~ As written under my pen name of Gavin E. Black

The tourists were out in full force, soaking in the summer heat by day, and dancing and drinking themselves stupid by night. And I was damn lucky they were because it was seriously beefing up my earnings as a bartender back at club Crush.

The previous manager Dylan had gotten the boot. One too many times mouthing off at customers.


Served him right after the way he'd treated me. What kind of a guy publicly humiliates you by drenching your fully aroused, naked, shivering body in beer, commands you to crawl across a damp, frigid concrete floor to beg for his thick, engorged cock to be jammed down your throat, spreads your ass and fucks you raw, coats your face in his cum-and then fires you.

Reason given.


Apparently, I'm a disobedient tease because I refused to kiss him. Not that it matters anymore. Dylan's out and I'm back in.


Fucking hot though.

I hummed at the memory of being so thoroughly used in the basement cellar beneath my feet. I'd never done anything like that before. Plenty since-but nothing before.

Not until I'd met Jake.

My hot, gorgeous and sexy Jake.

Distracted, I pressed my cock against the counter behind the bar to temper my urge to ignore the bubbly, blonde server with the unrealistically perky tits spitting drink orders at me, and seek Jake out in the DJ booth for an extended play, house music blowjob.

God, I love giving him those.

Being forced to my knees beneath the decks of equipment, trapped against his thighs, coaxing every last drop from his cock before returning to my post behind the bar; the taste of him salty and familiar on my lips as I poured my next round of drinks.

I grinned against the skin of my forearm, warranting a questioning look from the new manager. I winked at her to alleviate her concerns-and to make her blush a little.

She was a sweet girl but helpless to resist the simplest of my and Jake's charms. As soon as Dylan was out the door, I was back in tending bar. Whether or not she believed any of the whispered references to my public display in the cellar was anyone's guess.

She never mentioned it and I had no intention of repeating it.

Not here anyways.

My mind wandered again, annoying the hell out of the aforementioned server. The fact I had a job in this town as a bartender at all was worth snapping out of it and paying attention.

"Sorry," I murmured, mindlessly mixing the drinks she'd begun punctuating with open palmed smacks to the wet bar top. Despite my outright boredom, I really couldn't afford to lose this job. The economy just wasn't turning around as quickly as expected, work was scarce and I needed to continue pulling my weight at home.

My brother, Andrew, had been concerned about my return to this particular job though. But after seeing how close Jake and I had become, combined with a string of promises that I'd refrain from participating in any further workplace humiliation antics, he'd been more than happy to relieve me of my share of the rent money.

A hot, familiar breath whispered across my ear.

"Hey sexy."

"Mmm," I responded as Jake slipped a discreet hand into my back pocket, briefly grabbing at my ass before retreating and reaching for a water glass above my head.

"Are you about ready to go?" Jake asked. "I want to be well on our way before sunrise."

"Just say the word."

"Which one," Jake teased as he edged closer, using the confined space behind the bar to inadvertently pin me against the sink. It was no secret that we were together, but we still needed to watch ourselves. Crush was a straight bar. Things happen.

"That you're one hot, sexy bitch," Jake continued, jamming a thigh against the crease of my ass. I sucked in my breath.

Fuck yeah.

Jake's hand traced the back seam of my pants, coming to rest between my legs as he crunched a mouthful of ice in my ear.

"Or that I want to fuck you right here against this bar," he finished then chuckled in my ear as he released me, leaving me to cling to the edge of the sink and catch my breath.

He had a way of doing that; leaving me breathless.

"Ice," Jake said, snapping my mind away from the image of him bending me over the sink, loosening my belt and hauling my pants down just enough to spread my ass and slide his cock into me.

Hot, hard and fast.

"What?" I asked, peering over my shoulder at him.

No... he would've teased my hole with ice before he fucked me, tracing the pulsing ridge to numb it before pressing the smooth, burning cold into my ass-then he would've made me hold it.

Fuck yeah.

I shivered against the cold, metal sink.

"What do we need ice for?" I asked, half hopeful.

Mm... the tears would've been streaming down my cheeks, wetting my lips. And I would've had to beg for more ice, my legs quivering from the strain, before Jake would allow me to expel it.

Oh my god.

My legs almost crumpled beneath me.

"For the cooler," Jake replied, laughing. He knew exactly where my mind had gone. "We need to top it up before we head out so the groceries don't go bad," he finished.

"Right," I replied, shaking my head.

Jake and I had mapped out a little excursion; an escape from the mayhem of tourists roaming the streets of our fair city to be more precise, for the only time off we'd likely see all summer.

Jake had suggested camping.

I'd objected-adamantly.

He'd persuaded me using that incredibly talented tongue of his.

Needless to say, I'm now a camping enthusiast.

The plan was to head towards the Rockies, seek out some secluded wilderness sites to pitch our tent, roast a few marshmallows, fuck each other senseless and fall asleep beneath the stars-simple back to basics kind of stuff.

"Did you want me to make you a coffee before we head out?" I asked as I tidied away the rubber mat and shot glasses into the dishwasher, pushing the last of the garnishes down the counter towards the bartender at the next station.

I sighed to myself. No coffee for me. I wouldn't need the rousing effects of caffeine because there was no way Jake would ever let me drive his baby; a powder blue 1959 GMC Jimmy. It was a beauty, no doubt about that. Jake had lovingly restored the vintage truck that had been in his family since the day it had been driven off the lot. If it wasn't for the rubber mats I'd suggested for the box, I'm sure we would've been travelling with the camping gear in the cab with us-probably in my lap to protect the seats.

Jake shook his head.

"Nope," he said. "Let's just go."

I threw my bar towel into the laundry on my way to the employee lockers lining the wall near the back door. Jake had nipped into the utility room to steal some ice from the spare machine, giving me a few seconds to clear my head.

I was so ready to get out of town and have a little down time with Jake. We'd been together for an entire year now and things definitely weren't cooling off between us.

I grinned into the locker and closed the door.

I was so in love with the guy it was pathetic.

"Let's roll," Jake shouted as he jogged past me and threw open the steel exterior door. The stress of the evening drifted away as the cool night air wafted in, drawing me out into the parking lot.

Jake had already finished spreading a new layer of ice in the cooler and was holding my door open for me, making me grin.

Attentive didn't even begin to describe Jake.

He loved me as much as I loved him-maybe more.

When Jake slid into the cab beside me, I reached over, stroking my hand across his face and up into his hair to turn him towards me. I needed a taste of his lips before we set out.

"Always so hungry," Jake whispered, placing his hand on my chest, stopping me and daring me to chase his mouth.

Then his tone changed.

"Say please," he said.

A soft, "please," barely escaped my lips before Jake was on them, his tongue prodding, pushing-overpowering me. A coil of excitement descended from my gut and stirred my cock as Jake's hand crept its way up my chest and around my throat, grasping my jaw and demanding my submission.

Yes. Fuck yes.

I let my hands drop to my sides and relaxed into the seat.

From here on out, Jake would take care of me.

"That's it," Jake said as he pressed my head against the rear of the cab and played with the sensitive lobe of my ear, teasing it into his mouth with his teeth. A low groan rumbled deep in my chest as I fought to keep from reaching for him-my every breath matching Jake's as he rocked me hard and heavy into the seat, his hand running rough between my thighs, sending my cock thrusting unrequited into the dampening folds of my uber hot because they're way too fucking tight, red denim pants.

"Ah," I gasped, and squirmed as Jake grabbed both my wrists and pinned them to the hard glass of the window behind me; the hard leather of his bracelet digging into my flesh.

Jake adjusted his grip.

"Tell me what you need," he said.

"I need you to fuck me," I whispered.

"Please," I added.

Jake released my wrists and leaned back in his seat, shoulder to the window, legs relaxed and open-watching me.

"Take your shirt off," he said finally.

The cab was a tight fit even with the bench seating-which I had been hoping I would've been sprawled face down and ass in the air on by now. But I managed to remove my shirt without knocking the rear view mirror askew.

Fuck. Jake. No.

I closed my eyes and resisted the urge to object when Jake took my shirt from me and used the pocket knife hanging from his keychain to pierce a few holes in the material before tearing it into strips. It had been one of my favorites.

I swallowed and licked my lips, preparing myself then turned away from Jake so he could tie the improvised gag in place. The roll of material was thicker than I'd been expecting, trapping my tongue and stretching the edges of my mouth as Jake cinched it tight and knotted it, sending my heart racing as I adjusted.

I inhaled deeply through my nose to calm myself but the scent of my perspiration after hours of working in a hot and sweaty club permeated my senses almost gagging me.

Oh my god-

My hand shot onto the back of the seat to steady myself. But it was Jake's fingertips that eased my panic as he began massaging my shoulders. "You alright?" he asked.

I clenched my eyes shut to trap the tears and nodded my head.

His hands slipped away with a whispered, "Good boy."

The sound of the back door of the club door slamming shut made me jump. The only lights in the parking lot were above the back door of the club and directly above our heads.

Jake must've deliberately parked beneath it.

The entire of Jake's cab was well illuminated.

I scanned the lot through my open side window. It was the server who'd been annoyingly persistent earlier. But she didn't appear to be headed in our direction.

I flicked my gaze back over at Jake, wondering what he had planned for me-because he'd obviously planned this.

I didn't have to wonder for long. Jake leaned past me, popping open the glove box. After perusing the contents, I stretched my arms above my head resting my fingertips against the roof lining and sucked in a deep breath, holding it as Jake fastened a metal clip to each of my nipples and tightened them.

Exhaling slowly, I stared out the front windscreen as the cool chain linking the clips together came to rest against my skin, tugging hot and delicious on my tender flesh. I caught a glimpse of my reflection, gagged and aching to be dominated, and spikes of pure heat shot straight through to my cock.

Fuck yes.

My head lolled back as the euphoria swept in.

"So fucking hot, baby," Jake said as he moved in, pressing my arm tight to my head so he could use his tongue to lick slow, wet swaths through the hair beneath my arm, slicking them to my skin.

I shivered as Jake blew across them.

"You like that?" Jake teased.

When I nodded in agreement, he kissed the heat dampened skin at the nape of the neck and laughed softly as he caressed a hand onto my stomach, sweeping slow circles across it.

So close.

I groaned, biting into the gag as my cock twitched, longing for Jake to continue his attention downward-desperate for the rough haul and tug of his hand. My body undulated away, vibrating with need as Jake traced a finger up the centre of my chest and flicked at each of the nipple clips. The sharp tingle of pain reached my toes.

I met Jake's eyes and blinked, releasing a single droplet down my cheek. "Tighter?" Jake asked and I nodded.

The increased pinch caused me to flinch momentarily. I sucked in a breath and stole a glance down at the clips.

They were new-serrated teeth with the ability to add weights.

Clamps-not clips.


I squirmed on the seat.

This wasn't going to get any easier.

I needed to remember to breathe.

"I can't have you messing up my seats," Jake said then slid the heel of his hand up my back, arching it and pushing me forward. His lips brushed along the back of my ear, challenging my resolve to remain still. "So, what I need you to do..."

My hands slammed onto the dashboard as Jake's hand slid into the back of my pants and past the waistband of my briefs, easily locating the anxious ring of my ass. An infuriatingly inadequate fingertip toyed with it, pressing and stroking-circling.

"...is promise to keep that sweet little cock of yours in your pants," he finished.

I rested my forehead against the dash, breathing in the scent of the freshly conditioned leather, and nodded.

I could do that.

"Good boy," I heard Jake say as I braced myself, prepared to keep my balance as he unhooked my belt and wrenched open the buttons of my pants. They would stay on. They needed to be looser. But they'd stay on. We'd played this game before-many times.

I clasped my hands together waiting for my belt to be removed. The extra notches Jake had punched in the thick, black leather when I'd initially bought it made binding my wrists together in any circumstance easy and efficient-and secure.

I set my bound hands back on the dash above the glove box; my body jerking to remain upright as Jake tugged at my cock through the fabric of my briefs. His touch was rough, rolling my foreskin back and forth off my cockhead through the material, and hauling on balls until the ache was almost too much.

I separated my legs a little further to help maintain my balance and give Jake greater access. He shifted in his seat, pulling the elastic of my briefs away from the front of my body. My cock bounced free; the tip glistening wet and slick above the floor mat.

I groaned as the cool air swept across the tip.

"You'd like some of this, wouldn't you?" Jake asked as he began milking my shaft, slow and steady, and then encircled my cock head, collecting a thick stream of my pre-cum on his thumb.

He held it up for me to see.

I would have to beg for it.

"Please," I murmured against the gag, desperate to please.

My body trembled with anticipation as Jake smeared my lips in the slick, clear desire; painting first the upper one then the lower. He dragged his thumb down the centre of my chin, grasping it.

My eyes blinked shut instinctively as a wad of Jake's spit hit my cheek. It wasn't to be. I'd done nothing to deserve it.

Jake turned the rear view mirror so I could see my face.

"See how pretty," Jake said as he stroked an affectionate knuckle down my jaw line. The sound of my heart thundered into my ears. I barely recognized the hazy eyed, sweat drenched face staring back at me. I pressed my tongue against the gag and swallowed then turned my attention back out the front window as Jake's hand slid into the front of my pants, cupping my balls. He tugged heavily on them to remind me I needed to behave.

My mind went blank, focused only on Jake's presence as I stretched my hands forward onto the dash, staring down at the floor in full submission. I wouldn't be permitted to touch him or myself. And if I came-when I came, I'd be expected to button up my pants and just steep in it.

Please. Jake.

I'm yours-


My chest heaved, arching my spine as Jake caressed two slim fingers deep into my ass, jamming my body up against the dash with the initial, forceful thrust. The metal chain tethering my tender nipples swung freely with each assault, stretching them as the sharp teeth bit into my flesh.

I could feel Jake's hot breath cascade across the back of my neck just before he kissed it.

"You're so fucking beautiful, Connor," he whispered as his forehead came to rest against my hair.

I never got tired of hearing those words. Jake telling me I was beautiful... or telling me how much he loved me.

I groaned into the crook of my arm as the contents of the glove box shifted beneath Jake's hand. The searing pain shot to my gut from my left nipple first. I had to concentrate, panting into my gag to bring my breathing back under control. Jake's hand came to rest on my stomach, calming me. I breathed easier as the next weight was added to the clamp on my right nipple. I could feel the pull all the way through to the skin beneath my arms.

I settled my forehead back against the dash, adjusting my perception to find peace in the swinging pull of the weights.

Mm... there.


My cock pulsed, moistening my skin as Jake changed the angle of penetration inside me, manipulating the small gland in my ass beneath his fingertips. I closed my eyes and tipped my hips further; sighing and grunting as he continued to stroke and thrust, rocking my body-building the aching tension in my balls.

Fuck yeah... that's it.

I sucked in a noisy breath past the gag, imagining my lips were wrapped around Jake's thick, gorgeous cock-its slick head stroking the back of my throat as I came.

I peered over at him.

"Not yet, beautiful," Jake said, shaking his head. "I don't want you to cum until I say so."

I nodded, expecting him to continue, but he withdrew his fingers instead. I placed my forehead on my clasped hands and just waited.

"Turn around," Jake said finally. "Knees on the seat."

The sound of the club door slamming again sent my heart racing up into my throat, but I did as I was told, grasping the back of the seat as Jake directed while being mindful not to sully the dash with my shoes. I peered out my window towards the club, scanning the parking lot. It was almost closing time. Our well lit location would soon be flooded with people.

I opted for the view out the back window as Jake hauled on the back of my pants, positioning me so my ass was in full view of anyone walking past the front of his truck.


He knew exactly how to turn me on.

I steadied myself; ready for what I knew would come next.

The leather paddle came down fast on my ass, sending tiny currents of need straight to my cock. I pressed my forehead to the cool glass and shifted my ass to better position it.


Then another.

The front of my briefs were already moist from the penetration, but the repeated smacks to my ass, heating it, released a fresh stream of pre-cum, sticking all the little hairs to the fabric.

The paddle came down again-hard.

I flinched; the alternating strikes were becoming more difficult to bear. Jake's intention was clear. He had no intention of fucking me or letting me cum until much later in the evening.

Jake's hand swept soft circles across my ass.

"So pretty," he said. "Hold still."

I sucked in my breath as something slim, cool and metallic was slipped into my ass right up to the hilt of whatever it was. I peered over my shoulder, wanting to see. It took me a second to catch a glimpse of the tire pressure gage in the rear view mirror gliding smoothly in and out of my hole. The sight of it had me squirming, anxious for more. We'd never done this before.

"Slow down," Jake whispered. He caressed a hand down my spine. "Always so hungry," he mused.

Jake tossed the pressure gage onto the floor of the cab and I watched intently as he removed a thick handled flashlight from the glove box and set it on the seat beside me.

It rolled into the indent and came to rest against my leg.

No fucking way.

"Breathe, baby," Jake said then pressed a full set of fingers into my ass. I relaxed; drawing them deep inside until Jake's thumb came to rest on my tailbone, stroking it.

"Are you going to be good for me?" he asked.

"Mm," I murmured, nodding then pressed my lips to the back of the seat, groaning with each push and pull of pressure; filling me and then retreating, Jake's knuckles brushing back and forth across the ring of muscle, once tight, but now loose and pliable.

"Fuck, that's it," Jake murmured, angling deeper. My cock pulsed, oozing a deeper stain into my briefs as Jake licked a wet trail along the heated skin of my ass.

Now Jake.

I rolled my eyes up, staring blindly out the back window.

Please now.

Jake's free hand gripped my throat as the other broke free of my ass. I turned away from the window and opened my mouth as my gag was pulled away, receiving all four of his fingers.

My tongue worked its way between each one, sucking and humming with contentment as Jake looked on with approval.

My gut clenched as an urgent ache ascended from my balls.

I needed to be filled so desperately, I was shaking.


"We need to get going," Jake said, "before the club empties out into the parking lot. We promised your brother."


I slumped against the seat, almost in tears as Jake hauled my pants back into place, removed the nipple clamps and refit the gag....


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