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                      Robby and Ryan Chapter IX



                         From the Author:


       Robby and I return home to Seattle. He and Zach come face to face and we see sides of each other we never expected. I come to a revelation and realize the gift and understanding Robby has when it comes to me.


       On a side note; I would like to thank those who have commented and emailed me about what I have shared; you have warmed my heart and I hope you continue. 

       I'm not sure, you, 'the reader', understand that what you are reading is a biography. This is not a story that I have thought up and put to paper for your enjoyment; although, I do hope you are enjoying it. This is how the foundation on which our relationship developed, and over the next few chapters that will become clear to you.

Chapter IX


       We walked in the airport and up to the desk. The girl behind the counter was very cute; she couldn’t have been more than twenty-three and I noticed immediately she was wearing a wedding ring; a nice one.

       I gave her our tickets and proceeded to spin a big yarn. I told her our grandfather was dying; we needed to get back to Washington as soon as possible.

       As she was working away I commented on her ring. I asked if her husband picked it out himself or whether she helped. She thanked me, saying, "He did it all on his own."

       I told her she was lucky and he had very good taste; meaning more than just jewelry. She understood what I meant. I added, I thought he was a lucky man. Flattery was my wheel house, I knew how to throw it down, and honestly, I was showing off to Rob. She smiled and typed a little more. She said that our flight had us making two stops with a short lay-over in Denver.

       She had upgraded us to first class on a different plane leaving in 45 minutes. She added that we would get into Sea-Tac earlier than on the other plane. I thanked her and she said we could wait in the first class lounge. She handed me the tickets and with a beautiful smile she said, "Hope you fly with us again, Mr. Chancellor."

       I thanked her for the upgrade and said, "My friends call me, RJ." I gave it my all, Smile, dimples, and the slight tilt of my head. She replied in earnest and gave it right back.

       Rob smacked my arm; with a grin on his face he said, "Come on, RJ." When we got far enough from the counter he hit me on the arm again saying, "Another layer peeled away. Kathy was right! You are a fucking charmer, RJ." Another first, he never called me, RJ and I liked it.


       This was all new to me; being in a first class lounge and it was the total shit. Drinks and finger sandwiches, pastries and soda; I could get used to this. The time passed and we were heading for our gate when they called boarding for first class.

       We stood looking out the window at the 747 Jumbo. Rob said he had never seen one up close and pulling the thought out of my head he said, "I don't know how they get off the ground?" I thought the same thing.

       We were welcomed aboard and shown to our seats. This fucking rocked. I looked at Rob and said, "Get used to this. We will never fly any other way again, Robby."

       I asked the stewardess for a couple pillows and a blanket. I put it over both of us, reached over taking Rob's hand during take off, and smiled at him as we were laid back in our seats by the thrust of that monstrous jet.

       We got to cruising altitude and I went to use the restroom. I asked the stewardess along the way if my little brother could go upstairs and see the cockpit. With a smile, she assured me it would be fine saying the lounge was for first class passengers. That shit doesn't happen today.

       I strolled back to our seat smiling the whole way. I told Rob we could go upstairs and if he was good; maybe he could fly the plane. He shit himself when I told him I wasn't joking as I stood heading for the stairs.

       The stewardess in the lounge was more than happy to let Rob see the cockpit. He was like a 10-year-old. He was beside himself. The Captain told him what all the stuff did and that the plane really flew itself. For me; being able to provide Rob with another first was priceless.

       I stuck my head in and asked the Captain to please keep the shiny side up as Rob made his way out to the lounge. We sat in the over stuffed chairs of the lounge for a while and Rob was saying that nobody was going to believe him.

       Another silent conversation took place between us. I sat across from him; each of us seeing the colors we brought out in the other at forty thousand feet. As I thought of the mile high club, we exchanged smiles.

       We went back down to our seats in time for the dinner they were serving. I told Rob I wasn't eating because I sometimes got air sick and I wanted to eat at the Space Needle when we got home. So we just picked at the food as he told me had never been up in the needle and couldn't wait.

       The flight was smooth as glass and with the time change we arrived at 7:00 in the evening. It felt so good to be home and I was hungry. We got our bags, called the shuttle to Budget, and picked up my car.

       The TR had changed my view on cars a little; I knew I was going to be getting one for home to. I had stashed a number in the car for when we got back and we smoked about half of it before we arrived at The Seattle Center.

       I found a parking space close so we didn't need to walk far. We ate dinner and I told Rob about the Boren club. It was an under-age dance club; leaving out, that was the place Zach took me when we were together.

       Dinner was awesome; the view and sunset unmatched. Robby told me he thought he could see Parker’s house and I laughed. We sat for a while after dinner enjoying the view and each others company then went down to the Fun Forest to play a few games; another first for Rob.

       It was pushing on 9:30 and we weren't far from the club. Again we found a parking space and didn't have to walk very far. You could hear and feel the music as we got closer to the door and the line; I loved this place.


       I caught sight of Kenny; the guy working the door and he gave me a nod to come to the front of the line. We got some looks from the others in line and as we got up to the door I gave him a twenty and he told me Parker and some others were already inside. Money along with a face that’s well known helps with lines.

       We made our way inside, through the crowd, and I saw Park had a table. Josh, his boyfriend, Randy, Cass and a friend, along with Conner and Chad, and some guys we jammed with were there too. I threw my coat at the table, strutted to the dance floor; the music taking over; my body vibrating; wanting to dance.

       The club was very friendly to all walks of life. It was a sixteen and over dance club that catered to young hip kids. Some gay, some not, but everyone was friendly and honestly, it was a fucking meat market. For Rob it was new experience; I was in my element.

       I had been on the floor for a while just cutting loose; dancing with everyone and anyone but I would look over to make sure Rob was OK.

       He made eye contact with me holding up his hand making motions like he was peeling an onion. I couldn't help but smile back at him.


       I watched him talking to Josh; he had his arm around his waist and Josh's was around his shoulder. They seemed to be having a conversation and laughing when I walked up.

       I saw a bunch of glasses on the table and downed one. By the taste I could tell Parker had spiked it with Rum as he smiled his million dollar smile at me. I drank about half of another, winked at him, and was back on the floor.

       Cass pulled Rob out on the dance floor with her friend, Carrie, and he loved it; even not being able to dance well. He had rhythm but he had trouble keeping time and seemed self-conscious.

       I didn't leave the floor when they made their way to the side just as ‘The Hustle’ came on. This was all me. I could move, bump and grind, and I was in the zone. I saw both of them laughing at me and it made me feel so… good.


       Another song came on and I felt a pair of arms around my waist and grind on me from behind; without thinking, I leaned back into them. When his head rested on my shoulder, I froze. It was Zach. I knew it in an instant.

       I heard him saying in my ear "Nice love bite." I turned in his arms, without him releasing me.

       I leaned in and said, "Not now Zachary, please."

       I glanced over at the table and Rob had a look on his face that I had never seen before. He had his arm around Parker's neck talking in his ear but he never took his eyes off me. I made eye contact with Park and he just shrugged his shoulders with a smirk; understanding the situation I was now in. ‘The Prick’.

       Zach turned looking over at them and asked, "That's the little fox, isn't it?" I told him yes and he questioned, "Kind of young, don't you think, RJ?"

       I reminded him, "Older than I was when you brought me here the first time."

       I didn't want to make a seen and walk off the dance floor in the middle of a song so I tried to act like I was dancing with everybody. When the song ended I heading off the floor; Just to be a prick, Zach tried to take my hand like he always did, but I didn't let that happen.

       As I got closer to the table I could tell Robby had an attitude. I was getting looks from him, the likes of which, I never ever wanted to see again; they were shared with Zach, as well.

       Zach came to the table giving Parker shit about not telling him we were all coming down here, adding, “If Kenny hadn't called me, I never would have known.”


       I made a mental note to have a little talk with Kenny.


       I made introductions for those who didn't know Zach and sat down next to Rob.

       Rob's greeting to Zach was less than enthusiastic and he put his arm around my neck and in my ear he whispered, "That's him, isn't it?"

       I nodded and said we would talk in the car on the way home.

       Rob took his arm off me, rested it on my leg under the table, and moved closer to me in a possessive kind of way. He gave Zach a look that said, ‘he might have been yours once, but he's mine now’. I couldn’t help but notice how his colors had changed.


       I downed another rum and coke; thinking, this is not how I wanted things to go. Cass, seeing the tension, grabbed Rob by the hand, literally dragging him to the dance floor.

       It was a slow song and I could see an animated Rob talking in her ear as she was nodding and talking back to him. He never took his eyes off me, or Zach, as he listened to her.

       Zach slid over into the chair next to me and was making snide remarks about Rob. And the fact that nobody invited him. He turned to me saying when I got this ‘little kid’ thing out of my system, I knew where he was. I told him 'that time' would never come; it was something he could never understand.

       When Cass and Rob came back to the table, Rob told Zach he was sitting in his chair and he wanted it back when he was done in the restroom. Cass pushed Zach out of the seat next to me and sat down.


       She looked at him and said, "You can really be an ass, Zach!" She turned to me and started giving me a deserving ear full. Zach had slid in between Josh and Randy; he wasn't paying any attention to me or Cass. She put her arm around my neck and pulled me over so she could talk in my ear.


       "You're no better than him, Chancellor." She slapped me with; pointing her head at Zach.

       She started in on me again. "Do you have any idea how Robby feels about you? All I said to him was, Ryan is a nice guy and he started in about you. It was, Ryan this, Ryan that, DC, the plane ride home, and the car. And who says we're going to Hawaii with you for Christmas, anyway?"

       I took her tongue lashing like a good boy, trying all my best coy little moves on her, but she was hip to that. I told her I needed to go check on him; getting up and heading for the restroom.

       I saw Rob in a corner with a big guy standing in front of him. I recognized him immediately. It was Jerry. My mind went back to a few years ago when I was the one pinned in the corner with Jerry telling me just what he could do for me; if you know what I mean.

       Jerry was older; thirty or so, over-weight, and what I would consider a chicken queen. He liked young men and boys; he never let one pass without feeling their ass.

       I put my hands on his shoulders and gave him a not so little squeeze to get his attention as Rob’s eyes locked on mine. Jerry turned and saw me; a big grin spreading across his face.


       He said, "RJ. Long time no feel." as his hand went to my ass. Rob looked relieved to see me; to say the least. I told Jerry that Rob was with me; and no, I wasn't going to share; much to his disappointment. He smiled and said, "You know me, RJ. I like to introduce myself to all the new faces."


       I said, "Yes Jerry, I know." I reached out my hand to Rob and he took it willingly.

       Jerry asked, "So RJ? What happened with you and Zach, anyway?" I gave him a look, didn't answer, and walked back to the table with Rob.

       Rob pulled on me and looked in my eyes than spit out, "Yeah RJ, what happened with you and Zach?"

       Ouch; that hurt; but he never let go of my hand. This was a side of Robby I had never seen, and honestly, I hadn't even given a thought to him getting jealous. It was cute but not becoming; he didn't even try to hide it.

       We got back to the table and I stuffed a hundred dollar bill in Parker's pocket. I told him to order food or something; the jet lag was getting to me and we would see them again soon.

       “What the fuck, Chancellor,” Parker said as he stuffed it back in my pocket saying, "Nobody puts money in my pocket unless they're taking me home." Ha ha.

       We got our coats and headed for the door. As we were leaving I made eye contact with Kenny and ran my finger across my throat saying, "Later Ken." He got my drift.

       Rob and I walked back to the car; both at a loss for words. We got in and drove towards the freeway. I pulled over on the on-ramp and put the car in park. I turned in my seat and looked at him. I needed to answer unasked questions before he asked.

       I said, "Robby, just so you know, I never loved, Zach. I've never loved anybody." wanting him to understand that meant, boy or girl.

       "He loves you, Ryan, I can tell," he proclaimed.

       "Zach always wanted more, but; well I don't know. I never planned for him to be there Rob," I said, “that fucking Kenny called him; He'll pay for that one.”

       I laid my hand; palm up on the console, he instantly put his hand on mine and interlocking our fingers. I brought it to my lips and tenderly kissed it.

       I looked into his eyes and chose my words carefully. I decided to put it to him in the form of a question. "Can you not feel how much I love you, Robby? You have to feel it. You have to see it." I told him I knew I loved him the first time I woke up with him next to me.


       Then I decided to just come out with it. "Robby, just so there is no misunderstanding, I love you. Like it or not, I think I will love you for the rest of my life, probably longer. And regardless of what happens, I don't think that will ever change."

       We sat while he pondered his reply. "Yes, Ryan. I know. I knew it wasn't in my head." He smiled and said, "Just so there isn't any misunderstanding, Ryan, I love you too. More than anything." then he kissed my hand.

       He released my hand and put his on my leg; up high, almost on my crotch. His smile turned a little wicked and he asked, "Were you serious about the jet-lag or do I still get to keep my promise?"

       I questioned, "So we're good?"

       He squeezed my leg and said, "Drive."

       I put it in D and hit the gas. It was about a 45-minute drive home. We bantered back and forth about the dancing, dinner, and Jerry. I told him, Jerry was Jerry; but for the most part, he was harmless.

       I went on to say he would be surprised at how hot some of the guys were that he had picked up over the years. I did think he needed to know; there were guys out there that were dangerous; very dangerous. I had seen the darker side and never wanted Robby to experience such things.

       The closer we got to home the more his hand started moving around my crotch. He would rub down to my knee and back up to the fold in my pants.     As we got closer to home I told him if my mom was home, I wouldn't be able to give her a hug for obvious reasons then told him, “You're being mean.”

       He stopped moving his hand and with his cute pouty face he said, "I'm not mean."

       I felt good when I pulled in the driveway; pushing the opener for the garage and seeing only my truck. I looked at Rob and said, "I guess we can get loud after all."

       We carried our shit in to the house with Rob bringing his suitcase into my room. He pulled the carry on off his shoulder and asked what he should do with it.

       I was hanging up the suit bag and told him to just give it to me and I hung it on a hook. When I came out of the closet he was giving me the same wicked grin he did in the car.

       He walked up to me, resting his arms around my neck and looking me in the eye. He had made his intentions clear; lowering his hands he started unbuttoning my shirt.


       I put my hands on his chest and said, “First things first Jr. I will unbutton my own shirt, if you don't mind; smiling at him.

       I'd like to smoke some weed. I defiantly need a shower, maybe a soak in the hot tub, and then, then my little man, you can make good on your promise.

       I still wasn't sure what he had on his mind but I knew his dick would be in my ass by morning and he would never be able to have a relationship without thinking of me. That was a promise I made to myself.

       I took off my shirt; buttons intact, and told him to turn on the hot tub while I rolled a joint. I stripped my clothes and yelled at Rob to unpack his bag in his room as I walked into the shower to wash off the stink of dancing.

       It was so nice to be home; my bathroom, my bed, and hot tub. And it was nice to have Rob. I pushed worry out of my mind when his hands came around my waist. "You didn't think I was going to let you shower by yourself did you?" he asked, brushing his lips across my back. God, this felt good.


       I answered by asking him if he had unpacked already. He told me all he needed was his sleep pants, everything else could wait. We ran a little soap over each other, rinsed, grabbed two towels, the Frisbee, and walked out to the hot tub, naked. I lit the number and eased myself down into the bubbling water.

       Rob slid in next to me and took the joint from my fingers. It was fuckin perfect; the hot water, the thought of what was going to happen later, and my proclamation of love to Rob.

       He handed the joint back and I dropped it in the Frisbee. I closed my eyes; trying to feel what he was thinking; the connection we shared seemed not as strong here as it was in Virginia.

       I felt him slid his leg over mine and I turned looking at him. "I'm sorry Ryan. I acted like an idiot tonight," he said as he moved over and sat in my lap facing me. "Ryan, you didn't have to tell me you loved me, you know?"


       "Yes, I did! I needed to hear myself say it out, loud and I wanted you to know."

       "I knew, Ryan." and he made the slow journey to my lips. Only a few days had passed and his lips on mine sent the same shock wave through my body just like the first time. He was grinding himself on me as our kiss intensified.

       I pulled back a little so I could look in his eyes and said, "I meant what I said, Robby. I have never really loved anybody, until now."


       "It's ok Ryan." He looked at me for a long time and said, "When we were in Virginia, I could feel what you were thinking. I can't now; well it's not as clear as it was there."


       I told him that there was some kind of connection we had there and I could feel it wasn't as strong here either, but I had an idea what was on his mind.

       He picked up the roach and lit it again and took a big hit and held it to my lips so I could do the same then he dropped it in the Frisbee. He got up and reached for my hand as we stepped out of the tub.

       I put the cover back on and grabbed my towel; following him into my room. We brushed our teeth and as he got into bed I turned on some music and walked to my jewelry drawer. That fucking Zach, I thought as I opened the drawer and pulled out my special lube.

       Zach liked to mix coke with the lube so it acted as a numbing agent; it pissed me off that I even had to think of him. The lube worked great, but could be a little dangerous. You could wear a layer of skin off your dick and destroy your ass without knowing a thing.

       Rob was on the bed looking so fucking hot; naked, the look in his blue eyes was lustful, to say the least. With a smile, he looked at me and asked, "Whatcha got there, Skate?"

       I started at the bottom of the bed and slowly crawled up to him; taking hold of my new favorite toy letting a stream of lube roll from his head down his shaft.

       I rubbed it around with my finger then made a discrete wipe across my puckered hole. I could feel the fire starting to build in me, but I wanted it to be a long night. A few more drops just for good measure and I slid my mouth up his body to his welcoming lips.

       Our kiss was so different; more tender, more passionate. I think because we had told each other of our love and we’re now going to show it.

       I broke the kiss and tongue traced my way down his stomach, over his head, then down his shaft; feeling the coke numb my mouth and throat as I started nibbling on his perfect mushroom.

       I wanted him so badly my body was truly aching. I pushed my head down stretching my lips, filling my mouth, and he slid into my throat. With no warning at all, I came; for what would be the first of three times that night.

       As I pulled up he said with a grown "Ryan, this is about you tonight," knowing what had just happened.

       I sucked on him a little more and said, "Oh…this is about me Jr." I crawled over the top of him, sliding myself along his steel shaft letting it aim naturally at my hot entrance as I leaned down to kiss him again.

       He was hard as stone; literally, and while we kissed I slowly moved down allowing his swollen head to start gliding into me. I rose up putting my hands on his chest and told him like I had before, "Robby, if I loose control, promise me you will tell me to stop."

       “No fuckin way, Ryan.”


       I wanted his penetration so bad and I felt his crown pass through my ring and I just kept going as it slid across my prostate. I was on my knees; straddling him, leaning back, bending his hard shaft downward, enjoying the increased pressure and pleasure; my own shaft pointing at the ceiling. He tried to stop me; holding my ass and saying my name; the last inch making him cum before he had seated himself deep inside me.

       I felt myself bottom out and backed off a little just to sink myself back on him again. "Oh Ryan," escaped his lips as I put my hands behind me and started working my hip back and forth; feeling his engorged slippery organ grinding against my throbbing nut; his seed lubing me further.

       Again I heard him say my name, "Oh…Ryan, this is supposed to be about you."

       “Oh god” rolled off my tongue as I started leaking more. I told him this was about me and doubled my efforts to milk myself.

       I moved up putting my hands on each side of his pillow and leaned down kissing him again. He those his arms around my lower back and instinctively started working his hips as he tried to bury himself in me deeper; his thick load warming my insides.

       Here came number two, I didn’t even try to hold it back and showered both of us as his kiss deepened; feeling what he had done to me. his hands rested on my ass now; the speed and strength of his thrusts increasing as he stretched my opening driving his hips up to meet my downward thrusts. Oh…Fuck.


       He had had enough of me on top; his animal instinct wanting to unload in my ass again as he forcefully rolled me over and took control. "This is what you, isn’t it Rye?" he asked breathlessly with a knowing smile. How he knew, I will never know. I nodded my head pulling my legs up, he instinctively rested my ankles on his shoulders, and began plowing me with more lust and love than I had ever experienced in my life.

       He could feel my nut; the numbing of the lube wearing off making us both a little more sensitive. Gentleness came over him and he slowed; it seemed to be more for me than him. I lowered my legs so I could have him on top of me; I wanted to kiss him more, feel him more, his hot sweaty skin all over me.

       "Ryan, I'm going to cum," he announced, then started making long, deep, strokes, remembering what I told him. I could feel number three building in my balls realizing what he was doing. He was making love to me, I could tell with the gentle way he was moving, but he was determined. We kept each other on the edge for I don't know how long.

       His movements were becoming irregular and I knew it wouldn't be long now. I wanted him so bad; I wanted him to fill me again and I told him as much. With a final thrust he came down on my lips smothering me with kisses.

       I had almost forgotten what it was like to be filled with a mans nectar. Zach was the only person, who had, but I didn't love him and this was so… much more. I thought I was going to scream when the first jolt of his hot seed erupted in my bowels.

       He wrapped his arms around me and continued to pump his juice into me as I wrapped my legs around his ass and pulled him in deep as I could. His thrusts turned into shortened strokes and he was moving his hips in a circular motion, his contractions still shooting fire through my body. I let loose with my last load of the night, having never touched myself.


       "Rye, this was another way to stimulate the prostate, wasn't it?" I just nodded my head up and down. "I didn't hurt you did I?" he asked.

       "No. God no, Rob." There was cum everywhere, all of it from me. It had coated my shaft and balls, my chest and his, and it had run down the crack of my ass.

       He rested his whole body on me; his slippery shaft still convulsing in my hole, his cheek next to mine, and his lips on my neck.

       “Robby,” I whispered in his ear as I ran my legs over the back of his. “Honestly, you can tell me. You have done this before, right?” I asked, thinking, no fuckin way could this be his first time.

       I felt him shake his head no as he lifted himself to look in my eyes. He oh so slowly pulled his softening love handle from my ass allowing it just enough time to tighten so I didn't leak the huge amount he had deposited in me. He just watched for my reaction.


       "Oh fuck, Robby! You're a natural." I told him.

       "I love you, Ryan. I hope you could feel that. That's what I was trying show you; to make love to you. I know what it is now, Ryan. Thanks to you, I know what love is." He looked down at me, "Cat got your tongue, Rye?"

       I just nodded again thinking this little virgin stud had just schooled me in the art of love making.

       "I know what you meant now, Ryan. When you said we will be as close as two people can be. You knew then, didn't you?" Again I nodded. With a shit eating grin he asked, "Will you do that to me?" I must have looked at him funny because he said, "Not right now, silly."


       I told him I needed another shower and if my legs would move that's what I was going to do. I looked at him and asked if he was proud of himself? The grin never fading, he said, "A little."

       "You fucking should be," was my reply.


       After some after glow cuddling I managed to climb out of bed without a river of cum flowing out of me and made it to the shower. I got under the water and relaxed; letting gravity take over feeling what he filled me with make its way out my ass and down my legs.

       I felt his arms come around my waist and those soft kisses being planted on my back. I told him I didn't want him to get a swelled head, but he was a ‘fucking stallion’ in bed!

       He rested his chin on my shoulder from behind and said, "I know what you're thinking. And I want you to stop it."

       I asked him if he felt different now; felt different about me.

       "Ryan, I feel different every time I look at you; your face, those eyes, your colors, the way your skin tastes; it's always different. If you're worried about the after thing, let it go, Rye, nothing is going to change."


       I turned in his arms resting my forehead on his and said, "Things will change, Robby. It's inevitable; not that I want them to, but when it happens, don't feel bad, OK."

       "Ryan, why are you saying that; things don't have to change, they can't," he said, his head still resting against mine.

       "Robby, you're going to be sixteen in a couple weeks; you are hot as fuck and honestly; you know how to move and what to do, even for a virgin. Did you feel what you did to me, for fucks sake?” I finally asked.

       “Girls will be throwing themselves at you,” I continued, “and well; well things will change. What we have is not something that can be shared openly and that's a big part of a relationship. You will want that, and know one, not even me, can blame you for that. It's natural."

       He started to say something and I interrupted by saying, "Ok, we won't talk about it now, but remember this conversation." We walked out of the shower and dried off then crawled into bed. He was on his back and I rolled over resting my head on his chest with him putting his arm around me.

       At almost the same time we both said, "I've missed our bed." He started writing on my back with his finger again and I told him I felt it when he did it a few nights ago and he said he did too.

       When I woke up we had moved in our sleep; for the first time I think. I was on my side with him behind me; his arm over me, his leg bent at the knee over mine, and his thickness resting against my ass.

       I looked over at the clock and was surprised that it was 10:30. I don't know what time we fell asleep but the length of our slumber was well deserved. I replayed last night over in my head; just the thought made me smile and was making me hard.

       I felt his grip tighten on me and I backed into him more. "Ryan," he said, as he pushed his dick against me.

       "You are a little fucking horn dog you know that? I've created a monster." I told him.

       "Yes, I am. And, yes you did." was his response. He said, "What I was going to say; before I was so rudely interrupted, was, I love waking up like this."


       We laid like that for awhile and he said "I don't like not knowing what you're thinking. When we were at home, I could feel what you were thinking. I knew you had changed your mind about going to New York before you said anything. I could even hear you screaming, I love you, in your head."

       I said, "You mean when we were in Virginia." He said that's what I said. "No Rob. You said when we were at home." I rolled over in his arms assuming the position I fell asleep in last night. When we were like this; it seemed we were equals. Age and size didn't exist, dominant and submissive didn't exist, it was just us, the way we were together.

       He was drawing on my back again, this time, he wrote 'my turn tonight'. I knew he could feel me smile with my face on his chest. I was wondering if I could wait that long.

       We both needed to pee and got up at the same time heading for the toilet closet. I let him win and walked into the shower turning it on. When the water was warm, I peed in there. Ha ha.


       He came in behind me putting his arms around me saying, "Ryan, that lube; the stuff from last night, it was different wasn't it? I have never lasted that long, my dick felt kind of numb." adding that it was a little tender this morning.

       "Really; what do you mean, Jr.?" I asked, smiling to myself.

       I told him it had a little something extra in it but it won't hurt you. I looked at his dick, and sure enough, it was a little red.

       He was turning red and asked, "Are you ok, Ryan?"

       I nodded my head, "YES, I'm ok, Robby. Even if I wasn't, it was worth it."


       "Ryan, I don't want to know about Zach right now, but when I do, will you tell me?"

       I told him, when he asked, I would tell him, but added; I got my weed from Zach and I didn't want it to bother him.

       I told him that I would never do anything to hurt him and would never do anything to make him question that he was the only one I loved, adding, I promise.

       He said he had never felt like he did last night at the club. He knew he was acting like an ass but he couldn't help it. I told him I thought that's why it was important to tell him I loved him. He needed to know; needed to hear me say it.

       We rinsed, walked out of the shower, and toweled off. We stood; looking at ourselves in the mirror admiring each other. I said as I put my arm around him, "We look good together." and he nodded.

       I told him he should go and unpack; adding we could take our dirty clothes to the cleaners and he should go out and practice a little while I made a few phone calls.

       I wanted to call Parker and find out what happened after we left. I also wanted to call Mike and see what was going on tonight. I put my cutoffs on and walked around the house. It didn't look like mom had been home since I left.

       I called Mike first; he was having a few people over tonight; Rob and I were more than welcome. And if I brought more weed, he would be grateful.

       I called Parker and Cass answered, immediately giving me another ear full. She said again what an ass, Zach was, then filled me in on what happened after we left. Evidently, not much and she asked how Rob was. I assured her he was good.

       "I really like him, Ryan," she told me and felt bad for him last night.

       I told her we had talked and worked things out, everything was good. She told me she was sorry for saying I was no better than Zack. Adding, I was nothing like him. I thanked her and we said goodbye.

       I called mom at Clint's. I told her about the trip and that we were home but we’re going to Mike's tonight and would see her when she came home. It wasn't even noon yet and I could tell she had been drinking already.

       I called the Gentleman making a reservation for 7 and asked to talk to Harold, but he wasn't there yet. I made a cup of coffee and stood on the deck watching my little man.

       He was doing everything I had taught him. He was focused, concentrating, his eyes closed, and feeling his surroundings with his other senses. He looked so fucking hot with the sun shining on his shirtless body, the colors around him almost blinding.

       I sat down on the step and just watched him. I knew everything I told him last night, that things would change, would come to pass, and it made me very sad; overwhelming so.

       I knew we had time; things wouldn't change today or tomorrow, but they would. I thought about last night and what he had given me and then I thought about Dave. Dave had taken from me what I knew was meant for Robby and I grew sadder.


       These emotions that were flooding me, feelings of love and sadness, and all of it was right at the surface. This was not, Ryan Chancellor. I was always in control; shit like this didn’t get to me. ‘Looking back on it’; I was going through a transformation, I was growing, changing, and Robby was the key.     

       My eyes filled with tears then rolled down my cheeks and I just allowed it to happen. The realization of the void Robby filled becoming so clear. He really was becoming everything to me, completing the circle. My heart truly was overflowing with the love I felt for him.

       I don’t know why but I let my mind wandered to when that day would come. What would cause it? Would it be me or him? Could I handle the emptiness that I knew would follow?

       I squeezed my eyes shut, wanting to push those thoughts from my mind. I knew; I could tell if I didn't get a hold of myself, I was going to completely lose it. I didn't want that and I sure didn't want Robby to see it.

       I was trying everything to calm myself down but the realization of how I felt about him and what was happening to us was front and center in my thoughts. I opened my eyes and saw Robby standing in the yard looking at me; tears rolling down his cheeks as he walked up to me.

       "Ryan, why, why do you hurt so much?” he asked. “I can feel it, I feel it all," he told me. I couldn't answer him, even if I tried. He sat on the step in front of me leaning his head back against me and it made me feel better. We sat for a while and his calming effect on me was surprising.


       "What is it, Rye?" he asked.

       "It's everything, Robby. I think it's just the balance of things. With happiness and joy, there's sadness. With love there's heartache, and I think the negative was taking over, but I feel better now."

       "You said you would never lie to me, Ryan" he stated.

       I said, "Ok, I'm starting to feel better."

       He told me that even though we weren't at home, he could still feel me. He said he was sitting in the yard and a wave of sadness came over him. He knew it was me. He knew I was hurting.

       Then he said something that caught me off guard. His wisdom and understanding of me took me completely by surprise. "Rye, if me feeling what's in your heart means I have feel the pain too, that's a cross I will gladly bare. I can feel how much you love me, Ryan, even here."

       He turned around and knelt in front of me putting his hand on my chest over my heart and closed his eyes. After a minute, he opened them and said, "That's better." He didn't take my pain on himself, he just set it free. And I did feel better, a lot better.

       He took my hand resting it over his heart then said, "Close your eyes, Rye." I told him I could feel it and he said, "Don't just feel it. Remember it, and never forget." I knew he was talking about the love he had for me. Our connection was still growing, even here.

                             From the Author:

       So there you have it. True to his word, Rob made love to me. We had known each other five months and I hope the wait was worth it, I know it was for me. Over the next few chapters our lives are changed by circumstances beyond our control and we deal with it as a couple. I have asked you to keep an open mind when reading our story and I hope you are finding enjoyment in getting to know us.



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