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                           Robby and Ryan Chapter IV

       I woke up about 6, with Rob's back pushed up against mine. I could feel the heat radiating from his body and really didn't want to get out of bed, ever. We got up, dressed in our work clothes, and went to Millie's for a quick breakfast before heading to work.

       I looked at him and said, "You should probably take off my necklace," that he had been wearing all weekend and he remarked he had forgotten he was still wearing it.

       Walt was making coffee when we pulled in about 7:00 and made our way up to the shop. Rob played down the family gathering, saying it was all right, adding to the lie, my cousin, Cassidy, was a real fox.

       I went home Monday after work and smoked a little then picked up my guitar and practiced the songs I had in my repertoire. All I could think of was Rob, and how I was missing him after our weekend together.

       I went to eat at Wendy's, came home and went to bed. As I lay there, again, I was thinking about Rob; wishing he was in bed with me. I couldn't help it; I closed my eyes and replayed the weekend in my mind.

       I lightly ran my fingers over my skin remembering how I felt touching him until I held my smooth balls in one hand. I took my dick in my other hand and beat it like a crazy man. Within minutes; maybe only seconds, I shot a huge load that reached all the way to my neck. And that's what I did every night that week.


       The rest of the week wasn't too bad and Walt was teaching me a lot. He was introducing me to most of the contractors we served, as Ryan, his number two. I was catching on real fast and Walt asked if I wanted to pick up any of the Saturday shifts.

       He added that our hours on Saturday were changing and were going to be 9 am to noon. Then he told me I could have Rob to do any grunt work. I told him I would look at the calendar and tell him next week which days I would work.

       Friday rolled around and Rob came to me asking what we were doing this weekend. I looked at him and said I had to work tomorrow night; which was a lie, and I still needed to pick up my suits from Josh. My weekend was pretty full. Robby didn't much care for that.

       Honestly, I had made plans to go to Dave's apartment tonight to hang, kick back, and relax. I don't know why I didn't just tell Rob the truth. Not long after Walt hired me he was having trouble finding reliable guys to work. I recommended Dave, who was the older brother of a friend, and he was working out well.

       I firmed up the plan with Dave saying I would go home, get cleaned up, and then come by. He needed to get the beer. I rolled a fatty and headed to Dave's wearing a pair of tight but comfortable cut-offs; with the weather still being warm, a button-down shirt, and sandals.

       Dave was 19 years old, two years older than me. He was around 6' tall, about 180 pounds, and was built. His red hair seemed to look good even when he took his hat off. He could run his fingers through the red locks and they would just fall into place.

       I never looked at Dave as somebody I wanted to have sex with; he seemed to be someone that I could just hang with. Dave answered the door and told me to make myself at home; he was going to take a shower.

       I sat down and opened a beer as a naked Dave made his way out of the bedroom to the bathroom. I took note of his very impressive cock that he made no attempt to hide. It was thick, looked a little heavy, and about five inches long, not completely soft. Fuck, I wouldn’t have tried to hide it either.

       I got up and turned on the radio as Dave came and stood in the doorway to the living room. He was naked, drying his hair and I couldn't help but look at his thickness, wondering if he beat off in the shower. And shit, he caught me.

       He asked, "See something you like?" with a smile on his face and a raised brow. I looked up at him and recommended, "Maybe you should put that monster away before it pokes someone's eye out, you fuckin Clydesdale." He laughed and walked into his bedroom.

       I was pretty sure I didn't give off any tell tail signs that I liked guys; I sure didn't think Dave did either. Boy, was my gaydar wrong. He came back into the living room in a pair of holy shorts, sitting down next to me, adjusting himself. I could see it through a hole; I couldn't help but look again.

       I could feel my dick getting hard as I reached into my pocket and produces the joint I had rolled earlier, torching it up. Dave said, "Cool." as I handed it to him. Then he told me how smoking weed made him crazy Horney. He looked down at my crotch and said, "Looks like it has the same effect on you too."

       He was right; it had been awhile, a long while actually since I had any boy loving, or any loving, for that matter. I certainly couldn’t count last weekend. Well, one thing led to another, and the next thing I knew we were naked on his bed stroking each other. I have no idea how it happened.

       I spit in my hand and was stroking him when I just couldn't help it; I turned and lowered myself down taking his huge dick in my mouth. I took as much of his monster as I could and slowly moved around into what I was hoping would turn into a 69 fun fest, it did.

       All I could think about was Robby; sucking him, feeling his tight ass as I pull myself down, forcing me to swallow him. My eyes flew open when Dave slid my dick into his mouth, but they closed again. The thought of Robby making love to me with his mouth warmed me from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.

       Dave's crotch was wet with my spit and slobber from sucking him and I started to rub my finger around his tight hole; he moaned and I felt it around the part of me he held in his mouth. I worked a finger into him while sucking as much of his huge slab as I could. But it was Robby I was sucking and holding.

       I felt his prostate and stroked it a few times, feeling him flex in my mouth, and tasting him. Then I pulled my finger out, replaced it with two, and Dave pushed back against my offer.

       I had learned about good boy sex a year and a half ago. I knew how to make a prostate feel real good; he was patient, teacher. I pulled my fingers from his ass knowing what he wanted; he wanted me inside him and I was going to give him what he wanted.

       I pulled my wet meat from his mouth and he rolled onto his back and raised his knees as I moved around and took aim. I pushed his legs up allowing him to rest them on my shoulder; giving me that angle, ‘you know the one’, and I slowly entered him.

       His hole was so wet and tight as I played with his entrance, sliding just the head through his ring, stretching it, teasing it, then I hit his button and he clamped on. I rubbed over it with my flared head; I could feel it, and the position we were in was the best angle to milk him, real good.

       I was stroking and teasing him when he couldn't take it anymore and pulled all of me into him, slow and deep. As I started fucking him with earnest; again I closed my eyes and thought of Rob; taking what I was offering; wanting me, wanting to please me.

       Even when I opened my eyes, I saw Robby’s face, not Dave. I needed to make him feel things he never had before, feel my love, my desire for him, and return it in the way I so desperately craved.

       Dave was whimpering and telling me how good I felt, but all I heard was Robby's sweet voice complementing my lovemaking technique. I had been pounding him for a while when he told me I was going to make him cum. I stroked his dick hard, as we both erupted in orgasm.

       He pulled me down and kissed me tenderly as we continued to pump out what we had pulled from each other. Dave lowered his legs down from my shoulders and I rose up looking down on him smiling, seeing Robby’s dreamy eyes looking back at me; my mind, my body, still feeling only Robby.

       Then it was like the smoke cleared, my eyes focused, and I saw Dave’s face. Oh… Fuck, what had I done? A wave washed over me and all of the sudden, I felt sick. Dave wrapped his legs around my ass pulling me in as deep as he could. I was looking at him, but I was seeing Robby again.


       He pulled me down and kissed me with more passion than the last and I kissed him back, closing my eyes, tasting and feeling Robby's sweet lips. He released his hold and told me he had never had sex like that before, adding it was the best.

       I was seeing Dave now and I told him he was pretty good himself; but I knew in my heart and my mind I was making love to Robby, not having sex with Dave. What have I done? I had given Dave a part of me; something that I felt was never meant for him. Something I had never given anybody.


       I was really starting to feel sick now; I knew I had to get out of there but Dave wanted some afterglow cuddling. I think he wanted me to spend the night with him. I told him how hot he was, and that even though it was a real good time, we never should have done this.

       I was trying to let him down easy and I was going to head home. I eased my now softening unit from his ass and looked down at the huge amount of cum leaking out of his stretched hole. I had cum a bucket full making love to Robby.

       I was picking up my clothes and he said, "You could stay, Chancellor." I looked into his green eyes and told him I was sorry, but I didn't think that was such a good idea. I really needed to go. I felt like such an ass.

       I had used him in the worst way to fulfill my desire, lust, and need for Robby. I dressed, walked out of his apartment, and got into my car.

       I sat there; my head on the steering wheel, trying to understand what I was feeling, and why. I opened my car door and threw up. I drove home; thankfully it wasn't far, my mind was not on driving, it was swimming in regret. I shouldn't have done this.

       I got home, walking into an empty house. My mom again staying at her boyfriend's and me feeling alone. I made my way to the bedroom and shed my clothes. Smelling of man sex, I threw them into the laundry basket and stepped into the shower.

       I stood under the hot water for a long time. I was thinking about what I had done and what Monday was going to be like. I could tell Dave was hoping for more when I left him. I'm not sure what more he wanted from me, but that was just not going to happen.

       I walked out of the shower, dried off, and went into the sitting room. I sat down at my piano, naked, and just started playing. I felt so strange; something I had never felt before. I think it was guilt. I was feeling like I had cheated on Robby and I couldn't figure out why.

       We had only spent a little time together, but it felt like so much more, and I knew I never wanted to hurt him. I played for hours until my fingers and hands ached, then got up and went to bed. I grabbed Rob's pillow; smelling his faint scent while pulling it close to me, wishing it was him and fell asleep.

       I woke up Saturday morning a little after six; my inner alarm clock just wouldn't let me sleep any longer, so I got up. I walked out onto the deck and sat down in the lounge chair, still naked. I was happy that our yard was secluded and I couldn't be seen by the neighbors as I lay in the morning sun watching it start to rise in the sky and warming my body.

       I took a few hits off a roach I had brought out with me and I knew what I had to do. I needed to distance myself from Rob. I couldn't let whatever this was, to continue, or grow. I couldn't let my heart lead me down a path that nothing good could come from.

       I spent the whole weekend eating when necessary, smoking to numb my brain, and playing my guitar and piano to heal the loneliness; the guilt I was feeling. I went to bed Sunday night resolute in my decision to just slow things down with Rob, but still wondering how I was going to handle Dave.


       I didn't sleep well that night and woke up at about 5:45; by 6:15, I was sitting in Millie's restaurant having breakfast. Millie sat down across from me and asked "What's wrong, honey? You look like you ran over your dog." knowing that I didn't have one.

       Millie had known me for years; she knew my mother was an alcoholic, even though I wouldn't admit it to myself. I assured her I was fine. She said “ok” as she got up, and added, "If you ever need to talk sweetie, I'm a good listener." I finished my breakfast, laid a ten on the table for a five dollar meal, and headed to work.

       I got to the yard right after Walt and Rob. I walked up to the shop, desperately trying to put a little spring in my step. They both greeted me; Rob with a big smile; but it faded the longer he looked at me.

       I returned a weak, forced grin, and in unison, they said, "Tuff weekend," more as a statement than a question. I replied I might have played a little too hard.

       Rob looked at me for the longest time; his eyes, seeming to search mine, asking 'what's wrong'. It was so strange; I wanted to apologize to him. I felt I needed to say "I'm sorry." For what, I wasn't sure.

       The guys started to show up; I wasn't looking forward to Dave’s arrival because, well, just because. Somehow, it wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought it would be.

       I walked down to the office, got my orders, and started work; anything to keep my brain busy. I managed to avoid both Rob and Dave most of the day, but as I was finishing my last order, Rob found me.

       "Are you OK, Skate?" He asked. "You're acting a little strange," I assured him I was fine. He studied my reply; looking at me, like he did this morning, tilting his head, like wanting to believe me, his eyes searching mine.

       Then in a completely different tone; his eyes still locked on mine, I think more intense than anyone had before, pulling me in. He asked, "Ryan, have I done something wrong; something to make you mad?" That just made me sick to my stomach and made my heart melt at the same time.


       I smiled at him and said, "You could never do that, Robby." I went on to explain that I had a lot on my mind. I had to meet with Chuck this weekend to talk about my grandparent's estate and I might have to go to Virginia next month.

       That seemed to put him at ease a little and we walked down to the office as the guys were leaving. I saw Dave get into his car and he looked at me for a long time before starting it up and driving away. I felt like a heel.


       As the week went on I was watching Walt a little closer and noticed he was pocketing a lot of the cash from our retail customers. I thought that was a little greedy considering he was being paid four grand a month.

       He would always ask if they were paying with a card or check. And he would say if they were paying cash, he could work them a deal. It wasn't a huge amount, but it was a hundred or two a day, maybe more.

       I had to work that Friday night and still had not picked up my suits from Josh. Again, I dressed down a little and went off to my night job. Around 7:00 Miss Brown came in and I greeted her.

       Her smile faded as she approached me and she paused. "Your colors honey, where are your beautiful, colors?" She asked with a tilted head. I shrugged at her and asked if she was dining alone. She walked over to a long bench we had for waiting, customers, patting the spot next to her; motioning me to sit.

       She took my hand and looked at me for a minute then said, "You just won't accept it, will you? You can feel it, you know I'm right. Don't fight this honey, is has been this way every time. He has figured it out but the poor thing doesn’t know it yet, but he will soon."


       I stood offering a hand to her again, thanking her and saying I would show her to her table.

       I handed her the menu and she looked at me and said, "I know you think I'm crazy, Ryan, but I can see things, you just need to accept it and let your heart lead you." I smiled and told her to enjoy dinner then walked back to the front desk.

       She was right; I did think she was bat shit crazy, but something about her seemed genuine. I couldn't get what she said out of my head. I went home that night, sat at my piano thinking about Robby and what Sylvia said.

       Was Robby who she was talking about? Honestly, I had no fucking idea what she was talking about. But I couldn't deny I felt better when Rob was around. Actually, I felt fucking fantastic when he was with me; like being complete, whole. I caved and knew, regardless, I had to have him close to me, always.

       When I woke up in the morning; I lay there in bed, thinking of how I could spend more time with Rob, without it seeming strange to others. Everybody thought I was nineteen. What could a guy my age be doing hanging around a kid not even sixteen yet?

       I decided to drive to the shop and visit with Walt for a little while. We were talking when I just blurted out; the kid that took care of our yard couldn't do it anymore.


       I asked if he thought Robby might want to do it for extra money, saying that my mom would pay him. I don't even know where in the hell that came from, but I had said it. Walt called Rob over the outdoor intercom telling him to come to the office; he walked in a minute later.

       Walt presented my offer to him and he complained that our yard was like a park, it would take him hours, but he agreed. I was jumping inside and Walt asked me when he needed to do it. I said he could start it today if he wanted, he could drop him off after work. I went home and dug out an old lawn mower we had and left it in the back yard.

       Walt came by with Rob about 12:15; he commented that the yard was like a park. He said the house looked beautiful and Rob added that he should see the inside. I told Walt Rob could spend the night or I could just keep him till Monday, and he agreed.

       I took Rob out back showing him the lawn mower and telling him that I hadn't picked up my suits yet and had some errands to run; I would be back later.

       I could hardly hold back my laughter when he looked at me and said, "I am supposed to do the yard with this?"

       I said, "What! That's grass, and that's a lawn mower," turning and starting to walk away.

       "SKATE" I turned and he said, "Really? I'm doing all this, with this little piece of shit?"

       I couldn't hold back the laughter any longer and said, "No Jr. The landscapers come on Monday. This was just an excuse so we could spend more time together without people thinking it was strange."


       He looked at me with a smile and said, "You fucker," and added, "I don't care what people think."


       "Well, I do Rob. People could get the wrong idea and I don't want that." I pushed the mower back into the shed and told him I wasn't even sure if the thing ran, and said, "Let’s go get my suits."


       We walked into the store and were greeted by a very happy Josh; giving Rob a pat on the arm and me a hug. "You just missed Parker," he said and asked, "You going to Banner's party tonight?"


       I gave him a look and said I was thinking of maybe swinging by, but I was here to pick up my suits and a couple of shirts, and maybe a few things for Rob. I was still feeling a little guilty about Dave; buying Robby some new clothes I thought would lessen the guilt some, and it did.

       We got back to my house with bags of clothes and I told Rob he should go hang them up in his closet. I followed him into his room and watched as he laid the stuff out on the bed and began to hang them up.

       He was saying I didn't have to buy him stuff, and then he asked about the party. I told him that the party was nothing special and I wasn't sure; but if he wanted to go, we could. He jumped at the offer, saying yes he wanted to go. And to be honest, everybody was expecting me.

       The fact was this was like the biggest party of the year. Banner had killer parties; it was his nineteenth birthday, and I knew there was going to be hundreds of people. He had been planning this for months. There was going to be a band, a big bonfire, and kegs of beer.

       I told Rob he could take a shower if he wanted and dress down a little, adding that the party was going to be outside. I told him I was good because I took a shower this morning and headed to my room to get changed.

       Rob followed me asking along the way if he could use my shower and I said, "I guess so, but no jacking off." I was dressed when he finished and was standing in front of the mirror doing my hair when he came around the corner drying himself off.


       He wrapped the towel around his waist so it was hanging low. I was looking at the sweet blond hair between the towel and his navel when he said, "I love your shower."

       I smiled at him and without thinking I said, "You are a hot little fucker you know that?"


       He looked in the mirror and smiled back and said, "I wish I was bigger, like you."

       "Someday" I replied, and walked out of the bathroom, adding let's get the lead out Jr.

       Rob went into his room and came out wearing his black star jeans and a white button-down shirt, to me being all in black. I gave him back my necklace to put on and told him he looked great; and said, "Let’s go."


       We walked through the house to the laundry room, and out to the garage. I told him we'd take the truck tonight, and flipped the light on. Rob said, "Holy fuck, Skate! That's your truck?" I replied, "Yep! How do you like it?"

       My truck, which I had hardly driven since I got my car, was a 1974 Ford Ranger 250 XLT 4 by 4. It was metallic blue with custom white pin stripping that incorporated 15 little stick figures in various sexual positions. It was jacked up a little with big tires and shiny wheels.

       I asked him jokingly if he needed a boost to get in and he replied he thought he could make it, and hopped in.

       It was just as nice on the inside; with black interior, bucket leather seats with a console in the middle, and just as nice of a stereo as my car had.


       I opened the garage door with the opener and started it up. Rob said, "This is so… fucking cool!"

       I asked, "Wendy's triple?" as I backed out letting the garage door close.

       It was a little after 8 when we left Wendy's, stuffed to the point of pain, and headed to Banner's. It was about a half hour drive and as we were getting close Rob said, "Look at all that smoke. I wonder if someone's house is on fire." I knew what it was and just smiled.

       As we got about a quarter mile from Banner's house, there were cars lined up on both sides of the rural road. I drove past the house and turned around to find a closer place to park. I stopped and jumped out, telling Rob I was going to lock in the hubs; we were going to make our own parking spot.

       I got back in the truck and Robby said, "No fucking way Skate. This is the party? There must be hundreds of people here."

       With a smile, I said, "Yes, this is it. I told you I would take you to a real party sometime, didn’t I?" Banner's parties could get a little out of hand.

       I put the truck into 4 low and found a spot where I could squeeze between two cars and then head on into the ditch, up the other side, and turned the truck off.

       I looked over and said, "OK, here's the deal Rob. I don't want you getting shit faced. I want you to have a good time, but I don't want you puking in my truck on the way home. OK?" He said he wouldn't and asked how many people I thought were here. I answered, "A couple hundred I suppose," adding, no big deal.

       It was starting to get dark and we could see sparks flying in the air from the fire and could hear the music as we came out into the 10-acre field.

       The fire was huge, probably about 20 feet around and 10 feet high. There were hundreds of people gathered around the flames and makeshift stage. We made our way over to the table holding the kegs.

       I saw Banners' sister standing there with a big hat saying, "Pay up, Ryan," giving me a kiss on the cheek and asking who the little hottie was. I dropped a twenty into the hat and introduced Pam to Rob.

       We got a couple beers then weaved through the crowd acknowledging people along the way and I was introducing Rob. We made our way to the stage and Rob asked if that was Parker on the keyboard? As I said yes, I heard my name through the huge speakers.

       Mike, his girlfriend Cindy, along with some of the group from a couple weeks ago came up and joined us.

        Mike wrapped his arm around my neck and said, "I think you have something that belongs to me Hollywood." I smiled at Mike, Rob smile at me, and I winked at him.

       I reached in my pants pocket and pulled out his lighter then dug in my shirt pulling out a joint using his lighter to torch the herb. I gave Mike back his lighter and passed the joint to Rob.


       At the same time, he and Mike asked, "Did you dust this?" with Mike calling me Hollywood and Rob calling me Skate. I smiled at both of them then told Rob he could share with him, aiming my head at Mike, adding, if you want.

       I looked up as I heard Park call out my name again; motioning me to come up on stage. I had half expected this; I'd played with most of them before, but was hoping to have a few more beers in me before I did my thing.

       I downed my beer and half of Rob's, took another big hit, then headed up on stage. I turned around as I was walking up the makeshift stairs and saw Mike talking to Rob. Mike had his arm around his neck talking in his ear; Rob was nodding and looking up at me.

       I got up on stage and was going over what I was going to do with Parker and the guys. I picked up Parker's guitar, checking it for tune. I turned around and stepped up to the microphone. For the first time I saw I was right; there were hundreds of people.

       I yelled out happy birthday to Banner then turned around and looked at the guys then faced the crowd again. ‘Jonny Be Good’ by Chuck Berry; that's what it was going to be.

       I hit the strings with a vengeance, this was about the best thing I could do on a guitar, and I smoked. The guitar was screaming; my head down, eyes closed, fingers flying, finding every cord. I lifted my head, opened my eyes, and started singing. Everybody went wild.

       The guys sounded great and Park harmonized so well with my voice. On the second verse, I replaced Johnny with Robby, looking down at him, smiling. He was shaking his head back and forth; Mike along with some others were hitting Rob in the arm and laughing.

       I drug the song out so everybody could do a little solo, showing their shit. We ended to a thunderous applause, including Rob, who was whistling so loud I could hear him over the crowd.

       I looked down making eye contact with Cindy and curled my index finger, motioning her to come up. We had sung together before, we did this song as a duet and sounded real good.

       It was ‘Crusin’ by Smoky Robinson; I think maybe Huey Lewis or Gwyneth Paltroe might have been there because they did the song a quarter century later. I walked over to the steps as Cindy made her way to the stage slapping me in the shoulder. She was yelling "What in the hell are you doing, Ryan?"

       I put my arm around her, pulling her close so I could talk in her ear. I told her what song we were going to do, assuring her she would be a hit. This really was a spur of the moment thing.

       We stepped up to the mic; I started and she joined in. We were getting into it, sharing the same mic, and singing the song to each other. Everybody loved it, including Cindy.

       We finished to the crowd yelling for more; she kissed me on the cheek saying into my ear "You are really a fucker, Ryan." and made her way off stage. I held up my hands surrendering; telling the crowd I needed a drink; maybe later.

       Parker and I walked down the steps with an arm around each other as Banner made his way to the stage. We joined the group; Parker saying hi to Rob and everybody, and Mike asking if I was trying to steel his girlfriend.


       Rob put his arm around my neck and said, "There goes another layer of that onion," shaking his head. "You are something else, Skate!"

       I told him I was glad he liked it and said, "Yes. I am something else." I smiled at him and pulled another joint from my pocket asking for a light.

       I turned to Mike and he handed me his lighter, saying he was watching me. I lit it and distracted Mike by hollering at some friends behind him. Mike turned and I disappeared into the crowd with Rob on my heels, and Mike's lighter in my hand.

       We mingled around for a few hours; I did a couple more songs and caught up on what had been going on with friends that I hadn't seen in a while. It was pushing on 1; we were having a nice mellow time and were all a little buzzed.

       Rob wasn't drinking much and I was happy for that. I really didn't want him to puke in my truck. The party had died down to 50 or so people and I was trying to get Penny off me. She had been hanging on me every chance she got; Rob was about 20 feet away.

       I saw some commotion out of the corner of my eye; this huge footballer looking guy had pushed Rob to the ground. I fucking lost it and was if front of that guy like a flash.

       I didn't wait; I planted my feet and hit him square in the chest with both hands, locking my elbows, driving every bit of strength I had into making sure this guy went down. He was fucking huge.

       I took a karate stance and said, "Dude! What's your fucking problem?" then relaxed just a little.

       He announced, "That little fucker was hitting on my girlfriend." as he started getting up, looking pissed. I glanced back and saw Rob getting up.


       I said to the guy "Look at him! He could have any girl here," Then resumed my stance, hoping he didn't know karate, and continued. "What would ever make you think he would hit on your hag of a girlfriend?" and it was on.

       He lunged at me; I spun around as he passed, then put my foot in his ass, pushing him down on his face. I said, "If you got a problem with him, then you got a problem with me too, asshole."


       Parker stepped up with a few others behind him and said, "I think your gonna have a bigger problem with the rest of us too."

       I nodded at Parker and said "I got this." Fat ass stood up and took a kind of boxing stance like he wanted to fight.


       I backed up putting a little distance between us. I did my best Bruce Lee impression; bending my head over to each shoulder, like I was cracking my neck, then took my position.

       I said, "Dude, you even think about it; I'm going to kick you in that ugly face of yours about three times before you hit the ground; then I'm going to stomp on your little balls."

       I heard Park behind me saying to Rob, "This is going to be good. I've seen him do this shit before." Fat ass looked around at everybody hearing what Parker said.

       He glared at me and said "I don't want to fight dude." then he looked at his girlfriend saying, "Let's go."


       I relaxed and took a deep breath as Penny came running up, wrapping her arms around me. Everybody came up saying shit like "I wanted to see you kick his ass," from Park.

       And Mike saying, "Just like last year, Hollywood."

       Banner asked, "What is it about my parties, Chancellor. You always whined up kicking somebody's ass."

       Robby stepped up and said, "I didn't say anything to his girlfriend, honest Skate."

       "It's OK Rob. Are you alright?" I asked.


       "Yes," He replied. "He just pushed me down, the fucker was huge. Where in the hell did you come from anyway? I hit the ground and the next thing you were standing in front of that guy, and he was on his ass."


       I said, "I'll always have your back, Rob."

       Penny pulled me away from the group going on and on. She wanted me to take her home and fuck her. That wasn't going to happen; not tonight, or ever again.

       Finally, I just pulled her arms from my neck yelling at her "NO! Now will you just leave me the fuck alone," Drawing looks from most everybody.


       We had been down this road before; last year, at the same party. She raised her hand but I leaned back as she swung, and missed. But she did get me with a full beer in the face, calling me a son of a bitch, and then stormed off.

       I walked back to the group taking off my shirt. Mike said laughing, "Yep, just like last year, Hollywood."

       "What can I say fucker; she just can't take no for an answer," I replied. Then I added, "Yes. I remember what happened on my birthday last year."


       I told everyone we really needed to hit the road and we said our goodbyes. I said bye to Park and he reminded me his dad was coming to my house tomorrow.


       Then he wrapped his arms around my neck and put his lips to my ear. "Ryan, what are you doing? Anybody who knows you like I do can see what's going on with Robby. You should see how you look at him. I don't want to see you get hurt or anything."

       I pulled away a little, looked him in the eyes, and said "I can't fuckin explain it, Park." then I pulled away completely.

       I yelled good night to everyone and told Banner that he should invite a few more people next year. With that, we headed for the truck. I backed out of the ditch and told Rob to unlock the hubs and shifted back into 2 high as he got back in.

       I looked over and asked, "Did you have a good time Rob?"

       "Skate, I've never known anybody like you," he replied.

       "Is that a good thing?" I countered.

       "You seem to have it all; most everybody there knew you, or knew who you were. How do you know so many people, Skate?"

       "So what are you trying to say, Robby?" I asked.

       "I don't know." and then he asked, "So what's the story with Penny? You could have taken her home, and there were other girls that would have taken you in a minute."


       "Well Rob, Penny took advantage of me at my birthday party last year; by morning, she was telling everyone she was my girlfriend. If I had been in my right mind and not so fucking Horney, I wouldn't have fucked her; even with your dick.”

       “She's a user Jr. All she wants is a popular guy so she can be somebody, and there are some that think I'm kind of popular. She still makes me Horney, but I would rather beat off than go through that shit again. This was like a total rerun of last year, it's so wild."


       "I can see why girls would want to be your girlfriend Ryan. You are an awesome guy." Then he asked, "Were you serious when you told that fat fucker that I could have any girl there?"

       "Sure," I replied, and added, "Any girl there that likes trolls." and laughed.

       He reached over and hit me on the arm and said, "You're such a dick, Skate."

       I looked over at him and said, "Seriously Robby, you might not see it, but you are a little fox. When you grow a little more, you are going to be so fucking hot girls will be hanging all over you. Not like me of course, but you'll have your fair share."

                             From the author:

       So, here we are. I truly hope I'm not boring you to tears. This is a labor of love for me, and I am doing my best to introduce us to you. Some interesting things happen to us in the next few chapters and I hope you have the patients to continue reading. Feel free to comment, I would encourage it. And if you are so inclined to leave a rating, be honest.



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