Robby and Ryan Chapter 22

                                    From the Author:

I hope my last chapter was not a disappointment my anonymous friends. I understand that what I shared in my Birthday chapter my have left many expecting more of the same, but I thought substance was needed now. Like I said, I am digging deeper, sharing joy and pain with you like never before. Just an FYI; as I read it aloud to myself I feel you are being short changed. I have stated I am not a writer, erotica not my genre and you need to continue to cut me slack; struggle with my short-comings as I pick away at the stalks of wheat that I am sharing with you. I have responded to so many of you and the message that I share always resonates the same. I do understand that many draw strength or something from what you are reading, but many more find it in the comments that are left at the end and in your emails when you don’t comment. We all are looking for something common, something that makes us fell not so alone, or happy that we are not alone, and I think we all owe it to each other. Tell me what you think, tell everyone what you think.


                             Robby and Ryan Chapter 22

Robby jerked violently and said my name, and my heart went back to normal. I stroked his cheek and calmed him until he fell back to sleep. I had my first twinge of mortality and thought it strange that someone only eighteen would think about dying, but I wasn’t just somebody.

Death didn’t scare me, but thinking about Rob being alone; not having me to share with; me not being here to care for and protect him, terrified me.

I woke in the morning, Robby making designs on my chest and he said, “I had a dream last night Rye.” The designs he was making centering over my heart. “It was just a dream Jr.” I said, trying to comfort him, to put him at ease. My mind drifted back to almost three hundred days ago.

He sat with the picture Cass had taken of us on the boat, and I was remembering what he said to me. “If you go first Rye, just walk slow and I’ll catch up.” He wouldn’t be left alone again; he wouldn’t let me go without him. What a burden to carry.

Subconsciously I think he felt something was wrong, but consciously it was out of his reach and I hoped it stayed that way. We lounged around most of the day; Belgium waffles and sausage giving us the nutrition we needed to recover from our weekend follies, and milk re-hydrating our depleted fluids.

After a wonderful nights sleep, we woke and started our week; six days until Robs’ seventeenth Birthday; I couldn’t wait. I called Chuck after I got to work and provided him a task that I thought would put my mind at ease, but he was not comfortable with my request.

I called the school and had them get a message to Rob to meet me at the bank; the suitcase had been in my trunk and needed to be dealt with. I waited in the parking lot until I saw the truck pull in and come to a stop next to me. He was suspicious.

He questioned me when I pulled the suitcase out of the trunk and motioned him to follow. He had come to the bank with me months ago when I ordered him a credit card, something he never used, but I wanted him to know when I said, ‘What was mine was his’; I was serious. I talked to the manager for a minute and he gave me what I requested.

I handed it to Rob and told him to fill it out as I wrote a check. “Ryan, why am I doing this?” He questioned. “I don’t need a safe deposit box.” We sat at the manager’s desk as he went over the form with a fine tooth comb. He looked at me and the check I had written and asked, “You want to pay for ten years?” I nodded and said, “yes.”

Rob remained silent until the manager handed him the key and walked us into the vault. It was the biggest box they had and I hoped I could get the suitcase to fit. “What is that Ryan?” he asked; the uncertainty in his voice now evident. “Robby, if anything ever happens to me.” I started, my eyes trying to convey that this was important.  

I could feel him questioning my motives. “No Ryan” as he started to protest. “Robby, this is just in case, in case something ever happens to me.” I told him as I unzipped the corner of the case and he saw what was inside. “I won’t need it, Rye. If anything ever happens to you, this won’t change anything,” he said, reinforcing what I already knew.  

He was starting to panic; he thought something was wrong with me that I wasn’t sharing, but I assured him that I was going to be around long enough to see both of us turn gray. I knew he would not like the idea of the task I had given Chuck, so I didn’t tell him. After securing the case in the box, I stood behind him and took his necklace off and added the key and refastened it around his neck.

Robby was in my care, I felt responsible for him, and what was mine, really was his. Chuck drew up my will; everything was to go to Robby except for the house we lived in now, it still was my moms. If something were to happen to me I couldn’t give away something that wasn’t really mine, legally.

Here we were, September 9th, 1978. I was eighteen years old and worth a staggering amount, even in today’s times. It really had not sunk into my head yet, but I knew it was a lot. I had a salary of fifty thousand a year and the Gentleman was bringing in another three grand a month.

Rob and I left the bank and went home, TV dinners tonight. It was still kind of strange, my mom wouldn’t be coming home, it wasn’t her home anymore; it was ours. We sat at the bar eating our Swanson’s Salisbury steak.

Do you remember when you were eighteen? Can you imagine everything being yours? OK, I was a spoiled fuckin brat; I had what most could only dream of, but that was just my life. I was the one that people talked about; the guy who has his cake and is eating it too. Should I apologize, hell no?

I posed the question to Rob; “Can we do something, just the two of us this weekend?” He smiled at me, I knew he was thinking about my birthday and thought I was trying to do to him what he did to me, but I don’t play second fiddle to anybody, not even him. “If that’s what you want Rye, that’s what I want too.” was his sheepish reply.

We sat in the hot tub and talked about what Bruno was doing for us at ‘The Willows’; Rob knew my personality; my need to be hands on with things that I wanted.

The sun had gone down and the moon had started to rise; his head was on my shoulder and my arm around him. I could feel him searching, digging around trying to find the reason why I was putting things into order. “Robby, you have no need to dig; I am not hiding anything from you,” I told him in a reassuring voice.

“Then why am I wearing this?” he asked, as he held the key in his hand. “I told you, it’s just in case. You mean everything to me Jr. We both know that life doesn’t last forever; it’s something I feel I need to do; this is for me, OK?” He reluctantly nodded and rested his head back on my shoulder and we drifted back to our home in the east.

We smoked the rest of the roach we had been puffing on and got ready for bed. I lay with my head on his chest; our hearts and breathing synchronized naturally and I thought about his birthday last year. It really was the best night and what happened when we got home after the concert was something I wanted to recreate in our new traveling love shack.

I took a long lunch the next day and paid for the Air Stream and brought it back to the yard to rest until Friday when I was going to take it up to the mountains; a spot Rob and I had enjoyed on a day trip. I had paid for the bikes and we were going to pick them up Saturday morning; that was how I was going to get him up in the woods and then surprise him with the trailer.

Friday night came too soon and Robby and I were sitting in the hot tub again; smoking a laced joint. I knew what was going through his mind as his hand rested on my growing wood. We stood looking at our reflections in the mirror and a smile came to my face.

“I’m glad you’re not a hag to, Ryan,” he said as his eyes washed over me; he knew that’s what I was thinking. If he could see what my weekend plans were he never let on when I brushed my lips across his shoulder as I walked to the bed.

I loved the look of lust I saw in him as he stood at the end of the bed; those eyes that were telling me he was going to rock my fucking world; like he didn’t always rock my world. I watched my favorite toy start to rise; lifting off his balls as it filled with blood.

It was hanging; the base straight out and the head arching down at the tip from the weight of what I knew would be rubbing across my bundle of nerves that would make me explode. He just stood there watching me watch him.

He didn’t move as I eyed that piece of work that would rise a little more with each beat of his heart until it was full; standing hard and at attention. He looked down at himself then back at me and smiled. “It’s calling to you Rye,” He said like I couldn’t see.

When we got the new bed we took many things into consideration and I was happy that the height was perfect. I threw the covers back and showed him what watching him did to me. I was rock hard; drops glistening at my tip as I crawled to the end of the bed.

This angle was perfect; my mouth able to reach my favorite toy as my chest rested on the bed frame. He gently took my head in his hands and let me lick at him before he started to feed it to me. I could never help but moan and I could feel him throb in my mouth as I wrapped my lips around his crown.

My whimpers were his clue to feed me more; to give me what I wanted and watch me as I took it. He pulled it away and pushed his balls to my lips. Rob had big balls; bigger than mine and he liked me to be rough with his twins. I’d suck on them one at a time and he’d pull back until they would snap from my lips and his breath would hitch.

I turned in the bed; face down and showed him his target as I backed up enough for him to just lean down and tongue me. We had taken the next step when it came to shaving; our holes were hair free just like our balls. He sucked one of my nuts into his mouth rolling it around and slowly started using his teeth; biting on it.

He knew when I reached my limit and released me, and swept across my hole then blew hot air on it, chuckling to himself. A little more teasing, more wetness and even teeth chewing at my bud, and then he poked me with it. Spit was being pushed into me followed by his rolled tongue as it penetrated what I am sure was winking at him.

I spread my legs a little more; my ass rising up meeting and grinding back against him. I reached back and firmly took a cheek in each hand pulling them apart so he could tongue fuck me properly until I was lubed enough for a finger; maybe two.

I moaned again; pulling more on my cheeks, opening myself to him. He rubbed his finger in a circular motion and then back and forth over my hole. I felt his thumb; the fatness of it and then the soft push. He loved doing this to me; making me whether at his touch; wanting him to breach me; stretch me and prepare me for his thickness.

He was teasing me with only the tip; knowing I wanted more. I turned my head so I could see his smiling face and gave him my best ‘come fuck me NOW eyes’. I removed my hands and put them in front of me to use as leverage to push back; wanting his invasion.

Oh… when his fat thumb rubbed across my prostate it pushed a few drops out of me and I knew we would have to change the sheets tomorrow. He used his fingers; wrapping around my shaft and balls forcing my shaft down squeezing it and my balls together.

He was thumb massaging me and I could feel every ridge of his prints making my inner nut tingle; not gently, but not painfully rough; he knew my body and what was just the right amount of pressure to make me hurt so fuckin good.

His name fell from my lips; the familiar tone he drew from me in the throws of lust, making him smile; I could see it even though my eyes were closed. I moved forward; his thumb leaving me empty and his grip on my most sensitive parts releasing and allowing the juice that he had been holding back to flow from me.

I felt the waves of the bed as he crawled up behind me; following me to the middle. His hands took a firm hold on my cheeks, spreading them; his thumbs, an inch on either side; opening me as he rested that unit on my hole. With a perfect angle; his head wet with the liquid that came from him when he had me at his mercy like this, and again he started feeding it to me.

Teasing me the way he was had left him hanging on the edge; his balls were full; wanting to explode and paint my insides. He went deep and just rested there; hoping it would pass and he could last longer. That was not to be this night; his need to cum greater than the pleasure of multiple positions that had become normal.

He didn’t move; I could feel it grow and I took control from my submissive posture. It had passed, but he had turned me into his cock whore again and I started working my muscle; milking and sucking on him, but not moving.

I pulled off finally and heard him whimper as I pushed back on him hard and repeated the motion. He struggled on that ejaculation precipice; I knew his eyes were closed wanting to ignore what I was doing. I wanted to make him cum knowing that he didn’t want that yet and he pulled on me; his grip tightening; not letting me move.

I could feel him grow inside me again and his hand moved to my dripping member squeezing drop after drop from me. I felt one hot burst; his breathing stopped and I felt myself grow in his hand. I strained to pull off and then thrust back against him again.

I had done it; he couldn’t control himself. Buried in me to the hilt; he raised his leg and rested his knee on my back driving that last half an inch deep and held it there. He was swelling; his breathing stopped again and from his gut he said my name with the air he was holding.

He erupted deep in me; five strokes and I made him cum. I lost count on his contractions; the boiling hot enema splattering inside me. He lowered his knee, his face came down on my back and kisses were being planted on my neck and back as I unloaded in his hand.

“Why did you do that Rye? That was so… mean.” He whimpered between kisses and nibbles. I had pulled from him in five strokes what usually took, at least, half an hour. I pushed my legs down and he came to rest fully on my back; his member not as deep as it had been, but five or more inches still buried in me.

My belly was drenched; his hand full of me and what he pulled from me. I could feel the total of his weight relaxing and his maleness still dancing inside my body. His lips were now on my neck; that lick of his tongue telling me that I was going to be the recipient of his brand again.

Tonight was the first time this had ever happened; the speed of our climax surprising both of us. We fell asleep like that; him still inside me, his sweaty body on my back and his face resting in the crook of my neck from behind.

It was around three when I woke; Robby’s breathing telling me he was asleep. Another first for us; my anal grip had refused to release him. I smiled; still half in my slumber and felt him twitch inside me. I tightened my hold on him and felt another nudge; part of him was awake.

I remembered back to that night in the hot tub; the way he got hard in my mouth, how much I relished in the moment, and I felt him mold more to me. I pinched him again and he grew a little more, and I smiled again. I could feel his pulse in the part of him I held and I felt a true flex, but sleep was still where he was.

I was wide awake now; Robby growing and sliding further into the slippery canal he had created hours ago. I gave him another involuntary pinch and received another twitch; as I watched a minute click by on the alarm clock. God I loved him.

As I watched the numbers flip on the clock he hardened in me until he was rigid. He had pushed his way back to where he came; deep, deep, inside my body. My legs were spread and I twirled my feet over the backs of ankles. Even in his sleep, he could do that to me; turn me into the creature I could never see myself becoming.

I wanted him again and I waited to see if he would wake up. I watched a few more minutes click by; twitches from him hitting that spot and making me hard. I felt his breathing change and a smile growing on my neck. He was awake now and I felt him stab me softly; still hard and growing more as I pushed back in acknowledgment.

He flexed in me a few more times before pulling out and letting me roll over; spreading my legs and him finding the target again. He had become my true lover; had crossed over from the boy to a full-fledged, world rocking, fucking stallion, in bed. An hour passed before he flooded my insides again I released another load that glued us together.

I woke up in the morning and could feel the wet spot where I lay. Rob had slid to my side but was still on me and had his knee between my still spread legs. I could feel the warm puddle of spit that was falling from his mouth onto my chest.

I thought about today and the fun I knew we were going to have, and hoping I could ride a bike in my condition; well the condition of my ass. I so… loved to feel the change in him when sleep fell by the wayside and conciseness brought him back to life. He would always smile; whether it was looking at me or not, I could always feel it.

His finger once again started making designs on my chest and I felt him wipe the puddle off my chest. He nuzzled me in the neck with his nose and made that mmm sound as he molded more into me. He said, “I remember this day a year ago Ryan. It was almost just like this.”

I thought back and told him today was no different and “no” we can’t stay in bed. “I have the day planned.” How fast the hands on the clock of life spin; three hundred and sixty-five days had passed, and it was like yesterday, but a lifetime ago.

Today was September 14th, 1978; Robby was seventeen today. He had grown and aged so much over the last year and I couldn’t help but wonder what the next one would be like. He was lost in thought and I watched him doing what I had just a few months ago; he was in yesteryear.

I didn’t let him pick a single stalk; “yesteryear is for next year Jr.” I told him, “Now get up.” as I peeled myself from him and walked to the bathroom. I stood under the hot water and I knew he was behind me, I could feel his eyes on my body, and I waited.

It must have been two minutes I waited; so much shit was in his head. “Is it really about being gay Rob?” I asked. “I guess not Ryan. It really is a heart thing, isn’t it?” he admitted as he came up behind me and rested his face in my neck.

“It’s only you that I look at like this. I honestly don’t think about doing anything with anyone but you Rye.” I told him as I had a year ago; we fall in love with our hearts, not our heads, and he would look at anyone he loved as he did me.

I turned and grabbed what hung between his legs and squeezed watching a smile come over his face. “I’m glad it’s me who gets to feast on this Jr.” I said, remembering him grow like a balloon inside me in the middle of the night. I think he turned a little red.

He put his arms around my neck and rested his head under my chin. The shit that was going through his head was starting to scare me and he tightened his grip. “Robby… Do you want to move back to Debs’?”

 From the Author:

Couples pass thru phases in their relationship; when feelings change and grow, when it becomes more about your partner than yourself, and we went thru each and every one of those a year ago.

This was us and had been for a year; god we were blessed. Again I would like to take the opportunity to thank you, my anonymous friends. You continue to surprise me with comments and emails flattering me to embarrassment; you are too kind. I would like to wish each and every one of you a belated very Happy Thanksgiving and hope you were able to share it with those who love you.



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