Rev: 6-20-16

                    Robby and Ryan Chapter VI

       This is the continuation of the Robby and Ryan story. Part VI chronicles the first few days of our trip to Virginia. My vernacular is not one of exciting descriptive adjectives; it is, however, honest and simple. I am recounting what happened to us, what we did, more like telling you our story, than you reading it. I appreciate your comments, feedback, and ratings. Ryan


       I let go of his hand and waited for a reaction.

He looked over at me and after a minute, he said, "You make me think about things so differently, Ryan." He rolled to his side and just stared at me for a while. I had no idea what was going through his mind, but we looked at each other for the longest time.

       It seemed we were having a silent conversation with our eyes that couldn't be put into words until years later. I broke the silence by saying, "Sweet dreams, Robby."

       He added, "I know. No wet dreams."

       He rolled over to his other side and scooted over so he was close to me and I did the same. I wished I could go to sleep but it just wouldn't come. I got up, went into the sitting room, and closed the pocket doors so my playing wouldn't wake him. I sat at the piano just playing softly thinking about everything that had happened.

       I played for about an hour, took a few bong hits, then decided to try and go to sleep. I crawled into bed and Rob told me he could hear me playing and asked why I couldn't fall asleep. I told him that sometimes playing just helps me relax. I said I was thinking about our trip and thought we should try and do some sort of itinerary so we could do and see everything we wanted.

       I asked if he had ever flown before and he said he'd never been out of the state. I told him that I had; I'd been to Alaska, Hawaii, and California a few times. He asked about Hawaii saying he would love to go there someday and I told him it was way better than Alaska; my mom had taken me there on a cruise for my fifteenth birthday.

       The first three days were great, but the last four were fucked. I had lost 10 pounds, being seasick from the ruff seas, as was everyone else on the ship. We said good night to each other again, and sleep happily came.

       I woke up in the morning to the sun shining through the window. I reached over and Rob wasn't next to me. I got up, walked into the bathroom, took a piss, and then went to look for him.

       He was in the back yard wearing just his black sleep pants going through what I had been teaching him. I sat down on the deck and just watched him; his body glistening as the sun shined down on him.

       He had been a quick study and was faster than I had seen during our practices. He wiped the sweat from his forehead then sat down closing his eyes. I could tell what he was doing and it gave me a good feeling knowing he was taking it seriously.

       I just sat and watched him breathing. He turned his face to the sun, he looked so fucking hot. I just wanted to wrap my arms around him and never let go. I walked back into the house, rolled a fatty, and then returned to the deck.

       I put a match to it, blew out the smoke, and watched him more. After a minute, I saw him move his head around and sniffing.

       He turned, opened his eyes, and looked at me. He got a big smile on his face and said, "I can smell that." as he got up joining me on the deck.


       I handed him the joint telling him I woke up and he wasn't there. He said he woke up and didn't want to wake me, so he came out to practice. I told him he was doing well; I hadn't realized he was so fast. He told me he loved the back yard, and again, said it was like a park.

       I left him on the deck going into the house to fetch a tablet and pen. When I came back out I sat down and asked, "So what do you want to see and do when we go?"

       I told him we should spend at least two days in Washington DC. There was so much history and lots of shit to see. And it would be cool to brag about later.


       He looked at me and said he didn't feel right about all the money I was spending on him. I assured him that the money wasn't a big deal, and not to let it bother him.

       I explained to him I was sure I would have a much better time sharing it with him and I had never been to any of the places we were going.

       We talked for a long time and when I heard his stomach growl, I told him we should go to Millie's and eat. I got up, set the tablet on the coffee table, and went into the bathroom. I stripped down and walked into the shower. I was under the water when I heard Rob asking if he had to use his shower or if he could share mine.

       I thought about it for a split second and said, "It's ok Jr." He walked in saying he was hoping I would say that, and honestly, I was hoping he would ask. We took care of washing ourselves and I was out of the shower first.

       He came out a few minutes later saying how much he loved my shower as I stood naked in front of the mirror. He finished drying himself off and I think he was admiring my body as he looked at my reflection in the mirror. I allowed him to do what I had done to him and I watched his eyes in the mirror as he studied my body until they met mine and we smiled at each other.

       I didn't have much hair on my face but went through the motions of shaving as he dried his hair and went to his room to get dressed. I hollered at him that he should put on a pair of the underwear I got him.

       He came back into my room and for the first time he saw the picture of us, that was now in a frame, with a necklace hanging off one corner. It was a gold chain with a black onyx stone; his initials engraved and inlaid with gold. I watched him walk over and pick it up.


       He turned, showing it to me, asking if it was for him. I told him it was; holding my hand up and saying, "Just say thank you, and leave it at that."

       He came over and gave me a huge hug and said, "Thank you, Ryan. I love it." I found myself lost in his embrace. The way he felt and the way I felt in his arms, like déjà vu. We lingered in the closeness; neither of us wanting to be the first to end it.


       We ate at Millie's and spent the rest of the day getting wasted and talking about our trip. I was wishing that we didn't have to go to work tomorrow and could just spend every minute together.

       Around 7:30 I took a couple TV dinners out of the freezer and put them into the oven; it wasn't the usual dinner, but it would do. My mom had not come home so I figured she was staying at Clint's again.

       At around ten I told Rob I thought it was time for bed. It was kind of funny that he didn't even ask if he could sleep with me, he just followed me to my room and started taking his clothes off.


       He had put on the red and black silk underwear this morning and he turned smiling at me, then asked, "What do you think?"


       I told him that the guys at work would get a kick out those, adding he looked as good in them as I knew he would. I could have gone on for hours about how good he looked, but I stopped at that.

       The weeks past and we had made plans for the ten days we were going to be gone. Chuck made all the arrangements and we were leaving early the next morning. Before we knew it we were getting in the car, heading for the airport.

       I left it at Budget parking so we didn't need to bother anybody for a ride so early in the morning. We had a plane change in Denver and arrived at the airport in Virginia about 3 in the afternoon, with the time change.

       My Grandfathers attorney met us at the airport and we drove to my new river side estate. He asked me about Rob and I told him he was my brother from a different mother, and added, a different father too. He didn't question me any further on the subject. Fredericksburg was a beautiful town rich with history; my new home was part of that history, and I guess I was too, or at least my last name was.  

       As we turned into the driveway, I was speechless. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it wasn’t this. Large brick columns stood like centuries at the entrance holding a massive rod iron gate and huge willow trees lined both sides making a canopy that hung down over the driveway that was about two blocks long.

       It was so much to take in and when cleared natures tunnel the house came into view, what a sight. It was huge; a large sprawling colonel; white with green trim, porches on three sides. It was breathtaking. The yard was sculpted and manicured with flower beds full of color tastefully placed and surrounding the house.

       Chet, the attorney, gave us a short tour of the house and grounds. He told me we could talk business in the morning and dropped the keys in my hand. I had managed to stash some smoke in my luggage and as soon as he left; I twisted one up and we walked down the hill to the river.


       As we sat down under yet another huge willow tree; Rob turned to me and questioned, "Really, Skate. A brother from a different mother and different father too. What the hell does that make me anyway?"

       I had to laugh, "That makes you none of his fucking business, that's what." I replied with attitude.

       We lit up and Rob looked at me with his red eyes and asked if we were sleeping here. I replied, "Why not, Robby? It is mine." We made our way back up to the house and started to snoop around a little.


       It had five large bedrooms, four baths, a library, sitting room / parlor, with the kitchen, living room, and dinning room, looking out over the river. The furniture all looked old; real old, but was in excellent condition and it set the tone for the whole house.

       The inside was tastefully done with high ceilings, crown molding everywhere, beautiful thick wood trim around the doors and the windows that had stain glass at the top of each one. Huge pocket doors separated most of the room's downstairs and a grand staircase that led to the second floor.

       We made our way upstairs and found what I figured was a guest room. I put my bag on the bed; Rob was right behind me asking where he should put his.

       He said he was a little uncomfortable and asked if he could sleep with me. I told him that was fine. The bed was much smaller than mine at home; I figured it must have been a double.

       We wandered around the house a little and then outside to the garage. My grandfather had a newer Lincoln town car and a Triumph TR 6. The keys were in the ignition so I climbed in the TR and started it up. This was cool!

       I told Rob to open the door and we took it for a little drive. I didn't really like a stick but I could drive one, and it was a kick in the ass.


       The car was root beer brown with tan leather interior, a black convertible top that we put down, and a black roll bar. I looked at the speedometer, noticing it only had 3500 miles on it and thought he didn't drive it much.


       We found a nice little restaurant to have dinner, we were both starved. I enjoyed twin lobster tails and Rob had a steak. We shared and ate until we couldn't eat another bite.

       Chuck had given me $2,500 dollars in traveler's checks, and I brought about the same in cash and my plastic. My goal was to live high on the hog while we were here, and I could spend it all if I wanted.


       We drove back to the house, parked in the garage, and made our way back inside. I grabbed the roach and we strolled back down to the river. Rob stretched out in the grass under the tree and I laid down using his stomach for a pillow.


       We puffed on the roach then sat quietly for a while listening to the water and the birds. Rob broke the silence and said, "I feel like we have done this before, Ryan. Here, under this tree."

       I told him I had the same feeling. It did feel familiar.


       I stood up and looked at the tree. I could see marks that looked like letters and 1863. When I touched them; I felt what I can only explain as three lightening flashes in my head. They were followed by a shiver that ran up my back. Rob didn't seem to notice and I told him we should head back to the house, seeing it was getting dark.

       As we were walking through the house Rob said a lot of the stuff looked real old, I took notice, and he was right. Chet was picking us up in the morning to take me to the bank and get the safe deposit box then to his office to go over some other stuff.

       My plan was to follow him in the TR 6 then Rob and I could go to lunch and cruse around a little. We brushed our teeth and got into bed with Rob saying what I was thinking. This bed was not as comfortable or as big as mine.

       He fell asleep pretty fast but sleep wouldn't come for me. He had rolled over putting his arm over me in his sleep and I was thinking about how familiar it felt. Still unable to fall asleep myself, I got out of bed and went downstairs. I sat down at the piano hoping for some relaxation and started playing softly.

       I had been playing piano sense I was eight and really didn't need sheet music. I could play most stuff by ear and just seemed to know what note to play next. I was playing Imagine by John Lennon and was singing quietly when I looked up I saw Robby's reflection in the window as he walked into the room behind me.

       He came over, leaning down on the piano, and just watched me with his head tilted a little and a smile on his face. I kept playing until I finished the song and then met his eyes, apologizing for being to loud. He said hearing me play was a wonderful way to wake up and asked if I thought I could go to sleep now.

        I stood up saying, "I think so." We climbed into bed and he put his hand on my chest and asked if this was hard for me.


       I asked if he was talking about the bed being so small and he said, "No dork; just being here, and all this."


       I said, "I guess so, but I'm glad you're with me." I put my hand on his and rolled over, pulling him over to his side behind me, and he pulled me close and we fell asleep.

       I woke up the same way I fell asleep; the sun, now shining through the window. I untangled myself from Rob, getting out of bed without waking him, it was 6:30.

       I went down to the kitchen and looked around for coffee. I found some instant; not my favorite, but it would have to work. I walked out to the deck looking at the river and that old willow. I had to go look at it again.

       I stood in front of the tree doing what I had taught Robby. I closed my eyes and used my other senses, trying to slow my heart to match my breathing; trying to focus. With my eyes still closed, I reached up and touched the tree again.

       I had what was like a thousand flashes or images hit me all at once; making me dizzy and a little sick to my stomach. Some of the images were from that reoccurring dream I had been having for a year or two.

       I really couldn't explain it, but when I opened my eyes, I could make out the letters R and R 1863. I closed my eyes again trying to focus more, tracing the letters with my finger. That was one of the freakiest fucking things that had happened to me in my life.

       I made my way back up the cobblestone path and as I walked into the house, Rob came down the stairs. He always looked so fucking cute in the morning; his hair all standing on end with little blanket creases on his skin. And then there was that smile.

       I offered him some coffee but he said he'd pass and asked if there was anything to eat. For his size, he really was a bottomless pit. I told him the fridge was empty and if we got cleaned up we could go into town and find some breakfast.

       We used the same bathroom, showered, and then got dressed. We had two hours before Chet was going to pick us up so we took my new sports car and headed off to town.

       We found a nice little place; ordering way more food than we could eat and stuffed ourselves. We took the leftovers with us for a snack and drove back home.


       Chet showed up about 9:30 and I told him my plan to just follow him to the bank and then his office. The bank wasn't far and he went in with us to talk to the manager. He told him I was Chancellors Grandson. My grandfather was Hector Chancellor.

       Chet had the key, all the appropriate papers, and the manager showed us to the vault. I put my key in; he put his in and pulled the box out carrying it to a table in a small room with a curtain over the doorway.

       Rob started to ask if he should wait outside, and I said, "No." quickly.

       I took a deep breath and opened the box. There was a large envelope that I opened and saw it contained a letter from my grandfather, the deed to the house, titles for the cars, and some other papers. I put it back in the envelope and set it aside.

       Bundles of cash lay underneath. Ten packets of ten thousand dollars each, bank wrappers around each one stamped $10,000. One of us had shit our self; 'I think I could smell it' and Rob just kept looking at it, then at me. He was speechless.

       Stacked neatly were a dozen jewelry boxes; I opened each one, showing them to Rob who hadn't said a word the whole time. I could tell my Grandfather had good taste; it was some nice shit.

       Also contained in the box was a stack of stock certificates; Polaroid, Kodak, GM, and bunch of others; most being for 1000 shares or more. I had no idea of the value; I made a note of them so I could call Chuck and ask him what I should do.


       I opened the curtain and asked the manager if he had something I could use to put this stuff in; he nodded and walked away. I picked up a stack of the hundreds and handed it to Rob. "It's yours, if you want it, Robby." I asked in a questioning tone. (A small test) Not that I thought he needed to be tested.


       He took it from me, thumbed threw it, and said, "NO Ryan, I can't take this." handing it back to me.

       I looked at him and asked, "Are you sure?" He just nodded his head up and down and said he was sure. (He passed) Just like I knew he would. I smiled and said, "Fine then; it'll be here to pay for your first year of collage." How could I be thinking that far down the road?

       The manager returned with a briefcase saying Chet had brought it with him for me to use. I put one of each stock certificate in the large envelope along the jewelry and placed it all in the briefcase.

       I told the suit I was finished and wanted to pay for the box for the next year, saying I would be back next summer. I concluded the rest of the business and we left, following Chet back to his office.

       He assured me that everything had been handled by Chuck, but he was wondering if there was anything he could help me with, or if I wanted to know anything about my grandfather.

       I could tell he was sad about his passing. He told me they had been friends for more than forty years, he even remembered my father. He asked what I was going to do with the house; I asked his advice.

       He told me it was prime property; worth a couple million at least. I could sell it or rent it out, adding it could bring at least $3000 or more a month, maybe even more to the right person. I had not thought about it in dollars and cents and was dumb struck.


       He said he knew the house was full of antiques, some could be priceless; then announced it was insured for 15 million dollars for the house and furnishings. I was shocked. Dumb struck turned into down right giddiness. But I kept my cool, unlike Robby.

       I asked if he knew of a jeweler and an antique dealer in town. He wrote down some names and numbers, saying these people could help me, and they had all known my grandfather.

       Looking back on it; there was so much shit I did that a seventeen-year-old could no more get away with today than fly to the moon. Carrying weed on an airplane, handling all the legal shit I was doing, and everything else; no one ever questioned me. I looked about 20 and with the way I carried myself and dressed, I didn't get a second glance. Those were the days, they really were.

       I took his card along with the numbers, telling him I needed to think; I would get back to him tomorrow. Rob and I walked out, got in the car, and I just sat there. He asked me if I was OK. I nodded and said I really needed to smoke a joint.

       I pulled a cigarette out of my pocket and lit it with the lighter in the car, taking a couple big drags. Rob didn't smoke and had been on me to quit, but he didn't say anything about it today.

       I started the car asking if he remembered how to get home and he pointed the direction. We stopped at a gas station, got a map, and a couple packs of smokes.

       I was lighting cigarettes off of each other and when we pulled into the driveway Rob said I really needed to smoke some weed to chill out a little. I agreed and twisted one up and we went out to the deck and sat in silence.

       Being fried and having smoked about half a pack of cigarettes, I took the envelope out of the briefcase and walked to the sitting room. I noticed a liquor cabinet that was full of bottles.

       I recognized a few bottles of scotch; I knew they were more expensive than what we served at the Gentleman.

       I poured a glass, sat down, and opened the envelope, as Rob sat down next to me. I stretched out using his lap as a pillow and started to read; Rob didn't seem to mind.

       My grandfather had the most beautiful penmanship I had ever seen. In his own hand, he went on to tell me how sorry he was for never getting to know me. He always thought there would be more time.

       He told me about my father when he was a child and about my dad's sister, who had died in the thirties. He said my dad joined the army during WWII and they didn't see each other for almost twenty years. He regretted that.

       I got up and walked to the phone; glad it still worked, and called Chuck. Carol said he was in a meeting but she would get him and put me on hold. Chuck came on the line a few minutes later asking how things were going.

       I explained about the stocks and stuff, telling him the names. He asked what the dates were, so I told him some were older, like from the forties and fifties, some were newer.

       Chuck paused, took a deep breath and said, "Ryan, I'm no stock broker, but depending on the shares and how many times they have split; you could be looking at possibly millions of dollars."


       He then asked, "You don't have them with you, do you?" I told him I had left them in the safe deposit box and only grabbed one of each. He told me to take them back to the bank and get a list of all the stocks, including the date issued, and amount of shares.

       I didn't tell him about the cash, thinking I would just keep it my little secret. I told him I was going to talk to a jeweler and an agent about the house, but I wouldn't do anything without talking to him first. He said he hoped not, adding if I needed anything, to call him.


       He then said, "Ryan, wait. How much jewelry are we talking about?" I told him some of the names on the cases and what they looked like; he told me I should take them back to the bank too.


       He said, "Ryan, you could be carrying around, god only knows how much in jewels." I thanked him and said I would call him in a few days.

       I called my mom and gave her a run down, leaving out the parts about the stocks and cash. I smoked a few more cigarettes and went back to the liquor cabinet.

       I was looking at the bottles and thought it would be cheaper to snort cocaine than drink this scotch. Rob came up and took a drink from my glass and made a sour face saying he thought it had gone bad.

       I explained that scotch was an acquired taste; it honestly didn't get much better than this. We went back into the parlor, assuming the same position we were in before; this time Rob had a pillow on his lap and patted it for me to put my head down.

       He rested his hand on my chest and we sat quietly for a while well I tried to absorb and comprehend how the man I never really knew, had just changed my life. Robby broke the silence and asked what Chuck said on the phone.

       I asked him, "Do you remember asking me how much money I have?"

       He replied, "Yes."

       I told him "I'm still not sure but as for the being rich part; Well I'm stinking fucking rich!"


       He asked, "How rich?"

       I smiled a nervous smile and said, "Millions!"

       He just sat silent. He moved his hand down the inside of my shirt and rested it over my heart. He asked me, "Ryan, you would have given me that money today, wouldn't you?"

       I told him “Yes, I would have; but it made me feel good that you didn't take it.”

       It was going on 7:00 and I asked if he wanted to go eat before I was too drunk to drive; he said he was starved. We went to the restaurant that we had gone to the night before, this time driving the Lincoln, and took the map with us.


       While we were waiting for our dinner we looked at it, seeing if there was any place we wanted to go. Rob was studying it when he said, "Look at this." and I took the seat next to him.

       He said there is a town named Chancellorsville.

I wondered if it had anything to do with my family. He said we should go check it out tomorrow. I asked the waitress how far it was, she said it was only a few miles.

       We finished our dinner and stopped at a little store to pick up some munchies and feel good food. It was close to nine when we got back and I twisted up another master piece and we sat on the deck.

       Rob reached over and took the cigarette out of my mouth before I had a chance to light it and said, "You have been smoking like a chimney all day." I gave him a look, took it back, and lit it up. I took a big drag, and he didn't say anything more about it.


       We talked about what we were going to do the next day and I told him I wanted to talk to Chet a little more and make those calls. I said we could drive over to Chancellorsville, check it out, and maybe see some other stuff too.

       I got up and told him I wanted to take a shower before bed and headed up our room. I peeled off my clothes and grabbed my sleep pants, then went into the bathroom, without closing the door.

       I heard Rob come in after a few minutes and he started asking me about DC. I told him I didn't know much, I had never been there before. When I finished and turned the water off a towel fell over the curtain rod.

       I dried off most of the way and opened the curtain, seeing Rob was already in his sleep pants, with no shirt. He asked if I felt better and if I thought I would be able to sleep better tonight? I said I hope so. I thought to myself, how could I not feel better, just looking at him, made me feel better.

       We went back downstairs and took a closer look around. I went to the liquor again and found a bottle of Brandy that looked very old. I pulled the cork and took a whiff.

       I poured a short shot and Rob asked if maybe I had had enough. I downed it and said, "I have now, let's go to bed."

       We crawled into bed and he said again that my bed at home was so much more comfortable than this one. I agreed and lay looking at the ceiling.

       Rob asked, "Skate; what are you going to do with all that money?"

       I jokingly said, I thought I would give most of it away.


       He sat up, looked at me, and asked, "Are you out of your fucking mind?"

       I smiled at his reaction and asked, "How much money does one person need, Robby?"

       He looked at me and said, "You're kidding Right?"

       I couldn't keep a straight face and said, "Yes."

       We got comfortable and he fell asleep pretty fast, eventually, I did too. I woke up in the middle of the night; I had that dream again. I was a little shaken up, more than normal. I hadn't woke, Rob, so I climbed out of bed to get a drink of water.


       The memory of the dream was starting to fade, but what I could remember, I didn't like. I was outside somewhere in the dark. It was foggy and smelled of smoke. There was what looked like dead bodies all around me, everywhere. It was always the same.

       I was holding someone in my arms, covered in blood, and I was crying. I couldn't make out the face but I could see colors fading around the figure in my arms until they were completely gone. My heart was breaking, I could fell it. Then I woke up, the same every time.


       I went back upstairs and got in bed, Robby rolled over putting his arm over my chest. It felt so good, all soft and warm, but it felt kind of strange too. I curled my arm under and around him pulling him into what seemed to be such a natural position.

       When I woke up Rob was gone. I crawled out of bed, went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and peed. I wandered downstairs and out to the deck. There he was, practicing his moves.

       I lit the roach and waited to see if he could smell it; sure enough, he turned around, looked at me, and smiled. It was a little after seven, the sun shining through the trees, and it was quiet except for the birds and the river.

       He came up and sat next to me. I handed him the roach and he asked how I slept. He said the bed was a mess when he got up and thought I had tossed and turned a lot. I said, maybe a little.

       I said lets shower, get some breakfast, and I will roll one for the road. We did our morning stuff and I was digging in my suitcase when he walked back in to the bedroom. I was still looking for something to wear and found the lube I had packed and set it on the nightstand.


       I looked over at Rob and he smiled. He asked, "Whatcha got there Skate?"

       He knew dam good and well what it was and I smiled back saying "It's just a little something for later."

       I took out the number for the realtor and called him asking if he could meet me at the house in the late afternoon. He said he was sorry for my loss and could meet me at five. I tried to call the jeweler but got no answer, and looked at the clock seeing it wasn't even nine yet.


       We grabbed the map and headed to the garage; backing the TR 6 out and dropping the top. I looked at Robby saying, "This is cooler than shit!" I put it in first and we were off.


       We ate at the same place as before, stuffing ourselves again. We had a nice conversation with the owner who said he knew my grandfather also. It seemed like everybody knew him; I thought it being a smaller town, it was reasonable to figure he would.

       I thanked him then told Rob I wanted to stop by Chet's office before we went sight seeing. We walked out, looked around a little, and saw a nice store.

       I told Rob "We need sun glasses."


       We meandered around the place a bit, found the sun glasses, and started trying some on. Rob saw a pair and told me to put them on, saying they looked great on me. He had picked out a pair for himself, we paid and left.

       Chet's office wasn't far so we walked. As we passed an antique store I said lets go in. I walked up to the counter and introduced myself to the owner. I started to tell him my story but he stopped me and said he had known my Grandfather.

       I told him I had no idea about antiques, and thought I needed an inventory of the house. He said he had what I needed and went into the back room, coming back with some papers in his hand. He explained he had inventoried the house last year for my grandfather and handed me the list.


       He was telling me about some of the pieces, many were over two hundred years old, and worth a lot of money. And he went on to say that the books in the library were worth a fortune by themselves.

       I thanked him for his help and was still looking at the paper, when I saw the bottom line. I asked him what this meant and he told me that was the total value. He said it was a little inflated for insurance purposes, but if I wanted to sell anything, he wanted to have first crack at it.

       We left the shop and walked over to Chet's office. I talked to him for a little while well Rob walked around town. I told Chet that I was going to be in town for a couple more days and I would talk to him more before I left.

       I asked him how much land was with the house. He told me 60 acres, adding that some of it occasionally flooded, but most of it was high enough.

       He said there was a caretaker whose name was Bruno; he had worked for my grandfather for many years. I asked if he could have him call me; then thanked him and left.

       I found Rob sitting in the car; again I felt so happy that he was with me. I told him we were going to swing by the bank then head out.

       I thought how fucking stupid could one person be. I had left the briefcase behind the drivers' seat and thought about what Chuck had said. I returned everything to the bank and we were off to Chancellorsville.

       The town wasn't much but Chet said that's where the family plot was; so I stopped by the cemetery and stood at my Grandfathers grave. So many headstones with Chancellor on them and it felt kind of strange as I strolled by; occasionally stopping to read the names.

       I thought of my father and his headstone that I hadn't seen in eight years and felt a little guilty. I was standing in front a smaller headstone and recalling my father's funeral.

       His death had been sudden. He had a heart attack a week before and was to be released from the hospital the next day when his heart just stopped.


       The funeral was an open casket; lots of people and flowers. To my eight-year-old eyes, he didn't look dead at all. He looked like at any minute he could sit up and say "Surprise."

       Mom and I stood looking at him and she said, "Give your father a kiss goodbye Ryan." I looked at her; my eyes pleading, and she said, "Go ahead, honey."

       When my lips touched his forehead; he was so cold, wax-like. In my surprise, I jerked away, almost pulling the casket over on top of me. Why was I standing here today thinking of him as I looked down on the headstone of an unknown Chancellor, whose name had all but faded away? Today was August 21st. My dad had died 9 years ago, today.

From the Author:


       We have now come to the time when you need to keep an open mind. What you will read may go against everything you believe. It may even have you question god and religion, heaven and hell, and the afterlife. Robby and I were special; Rob, so much more than I, but what we had, was real. 

       The connection, the bond, the love we shared, was meant to be. It was destiny. Everything happens for a reason, even though we may never know why. I hope you continue to read about our life and how we were blessed in so many ways. I look forward to your comments and honest ratings.

       I went back to the car, lit a master piece, and told Rob we could just drive around a little, passing him the joint. We saw a sign telling about some battle field and souvenir shop, so we pulled in.

       It was where the battle of Chancellorsville was fought and we walked around for a while. I started to feel real strange, I was getting these little flashes again, kind of like a subliminal, just flashes of images as I looked around.

       I was in a fog, I could smell the smoke. I knelt on the ground, my dream and the flashes of images were blending together. I could hear Robby calling my name, but it was like I was in a tunnel, until he knelt next to me and grabbed my arm, pulling me out of it.

       He looked at me in a way I had never seen before, he seemed scared.

       His eyes were searching mine again and in a tone that was unfamiliar he said, "Ryan, I don't like it here. Can we go? Please?"

       We got in the car and headed back to our temporary home, puffing on the joint. Little did we know at the time; that had been our home, and would be again, for years?

       He didn't say much on the ride home and I didn't either. We were both out of sorts, so to speak. We pulled up to the house and it was only two in the afternoon; we had three hours till the realtor was coming by.

       I told, Rob, Chet, said sixty acres went with the house, we should explore a little. We walked down to the river then headed up stream until we came to an old fence. It seemed to be the end of the property, so we just followed the fence up to the road, then down to the driveway, and back to the house.

       We walked down the driveway; the willows making a canopy that closed off the rest of the world. I fought the temptation to reach for Robby’s hand as he walked next to me. In that moment I aged, I felt older, much older, and each time he looked over at me my love for him grew.


       Rob said it looked like a lot of land and I told him again, Chet said 60 acres went with the house.

He asked me what I was going to do with all of it and I just shrugged my shoulders; I really wasn't sure.

       I told Rob that we should go into DC tomorrow. I thought two days to see everything would be enough and I asked if he wanted to stay in the city or just do day trips.

       He said he didn't care, so I said we'll stay in the city, and walked up to the house to find a phone-book. I called the DC Hilton and made a reservation, giving them my credit card number, saying we would check in tomorrow.

       I had poured myself a scotch and was headed for the deck when the phone rang; it was Bruno. After a short conversation he agreed to stay on as care taker and I told him that Chet would take care of paying him and any other expenses.

       I picked up my drink and a cigarette, joining Rob on the deck. I took a drink, lit my smoke, and asked Rob if he was OK. He said it was real weird on that battle field; he had never felt like that before. I didn't share with him what happened to me or the dream I had.

       I heard the doorbell and looked at my watch; it was five o’clock and I figured it was the realtor. I welcomed him in and offered a drink that he accepted. He proceeded to give me way too many options on what I could do with the house.

       I told him that my time was limited; I thought I would have Bruno close up the house for the winter, and come back next summer. I assured him I didn't want to sell, but I would consider a long term lease to the right person. I thanked him for all his help and showed him out.

       I found Rob lying under the big willow tree by the river and I walked down. He asked if I had seen the carving on the tree and I said I had. He told me that before we left, we should add our initials and the date to the tree. Maybe in a hundred years, someone could wonder who we were.

       I smiled at him and said I had something in the house that might put a smile on his face. He asked me if it was slippery as he looked back at me smiling. I laughed and said I was thinking about some hash, but I did like how his mind was working.

       We walked back up to the house and I went up to the bathroom, took the roll out of the toilet paper, then down to the kitchen, hoping to find some foil.

       I walked into the living room and made a make shift pipe. I warmed up the hash and sprinkled some into the tool. I passed it to Rob and he kind of laughed at my handy work. I told him if he could do better, feel free.

       We smoked a bowl; he said it tasted real good; he had never smoked it like this before.

       I asked with a big smile “You’ve never smoked out of a toilet paper roll pipe before.” He reached over and smacked me on the arm. I told him it had a good kick to it and asked if he thought we had enough leftovers for dinner.


       He didn't know so we went in and looked around; sure enough, we had more than we needed. It was going on 7:30 so we warmed everything up and feasted on yesterday’s meal. It was starting to get dark and looked like the weather was going to turn so I went out and put the car in the garage.

       I came back in and Rob asked if I thought the fire place worked; I said, "Only one way to find out." Robby liked fire, so I put him in charge of starting the blaze. I went upstairs, changed into my sleep pants, and came back down to a nice fire as it started to rain.

       I poured a Brandy and sat down on the couch as Robby went to change. When he came back down I couldn’t help but notice he wasn't wearing anything under his sleep pants. I could see the outline of his body through the thin material as he stood in front of the fire.


       He was doing it again; allowing me to just stare at him as he stood in front of the fire. My eyes were drinking him in and I smiled knowing what was making that shape in his sleep pants. I made no attempt to hide it and he just watched me; his head tilted a little and a smile on his face.

       His butt was getting warm and he turned his front to the fire and clasped his hands on the back of his head and stretched and flexed at the same time. He was killing me now as I admired his tight muscles and the mounds that looked hard as rock.


       I could see his eyes in the big mirror that hung over the fireplace as he watched me. He turned back around with a smile already on his face and walked over taking the seat next to me. I picked up my glass and offered it to him and after taking a sip he asked which bottle it came out of; as he made his way to the bar.

       He came back with a glass and the bottle, pouring a little more in my glass and said he kind of liked it.

       He turned to me and with the most sincere look he asked "Ryan, why are you so nice to me?"

       I said, "Trust me, Jr. I can be a real asshole. I can stop being nice if you like."

       "I’m serious, Ryan. Why?"

       I said, "Well Rob, I guess it's because I really do like you, and to be honest, I'm a lonely person; I like having you around."

       He said he didn't understand how someone like me could be lonely; I had so many friends and did so much; it just didn't make sense.

       He told me he felt so… good when we were together then added, he hadn't touched himself except to pee since the last time, and that it had been more than a while.


       I looked to his crotch and asked if he had something in his pocket or if he was just happy to see me? He laughed at me and pulled the lube out of his pocket and set it on the table. I smiled and asked if we should take the cap off.

       He suggested, "Why don't we take a few more hits, finish our drinks, and go to bed."

       I countered with, "How about we just go get one of those old comforters and lay on the floor in front of the fire."

       He said, "That sounds even better."


       We turned off the lights and lay down on the comforter with just the light of the fire putting off a nice glow. We pulled a few pillows off the sofa, shed our sleep pants, and lay looking at each other.

       I got serious for a minute and told him again I didn't want him to do anything because he felt obligated. If he wanted to have fun just for the sake of having fun, that was fine, but he didn't owe it to me.

       He said he understood and if he didn't want to do it, he wouldn't. But, added, he really wanted to, as he picked up the lube putting a few drops on him and then me. He said it had been like three weeks and he thought he wouldn't last a minute.


       “It’s been a week, Rob,” I reminded. “And if you don't last then we might have to go for a second round.” He sounded more than up for that.

       He looked over at me and said that he liked the way I stroked him and asked if it would be weird if we did it that way again.

       He innocently asked, “Why is it better when you do it, Ryan?”


       I told him I thought it was the mystery of not knowing how I was going to move. “When I jack my self off, Robby, I know how I’m going to move and how it will feel.

       When we do it to each other; the not knowing ads to the mystery and for me makes it way better than jacking my self off.”

       “I like the way we tease each other, Robby.” I finally admitted.

       “Like this, Ryan,” he asked as he reached over and twisted my nipple with a big smile.

       I loved my nipples played with, I took a drop of lube and rubbed his till they were hard. I loved the feel of him in my hand and having him do the same for me was beyond words.

       He was right about not being able to last; we both had thunderous orgasms. Robby, could shoot a load; not only far, but he pumped out huge amounts as well.

       He said that was way too fast for him; he thought a second round defiantly was in order. We used each others juice as lube, and this time, it lasted a little longer.

       He got up and sat between my legs facing me using both hands to stroke me; he was purposely teasing me. I reached up and started playing with his nips then pulled him forward and started sucking on them.

       Apparently he thought it was a little erotic. He liked what I was doing but I backed off. I wrapped my hand around his creamy covered tool and just started to rub the head between my fingers and thumb. He looked at me and asked if I was trying to make him cum again? I said no more than you are.

       I wanted to suck him off so bad; I could almost taste his treasure on my tongue, but I didn't. I knew I was getting close again and I could fell he was too. I aimed his cannon up hoping it would hit me in the face and I got my wish.

       He had the ability to regroup pretty fast and his second load was about as big and thick as his first. I was teasing his sensitive head as I erupted in his hand and shot about three feet in the air coming to rest on my stomach and chest.

       He licked me off his hand as I slid my fingers over my chest collecting his gift and sucked them clean. I milked him; sliding my fingers up his shaft and watched the pearls come out and roll over my fingers.

       We were a fuckin mess and I laughed when he produced a towel he brought downstairs with him. I said I didn't think that was going to cut it; maybe a shower was necessary.

       He asked, "Together?" with a smile. I nodded and we climbed the stairs naked.

       The tubs were the old claw foot kind with a shower; much smaller than my walk in at home, but we managed. We washed each other and were enjoying the warmth of the water when I said I was ready for bed.

       We dried off, walked into the bedroom, and crawled between the sheets, naked. He turned to me and said he didn't think it was fair that girls could hold hands or hug and kiss each other, and nobody thought anything about it.

       He asked why it different for guys, repeating that it wasn't fair. I told him he was right and personally I thought most guys were insecure in their own masculinity and sexuality. Some guys even thought it was better to be thought of as a thief than have people thinking they were gay.

       I told him it was a society thing; most of the Romans enjoyed man loving and it was accepted then. I wasn't sure why it was looked at as being so wrong now.

       He turned to me and put his arm over my chest and repeated that he didn't think it was fair. I put my hand over his and that's how we fell asleep and that's how we woke up.

       We packed a bag combining our stuff into one. Rob bounded down the stairs and came back up with the lube saying, "Don't want to forget this."

       The weather had passed and the sun was shining so we took the TR and headed toward DC, with the top down. I would look over at him; the sun shining; almost reflecting off his face.

       We were driving along; Robby was sitting back just looking at me with a smile on his face. We were enjoying the scenery on the 95 and it didn’t take us very long.

       I had my hand resting on the gear shift when Robby reached over putting his hand on mine and watched for my reaction. I turned my hand over; intertwining our fingers, and I set our hands in his lap without saying a word.

       I knew he understood what he was doing and what it meant, at least, what it meant to me. We smiled at each other, both knowing; and I was so wishing that the car was an automatic and the drive was longer.


       I think that one simple act was a defining moment for us. We were connecting, or reconnecting, in a way that was far beyond friends that jack each other off and we could both feel it.

       We took a loop around the city and arrived at the Hilton. I gave the keys to the valet as he asked, "Just the one bag sir?" I told him yes, and please keep the car close. I wasn't sure if we were going to need it again today, then handed him five bucks.


       We made our way to the front desk to check in; with me giving the girl behind the counter my credit card. When I made the reservation, I had told them I wanted a king size bed. She questioned me about whether I wanted two queens because there were two of us.

       I couldn't help but grin when I said, "No; the one is fine."

       She called the bellboy over, giving him the key and he took our bag motioning for us to follow him.

       We had a very nice room with a great view of the city. It had a sitting room, a separate bedroom, and a nice bathroom. I tipped the bellboy then told Rob I was starved, saying let's go get something to eat.

       We found a nice little place within walking distance that was kind of busy. I thought they would have good food because of the crowd and there were chairs and tables on the sidewalk.

       We ordered sandwiches and drinks then took seats at a table outside to people watch. I was looking at Rob as he watched the passer byes. He seemed to pay a little more attention to the young guys than the girls, but there were a whole lot more men than women.

       He looked over and smiled as he told me I would fit right in, with so many men wearing suits. Three girls walked by that were kind of cute and they had their arms locked together. Rob said, "See what I mean! We couldn't do that."

       Our food came and it was delicious. When we finished I asked him if we should go back to the room for a few hits before we took in the sights. The smile on his face was his answer.

       We paid, went back to the hotel, and used my fine hash utensil to get a buzz. I stopped and bought a little Kodak camera since I now owned stock, so we could document our trip.

       We walked the reflection pool to Lincolns’ Memorial, the Washington Monument, through the park, and up the mall to the Capital. We had people passing by take pictures of us. Something you couldn't do today because they would run off with your camera.

       I gave Rob a hundred dollars telling him he needed to get some souvenirs. He didn't want to take it, but I insisted. I told him he had been mowing my lawn for a month and hadn't been paid. He smiled.

       We walked around some more and went by the White House; I asked if he wanted to tour it tomorrow. He said he thought that would be cool and I asked if he wanted to eat at the hotel tonight and he said sure.


       When we walked back into the lobby Rob pointed and said, "Look at that piano. I didn't see it before."

       The thing was a piece of art. It was huge; a pearl white grand. You could see yourself in the finish.

       I admired it as I walked over with Rob behind me asking what I was doing. I ran my hand over it and smiled back at him as I pulled the bench out and sat down.

       Now; I'm no Liberace, but I saw his show in the sixties and when I was nine I started to learn this song. By the time I was twelve: I could nail it. I had long fingers that were perfect for the piano.

       My years of practice made this seem effortless, but really it was hard. I looked at Rob again and he mouthed at me "What are you doing?" I gave him my best smile and started to play Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. (It's worth a look up on you tube)

       As I played; people passing by would stop to listen, actually most everybody in the lobby froze. Rob was turning a little red and just shaking his head as he leaned on the piano, smiling.

       This was a total show off thing for me, and I loved it. The crowd in the hotel was of an older generation, most everybody was gathering around me as I let my fingers dance across the ivory, with just a little flair.


       Rob was bouncing his head around with a huge grin on his face. When I would get to the bass part; just using my left hand, I would smile at everyone, and they ate it up. I looked around and then asked Rob "Should we kick it up a little?" I cracked my knuckles and my fingers started to boogie.

       I could play it sixteen to the bar and to an untrained ear it sounded great, but I knew I wasn't hitting every key. Robby's mouth fell open. When I finished; I blew on my fingers like they were on fire and everybody watching, clapped.


       I stood up and bowed as the crowd made comments and then moved on. Rob said he didn't know how many layers of that onion he had just peeled away but this was something he would never forget, ever.

       He told me he didn't know how I could just do something like that and announced, "You know you're a fucking show off!"

       I replied by saying "fuck'em if they can't take a joke."

       We made our way back to the room, changed for dinner, and then went downstairs to the restaurant. Rob was shocked at the prices they wanted. I looked at him and said, "What! You afraid I can't afford it?"

       When the waitress came over to take our order she asked if I would be having a cocktail. I told her I would have a Glen Fiddich on the rocks; adding 21 year if you have it and my friend will have a coke.

       She looked at me and said, "I heard you playing earlier; I thought you were great. Nobody has ever done that before."

       I went to thank her but Rob piped up saying, "He's a show-off!"

       I told her to ignore him and said, "Thank you."


       Rob looked at me when she walked away and said, "She didn't even card you." We enjoyed our meal and I had a few more drinks. I asked the girl to please charge it to my room and we retired to our suite.

       We had changed into our sleep pants and I was taking in the view of the city from the window when Robby walked up to me. We were both shirtless and I turned around; looking at him as he slowly reached up and put his arms around my neck.

       I thought he was going to kiss me and I was a little shocked, but boy was I ready. I put my arms around his waist and waited. He pulled my head down and I closed my eyes, expecting him to kiss me, but he rested his forehead on mine, so softly.

       I had a flash of us doing this before, a hundred times, a thousand times, maybe more, and I was overcome with emotion. He said "I'm never going to be able to pay you back for all this you know."

       He pulled his head back a little and looked into my eyes; that were welling up. "You called me your friend tonight, Ryan, when you ordered our food." and he just kind of let it hang there, waiting for a response.


       I smiled as I pulled away to try and wipe the tear that was sliding down my cheek without him seeing and said, "I thought it sounded better than my jack off buddy." He pulled me back and rested his forehead on mine again.


       He said, "Ryan, Please; you don't need to make a joke of this, I'm serious." He added that it made him feel real good; he hoped I thought of him that way. Then he wrapped his arms around me and gave me the most genuine hug I have ever had and whispered in my ear “I wish you could see what I do.”


       I tightened my grip and said, "I'm sorry, Robby." and we stood there, hugging each other. The feel of his soft skin against mine felt so familiar and right.

       He was 4 inches shorter than me, but we fit together so well, absolutely perfect. We stood like that for a while and he pulled back looking at me for the longest time. Those eyes were talking to me again.

       We watched a couple TV shows and I asked him if he wanted to shower tonight or in the morning? With a smile, he asked, "Will I need a shower tonight?"

       I told him he must have cum a gallon less than 24 hours ago, he should be dehydrated. He mocked me and said it couldn't have been, maybe a half gallon, and then added, "I need to make up for the last three weeks."


       He looked at me with a questioning smile and waited; I told him I was game if he was and before the last word was out of my mouth, he was digging in the suitcase. He told me the girl at the desk gave us a funny look when I told her one bed was good. I asked "And your point is?"

       He just shook his head and took his sleep pants off and crawled into bed with the lube. I got a towel from the bathroom and said, "So we don't drip when we make our way to the shower." as I crawled into bed.

       He said, "Still not as comfortable as our bed at home."


       "OUR BED?" I questioned.


       "You know what I mean." he said and added that the bed we had been sleeping in seemed to be big enough even though it was a lot smaller. I told him that I guess we only used what we needed and I thought that the double was big enough too. Really, when we slept together we only used about half of the bed.

       He opened up the lube and dripped some on the head of his beautiful unit. He offered me the bottle but I just put my hand on my dick, pointing it at the ceiling; letting him do it.

       I started rubbing it in with my left hand and Rob was doing the same to himself with his right hand. He reached over and pinched my nipple asking, "Tell me about girls."

       "Rob! We're jacking off; you want me to tell you about girls?” I questioned. He told me he didn't know anything; he wanted to know. Now I'm no expert, but I did know a thing or two.

       "So what do you want to know?" I asked as I stroked my dick.

       "What's it like to fuck?" he bluntly asked.

       I told him that jacking off was better than sex sometimes; as I reached over taking his hardness in my hand.

       Following my lead, he did the same and I showed him with my hand as best I could, what a pussy felt like. In my case; I thought a pussy was only good for about the first three inches.

       I said if he could get a girl to fart out her pussy, she would tighten up and it could be good.

       He looked at me and said, "Fart out her pussy. I don't understand. Are you fucking with me, Ryan?"

       I explained to him that if you went deep, and then pulled all the way out, then all the way in again, it would pack with air and when it came out, it would sound like a fart. I said, "Remember, Robby, if you wouldn't eat it, you shouldn't put your dick in it.

       I wrapped my hand around just his head squeezing it in my fist and said if you do it this way, you will come in a hurry. If you go as deep as you can and work it this way, with short strokes and not stimulating the head, there was a good chance she would cum.

       I told him that most guys just want to get off; they don't think about the girl, and that was selfish. And most important, Robby, if a girl is going to hop into bed with you in the first fifteen minutes, you should pass.

       He had been duplicating my moves and I started to stroke his whole slab with my hand and he did the same. We were using a slow rhythm and he reached for the lube again and gave both of us a few drops and set it back on the bed stand.

       I told him that the way he was doing it felt way better than a pussy and the fact that we would both cum eventually took the pressure off. I told him he should never ever tell a girl he loved her just for a fuck.

       He listened well I rambled; then he asked about blow-jobs. I wasn't sure if he was asking for a demonstration or a definition, so I told him there were three kinds of blow jobs.

       First is the foreplay blowjob; that is a blowjob to get you hard so you can fuck. Then there's the; I want to make you cum in my mouth blowjob, which is very nice, adding if the other person enjoys it, they will swallow and suck you dry.

       Then there is probably the best and that is deep throat. I told him that we had more than most can fit in their mouth, but some people have the ability or desire to swallow a cock and chances are, they will get off on it as much as you.

       With out wanting to give too much away, I gave a pretty good description of deep throating. I told him it's like the best of both worlds; your head is getting sucked and then slides into a very tight and wet place, the throat. And watching it happen is hotter than hell.

       We had been talking and stroking for about half an hour and I started stroking him a little faster. I reached down and put my hand on his because I was about to shoot and didn't want to yet.

       I stopped him just before I came but about a table spoon bubbled out of the head, but I didn't unload. Rob started to fuck my hand wanting to come and stroked me to a shooting climax as we came together.

       We slowly stroked our hands over each others cum laden cocks until we couldn't take it anymore. I licked his cum off my hand and went back to teasing his sensitive head.

       He looked over at me and asked if I liked the taste of cum. I said, "Only yours and mine." He said he didn't think it was bad either and licked mine off his hand and scooped some off my stomach and sucked it off his fingers.

       We lay there, not talking; just kind of looking at ourselves and each other. At the same time, it seemed like my right hand started to move and found his left.

       I closed my eyes as the feel of our fingers intertwining washed through my body and our thumbs softly rubbed the others. The feeling was so familiar, and the natural way it happened, like instinctively for both of us.

       I opened my eyes and as they focused on our clasped hands; again I wanted to pull his to my lips and tenderly kiss it. Our hands clasped at our sides; my next vision was of his mid section, his still leaking unit resting on his leg. Slowly my eyes rinsed over his stomach and chest and were met by his. For me; at that moment, I realized how much I loved him.

       Now; some guys are ass men, some are big dick men. Personally, I am all about the eyes, and Robby's had stolen my heart, again. We looked at each other and I was hoping I was seeing what he wanted me to.

       He smiled, that smile of his, and said, "You have goldish rings around your eyes." I smiled back and said, "They're brown."  I let go of his hand and asked what we were going to do about the mess we had made of ourselves.

       We used the towel to clean up and I said I didn't have the energy for a shower or a second round and he smiled at me. It was going on midnight and I really was exhausted. Rob rolled over and put the cap back on the lube and turned off the light. He made a heavy sigh and said, "Thanks." I asked for what and he said, "Everything." and then put his hand on my chest and said he slept so well with me.


       I said, "Who doesn't sleep well after they cum?"

       He said, "It's not just that, Ryan. It's something more. When I wake up, we are always holding each other, and it doesn't feel strange or weird. It feels like it's supposed to be this way."

       I told him, I knew just what he meant because I felt the same way. I put my hand on his, rolled to my side, bringing him with me and said, "I don't think I could be any more comfortable, Robby."

       He curled up to my back and said mm, and I felt his lips brush my neck softly then nuzzled me in that spot that sends shivers up your back. That too seemed like déjà vu, I should have known then.

       I woke up in the same position; his now heavy toy resting in my crack. I reached between my legs pulling him up and under my hot moist balls; knowing I was taking a giant leap of faith. He pulled me closer, still asleep, and we lay like that until he woke up.

       My smile was huge when he moved his hips a little and his now steel hard tool slid between my legs a few times and he said, "This feels real good." I reached around and pulled his ass so he was buried between my legs and pushed back a little.

       I told him this is called between the legs; it can be a different way to jack off together, simulating sex. He asked if this was what it felt like and I replied, "It feels like, what it feels like." He said it felt real good and I worked my ass back and forth to give him a little tease.

       I would have let him fuck me all day if that's what he wanted and I think he did, but something just wouldn't let me do it, something felt strange. I started to move to get out of bed and he pulled me back and asked if I was going to take a shower alone.

       I told him that I was growing accustom to us showering together, but if he wanted some privacy, he could shower by himself.

       He pinched my nipple and said, "I like it too." We got up and stepped in the shower together. He reached for the shampoo and started to wash my hair and I melted into his touch.

       As I rinsed my hair he started to wash the rest of my body giving my heavy a good soaping and wash. I, in turn, did the same for him. It turned into me just feeling him all over, and it was far more than just washing him, and I'm sure he could tell. He said that he really enjoyed showering together and I declared it was way better washing him than my self.

       He backed up to me; putting my swelling member between his legs, like I had done to him, and then said, "I like the way I woke up this morning, Ryan; could we try this tonight?"


       I told him defiantly we could, but it was different. He might feel it was a little gay going through the motions of actually having sex and might make it weird for him. He said he didn't think it would, and pushed back against me.

       We got out of the shower, dressed, and went downstairs for breakfast. I asked at the desk about the White House tour and the girl gave me a city guide.

We ate breakfast and looked at the guide, I said there was tour at 11, and we could be there by then, so we finished and headed out.

       We were a little late so we put our names down for the tour at noon then just bummed around. I asked if he wanted to go back to Virginia tonight or in the morning and he said tomorrow, adding maybe we could stop at Arlington Cemetery.


       We did the tour of the White House and walked around some more. We came across this little shop that had life size cut outs of the Carters and the store would take a picture of you with the President. We had a picture taken and the guy said if we came back in a couple hours, we could pick it up. It seemed like a cool novelty for ten bucks.

       It was going on three and I asked if he wanted to go back to the same place we ate yesterday and he said, "Sure." We found our way back, ordered, and sat outside again.


       We were people watching and Rob said he thought it was fun to just watch people running around. Our food came and both of us being hungry we chowed down on our sandwiches in silence.

       We sat for a while after we finished; I asked him if he thought it would be fun to take the train to New York. He jumped at the idea, saying he had never been on a train.

       I told him it was about a four hour ride and I was sure we could get a shuttle or something to the train station.

       I had done the train when I went to my uncle's farm in North Dakota. I said it was kind of fun; you got to see stuff you couldn't see from the interstate. I told him I went alone, but I was sure it would be more fun sharing the ride with him.

       We went back to the little shop and got our picture; it looked just like we were standing with the Carters in the rose garden. Rob said he was going to show it to people and tell them he met the President.


       When we left, we walked by a jewelry store and I said lets go in. I asked the clerk about some watches and she put a few up on the counter. Rob saw one and said it looked real nice and I told him to try it on.

       It was a little loose and I asked the girl if she could take a few links out of the band so it fit better. Rob said no, but I insisted, not taking no for an answer. It was a little expensive at three hundred dollars and I told him it could be a dress watch.


       He put it on with the band adjusted and admired it on his wrist. I told him that when people saw it; they would think he was a little rich fucker. He asked, "Like you?" I told him there was a difference between rich and sophisticated, but I was both, and smiled.

       We made our way back to the Hilton with Rob checking the time about every two minutes. When we got to the room, housekeeping was just coming out saying that she had cleaned the room and gave us fresh towels.

       I thanked her as we went in and Rob looked in the bedroom at the made bed saying he hadn't put the lube away; he was sure she saw it. Again I said, "So what's your point?" I liked saying that.

       I asked him what he wanted to do for dinner, giving him the choice of eating in the room or the restaurant, or maybe go somewhere else. He said eating in the room sounded nice but we should see more of the city, so we should go out.

       I called down to the desk and asked where we could go that didn't have a dress code. She recommended Phil's Crab House, saying the food was excellent.

       We were a little sweaty and I asked him if he wanted to shower again. He said he wasn't sure and I told him that cleanliness was next to godliness.

       Adding to the conversation from last night, I told him that being clean below the waist was important when it came to getting head and having sex; nobody wants to smell and taste pee and ass.

       He looked at me shyly and asked, "Am I going to be getting head, Ryan?" I replied not tonight Robby, but you never know what the future holds.

From the Author:

       A lot happened to us in a short time. Our feelings and relationship grew exponentially and with every minute that past it felt like a day, emotionally. I have asked you to keep an open mind while you read about our life, and I hope you do. 

       Something will happen to me and everything becomes clear. I truly want you to continue to read our story, It is important to me. I want to share with you, have you think outside the box, and feel what we felt living through it. Again, your comments are appreciated, along with your rating.




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