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                   Robby and Ryan Chapter VII

From the Author:


       You're back. I am happy for that. We had such a wonderful time in DC and Virginia. Looking back on it, we were so blessed. I hope you enjoy our trip as much as we did.

       We did take a shower; changed into nicer clothes and I called the front desk asking for a cab. We got down to the lobby and the girl said there was a car outside to take us to dinner, "Compliments of the Hotel."

       I thanked her and we walked out to a limo with the driver dressed in a nice black suit holding the door open. I thanked him and got in with Robby sliding in after me.

       The driver confirmed that we were going to Phil's and Rob said how cool this was and started playing with the buttons finding the one for the sunroof and opening it. I had to smile when he stood up with his head sticking out the sunroof.

       If I could have pulled his pants down I would have sucked him off as the city went by; I’m sure there’s a name for something like that. We arrived at the restaurant; the driver gave me a card for the Hilton saying call when we were done and he would pick us up.

       We walked in and the place was packed. Strolling our way up to the desk; a handsome young man asked if we had a reservation.

       I knew how this game was played; I pulled a twenty out of my pocket and said, "No," and asked if this would help; slipping it into his hand.

       He smiled at me and I said, "A table by the window would be nice."

       He said, "Right this way sir." Yes, I knew how this worked.

       The restaurant had a wonderful seafood smorgasbord that was out of this world and I told Rob to try it all. I said lets eat slowly so we can enjoy everything and he loved the variety, especially the deserts.

       We spent two hours looking out over the Potomac River enjoying our meal of salads, crab, lobster, clams and scallops, and Robby loved it all. When we had eaten our fill I asked for the check.

       I gave the waitress the card from the Hilton asking if she could have the young man at the front desk call and tell them Mr. Chancellor was ready to be picked up. She happily took the card and returned with the bill announcing the car would be here in fifteen minutes or so.

       The cost of the dinner was very reasonable at only thirty-five dollars. I gave her a fifty and said, "Thank you, I don't need any change."

       She smiled wide and said, "I will tell you when your car arrives, Mr. Chancellor, please come back again."

       We got back to the hotel around ten and went up to our room. We saw that house-keeping had turned down the bed and put those little chocolates on the pillows.

       Rob said this place is over the top and he was glad they didn't take the lube. I laughed at him and said, "I guess you don't like it dry and fast anymore."

      He looked at me and said, "I can't believe I have been doing it wrong for so long."

       I said, "There are no wrong ways Robby if you cum in the end."

       I put the do not disturb sign on the door and we took care of our bathroom needs. I started taking my clothes off and got in bed, naked, and looked at him. He stood in his tight black underwear with red stitching looking out over the city with his back to me and I couldn’t help but smile as he turned and looked at me.

       He floated across the floor till he sat next to me on the bed and searched my eyes. He rested his hand on my chest inching his way to my heart. I watched his eyes close; I placed both hands over his and let my own close. When I opened them he was smiling at me. 

       He crawled in next to me and we lay next to each other on those crisp white sheets. He was acting a little shy so I asked him if he was up to what we talked about this morning. He looked over at me and asked how we should start. I told him to give me the lube and rubbed a generous amount under my balls then between my legs and rolled onto my side with my back to him.

       I reached behind me and took his growing member in my hand guiding it between my legs telling him "Just do what feels good Robby.” He pushed into what I offered until I felt his hair tickle my ass; his head pushing up into my ball sack.

       He reached around finding my balls and he started rubbing the glide and slide over my balls and shaft. As he pumped away between my legs and nuzzled my neck he said softly, "You feel so… good, Ryan."

       He worked me with his hand slowly as he steadily continued sliding his head into my ball sack. I reached around, putting my hand on his ass, pulling him into me more as I pushed back against his throbbing member.

       He kept sliding his head into my balls as I squeezed my legs tighter and started pumping back against him at the same time fucking his hand.

      I wanted him inside me so bad but at the rate we were going I figured that was something that would happen sooner or later, so I took what he gave me and was happy with it.

       I let my hand slid between his cheeks sparking him to lift his leg up over mine giving me better access to his butt. I told him again to just do what feels good and he started to pump a little faster.

       I slowed and pulled away. I rolled to my back and pulled him over on top of me. I moved his ridged muscle between my legs and looked in his eyes. He understood and moved his hips, sliding himself between my legs and down my crack; resting his balls on mine

       I truly think he was making love to me in the only way he knew how at the time and it sure felt like it to me. He moved with such gentleness and determination. I don't think we even blinked; his face so close to mine as he just looked into my eyes as I felt his breath mix with mine.

       I slid my hands up and down between his cheeks and over his hole. His movements told me he was getting close and I had held off about as long as I could; friction the only thing driving me to cum.

       My hands locked on his clenched mounds pulling him into me, grinding our balls together, almost painfully. I squeezed my legs holding his dick against my balls and he started to cum at the same time I exploded between our stomachs.

       He was panting and just kept humping me until his orgasm subsided; his face coming to rest on my neck, his cheek next to mine. I closed my eyes, wrapping my arms around him, and just held him.        We had calmed and hadn’t moved in a few minutes and I felt it happen again; I knew he had also; our breathing and heartbeat synced.

       “How does it do that, Ryan?” he asked softly; his face still nuzzled in my neck.

       “I don’t know, Robby, but I like the way it feels,” and I felt him smile.

      We lay like that for awhile and I felt his smile grow again on my neck and he said, "I may have come a gallon this time." adding that he was sure I did. He said if that was what having sex was like, he couldn't wait for the real thing.

       I told him, "It felt like the real thing to me, Robby."

       I continued by saying that it is different going through the motions rather than a hand doing all the work. He agreed and pumped his softening cock between my legs a few more times, grinding us together before pulling away and rolling to his back.

      "That really was good, Ryan, I thought I was going to black out for a minute."

       We hadn't turned the light off or covered up with the blankets and the pool of cum on the bed was huge. He was right.

       I was a gooey mess and I cupped my slippery ball and dragging a hand full of his cum from between my legs and mixed it with my own. I rolled over and rubbed more on him so we were a matching pair and asked, "Should we call room service and see if they will change the sheets?"

       He looked at me in shock and said, "NO!"

      I put my head on his shoulder and he put his arm around me. I asked, “So what are we going to do about this mess,” and he just pulled me closer.

       We lay in silence for a while and he asked, "That was like us... wasn't it, Ryan?"

       I said, "Yes Robby, it was, and before you go putting a label on it, I thought it was awesome too." I had never felt such a feeling of contentment.

       I said I hope they didn't find the hash and the tool as I got up heading for the bathroom. I stopped at the door and turned around and looked at him.

       He had a light sheen on his skin, cum drying on his mid section, and his toy resting off to the right. I looked at him for what seemed like the first time and hoped it wouldn't be the last time I saw that look on his face.

       I was in the bathroom, had turned on the water, and taking a hit off the tool when he walked in. He ran his hand over me and said, "You really are a mess."

      I said, "You have room to talk." as I gave him the pipe and got in the shower. I was rinsing my hair when he got in and he put his arms around my neck and brought our foreheads together again.

       I put my hands around his waist, cupped his cheeks, and we just stood like that. I wanted to kiss him so… fuckin, bad. He said he didn't know why, but he felt like he had known me his whole life.

       He told me that it seemed strange; everything we had been doing felt familiar like we had done it all before. I spun him around so he was under the water and told him he was stoned and dehydrated.

      "Don't you feel it, Ryan? I mean, like we have known each other forever?" he asked, leaning back on me.

        "Yes Robby, I get that same feeling sometimes."

       I climbed out of the shower and left him to clean himself up while I dried off and went into the bedroom as he was getting out. I pulled the top sheet down to cover the wet spot and crawled into bed as he came in drying his hair.

       He climbed in and scooted over to me putting his arm over my stomach and his head on my chest. I pulled him closer as he put his leg over mine bending his knee so it was resting under by balls; his maleness coming to rest against my hip.

       I reached over and turned off the light and he said, "This is what I mean. This feels so good and not weird at all; like we have always been like this. I think it should feel weird or something, but it doesn't."

       Then he said, "I would stay like this forever and never go home."

       I replied by pulling him closer, letting our bodies melt together. In my mind I said “I love you too, Robby. Sweet dreams.”

       I woke up in the morning with him in the same position as when we fell asleep, and I felt fantastic. My cock was like stone and he slid his leg up so it was resting on my shaft and he looked up at me.

       He smiled and said, "You should be dehydrated."

       I said, "Ha ha. I have to pee; guys should be happy when they wake up this way, otherwise, we would pee the bed." I got up and went in to pee and brush my teeth, with him coming in to do the same.

       As I watched him in the mirror; I asked, "So are we going home today?"

       He said why not as long as we can stop at Arlington. I told him I was going to skip a shower this morning putting my cutoffs on and started to pack.

       I got on the phone to the front desk telling the girl we would be checking out and asked if she could have my car brought around. Rob was matching me in his cutoffs and a wife beater, both of us going commando and filling out the fronts real nice.

       We finished packing and I told him we would eat in the restaurant downstairs then take off. After an enjoyable breakfast we went to the front desk. I asked if I could pay with the travelers' checks instead of the card; wanting to get rid of them and they had no problem with it.

       With our two night stay and dinner from the first night, the bill was a little over three hundred; I thought it was a deal. Rob thought it was robbery. In today’s time the same thing would be over a thousand.

       We got in the car, put on our sunglasses, and I gave him the map telling him he was the navigator.

       We were sitting at a stop light; I reached over, picking up the necklace that lay on his chest, admired it saying it looked real good on him. He looked at his wrist and screeched “I forgot my fucking watch!"

      I smiled, pulling it from my pocket and said, "Yes you did, but I didn't."

        He smiled at me and I explained if he was going to wear jewelry; he needed to keep track of it.

       We arrived at Arlington National Cemetery a little after noon. It always seemed strange to me that a cemetery would be a tourist attraction. It really is a hallowed place; row after row after row. How sad?  We took in the sights along with Kennedy's' Tomb and the home of Robert E. Lee then waited on the changing of the guard for the Unknown Soldier. 

       It felt like a privilege to witness such a thing! The deserved respect, the Honor that was shown, and the humility of us who watched; it was a very moving experience for both of us. Rob thanked me again, “I never would have seen stuff like this if not for you, Ryan.” I told him seeing it together is why I thought it was so good and he nodded.

       As we were driving back to Fredericksburg I reached over; took his hand in mine, intertwining our fingers, and set our hands in my lap. He was smiling at me, the sun shining off his sunglasses, but I could see his eyes.

      "Can you drive a stick?" I asked.

       "What do you mean?" he questioned back.

        "What part of the question don't you understand? Can you drive and shift at the same time?"

       I took an exit off the 95 and headed towards Culpepper.  

       I slowed down, put his hand on the gear shift and went through the gears with my hand on his asking if he could feel them? He said he could, so I pulled over, got out, and said, "Switch."

      He said, "You're kidding, right?"

       I said, "Well if you don't want to." He hopped out and got into the drivers seat.

       "I can't believe you're letting me do this, Skate." he said as I started giving him instructions.

      After a couple shaky starts, he made it through the gears and had the biggest smile on his face. It was priceless; truly, and was something that money could never buy.

       I told him to come to a stop, down-shifting, and then start over again. And it was a little smoother each time. He was getting the hang of it and I snapped a few picture of him behind the wheel.

       It felt so good; Rob was experiencing things for the first time and I was the witness to all of it.

       We drove on that road for awhile and Rob was starting to feel at home behind the wheel. He pulled over at a little picnic area and came to a stop.

       He sat with his mouth open as he looked at an old bridge. He got out of the car and almost ran over to the bridge and I followed. It had a marker on it dated 1801.

       He stood at the end looking over it to the other side. “I have dreamt of this bridge for as long as I have you, Ryan.” He didn’t realize it, but I did.

      He went down the bank, under the bridge, and again I followed.

       I followed him and he walked over to a beam and ran his hand over the weathered wood. He said, "Ryan, feel this," as he looked back at me saying this is just like the tree.

       "Can you feel it," he asked, as he moved his hand across the timber?

       You couldn't see much; but you sure as hell could feel it. R-R 1804.

       "I have seen this bridge in my dreams; I knew this was here. Ryan, I don't understand. How could I know this was here?"

      I really wasn't sure, but I felt that familiar shiver go up my back again. I told him we should get going and we made our way back to the car. He was silent for most of the ride back to the house.

       I parked the car and he got the suitcase out of the trunk. We went in and I made my way to the bar, he took our stuff upstairs and came back with the pipe. We strolled out on the deck, I lit a smoke, and he put a hunk into the pipe.

       The two of us sat for a while and he said in the morning he was going to add 1977 to the tree; saying he felt he had to. I must admit it felt a little strange to me also; the tree, the bridge, and on that old battlefield.

       We had been gone for two days; the leftovers we had were spoiled so it looked like we would have to go eat or go to bed hungry. I gave Rob the choice and he said he didn't want to go to bed hungry, so out to dinner it would be.

       I had stopped at one drink and said, “Let's take the Lincoln into town for dinner and eat at the same place we did before.”

       During dinner, I asked Rob when he wanted to go to New York.

       He said with each day that past meant another day closer to going home and he didn't want to go home. I settled the issue by saying we would leave day after tomorrow.

       I told him we could stay in New York for two days and go home one day early and just hang around for a day before we let anyone know we were home.

       He said that sounded good and couldn't wait to sleep in our own bed again.

       I corrected him with a smile and saying, "OUR BED."

      He smiled back and said, "You know what I mean."

     We enjoyed our meal and on the way home we stopped at a small store to get a box of donuts and a few candy bars. We got back to the house and I hit the scotch again and Rob had a Brandy.

       He looked at me with a smile and asked if I was going to take a shower before bed. I said, "Yes; unless I'm going to need one after we go to bed."

      He looked at me and said last night was way more than he had expected and he thought it would be fun to do it again. I asked him why and he just looked at me like he didn't understand.

       I asked how it differed from what he thought it would be like. He said he thought it was like what sex would be and I asked how it made him feel.

       He couldn't really explain it but it made him feel real close to me and he liked that. I told him I felt the same way and if he couldn't tell, I kind of got into it too. He smiled and said he thought so.

       I told him that what we did last night turned out to be far more than fucking between the legs. I asked him what he was thinking when I told him to do what feels good.

       Then I asked him, what he was thinking when we fell asleep with his head on my chest and our arms around each other. He had been sitting close to me and he got up and knelt between my legs and rested his arms on my legs.

       He looked up at me and in the softest voice, he said, "I was thinking about you, Ryan. I wasn't thinking about getting off; well I kind of was, but I was thinking about getting you off."

       Then he said, "I don't know what it means, but I have never felt as good as I did when we fell asleep last night. After what we did, all I wanted to do was be as close to you as I could."

       I knew exactly what he was talking about, but I had a feeling he was falling in love with me and I didn't know if that was a good thing or not. He was two weeks from being sixteen and I was his first sex partner, or I would be.

       I don't know how long I was pondering that, but he stayed right in front of me, waiting for a response. "So, Robby, how do you feel about that, inside? What does it mean to you?"

       He said, "All I know is, I wish I could go to sleep like that every night."

       He got up taking our glasses over to the bar and poured us another two fingers. He set the glasses on the table and asked, “How about we build a fire?”

       It’s not like we needed it for heat but it gave us the feel of something special, kind of like mood lighting.

      I said build away Jr. and asked him if he was planning something. I told him I was going to change and get the comforter we had used the other night.

       He followed up with, "The lube too?"

       I came back downstairs to a small fire and Rob on the deck hitting off the pipe. I threw his sleep pants and the comforter on the couch then walked out on the deck for a hit my self.

       I blew out the thick smoke and said nice fire as we walked back into the house. He stripped and put on his sleep pants as I put the comforter on the floor. I pulled some pillows off the couch and patted the spot next to me and he sat down.

       I reached out and he rolled onto me in the same position he had last night. Without saying a word, he put his arm over my stomach and rested his head on my chest over my heart.

       We hadn't said a word to each other, but I knew he wanted to be close to me, and I wanted to be close to him. It was as simple as that. It felt like something people knew about each other after being together a lifetime.

       We lay there and watched the fire and I was at war with myself. I was thinking about my sexuality and how maybe things would have been different had I never met Zach.

       He was the turning point in my life when I came to the realization that maybe I could fall in love with another guy. Even at sixteen, I knew I could swing either way. Zach was nothing like Gary or Jimmy; we had a relationship.

       Would I have just had fuck buddies until the right girl came along? What Rob and I had done was so different than anything I had done with other guys, even Zach. It was just so much more, even though we had not had sex yet we had a connection.

       I thought about the people I had slept with; it was about even, boys for girls. But Zach, he was my turning point, and I was wondering if that was a good thing.

       I started to question if that's what I was going to be to Rob and I wasn't sure that was a role I wanted to play. I never saw myself as a victim, and I sure as hell never thought Zach as a pervert or anything.

       Was it fair to Rob for me to go along with this considering he had never had any kind of sex or relationship with a girl?

      There was so much I knew for my age and I wondered if I had been sexually corrupted by Zach at a very impressionable age. I was sure I didn't want to do that to Rob or have him think of me that way later in his life.

      Robby broke the silence by saying, "You told me last night you didn't want me to feel weird. Why am I starting to think you're feeling weird about it?"

       So I asked him, "Robby, do you think I'm corrupting you, because I'm kind of feeling that way. Just look at us." I went on to ask him how he would feel if someone walked in and caught us on the floor, together, like this.

      He didn't like the question and I don't think he liked the answers that were rolling around in his head. He questioned me why I was asking him these questions; with a shaky voice.

       I felt a tear fall on my chest and it broke my heart. I told him what was going through my head; I didn't want him to start something thinking it was all there was. We had done stuff that felt so intimate and I didn't want him to get all fucked up in the head.

       As gently as I could, I tried to tell him that at his age, I didn't want to be the one to send him in a direction he would otherwise not go. I said, "Robby, we are going to do stuff that will cross a line; I don't want you to resent me later."

       As I felt another tear hit my chest he said, "That’s the first time you have called me Robby and made me feel like a little kid." I didn't know what to say to him.

       He asked, "Rye, why are you doing this? Why now? I'm not a little kid; I know how to say NO. And I trust that if I said No, you would stop."

       He had shortened my name; I had such a wave of emotion come over me, something so familiar, yet intimately strange, and it completely overwhelmed me.

       "Why did you do that?" I finally asked, a tear falling onto my cheek?

       "Why did I do what?" he questioned.

       "Why did you shorten my name and call me, Rye. No one has ever done that before?"

       He said he really hadn't thought about it. It just came out; like it was something he had called me for years. Again he asked me why I was doing this now as he took his head off my chest and turned to look at me.

       I told him that I never ever wanted to hurt him; maybe we should slow down a little before we did something he would regret. He was getting an attitude and said this had nothing to do with me not wanting to hurt him and asked what it was really about.

       I couldn't hold back, so I came clean. I told him it was about him, but it was about me too; I didn't want to get hurt either. And I was afraid that would be the outcome further down the road. I told him I had feelings for him that were scaring me; feelings I never had before.

       He said, "Thank god. I was hoping it wasn’t just me."

      I told him it was different for him. What he might be feeling was appreciation or gratitude, maybe it was admiration, and I didn't want him to confuse it for something more. He said I was right. It was all those things and so much more.

       He reached up slowly and cupped my cheek in his hand and did that thing with his eyes. Painfully slow his hand slid around my neck and he tilted my head and leaned in. He stopped a few inches from my lips and searched my eyes; he must have seen what he was looking for and continued until our lips touched.

      His lips were so… soft as was the kiss. We weren't struggling for domination, it wasn't foreplay. It was just the most, tender, thing that had ever happened to me. He slid his hands around my neck and slipped his tongue between my lips and moaned as he explored my mouth.

       He was scared shitless that he had done something wrong by making the first move. That kiss changed everything; boundaries and apprehension went out the window, restraint and judgment were gone, and the ice of intimacy had been broken. He was so brave, he had done something I wished I would have been strong enough to do and I was so happy he did.

       He pulled back, looked at me, and then ran his finger over the tears that were now on both my cheeks. He said, "Rye, I don't want to stop anything we are doing. If it leads to more, I can handle that. Honest."

      Not being able to hold back, I told him it wasn't about what we might do. It was about it ending, and I didn't think I could deal with that.

       I could see in the shadows that his eyes were ready to overflow too and he said, "I don't want to make you cry," as my tears ran down my cheeks and fell in his lap. We weren't crying exactly, but tears were just rolling down our faces.

       I said, "Robby, in case you haven't noticed, we are both guys!"

      "Ryan, all I see is two people who care about each other, a lot, so please don't try and put a label on it." He was getting a small smile on his face knowing he was using my own words against me.

       I said, "Robby, you kissed me! Don't you think that means something? And the label thing is mine, shithead," starting to smile my self.

       He told me that he had never kissed anybody like that before but he couldn’t stop himself and it definitely felt like to right thing to do.

      In my mind, I was thinking; this was his first kiss, and he scored a fucking TEN. He said he was pretty sure I kissed him back. I said he was right, it did feel good, real good. But honestly it was more the way I felt with him, the feeling of being complete, whole again, or for the first time.

       I looked at him and asked, "So what do we do now, Robby?"

       He replied, "Whatever feels good, Ryan. And if it feels bad or wrong, we will deal with that if it ever happens."

      He sounded so sure of him self, like he knew that day would never come. He stood up and said we need another log on the fire and a hit off the pipe. I asked him if he was trying to romance me and get me high. He just smiled.

       I had taken a hit and was standing one step down on the deck when he came up behind me. He draped his arms over my shoulders and crossed them over my chest, resting his chin on my shoulder, and a wave of recollection ran threw my body.

       The moon had come up and we could hear the river as well as see the reflection of the moon on the water. We both had so much shit running around in our heads but his touch felt like nothing had ever before.

       He had his head on the right side of mine and in my ear he whispered, "What will make you feel good, Ryan? What can I do to make you feel good?"

       I turned around in his arms; for the first time, he stood an inch or two taller than me. I looked into those pools of blue; his head tilted just a little, I could feel the pull, the power of what was happening, and I just surrendered to it.

       With emotion tugging at my voice I whispered, "Anything I do with you makes me feel good, Robby." I slowly leaned forward, wondering, and he met me halfway; his head tilted, his eyes searching mine, and our lips came together again.

       Our kiss started out so soft and tender but grew more intense as lust and passion took over. My arms found their way around his waist and I opened my mouth granting him access to slide his tongue passed my lips and into my mouth again. I felt light headed as I responded to his advances and I moaned as our tongues truly dueled of the first time.

       Remembering back to when I kissed Dave thinking about Rob; oh... this was so fucking much more. Even in my imagination; I couldn't have conjured up a kiss that felt like this. It was so tender and mind melting at the same time.

      He pulled back and rested his forehead on mine, his arms still around my neck, and he asked, "WELL?"

       I said, “If you're asking about that kiss.”

       He interrupted and said, "No. What will make Ryan feel good?"

       I wanted to hold him. I wanted our skin to melt together. I wanted us to be one in so much more than a sexual way.

       "I want us naked in front of the fire, Robby, that's what I want." I admitted to him. He smiled at me, turned taking my hand in his, and we walked back into the house.

      He looked at me with what seemed like want in his eyes. "I will do whatever you want, Ryan," he told me with such sincerity.

       I told him, I only wanted him to do what feels good, and I would do the same.

       I watched it come over him; the way he looked at me changed and the look on his face I had never seen before. He reached up lightly putting his hands on my unclothed chest and felt me, truly felt my body. He was exploring with his fingers and eyes in a way he had never allowed himself. His touch was so soft but electrifying; so new and exciting, but felt like a memory at the same time. 

       Those eyes followed his fingers as they traced around my nipples then painfully slow he ran one finger down the middle of my stomach causing an involuntary contraction and shiver that made him smiled up at me. He lightly ran it back up again sending another wave of shivers through my body and smiled wide at my reaction to his touch. I don't think he had any idea just how fuckin sexy he was being.

       Slowly his hands moved around to my shoulder blades and he pulled my chest to his mouth and started sucking my right nipple. I wrapped my hands around his neck, pulled him to me tighter, and he took that as an invitation to increase his suction.

       I held his head in my hands then moved him to the left one and felt the blood drain from my brain to fill the organ that was in need. He had no way of knowing how much this turned me on, but I think it became obvious with the moans that he was drawing from deep in my body.

       He pulled back a little and asked, "Like that do you?" with a shit eaten grin, able to see and feel my dick. He tenderly started planting kisses on my chest and was moving up to my neck as his hands were traveling to my ass.

       At first, he was just kissing me lightly. Then he found a spot on my neck and licked it like it was an ice cream cone. He started to suck that spot as he firmly took an ass cheek in each hand and squeezed. He could have been draining my blood; I wouldn't have cared. And he truly seemed to be enjoying what he was doing as mush as I was.

       I could tell he wasn't holding back. Hell; I was having an extremely hard time myself. All inhibitions were gone and I honestly would have let him do whatever he wanted to me, and I would have done anything he asked.

       He pulled away from my neck and released my ass then slid his hands slowly down my side catching the waistband of my sleep pants and pushed them down as he lowered himself to his knees.

      His face was right in front of my dick when it plopped up out of my pants, but he just kept pushing them down to my feet. I stood looking at him in the glow of the fire; the shine of his hair, the softness of his face, and the color of his eyes as he looked up at me. Those fucking eyes!

       My dick was dancing in his face and as he lowered his gaze; I wasn't sure what was going to happen. I was on the rise and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it, even if I wanted to. He just watched it grow; admiring it, studying it, and he smirked. "You shave." he said as his hand cupped my balls and he moved a little closer.

       "Well, aren't you the observant one," I professed unable to hold back a smile.

      He had me there; Zach and I made a deal that we would shave our shafts down as far as the other could take it in their mouth. I told Rob it was just something I did. Zach was very talented and I had to shave all the way down my shaft because he could take it all. It was something I never stopped doing and something Rob never saw me do and hadn't been close enough to notice until now.

       As I moved away and got down on the comforter in front of the fire he pulled his pants off laying down next to me; proudly displaying his magnificent unit.

       His was as hard as mine and he said, "I might try that sometime."

       I thought ‘I would gladly make the same deal with him’.

       We had hardened; touching me the way he had made him hard and turned my dick in to a weapon. We had the same affect on each other.

       He crawled up between my legs, lowering his lips to my nipple again and sucked with vigor; his chest resting on my now throbbing organ. After sucking them both red he backed up onto his knees and looked at me.

       I raised my hands to put them on his chest but he met them with his; interlocking our fingers. He lifted them up and back over my head as his lips found the spot on my neck again. He started licking, then attached his lips, and sucked with determination.

       Here he was; being a little dominant with me, full of confidence, holding my arms back, taking charge so to speak. What a little fucking hunk he was and his only goal was to make me feel good.

       I had never allowed myself to become so lost in lust and desire before, had never felt at home with someone enough to feel what I was now. And I was fuckin loving it.

      I whispered in his ear that there were things I could do with my hands if they weren't behind my head and he backed up and asked, "Like what?" as he released me and smiled.

       He was going to put his hands down on my chest, but I pulled him down, locked my lips on his right nipple, pinching and twisting the other with my fingers as he straddled my mid section.

       As I moved my mouth to the other side I said, "Two can play this game." and he put his arms around me and pulled me in tighter. Evidently he was realizing that maybe I was on to something; nipples could be a fun thing.

       I could hear him moaning and making soft noises that made me smiled as I bit his nub, just enough to get his attention. I was enjoying this tease as much as he was, if not more. I rose up and rolled him to his back with absolutely no resistance.

       Now it was my turn; I was going to explore his naked body with my eyes, lips, and tongue in the way I had wanted that day when he got out of the shower. It only took me a second to memorize what his nipples felt like in my mouth and the taste of his lips. I was going to spend the night doing the same thing with the rest of him.

       I looked at him in a way I had never done before, differently. His tight body; the fine dusting of soft blond hair on his chest and stomach, the way the fire was reflecting in his eyes, and how the flecks of gold sparkled.

       I wanted to cry just looking at the beauty and innocents of him, seeing him the way I did now, the way he was looking back at me with what seemed like such wonder and recognition.

      I backed up a little and lowered my head down; closing my eyes as I put my tongue in his belly button and twisted it around. I sucked the spit from his navel and started licking and kissing my way up his stomach; rubbing my cheeks over him as I went.

       What a discovery I made along the way, he was ticklish. I made a mental note for later as I found his right nipple and gave it a tongue tease then moved to the left as I lowered my chest onto his stiffness.

       I slid myself up a little further and sucked on his sweet Adams apple then slowly made my way to his earlobe and that sweet spot just behind it. Every inch of the way was being burned into my memory and his response seemed so familiar.  

      The feel and taste of his skin, the way he smelled, and the way his hair felt sliding across my cheek; my senses were on overload. Shit was firing off in my brain; my body was hypersensitive to his touch and the way he felt under my fingers.

       When I raised back up I saw his eyes opening and he lifted his palms to me and I met them with mine as we locked our fingers again. I rested his arms on the sofa behind us as I lowered my lips to his.

       When we made contact our eyes closed at the same time and my passion came cascading out. I was showing him with this intimate contact how I felt about him and the way he was kissing me back told me he totally understood. It felt like I had a sparkler burning and flickering in my brain.

       Everything was coming to life; I could feel it through my whole body. I broke the kiss and looked down on him. "Robby, I don't want to stop. But if you want me to, you better say something right now."

       "Please don't stop, Ryan." was his response.

       I slowly traced his upper body with my lips, tongue, and fingers. I covered every inch of him, mapping it all like uncharted territory, but my brain knew exactly where I was.

       I sat up on my knees between his legs admiring everything about him. I scooted down and lowered my face to his inner thigh, kissing and licking my way up, and ran my tongue lightly over his balls.

       I looked up at him and he was staring at me as I took his shaft in my hand, pulling and pointed it at the ceiling, licking my way from his balls to his moist head. We never took our eyes off each other.

       I stopped short of taking him in my mouth and worked my tongue on that spot just below his slit then licked back down taking one of his balls in my mouth bathing it in spit. His right hand found the back of my head and he moaned as he pulled my face to his balls tighter. Looking up his shaft and seeing his eyes in the background was the hottest thing I had ever seen and I could feel goose bumps forming on my body.

       I got lost for a minute watching his chest rise and fall, and a painfully slow smile came across his face as I focused on his lips. My mouth was watering so much that it wasn't long before it was running down the crack of his firm ass.

       With his the other ball in my mouth, I started gliding my hand over his shaft and squeezed the head. The more suction I used on his nut the stronger the pull on my head and when I started chewing on it his other hand found the back of my head.

       I started sucking each one into my mouth and pulling back making it snap out of my mouth then taking the other in the same fashion. I was on to something here; Rob was squirming, his breath would hitch when they stretched and finally escaped my lips.

       “Ryan,” he said breathlessly, “you’re going to make me cum if you keep that up.”  

       I released his stones from my oral grip and started sliding my tongue south towards his sweet little hole.

       I thought I could spend two lifetimes exploring his body, enjoying the pleasure, taste, and feel of it. It all felt so new and so familiar at the same time. In my mind, I could have died a happy man at that moment.

       I ran my tongue across his hole and could feel it contract as I swept over it; bathing it in spit. He got a big smile, I think remembering what I said about not putting your dick into anything you wouldn't eat first.

       I had released him from my hand and started to run my finger around his wet hole. I looked at him again and asked, "Do you trust me, Robby?"

       He nodded and said, "With my life," The tone in his voice confirming what he said.

       He answered so fast I wasn't sure he understood what I was asking, so I asked again. "Robby." and he stopped me.

       "Ryan, I know what you are going to say and my answer is still the same, I trust you with my life. I told you, Rye, do what feels good. If this is what you want, it's what I want too."

       At the pace we were going I knew it would end all too soon, and I didn't want that. "Rob; this will change everything. There is no going back; no putting the genie back in the bottle; do you really understand what that means?" I asked.

      "Ryan; everything changed the first time I saw you. Like the bridge, I have seen you in my dreams for as long as I can remember. You haven't looked the same but I know it was always you. I knew it the first time I saw you. I'm not even sure if I'm dreaming right now. God, I wish you could see what I do."

       I sadly admitted to him, "I have always been lonely; like something has been missing in my life. I think it was you, Robby." I stopped my assault on his body, I moved up and rested my head on his chest, and as he stroked my hair he told me I wouldn't be lonely ever again.

       I closed my eyes and aloud my fingers to trace over every piece of skin within my reach as my memory provided the image of him. I rested my palm on his chest feeling his lunges fill with air as his heart beat with mine.

       As much as we wanted each other; I knew I had to be the one to slow shit down. I understood that the path we were on would lead to sex before the sun came up. And as much as I wanted it, I was terrified of what would happen after.

       I desperately wanted to be the first person he made love to but I wasn't going to share that with him unless he asked me to. The way I felt in his arms, my head on his chest was like heaven, and at the time, this is what I wanted. I felt safe and content to just lay with him.

       His fingers on my skin were like icy hot lines being drawn on my back and I could feel the connection growing. His touch on my skin was electrifying, sending signals from my head to my toes.

       "Ryan, why did you stop?" he softly asked.

       "I'm scared, Robby, I'm just fucking scared." I explained. "Would it be ok if this is what felt good to me right now?"

       "I told you, whatever makes you happy makes me happy, Ryan." he said; and asked, "What are you scared of?"

       He slid down a little and pulled the side of the comforter over us with my head still on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

       He said, "Ryan, please tell me what you're scared of?"

       I said, "Do you really understand what we've been doing Robby? Look at me, I am lying on your chest and I feel; Fuck, I can’t even describe it. We have kissed each other, we hold hands, hell, and I was licking your ass five minutes ago; if I would have kept going, well it would have gone further, Robby.”

       I took a breath and continued, “Do you remember when I told you we would be closer than two people could be? Well, it's happening faster than I ever imagined."

       He questioned, "This is fucking you up more than me, Ryan, can't you just get out of your head and stop dissecting everything?"

    "No Robby. I can't! This is big fucking shit we are doing; it could be both life changing and heartbreaking. This is becoming a relationship; holding hands, kissing, and the way we sleep together, that's not jack off buddy shit. We have tasted each others cum for Christ sakes,” as I chocked to a stop.

      I cleared my throat and trudged on, “What we are doing, Robby, is intimate shit that lovers do. We know what each other is thinking and what the other wants. Can't you see that? When I asked you what you were thinking last night, you said you were thinking of me.”

      As I struggled to continue I said, “Don't you understand what that is? That is how people make love Robby, unselfishly, thinking about pleasing the other person. That's the difference between having sex and making love. Are we on the same page?" I finally asked; surprised at how I was able to put words to what I was feeling.

       His fingers started stinging me again as he prepared his response. "Ryan. I am a virgin; there is a lot I don't know or understand. But when it comes to you, I don't feel like a virgin."

       "Jr. There are many kinds of virgins; those who have never had sex with a girl or another boy. Those who have never given or received a blowjob and then there is anal sex. They are nowhere close to the same thing." I explained,

      He said, "I do understand that, Skate." with a shit eating smile. I just didn't think I was getting through to him what I was talking about.

       I said, "OK fine, tell me what sex between us would be like?"

       He said, "Ryan, I don't think we will ever have, just sex!"

       Oh my god, I thought. How can he be so fuckin sexy?

       "You're right," he started, "but when I hold your hand, or when we are lying like this, I know it's more, I do understand that. When you were licking me, I knew what was going on and what could happen. I wasn't scared; I think we want the same thing, Ryan."

      I wanted more. "Explain it to me then. What do you want and where is this going? What happens when a girl throws herself at you, and it will happen? What will happen to us, what will happen to me? The way we are now Robby, I can see us like this forever, and that scares the shit out of me."

      I pulled myself closer to him resting my leg over his and slowly slid my hand to his heavy jewel. I took it in my hand and rubbed my thumb over his sensitive head and felt it was wet. I smeared it around and more drops came out as he flexed and pumped a little more blood in to what was growing in my hand. 

      "Ryan, are you teasing me or what?" he asked brushing his lips through my hair.

      "Robby, I'm not teasing you. Honest. I want you more than anything, but I'm so afraid, what happens after.” How could I make him understand?

       “These last six days have been so much more than I ever expected. We have come so far in just such a short time and I don't know what it's going to be like when we go home. I don't want to sleep alone anymore, Robby, and I don't want to wake up alone."

       He said, "I don't want to think about going home, Ryan. I don't even want to talk about it."

       I shook my head and said, "Robby, we are going to go home. I have all this shit running through my head, I can't even think straight. We need to talk about it."

      "OK, Ryan, but please, not tonight." he said as he slid his hand further down my ass. I slowly started stroking his now blood filled organ and more wetness came to the top. I used his juice as lube and it felt so good stroking him in the position I was in.

       He pulled the comforter back and said, "That feels so good, I won't last long, Ryan." I slowed my movement and he slid his hand between my ass cheeks and rubbed his finger over my hole.

       He said, "Ryan, I want to cum, but not yet. I want us to do it together." God, I loved the sound of that and I could remember the taste of our cum cocktail from last night. That alone was enough to make me cum.

       He rolled me over and sat between my legs again. He took my iron in his hand and let a long line of spit fall from his mouth onto my swollen head.

       He rubbed it around then squeezed a teaspoon of pre-juice from my fountain adding to the slipperiness as he scooted up so we were close enough that he could stroke us both at the same time.

       He reached over for the lube and with a look in his eyes he poured a copious amount on our twin tube stakes. I watched both his hands wrap around us and he stroked up and down with determination as my eyes moved to his face.

       I told him I was so close, I didn't know how much more I could take then he smiled down at me.

       He started teasing me, saying "Cum for my, Rye." as he kept sliding his hands over us.

       I grabbed his hands stopping his assault just before I erupted and he looked at me with his pouty face. He whined, "I want to make you cum." I told him I would but I wanted to let it go down a little, and then he could start again.

      I had stopped him in the nick of time, but a large amount flowed out of my ballooned head and that made him smile big as it rolled across his fingers. I let go of his hand and slid my hands up his arms to his elbows and told him I wasn’t going to stop him again. “But when I cum, Robby, you better sit back or you might get a shower.”

       "I want it!" he announced, as he bent down and stroked us both, bringing his hands all the way past our heads and pushing down hard. Again he started teasing me and asked, "Can you cum for me? Let me have it, Ryan."

      I was bucking my hips in the air uncontrollably and said, "God, Robby, my balls feel like they're going to explode, please, can we cum now? Yes, yes..." and it happened as I grabbed his hands and worked up and down at break neck speed.

      We shot off at the same time and he got what I promised. Our juice mixed together as it erupted from our balls hitting him in the face and he just continued to pound away at or dicks. When my eyes opened they focused on my seed running down his cheeks and I had to smile.

       I don't know how many times we shot off, but the amount of cum surprised me, to say the least. The smile on his face was huge and I could see his pride in what he had accomplished.

       He had cum in his hair and sliding down his cheek as he raised his hands rubbing them over my chest, smiling. I pulled him down and licked a large amount of us from his cheek then I slid to his lips sharing our creamy treasure.

       He pulled away and before he lay down on my chest he sucked some off his fingers. He laid down with his whole body on me and slid around in the mixture we had produced then rested his head next to mine on my shoulder; his face nuzzling in my neck.

       I could feel pearls still leaking from us as he ground himself against me. He said, "That makes me feel so good to do that to you, Ryan. Words can't even describe it."

       I pulled the blanket over us and told him this is how we are going to sleep. He slid to my side a little so he was lying next to, and on me, resting his leg over mine; our hearts and breathing synchronizing again.

       I thought about the first time this happened; feeling our hearts pumping blood through the bodies we shared. This was something I had felt before but I couldn’t for the life of me remember when. And a tear slipped from my eye.

      I'm not sure how long I lay there after he fell asleep, but it was a while. I felt so good in the afterglow of our orgasms. I thought the smell of us, his hair, the fire, made an aroma that could be bottled and sold.

       He was sleeping so soundly it reminded me of that day I watched him sleep. He would moan occasionally and mold himself closer to me. I knew I was in love with him; I could feel it in every part of my body. But it was so much more. I could feel him.

      Robby was falling in love with me to, and this too I could feel. I'm not sure he recognized it for what it was, but I was sure. Would he still feel the same after? I didn't know. I wanted him so bad I was burning inside; I knew what was going to happen would probably destroy me.

       I woke up in the morning and Rob wasn't next to me. I was putting on my sleep pants when a knock came at the door. I walked over and looked out the window seeing Bruno. I opened the door and greeted him.

       He looked at me a little strange, then asked about closing up the house, and when I was going back home. I told him I had changed my mind about going to New York, we would be staying for another four days; I would call him.

      He nodded and said that was fine; still looking at me a little funny. I said goodbye, closed the door, and went looking for Rob. I stepped out on the deck and saw him down by the tree.

       Holding true to his word, he was carving on the tree. It was about 9:30, the sun had come up, and it was starting to get warm. Rob was in just his sleep pants, the sun shining on him, making him kind of glow.

       I made a cup of instant coffee and stood on the deck watching him hard at work. I was thinking that by staying here and not going to New York, we could spend the time trying to figure out just what this was between us. I was hoping he wouldn't be disappointed, but we needed the time without distractions.

       I tippy-toed down the bank, quietly, walking up behind him as he finished carving on the old willow. He must have seen my shadow because he turned looking at me for approval on what he had done.

       He started to laugh and asked, "Have you looked at yourself in the mirror yet?" I said no; then told him Bruno had come over and I had just made coffee and came out here.

     He asked, "Bruno saw you like that?"

      I replied, "Yes, what's the big deal?"

       He responded, "Oh... no reason."

       I knew I couldn't have looked my best, but it was early and Bruno had kind of surprised me by just showing up. I saw that Rob had added 1977 to the tree and I smiled at him.

       He shared that it felt strange carving on this tree and started talking about the old bridge. He said he knew it sounded weird, but he thought he was the one that carved on the bridge, but how could that be? I could tell he was bothered by it, and now, so was I.

       I told him that the donut and coffee wasn’t going to last me long; I wanted to clean up and get something to eat. I told him I was going to take a shower; he stood and we walked to the house.

       When we got to the bathroom I saw myself in the mirror; Rob was looking over my shoulder with a huge grin on his face.

        He said, "I'm so… sorry, Ryan,” trying to look serious. “I didn't realize what I was doing." He continued referring to the golf ball sized hickey on my neck.

       "Well, I knew what I was doing, but I had no idea it would turn out like that." he added. It was huge, all red and purple, and something that defiantly wouldn't cover with a shirt collar.

       I told him that Bruno had looked at me kind of funny, but I hadn't given it much thought; now I knew. I traced it with my fingers and couldn’t hold back the smile growing on my face, remembering him doing it. I really should have known.

       He looked at himself in the mirror and I told him he didn't look much better as I turned and twisted on the dry cum in his hair. My chest, with what little hair I had on it, was, well it was obvious.

       I shed my pants and turned the water on. While I was waiting for it to warm up he asked, "You're not mad, are you?" I couldn't help but smile at the thought of him even thinking that.

       I told him I knew how my fair skin reacted, and although I wasn't surprised, the size was a little more than I had expected. I then added, "How could you, sucking on any part of my body make me mad, Robby?"

       He smiled and said he saw it last night but didn't want to say anything. I got in the shower and told him, "You made me this mess, you should clean me up," as the curtain opened and he stepped in.

      I asked him if it was alright if we didn't go to New York and he breathed a sigh of relief. "That is totally fine, Ryan. We need to be alone and get you out of your head," he said as he took the soap and washcloth to tenderly wash my body. I closed my eyes and wondered myself if I was the one dreaming.

       I turned around so he could continue on my front; he rubbed his hands over my chest and stomach down to my dick; spending a little time scratching our mixture out of my pubes. I backed up telling him after he did my head, it was his turn.

       I started at the top because I wanted to wash the crusties out of his hair and it would allow me more time with my hands on the rest of him. He giggled and said he would have loved to see the look on Bruno's face when I answered the door.

       I told him he didn't hide his reaction very well and thought he would call if he was going to come by again, adding, “Fuck’em if he can't take a joke.” Rob laughed.

       I stayed in the shower crawling around him so I was under the water. I pulled his back to me and wrapped my arms around his chest, closing my eyes, and rested my chin on his shoulder.

       The thoughts racing around in my mind were making me light headed again, flashes, memories, and comfort. But there was reality; something was happening to us; time was standing still but we were evolving, aging, growing comfortable at lightening speed. I couldn't help but ask, "Robby... What are we doing?"

       He knew what I was talking about but he said, "Getting clean, stupid." He turned; put his arms around my neck, and rested his forehead on mine. I could hear him in my head and he asked in a soft voice, "Ryan, you're not a virgin, are you; like in the ways you were saying last night?"

       My eyes shot open and he was looking at me. ‘Fuck me’, I thought. He had been pondering the question and trusted me not to lie to him. Was my answer going to produce more questions? Could I answer them without changing how he saw me?

       I closed my eyes again, not wanting to see the reaction when I answered. I couldn't say it out loud, so I just shook my head no. I wished he hadn't asked and I wished I was a virgin, in the way he wanted.

       What was I going to do if he wanted to know who, so I said, "Robby, who isn’t important, so please don't ask me."

       I still hadn't opened my eyes and he questioned, "That's what last night was about, isn't it? That's why you're so fucked up in the head? Did someone hurt you, Ryan?"

      "Nobody hurt me, Robby. And yes; I think that has something to do with it."

       He questioned, "You're afraid of being hurt aren't you? You think I'll be the one, right?"

       I told him, "This isn't a conversation for the shower, Rob. Let's get dressed, eat, and go for a drive." I opened my eyes and pulled away from him and turned the water off.

       We dried off and dressed, mostly in silence. What was he going to want to know? How was I going to answer him? I was hoping that the end wasn't going to come this soon. I really didn't want to give him a blow by blow, so to speak, of what I had done and with whom.

      We put the top down on the TR 6 and drove towards town. We were eating our breakfast and I looked up from my plate and he was just looking with a big smile on his face.

      "I am sorry about your neck and you were right, your collar doesn't even cover half of it," he revealed as he looked over at the door.

       Bruno had just walked in and Rob darted his eyes back and forth towards the door. I turned and made eye contact with Bruno, giving him a shit eating smile, a nod of acknowledgment, and turned back to Rob who was turning a little red. By the time we finished eating, both Chet, and the realtor, had come in joining Bruno.

       We got our bill and as we were walking up to pay Chet stopped me. He gave me a funny look asking if I could stop by his office before I left town. Rob saw where he was looking and the expression on his face. He announced to Chet, "He ran into one of his cousins," nodding towards my neck.

      I just about shit myself and couldn't hold back a grin at his off the cuff comment. I knew I was turning red, I could feel it race through my body. Rob took the check, the twenty out of my hand, and went to the cashier.

       I came out of the restaurant and he was leaning up against the car shaking his head. He asked, "Did you see the look on his face?" as he stood laughing.

       I said, "You know I don't have any cousins, right?"

       He replied, "Well, fuck'em if they can't take a joke." He had adopted another of my lines.

      We got in the car and I had changed my mind again and asked, "How about we just go get some groceries and lock ourselves in that old house for a day or two, Robby?"

       He looked at me with a smile and asked, "You can cook too?"

       I said, "I think I might surprise you, Jr." I started the car and off to the store we went.

       We got the usual shit; cereal, milk, a couple steaks, stuff for salad, and some dressing. Rob threw in bread; lunch meat, some fruit, and that about did it.

       As we walked through the store he was in front of me and I couldn’t help but admire his ass. He had to know; his ass in those tight pants, and I could swear he was working it; whether he knew it or not. He seemed to be developing a strut.

       It made no difference what angle you looked at him; from the back, side, or front, he was hot as fuck, and he was going to grow up to be ‘drop dead gorgeous.’

       We arrived back at the house and unpacked our stuff. I went upstairs and came back down with a bud, hunk of hash, and had changed into my cutoffs. Commando!

       Rob was hitting on an empty pipe and said, "No fair." as he headed upstairs. I had put a bud in the pipe dusting it with hash when he came back down. He had a blanket under his arm and asked, "You want to talk, don't you?"

       I reached down for his free hand and it instinctively found mine. Robby, with the blanket, me, with the pipe, we walked down the bank to the willow tree.

       We spread it out and he sat down leaning against the tree and I lay on my back, using his lap as my pillow, and closed my eyes.

       I moved my head around a little in his lap feeling his thick unit under the thin material. He knew what I was doing and said, "Fairs fair." He rested a hand on my stomach tracing my belly button with his finger and stated, "You know I could never hurt you, Rye."

      I absorbed his statement and replied. "I know, Robby; you would never hurt me intentionally."

       With some attitude he asked, "What the fuck does that mean?" So I gave him my take on hurt.

      I told him that hurt was just a perception; I had never put myself in a situation to be hurt before. "People change, Robby. They get older, feelings can become different. You, being able to hurt me; is something I have to allow, and I have never allowed anybody close enough to do that, until now."

       I went on to say that I knew he would never do that on purpose; and if I got hurt, it was because I allowed it to happen. I told him that there was a good chance he would get hurt too, one way or another.

       "I trust you, Ryan. You would never hurt me." he said.

       I was spilling my guts to him and he balanced everything I had to say. He waited for me to finish and said, "Ryan, you say you're lonely, but how can you not be if you have never let anybody in?"

      I told him that when my Dad died, I didn't cry and I couldn't remember my last tears until last night. He asked me what made me cry.

       I told him that when he called me, Rye, it did something, and I couldn't explain it. No one had ever shortened my name like that but it felt it felt like something I remembered. He asked if it was something that he shouldn't do anymore and I assured him that it made me feel real good and I saw it as a term of endearment. Though, I didn’t know why.  

       He said that was the way he felt when I called him Robby. I told him I was not trying to make him feel like a little kid last night. He said it was more him than me and not to worry about, he knew it wasn't my intent.

       “You know I don’t see you that way, right?” I asked.

       I changed it up and asked him if he was looking forward to school starting and his birthday. He replied he wasn't looking forward to either one. He informed me that the last few months of school were fucked.

       He didn't elaborate, so I pushed. "What happened?"  

       He said that when he was on spring break in April, a neighbors house was broke in to and the cops came to his house and questioned him.

       He said Walt had told them he was at work with him and there was no way he could have been involved. It turned out that a kid down the street did it, and he spread the word in school that Rob was a snitch, because when the cops left Rob's house they went to the kid's house.

       He said most of his friends avoided him, he had to sneak around the school to go to classes, and really, I was the only friend he had. I turned a little so I could see him and he shook his head saying he didn't know what this year was going to be like. I told him that we would make sure this year was different.

       I didn't say it, but I was going to have a little talk with that punk. Nobody was going to hurt Rob and I would see to that. I asked, “So what about your birthday; what’s the plan? Is there going to be a party?” And asked what he wanted?

      He said he was pretty sure Walt was going to take him hunting in November. I asked if that was something he wanted to do and he said "NO." flatly. He said he hated the idea of killing a helpless animal and he would rather watch them than kill them.

       I understood because I was of the same mindset about hunting and killing shit. I told him that I thought it was little dick syndrome. I asked if he was having a party and he said he was sure that his sister was going to do something and asked if I would come.

       I told him if that's what he wanted; I would be there with bells on. That made him smile and he said he would prefer a party with just the two of us. I told him that could be arranged. In my mind I was already planning something that I knew would make him happy.

       I reminded him it had been a few days since he had called home and maybe he should do that before the end of the day. He said, "You too. You should call your mom and see how things are going."

      We had been sitting under that tree for a few hours and in between our conversation, I was thinking. I needed to find a way to make his school year better. Teaching him to defend himself and giving him more confidence; that could be the answer.

       It had gotten warm; around 80 degrees and I heard his stomach growl. I bent head back to look at him and he said yes, he was hungry. We walked back up to the house to make a couple of sandwiches, got some chips along with something to drink.

       We took it out on the deck and ate in silence. He looked at me and said, "You're letting your head run away with you again, aren't you?"

       I explained I couldn't help it, that's just the way I was.

       I told him that even though we had talked, we hadn't addressed what we were talking about last night. I walked over and picked up the pipe from the table and brought it back to where we were sitting. I took a big hit and handed it to him with him gladly accepting my offer.

       Sitting in the sun he had started to sweat a little and I couldn’t help but run my finger up the front of his body catching the droplets that were trickling down his chest and stomach. I got the same response he got from me last night and I couldn’t help but smile

       Again, I found myself just drinking in the beauty of him, the way his hair laid against his cheeks and around his neck, how the sweat collected on the fine down like hair on his body, his perfect smile, and those eyes as he looked at me.

       I was aching inside; I wanted him so bad, his tenderness and his love. I wanted all of him. I wanted to tell him everything about me, my relationships with guys, how he made me feel, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

      He was reading me like a book. "You can tell me what you're thinking, Ryan." He stated like he knew what it was.

       Looking at him another wave of emotions came over me and I could feel the burn in my eyes as I looked away.

       He stood then knelt down between my legs resting his arms on my knees. I squeezed my eyes to hold back tears, but it just pushed them out and they slid down my cheeks.

      "Robby. This trip, I think it might have been a bad idea, Jr. All this time together has changed things. If we hadn't come, we wouldn't be in this situation. How are we going to deal with this when we go home?"

       I continued, "I see how you look at me, and I know how I feel when I look at you. We won't be able to hide that from people.”

      Silly, Ryan, you couldn't hide it before we left, so don't worry about it." He raised his hand and wiped the tears from my eyes and said if I kept this up he was going to cry too.

       "Robby, how are you going to feel when people say we are gay? I can deal with that, I don’t give a fuck, but I don't think you can."

       "There you go with the labels again, Ryan." He said, smiling at me. Another line stolen. 

       "We are talking about us, Rob; labels do apply when it's us. Robby, the things that are going through my head, the way I feel about you, the things I want to do with you, they are so… gay."

       I didn't give him a chance to respond; I got up and went in fetching my cigarettes, came back out, and lit up.

        He said, "Ryan, I told you last night, I think we want the same thing, but unless you tell me what that is, how will we know?"

      I said "Robby, the things I want to do, the things I want you to do to me are very, well, they are things that people who are in love do. They are things that will change everything."

       "Ryan, that's what I want too, now that wasn't so hard, was it?"

      "Yes Rob, it was very hard. I don't think it will change how I feel, but for you, I think it might be a different matter, altogether."

      "Ryan, I have thought a lot about what we have done. Just so you know; you haven't made me do anything that I didn't want to do. I have never been in love, but if I had to describe what you mean to me, I would have to say, I love you."

       How could he be so fuckin strong? I couldn't believe he said that and I wished I could say that to him, and he was waiting. It wasn't that I didn't love him; I was IN love with him, and I knew it was different for me.

      Finally, he said dejected, "It's OK if you don't feel the same way, Ryan, I understand."

       How could he think that??? Everything about him, his face and the look in those eyes, were saying, it wasn't OK, and I needed to say or do something.

       "Don't even think that, Robby, words can't describe how I feel about you, so don't look at me and say it's OK if I don't feel the same way; because I do.

       I love everything about you, I want to hold and touch you, I want to lick and suck you all over. I want us to be together as one, giving ourselves to each other, but I'm still afraid about after, what about after?"

       He looked at me and in a firm tone he said, "Enough of that after shit, Ryan; this is, what it is, and, what will be, will be. I will do whatever you want Rye, so if it's the after thing that's stopping you from doing what you want, just let it go, please."

      That had said it all. There wasn't much to stop me now; he was asking me, asking me to make love to him. "OK Robby, but, it's not going to happen here. I want it to be something special that we do in our own bed."

       He looked at me with a face-splitting grin, a raised eye brow, and questioned, "OUR BED?"

       I hadn't thought about the way I said it, but it was the way I felt, my bed would always be his if that's what he wanted. Whenever he wanted.

       He announced, "I'll go pack." trying to show me he was more than ready. I told him there was stuff we could do to build up to when we got home.

       I leaned over, kissed him on the cheek and told him, I was going to blow his fucking mind tonight. I felt like a weight had been lifted off me. I wasn't going to think about, what happens after, anymore.

       In spite of what I thought about Zach, he had taught me so much about the pleasures of sex and foreplay. I was going to share that with Rob, and I hoped he would be as receptive as I was.

       I decided I was going to take the advice Miss Brown had given me and just follow my heart and let the fuckin chips fall where they may.

       I walked back into the house and pulled the t bone steaks out of the fridge putting them on the counter. I ran upstairs and got another hunk of bud and came down to Rob pouring us a couple drinks.

       He came out on the deck and stood in front me, leaning on the rail facing me. He put his hands on my naked chest and ran his fingers up to my neck and lightly touched his brand from last night.

       Smiling, he said, "I don't think that's going to gone by the time we go home." I told him if anyone asks, I'll just tell them I ran into a cousin.

       I told him we were having steaks for dinner and I saw a garden on the side of the house that I was going to check out. He followed me down the stairs and asked if I knew how old the house was. I told him I thought it was built around 1800.

       We walked out into the slightly overgrown garden and found some potatoes and carrots; even lettuce for salad. He stood looking at the house and asked if I knew how to get to the attic. I hadn't given it much thought and told him we would explore the house more after dinner.

       I really did feel better about us, and I was excited about what was going to happen tonight. After telling Rob that I loved him too, it was like I was free. I wasn't going to hold back anymore.

       I had been, holding back, that is, and I felt like love was just gushing from every pore in my body. I was looking through the cupboards for spice seeing if there was anything else I could use when Rob came up behind me.

                                    From the Author:

        Thank you for continuing to read our story. Virginia is where it started, where so many things started. Robby and I are falling in love and what had been in the past was starting to shape the present and defiantly our future. 

       Over the next few chapters, everything becomes clear to me and Robby shares what he held back that day at Millie's. It really does make me feel good that what I am sharing, interests you. 

       Like I have said, the story is complete and there will be no long wait for the end; unlike so many unfinished stories just floating around out there. Please comment, they do make me feel good. And please rate the story. Thanks so much. Ryan.



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