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                                    Robby and Ryan Chapter XIV

                                               From the Author:

       I don’t know how many of you chose not to read the end of chapter XIII, but more took my challenge than I expected. One, in particular, I would like to respond to. The comment was ‘How could I run a successful business and be stoned all the time.”

       My reply: Smoking was an after work and weekend treat for me. I had been smoking this kind of weed for a while and as you may know, one can build up a tolerance. Even baked, I could still function very well. And just so you know; a lot of stoners can be, and are, very successful. And I am one of them. I appreciated your comment and hope you continue.

       I left you with some things to think about my friends, I have thought about them a lot. I mean, really a lot. Here are a few more. If I wouldn’t have quit school, would Rob and I still found each other?

       If Jimmy, my fuck buddy, had not told me about the job, would we have still found each other? If Robby had not shot the deer, would the crash still have happened?

       Had Walt not died, would we have been able to be together? What happened between 1863 and 1977? Like I said, we wanted to be together, would have probably done anything to be together.

       What would have happened if Walt hadn’t died? At what price are our wishes granted? I think deep my anonymous friends. We both do. Robby and I survived and things got better, a lot better.

                              Robby and Ryan Chapter XIV

       As we pulled into the school he took my hand and kissed it telling me “I like you too” and smiled. I told him I would pick him up after work and he hopped out.

       I was able to get him signed up for an early morning driving school that would start in a week. I knew that might cheer him up and I would have done anything to do that.

       Deb had gone back to work and wasn’t home when I picked him up after school. It was true; being there was depressing for him and it showed when he came out and got in the truck. I told him that I had signed him up for driving school and that he would start on Monday and that seemed to lift his mood a little.

       We stopped at Sea Galley for dinner and we talked about what we were going to do for thanksgiving and I asked about Christmas. He said he didn’t care about thanksgiving and for the first time in a while he asked about Christmas.

       I told him that Hawaii was still something I wanted to do and that seeing a winter tan on him would be a Christmas present, to me. He asked when we could go back to Virginia; I told him spring break and we could spend the whole week.

       I wasn’t sure if now was the right time to tell him about Walt and the money I had found and that I wanted to give it to him. He looked at me and said, “You can tell me, Ryan, whatever it is you’re trying to hide.”

       I told him what I had discovered; that Walt was skimming from the company, how much money I found, and what I wanted to do with it.

       He said, “I want you to have it, Ryan.”

       I told him, no, and that I knew he felt bad about not having money, and it would make him feel better to have some of his own. And honestly, we couldn’t trash Walt’s memory by announcing he was a thief, so keeping it seemed to be the only thing to do.  

       I told him that I thought it would be a good idea to put him on a budget for a while, just so he didn’t blow through it all, and I wasn’t going to make decisions for him.

       He asked what kind of a budget and I told him that I thought a hundred dollars a week would be good for a start. He could buy his lunch and even buy me dinner once and a while. He liked that idea.

       I gave him five twenties and said this is for this week, not to spend it all in one place, and not to spend it on me knowing that’s what he was thinking.

       We went home and changed into lounging clothes and I told him to roll something we could smoke. I told him I was going to have to get more smoke and that meant seeing Zach.

       His body stiffened and he was pondering how to bring up the subject of, Zach. I knew it was coming and I waited. “Ryan, what happened, with you and Zach?” He asked.

       I told him that Zach wanted more and I really didn’t know.


       He looked at me and said, “Ryan.”

       I told him that even though I liked him a lot; I always felt that what I really wanted, what was missing in my life, just hadn’t happened yet; but I knew it wasn’t, Zach.

       I told him I didn’t know how, but I did, and the kind of person I was, I couldn’t lead him on knowing how he felt about me. Somehow I knew even then that someone was going to change my life and I asked him if he knew who that was.

       He smiled at me and held up the best joint he had rolled to date. I reached for it but he pulled it back saying we were going to smoke it and he knew I would just tear it up.

       We smiled at each other and he took the lighter and put the flame to it. We were sitting on the loveseat and he turned putting his head on my lap and hung his legs over the arm.

       He started to tell me about school today and said it would be nice when people stopped saying how sorry they were. He said that a few people saw him get out of the truck and asked who I was. I got a grin on my face and asked what he told them.


       I knew what it was. He said, “I told them you were my brother from a different mother and different father too.” He added that he was disappointed when no one asked what that meant. Another line of mine he liked.

       He moved his head around a little in my lap and I know he could feel me. I knew what was on his mind and I said, “Why don’t we make a date for this weekend.”

       With his pouty face, he said “OK”

       I told him I was going to take a shower and he said, “Why don’t you just wait and take one with me in the morning,” adding he knew I didn’t sweat at work because he knew I didn’t do anything.

       I acted offended and told him I busted my ass today, but not being able to keep a straight face. I told him I was ready for bed then and he got up and reached out his hand for me. We brushed our teeth and just kept smiling at each other in the mirror.

       We crawled into bed and I rolled over and put my head on his chest. He told me that he trusted me but wanted to go with me when I went to Zach's, saying, he thought he owed him an apology for the way he acted the last time he saw him.

       I told him I understood and that was fine with me. I had never asked about his grades, I knew he was smart but I didn’t know how he applied himself in school.

       He told me that he had held a 3.95 average but thought that it might have slid a little this quarter. I told him that he should think about AP classes and I thought he should start thinking about college.

       I reminded him I was serious about paying for him to go to university and how important I thought it was. He said he had never thought much about the future until we were in Virginia.

       I asked him what he thought the future held and he told me to close my eyes. He took me on a journey in his mind and what I saw made my heart grow a little more.

       It was like the dream we had, both of us being older, happy and more in love than I thought possible. I fell asleep with those wonderful images in my mind.

       We woke in the morning before the alarm went off and enjoyed the time before we had to get up. He got up and started the shower and hollered asking what was taking me.

       He had washed his hair and was waiting with the washcloth and soap in his hand. He handed it to me and turned so I could wash his back.

       I pulled him back against me so I could reach around and wash his front. He ground his tight little ass into my crotch and I pushed my thickness against him and called him a tease. I finished his front, turned him still in my arms, and kissed his forehead.

       I told him I was going to call Deb today and ask her if it was ok to enroll him in driving school just to make her feel like she still had some control. I continued by saying, I would try and ease into a conversation about him moving in with me permanently.

       I explained that she saw me as a guy that was almost twenty and may have some concerns. We ate our usual for breakfast; I drove the Shelby and we got a few looks when we pulled into school. Like the day before, he took my hand and kissed it. As he got out he looked at me and said, “Love you.” and closed the door before I could reply.

       I called Deb and we had a long discussion about Rob. I told her that he had grown on me; I liked having him around, and asked about driving school; adding that I would pay for the class.

       She asked if we would come to Thanksgiving and if I would bring my mother. I assured that Rob would want to do that and I would make the offer to my mom.

       Things at work were running like a well-oiled machine, the guys were having a good time with the cross training and sales had been good for this time of year. I picked Rob up and we stopped at Wendy’s and had burgers and fries for dinner. Rob had a big grin on his face when he stepped in front of me to pay for our food.

       I knew it made him feel good and anything that made him happy made me happy too. I told him that Deb was receptive to everything I had talked to her about and she wanted to make sure we were going to come to thanksgiving and even invited mom.

       We got home around 6:30 and to my surprise, my mom was home. We sat and talked to her for a while and I gave a run down about the funeral and the offer Deb had made.

       We told her about the arrangement with Deb and Rob staying for a while and she said it wasn’t like we didn’t have the room. We left her to enjoy her drink and went into our rooms to change.

       We had again fallen into a routine and the things we were doing felt like we had been doing them forever. He sat down with the Frisbee and started to roll and I played my guitar. I asked him about the weekend and if there was anything he wanted to do.       He said if there was something going on he was up to it. He was kind of getting back to his old self and it made me feel good. He asked me again about my mom and said it was obvious that he hadn’t slept in his bed. I told him if he was that concerned about it, he could sleep in his room or he could just mess the bed up.

       He chose the latter of the two. He said he couldn’t sleep without me if we were under the same roof. We were both sleeping better and chalked it up to sleeping with each other.

       We went to bed around 9:30 and woke up at 5:30. It was Thursday and I decided to drive the cougar. When I dropped him off at school a friend of his asked just how many cars his brother had.

       I smiled as he closed the door and after I drove off I took a puff off the joint I had hidden in the console. I didn’t want Rob to get into the habit of getting stoned before school.

       I called Zach from work and told him I needed some smoke and asked if I could drop by Sunday. He gave me a little shit about it being so long and still had his nose out of joint about the club thing.

       I went and picked up my business cards, approved the design for the coats, gave them a list of names for the guys, and ordered one for Rob too.

       Deb called me and said that she would bring Rob over when she got home from work and made it sound like she wanted to meet my mom and have a look around.

       I told her that my mom may not be home but if that’s what she wanted to do it was fine. I went home and stashed the stuff I didn’t want her to see. Rob called me to see where I was and why I hadn’t picked him up. I explained about Deb and told him it was OK.

       It was around 6:30 when they got to the house and I was playing my piano and didn’t hear them come in. I saw their reflections in the glass but acted like I didn’t know they were there. I could see them talking and they waited till I was done and then let me know they were there.

       My mom was home and after Rob showed Deb his room, he went to get her and introduced them then let them talk for a while. Deb was surprised at the size of the house and could see that we had more than enough room for Rob.

       She tried to run a guilt trip on Rob, saying the kids missed him but he didn’t let it get to him and just reiterated that it just hurt too much to be there.

I told him about my day and we put a couple TV dinners in the oven.

       I was glad that Deb was receptive to Rob being here and she seemed to like my mom and was comfortable that there was adult supervision. Little did she know?

       We changed clothes and Rob said he was glad I had messed up his bed so it looked like he was sleeping in it. I told him that I was thinking about that and Deb told him he should make his bed.

       We ate our dinner and smoked a little and I told him that we were going to see Zach on Sunday. He seemed ok with that and asked if we had anything going on.

       I told him that we had no plans and would play it by ear. He asked if I wanted to sit in the hot tub saying he had turned it on earlier. I told him great minds think alike and we stripped and grabbed our robes.

       We eased into the hot bubbling water and we talked about school and how people noticed that he came to school in a different car everyday. I told him I wasn’t going to buy any more cars to keep that up, that is until I found a TR.

       I reminded him that driving school was starting on Monday and we would have to be out the door by 5:30. I surprised him and said it was an hour, five days a week and he would have his license by the middle of January. He gave me a hug for that and said, “So didn’t you say something about a car to drive, supreme leader”

       I told him I didn’t think he was paying attention when I said that and he just nodded with a smile.

I said, “Tell you what, I will put a key hanger in the laundry room and whoever leaves first can take the car they want and the slow poke gets what’s left.”

I told him I would have to ride with him in all of them and asked which one he wanted to take his driver's test in.


       He told me that was pretty cool and said he was so lucky that he had me. I told him that what was mine was his, but added until he pissed me off. He thought about it for a minute and said it was strange that we hadn’t even had a disagreement. I realized he was right and told him to keep it that way.

       We looked at each other and kind of had another moment. Realizing it he asked if I felt it and I nodded. He asked me how long this was going to keep happening and I told him I hoped it never stopped.

       He said with the way we were now he didn’t know how we could get any closer saying; it had gotten so strong he didn’t even need to touch me or even be around me and he could tell what was in my head.

       He told me it wasn’t like he knew everything I was thinking, but, he knew my mood and there were times, like in school, when he would get a smile on his face and knew it was something to do with me.

       I told him it was kind of the same, but with me, it was more the way he felt and it happens to me too. He smiled at me and said he was thinking about our date tomorrow night too. The little fucker was showing off. He knew.


       We finished in the tub and got ready for bed. I thought it was cute that he put his robe on and went to my mom’s room and said good night. He came back in and told me he liked my mom and I told him she liked him too.

       “She told me I could call her Mom, Rye, if I wanted.” Up to this point he called her, Ryan’s mom, not wanting to use her first name or Mrs.

       We climbed into bed and cuddled up. He started drawing on my chest with his finger and said, "Ryan, I hope it never stops too.” He asked me if this is how it was going to be if he was able to live here all the time. I told him I couldn’t see it being any other way and asked, if that’s what he still wanted to do, meaning living here permanently.


       I told him that he was so much better now and it was a big decision and he needed to be sure. I could tell, “Rob, don’t even think that, of course I do, why would you think that.”

       “I know Ryan, This is how it will be, right?"

       “Like I said, Robby, I can’t see it being any other way.”

       He stopped drawing on me and just rested his hand on my heart and we both fell asleep. For the first time in a while we moved in our sleep. I was curled up to his back with my slab resting on his crack and my arm around him.

       Within five seconds I could feel the blood rushing to my lower half and I think it woke him up because he pushed back against me. It only took about thirty seconds and I was completely hard.

       I started to move and said I had to pee. He said, “That’s not it, Ryan. Is that your first lie?”

       He pulled the covers back and said now this is because I have to pee and he got up and we just looked at each other in our hardened state. He pushed his way into the toilet closet and stood next to me. We were both trying to go soft and pushing our hard on down; I was the first to fold and backed out without peeing.

       I walked in, turned the shower on, and I heard him say no peeing in the shower. I said too late. He came in behind me and said it had been a while since he woke up like that and he missed it. I told him that it had been a while, and that’s why I woke up like that.

       I asked, “We do have a date tomorrow night, right?”

       He teased me by saying “I do have something tomorrow but I can’t remember what it is.”

       I asked, “Who’s, being mean now?” He wrapped his arms around me and I leaned back against him and felt his thickening shaft resting just below my crack and I pushed my ass back a little harder. I told him that we both had places to be and as much as I would love to go back to bed it would have to wait.

       As we had done all week we went to Millie’s for breakfast and then off to school and work. I gave him a pat on the leg as he got out of the car and told him I loved him; he smiled and jokingly said, “How could you not?”

       He had me there, how could I not. I told him to check himself and he smiled and said, “Love you too, Supreme Leader.”

       I pulled out of the school. With a big grin on my face, I thought again, how could I not love him? You see, loving each other wasn’t a choice for either of us; our course had been charted and we were helpless to not follow it.


       I had been getting to work about a half hour early so I started a fire and made coffee. Dave was the first to arrive and he asked if I was working tomorrow and I told him sure and asked if he would work the next one.

       At break time, I took the guys their checks and put mine and Rob’s in my pocket. Deb came in and met with John to pick up Walt’s last check. John did the right thing and gave her a months pay for Walt.

       She walked up to my office and we had a conversation. I got the feeling she was questioning my relationship with her little brother. I think she was having some concerns, but I couldn’t read her.


       We talked for a while and she seemed to have a revelation; she had been staring at my hair then said, “It’s you, isn’t it, Ryan?” I told her I didn’t know what she meant.


       She told me that Rob had dreamt about someone since he was little. Whenever he was upset about something and after their mom died; he would dream about somebody and always felt better when he woke up.

       She again said, “It’s you, isn’t it, Ryan?” Before I could answer she went on. “Ryan, that day at the house and at the funeral, you did something to him.”


       I admitted that Rob had told me about dreams he had, and regardless, I was glad I could help him.

       I decided that now was as good a time as any, so I told her that Rob had been talking about wanting to live at my house. I told her I knew she got checks for him; I didn’t want any part of that and said, I was sure she could use it without having the expense of him around. She agreed and said he could stay until he got his report cart and we would see how his grades were.

       I wanted to feel her out so I added I wanted to take him to Hawaii for Christmas. To make her feel she still had some control, I said, “Why don’t you just think about it for a while?”

       She thanked me for everything and didn’t bring up the dream thing again, or my hair. I thought that had gone well and couldn’t wait to tell Rob. I got a call from Chuck asking if I could come down to his house tomorrow to go over some money issues. I went out and talked to Dave and asked if he minded working, he was fine with it.

       I thought Rob would like going to Parker's, not having seen them since his Birthday. Friday just flew by, that seemed to be the norm lately, and it was nice to have things going so well. I got off work and headed to Deb’s to pick him up.

       Deb was home and had been talking to Rob, I think about me. He had a smile on his face when I walked in and he had a few boxes by the door. It looked like Deb had given him a temporary green light and taken my thunder for a surprise.

       Rob took his stuff out to the car and I told Deb that he started Drivers Ed on Monday and he was looking forward to it. I had stressed that keeping his grades up was a deal breaker.

       I could feel Rob’s excitement when we got in the car and we shared the conversations we had with Deb. He told me that she had figured out I was the one he had dreamt about for years. I told him, she only knows what we tell her.

       I asked about dinner saying that I needed to clean up first. He told me I looked fine and he thought we could take a shower before bed and put his hand on my lap. I looked at him and asked if he wanted to get a head start on our date night. He smiled again and said the thought had crossed his mind too.

       We ate dinner and talked about what we each had said to Deb, and for the most part, we were on the same page. I handed him his paycheck telling him he would get a raise too if he ever came back to work.

       He questioned me on what that meant. I told him that we would be gone for Christmas and spring break; that only left a few non-school days for him to work and added that I wanted to do something for a couple weeks this summer.

       I told him that we were going to Parker’s around noon tomorrow and didn’t know what we were doing in the evening. He asked about Mike and I said I could call him. Rob said, “Let’s just play it by ear.” He really liked things I would say.

       I pulled a couple of my new business cards out of my wallet and handed them to him. He got a smile and said, “Real funny, Ryan.” I had crossed out RJ and wrote Supreme Leader. We finished and drove home.

       We pulled into the garage and I got the lunch box out of the trunk. I followed him into his room and set it on his dresser and asked him what he wanted to do with it. He asked me what it was and I said it was his.

       He opened it and saw the money. His eyes got big and he looked at me and said, “Really?”

       I told him that’s what I found it in. He gave it back to me and asked if I would hold on to it and just give him money when he wanted. He confirmed that he thought a hundred dollars a week was cool, and I agreed.

       I told him that I thought he deserved something big, maybe a grand or so, and to give it some thought and that a hundred a week is only fifty-two hundred in a year.

       I told him I didn’t want him running out and buying something for me; if he wanted to save it for a car that was fine too. With a big smile I told him if his grades were good, and if he was a good boy, I would match his money for a car.

       He shook his head no. I sat down on his bed and patted the spot next to me. I put my arm around his shoulder; I told him again that, what was mine was his. I wasn’t trying to buy his affection because I knew how much he loved me; he had no reason to feel awkward about it.

       I said he was the biggest part of my life and this is just going to be how it is. “Besides, Robby, you’re the only person that really knows how much money I really have.” He smiled and gave in. He hugged me and asked if I wanted to soak as he started getting undressed.

       I walked off to our room telling him to put some clean water and ice in the bong. I shed my clothes and grabbed our robes and went out to the tub. Rob came walking out with the bong, naked. I had to laugh at his comfort and said, “Make your self at home.”

       He smiled and slid in next to me; setting the bong down and saying, “I am.”

       His smile just kept getting bigger and he ran his hand up my leg and rested it on my swelling member. I couldn’t get a read on him except he seemed to be embarrassed. I asked, “What is it, Robby?” He moved his hand around a little and kind of looked like he was getting red in the face.

       He said, “I’ve been kind of thinking and well; what you did to me back home, can I do that to you?” I loved his idea and knew how we could kick it up a notch.

       “So you want to give me a hickey on each side of my neck?” I asked, straight-faced.

       That got my dick squeezed and he said, “No, the other thing, stupid.” like I really didn’t know what he was talking about.

       “Oh, the other thing,” I said, as my face cracked into a huge grin. That got me another squeeze and I rested my hand on his and guided it down over my balls and slid it between my cheeks, rubbing back and forth.


       I pulled his hand up and said, “Not in here, I think cum if still floating from the last time.”

       We got up, grabbed our robes, and walked into our room. I went into the bathroom and started brushing my teeth and Rob walked in with a grin and both lubes.


       He said, “You choose.” I grabbed the laced one and rinsed out my mouth. His smile grew as I walked out, dragging my lips across his shoulder, and grabbing a towel.

       He came out to find me turned around in the bed so my head was at the foot. I could tell he had figured out what I might have in mind.

       I popped the top as we moved into a sixty-nine position. We were on our sides and he took it from me, put a big dab on his finger, and coated my hole.

       I had raised my leg and had my foot resting on the other offering myself to him. I put some on my finger and in the palm of my hand. I worked my finger into his hole and then pulled it out and rubbed my palm around his head.

       After I rubbed some on my favorite toy, I used a little for myself. I offered a little more to him and he gave me two fingers. He put the lube on the headboard and we proceeded to get comfortable.

       We started doing the same thing to each other, working our fingers in the others hole and teasing our heads with our other hand. We duplicated the moves of the other; starting with one finger; teasing its way to the spots we both wanted touched.

       We were both moving around a little wanting to be the first to feel it. At the same time, we broke through each others barrier and our asses sucked in the fingers.

       We found what we were looking for and slowly slid our fingers across the swollen nut of the other.

I was the first to introduce my other finger and he pushed back, sinking them deep and said, “Ryan” as they found their target. He was falling behind and I shifted so I could reach his leaking head with my tongue. He took the challenge inserting his second finger.

       I was making long strokes with my fingers spreading them apart so I could slide his nut between them. He was moving around; both trying to pleasure himself, and get his mouth to what was right in front of his face. We found a position that worked, and worked well.

       We slowly took more and more of each other as we worked our fingers. We could feel what the other did, and what we both wanted. We were locked in a sexual mind meld. We didn’t need words; we could hear each other loud and clear. Our soft moans of pleasure. The silent cries of desire and the tingle of passion.

       He took control pulling me over on top of him, removed his fingers from me, and took a firm grip on my hips. He pulled me down until I was buried in him then started working my hips up and down; forcing me deep inside him.

       From my position, I could both suck him and continue to massage his insides. I stretched my free hand around his shaft, including his balls, and squeezed to engorge his cock then I swallowed the whole thing. That was one nice thing about the laced lube.

       He had set the rhythm with my hips so he moved his hands down taking my head in a firm grip. He set the pace for me to suck him. He wanted our moves to match, he wanted to feel himself fill my throat at the same time mine was being forced down his, and it was working. Oh… my fucking god; was it working!

       I loosened my grip on him and my mouth was filled with what I had been holding back with my hand made cock ring then I tightened it again. We awkwardly rolled over and he reintroduced his fingers to my screaming hole as he had me at his mercy.

       We were matching our moves again and it was fucking mind blowing; everything intensified, not only feeling ourselves, but how and what the other felt, both physically and mentally. Again I loosened my grip and he flooded me with another mouth full.

       I could feel the lube was wearing off; my head getting more sensitive and his rubbing on my insides was getting me close. I tried to adjust positions but he wouldn’t let me. He kept grinding on my face and filling his with my two week old stiffness.

Simultaneously; he buried my cock in his throat and did the same to me with his.

       We felt each other grow in our throats, fingers serenading our man spots, and then fucking fireworks. He was in control and he pulled back on both ends and then thrust back down; long and deep, as deep as you can go. He came back up and rolled to his side. We took each other, using our cum and spit stroking the other hard and rough until we did it again.

       We showered our faces, necks, and chests. I moved around so we were face to face and we looked at ourselves through the teary eyes of the other.

       He reached up and swiped some cum off my cheek and acted like he was going to give it to me and then grinned and sucked it off his finger. What a fuckin tease.

       I rolled on top of him and started licking it off his face and slid down to his neck; a spot his collar would cover and sucked him hard. I knew that’s what he wanted; he liked having me mark him like this.

When I was sure it would be visible for a while, I moved to his lips.


       He knew how I was going to move and he was right there. Even with my eyes closed, I could still see him. He moaned and his hands started roaming over my back and down to my ass. He took a cheek in each hand grinding us together hard then slid his finger back down my crack and worked it around my hole.

       I broke the kiss and reached for the lube and sat up on my knees as I greased him up. I slowly slid up; rubbing him across by balls until he was at my well-prepared entrance. His still hard, beautiful unit finding the spot; our angle perfect; I worked the head in then just sunk down on him. Each rise and fall of my body, finding a new spot.

       I was cussing the lube now. I wanted to feel more, more of him in me. He sensed what I wanted and took a firm hold of my hips and set a deep hard grinding pace. I was fucking loving this, but I knew he was tearing me up, he did too. I wouldn’t be able to sit comfortably for a week but I didn’t care.

       He moved his hands up my back and pulled me down latching on to a spot on my collar bone, once again branded me with his mark; like me, well below the collar line. And like him, I wanted it. He let me pull back when he knew he had succeeded and I took control. I rode him long, slow, and deep; bringing me to another fucking mind blowing orgasm.

       He pulled me back down and kissed me; His tongue slipped in between my lips and I could feel his cock growing in me. I wasn’t moving and I can’t describe what was in this kiss. He just kept growing, I could feel it. He started to moan, our kiss was going to make him cum.

       He shot off like a cannon in slow motion and just pulled me into a deeper to that kiss. I collapsed on him; both our bodies hypersensitive to everything, me still leaking as my ass just kept milking him. I literally couldn’t move, my body spent, and still connected to him in every way.

       After about five minutes I managed to slid off to his side and let him fall from my anal grasp. When we were close like this; intimate as two people could be, we were extensions of each other. I could feel my eyes start to burn with tears.

       We had no sadness in our hearts; no guilt or remorse. The tears were neither his or mine, they were ours; tears we shared together. When you are able to share everything the way we can; it is such a miraculous thing that all you can do is cry at the beauty of it.

       He started drawing on my back with his finger and I smiled at the mess of us. I asked if that was what he was thinking about earlier and he shook his head no.

       “Ryan, I don’t know what that was, but that was so much more than what I was thinking.” I rolled to my back and he came with me, rolling onto me. He looked at me smiling and said, “You are such a fucking mess, Rye.”

       It was after midnight and we both needed a shower. After a short rest, he rolled off me and stood, reaching out for my hand. We looked at the bed and I told him we were going to have to get plastic sheets or something.

       We had destroyed the fucking bed. Cum was everywhere. He said it was a shame we didn’t have room service as he laughed and walked to the shower.

       We both stood under the hot water and just let the cum wash off of us and out my ass. I told him that was so intense I didn’t know how we were going to top it. I asked him what had gotten into him and he smiled. He said he didn’t know, it was like he couldn’t get enough, and he thought I wanted more too. He was just trying to give it to me.

       I reached around to my sore hole and reassured him he was successful. He said we needed to get it now because he didn’t think we would be able to when we got old. I could tell he was serious; he saw us growing old together and had accepted it as just the way it was going to be.

       I rested my chin on his shoulder, my cheek next to his. I said, “Show me, Robby.” I closed my eyes and he took me into his imagination showing me how he saw our lives unfolding. I hoped it wasn’t his fantasy and we would grow old together.

       We walked out and stood in front of the mirror admiring the marks we had given each other. I couldn’t help but touch him; putting my arms around him. Before I could say it, he told me he loved me more than he ever thought possible.

       We dried off and I pulled the blankets over the bed and grabbed a comforter. We crawled in bed and cuddled up together. He said if we were like this here, he couldn’t wait to go back to Fredericksburg.

I smiled at the thought and pulled him closer as we drifted off to sleep.

       I woke up as Robby sat up in bed terrified. He had had a nightmare. The first since we started sleeping in the same bed. I wrapped my arms around him pulling him down on me. I lightly stroked his cheek and he fell back to sleep.

       We both woke to the alarm clock and it pissed me off that it had gone off so early. We lay like that for a while and I asked him about his dream. He said he didn’t remember. He did, though, and he didn’t want me to see it, or feel it.

       He asked me why we were going to Parker’s today and I just told him, money shit. We both got quiet and went back to last night; it was so much more than anything we had ever experienced together; we felt more, when we came together like we had it was indescribable.

       He ran his hands over me and said he didn’t want to get up yet and his warmth put me back to sleep. We woke back up around 9:30, showered again and went to breakfast.

       We had put his suit in the car to drop off at Josh’s store. It was a loaner and not thinking Rob would ever want to wear it again, I was fine with that.

       We walked in and Josh held out his arms and Rob walked over and put his arms around him. Josh was an emotional type and got a little teary-eyed as he hugged him.

       He pushed him back a little and said, “You are such a hot little fucker, you know that?” We both smiled and thanked him for the loan. Josh told him that when he was ready for a suit for a happier occasion just come and see him.

       We said our goodbyes and headed for Parker’s. Robby told me he really liked Josh and said Randy was a lucky guy as we pulled up to the guard shack.


                                          From the Author:



       Yes, things did get better. I want you to know, I have a hard time sharing the intimate details of our lovemaking. It’s a little embarrassing, but that is why we are all here, isn’t it? I have told you, I am not a writer; erotica, not my genera. On this site, if I didn’t go into intimate details, no one would read it. Ours is a love story, but you have figured that out, haven’t you? If you think about it, Robby kissed me for the first time, less than three months ago. That was the first time, this time.    



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