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                                   Robby and Ryan Chapter XII

                                      Robby’s Sixteenth Birthday.

       I woke in the morning; I had gotten real warm during the night and was wet with sweat. I was in the same position as when I fell asleep. Again, I thought about what it would be like to wake up this way every morning.

       I loved how well I slept when he was with me and the ass beating he gave me last night just made me sleep all the better. He started twirling his finger around on my back and I couldn’t help but smile.

       He said, “I don’t know why I sleep so well here?” He corrected himself and said, “Well, yes I do.” as he squeezed me in his arms. He asked what we were doing today and if we could stay in bed until we went to dinner. I told him nothing would make me happier, but I had the day planned.

       I told him we were going to spend the day at Pike Place Market and just bum around Seattle. He needed to dress well because the restaurant was really nice, nicer than the Gentleman. And he needed to bring a coat because I had something planned for after dinner.

       We got out of bed a little while later and got all cleaned up and dressed. I told him we would take the Shelby because I wanted to stop at a sports car dealership to look at a TR that had been advertised.

       I had only driven it a few times, it was my dads, and I thought I might want to trade it in. We stopped at a small cafe for a light breakfast and headed towards Seattle.

       When we pulled into the dealership, I saw the car immediately. It was just like my grandpas, except it was forest green. Rob hopped out of my car, walked over, and sat in the driver’s seat as the salesman walked up.

       I told him I wanted to trade in my mustang on the TR. The low number he offered for my car told me he was trying to hose me. It was a blessing, really. It still sits in the garage like money in the bank. And today I own one of 402 that were built that year. 

       I told him if he didn’t want to deal, I was sure there was another lot that would, and we got back in the Mustang. He gave me one of his cards, saying if I changed my mind, I could call him.

       He didn’t think it was funny when I wrote my name and number on his card and handed it back. I told him if he pulled his head out of his ass and wanted to make a sale, he, could call me.

       I started the stang and lit up the tires as I pulled out. Rob looked at me; “I can’t believe you fucking did that, Ryan.” The smile on my face said it all; “I know Ryan, Fuck'em if he can’t take a joke, right.”

      We spent the rest of the day bumming around the market and the city, buying a few things along the way. I loved downtown and seeing how much Robby enjoyed everything made me swell with happiness.

       We did it all; street vendors, little specialty shops, and the 1st. Ave. adult shops. Rob had lived here his whole life and had never experienced downtown.

         It was going on five when we got back to the car leaving us just enough time to get to Palisades.

We pulled up and I threw the keys to the valet as we strutted inside; everybody was there except Park and his date. Trish came up and gave me a kiss, thanking me for letting her come.

       I had told Josh that it was a mixed group tonight; I wanted him to dial it back a bit. He knew what I meant. I asked Mike to check the reservation as I walked over, looking in the bar. It had a half wall that was open to the restaurant so the bar could enjoy the view of the marina and water too.

       I saw a nice piano sitting by the wall. I walked over and hit a few keys; looking at the bartender for approval. He shrugged his shoulders and gave me a nod.

       I could see everyone looking at me; Mike started shaking his head as I sat down. Well, it worked once; let’s see how receptive this place is. I made eye contact with Rob; he gave me that smile and a wink.

      I cracked my knuckles and started out slow to get everyone’s attention. Then I picked up speed once I saw people looking for where the sound was coming from. When I got to the part everybody says hay; my group yelled it out and that just spurred me on. I said to anybody listening, “Let’s do that again.” I started over and this, time everybody joined in. Rob was grinning ear to ear and he nodded at me.

       I cracked my knuckles again and let it fly. The whole restaurant was looking at me and I have to admit, I fuckin loved this. I finished, did my trademark blowing on my fingers, and stood up to a standing ovation. I bowed and went down the two steps, rejoining my friends like I had not just made a spectacle of us all.

       Park had arrived with a drop dead gorges chick on his arm as I was playing; he started shaking his head too. He said he could hear it from outside and knew it was me.

       The host called out that the table was ready for the Dr. Chancellor party. Trish came over, hooking her arm in mine, and I gave Rob a hand on the back; signaling him to take the lead. There was a balloon tied to one chair and I told him that was his seat.

      I pulled a chair out for Trish on the other side of the table; she walked by taking the seat next to Rob. I was a little proud of him; he stood and pulled her chair out for her. Good boy.

       I took the seat on the other side of Rob even though Trish wanted me to sit next to her. I got smiles and nods from the patrons around us and once we were all seated everybody started going on about my showing off.

      I made introductions including Josh and Randy who were not known to Mike, Cindy, and Trish. It was a little embarrassing to me how Trish was going on just gushing about my playing and then she said, “Really, Hollywood? Dr. Chancellor.”

      Rob looked at me smiling then turned to Mike and asked, “So what’s with the, Hollywood thing?”

       Mike looked at Trish and smiled, letting her start the story. She stood and came up behind me putting her hands on my shoulders. I cringed.

       She looked down at Rob and started, “It was all, Mike’s, fault, we were at a party and I had never met Ryan; I was a little buzzed.”

       Mike interjected, “You were fucking wasted, Trish.”

      She laughed and admitted, “OK Mike, I had a buzz. Well, Robby, I asked Mike who Ryan was. He told me he was, John Stamos, off General Hospital. In the state I was in, I believed him.”

       She paused for a breath and continued, “Mike, told me to keep it quiet because he didn’t want to be recognized.”

       Mike jumped in saying “She fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.”

       Trish went on and said, “Well, he does kind of look like him if his hair was darker.”

      Again, Mike chimed in saying; “She didn’t leave his side the whole night.”

       Trish told everyone she had liked me ever sense, added I was her knight in shining armor.

       Mike added he had called me Hollywood ever sense and the name fit me, saying I was a fucking show off. Trish crossed her arms around my chest from behind and hugged me.

       Cindy, not wanting to let it go said, “So Ryan, about the other weekend. Are you ready to tell us who she is? And it better not be Jena.”

       Park said, “Oh my god, not her again, Chance.”

       I reminded her, “No, it’s not Jena. I told you that.”

      Parker asked, “So what happened two weeks ago?” Four people started talking all at the same time; trying to give their take on the happenings of two weeks ago.

       The girls were talking about the song and the guys were talking about the fight.

       Parker held up his hand and said, “One at a time, people.”

       Cindy just kept talking, choosing to be first. “Oh… Parker, you should have heard him. He did Time in a Bottle, and oh… my god, he sounded like; well anyway, Trish went up and hugged him.”

      Trish started talking, “I couldn’t help myself; I just went up and hugged him. I told him that was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.”

       I spoke up and said, “I was just in a mood, ok.”

      Trish picked up adding that; she knew her boyfriend, well ex-boyfriend, would get pissed, but didn’t expect him to slap her.

       Mike stepped in and said, “I didn’t see it, but the next thing I know; Hollywood kind of pushed me out of the way.”

       I said, “If I would have pushed you, dude, you would have been on your ass!”

       Mike continued, “Well anyway, he walks up to Jack and grabbed his arm spinning him around, then hit him right in the face.”

      I said, “In my defense, I don’t remember hitting him first.”

       Rob told him, “I saw what was going on. Not even knowing what I was going to do, I got if front of Ryan. As he pushed me out of the way, Jack, hit him.”

       Parker held up his hands and said, “Wait a minute,” as he looked at me. “Someone got close enough to hit you?”

       I lifted my hair up and showed him my head. I told him that he fucking near knocked me out and laid me on my ass.

      Parker moaned, “I would have paid money to see that.” I flipped him the bird. “So, Chancellor, got his ass kicked, and I missed it. Shit.”

       Mike said, “That wasn’t the end of it, Parker. My man here; shook it off and walked back up to Jack. It looked like he was going to hit him, but he kicked him square in the fucking nuts.

       When Jack doubled over he drove his knee into his face and knocked out one of his front teeth.” (I didn’t know that part)

       “Way to go, RJ.” Parker complemented.

       Mike continued, “That’s only half of it. He rolled him over and pulled his arms back; there was nothing Jack could do.”

       Parker looked at me; I smiled and nodded at him.

Cindy started and said, “Then Mike thought he could get Ryan off him. I don’t know how he hit Mike.” Mike pointed to the faded bump between his eyes.

       “Ryan got down and was saying something in Jack’s ear and then he dislocated his fucking arm.”

       Parker smiled and told everybody; he showed me that move and the only way to get out of it is to dislocate your arm. Nobody’s going to do that.

       Mike jumped in and said, “I think Robby here saved Jack’s life.” He looked at Rob and asked, “What did you say to him anyway, Robby?” Not letting him answer he said, “So, Robby, just goes up to Hollywood and said something to him.

       It was like turning off a light; Hollywood dropped him and let him go.”

       Rob got a gloating smiled and said, “I knew he wouldn’t hit me” as he continued to smile and looked over at me.

       Cindy looked at me but said to everybody, “He was so tender and vulnerable when he was singing and two minutes later he was a crazy man.”

       Josh and Randy asked, “Was that after we saw you guys?”

      Rob told them it was the night after that. Trish got up and came back over and put her arm around me kissing the side of my head and said, “That’s why he’s my knight in shining armor.” I gave Rob a sideways glair as she sat back down.

       I held my hands up and said, “I was just in a mood that night. Ok? I wouldn’t have killed him.”

      Rob looked at me and said, “You wouldn’t have stopped, Ryan. I knew I had to do something.”

      Trish looked at Rob and said to all, “Then Robby called me a stupid bitch!”

       I felt him swell and he got an attitude immediately and announced, “You tried to fucking hit him, what do you expect? He had just kicked your pussy boyfriends’ ass and had to go to the fucking hospital, all because you had to go up and hang on him.”

       I kicked his foot under the table as Trish tried to defend her actions. I held up my hand and called the waiter over. We ordered appetizers, drinks, and I told him we would order dinner when they came.

      I changed the subject and asked if we were going to have a good time and looked at Cindy and asked, “Did you bring em?”

       “Bring what?” I heard from Rob.

       I looked at him and said, “The Tampons, stupid.” And everybody broke up.

       He blinked a few times and said, “I don’t get it.”

       I said, “It’s the best way to get smoke into a concert without getting it confiscated.”

       He said, “I still don’t get it.”

       I told him, after dinner, we’re all going to the Car’s concert at the coliseum. No cop is going to dig in a girls’ purse when he sees a box of tampons on top.

       “So we’re all going to the Cars concert after dinner?” he asked still dumbfounded.

       I said, “Surprise, Rob.” I felt him squeeze my leg under the table.

       Our appetizers arrived; we ordered our dinner, and dove in on a half a dozen sides. I pulled the tickets out of my pocket and passed them around. I said I had 10 and we needed to get one at the door for Trish, adding it was Rob that wanted her to come. Rob squeezed my leg hard enough to make me flinch.

      I looked at Park and said, “So. What is this beautiful young lady doing with you? And your lack of manners is showing, dickhead. How rude of you to not introduce her to the host.” meaning me.

       He looked at her and asked, “What’s your name again?” She hit him hard on the arm and announced her name was Beth.

       I told her that Park was a classless asshole; she shouldn’t waste her time, and said, “On the other hand, I am the real thing.”

       I blew on my fingers and acted like I was shining my nails on my shirt. I said, “Let me give you my number,” and gave her a wink.

       That started a little bantering between Parker and me. It ended with him telling her, I was all talk and a fucking show off.

       I acted offended and said, “I am not a show-off. Then I told everybody that Rob was Parker’s grandmas’ pimp.” That got laughs so loud that people were looking at us.

       Parker warned, “Just wait until I get you behind the boat next time, I’m not going to forget that one, Chance.”

      Cindy told Beth that I was one of the nicest guys she knew. Trish confirmed it with Josh and Randy just nodded their heads. Trish said, “Oh… and the way he sings.”

       Parker said, “He’s not that good.” That got him a bread-stick in the face from Cindy.

       I said, “Ok, Ok. If you guys start a food fight, I will never get a table in here again.”

      Beth looked at Parker and said, “Well, if he sings half as good as he plays the piano, he must be fantastic.”

       Parker, feeling picked on said, “It only sounds like it. He’s not even hitting all the keys. You just can’t tell. And he’s been playing that since he was like ten.”

       Rob decided to share that I had done the same thing at the Hilton in DC, right down to blowing on his fingers, like they were on fire. Trish asked when I was there and Rob jumped right in. He told her “The two of us flew to Virginia last month. We had gone to DC for two days and went on to brag that we did a three-state tour too.

       Then to grind it in further, he told her, “We were both so exhausted, we didn’t have the energy to spend two days in New York like we had planned. We had to change our plane tickets and just relaxed at home before we were ready to come back.”

      Trish had gotten under his skin and he was bearing his fucking claws. I thought he was so hot and cute; all pissed off and shit; not like he was with Zach. Trish asked, “So why were you with him, Robby?” I needed to stop this.

      I put my left arm around his neck and gave him a noogie with my right. I told her “This is my brother from another mother and another father,” and that got a laugh.

       Trish asked, “What’s that mean?”

       Rob jumped in and said, “That means none of.”

       I said, “Robby, be nice.”

       But he didn’t let up. “You should have seen him at the airport; he charmed the pants off the ticket girl. By the time he was done, we had been upgraded to first class and she was calling him, RJ.”

      I leaned over and asked Cindy for a pen. I grabbed a drink napkin and started writing. When I finished, I folded it up.

       Rob went on, saying, “We even got a plane change. We got home early enough to go to the space needle for dinner before we met Parker, Josh, and everyone.”

       He looked at Parker and said he hoped he would be invited back for the fourth of July, adding, he loved the Law and Order. He was rubbing Trish’s nose in it; I didn’t think he would let up.

       Cass, I guess, looking to have some fun too, said, “It wouldn’t be a party without you, sweet cheeks.”

       I slid the note to Beth, making sure Trish saw. Beth just put it in her lap.

      Cass said to Trish; “Oh… you should see the pictures I took of the two of them. You two were so fucking hot in those tight cutoffs, all slippery and shinny with lotion. Aren’t they just candy to your eyes?”

       Fuck, I was getting a hard on just listening to her. She looked at her and said, “I saved a couple of the best ones for myself, if you know what I mean.” and winked at her. “I must have taken 25 or 30 just of them.”

       I looked at her and said, “I got 4.”

       She said, “I told you, I kept some.”

       Trish said, “It sounds like fun. How can I get invited?” Ha, ha, Cass.

       Fortunately, our food came and the conversation chilled as we dug into our dinners. Trish asked Josh and Randy how they knew me and Josh told her he met me through Parker a couple years ago. We had been friends ever sense and I shopped at his store.

       He informed her, he ran a clothing store.

       She asked, “He gets his clothes from you?”

       I guess, not liking the tone of her voice; Josh put his fork down and rested his chin on his hands and gave her that look. “Is there something wrong with the way he looks, dear?”

       “He looks great.” she said defensively.

       He said “I dress both of them, Hun,” with a little flair.

       I guess it was, pick on Trish, night. Rob loved the tag teaming that was going on. Cass said, “Let me see the watch Robby.” and he held up his wrist. I had told her about it and she was helping him rub it in.

      Beth took the note out of her lap and read it. Trish saw the smile she gave me as she put it in her purse. Our dinner conversation weaved back and forth, we had finished, and our dishes were cleared. A couple of us had coffee and I made eye contact with the waiter and nodded.

       I excused myself from the table, saying I needed to use the restroom. I walked up to the piano and started an intro to happy birthday as the waiter brought the cake to the table; candles and all. I could see the look of surprise on Robby’s face. It was priceless. He was turning red and all eyes were on him.

       I went into the full happy birthday song as the entire wait staff started singing happy birthday, accompanied by the whole restaurant, and a round of applause at the end. It was fucking perfect. Rob was red as a tomato.

       Everyone at the table was laughing when I walked up and said “Happy Birthday, Jr.” and winked at him. He was speechless. His eyes were full and he was shaking his head.

       Remembering; I said, “Use your words, Rob.”

       That put a smile on his face as he remembered saying that to me, and what had happened just before.

       “You’re so going to get it, Ryan,” he stated as he discreetly wiped his eyes.

       Remembering again; I said, “Good. A full sentence.” and smiled back at him. It was our little joke.

       I made him cut the cake and he passed it around, passing to Trish, last. We finished our cake and it was pushing on eight and I nodded to the waiter for him to bring the check.

       I looked at it and gave him my card. He came back and I was signing, Rob saw I was leaving a hundred dollar tip. Then he saw the total at the bottom. He looked at me and I winked at him again; getting a big smile in return.

       Still pick on Trish, night. Before Trish could lock arms with me, Cass, cut in front of her taking my arm. She gave me a smile and a squeeze and one of those bitch smiles at Trish.

       She reached over with her other arm and took Rob’s. Still looking at Trish, she said, “Oh… an R and R sandwich and I’m in the middle.”

       When we got out of earshot I said, “What is wrong with the two of you?”

       Our cars were lined up and mine was in front. Trish was acting like she wanted to ride with me, but Cindy took her by the arm and said, “You can ride with us” and pulled her away.

      Parker came up behind me and asked “Residual from the club? I thought it was kind of hot. I thought he was going to scratch her fuckin eyes out.” and then asked, “You really dislocated a guys arm?” I shrugged and nodded. He laughed and shook his head.

       Rob was already in the car when I got in. As we were pulling out I looked at him. All I did was say his name and he unloaded.

      “Can you believe that bitch? Who in the hell does she think she is anyway? I could have hit the cunt myself; thinking she’s all that and then some.”

       He paused for a breath and I said in a high pitched voice “I wanted to see you squirm.” reminding him that he gave me the phone last weekend.

      “Oh… you think that’s funny; do you, Ryan? I mean really. She thinks I am out of line. Can you believe her? She’s the one that tried to fuckin hit you. She knew exactly what would happen when she went up, hanging all over you and shit.”

       I moved my hand over to his leg, palm up. He put his in mine; our fingers formed around the others. I picked it up and kissed it. He smiled at me and said “Don’t think I’ve forgotten. You are really going to get it later.”

       I said, “We could skip the concert.” With his pouty face, he said, “I’ve never been to a concert Ryan.”

       “Just asking” I replied.

       We arrived at the coliseum and got a ticket for Trish. Rob had a great time and the show was awesome. We sneaked the weed past security in Cindy’s tampon box and we all got fried. I bought us both t-shirts and programs as souvenirs to document his sixteenth birthday.

      Trish wanted to be next to me but I would keep moving around putting my arm around anybody so she couldn’t get close. The group had done one curtain call and when they came out for the second, I reached over and touched Rob on the arm motioning my head to the door. We slipped away without anyone seeing.

       When we got in the car he reached over and took my hand. He looked at me smiling and his eyes spoke volumes. He said, “This was the best birthday ever!”

       I told him I didn’t want to start a tradition. All birthdays couldn’t be as good as others, but I would try.

       He said, “Even if we did nothing, being with you would make it great, Ryan.” He never let go of my hand and leaned his head against the window and fell asleep.

       I kept looking over at him; how lucky was I? He was so fucking cute in a year or two, he was going to be drop dead gorgeous, and he loved me. It took about 45 minutes to get home and we beat the mob that was leaving the concert.

       We pulled in the driveway and I looked over at him again. He really had become everything to me. I thought how happy it made me, to give him a wonderful birthday. It had been three months since I had looked at him like this.

       I squeezed his hand and said, “We’re home, Jr.”

       He lifted his head, smiled at me, and said, “I needed that.”

       I told him it was late and we could just go to bed.

       He looked at me; giving me his sexiest look and said, “I have one birthday wish left, it includes you, Chancellor.”

      How fucking hot is that I thought as we opened the car doors and went into the house. My mom rarely came home anymore and we had the house to ourselves. He went into his room, got undressed, and I did the same in mine.

       He came in naked and saw the two bathrobes on my bed. He looked at me and I said, “One last present.” I had picked up two very nice long robes. His was black with a white R embroidered on it. Mine matched but was gray with a black R on it.

       He put it on; it was a little big, but that made him look all that much cuter. I asked, “You like?” He nodded his head. I put mine on and we stood in front of the mirror, admiring ourselves.

       I put my arm over his shoulder and told him I was glad he had fun. I asked if he wanted to shower before bed; he shook his head no, took my hand, and we walked into the bathroom to brush our teeth.

       He walked back into what was now our bedroom and laid his robe across his side of the bed and I did the same. He reached out for me and pulled me down on top of him.

       He put his hands on my cheeks and brought my face down to his lips. He kissed me and there was something different about it. There always seemed to be something different; more passion, more intimacy, more love; if that was possible.

      After a few minutes, he broke the kiss and whispered in my ear, “Fill me up, Ryan; I want to feel you.”

       I made love to him for two hours showing him my most tender side. I discovered feelings I didn’t know existed in me; things about myself I may never have known had Robby and I not found each other. I think I aged fifty years emotionally it those few hours.

       Robby moaned and whispered in my ear; sharing what was in his heart. His moans turned into soft cries; “Oh… god… Rye… Yes, right there. Yes, yes.

I rested his legs on my shoulders and was using long slow strokes.

       Becoming impatient, he started really working his muscles on my engorged tool. He reached up and pinched my nipples between his fingers and started twisting them. I was getting close, so I went deep and shortening my strokes.

       He moaned at me that he didn’t want to wait anymore; knowing what I was doing. He was trying to take control from his helpless position but I wouldn’t allow him.

       He was trying to get me to cum working my cock in his ring and over his nut. He started to twist my nipples harder and told me with his pouty face, “You are being so…mean Rye.”

      I teased him; “What do you want, Robby? Tell me. I will do whatever you want.”

       He had been leaking for a while and said, “Ryan, I’m so close. I want us to do it together.” I told him to tell me when and we would.

       “Now, Ryan. Yes. Like that. Faster Ryan. Now…” I had been holding off, thinking about giving him what he seemed to desperately want. I took his slippery muscle in my hand pumping it as he started to cum.

       I did as he asked and broke loose; delivering the load that had been building in me. He loved to feel me cum in him. I buried myself and he moaned, feeling my spasms. I just held it there so he could feel what his love did to me.

       He was squeezing me so tight it almost was a strain to cum. One word at a time, he told me, I was a sex machine. Now I don’t care who you are. When someone says that to you; you can’t help but fucking smile. And I did.

       I released his legs and he wrapped them around my ass holding me tight; his leaking hole, not wanting to let go of my worn out shaft. Still on my knees, I was making designs with my fingers in the cum that covered him.

       He shared, “I can feel it all you know, Ryan. I feel what you feel when you cum. And when we do it at the same time; I almost want to cry. I know you do too.”

      At his request, I stayed inside him until I went soft, then I slowly pulled out; his vice-like ass pulling my foreskin up over my head. I looked at myself thinking this is what I would look like if I wasn’t circumcised.

       I asked, “Shower.” He just shook his head no and pulled me down on top of him. I rested my whole body on him; his cum cooling and mixing with our sweat. After a few minutes, I slid to his side, and we both fell asleep.

      When I woke up he was smiling at me. I asked him if he was watching me sleep. He nodded his head yes and said we were stuck together again, adding he loved what caused it.

       I pulled my leg up further and let my knee rest on him. He said he had been thinking and apologized for how he was with Trish last night. I told him I understood and I thought he could take her if they ever came to blows.

       I said, “You were really rubbing her face in it. It was kind of funny to watch.”

       He told me it was like once he started he couldn’t stop. It was kind of like it was with Zach; but different.

       He said, “When Cass jumped in, I could see how I was acting. But I still couldn’t let it go. How pathetic was she, anyway? Wanting to go to the Fourth of July and shit. If she wasn’t such a bitch, I would’ve felt sorry for her.”

       “Is she going to be a problem, Ryan?” he asked.

       “I think if I fuck her brains out, she’ll be fine,” I said and waited, as I looked at him for a reaction. I got a reaction alright.

      “That is not even funny Ryan. Do I have to keep you sore all the time?” he asked.

       “I would never do that Robby. I hope you know that.” I replied. He nodded, knowing.

       I told him I thought she was going to be a problem and I might have to be mean to her; like I was with Penny.

       He said, “I’ll do it if you don’t want to.” I peeled us apart and went into the bathroom to pee and the phone rang.

      I yelled at him to just let it ring, but it was too late. I didn’t hear who it was but I heard him say, “He’s making us breakfast,” pause. “I stay here on the weekends. Yeah, I wrote it down last week, but I can’t guarantee he will. Sure I will. Bye.” I heard him say bitch as he hung up the phone.

       He came into the bathroom and in a whiny voice he said, “Oh… tell Hollywood I had a great time last night. Why did he leave early? What are you doing there, Robby? Like it’s any of her fucking business, anyway. Tell him I want to talk to him and have him call me. The bitch”

      I shook my head and walked into the shower and turned it on; a little smile on my face at the voice he gave her. He came in and put his arms around my stomach and said, “You are definitely going to have to be mean to her, Ryan.”

       He reached down and took my meat in his hand and stroked it a little and said, “She wants this, Ryan.”

       “What can I say, Robby. They all want a piece of me. It’s the Chancellor curse.”

       He squeezed me a little harder and said, “Not in this lifetime, Doctor Chancellor.”

       We finished our shower; playing a little. Then side by side we stood, looking at ourselves in the mirror. He asked why people call me by so many different names.

       I shrugged my shoulders and said I kind of liked it. But Mike was  the only person that called me Hollywood. He said he liked the story Mike told saying it must have been hilarious.

       I told him what Mike forgot to mention was he never told me. I was acting like myself and Trish thought I was a soap star. He laughed at that and said he thought Hollywood fit me.

       I turned to him and dug my fingers into his ribs. I started tickling him. He turned to try and run but I put my arms around him, only giving me a better hold.

He broke free and I chased him; both of us jumped on the bed. I had him squirming and struggling to get away.

       Then I looked at him. Our eyes locking on each other and time stopped. Everything changed! The tickling stopped and our laughing calmed. Naked, lying on our sides, we looked at each other for the longest time. Something was happening to us again, it was a moment. The moment!

       We were seeing each other differently, like for the first time, but not. I was seeing myself through his eyes. I could see the colors around me. They were not like the ones I saw around him.

       This had happened before. The way my body felt, the way I saw myself through his eyes. My mind was flooded with memories; visions of him and of myself; the way I saw him, and how he saw me.

                                      From the Author:

       Robby’s Birthday weekend was an amazing time for both of us. What had just happened really was the moment for us. What we experienced in Virginia was the start, but what happened today took us to the next level.

       I asked early on that you keep an open mind, think outside the norm. I’m sure you think I’m full of shit, maybe delusional, or just fucking crazy. I assure you, I am all three, but that doesn’t change anything.

       This was 1977. If we would have shared what was happening to us with anyone, we would have been locked up, or medicated to the point of not knowing our names. Hell; I guess that would happen today too.

       That is why I am sharing with you; my anonymous friends. I can’t say it enough. I truly appreciate your comments, emails, and tremendous ratings.

       I never expected you all to be so diverse, understanding, and kind. I have received compliments, requests for advice on writing, and even flattering offers. I am truly humbled.



[email protected]


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