Robby and Ryan Chapter III                                                                                         Fourth of July

                                                   From the author:

Thanks again for your interest, comments, and emails. I am having a great time recounting our life and hope that what I’m sharing is providing reading enjoyment to everybody. Like I have said, this is not a fuck story; this is a true, love story. I have been told it needs to be shared, needs a bigger audience, so please, share if you like.

My chapters are longer than most stories and I really hope that doesn't cause you to become board and move on to something shorter; full of unrealistic sex, and huge cocks. Ours was, and is, a love story; something that can't be told in a few thousand words or less.


                               Chapter III

We pulled in the driveway and Rob looked at me asking, "Ryan, was one of those girls your girlfriend?"

I looked at him; into his beautiful, bloodshot, pools of blue, and said, "They’re just friends, Robby."

He continued, "Do you have a girlfriend?" I shook my head and replied,

"No Rob. I haven't had a real girlfriend for a while."  

"Why?" he persisted, getting out of the car. "I mean you are real nice, you're far from ugly or anything, your singing is like a record, and, I just mean," and he trailed off as we walked through the front door.

I said, "Thanks, Jr. It's just, I can't have the kind of fun I do, with a girlfriend," and finished by saying, "I like to play the field."

We made our way back to my bedroom and I told Rob if his clothes were still clean, he could hang them in his closet. He came back into my room in just his underwear asking if I had a t-shirt he could wear to sleep in. I felt like I was getting high just looking at his tan little body as he looked at me, waiting for a response.

"Skate, do you have anything I can wear to sleep in?" He asked again. I pulled a shirt out of my drawer handing it to him, and he asked what I slept in.

I told him, "I usually sleep in the nude." As I pulled the blankets back on my bed Rob saw the red sheets and walked over to feel them.

"Shit! These are like my shirt," he stated.

I replied, "Satin. It feels real good on the skin," as he crawled into the soft slippery cocoon. I smiled looking down at him and said, "You have your own bed, Rob."

Come on Skate; let me sleep in here. Please" he pleaded"

I thought to myself that I must be fucking dreaming; this sweet little hard bodied boy was asking if he could sleep with me. "OK, Jr. looks like I won't be sleeping in the nude tonight." I pulled a pair of sleep pants out of my drawer and said, "Guess these will have to do," as I pulled off my underwear and put on my soft outer skin.

I told him that even though it was a king size bed, I used most of it. If I crowded him; he could go to his room, or just crawl in on the other side. We both got comfortable and he went on about how the sheets were so soft and slippery.

He turned and looked at me while I was on my back with my eyes closed. I could feel his eyes on me, but I just lay there; wondering how I was going to keep my hands off him. After a minute or two, I heard him say my name softly.

"Skate" I looked over at him and he continued, "You really are like an onion, you know. I see something new every time we’re together," He finished by saying, "I had the best time tonight."

I looked over at him and said, "Sweet dreams, Robby," and added, "But no wet dreams. Cum is hard to get out of these sheets, so no messes." We laughed a little, closed our eyes, and fell asleep.

I woke in the morning with a little sun shining through my window and looked at the clock, hum 7:45. I felt a warm hand on my chest and then I felt him resting up against my ass.

My eyes shot open at the realization that Robby was cuddled up to my back; the obvious morning hard on, pressing against my cheeks, and his arm was wrapped around me, holding me close. This was just too good to be true.

He was defiantly still asleep; my own dick growing at a steady rate remembering his naked body after his shower. I had my alarm set for 8:15 so I just laid there, basking in the thoughts of how I wanted to ravage this sweet boy, and thinking "No way can this happen, this is just wrong."

Our skin had melted together from his face that was buried in my neck, all the way down to his foot that was resting on my leg. Rob stirred a little and I felt him pull me closer and a soft mm escaped his lips. I put my hand over his and pushed myself back into his warm body, his hand further tucking me into his grip. With his face nuzzled in my neck, I fell back to sleep.

I woke up about a minute before the alarm went off. I reached to turn it off before the squawking started and felt Robby move, trying to slide his hand out from under mine. I reached up to stretch as if just waking myself, as he rolled on to his back like nothing happened.

I turned towards him and my eyes focused on him; the blue of his eyes was so bright. I felt like I had won the fuckin lottery. I smiled, saying, "Morning. Did you sleep well?"

He returned my smile and said, "I've never slept so well in my life," Adding, "God I have to pee, but." I looked at him, lying on his back, and could plainly see his morning wood through the covers. I smiled and crawled out of bed, not even trying to hide my own excitement tenting in my sleep pants, saying, "Me too." and headed to my bathroom.

Rob watched me from the bed as I was trying to push down my stiffness so I could piss and I heard him chuckle a little. I walked back out and crawled into bed, leaning on my side, looking at his beautiful face; the little blanket creases mapping his upper body, and said, "Your turn." He got up; his woody softening, but still visible, and I watched his ‘too die for little ass’, with my shirt covering most of it, as he made his way to the toilet.

I rolled to my back, closing my eyes, getting lost in my thoughts and having daydreams about my little crush. Rob came back out with that shit eating grin on his face. He pulled up his shirt a little, saying, "No wet dreams!" proudly showing me his briefs were dry. "Good thing or it would be the last time you sleep in my bed,” I said, dimple smiling back at him.

I got out of bed and asked if he wanted to take a shower before we got on the road, saying that I thought I did. I asked if he had brought any cut offs or something to swim in as I dropped my sleep pants; displaying my heavy to him, as I moved towards my bathroom. I was proud of my body.

He asked, "Can I use yours?" I thought about it and replied, "We would have to shower together to get out of here on time. Probably best if you use yours, Rob." He walked out saying, "It's not like yours isn't big enough."

The fact was I wanted to; well, I needed to, spank one off in the shower again. I didn't think that would be a good idea with Robby standing next to me. God only knows what could have happened.

Rob came back in a few minutes later wearing a tight pair of worn and frayed, short, jean cut-offs, and best I could tell, it looked like he wasn't wearing anything under them. What a fuckin turn on! I could see the outline in his pants, his large balls and thick shaft stressing the thin material was so obvious.

"Are you going commando?" I asked and he smiled and said, "Yeah. Why?" I reached in my bottom drawer pulling out a jock strap and saying, "You should put this on so you don't embarrass either of us later." I added that there was going to be a lot of skin and bikini's. Honestly I was thinking of myself. The distraction of him would have left me dumb struck all day.

He dropped his cut-offs right in front of me. Again, no sign of modesty, and put on the jock, then pulled his shorts back on. He had a body to be proud of and I could tell he knew it. "Better?" he asked looking at me, his head tilted just a little; a smile pulling the corners of his mouth up. I told him I thought he looked great without it, but I was thinking of him.

I packed a few things in a backpack and said, "Let’s go to Millie's for some breakfast," and we were out the door. We both had bacon and eggs and shared a huge cinnamon roll to top it all off. We got on the road and Rob asked how many of my family was going to be there? Was my Mom going to be there? And where my uncle's cabin was?

I turned down the music and looked over at him. "Well... that's not exactly the truth, Robby. See, the truth is, I don't have much family and the cabin isn't my uncles. And it isn't exactly on the coast. And my Mom is spending the weekend with her boyfriend. It's a surprise, you'll see."

We pulled into the gated community and I told the guard who we were and where we were going. Rob, was staring at all the huge houses and asked, "Ryan; what the fuck are we doing here?" I said, "I didn't tell you what kind of cabin, you'll see."

We rolled into the circular driveway in front of Chuck's house and he asked again, "Where are we, Skate?" I told him "This is my godfather's house. We're spending the day on the lake and watching the fireworks tonight. Got a problem with that?"

As we walked up to the pair of stain glass doors, Rob said, "I've never seen a house this fucking big." I interjected, "You ain't seen nothing yet!" I rang the bell and the door was answered by Chuck. He gave me a firm hand shake, resting his other on my shoulder.

I introduced Rob and he welcomed us in. From the front door, you could see through the house and windows at the back, to the lake, and the boat. As Chuck led us into the house I saw Kathy, his wife. "Ryan," she squealed, holding her arms open. I walked up and she enveloped me into a large squeezing hug.

I backed off, looked at her and said, "Kate. You look wonderful," and continued. "If I were a little older I would give Chuck a run for his money." She gave me a little smack on the arm and said, "You are such a big flirt, Ryan. The kids are out back loading up the boat."

Rob was looking out the windows at the boat, or should I say, ship. Chuck had bought her a year ago and it was beautiful. She was a 45-foot cabin cruiser; white with blue accents and slept 8 comfortably. Rob looked at me and asked, "That’s the boat?" I said, "When Chuck uses it, yes, it's a boat. But when Parker is at the helm, it's a floating pussy magnet" and added, "He knows everybody on the lake."

As we started to go out the back doors Chuck came up behind us; putting his arm around me. He said, "Ryan, I've been in contact with your Grandfathers attorney; we are going to have to talk about his estate." I acknowledged him and said we could talk next week.

I saw Parker loading stuff onto the boat and yelled to him "Where's the dingy, Park?" He hollered back that it was in the boat house. I told him I would get it and meet him out on the water, adding I was going to give Rob a tour around the lake.

Rob followed me down to the boat house and as I was lowering the 22-foot Bay liner down into the water, Rob asked, "This is the dingy?" I replied, "Yep, do you ski?" as I told him to grab the skies and boogie board. "You don't get sea sick do you?" I asked as we backed out of the boat house.

I slowly made my way over so I could yell up at Parker. He leaned over the rail, giving me his blinding smile and asked, "You bring the stuff?" I gave him my best smile back, throwing my backpack up saying "See you out there."

I told Rob to put on a life vest as I took off my wife beater, replacing it with a life belt. I said, "Hang on!" I hit the throttle and as the nose of the boat lifted out of the water; I did a quick 180, heading in the other direction.

I stood up for a bit then sat down on the back of my captains' chair so I was sitting up high enough to see well. I pushed the throttle forward a little more, and we skimmed across the lake. Rob looked over at me with a grin so big I thought his lips might split and he said, "This is so fucking cool."

I slowed the boat down a little so he could get a good look at the beautiful homes dotting the shoreline then through the canal and by a bunch of houseboats. We made the loop and heading back to the boat that we were going to spend the day on. We tied the dingy to the back of the ‘Law and Order’; the name of Chuck's boat, and were welcomed aboard.

I greeted Parker with a big hug and we did introductions. Most everybody aboard I had met before and Rob was staying close to me. Parker said how sorry he was to hear about my Grandfather, adding, it looked like I would be set for a while.

Rob must have heard that and looked at me with a sideways glance. Parker said, "Why don't you show Robby around and get yourselves a drink and something to eat." Adding, he put my backpack in the flying bridge.

I showed Rob around the boat and he just couldn't believe how anybody could afford something like this. I explained that Chuck, my godfather, was a high priced attorney in Seattle. I grabbed my backpack as I was showing him the wheel house and pulled out a bag of brownies.

I had cut them up into one-inch squares and handed him one. "Now these have a little extra ingredient in them," I said to Rob, as he plopped it in his mouth. "What do you mean?" he asked, swallowing the tasty morsel. "Did you put weed in these, Skate?" "A little" I sheepishly replied, as we moved out to the back deck where we sat in a couple of loungers.

I excused myself from Rob saying I needed to talk to Parker. I was standing next to him with my arm around his waist and his over my shoulder. He was telling me he had helped himself to a couple treats, about his new car, and then asked about Robby.

I looked over at Rob; his hair blowing a little in the breeze, the sun shining on his shirtless body as he looked at us, smiling. "He is something, isn't he?" I said out loud; as I turned back looking at Park. He gave me that smile and said, "Well?” I told him it wasn't like that. "Sure it isn't, Chance," he said, lowering his head and looking at me with a raised brow.

Parker was two years older than me and had graduated the year before. He was a little taller than me and weighed a little more; about 185, and was all muscle. And he loved to go shirtless, nude if possible.

His hair was usually light brown, but having spent so much time on the water, it had lightened and had blond streaks as highlights and was shoulder length. His eyes were big and green; they would change from light to dark depending on what was around him or what he was wearing.

He was wearing a tight pair of 501 cut offs with NO jock. The worn material; well it left nothing to the imagination and his bulge wouldn’t allow two of the buttons to stay hooked.  He never tried to hide one of his best assets.

As we were talking I slipped my hand into his back pocket and gave it a squeeze, remembering. We had had fun together before and I liked to keep my options open with him. Park took me to my first gay party and introduced me to Josh and a few other guys. He swung either way, and liked sex, a lot of it.

I pulled away from our conversation and looked at Rob. He was looking at me, but trying not to. I pulled my hand out of Parker's pocket like I had been caught. I don't know why.

Cassidy, Park's, younger sister came over with a bottle of sun tan lotion. She put a little on my shoulders and started to rub it in saying "Don't want to burn this beautiful body of yours, Chancellor."

I just loved her. Cass was an absolute doll; a year younger than Parker and just as good looking. She had long blond hair, bright blue eyes, and a body that fuckin rocked. She was smart like her brother and would get in your face in a minute if you pissed her off, but was as sweet as the day is long.

I looked over and saw Rob talking to a few people, but he still had an eye on me. I said to Cass "I don't want my friend to get burnt either; maybe you should rub him down too," giving her a wink. She took my hint, and walked over to Rob, straddled the lounger and sitting between his legs facing him saying, "Don’t want this tight little body of yours to burn."

She ran lotion up his legs and started to rub it in, real slow, all the way to the bottom of his cut-offs, near his crotch, well asking him questions. She was being a total prick tease. I watched from a distance; a huge smile on my face, as she did her thing wishing it was me.

I walked over and took the lounger next to Rob as Cassidy put more lotion in her hands then rubbed it into his chest saying, "You are built, Robby," making him turn red in the face all the way down his neck, including his ears.

She smiled at me and winked; I knew what she was doing. Cass got up to go feel up anybody else that needed lotion, but turned and batted her lashes at him. I looked over at Rob who had a priceless, shit eating, grin on his face.

I looked down his shiny body, slowly, and then to his crotch; noticing the outline of his muscle, even through the jock. I looked back up to his face; my eyes taking in, yet again, his natural beauty. I asked, "Bet you are glad you put that jock strap on, aren't you?"

Blushing and adjusting himself he said, "Yeah, thanks for thinking of me," adding "Maybe you should have worn one too," as he looked down from my eyes, to the obvious. My arousal was not from Cass, though.

We spent the day listening to music, water skiing, and boarding. Rob tried a few time but spent most of the time in the boat. We were drinking, eating, and having a great time.

Rob had got me real good later in the afternoon. I was standing at the open gate on the deck, watching a group of guys in a much smaller boat, checking us out. I hear Rob call out "Skate" and I turned around.

He took a few leaps toward me, bent down, picking me up on his shoulder, and launched us both through the gate, into the water ten feet below.

He had totally taken me by surprise; I was coughing and sputtering "You little fucker, I am going to get you so bad." as he made a mad dash to the back ladder.

I was surprised he could pick me up the way he did. I wasn't even expecting him to do something like that; he'd really caught me totally off guard. We were laughing as was everyone on board.

It had turned out to be a great day and was now almost dark enough for the fireworks to start. Rob and I sat in a couple of loungers to watch the festivities and the fireworks were great. He and I took the dingy back to the boat house, as Parker made his way ashore. We said our goodbyes and got in the car.

Rob was a little buzzed on the way home from the liquor, weed, and brownies he'd consumed. I asked him if he was OK. He looked at me with the most heartfelt smile and said, "Skate, I have never had so much fun in my whole life!" then sat back, resting his head against the window.

We pulled into the driveway and I parked the car. I looked over at Robby, who had fallen asleep; he looked so cute with his hair all messed up and a small smile on his adorable face. He had such a rockin little body and I was really starting to fall for this little, wet dream; but kicking myself, because I couldn't.

I brushed some hair away from his face, pausing to cup his cheek in my hand for a minute, and then gave his shoulder a slight squeeze saying, "We're home, Jr." He lifted his head, and smiled at me saying, "Already." I said, "Come on Rob, let's get you to bed." I pointed him in the direction of his room and I went to mine.

I peeled off my shirt and the sweat pants I had changed into when it got dark. I walked over in front of my mirror to look at my naked body, my sunburned body. I was making hand prints on my chest, turning the skin white, then removing it and watching the skin turn red again when I saw Rob's reflection in the mirror. "Ah... Skate," he said.

I turned around, "Oh… Rob." and he said, "I think I might have got a little burnt today." I told him to come over so I could look at him. He came and stood in front of me, wearing just the jock strap.

I backed up a little so he could see himself in the mirror as I looked at his hard little ass. Oh... that ass. The jock was holding his perfect cheeks up; I was mesmerized. He looked at me in the mirror and said, "Guess you did too." I didn't hear him.

"Do I have something on me? What are you looking at?" he asked. I heard that. My eyes shot up and met his. All I could do was try to stall and said, "What?" I told him I had some lotion we can use but we could go sit in the hot tub first, adding that the heater was off so the water should be cool. He nodded in agreement and we headed for the tub on the deck. I paused to grab the roach out of my Frisbee and Mike's lighter.

I pulled the cover off the tub and ran my toe through the water, splashing some on Rob. He said, "You know you don't have any clothes on, right?" I said, "You know you're wearing a jock, right?" We both laughed and he said, "Not anymore!" pulling it down and trying to throw it at me with his toe.

We eased into the water and got comfortable. I lit the roach taking a big hit and held it, then passed it to Rob. He took it from me than just stared at me, just looking at my face and into my eyes. I returned his gaze when he started to speak.

"I don't get you," he started. "You have tons of friends who really like you; they seem to like me because I'm with you even. Hot chicks hang all over you, and you act like it's nothing. You sing, you play instruments, ski, probably even dance. You know all sorts of rich people, even the Mayor."

Then he added, "I feel like I've known you all my life, and like I don't know you at all, you know? And you don't treat me like a kid." He just kept looking at me for about a minute. I smiled at him, a little embarrassed at the mouth full he had just unloaded on me.

The joint had gone out with him never taking a hit, so I took it from him, lit and hit on it again, then handed it back. I blew the smoke up it the air and replied to his heart felt confession.

"I do have a lot of friends, but only a few real close ones. Yes, I'm well liked and girls like to flirt with me because I compliment them and then play hard to get.

As for my friends liking you because of me, you're wrong. They 'accepted' you because of me, but they like you because you're likable, Rob. What? Do you think Cassidy gave you a hard on, oh, I mean rubbed you down with lotion four times because of me.

OK, so I can sing and I play the guitar, but I'm not really that good. And so what if I know some wealthy people and a few politicians. You say I don't treat you like a kid, that's because I don't see you as a kid, Robby; I don't know what it is, but I see you as so much more."

He passed the joint back to me; it had gone out again, so I lit it up again and turned to him. We looked at each other for the longest time then I took another hit and passed it to him. "I would be so conceded if I were you, but you're not," He stated. Then looking down at himself he said, "I don't think the suntan lotion worked, at least for the Sun." smiling.

I stood, got out of the hot tub, and told him I had some lotion that would help with our burns. I dripped into the house, he followed me to my bathroom and I gave him a towel. Rob looked in the mirror and stated, "I'm a lobster!" He was red for sure.

I told him to lie on the bed and I would put some lotion on him, adding "You might want to put some shorts or something on." He said, "I will after you put that stuff on me, OK," and went to lie down on my bed.

I brought the lotion out and looked at him on my bed on his stomach. His hard little ass looked so white compared to the red of the rest of his body. I put on a pair of boxers and got on the bed next to him. The shit I wanted to do. I softly said, "This might be a little cold, Robby." as I ran a line up one leg and down the other.

I sat looking at his naked body; my hands trembling, as I slowly started rubbing the lotion up his leg. I stopping just before I reached his ass, and moved over to his other leg. "That feels so... good, Ryan," he said softly. "It sure does, Robby." And I wasn't kidding, I was in heaven.

I wasn't sure I could control myself. I finished his legs and poured a little in my hand, then his back, and slowly began to rub it all over, never wanting it to end and wishing he was on his back. I finished and announced, "My turn now." and nothing, "Jr." I said again softly, but he was out.

I sat for the longest time just watching him sleep and thinking of the great day we had together. I found my hands back on his hot skin. I closed my eyes as my fingers slowly mapped every inch I dared to touch.

He had his head turned to the side and his face resting on his folded arms and I could see his profile when my eyes opened. I dripped a few more drops of lotion in my hand and rubbed them together then reached out and touched him again.

This was just for me. I took in the sight of his ass again as my hands felt every part of his back and arms; my fingers reading the pours of his skin like brail.

I had never been so aroused in my life; the wetness soaking through the waistband of my boxers. I put a few more drops in my hands and rubbed them together again as I moved down a little so I could do the same to his legs.

With both hands on his right leg I slowly worked his calf; my eyes closing again as my hands moved up further. I couldn’t help it and just continued my journey until both hands ran across his right cheek; my thumb parting them just a little, and my breath hitched in my lungs.

I repeated my manipulation of his muscles and switched to his left leg; pushing them apart just a little. What the fuck was I doing? I had a hand on each leg; working in concert as I went from his ankles to his shoulders; slowing as I moisturized his fine cheeks with each pass.

My mind forgot about the rest of him and I couldn’t take my hands of his cheeks as I worked them simultaneously. My diamond crusher of a dick was now peaking over the top of my waistband and when my thumbs came to rest on his ball sack, I exploded.

I froze; my eyes still closed as my head spun feeling blast after blast coat my stomach. What the fuck just happened??? I opened my eyes hoping his were still closed because had they been open he would have seen what the front of me looked like.

The front of my boxers looked like I had dropped a pudding cup in my lap. I realized I had been holding my breath and when I let it out the last wave of juice came bubbling from my shaft.

I sat for the longest time; my dick just kept convulsing even thou my orgasm had subsided, my hands still roaming over the parts I desperately wanted to taste. I carefully crawled off the bed and made my way to the bathroom to milk the last of my seed out and clean up.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror and I didn’t like what I saw looking back. I had never done something like this before; like taking advantage of someone like I had; he was asleep for Christ sake. I cursed myself in the mirror; ashamed of what I had done as I looked down to my soft but stiffing shaft.

I felt like a sick son of a bitch for getting off the way I had from touching him, self loathing filling me.  I cleaned my dick with my boxers then washed my trimmed pubes and walked back out into the bedroom. I stood with my hand stretched out to touch him again, only fractions of an inch away but I stopped myself. I just left him there and crawled under the covers and fell asleep.

He must have awakened sometime during the night. I woke up with him next to me, his right arm across my chest, right leg over mine, turned into me, and my right arm wrapped around him. He had his head on my shoulder and I could feel his softness resting against my hip. It was a little after six in the morning and I didn't want to move or wake him. So I just lay there, enjoying the closeness.

I had so many thoughts running through my head, I couldn't think straight. I was sure this wasn't intentional on his part; we had just found comfort in each other again during the night. I had been like that for almost two hours. I started to think of how I could get out of this naked entanglement we were in. I wanted to avoid an embarrassing moment.

I managed to slide out of bed without waking him, went into the bathroom, and got in the shower. The shower must have woke him, because I heard him taking a piss and I asked, "Is that you, Jr.?" He replied, "Who else would it be?" Then he asked; "Would you put some more of that stuff on me when you're done?" "Sure." I replied; coming out of the shower, grabbing a towel, and noticing he had underwear on.

I asked, "So what do you want to do today?" He said, "I don't think we can top yesterday, I really have never had so much fun in my whole life, Skate!" I smiled at him, saying, "You need to get out more then. That was just a holiday get together," Adding, "Maybe I will take you to a real party, sometime."

I reached across him, grabbing the lotion; putting some into my hands and rubbed it on his shoulders and back then handed it to him so he could do the rest of his body. I could feel myself getting heavy from touching him again and hoped he didn’t notice. I dried my hair, put on deodorant, and walked to my closet.

I stopped dead in my tracks looking at the comforter on the bed and saw a big round dried mark where he was laying when I was fondling him. I knew where his body was in relation to the spot and part of me wondered if maybe he wasn’t asleep.

Rob came back dressed in just the cut offs he wore yesterday saying, it hurt to put anything else on. "Pussy," I said, pulling on a pair of gym shorts and he asked, "So why aren't you a lobster?" his eyes now seeing the comforter. "I'm a little red, but I know when to put a shirt on. You just wanted Cass to keep putting suntan lotion on you.

“So what do you want to do today, other than avoid the sun," I asked? "Can't we just kind of hang around here today?" he returned, in a tone that said that's what he really wanted to do. "That sounds great to me, Robby." and asked, "Do you like Belgaum waffles?" "I don't think I've ever had them before," he replied, and we headed to the kitchen.

I looked through the kitchen to see if we had everything for waffles, and sure enough, we did. Rob was sitting on the counter watching me so I showed him where the plates and silverware were, telling him he could help by getting the table set.

I finished making breakfast and we sat at the bar. "Who else lives here?" he asked, and then "When is your mom going to be home?" I told him that it was just mom and me living here and about my dad dying when I was eight. He listened as I rambled.

We finished breakfast and moved out onto the deck. I offered him my rolling tray again and asked if he wanted to roll up a fatty. He reminded me he didn't know how so I twisted one up. He watched, and I handed it to him along with Mike's lighter.

He put the flame to the morning libation. Taking a big hit and laughing, he said, "Mike, is going to be pissed you got his lighter." I explained it was something I always did; most of my friends would never let me use theirs because I always pocketed them.

He passed the joint and asked me with a serious look on his face if Parker was one of my close friends, adding we acted like we were REAL close. I took a hit and held it for a minute before blowing it up in the air thinking to myself, what did he mean by that? I told him Park and I had known each other for a long time, that's just the way we are when we're together.

Rob took another drag off the morning dumb stick and asked "Your Grandparents died? I would have never made comments about your grandma had I known." He said that he heard Chuck and Parker both say something about it. I assured him I had taken no offense about the grandma thing.

I told him that my Grandmother died a few years ago, my Grandfather passed away last month, and I never knew them well. "What did Parker mean when he said you would be set for a while?" he asked. I went on to tell him that they had left everything to me, and Chuck was handling it.

We sat silent for a while, just listening to the sounds of the morning and the fountain in the pond. Rob had closed his eyes, feeling the effects of the killer bud and I just let my eyes drink him in, sitting there in the morning sun. He really was so beautiful, his body fucking perfect, in my eyes.  

He had such soft looking skin even as red as it was. His body hair was almost non-existent, but you could tell that it would fill in someday, but his treasure trail was starting to form and was little thicker. I was wishing my hands hadn’t been limited to his back last night.

I thought about this morning; waking up with him curled up on me. I wondered if it was just that we had gotten comfortable in our sleep or if it was something more. It couldn't be more; that just couldn't happen. My mind and body had failed me last night and I knew if the opportunity presented itself again I wouldn’t be able to control myself.

Rob slowly turned opening his now red eyes and looked at me. After a minute, I took the reefer from him, dropping it down in the Frisbee. He said, "I might need a morning nap," with a smile. "Great minds think alike Jr." I confirmed, and handed him the lotion as I sat down between his legs saying, "My turn."

He put a generous amount on my back rubbing it slowly across my shoulders and down my arms then over my back. The little fucker was taking his time, and I was hoping it was because he was enjoying it.

My eyes closed when he slid his hands under my arms so he could reach my chest from behind and he pulled on me a little. I could feel his breath on my back as the intoxicating feeling of lust was making my head spin. This had to end. I was getting hard and there was no way my shorts would hide it.

I got up and stepped behind him; pouring some lotion on his shoulders and rubbed my way down over his front as he was leaning back. His chest was so hard and soft at the same time, his nipples getting harder each time I swept over them.

Realizing this was not helping my hard on, I had to stop. I couldn't help but notice his crotch looked a little bigger; the shape obvious in his cut-offs. I handed him the bottle and said, "You can do your legs." I told him that I was ready for that nap now and he got up following me to my room.

Robby crawled on to the bed, close to the middle, and I turned on the reel to reel telling him this will last for six hours as I crawled into bed next to him. We had been laying there for about fifteen minutes just listening to the music when he asked, "What are we listening to?" I told him it was a mix of stuff I liked, some old, some new, and he said he liked it and closed his eyes.

We woke up about three hours later, in the same position we fell asleep, on our backs, and both a little hard. We looked at each other and smiled. I said to him "You know guys think about sex as often as we blink our eyes. That's why we have these." looking down at our crotches.

I got up to pee and came back out, Rob still on my bed. He looked at me and said, "I don't want to go home!" I reminded him he was staying the night tonight, and offered him the other bedroom to sleep in. He said, "I like it right here, Ryan. I wish this was my bed." God, I did too.

We spent the rest of the day just lounging around the house, shooting the shit. Around dinner time, my mom came home, with a good buzz. I told her Rob and I were going to Johns', for dinner.

John’s was an Italian restaurant, close to home, that mom and I had been going to since I was nine or ten, John was the owner. We walked in and were greeted by John; yelling hello from the kitchen and saying, “sit anywhere, guys.”

We ordered our food, prepared and delivered to our table by John. He sat down and chatted with us a little and I introduced him to Rob. We finished our dinner, thanked John for his hospitality, and then headed for home.

We sat down in the living room and talked to my mom for a while. Rob told her about the great time we had with Parker, and watching the fireworks from the water was the greatest thing he had ever seen. My mom got up, and as she moved to her bedroom she said, "I talked to Chuck." I told her; I had also.

It was going on 9 o'clock so I said it was time for bed. Rob looked at me with that pouty face asking, "Do I have to sleep in my room?" I looked at his adorable mask and said, "Fine Jr." and he ran into my room, jumping on the bed causing a big wave. I rewound the reel to reel and started up the music as I took off my clothes and climbed into bed next to him, in my underwear.

He rolled onto his side and looked at me and said, "I wish you were my brother, Skate." Now that was about the sweetest thing anybody had ever said to me, but not necessarily what I wanted to hear. I replied, "If we were brothers, Robby, we would hate each other, and I wouldn't like that at all."


                                          From the author:

        You have arrived at the end of chapter III. You can probably tell; I am not a writer. I have been told; I have no understanding how to present to the reader, I ramble, and am too wordy. This is all true, I don't, I do, and it is. My hope is that you can overlook my short comings and will continue reading.

What Robby and I shared was real and intense. To me; it was all important, and necessary, so you could get to know us. Over the next few chapters, it will become clear; you can see for yourself the way in which our love developed and grew. It was destiny.



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