he lowered his ass to my head. He was so tight and I could feel him squeezing. “Just relax Robby.” I said, trying to sooth him a little.

       He was working just my head and seemed to do that for a long time and I asked him if he was OK.

He looked at me and said, “What’s your rush, Chancellor? You got someplace to be?” And a smile grew on his face.

      He oh so slowly took more of me into him; I could feel my head pass through his ring. He just continued to slowly descend on my shaft until he bottomed out.

       He moved his hips around a little and then leaned down and kissed me. This was all new to him; I told him to be careful and just do what he wanted.

       He held me deep inside him and rested his head on my shoulder; “You fill me up, Ryan.” he said as kind of a statement and question, all in one. And as he rose back up his lips came down on me again.

       I wrapped my arms around him and opened my mouth, giving his tongue access, and we moaned into each others. He started sliding back and forth a little and my head found his prostate. He leaned back and started taking longer strokes as I reached for his muscle that was standing tall and proud when I wrapped my hand around it.

       I could feel him tighten up on me as I touched him. He was doing fucking awesome, starting to ride me, and working himself in my hand. He put his hands behind him; just like I had done with him, resting them on the bed as I raised my knees up, and slid my hands up to his chest.

      “Ryan, how could you ever deny me this?” He questioned with a wanton tone. I just shook my head. He found a rhythm and went to work on his button; he was being greedy, pre-cum now spilling from his head.

       He rose up off of me and worked my head with his still tight ring; I was in what would be my new happy place. He started moving back and forth again; I could feel my head sliding roughly across his over-sized nut.

       He was producing a tremendous amount of slippery juice that I could feel on my own balls and running down my ass. I knew this wasn’t going to be over anytime soon.

       He was starting to sweat; little droplets forming on his chest and running down his stomach, but he showed no signs of running out of steam. I fumbled behind me; looking for the lube and found it.

       I put some between my fingers and moved them down to his ass and worked it in with every stroke. I took what was left and rubbed it on his sensitive head. I had forgotten that earlier and didn’t want him to cum to soon.

       I let it soak in and started twisting his nipples and making him moan louder. “Oh… Ryan, oh fuck; if I would have remembered, I would have never let you make me wait so long,” he whimpered.

       I was sweating now and milked more from him that I wiped on his chest; mixing it with his sweat. I moved my hands down and around him; taking his hips firmly in my hands.

       I set a pace for him; he understood and continued like that when I moved my hands back to his steel rod. I started moving my hips and would meet him on his downward strokes.

       He was working all of me with that hot little ass and then would pleasure himself for a while with short strokes and then go back to taking it all.

       I was working just his head and increased the pressure. I told him I was going to make him cum as I became more aggressive. “NO… Please, Rye… Not yet,” he begged.

       “Calm down my little stud, this is just number one,” I assured him.

       I knew he would only last about five more strokes. I slowed my strokes and increased the pressure, sliding his head out the bottom of my hand then back down, just as slow.

        When he shot off his ass gripped me like a vice; he started moaning and sunk down on me. He paused allowing me to feel every contraction of his tightness. His hips began moving again and I continued stroking him with more vigor.

      I tried to catch most of his creamy treasure in my hands; I think it would have gone over his head and landed on my feet. I rubbed it on him and he started moving more as I reached up putting my arms around his neck and pulled him to me.

       He came down on me; his lips finding my neck again and started grinding on me with a little enthusiasm. I moved my hands back down to his ass; firmly taking a cheek in each hand. I worked it in time with my hips and whispered in his ear, “How many times do you want to cum, Robby?”

        “I want to make you cum, Ryan.” He moaned.

       “I will Jr. I promise.” I had dreamed of this for months and was going to enjoy every fucking minute of it.

       He sat back up and started moving his lower half back and forth; again he was being greedy. He looked like he was fading some and I pulled him back down and rolled us over. He spread his legs apart and lifted his knees, making himself comfortable.

       The look on his face was priceless; his eyes open and clear as I said his name. “Robby; if I get; I mean if I lose, if I get to rough, you have to stop me. Promise me.”

       He just shook his head back and forth. I really didn’t want to hurt him, I could feel my head was becoming sensitive and I knew his ass was too. I curled my arms under his knees bringing them to my shoulders and slowly drove myself as deep as I could and just held it there, flexing; making it swell and dance deep inside him.

       Sweat was forming on my forehead and was now running into my eyes dripping off me on to him. I was giving him the best I had. Never in my life had I given so much of myself to anyone. I took him by the knees and pushed them up pinning them next to his head. He was going to get it now.

       I pulled my steel shaft out until I could almost see the head then tenderly drove it home, again, and again. He was helping me, his hands on my hips, pulling me down and pushing me back.

       He was spitting out cum every time I came down on him causing it to pool on his stomach and I was sweating so much it was like a shower on him. I was getting close and my mind was telling me to slow down but my dick was telling me to fill his ass. I could hold it; I could wait another minute.

       We slowed, even more, tenderness and love taking over. “I want it, Rye. I want to feel It.” he admitted. I looked at him and shook my head hard back and forth, sending sweat flying all over.

       I regrouped and started long slow loving strokes; I could feel my balls fill and tighten up. I held off longer than I thought possible and the feeling just kept building turning into an ache. I thrust as deep as I could; feeling myself swell bigger than I thought my skin could stretch.

       A roman fuckin candle shot from my cannon and blazed the trail for the next ten explosions that filled him to capacity. I leaned down and kissed him; my sweat dripping down on him. When our lips met, I felt him cum for the second time and I worked my hips for him, feeling his ring contracting around me.

       I sat up and allowed his legs to fall next to mine and then I laid on him, resting my face next to his. I whispered in his ear, “Is this what love is, Robby?”

       “It is to me, Ryan.” I was in heaven: after so long; waiting, hoping, and now, I had had it.

      My heart was singing; Dave had not gotten what was meant for Robby. He had pulled so… much more from me and I had given him more of myself than anyone had ever gotten from me. I was hooked and exhausted.

       Rob started mumbling again; “Oh… fuck… Ryan, I felt it. Oh… god… I felt it.”

       I had all my weight on him and he put his arms around me; squeezing, like he didn’t want to let go; his bucket of seed smearing between us. Still breathing hard he mumbled, “How could you; keep, why didn’t? That’s just wrong.”

       I lifted my head and looked at him; seeing what he did “What?” I asked.

      “You, You knew, why did you?” he stopped again.

       “Rob, are you ok?” I asked. He nodded his head yes. “You need to put more than three words together: what are you trying to say,” I questioned.

       He lay looking at me. “Your colors almost blind me, Rye.” And then one word at a time he said, “You’ve known about this; we should of, why did you wait so long Rye? Why didn’t we do this, ages’ ago?”

       I told him I was going to pull out and not to be embarrassed if he farted or if cum started coming out.

       I felt him squeeze me as I tenderly removed my aching shaft from him. There was no farting, no cum escaping, and no blood. Thank god. His moan of disappointment when I pulled out put a huge smile on my face.

       I rolled off him onto my back and looked down at my glistening cock; juice still escaping from my slit; his seed all over me. I looked over at him and he was just as milky as I was.

       I turned, reached over; and slid my hand down his stomach; scooping up cum as I went, then wrapped my hand around him, trying to get number three out of his deflating member. He put his hand on mine and said, “You’ve got to stop,” as he squirmed.

       I rolled over; part way on him, planting little kisses on his neck, adding nibbles and licks. I said when you're ready we can take a shower. He nodded and attempted to move then just relaxed again. “Not there yet,” he mumbled.

      I looked at the clock and it was almost nine. That’s a record for me and I really hoped I hadn’t hurt him. I asked again, “Robby, you would tell me, wouldn’t you? I mean, if I hurt you?”

       Those eyes looked at me and he said, “My silly Ryan, you would have known.” I knew he was right; I would have known.

      He continued to look at me; his finger moving the wet hair from my eyes and cheek and said, “You were right, Ryan, this does change everything. I didn’t think we could be any closer, and here we are. When you were in me, Rye, I could feel you; it felt like I was you. You are the one that’s a fucking stallion. I’m glad you were a willing participant and didn’t make me rape you.”

       I asked again, “You’re sure you’re OK, Robby?”

      The phone rang and I didn’t even think about getting it, I was just too comfortable; I wasn’t going to waste this. I said to Rob, “No, if it’s important, they’ll call back.”

       I knew he could hear my stomach growling and he asked, “Work up an appetite did you?”

       I told him the cinnamon roll wore off hours ago and he said he was hungry also.

       I asked if he was ready for a shower as I pulled myself from him and made my way to the bathroom turning on the water. As I got under the spray I heard the phone ring again and Rob answered it.

       He made his way into the shower a few minutes later and I asked who was on the phone. He stepped up next to me and I moved over a little so he could get under the water.

       “Why would Trish be calling you, Ryan?” He asked.

       I turned to him and said, “She wants a piece of Mr. Stallion. What did she say?”

       He told me, she wanted to talk to me and he told her I was in the shower. She wanted me to call her about next weekend and left her number. He said, “She’ll have to call back because I didn’t write it down.”

       I didn’t answer his question and told him I wasn’t sure what we had to eat and asked if he felt like Wendy’s. He said maybe Wendy’s to go sounded good and then asked about Trish again and what was going on next weekend.

       I told him she had called me the day after the fight; she had made it clear that she wanted me.

       He just looked at me. “And,” he asked with a tilted head.

       “I made it very clear to her that I wasn’t looking to start a relationship,” I assured him.

       I picked up the shampoo and started washing his hair asking again if he was ok. He said he was fine and asked, “So what’s going on next weekend, Ryan?” I didn’t want to tell him about the party yet, but I didn’t want to lie.

       I said she wanted to come to your birthday party. I told him, I was planning a big bash at Banners for his birthday. “You’ve got to be kidding me?” he questioned.

       I said, “Yes, I’m kidding.”

       I soaped the washcloth and started washing his body and he told me the cum leaking out his ass felt weird. I said cum is like that, you are really OK, right? He told me to stop asking and assured me he was fine.

       He took the washcloth and started washing me and when he got to my red dick, he commented that I deserved to be sore. I told him this was the best kind of sore and that made him smile.

       I rinsed off and pulled him close to me. I told him that I wished we had food in the house; we could just eat and go back to bed. I said, “Our nap was the best sleep I’ve had all week.” and he agreed. He told me he was glad that tonight happened and he was glad he didn’t have to rape me to get what he wanted. I told him he would never have to do that.

       We got out of the shower and stood in front of the mirror admiring ourselves. The phone started to ring again and I ignored it, but Rob went and answered it.

       I saw him looking at me and I was shaking my head no. “Sure Trish, he’s out of the shower, just a minute,” as he held the phone up and smiled at me.

       I mouthed “you little fucker” as I took the phone and said hello as if I didn’t know who it was. Rob stood next to me with that same smile on his face. I was standing, naked and he reached over and took hold of my red cock. I said hold on a minute and I put the phone on my shoulder. I asked him if he really wanted to go for round three. He dropped me like a hot potato.

       I put the phone back to my ear and listened to Trish. I tried to brush her off but she wasn’t taking no for an answer. Rob was getting a kick out of the conversation right up to the point I gave in and told her sure I would change the reservation. I did tell her, it wasn’t a date or anything, and I didn’t want her to think otherwise. I didn’t tell her that I had talked to Jack.

       I asked Rob why he did that and he said he wanted to see me squirm. I told him if he wanted to see that, we would have to skip dinner. He started getting dressed; so it looked like we were going to get to eat.

       We drove to Wendy’s and loaded up on burgers and fries and went back home. I told him in the car that when we got home we needed to talk. He piped up and asked, “About my birthday.” We devoured our food and I twisted one up and we got in the hot tub.

      I told him this thing with Trish wasn’t funny and tried to make him see that people were going to start looking at me funny. He wasn’t getting it, so I spelled it out. “Rob, Trish has made it clear that she wants to go out with me. If I don’t take her up on it, people are going to start wondering why.”

       “Do you want to?” he asked looking at me with puppy eyes.

       “You stupid fuck, of course, I don’t,” I scolded.

       “Why?” He persisted, with a smile.

       I said, “When I was singing at Mike’s, everybody could see there was something different about me. I was getting drilled about who it was that had a hold on my heart.”

      “So, who is it, Skate?” The little fuck asked.

       I said, “What are you going to do when some hot girl starts throwing herself at you, what happens when people question you on why?” I stopped and thought; “Do you want a girlfriend, Robby?” I asked.

      “No,” he said.

       “Why not?” I continued. He didn’t answer me.

“Rob, we have had sex with each other.”

       He put his hand up and said, “Ryan, what we did tonight and last week was so much more than that, I told you; we would never have, just sex.”

      “So we agree; that either of us wants a girlfriend,” I asked.

       “I guess not,” he replied.

       “So how are we going to handle this then Rob?” I asked.

      He shrugged his shoulders and I said, “Robby… Its time for a label. We need to admit to each other just what we are and where this is going to go.”

       I broke the ice; “I don’t want a girlfriend because I love you. I have made love to you. There isn’t room in my heart for anybody else, Robby.”

       He smiled at me and said, “Isn’t that enough of a label, for now, Rye?”

       I gave up; it was good enough for now. “Let’s go to bed, Rob.”

       He was up and getting out of the hot tub. We dried off, brushed our teeth, and crawled into bed, each taking what had become, our sides. He rolled onto me, into my favorite position and again I felt what we had, the way we fit and how we fit. He leaned up and kissed me on the cheek and I fell asleep not long after.

       I loved waking up like this and again, it felt like we had been doing it all our lives. His warm body, his rhythmic breathing, and, just everything about him. He woke up and pulled me closer and again, saying what I was thinking, I love waking up like this. I nodded and got up to pee.

       I looked at myself in the mirror; pulling back the hair and looking at my stitches. I wanted them out. I asked him if he would clip them and pull them out. He came in and pondered the idea of what I wanted him to do.

       He did great and they came out without a problem. He looked at me with that shit eating smile asking, “So next weekend,” and just kept looking at me. I put him off and said let’s just make it a surprise Jr. He could have dug around in my head but he didn’t.

       “Don’t give me that pouty face, Rob; you’re going to love it.” I said squeezing his cheeks.

      We did our usual morning stuff and lounged around the house until we were hungry and went to eat then I took him home. I didn’t get out, I just dropped him off and said I would be at his party on Friday and maybe he could just come home with me then.

      He reached over a patted my still sore bulge and recommended, “How about you leave this alone until then, OK.” I told him it would take until then for a new layer of skin to grow back and he gave me a satisfied smile.

       The week flew by and before I knew it, I was dressed; standing in front of the mirror looking at my neck and the almost invisible remnants of my hickey.

       I had the pictures of us in DC and Virginia developed and there were some good ones that I made copies of putting them in an album for his birthday. I had one framed to put on the dresser in his room.

       I pulled up to his house and when I went in, I was surprised that he did have some friends, and he couldn’t wait to introduce me. I gave him the album and he was the center of attention; showing everybody the pictures and explaining where we were in each one.

       Walt and Deb questioned the ones that I took of him while he was driving the TR. I just shrugged and said, “He did well.” We did cake and ice cream and were heading for my house by 8. We walked into my bedroom and he looked at me and said we get to sleep together for two nights. I told him I didn’t let a new layer of skin grow just to sleep.

      There was a box with a bow sitting next to the picture of us; he walked over and picked it up and shook it. I told him I got him a little something to go with the album. He asked if he could open it and I smiled and nodded, hoping he would like it.

       It was a black Seiko watch, much like mine. I had it engraved on the back. He didn’t see it at first so I had to show him. ‘You and Me. Us and We. Love Ryan.’

       He put his hands on my cheeks pulling my face down so he could rest his forehead on mine.

“You spoil me, Ryan,” he said and continued; saying, he wished he could do the same for me.

       I told him; “Just loving me is worth more than anything money could buy.” I told him that no one could have just one watch, and started to unbutton his shirt. I pushed it off his shoulders and ran my hands over his chest. I slid my hands down to the button on his pants and let them fall to the floor and admired his lower half.

       I stepped back and undressed and asked, “Hot tub before bed?” I picked up the special joint I had rolled earlier as I walked out to the deck and he brought out towels.

       I handed it to him, asking if he wanted to do the honors, and after taking a hit he said, “Is there something in this, Skate?”

       I just smiled, took it from him, and thought how I missed him calling me that. It didn’t take to many hits and we were both fried.

       I asked him since he had all week to think about what we did last weekend, what he thought. He said he thought he needed to do it again, a few more times even, and wanted to just use the regular lube, so he could feel more.

       I said that was fine, but tonight, I wanted him in me, and he would just have to wait until tomorrow for anything else. Pouty face again. I told him that the special lube made us last longer and not to be disappointed if he was just a pony instead of a stallion tonight.

       I reached over and took his thick shaft in my hand, telling him I couldn’t breathe under water; he needed to sit on the edge. He stood up and before he could even sit down, I had him in my mouth.

       I loved the way he felt in my mouth; the way it felt as he got harder and harder as I sucked him. There’s nothing like a soft cock getting hard in your mouth! I rose up and asked, “I assume?”

       He said, “You assume right; I haven’t touched myself all week.”

       I said in that case, and went down on him, determined to swallow his first load.

       It didn’t take long and like I had done to him, he put his hands on the back of my head nudging me as he rose his hips up. I held his balls in one hand pulling slightly on them and sucked him with the thought of his hot love spraying in my mouth.

       It made me so fucking hot doing that to him; with him guiding my head, showing me how he wanted it, was even hotter. He started to moan and I knew I was going to be rewarded with his sweet honey.

       When the first blast shot out of him I couldn’t hold back and my balls erupted in the hot tub. Rob really was a big producer, and I enjoyed every bit of it. I wondered if I would ever be able to do that to him without Cumming myself.

       I got up taking his hand in mine and led him to my bed, pushing him down, climbing on top of him, and started rubbing his head on my hole. I knew he could regroup, so with cum still dripping from him, I lowered myself down.

       I went slowly; butt pain, not something I was into, but I had to have him now. Right now! I relaxed and took all of him in one slow motion. He reached up and pulled me to his lips and passionately kissed me, cleaning the inside of my mouth with his tongue.      Like I had done to him, he rolled me over and pinned my knees next to my ears and worked my ass over. He was loving, but was being a little forceful at the same time.


       I wasn’t a submissive type, but I would be whatever he wanted me to be. He leaned down a little and said, “You like it like this, don’t you Rye?” I nodded, and he said, “Me too!”

       He started using long deep strokes and he was rubbing my inside nut, and I was getting so… close. I tightened my ass and worked him as best I could, and we came at almost the same time.

       Even Cuming less than a half hour ago, I shot enough to coat my stomach and it was running down both sides. He worked his tool around in me and asked “Three?” I shook my head no. “I love making you cum like that,” he told me.

       I said, “Ok, you’re still a stallion Robby. I love it too.”

       He let go of my legs and wrapped them around his ass. He lowered himself down and in my ear he whispered, “Just so there’s no misunderstanding, Ryan, I don’t want anybody else either.”

       I could feel the weight of his body relaxing on me and I put my arms around him and told him “I don’t think I will ever want anybody else, ever Robby.”

       He gingerly pulled out of me and picked up the towel to wipe off himself and my stomach. “Do we need a shower?” he asked, and I shook my head back and forth.


       I told him to just get back in bed and I molded myself to his body and felt his arm come over me as I listened to his beating heart. I told him Happy Birthday and closed my eyes.

       I let my mind wander: thinking about tomorrow and all his birthdays that would follow. I thought about Christmas and when we could go back to Virginia; our connection was so strong there. I drifted off with him leaking from me and thoughts of him making me smile.



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