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                  Robby and Ryan Chapter V

                            From the Author:

       You have returned. I hope you are deriving as much pleasure from reading, as I am writing. I do read your comments, and truly appreciate each and every one of them. What Rob and I experience over the next two months is life changing, mind blowing, and devastating. Thank you.

       It was about 1:45 when we pulled into the garage; my mom's car was not there, so I knew she wasn't going to be home. We got out of the truck and as we were walking into the house Robby said, "You smell like beer and smoke."

       Nodding I said, "I think I need a shower; I turned the hot tub on before we left. Do you want to soak for a while?"


       We walked into my room; I peeled my still beer soaked pants and underwear off. Before going into the shower, I picked up a bag and threw it at Rob. I told him, "I got you a few other things at Joshes, today, why don't you go try them on," and walked into the shower.

       "No beating off in the shower," he hollered. I replied I don't like to beat off alone, and then I heard him yell "These are so cool."

       As I came out of the shower he was looking at himself in the mirror. He said, "Where ever I go to bed, it will feel like yours."

       He looked absolutely amazing in the black satin sleep pants I got him. I asked if he had tried on any of the underwear and smiled at him.


       I asked, "So do you want to sit in the hot tub for a few?"

       He replied, "Defiantly! But would you play something on the piano first?"

       I said, "If you roll a joint, I'll play something."

       "I can't roll Skate," he reminded me. I told him, you never will if you never try.


       He went to get my Frisbee and I sat down at the piano, wrapped in a towel. He walked back in plopping down on the love seat across from me. I put my fingers to the keys as he was attempting to roll. I thought about my pity party last week; I must have played this song a hundred times.


       You're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off of you. You'd be like heaven to touch; I want to hold you so much. At long last love has arrived and I thank god I'm alive. You're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off of you."

       I turned and looked at him as his eyes locked on mine and I continued. "Pardon the way that I stare, there's nothing else to compare. The sight of you leaves me weak there's no words left to speak."

       I stopped; it seemed like a long dramatic pause, still looking at him, lost in those pools of blue again.

       I came back to earth and told him "That will make girls cum in their panties and then fuck your brains out." I switched gears to lighten the mood and started to play Music Box Dancer; letting my finger do the work for a minute.

       I got up and asked, "Happy now?" He just stared at me. I looked at the sloppy pinner he had rolled, kind of. I asked what the fuck is that suppose to be. Give me that. In 20 seconds I had a perfect joint and twisted the end.

       I told him to go pull the cover off the tub, I would get a lighter. I came back out on the deck with a towel and Mike's lighter as Rob was sliding his naked little ass into the hot tub.

       His sunburn had faded, and he had a great tan.

       "This feels so good Skate." he said as I dropped my towel and got in.

       I handed him the joint and Mike's lighter and asked, "Would you like to do the honors?"

       He asked, "What is it with Mike's lighter?"

       I laughed and said, "It’s a game we play."


       We each took a few hits in the silence of the night and like last time; I could feel him staring at me. I didn't look at him for a while then turned and asked "What! Do I have cum on my face or something?"

       He laughed at me and said, "No, you must have washed it off in the shower." and he set the roach in the Frisbee.

       "Then what," I asked.

       He tilted his head a little to the side; he looked so fucking cute when he did that. He looked me in the eyes and started. "Ryan, when you were kicking that guy's ass; it was like that whole thing had happened before.

       I mean it was like something I remembered, but I couldn't remember, you know? Where did you learn to fight like that anyway? Are you some sort of kung fu black belt or something? All I know, is I don't ever want to be on the receiving end of one of your ass kicking's."

       "I could never hurt you Robby and I did not kick his ass. If he would have hit me, I would have been done for," I replied as I slid down further into the water, looking into those beautiful eyes. I told him I got bullied when I was younger; my mom had me take some self-defense classes. “I hate to fight! I can teach you some shit if you want."


       I shook my head and said, "It’s going on 3 Rob. Chuck is going to be here at 11, I think it's time for bed." I climbed out of the tub and dried off, handing Rob a towel. I asked him "So are you sleeping in your bed tonight?"


       “Can I sleep with you? I mean, in your bed.” He asked in the sweetest voice, adding, he sleeps great when he's here.

       I said, "OK, but no wet dreams," as I made my way to the bed.

       “I can't make any promises.” he replied.

       I climbed into bed naked as he slipped in wearing his satin sleep pants. "You might wake up in the crack wearing those on these sheets." I told him. I turned off the light and set the alarm clock and said, "Sweet dreams, Robby."


       I was on my back staring at the ceiling in the dark. I was thinking about what Parker said and was wondering if I was that obvious. Could people really see how much I cared for Rob by how I looked at him?

       And I thought of Miss Brown too; wondering if what she said could be true. Was there something between us? What did she mean; it has been like this every time? Had we lived before? This was mind melting shit.

       I felt Rob roll towards me; I could feel his breath on the side of my face, and I waited. "Ryan…" he said in a whisper. “Are we going to be friends? I mean, will I be one of your close friends?"

       I turned my head towards him; I could see the silhouette of his face. I said, "Robby, I can't tell you how I know this; but I can feel it. We are going to be as close as two people can be."

       "I hope so." And then he asked; "Why is it when you call me Robby, it doesn't make me feel like a little kid?"


       He went on to tell me what a good voice I had, and he thought if I wanted to steal Cindy from Mike, I could do it. I told him to shut up and go to sleep. He asked, "Why does Mike call you Hollywood?" I told him that's a story better left for another day. And then it was silent.

       I woke in the morning to the smell of Robby's hair and I took inventory of how we were laying together in bed. I was curled up to his back, my arm under his, my hand on his chest, his hand on mine.     My hardness was resting between his tight little cheeks clothed in his underwear; he must have shed his sleep pants during the night.


       I couldn't see the clock from where I was but I didn't want to move. Why did we always wake up like this? Why did we find such comfort in each other when we were sleeping? And how long could I go on like this, without touching him the way I wanted, the way I needed?

       I tried to slowly move my hand from his chest. His hand tightened on mine and he mumbled, "I don't want to get up yet." I was sure he was still asleep; so I tried to slide my hand away again, and rolled to my back, feeling a wet spot on my side. Shit. I was sure my bed hadn’t sprung a leak.

       I crawled out of bed without him waking and looked at the alarm clock; 9:55. Chuck was going to be here in an hour. I wanted to shower and maybe put something in my stomach before he got here. I went in, got in the shower, and heard the alarm go off.

       It was ringing for a while before it stopped. I heard Rob walk in and start to pee. He stuck his head around the corner and when I opened my eyes, he scared the shit out of me. He looked at me with a huge grin and said, "There was a wet spot on your side of the bed. And don't try and blame it on me."


       "How do I know it wasn't you?" I retorted, feeling myself turning a little red.

       "Because I think the one on my side was from me," he said and added, "Are you blushing?"

       "No, I don't blush. Maybe we should have jacked off before we went to bed." I said.

       "Maybe." he replied, as he walked in and pushed his way under one of the shower heads.

       "Robby! What the fuck do you think you're doing?" I asked, wide-eyed.

       "Hey; we sleep in the same bed, we have wet dreams together, what's wrong with showering together? I've showered with lots of guys in school." was his reply.

       "I have too, but this is different Rob. We need to talk later Jr."

        I walked out of the shower and grabbed a towel. As much as I wanted to wash his gorgeous body, I couldn't. I dried off and went into my room to change the sheets and Rob walked in, with a towel wrapped around his waist. I told him to put something on and help me change the sheets since he helped dirty them. He put his underwear on as I was getting clean sheets. It was a chore to make a king size water bed.


       It was 10:30 by the time we finished. I told Rob I was going to make Belgium waffles again, heading off to the kitchen. He joined me after a minute, getting plates, silverware, and then poured two glasses of milk. We had just finished eating when the doorbell rang. I got up to answer it; telling Rob to clean up the breakfast mess.

       I opened the door and Chuck was standing there, his briefcase in hand. I greeted him with a firm handshake and he followed me out to the deck. Rob was still cleaning up as Chuck started pulling stuff from his briefcase, laying it out on the table.

       He started telling me about my Grandfather, saying that he knew he was dying and had prepared very well. The attorney and he had been long-time friends, and he helped my grandfather put everything in order.

       Rob came out and said hello to Chuck; shaking his hand and saying, "Nice to see you again, Mr. Richardson, Thank you, again, I had a great time on the fourth."

       Chuck told him he could drop the Mr. than sat back down. I was proud of Rob for being so polite.

       Chuck pulled out a large envelope telling me Cass wanted him to give these to me. I opened it finding four 8x10 pictures that she had taken of me and Rob on the boat. I looked at them saying they were great then showed them to Rob.

       The first one was just of him. He was standing on the back deck of the boat; the sun was shining showing the sheen on his shirtless body and he had that wonderful, day dreaming smile on his face.


       The second was of me, much like the first, but the sun was more behind me. The third was of Park and me. He had his arm around my neck, his head close to mine, and we were talking.

       The last one was of me and Rob. The sun was setting; I had one hand on his shoulder and we were looking out onto the lake. I remembered that moment just before the picture was taken.

       I had rested my hand on his shoulder and he reached up and touched my hand then leaned his head back against me a little. It was an awesome fuckin picture and she had caught the look of the momentary intimacy we had just shared. I never even saw Cass with a camera.

       We sat as Chuck explained about the will and estate. He slides a check across the table and I looked at it. He said if I signed it, he would deposit it in my account. Robby saw it and his mouth fell open a little. Chuck told me I should go to Virginia and look at their house, saying it was paid off and was on the registry.

       He also said that there was a safe deposit box that included a letter to me, some stocks and bonds and jewelry. He continued and said that my grandfather had two cars that had been signed over to me; my mother actually.

       I looked at Rob who was just sitting and listening to the conversation. I asked Chuck if he could make the arrangements for me and he assured me he could take care of everything. He mentioned he had already talked to my mom; she had no interest in going to Virginia and told me I should be able to take care of everything in a few days.

       He said my mom had signed a POA and he was having the attorney send him everything that needed to be signed. He told me that he would have everything back to him by the second week of August. Then he asked, "How about I have Carol make your reservations for the 19th?"

      I looked at Rob and asked, "Want to take a trip?"

       He turned to me and said, "You've got to be kidding me? You want me to fly to Virginia with you?"

       I smiled, "No, I was just fuckin with you." I said, and then laughed. "Yes, I want you to go with me, dork," I said, "Why not?" Adding we could go to DC and maybe spend a few days in New York before we came back home.


       He was speechless. He was shaking his head back and forth saying he didn't think Walt would go for that. I told him I would take care of Walt. Chuck told me under no circumstances was I to sign anything for the lawyer, everything was to go through him.

       He then started talking about my portfolio, saying I had quite a substantial amount of money now, and would be getting more. I should think about talking to a financial adviser and he could recommend somebody when I was ready.

       As he was getting up he asked if I saw Parker last night. Adding, he didn't see his car in the driveway this morning. I smiled and told him I had. Parker probably stayed at Banner's instead of driving all the way home.

       Chuck said goodbye to both of us at the door and gave me a pat on the back saying, "This could have been a lot harder if your grandfather had not planned so well."

       I closed the door and turned to go back out to the deck. I sat down and Rob sat next to me. He asked "Ryan? Just how much money do you have anyway?"

       I shrugged my shoulders and said, "I'm not really sure Rob. But I know it will be a lot more in a month."

      "You don't know how much money you have? You’ve got to be kidding me? Ryan. That check was for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars!" he said, flabbier gassed at my statement.

       "Is it important Rob?" I asked, and then said, "Why don't you go see if there is a roach in the Frisbee and then you can get started on the lawn." He smacked me on the arm as he got up.

       He came back out with half a joint and Mike's lighter. He sat down next to me and asked, "Would you like to do the honors?" I smiled, thinking he liked things I would say. I took it; firing it up, taking a huge hit, almost choking myself. Robby took a hit like I did and the same thing happened to him, but he almost puked.


       He paused and then asked if I was rich. "People can be rich in so many other ways than money Rob," I replied. I told him it was rude to ask people how much money they had. Then I assured him it was no big deal taking him with me; we were going to have a kick ass time.

       We each took a few more hits off the roach and I announced, "Fried by noon; this is way better than going to church." We sat for a while and when we looked at each other, we said at the same time, "Nap."


       We walked into my room, laid down on the bed, and Rob asked me about Parker again. He told me that Parker and I seemed like brothers when we were together, closer even.

       I wondered where he is going with this. He then asked how Parker and Josh knew each other. I told him I really wasn't sure, but he had introduced me to Josh and we had been friends ever sense.

       He started again saying, he didn't know anybody that was gay and he asked if Josh had a boyfriend. Again, where was he going with this?

       I said, "There you go with the labels again Jr." I told him that at our age most guys are just Horney, and don't think about being gay or straight. He asked me what his boyfriend was like, and then asked if Parker was gay.


       I told him that Josh's boyfriend was a real hot guy and they had been together for over a year. Then I asked, "Would it make a difference if Parker was gay or bi?"

       "No," he said flatly.

       I rolled to my side and looked at him. I said, "Robby; you can ask me anything; I will always tell you the truth. Just be sure before you ask the question, that you really want the answer." I wanted to try and make him understand how I felt.


       I said to him, "Sometimes, it's not about being gay. Sometimes, people fall in love with a person, not the sex of that person. Love doesn't have gender boundaries, Robby! People fall in love with their hearts, not their brains. Am I making sense? Do you understand?"

       He said, "I think I do now, and it makes total sense, Ryan."

       I switched gears and told him I didn't want my personal business; like money, to be shared with anybody. And the fun we have together should stay between us; especially the showers and wet dreams. I went on to say, he should feel special; he knew more about me than anybody. Then I added he was the only other person that had ever slept in my bed with me. That WAS a little lie, but it wasn't to a question.

       He told me he understood and would never say anything about me to anyone.

       He looked at me for a minute, a smile growing on his face and he said, "Even if we jerked off together, I would never say anything." Where in the hell was he going now?

       I said, "Robby, there is an age difference between us. I don't want you to think I am some kind of pervert, or trying to take advantage of you."

       I just didn't want him to do anything because he thought he owed me or something. Then out of the blue, I said, "Yes; it would be fun to jack off together." He perked up and his smile grew bigger.

       I said, "Not now dork. Tell you what Rob, how about we make a date for next weekend? No jerking off during the week, and we can have a nice slow session together." I must have been stoned; I mean real stoned. What the fuck did I just agree to?

       "Sweet," he replied. It seemed he was all in.

       "So are we taking a nap or what?” I asked.

       I woke up around 3, I was still on my back and Robby was turned towards me. He was sound asleep. He was shirtless, in his tight cutoffs, no jock; you could plainly tell. I rolled onto my side and just looked at him; he looked so peaceful and perfect.

       I studied his face and could not find even one blemish. The peaches and cream tone of his skin and the color of his hair complemented each other, much like a girls. His nose was slender and straight nestled between a pair of high prominent cheek bones that were just a little plump.

       I wanted to reach out and touch him; kiss his full lips and feel them on my body. I watched his chest rise and fall and then my eyes moved down. I followed the wisp of a trail until it disappeared into his cutoffs and then I focused on the obvious.

       His jeans were straining from what was underneath; that piece of meat that looked like it might have been a little full laying off to his right side. His balls pushed out on either side of the seam and I remembered thinking last week they looked bigger than average.

       I took it all in for I’m not sure how long; I just couldn't take my eyes off him. I put him together; combined all the pieces I had seen and when I was done all I could see was perfection. I didn't even want to blink for fear I might miss something. Something I may never see again.

       I got that same shiver up my back like the first day I saw him, but it was more than that. I was drawn to him; I could feel the pull of what ever it was and I was helpless to do anything about it. What was it about him? Why did he make me feel like this? And what the fuck happened to me with Dave?


       Robby slowly opened his eyes and a smile spread across his face as I dove into those pools of fire blue. I watched them come alive and he was doing it again. He was looking into me; deeper, past my eyes and I could feel it.

       He propped himself up on an elbow and softly asked, "Have you been watching me sleep, Ryan?" as the smile grew.


       "Yes." I replied with a nod.

       “For how long, Ryan,” he asked.

       I looked at him as he waited for my reply; and “I have no fucking idea, Robby.” Just came out of my mouth.

       What was it about him, this all seemed so familiar. His smile and the way he looked at me, was like a picture that was already in my head. His eyes were speaking to me again and it felt like we had been like this for years.

       I rolled onto my back again and closed my eyes, "Do you want to do anything today?" I asked.

       "You told me you would teach me some moves." He reminded me.

       I jokingly asked, "You want me to teach you how to dance?"


       He reached over and smacked me again, "Teach me how to kick some ass." He requested.

       "OK, Rob. How about we go out back and I'll show you some shit." We grabbed something to drink and headed out back, sitting down in the grass by the pond.

       We sat cross-legged in front of each other; knees almost touching and I said, "Close your eyes, Jr."

       He looked at me and asked, "Why?"

       I said, "Just do it." I asked him "What can you hear?"

       He said, "I hear the water."

       "What else?" I persisted.

       "I hear the birds and the leaves in the trees."

       I probed more, "What else Robby? Listen closer. How many birds do you hear?"  

       He moved his head around and said, "A lot; and I can hear you breathing, Ryan."

       "Good; tell me what you smell?" I asked.

       "I can smell the grass and the cedar trees, and flowers."  

       "Good Rob, now what can you feel?" I continued.

       "I can feel the sun and the breeze; it's tickling the hair on my arms. I feel you looking at me too." he admitted, eyes still closed. He was right; my eyes were drinking him in.


       "Good, now put it all together. Feel, hear, and smell everything." We sat for a while and he was doing what I told him. "OK Robby, can you feel your heart beat?" I asked.

       "Yes." he replied.

       "Great! Now try and slow your heartbeat to match breathing." I told him, "Just relax, feel it all, the trees, the breeze, and your heart." I picked up his hand and rested it on my chest and said, “Breathe with me, Rob.” We sat for a few minutes and I asked him if he could feel my heart beat and he nodded.

       “Robby, match your heart to mine,” I softly requested. My hand was still resting over his and I curled my fingers gently around his wrist and found his pulse. I felt our rhythm sync up within seconds and he did too.

       “I did it,” he announced after a minute.

       “Yes we did, Robby. Yes we did,” It surprised even me how easy it was.

        He asked, "How's this going to help me fight?"

       I told him you need to relax if you're going to fight someone. You need to use the strength of the other person against them and you need to be calm and focused. Learning to relax this way would help and it would help him in other ways too. If you practice you will be able to do it within seconds.

       When you do have to hit someone, put everything you've got into it; take them down as fast as possible. "OK, that was lesson number one. Let's get something to eat. Where do you want to go?" I questioned.

       "How about Millie's?" he suggested.

       We got to Millie's and ordered. I was looking at him and realized I knew very little about him; far less than he knew about me. "Tell me about Robby. Why don't you call Walt, Dad?" I inquired.

       He explained that Walt wasn't his dad; he was his brother in-law. "My Mom died just before I turned eight. I was sitting on her lap and didn't even notice. Drew saw something was wrong, and my mom was dead; just like that."


       He went on to say he and Drew went to live with their brother and his wife, but they couldn't afford it and really didn't want them. He told me that Drew, his one sister, was three years older and had just graduated. "So Walt and Debby, our oldest sister took us in and we have lived with them ever since." He concluded.

       He said he had 4 sisters and one brother, and he was the youngest. He went on for a long time about his niece and nephew who were 10 and 12, and even though they were a pain in the ass, he loved them. In that short time, I learned more about him than I had in the last couple of months, but I felt he was holding back.

       We left after about two and a half hours and headed back to my place. We pulled in the driveway as my mom pulled in behind us. The garage opened and she idled in, put the car in park, and gave the engine a little gas. She loved the sound of the pipes.

       She had gotten a new car a few months back. It was a new Trans Am. Black, gold eagle on the hood, and a T-top, and nice matching wheels and tires. It was her mid-life crises car. I had taken it out a few times, it was fast as hell.


       Rob asked surprised, "That's your mom's car?"

       I explained I was a little surprised too. She had gone to get her car serviced and came home with this one; telling me it made her feel like a kid again. I was a 'late in life child' that was a shock to a woman 40 years old. She was 57 years old now and looked good for her age, but the alcohol was starting to take a toll on her.

       We chatted with my mom for a while and I told her about Chuck coming by. I was going to Virginia on the 19th and sprung on her, I was taking Rob with me. She gave me a questioning look but said if that's what I wanted to do then it was fine as she went off to her room.

       With it still being light out I took Rob back outside and showed him a warm-up routine along with a few defensive moves. It was starting to get dark so we made a snack and went to my room to listen to some music and bullshit. Rob put on his sleep pants and said that he had woke up in the crack last night but they sure were comfortable.

       We started to talk about how we were going to get Walt to let him go with me. Honestly, I was kind of wondering the same thing. I assured him that it would work out even if we had to pull the education card. We smoked a little and went to bed.

       I didn't sleep well, I was dreaming about Rob and me, but it wasn't us. It always seemed to be the same dream. I would wake up, feel him next to me, then would fall back to sleep, but my dream would start again.

       The last time I woke up; still half asleep, I rolled over, put my arm around Robby, and pulled him close. As I put my hand on his chest, he backed into my body, putting his hand over mine. Again I had that feeling of being complete and when the rhythm of our hearts matched I was out. The dream didn't end the way it had.

       I woke up in the morning just like I went to sleep and was so warm and comfortable. I wondered if I should try and move before I fell back to sleep but I just lay there, being all warm, and thinking about my dream.

       I felt his breathing change and his heart rate increase and I wondered what I should do. His hand tightened on mine and I pulled on him a little and he squeezed back against me connecting the last of our skin that wasn’t already touching. We lay like that for a few minutes until I made the first move and rolled to my back.

       We got up, ate at Millie's, and went to work. There was no breakfast talk about how we woke up this morning; I think we both wanted to say something but didn’t know what, or how, to bring it up.


       When we got to work I decided to just hit up Walt about Robby going with me to the east coast. I included that it would be a great experience for him. I told him I would need a week or 10 days to take care of everything; trying to play it down a little.

       I assured him that the cost of the trip was no big deal and I really could use the help trying to get everything done; not knowing what all I had to do.


       As far as my time off; I wasn't asking him if it was OK. I just put it to him like I was going; he could take it or leave it. Walt took it well; I recommended that we bring Dave out to work with me and he agreed that Dave was a good choice. He would have to talk to Rob's sister about him going with me but thought it would be OK.

       On Tuesday, Walt had Dave come out to work with me. Dave was bright and caught on quick. We talked about that night a few weeks ago and everything seemed to be cool. He did offer that if I ever wanted to do it again, he was more than up for it.

       Deb thought it was a great idea for Rob to go with me and she thought it would be good for him. I kind of got the feeling that they liked not having Rob around all the time. Chuck made all the arrangements for us; we were leaving on Wednesday the 19th, two and a half weeks away.

       As much as I wanted to take Robby home with me every day after work; there was just no good excuse for it, so I spent the week sleeping alone. On our lunch breaks, I would take Rob out back and go through kicks and hits. He was a quick study and told me he had been practicing at home every night.

       I told Rob I had to go see my weed guy, Zach, on Friday after work and I had to work Saturday. He kind of made a little seen and I told him I didn't much care for it myself.

       I did come up with an idea and called Harold asking if it was OK if Rob came with me to wash dishes on Saturday. He said he could do that so I told Rob that Walt could drop him off at my house after they got done at the yard.


       I really did need to get some smoke; I was running low and never wanted to run out. Zach was a guy that Parker had introduced me to at the party when I met Josh. He and I became friends, well, we kind of became lovers. Zach was the patient teacher I had spoken of earlier; we had a fling for about 6 months. He was 18 when I was almost sixteen; he was the only guy that had ever fucked me.


       He taught me how good sex could be and there were many nights that were spent fucking. He introduced me to the after hours clubs and took me under his wing. He made sure that the old queens didn't take advantage of me and that's where I realized that I loved to dance. I spent every weekend with him and admired him a lot.

       I had feelings for him, but it wasn't love. At fifteen, I was Horney all the time and he didn't mind being my teacher, so to speak. He was very popular and had tons of friends. Like Rob with my friends; I was accepted with open arms and a few propositions.

       I went home after work and called Zach. I told him I needed smoke and would be down after getting cleaned up. He answered the door, greeting me with a big huge and more than a little kiss, it felt good. Not like with Dave.

       He slipped his hand into my back pocket and our kiss smoldered, then he reached up pulling my shirt out of my pants. He ran his hand up my back telling me he had missed this. To be honest, I had too.

       We moved into the living room and he sat next to me, real close. He put his arm around my neck and said he had seen Parker. Parker had told him I was in love with a little fox. I told him it wasn't like that, it was something different. I didn't know how to describe it.

       I told him about going to the east coast and that Rob was going with me, and I thought I needed a quarter pound to last a little while. He got up and came back with a few different kinds and one caught my eye. It was dipped ti stick and looked killer.

       He told me it was kick ass as he put a hunk in the bong and we proceeded to get baked. He told me it was $700 a Q and I jumped on it; knowing I could make back most of my money on two ounces and could have two for next to nothing.

       I never had a problem getting rid of weed. It only took a few calls when I had it, and it would be gone. I did take an ounce of indicia and an ounce of hash just to have a verity.

       I knew I was fried and Zach did too. He put his hand on my leg and slowly made his way to my crotch. I couldn't help but respond.

       He looked at me and asked, "Wanna do a line?"

       I returned his gaze and said, "Zach, you know I get crazy on that shit"

       He said, "I remember." and off he went.


       He came back into the living room with a not so little rock, a mirror, and a blade. By the time he was done chopping; it was a big pile. He laid out some lines and handed me a hundred dollar bill. I looked at it and figured what the hell; it had been a while. And his blow was as good as his smoke.

       I sucked it up and wiped a little on my gums. He did the same and then looked at me with a gleam in his eye and did the eyebrow thing. "I've missed you RJ. I really have." He admitted to me. I told him I had too, and he leaned over and kissed me again.

       Zach had given me the best sex and biggest orgasms of my life and I was remembering how good it was between us. He was the most tender man when it came to love making and it was always about pleasing me. When I got loaded, though; I would do everything and anything to please him.

       We had been fucking around for about three months when we had a three way with Parker. That was one wild night. I don't know how much coke we did, but we fucked and sucked until the sun came up.


       Zach was a looker. He was always put together real well and was the one I kind of looked up to and wanted to be like. He was three years older than me and was about six feet tall, about two inches taller than me. He had jet black hair and very blue eyes, a striking combination.

       He was fit and kept his body in top shape, it was like a rock, and that wasn't the only thing that was like a rock. He gave off no signs that he swung both ways, no one would have ever guessed.

       He pulled his shirt off to show me a tattoo he had gotten and I must admit; I couldn't help but admire his body.

       I was looking at his low hanging pants and his crotch when he said, "Ah, it's up here, Ryan.

       I smiled up at him and asked, "Why would you ruin that beautiful body with shit like that?"

       He shrugged and said, "I don't know."


       I had spent many nights exploring his body with my fingers, hands and more, and I was thinking maybe it wouldn't be so bad to do it again. He laid out a couple more lines and I had a twinge of guilt, but nothing like it was with Dave.

       I put the bill to my nose and that was all she wrote. He followed my lead and then started to unbutton my shirt. He rubbed his hand over my chest as I closed my eyes. "I have always loved your body, Chance. But you have added some more muscle; I think I like it even more now," he admitted.

       "You're still as perfect as always, Zachary." I told him.


       I felt his crotch and he did feel good, real good. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him down on me. Within a few minutes, we had most of our clothes off and were all over each other. He was sucking my nipples; he knew all my spots.

       Then he kissed his was down my stomach and blew hot air on my crotch. It had been so long since we had been together, but it felt like yesterday. I let him have his way with me and had a hard time feeling guilty about what I was doing. But that didn't stop me from thinking of Robby.


       I didn't spend the night, but I could have stayed all weekend; just doing blow and getting blown. I left his place around midnight with him full filling ALL my needs; I even got a little rock from him for later. I would have never guessed; but that would be the last time I ever shared myself with Zach or any man, other than Robby.

       I called Mike in the morning telling him I had a little for sale; he might want to make a few calls. I told him I was going to be out tonight and would stop by. He said, "Don’t forget my lighter asshole." Adding he was going to put a fucking chain on it. I showered and cleaned up a little before Walt dropped Rob off.


       I was playing the piano when Rob came walking up on the deck and into the house.

       He smiled at me and when I finished he asked, "We do have a date tonight, right?"

       I couldn't help but smile at him and asked, "Did you keep your hands off yourself this week?" He told me it wasn't easy, but he had managed.

       I reminded him that I was working at 6, and he was going with me to play dishwasher. I told him I had got some smoke and needed to weigh it up because I was selling some to off-set the cost.

       It felt good to be back in my dress clothes when I walked into the Gentleman. Harold looked at me and nodded his approval. I took Rob back to the kitchen and introduced him to the staff telling them he would be washing dishes tonight.


       I talked with Harold about going to Virginia to settle my grand parent's estate and how I was looking forward to seeing the other side of the country. I saw Miss Brown come in and asked Harold to seat her as I walked into the kitchen to check on Rob.

       He was getting on fine and one of our cooks, Rose, said she wanted to take him home for her daughter. As I walked back into the dining room, Sylvia got my attention and waved me over.

       As I approached her table she got a big smile on her face and reached for my hand and said, "Sit Dear. Something is different about you honey; your colors have returned. And they are much brighter." Then she asked "He's here isn't he?" her eyes brightening as she looked around.


       I took a seat at her table and she reached across taking both my hands. She told me I would have a wonderful time on my trip and wanted me to know that my grandparents cared for me deeply and not to dwell on their passing. She went on to say that taking Robert with me was a good idea.


       I had said nothing about a trip and had never told her Robs name. She reminded me that he was fragile, and I was the strong one. She told me I had such capacity to love; he would be the one to help me see it.


       Then she looked at me like Robby does; deeper, reaching in side, and said, “Ryan… Dear.” And she stopped. She smiled and said, “Next time, honey. We will talk again.”

       I said Thank you, told her to enjoy the rest of the evening, and returned to the front desk after completing my walk through the dining room. I told Harold about wanting to duck out as soon as it slowed down; I had some stuff I needed to do.

       Around 9:30 he told me I could leave and I went back to get Rob and we headed off to Mike's. I really didn't want to parade around in my suit at Mike's, but I didn't want to go home and change either.

       I grabbed the smelly bag and got out of the car; telling Rob I didn't want him feeding into the shit Mike was going to be saying about how I was dressed. He looked at me and said, "You look great. What could he say?"


        With a smile I said, "Thanks, Rob, I might look good, but Mike won't cut me any slack."

       I knocked on the door and held up Mike's lighter as he opened it. "Wow Hollywood; somebody die?" he asked.

       I walked in and said, "The price just went up, any other comments?"

       He said hi to Rob and asked him how he liked Banner's party? Rob told him it was great except for fat ass, but he would be ready next time. Mike then turned to me and said, "Show me the stuff." I showed him what I had, telling him to get his bong. I gave him 2 ounces saying that will be $600.00. He looked at me; wide-eyed, saying "You've got to be kidding me?"

       I told him, "It’s no skin off my nose. If people want to choke on dirt weed for $50.00 an ounce, more power to them." I went on to say that I didn't think anyone would complain. He could sell eighths for fifty dollars.

       We made our transaction and Rob said we should get going because we had other stuff to do, looking at me with a smile. We said goodbye with Mike telling me he was just giving me shit about my suit and wished he had something so nice to wear. I replied by saying, "Not everyone can pull it off like I do." and headed out the door before he could say anything else.


       We got in the car and I asked Rob what else we had to do. He said, "Come on Skate, I haven't touched myself all week, I'm going to fuckin bust!" I smiled at him and acted like I forgot. He smacked me on the arm and said, "You did not.”

       We got back to my house and I was hanging up my suit and Rob grabbed my Frisbee and said, "There’s nothing in here." I pointed to the corner and told him in that bag.

       "Holy shit Skate, what is this?" He asked, holding the bag up. I told him it's just some weed. I motioned him to the bong saying go dump it out and put clean water and some ice in it; I would meet him at the hot tub after I got out of the shower.

       When I got out of the shower he was already in the hot tub puffing and choking on the bong. I came out with a towel around my waist hanging low, showing my treasure trail. I had never gotten any kind of vibe from Rob that he might like guys or even me for that matter, but he did gaze at me for a minute.

       He said the stuff tasted real good; he was baked after only one hit as he passed it to me to finish. He started to question me about the guy I got my smoke from asking who he was and stuff.

       I told him his name was Zach and he was a friend I had met through Park and Josh.

       "A close friend?" he questioned. I told him we weren't as close as we had been, but he was a good friend.


       He looked at me asking if he was gay also. "What is it with the labels, Robby?" I questioned in a scolding tone.

       He said, "I don't know; will I ever meet him?"

       I smiled and said, "Maybe."

       I looked at him; his eyes, barely slits, but they were still communicating with me. I could see something was on his mind but I wasn't sure I wanted to know. He lowered himself further down into the water and his leg touched mine, but he didn't move it away.


       "Have you, I mean, with Josh or Zach. Have they?" and he trailed off.

       I asked, "Is there a question in there somewhere, Robby?"

       He said, "No, I guess not. It doesn't make any difference anyway."

       I told him he looked baked and asked if he just wanted to go to bed? He looked at me and said, "I am, but not so stoned we can't still, you know." We climbed out; I grabbed the bong as he put the cover on the tub. By the time I came out of the bathroom he was in bed, smiling.


       I crawled in naked and saw he was too. "How should we start this, Robby?" I asked. He pulled the covers down exposing both our toys; we were both at about half mast.

       I reached up to the headboard getting the lube I kept behind my alarm clock. I put a few drops on myself then a few on him, and put the bottle back, without putting the cap on.

       We worked it in and started stroking, "Want to race?" he asked enthusiastically.

       "What's the rush Rob; you got somewhere you got to be?" I questioned.

      He looked at me and I continued by saying "I like to spend some time just enjoying the feeling, building up slow, and teasing myself a little." He followed my lead slowly stroking him self, copying what I was doing.

       We were watching each other and I told him I like to get real close, then slow down, let it pass, and start all over again.

       He told me he did it fast and I said, "I like to take my time."

       His beautiful unit was close to the same size as mine, maybe a little bigger at the base. Both of us circumcised; around 7" and we might have been able to squeeze them into a toilet paper roll. It was perfect.

       We both were getting close for the first time and I slowed down; just worked my shaft for a while leaving the head alone. Robby seemed to be matching my moves and I saw a little bubble of pre-cum come out of him.

       I squeezed my balls and ran my fingers up my shaft getting a drop of my own to come out, then rubbed it around my head.

       I told him we were crossing a line; I hoped things wouldn't get weird between us. He told me he didn't think that was going to happen.

       I reached up with my left hand giving my right nipple a little pinch and let out a soft moan. He looked at me and I told him that guy's nipples were no different than girls.

       Then I reached over, giving his a pinch. That is kind of nice he admitted, and I asked why he had never done that before. He said when he beats off; all he wants to do is cum.

       I said, "There's no need to rush tonight, Robby. The more we prolong it, the better it will be." Then I reached over, pinching and twisting his nipple again.

       I fumbled behind me for the bottle but he grabbed it before I could. He put a few drops on himself then a few on me and put the bottle back. He said the lube was nice and he did it dry most of the time. I shared that spit really was the best lube.

       Feeling bold, I licked my stroking hand then reached over taking his shaft in my hand, his naturally moving to allowing my fondling. It was like touching an electric fence and lightning raced through my body straight to my brain then exploded. I closed my eyes and stroked him a few times, tightening my hand around his head when I got to the top. The sight of what I had seen a few weeks ago was now in my hand and I was stupefied again. He made no effort to move my hand and really didn't give me any kind of reaction.

      I unwittingly released him, wrapped my hand around my own unit again, and told him his felt a lot like mine. He reached over and took hold of me and I almost came in his hand. I asked him to go slow, "I'm getting close; Please, I don't want to cum yet, Robby."

       He commented that he thought mine was longer, maybe a little bigger and he had never felt any ones cock other than his. He stopped short of asking if I had. And I didn't offer.

       “Can I move again, Ryan,” he asked with a smile and a small squeeze; his hand still holding me.

       I nodded and put my hand back on him and we slowly started jacking each other again. I told him if felt real good and he replied by squeezing a few more drops out of me and rubbed it around my head with his thumb.

       "I'm getting close, Ryan." he breathlessly announced for the third time.

       I asked if he wanted to finish himself off but he shook his head no and told me he liked the way I doing it. With him saying that, it got me closer, and we started stroking each other with a little more determination.


       On my up strokes; I was running his shaft through my whole hand, giving his swollen head extra attention. We were both getting into it and were not going to put it off any longer.

       I started moving my midsection up and down; fucking his hand and he followed me lead. We could tell the other was getting close. He started bucking up into my hand and then would slow, so just his head was getting stroked. I looked at my cock pushing in and out of his hand then looked over at him.


       He was watching me with a little smile on his face. He said, "I'm going to make you cum!" And he did. Boy did he. If I hadn't been watching him watching me; I would have gotten the first hit in my eye, but it hit me on the cheek.


       I produced a creamy trail from his hand to my face. He shot right after my first wad and we stroked each other with determination. After about 30 seconds of nonstop groaning, we were spent.

       We had cum all over us! Rob had shot over his head the first time and hit the headboard. I must admit, he came hard. I felt it pulse through my hand. I kept stroking him until he rested his hand on mine and said I just had to stop, while he squirmed.

       He had cum on his face and chest, our hands were covered with each others seed, and I squeezed him a little to get the last drops out. I didn't want to shock him, but I just HAD to taste him.

       I licked his cum off my hand looking over at him for a reaction. He looked at me and did the same and stated with a huge smile "We are cum brothers now, Ryan." He said that he didn't think he had ever cum so hard or that much in his life.

       In our rush to get started, we didn't have a towel or anything to clean up with. I looked at myself then at Robby. We had cum all over us and it would have taken a beach towel to clean us up, maybe two.

       I looked at the clock, it was 12:45, and I said I thought a shower was in order. I got up with cum running down my body, and in the dim light of my bedside lamp, I made my way to the bathroom.

       I started the shower and stepped into the hot water. I stood under the rain head thinking about what we had just done; wondering; where do we go from here. I opened my eyes as a cum covered Robby came into the shower.

      I smiled as I told him he had cum in his hair and most everywhere for that matter. Smiling back at me he said, "You got a lot of room to talk!"

       He stood under one head, washing away his spent seed.

       I turned to him and asked, "How about you wash my hair for me?" Adding that was one of my favorite things, and it was.

       He quickly grabbed the shampoo and went to work on my head. It really was something I enjoyed.

       Zach and I showered together most every morning when I stayed with him.

       I leaned my head back rinsing my hair and by the time I opened my eyes, Rob had soap and a washcloth and he started washing my chest.

       It felt so good; him running his hands over my body. I was getting hard again, even after a mind blowing orgasm. I rinsed and said, "OK, your turn," not even trying to hide my excitement.

       I put shampoo in my hands rubbing them together then ran my fingers through his hair. I liked my head scrubbed so I washed his the way I liked it. I found he liked it the same way.

       He rinsed his hair and I got the soap and foamed up the washcloth then started sliding it over his back. I ran my hands over his shoulders and from behind, I pulled him a little closer, so I could reach his chest.

       This wasn't helping my hard on any and I noticed he was a little thick too. I didn't know if it was from him washing me, or me washing him but I threw caution to the wind and asked, "Didn’t you get enough?"

       He looked down at himself and then back at me and said, "I have never cum like that in my life, Ryan." I told him it was over the top for me too.

       We stood in the shower enjoying the hot water running over our bodies. I knew I had to say something to break the ice, so to speak. Before I could say anything he turned asking "Ryan? Was this a one time thing?"

      In my mind, I was thinking three times a day wouldn't be enough for me, but that's not what I said to him. "Robby, we have been spending a lot of time together. If you keep sleeping in my bed; No, this wouldn't be the last time it happens."

       He smiled at me and said, "I hope not."

       We dried off and sat naked on the love set each taking another hit off the bong then went to inspect the bed. Other than the headboard, we had managed to keep our cum on us and with a swipe of a sock, what was on the headboard was gone.

       I was wondering about putting on some underwear but when he climbed into bed naked; my mind had been made up for me.

       He looked over at me and said, "Thanks for showing me a new way Ryan." adding he never took his time and thought my way was much better than dry and fast.

       I could hear the wheels turning in his head but I couldn't for the life of me figure out what he was thinking. He finally said he had never done this with anybody else, but he was glad he had done it with me.

       He then said, "Ryan." and waited for me to reply.

       "Yes, Robby."

       "Does this make us gay?" he asked softly.

        "No Rob, I don't think it makes us gay. All guys jack off. A lot of guys do it with friends for fun. It is more fun with company, don't you think?"

       "Defiantly." was his one word reply.

       He was happy with my reply, but I could tell there was more he wanted to ask. He was just trying to figure out how and what to ask, and if he really wanted the answer.


       "Ryan, have you ever, I mean with Josh or Zach, did you do anything? I mean Josh is a good looking guy and I saw the way he grabbed your ass and stuff, it's easy to see he likes you."

       I turned over towards him and he was looking at me as I tried to come up with an answer to his incomplete question.

       Deciding to focus on the Josh part of the question I said, "You're right; Josh has made it clear that he likes me. If your asking if I have ever gone to bed with him or anything, the answer is no.

       I like girls, Robby, but I can appreciate a hot guy too, like you. I take no offense when a good looking guy touches my ass or makes a pass at me. To me, it's just as flattering as when a girl does it."

       I reached over and took his hand in mine and said, "There is so much more than sex, Robby. Like this." holding his hand as we instinctively intertwined our fingers and I slowly rubbed my fingers and thumb over his.

       His hand was so warm and it felt like I had done this before. I had to fight the urge to bring his hand to my lips and kiss it. I looked at our hands for I don't know how long, our hearts synchronized again and I heard him say my name, softly.

       "Robby…” I said “Something as innocent as this can be more intimate than kissing, or even sex. It isn't always about getting off. You can fuck anyone, but sharing feelings, sharing your heart is so much more fulfilling."


       I held his hand in mine for a minute and we just looked at each other. I felt; well, I think we both felt, exactly what I was saying. I had a flash of the dream I had the other night.

                                          From the Author:

       I can't thank you enough for your continued patients. This chapter was much longer than intended, but I wanted to reach this point. We have now come to the beginning of the journey. It is no longer, Robby. It is no longer, Ryan. It is now, Robby and Ryan. Our life together had just started.

       We are about a quarter of the way now; things will start to move a little faster. I felt it was important that what Rob and I shared in the first few months of our relationship be included. I thought the details were necessary to allow you to understand us and the dynamics of our relationship.

       How the next few months unfold for us might be a little hard to believe, but please keep an open mind. Rob and I travel to Virginia and everything changes.

       I will continue to post chapters every few days, provided there is interest. Thank you for your positive ratings and sweet comments. Thanks again. Ryan



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