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                             Robby and Ryan Chapter IIX

                                      From the Author:

The next two chapters recount the last few days of our trip and reality slaps me in the face. We come to the realization that we are different. Who we are and what we are starts to sink in. I hope you enjoy this chapter as much as you have the previous ones.


He wrapped his arms around me and planted sweet kisses on my back. It felt so tender and loving and he said, "We can skip dinner and just go to bed." continuing to plant those little kisses on my back.

"You little fucking horn dog, all in good time, Jr." I said, adding "You might need your strength."

I turned in his arms and leaned back against the counter and slid my hands down his sides to his ass and squeezed. His eyes had glazed over again and he said how he felt so good when I touched him and told me with such sincerity he thought I was so fucking hot.

"How do you mean that?" I asked.

He tilted his head to the side a little and asked,

"Don't you see it, Ryan, do I have to spell it out for you?" his fingers tracing over my chest.

Now, I have had people say that to me before; not to sound conceded, but I have. The way he said it though, I felt he saw something more; saw me in a different way. I told him, “It's what's on the inside, Robby. That’s what really counts.” and, said “Thank you.” As his fingers brushed across the mark he left on my neck.

I picked up the steaks and asked, “Medium OK for you?” as I headed out to the BBQ. The meat was awesome and we talked as we ate, sitting across from each other, our feet touching under the table.

The sun had almost set, it was cooling off, and was about 70 degrees when we finished. We cleaned up and grabbed the pipe and our drinks and walked back down to the old tree.

This time, I was the first to sit and he lay like I had earlier; his head in my lap and my hand on his chest. I took a hit off the pipe and blew him a nose hit.

He closed his eyes and again I afforded myself the luxury of admiring his fantastic body. We were both still in our cutoffs and I was able to study his body without the visual distraction of his thick dick.

I took in the sight of his bulging little arms, those long slender fingers, and that six pack atop the v that disappeared into his cutoffs; even his feet. I could get drunk just looking at him.

A small smile formed on his face but he didn't open his eyes. I continued my visual invasion on his body, committing it to memory. The smile on his face only grew and without opening his eyes he said, "I can feel you looking at me, Ryan?"

I asked him if it felt good as I slowly started finger walking down to the top of his shorts. I could feel him suck in his stomach, purposely making enough room for me to continue my voyage into his cutoffs.

I let my hand come to rest just inside his cutoffs so my fingers could touch his downy bush. He moved his head around a little in my lap, seeing if he could get a reaction out of me, he was successful.

We stayed like that until the sun went down and a chill came over the water. I told him we should go back up to the house. He said he would grab the blanket and I said I'll get the drinks and pipe.

We stopped on the deck for another hit off the pipe and I lit a cigarette. I got one good drag and he took it out of my mouth and put it out in a can I was using as an ashtray.

"You can smoke anytime, Chancellor,” he said and took my hand leading me inside, closing the door, and throwing the blanket on the sofa.

I said, "Ok, a shower, then bed." I smiled as we took the stairs one by one; he had never called me that before; Chancellor. I looked at him when we reached the landing and he kissed my hand.

I turned the water on and we dropped our cutoffs throwing them in the corner with our feet. I stepped in and he was right behind me; closing the curtain behind him.

We washed each other; paying extra attention to the best parts then dried off, brushed our teeth, and walked into the bedroom.

Letting his towel drop to the floor he looked over his shoulder at me then climbed on the bed. As I was admiring him; yet again, he reached his hand out to me in a way only a lover can do. I lowered myself down on top of him with the towel still around my waist. He pulled me towards him; our eyes closing as our lips joined. I pulled back just far enough to see his face as he opened his eyes and started to smile.

I said, "Robby; tonight is all about you. You have to promise me, if I get carried away, you will tell me to stop. Promise me, Rob."

As he pulled me back down to his lips again he said, "I promise."

We kissed with such passion, so much more than any other person I had ever kissed before. It wasn't just the way I was kissing him, it was the way I felt doing it; the way I felt about him, and the way he was kissing me back.

Twenty four hours had pass sense we had kissed for the first time; for me a decade had passed in the blink off an eye. How could I have lived so long and not felt beauty like this?

He was catching on to this kissing thing real well because he matched my moves like he was in my head. I was hard within seconds and I could feel him under me, hard as I was. Our tongues were mapping the inside of each others mouths as I ran my fingers through his hair.

I broke from the kiss so I could work my way down; wanting to start this wonderful adventure. I ran my tongue down his chin and sucked on his Adams apple before making my way to the side of his neck. Turn about is fair play, so I locked on for about five seconds and quickly made my way to the other side before he got wise.

After a few seconds, I distracted him by kissing my way to his left nipple and attaching my lips as he ran his fingers through my hair and pulled me harder to his bosom.

I pulled to his right, wanting to spread the pleasure around then pulled up and dove back to the same spot on his neck giving it about five hard sucks before returned to my journey back down his body.

I passed his nipples this time; kissing and nibbling my way down his tight stomach. I pushed and twisted my tongue in his navel and could feel him pushing up against me; him throbbing under my chin. It was like a rerun of last night, but I wasn't worried about after this time.

I lowered myself further down; passing his dick to those downy covered balls. My mouth; watering just like last night, I licked them a few times then sucked one in to my mouth and bathed in it spit. I had found his weakness. He pulled me harder showing he liked what I was doing and as I chewed on it a little harder he whimpered.

After drenching both of them, I slowly ran my tongue up his shaft. I squeezed with my hand on the way up and was rewarded at the head with a few pearls of honey. I was in fuckin heaven.

This time, I didn't stop there. I licked around his swollen head, letting it slide between my lips and into my mouth. His mushroom slid over my tongue to the back of my throat as my lips wrapped around his shaft.

‘Oh… My… Fuckin… God…’ Every sexual experience I ever had was forgotten. This was it. He was it and I knew my life had really just started.

I pulled back up with suction then pushed back down again. My own moaning was urging me on as much as the flavor and feel of him in my mouth at long last.

I used my hand on the up strokes and was losing control. I was trying to fight it, but it was useless. I kept stroking his shaft as I sucked him, just the way I like to be sucked, and it seemed to be working for him too.

I kept stroking him as I released him from my mouth and licked my way passed his balls and ran my tongue down his crack and rested it on his puckered hole.

I made circles around it using my spit as the best lube there is and slowly started invading him. The feel of his tight bud constricting on my tongue was heaven and I continued probing; trying to gain access as he drew his legs back a little.

I moved my other hand down; slowly and tenderly sliding my index finger around his opening. I worked my finger in to the first knuckle along with using my tongue to further lube up his virgin hole.

I twisted my finger around a little; teasing and adding pressure as he relaxed. When my finger cleared his tight muscle his ass sucked it in. His hole was flexing and relaxing as he was moving around trying to pull all of it in.

I slowly moved my finger around searching for what I knew was buried it there. When I brushed across it, he jerked and moaned “Oh fuck.” loud.

With my fingertip finding the target I was looking for; I rubbed in a circular motion and was surprised at the size of the ball hidden in his bowels.

I was still slowly jacking his shaft, massaging his prostate, and slowly I removed my finger replacing it with my tongue. I could feel the honey oozing from his geyser and it was flowing over my hand.

I ran my lips back up his shaft taking that moist head in again and slid down as far as I could while now rubbing two fingers around his opening. He was working his ass, trying desperately to receive my digital invasion and pushing into my mouth at the same time.

In a moment of clarity, I stopped and let his slab slid from my mouth. I looked up at him; both of us breathing hard and while still stroking his shaft I reminded him, "You promised me, Robby."

He opened his eyes and looked at me, heavy-lidded, demanding, "Don't you dare fuckin stop, Ryan!" and his eyes closed again.

He pulled his legs back more exposing all of himself to me. I tenderly applied more pressure to my fingers and they slid in and came to rest on his over-sized nut.

I knew what this felt like and was hoping he was enjoying it as much as I had my first time. My two fingers worked in concert as I massaged him and stroked his shaft, milking him of his sweet nectar.

I was taking my time and he was spewing pre-cum like a hose. He had a strangle hold on my fingers and was working his ass like a piston, grinding up and down.

My towel had bunched up and fallen to the side and my cock was leaking a huge amount of pre-cum, much like his, and I knew I would cum myself in the end.

With his dick still in my hand, pre-cum rolling down over me fingers and into his pubes; I knew he was getting close, so I slowed my attack on his pleasure spots.

I eased my mouth up and slowly took him down as far as I could, sucking and licking as I went, willing to wait for my reward. I was teasing him now; slowly giving him just enough to keep him on the edge.

He managed to get out a few words, "Rye... you're being so fuckin mean," he whimpered. It was sad but he was right on that count, but this was just as torturous for me as it was for him.

I was losing complete control; like I had done a huge line and was in sexual overload; like I would get with Zach, but in a totally different way. His moans were growing louder and his monster was like a steel rod.

He cried out my name and I started massaging him harder as I bobbed my head up and down in anticipation of his pending orgasm.

His ass locked around my fingers and his dick was flexed for what seemed like minutes and then it happened. He groaned and cried out and I could feel his ass contracting even harder and he fired off like a cum cannon.

The first blast was huge and shot with such force it felt like it might take out one of my tonsils. The second, third and forth were just as strong and produced as much cum as the first. I purposely allowed some to slide out of my mouth and used it as lube while I continue stroking and sucking him as I felt myself explode.

After about ten blasts he started to slow a bit and it was just flowing out at a steady pace; filling my mouth several more times, and I just kept swallowing. I managed to swallow his head and about an inch of him and we both came again, hard. My desire and love for him; along with his lube, over-riding my gag reflex.

I backed off then plunged back down again, taking his slippery unit back down my throat resting my lips in his bush and moaned with such satisfaction at the orgasms we had produced.

After a few more gentle pinches on his prostate, I tenderly removed my fingers as his disappointed moans filled the room. I was so fucking proud of myself. I looked up at him and saw he was rolling his head from side to side.

He had so much cum on his stomach and chest it was like a slip and slide. I licked a path up his torso; rubbing myself along him until I got to his neck. I sucked on the same spot I had earlier, knowing there would be a branding mark in the morning.

He couldn't wait to taste my lips and pulled me to him kissing me with such power and force, his desire took my breath away. There was a battle going on in our mouths and with every move of our heads the kissing sounds were growing louder and his hands moved down my back and came to rest on my ass.

The kiss ended with no clear winner and my body slid down enough for me to rest my head on his shoulder and I sucked on his neck a little more, just to make sure that both brands would be visible in the morning.

I waited for him to say something as he kept rolling his head from side to side. I knew he could feel my smile with my lips still resting on his neck. I was so fucking proud of myself and at that moment I was thankful for Zach being so tender with me my first time.

I ran a hand up and threw his hair then down his face and rested it on his chest over his heart. It was still beating like a drum and his breathing was labored as he was trying to speak.

He moved his hands up to my back and locked his arms, moving a little to smear us around in his sweet honey. I could feel his heart rate slow, his breathing returning to normal, and he was finally able to speak.

At first; his words were coming out like gibberish and one-word sentences. He started over again. "Oh... my fucking god, Rye... I have never. How do you know? I mean, who taught. I had no fucking idea it could. I thought I was going to pass out."

The smile on my face had grown huge because he sounded just like I did after Zach had treated me to my first milking. I found my words and said, "Thank you, Robby."

"For what?" he asked.

"Thank you, for not asking me to stop."

He said, "Ryan; what can I do for." and I stopped him.

"Robby, this wasn't about me; this was about you. If you think for one minute, I wasn't satisfied, just wait till you feel the puddle at the bottom of the bed."

"Ryan; if I live to be a hundred; I will never forget this night. I'll never be able to look at you without getting a smile on my face ever again."

I looked at the clock and realized we had been in bed for three hours. At the time, it had been the most fulfilling experience of my life. His hands never stopped moving, across my back and shoulders, through my hair and down my cheek. As I was slipping off into what would be the most blissful sleep, He whispered, "I love you, too, Rye.

I woke up, not having moved all night. I was still lying on Rob, the rhythm of his breathing and the beating of our hearts, was hypnotic. I could tell, even with my eyes closed, it was light out and I could hear the birds singing outside the window.

I replayed the events of last night over in my mind, remembering every moan and grown. The tastes and smells; the feel of his skin, his thrusts and eagerness, and the way he came in my mouth. If we never saw each other again, it would be something I could relive until the day I die.

As I opened my eyes I tried to move my arm but it was welded to his stomach. I stopped trying to move and smiled as my eyes focused on the love bite displayed on his neck. It was nowhere as big as the one he put on me but was well above where his collar would sit. There would be no hiding it and I wondered about the other side.

I closed my eyes again and basked in the knowledge that Robby would never be able to forget me and I knew in my heart we would never be far from each other.

My mind was wandering to just before I fell asleep, or maybe I had already, and it was a dream. It was like; I was floating in the air above the bed, looking down on us; our bodies intertwined with bright, rainbow like, colors, radiating from our tangled bodies.

The way I felt inside looking down on us was like nothing I had ever felt before. I thought I heard in the distance, "I love you, too, Rye." and it gave me a warm feeling all the way to my core.

I started moving around a little, seeing what parts were glued together and what parts weren't. I felt Rob's breathing change and his finger started moving over my back and I couldn't help but smile.

I could feel his soft touch on my skin; I realized what he was doing. With his finger, he was writing on my back. He made a heart and wrote I LOVE YOU, RYAN. I was sure I couldn't get any closer to him but it didn't stop me from trying.

He whispered in my ear asking if I was awake and I replied, with MMM. He asked, "Are you ok?"

I told him I was great and asked if he was? He started out, "I can't even. How did you? I mean, I never knew." and he ended with, "How did you?"

I asked, "Does that mean you're ok?"

"Yes." he said, nodding his head as reinforcement to his answer.

He started to wiggle around and said, "This shits like glue" as he started to peel us apart; our skin stretching from its strength as we separated. We both looked like glazed donuts with dried flakes of cum falling to the sheets.

With the ability to move now, we got more comfortable and I could freely move my hand over his body. I finger walked down to his pubes; it was like a layer of plaster. I smiled as I started trying to remove his unit from the crusted hair.

Once free from the cement all over his groin, I stroked his cock and said, "There will be no action with this until we get home, understood?"

"But Ryan." he whined.

In a firm voice I said again, "UNDERSTOOD?"

He said, "Well that goes for you too then."

We lay there, I think both lost in our own heads when he asked, "Ryan, do we need to talk? I mean about what happens after?"

I said, "No Rob, not unless you do." I told him there was more to come; more that we would do together, and the after thing could come up again.

He pulled on me like I could get closer and in a soft voice he said, "I meant what I said last night."

 I told him I wasn't sure what he was talking about because; he wasn't talking in complete sentences last night.

He laughed and said he really thought he was going to pass out. Adding, he was seeing spots.

He started in again with "Ryan, I don't. I mean you made me. I don't think I." and ended with, "fuck."

I had a big grin on my face and told him he wasn't doing much better this morning, he should think about it for a while, and maybe he could make some sense.

Just for shits and grins, I asked, "Is that someone knocking on the door?"

He bolted up and said, "Really." and he paused, like waiting to see if he could hear knocking.

I said, "It might be Bruno, you want to get it?" unable to hold back a laugh.

He looked at me and laughed than called me a fucker. I was now able to see his face and neck. Just like Frankenstein, he had matching marks, one on each side of his neck. If there was one thing I knew how to do, it was leave a mark.

He looked at me and asked, "What?"

I told him nothing as I reached up to scratch some dried cum off his face. I told him that even though I couldn't be any more comfortable if I didn't piss, I was going to explode.

We climbed out of bed and surveyed the aftermath of our follies then walked to the bathroom naked, bumping hips along the way. We passed the mirror and stood next to each other at the toilet and relieved ourselves. I was one of those who were, pee shy, but this was as comfortable as being alone.

I waited until he finished, knowing he was going to look at himself in the mirror. I heard him say, "Ryan."

I couldn't hold back my self-satisfied smile and said, "Yes…" as I flushed and turned; looking at his reflection in the mirror.

"Oh… Jr. I'm sorry, I had no idea, I mean." and he stopped me.

He ran his fingers over my love bites and said, "I've never had a hickey before."

I followed up saying "I think there are a couple things you can say that about, now."

He started to brush his teeth and I turned on the shower. When he finished brushing he got in and I took his place at the sink. By the sounds he was making, he was enjoying the hot water.

I yelled, "You're not jacking off in there are you?"

I heard him laugh and he said, "My dick has never been so sore." adding a good kind of sore as I opened the curtain and stepped in.

He turned, looked at me, and said, "You are fucking amazing, Ryan Chancellor!"

I said, "You're doing better, that's your first complete sentences today."

I reached for the shampoo and started to wash his hair. I said, “So are we going to tell them at the café? That you ran into one of my cousins too?"

"Very funny Ryan." he said as he leaned back rinsing his hair.

I ran my finger over them and told him I thought they would fade by the time he went home, adding not like mine. We finished washing each other, got out, and dried off.

I picked up my cutoffs that had landed in the corner last night, slipping them up over my hips, adjusted my dick, and buttoned them up. Rob did the same, commenting again, that his dick was sore.

From me he got, “Good thing you have a few days for it to recover.

I got downstairs and put on a kettle of water for some shitty instant coffee. I walked out on the deck; lit a cigarette, and inhaling deeply. Rob came out with the pipe and took a hit, blowing the smoke up at the sun.

I told him we never made those calls last night and our plane tickets had us leaving from JFK in New York. I said if we are leaving from here they needed to be changed.

I looked in at the clock and it was 9:30. I told him it wasn't even 7 back home; maybe we should wait a while. I walked into the house and got my cigarettes and the envelope left by my Grandfather.

I lit up another smoke and opened up the envelope from my Grandfather and started going through the papers. I came across an old drawing; it was a hand drawn blueprint of the house. I looked over at Rob and showed it to him and said, "Let’s explore."

We went down to the basement for the first time and found a stairway on the other side of the room that ended at the ceiling. I walked up a few steps, pushed, and the ceiling opened into a room on the first floor that I had not seen before.

I looked at the drawing then scanned the room. It had no door and there was another set of stairs. The drawing showed a door so I walked to the wall pushing on it, and the wall opened.

We were in the pantry off the kitchen. This is cool. I looked at the drawing closer and walked to the stairs. Like the others, it ended at the ceiling. Like before, I went up a few stairs and pushed, the ceiling opened into another room.

This was a room on the second floor and had a door that opened to the west wing hallway. It looked like a bedroom and it had yet another set of stairs. There was a small bed and some other stuff neatly placed around the walls and I thought it may have been servant quarters.

I went over to the stairs and just like the others, it ended at the ceiling. I pushed, and it opened up to what I figured was the attic. Rob said it was like a treasure hunt and passed me on the stairs to see the top floor.

It looked like nobody had been up here in years and there were sheets over what looked like furniture and dust floating in the rays. Sunlight was shining through the half moon windows and we started lifting up the sheets to see what was underneath.

Rob pulled a sheet off some old portraits leaning against the wall. He looked through them pulling one out that looked about a hundred years old. He said, "Look at this," pointing to a young man. "Do you know who this is?" he asked?

I told him "I have no idea," but he resembled me a little and was in a uniform.

I studied it for a minute or two and got a shiver that started at my toes and went all the way to my head. Robby looked at me and said, "Ryan, I have seen him before. He has been in my dream too. It's you."

"That's fuckin crazy, Rob. This is over a hundred years old, maybe older, it must be a relative."

He looked closer, "You don’t see what I do; the eyes, Ryan. I don't care what you say. It's you."

He slowly walked around the room; he felt the beams as he made his way to one of the windows. It looked like he was trying to remember something. He said, "Ryan; I have been here before." as he reached that small windows.

I walked up behind him resting my head on his shoulder; my arms going around his waist. We looked out the half moon window and saw that old willow tree by the river.

As I blinked my eyes; in that split second my eyes were closed, I saw the tree, much smaller and the river was higher than it was now, and seemed to have ice on the edges.

Rob leaned his head back on me and in the softest voice he said, "The tree is so much bigger now."I tightened my grip on his waist, nuzzled my chin more into his neck, and said, "Yes it is."

We saw it as it was more than a hundred years ago, not as it was today.

We made our way back downstairs and came out in the pantry that was off the kitchen. I heated some more water for coffee and Rob made a bowl of rice crispy. I walked out on the deck with my coffee and lit another smoke.

Some strange shit had been happening; it seemed to be happening to both of us since we had arrived. I think it was far more than that for him. Rob joined me on the deck and finished his cereal as I put my smoke out in the can I had been using.

It was going on 11 so I got up to call Chuck to see if he could change the plane tickets thinking that was the most important thing. I called my mom but got no answer and yelled at Rob he should call home.

Rob came in and called Walt at work and talked for a while telling him we would be home Monday night, not even knowing if that were true or not.

He came back out on the deck and slid a chair over next to me. He said, "Ryan, you told me you didn't think it was a good idea that we came here." He turned and looked at me and said "I think this is exactly what we were supposed to do. I think we should live here again. I mean, I think this is where we should live when I get out of school."

He told me that I might think he was crazy but there was so much that seemed familiar and sometimes when he looked at me, he felt we had been happy here before.

I told him he was right; I did think he was crazy, but silently in my mind, I felt the same way. He didn't know what Sylvia had said to me and the more time that went by, I was thinking everything she said was true. She even said bringing Rob was a good thing.

 thought about what he said, “We should live here when he gets out of school.” That was two years away.

I reached over and took his hand and our fingers intertwined. I didn't fight the urge this time: I couldn’t, and what was the point? I pulled it to my lips and kissed it tenderly. It felt like I had done it a thousand times. Again, flashes of images.

He looked at me as if reading my mind. He said, "You have done that before!"

I simply replied, "I think I have."

I told him I was getting the pipe, he should take the blanket down to the tree, and I would meet him down there.

I looked out our bedroom window and saw him down by the tree sitting in the grass practicing his relaxing technique. I glanced at the mess we had made of the bed and took the sheets and blankets downstairs with me to wash.

I stood on the deck thinking how lucky I was to have Rob in my life and just watched him. He seemed to be straining to hear something. He was moving his head around and I could see his eyes were closed.

I sat on the step and closed my eyes, trying to hear what he was. I could hear things; children playing and laughing and the sound of horses. I moved my head around like I saw Rob doing and focused more on the sounds.

I could hear screaming, gunshots, and a bugle. I opened my eyes, shook off the sounds I had heard, and got up and walked down to the river.

Rob said "I could hear things. It wasn't clear and when my eyes were closed it was like I could see stuff. It's like when you see something out of the corner of your eye but when you look, there isn't anything there.”

I told him "This is where it all started, there can't help but be ghosts. Lots of people died here Rob, not at this house, but in Virginia and all around here.”

He confided in me that when we were in Chancellorsville at that old battlefield it was like the life was being drained from him, he added that he felt we had both died there once.

I told him that he sounded crazy but if we had died together, I couldn't think of a better person to die with. I thought about my dream.

He looked at me and asked, "Do you really think I'm crazy, Ryan?"

I told him I didn't think he was crazy, but I did think he was a horn dog and I started to tickle him.

He was very ticklish and I was enjoying making him laugh. But it was like déjà vu, we had done this, this had happened before. He managed to break free from my assault on his torso and was standing on the river bank still laughing.

I looked at him, his laugh, the way he was standing, the river behind him, and everything on the other side was the same. I stood and rushed at him, picking him up and launching both of us into the river.

The water wasn't cold, the current not swift, but was deep enough that we had to swim back to the bank. I turned, in about four feet of water as he swam up to me.

He put his arms around my neck and pulled himself up so our foreheads were touching. It felt like he wanted to say something.

I was holding him and he slid his head around and rested his face in my neck. Something was happening.

He asked in a softest voice "Can you feel it, Rye?"

I wasn't sure if he was talking about what I was feeling, but I said, "Yes. I feel it too, Robby." Our connection was growing or we were remembering.

He pulled back a little so he could look at me. When I opened my eyes; I saw colors radiating from him; like the ones last night. It was like seeing him for the first time, but not.

He was beautiful but with the colors around him it was breath taking. I blinked my eyes a few times in disbelief. He rested his hand on my chest and smiled at me.

We stared at each other for a long time and tears just started to flow from my eyes. He said, “Don’t be scared. You can see them now, can't you, Rye? It’s OK. Don’t cry."

I tilted my head a little; lost in the beauty of the way he looked. He said my name again and I nodded yes.

He told me he had been able to see them around me since the first time he saw me but didn't say anything because he didn't want me to think he was crazy. I understood now, all the times he said ‘I wish you could see what I do’. It was all so clear.

I was kind of in shock. What the fuck? Sylvia had talked about colors; was this what she meant? We walked up the bank and out of the water; our cutoffs clinging to our bodies. We both smiled as our eyes lowered to the bulges that were prominent in our wet denim.

We walked up to the deck and sat down, letting the sun warm and dry our bodies. I told him I didn't understand what was going on. That whole thing in the river felt like it had happened before and the colors were still around him.

Robby smiled and just stared at me for the longest time. I could hear him in my head. He was telling me that this had happened before, he could remember it. I could hear him.

He asked me what I saw when we looked out that small window in the attic. He looked at me and I think he heard the confusion in my head. "Did you see how small the tree was? Did you see the ice on the edges?" he asked. I nodded again.

He told me he had been seeing and hearing things. He was dreaming, but they were different now; things were triggering memories, memories of us. He just kept smiling and I was thinking of how intimate we had become in the last week, but we had been this way before.

Kissing, on both our parts and things like me kissing his hand. It really was like I had been doing it all my life, it just felt natural, like something I had always done.

The touching of our foreheads, again, something that felt so normal; like we had always done it, or had done it before. And the way I was on fire last night trying to please him.

He looked over at me still smiling and took my hand. As if in my mind again, he said, "I don't know why I can't keep my hands off you; I think it has to do with being here."

I said I could feel it too, but honestly I just lusted over him where ever we were. I told him I loved his body, touching and feeling him, his skin under my hands and added, my head on his chest and his cock in my mouth. I did blush at the last part, I hadn't meant to say it; it just came out.

Trying to recover from my last remark I decided to tell him how I personally felt about what we had been doing. I told him I thought I was wrong when I told him I wasn't a virgin. With him, everything felt new, like with him I was doing it for the first time, but not.

He smiled, apparently liking what I said. I asked him if he was serious about coming back here when he got out of school. I continued by asking if he really thought about what things would be like between us two years from now? He innocently said he didn't think anything would ever change. I was shocked.

I didn't want to bring it up but I asked him what he thought things would be like when we got home. He would go back to school and I would go back to work. I added it's not going to be like here you know.

He said he knew that, and it sucked. He knew he couldn't stay or we couldn't stay here, but if he could figure out a way, we would never go home. And here, this house, seemed to be kind of like home.

I asked him if he ever thought he would be doing something like what we were doing, six months ago or even three months ago. He said, "God no." I quickly asked what changed. Just as quick he said, "You, Ryan."

I told him he never answered my original question, what happens when we go home, what will happen to us? He said, "When we get home, I'm going to blow your fucking mind, that's what."

I said, "Seriously Rob"

And he said, "I'm dead fucking serious, Ryan."

I told him I loved his answer and I had no doubts that he would succeed, but, he knew what I was talking about. I wasn't getting through to him and his stubborn streak was not going to crack, not today.

The phone rang and I answered it hearing Chuck's voice on the other end. He said we just had to check in at the counter when we got to the airport and they would have our tickets and all I needed to do was give them the ones I had.

I thanked him for dropping everything to cater to my whims. He assured me it wasn't like that and to enjoy my trip home, adding we were booked on a jumbo. I asked if he would have Parker call me when he saw him. He said "Sure, talk to you soon, Ryan."

Today was Thursday and we were going to leave on Saturday; I went out to break the news to Robby. He took it much like I thought, happy and sad. I told him I wanted to go out for dinner tonight and there was a Phil's about twenty miles away. That cheered him up a little and he asked if we could dress up.

I told him he had caught my clothing bug and even though I loved him in those cutoffs, he was smoking fucking hot when he dressed up.

We showered again, dressed in some nice clothes, and then drove off in the TR. I had called for a reservation after talking to Chuck and told them I wanted a table outside for four; never liking to eat at a small one.

Rob looked so good; wearing cream colored denim pants, nice and tight. A shiny silver shirt, black necklace, gold watch, and the pair of hickeys I gave him.

I was wearing white star jeans with a bronze and black shirt, gold necklace, bracelet, my black watch, and the huge mark on my neck; his gift to me.

It took us about 35 minutes to get to Phil's and when we walked in the young man at the desk asked if we had a reservation. I couldn’t help but smile and told him yes; saying "Chancellor. Dr. Chancellor." I added I hope we could be outside and he assured me we would love our table.

We were seated and Rob looked at me smiling and questioned, "Dr? Really, Ryan?" I told him doctors always get better tables and if you say there’s going to be 4, you get a bigger table.

The waitress came over and we told her we were waiting for two more but we would be having the buffet. We had a great table in the corner on the deck and with it only being 5:00, the sun was still shining and it was a little warm.

It was still hard to believe this whole color thing and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He just watched me; his head tilted slightly and smiling.

“Robby, is this what you see?” I asked.

“It is when I look at you, Dr. Chancellor. It was hard for me to Ryan, but yes, I think I see what you do.”

We told the waitress after a half hour that it just looked like it was going to be the two of us and we went to get our first plate of food. Rob loved the variety and my little man was developing a taste for seafood.

I looked at Robby admiring the love bites his collar could not even begin to cover. They were much smaller than mine and would be gone, or mostly gone by the time we got home.

Again, like being in my head, he said, "There is no way that hickey is going to fade by the time we got home, it looks even worse than yesterday." I reached up; touching it and got a smile on my face.

He leaned over a little and in a soft voice he said, "Ryan, last night, what you did. I mean, what we did. Is there a name for it? What was that you were rubbing inside me?" as he was turning a little red?

I told him it was his prostate; the male version of the g spot that women have; then starting arranging food on my plate, trying to make a diagram to illustrate what I was talking about.

He looked around us and said while turning a little redder; "I don't need you to draw me a picture." and called me a dork. He asked with a smile "We are going to do that again, right?"

I smiled back and said it didn't seem he liked it much, so I wasn't sure; again he kicked me under the table.

I explained what the prostate was, how it worked and how it reacted when stimulated. He seemed to understand. Then I told him it could be stimulated in a number of ways and that was just one then winked.

He looked around at the scenery and asked if we could come back at Christmas? I told him they got a lot of snow here and I thought I would go to Hawaii for Christmas; maybe with Parker and Cass.

That put a frown on his face and he looked so fucking cute; I wanted to lean over and kiss him. I smiled and said, "If you would rather come back here than go to Hawaii, then I guess we can."

His grin was priceless; he got up, came over, and from behind he hugged me, wrapping his arms around my chest and whispering in my ear, "Really?" I nodded my head up and down, confirming that I was serious.

He sat back down, looking around at the people staring at us, and I told him "where I go, you go, unless you have a problem with that."

He said, "No problem here. Ryan, were you serious about us not doing anything until we get home?" a grin spreading across his face.

I said, "Damn rights I am, but maybe I can be persuaded." He said in a low voice that last night was, well, it was fucking mind blowing. I told him I was nowhere near his mind and again, a kick under the table.

We took our time eating; about two and a half hours and the sunset was breathtaking. We talked a lot about when he was little and how he got teased for being so small but he had actually grown about five inches in the last year.

The sun had almost completely set by the time we were ready to go. I paid the bill leaving a generous tip for the waitress considering we had tied up a table for almost three hours.

On the drive home, I was talking about all the stuff we needed to do tomorrow and told him our plane left at five in the afternoon Saturday.

Just as I had done to him, he reached over taking my hand in his and kissed it then set our hands in his lap. I looked at him and the colors around him were brighter as his eyes moved from our hands to mine and he smiled at me.

I told him we had our work cut out for us; smoking the rest of the weed and hash, not wanting to take it on the plane. I really had over packed, not wanting to run out.

I was used to flying out of Sea-Tac, that had never been a big deal but I wasn't sure about the airport here. The last thing I wanted was to get searched for some reason and get busted with my attorney across the country.

We parked the car in the garage, leaving the top down. We walked in to the phone ringing and Rob got to it first. I heard him answer and he was saying hi to Parker as he nodded for me to come to the phone.

I took the phone and the first thing he said was "You took Robby with you?" I told him, yes and we would talk about it later. I informed him I was coming home Saturday and wanted to go dancing since we were going to be in Seattle.

I thought we could be at the club by 9:30 or so and if he wanted to call a few people and meet there, adding, "It's on me." I told him it wouldn't be a good idea to tell Zach, but anybody else would be fine.

He questioned me about Rob and I just acknowledged him, not giving away much because Rob was standing kind of close. We said goodbye and I told Rob I was getting the stash and would meet him on the deck as I ran upstairs.

I came back down and put the sheets in the dryer, poured a drink, got my smokes, and met Rob on the deck. He was leaning against the railing looking at the river. I set my hand full of shit on the patio table and walked up behind him.

I tried so hard to not wrap my arms around him, just to see if I could resist the temptation. When he leaned back against me, my arms slid under his and around his waist. When he rested his hands on my arms, I melted.

We didn't speak but we were having a silent conversation, something that seemed to be happening more and more. I told him the sheets were in the dryer so we needed to make the bed.

He turned and said, "Ryan,"

I said, "No Rob."

He said, "You don't even know what I was going to say."

I said, "Yes, I do, Rob, and no, I don't." He started again and I said, "NO Rob. I don't think we're gay." The look on his face told me I hit it on the head.

We sat down at the table and he loaded the pipe, dusted it with hash, and lit it up. After a big hit, he handed it to me, asking how I knew. I told him I wasn't sure, but I knew his wheels were turning and I could kind of hear them.

I asked him if he wanted to do the kind of stuff we had with anybody else; another guy? He said, "No"

I told him I didn't either. So, were we gay? I didn't think so? "Robby; this, whatever it is, this is a heart thing. Do you understand?"

I downed my scotch and walked in for another; a double. When I came back out I asked him if he was feeling gay.

He said no, but added; "People are going to see us that way, aren't they?"

"That all depends on us Jr. and what we let people see." I assured him.

“They're going to know, Ryan.” He said.

“Don't worry Rob; we can hide it for as long as we need.” I told him the part of this trip that sucked was we were free to do what we wanted and didn't have to think about it.

I lit a smoke and we resumed our silent conversation. I was feeling what he was; his doubt and what he would do when. Then it was like, he just let it go. I took a hit off the pipe and downed my drink and got another.

He asked if I was trying to get drunk and I told him I wanted to relax, adding the bottle only had three fingers left and I didn't want it to go to waste. Like scotch ever goes bad.

We puffed on the pipe; trying to smoke up the stash that I thought we wouldn't be able to do. He got baked and I was both baked and a little drunk. The buzzer on the dryer went off again and broke us out of our fog. It was going on ten and I asked if he was ready for bed.

He turned, standing with a smile, and said, "Yes."

We locked up and took the sheets upstairs. We made the bed and stripped off our clothes; I turned on the light sitting on the bed stand and turned off the overhead light on my way to the bathroom.

I was brushing my teeth when he came and stood next to me, nude. His eyes were slits and red. I noticed mine were the same and I couldn't help but laugh a little at our highness.

I beat him to bed and when he came in I lifted the covers and he crawled in taking the position that had become the norm. He felt so fucking good; his warm body and the way his skin felt on mine was beyond words.

He pulled the thought right out of my head and said, "I think I'm going to miss this the most." I told him I felt the exact same way and I wasn't sure if it was that I felt good holding him, or if it was the way he felt when I held him.

He molded himself into me, put his knee over my leg and pushed up against my nuts. He wasn't trying to start anything, it was just how he felt best, and he said, "I feel the same way."

We had been like that for a while and I lifted my finger and wrote on his back, "I love you, too!" I could feel his mouth turn into a smile on my chest; we didn't say anything to each other and I fell asleep soon after.

Sleeping didn't always come easy to me. I think that's why I smoked so much pot. If I could fall asleep; I was plagued by dreams like the one I had the other night. But sleeping with Robby, that wasn't the case, I slept like a baby, rarely moved, and only had that one dream.

I woke in the morning to the sound of the birds, the smell of flowers outside the open window, and Robby's hair. I gave him a little squeeze, a kiss on the head, and opened my eyes. The sun was making shadows on the wall through the thin curtains.

Neither of us had moved all night and I felt like a million bucks. He moaned and raised his head a little to wipe the spit off his chin and my chest.

I looked at the clock and it was early, only 7:30. I told him to go back to sleep and I was going to get up. He said, "Ok; but no shower till I get up."

I went downstairs and started some water for the shitty instant coffee and got Bruno and Chat's numbers.

When my coffee was ready I sat down at the phone and called them. I asked both if I could buy them breakfast around ten at the café. I walked out on the deck, sat in the sun, naked, and lit a cigarette.

I think for the first time I took in the beauty of the surroundings. The river had such a wonderful sound and there wasn't another house around. Even the other side of the river was just covered with trees; some hanging out over the water.

There was no road noise like in town and I thought how wise it was of my; however many grandfathers ago, to build here.

I was thinking about what Rob had said yesterday, about coming back to live here when he was done with school. I afforded myself the privilege of daydreaming for a while.

I was thinking about what that would be like. I had more than enough money; it could be just like this every day. I even started thinking how I could make it happen sooner, like real soon.

I heard the refrigerator open and close; I knew he was getting cereal. He came out on the deck saying "No fair." setting his bowl on the table, pulling his sleep pants off and sitting down next to me, bear assed.

After saying, this is pretty fucking cool! He asked me how I slept. I smiled at him and said, "I didn't know what it is but I have been sleeping better than I ever had."

He said, "Me too." and shoveled more cereal into his mouth.

He was looking around at the scenery; much like I had, and studied it until the cereal was gone. I wasn't surprised when he said, "This place really is cool!"

I told him of the breakfast plans; we were treating Bruno and Chet at the café. I added, "bet you wish ya hadn't of been such a smart ass don't you?"

"That is so not cool Skate; you're doing this on purpose to teach me some sort of lesson." I told him that I wasn't even thinking that but I was sure there must be a lesson in there somewhere.

We went upstairs and got in the shower and Rob said he really missed my shower at home and couldn't wait to get back, adding only for the bed and shower. I told him after breakfast we could make a loop and hit four states before the end of the day, and pick up some souvenirs.

He looked at me as we were driving to town and asked, "So is Skate going to let me drive his car again?"

I replied, "Maybe." as we pulled up outside the café.

We had beaten both Bruno and Chet so we grabbed a table and waited. I had ordered coffee; finally a good cup and Rob ordered hot chocolate.

Bruno was the first to arrive; he walked in and took a seat across from me. I started the conversation, saying that I would appreciate him looking after the house for me and asked where he lived.

I was surprised when he said he lived on the estate. He said he lived in some old field quarters that were on the edge of the property that my grandfather had renovated.

He said it was a deal they had made ten years ago and he hoped things wouldn't change. He had free lodging for acting as the caretaker. I told him if it was good enough for my grandfather, it was good enough for me and asked if he could drive the cars once and a while and check on the house during the winter.

I told him that Rob and I had followed the fence line and didn't see any other buildings. He said that the other side of the fence was mine also and we must not have gone far enough to see the other old buildings,

Chet walked in and sat down across from Rob giving him a long look; I think seeing the hickeys on his neck, but he didn't say anything. I brought him up to speed on the discussion Bruno and I had and asked if either of them could give us a ride to the airport.

We ordered breakfast and made small talk; with me asking Chet if there was anything in particular, he wanted to talk about. He said he was just wondering about the house, adding there was interest shown by a few people to buy it.

I told him that I didn't want to sell and we may come back and live here for a while some time later. He knew about the deal Bruno had with my grandfather and he thought that keeping things the same was a good idea.

Bruno said he would give us a ride to the airport, for which I was grateful and I asked Chet if he would take care of things here, adding, he could forward any expenses to Chuck, including any cost for his services.

He said it would be no problem; he and grandpa were close friends and felt that it was a privilege to help and he was glad that the estate was going to stay in the family for now.

We finished our meal and Bruno said he would pick us up at three tomorrow. Chet wished us a safe trip and they both left. I paid the bill and told the girl we would see her tomorrow and we were off.

We had brought the map and got on the 95 headed for North Carolina. It was 11:30 and I thought we could make a four states circle by the end of the day. The sun was shining, we both had our sunglasses on, and we were cruising.

It only took about an hour and a half to get to NC; we stopped in Roanoke to pick up a few things to take home. We got on a highway that took us up to Virginia Beach and cruised up the coast following it up into Maryland.

A little more shopping and we continued up to Delaware. Not wanting to go all the way to DC before heading back home; we drove back to Maryland and took a ferry across Chesapeake Bay docking in Heathsville.

We decided to make our way to Culpepper for dinner. When we got to a smaller road I pulled over and told Rob he could drive into Culpepper; I would navigate. He was a little worried about getting pulled over, but I assured him, if necessary, I could talk us out of a ticket.

I looked around in the car and found a tape box full of eight tracks and pulled out one of the Righteous Brothers. I put it in the player and one of my favorite songs came on; Unchained Melody.

I looked over at Rob and he seemed to have a sad face as he was singing every word. I took his hand in mine and asked if he was ok. He said his mother loved these guys and played the album until it was worn out.

I released his hand and started singing along with him. In my mind, I knew I would get him to sing it for me someday. We found a nice restaurant in Culpepper and finished around sunset.

We were only about a half hour from home so I threw Rob the keys and we headed back. I could tell he loved the car and was becoming more comfortable behind the wheel. I told him that the car fit him and he looked good driving it, and if he wanted, when he got his license, he could have it.

We pulled into the driveway and I jumped out to open the garage door, as he idled in and parked. He sat behind the wheel for a minute. I could tell he was thinking about me giving him the car. I told him to leave the keys in the ignition, and I closed the door.

We walked into the house and he turned to me, wrapped his arms around my neck, and rested his forehead on mine.

He said, "Rye, this is our last night here, can we sleep in front of the fire?"

Again, a thought he pulled out of my head and I told him we could sleep anywhere he wanted. We changed and loaded the pipe then stepped out on the deck and blazed away.

He had started a small fire, added another log, and it was burning great. He had laid the comforter on the floor in front of the fire and patted the spot next to him for me.

I lay next to him and assumed the position that had become the normal thing for us. Our relationship was strange it the way that, neither of us was dominant or assumed a specific role. We were equals. It made no difference who was in whose arms; we felt just as good either way.

I loved being the one he held, even the size difference between us was forgotten when we lay together. We watched the fire, both thinking about leaving tomorrow.

He told me that offering him the car was out of the question. He could never explain it away and didn't want people to think we were, or he was my friend because I bought him stuff.

I told him that I hoped that didn't mean he wasn't going to Hawaii with me, saying I thought he would look great with a Christmas tan. He told me Hawaii was different, but he couldn't come up with how. I laughed a little and slid my leg up over his, rested my knee on his dick.

I asked, "Still sore?"

He grinned and said you won't be laughing when we get home, adding, "That's not a threat, that's a promise."

I loved the fucking sound of that and I knew what I wanted to do, but I couldn't tell what he had on his mind. He had started letting his hands roam over my back and I had a feeling he wanted to start something. He kissed the top of my head and asked, "Want a little preview?"

I could feel the blood rushing to his cock and I moved my leg around a bit, enjoying the response I was getting. I thought to myself that when it came to Robby, NO would never pass my lips.

He rolled us over and was on top of me in a flash. He leaned down and tenderly planted kisses on my face and head before sliding his lips to mine showering my heart with love.

He could feel my now hardening pipe under him and he said, "Ryan, I want to." and paused. "I want to make you feel like I did, but I'm not sure I can do it right." He finished

I told him I understood; technique was important, but the feelings he had doing whatever it was he wanted, was what really mattered.

He leaned down to the spot on my neck and gave it a lick locked, I moved my head over and said, "Oh no, you don't." I could feel him smiling as he moved down to my right nipple. He swirled his tongue around as he began licking and nibbling on it.

He wasn't being aggressive in the least and was different than before, more tender, more loving. As he moved to the other he said, "They get so hard when I do this." as he latched on to the left one.

I told him if he hadn't noticed; it was something I liked, a lot. He released his suction and trailed kisses down to my now very hard dick. He looked at it and said, "You'll tell me if I don't do it right, won't you?"

I told him unless he bit me, I was sure there would be no complaints; maybe not even then. He licked around my swollen and flared head then took me in his mouth.

After saying OH MY FUCKING GOD! I told him to only go as far as he was comfortable with and if he enjoyed it, it would come naturally.

He seemed to be enjoying making me moan and squirm around and I could tell it turned him on. I so wanted this to last all night. He was doing something I had been waiting for, but unfortunately, I wasn't going to last long.

He was painfully tugging on my balls and using the other hand to stroke my shaft; he had been paying attention to what I had done to him. I have never struggled so hard, wanting to explode in his mouth, but not wanting to cum, and enjoying this forever.

The struggle to not come was losing and I told him if he kept up at that pace I wouldn't be able to stop myself. All that did was reinforce his effort to make me cum in his mouth. He was moaning now and working his mouth and hand as if they were one.

My toes were curling; I was drawing my legs up, trying to push my ass through the floor. He was taking as much of me as he could and was getting into it. I hoped cuming wouldn't spoil it. It didn't!

I erupted in his mouth moaning as each volley shot from my throbbing head. The sounds he was making; told me in no uncertain terms, he loved what he was doing, and he loved it was me, he was doing it too. I felt him when he came from sucking me and it made me so happy that doing that to me, did that to him.

He never backed off, swallowing most of what felt like a gallon. He let some slid past his lips to use for lube as he unmercifully refused to release my cock from his hand until I just couldn't take it anymore.

He had the most satisfied smile on his face and the colors around him were so brilliant. My heart was pounding and my heavy breathing just wasn't giving me the oxygen I needed, to say the least, when I finally grabbed his hand. It was a mind-blowing orgasm; I couldn't speak, even though I was trying.

He was really enjoying this, "What is it, Ryan? Are you trying to tell me something? Use your words, Ryan." He teased.

I managed to say "Kiss me." He slid his way up my body and met my lips with such passion. He kissed me; so much different than before, a kiss that said I love you and will always love you. I knew I was relaying the same to him.

As comfortable as I was, I told him that sleeping on the floor was great but I thought it would be better to sleep in bed. We stepped out on the deck taking a few hits of the pipe until the chill of the night forced us back inside.

We locked up the house and headed upstairs. We had fallen into a routine of how we slept, and I wanted to be sleeping on him. He must have been able to tell; he reached his arm out and I crawled in; melting into his soft warm body.

He fell asleep within minutes and I lay there lost in thought. How long was this going to last; a day or a week, a month or a year? Would we die together, or would one of us be left behind to mourn the other until we were joined again?

I managed to get out of bed without waking him and went downstairs. I wrapped myself in the comforter and walked out to the deck to have a smoke. I wandered down the cobble stone path and sat by the rivers edge.

I was thinking about going home. What was it going to be like? Would we ever come back here? Was Rob serious about coming back here to live after he got out of school?

I thought how the last week had changed us. I wondered how going back to school would change Rob. He had matured over the summer, he was more confident and I hoped he would have a better year. If girls didn't see what I saw then they were blind. And that worried me too.

That's what I was really afraid of, the girls. Boys can't compete with girls. I was watching the shadows of the trees dance on the water with the moon casting a soft light when my heart started beating real fast; I was a little dizzy as I stood and looked up at the house.

I could see Rob's silhouette in the window when my heart stopped for a second; then started beating at normal rhythm again. An anxiety attack I figured; as I made my way to the house and back to bed.

I was surprised to find Rob still in bed; sound asleep. The colors around him so bright and when I crawled back into bed he pulled me close. I listened to the rhythm of his heart and breathing; when they synced, I was out like a light.

I woke to the sun and the birds singing and thought about it being the last day. It was 7:30 and I tried to make it out of his clutches without waking him but was unsuccessful. He pulled me close and said, "I'm not ready to go home yet Rye."

I told him we needed to get breakfast; cover all the furniture with sheets, wash everything that was dirty, and smoke as much of the weed as we could before we left.

We found our cutoffs; deciding we would shower before we got dressed to leave for the airport. We went out and got in the car with me taking the passengers seat.

We ate breakfast and when we walked out, I threw Rob the keys. About half way home I said, "This is the last time I'm going to offer."

He looked at me bewildered and said, "What?"

"This is the last time I'm going to offer you this car, Robby." I repeated.

He looked at me and said, "As long as it's yours, Ryan; that's good enough for me." He pulled into the garage; we closed it and walked to the house. I put everything that was in the washer into the dryer and we started covering everything with sheets.

For the first time, I walked into my grandparent’s room. It was a large beautiful room overlooking the river. I slowly took in the surroundings and walked to the closet.

My grandpa had good taste in clothes; I pulled down a suit and looked at the label. It was tailored and it fit me like a glove. I was putting on the jacket looking at myself in the mirror when Rob walked up behind me.

He brushed his hands down across my shoulders saying "it looks like it was made for you."

I found some luggage in the closet; put three of the nicest suits and a couple of overcoats into the suit bag, adding a few shirts.

I looked around some more and saw a jewelry box on his dresser, so I took a look inside. There were a few high-end watches; rings, bracelets, cufflinks, gold chains and their wedding rings.

I got a small carry-on bag putting the whole box inside. I handed it to Rob telling him, "If you lost it, they'll never find your body." and laughed at him.

We carried the bags downstairs; the dryer had stopped so we got the sheets for the bed and our clothes then went up to finish the last of our chores.

We showered, dressed, and had a little over an hour before Bruno was picking us up. We got the pipe; he took my hand and we walked down to the willow tree and sat in the grass.

He asked, "We will come back won't we, Ryan? This is like leaving home."

It was like leaving home; we had made a connection here. I felt like he was part of me; what he was feeling and what he was thinking.

I told him we would, but it wouldn't be the same and I shared some of my limited wisdom with him. It would be different and if he wanted to recreate what we had, this time, he would be disappointed.

I told him we were different now; we had changed, this place had changed us. But for me, it would be a time I would never forget.

He told me I was stoned and then said he had dreamt last night. He said he was looking out the window of our room at what he thought was me; wrapped in a blanket sitting by the water.

He said he turned around and saw me in bed and that he was wearing a sleep-like dress and there was a lantern on the side table.

He added that we were in the same position as when we went to sleep, so, it must have been a dream. I didn't say anything about getting up last night.

I told him of my plan to have dinner when we got home and we were going to meet Parker and Cass at a club before we went home. He asked who all was going to be there and I told him I left it up to Park; I wasn't sure.

We walked back up to the house and set all our stuff by the front door and waited in silence for Bruno. We heard a rumble and saw a 56 Chevy come up the drive. It was Bruno.

The car was like new and when he got out he asked, "Hope you don't mind riding in this old clunker."

I told him I thought it was beautiful as we pulled away; both Rob and I looked back. Bruno assured us it would look just the same when we came back. We made small talk on the way to the airport and I asked Bruno if he had ever married and how long he had lived here.

He shared that he was close to someone once, but Viet Nam changed all that, adding he was the one who came home. I got the feeling he wasn't talking about, a women and Rob gave me a sad look. He told us he was born and raised here; he never saw himself moving away; too many good memories.

We arrived at the airport with a little time to spare and Bruno reassured me everything would be fine. He would take great care of our home and said he was sure he would see us again soon. I thought how he said ‘our home’ as I looked over at Robby. I could feel his want and my need to reach for the others hand and hold it.

                                    From the Author:

Life changed for us here; what we had was growing at a much faster rate than is meant to be. I hope you have kept an open mind because what is to come; what Robby and I share is something that goes against what most would consider normal.

The next few chapters will shed more light on what we have and we will deal with things we never saw coming. Again I really appreciate your comments, and would like to see more. Your positive ratings are encouraging and warm my heart. Thank you again.



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