The sound of violent and impatient knocking overcame the entire Davis household as Nathan viciously pounded his fist on the front door.

It's been a week since Parker finally confronted Nathan and neither of them have spoken since it happened, in fact, Nathan hasn't seen Parker around school at all since it happened.

The door was flung open aggressively and Nathan looked up at the slightly taller man standing before him, coming close to face-to-face with Parker's dad who was wearing his usual look of anger with a now added mixture of confusion.

"Who the hell are you?" he asks then sighs before Nathan has a chance to respond "Look, we don't give to charities, alright? Go bother someone else" he said and started to close the door before it is stopped by Nathan's foot slamming between the door and the doorframe.

"It's a fucking pleasure to see you too, sir" Nathan remarked sarcastically before sighing. "Is your son home?"

"Who are you?" Mr Davis asked once again.

Nathan also repeated his own question, ignoring the one he was just asked. "Is Davis-" he stopped and cleared his throat "is Parker home?"

Mr Davis looked at the boy on his doorstep angrily. "No! He's not!" he growled "He doesn't live here anymore!"

Nathan's eyes widened when he heard Parker's father disclose this information. "Now. If you don't mind" he started to close the door but that went just as well as it did the first time the door was attempted to be closed; Nathan stuck out his foot.

"I'm not leaving til you tell me where he is" he told the older man standing before him.

"He's at his uncles house. Now, leave my property before I call the police!" and with that, Mr Davis slammed the door in Nathan's face, Nathan felt the vicious power of the wind hit his face as the door smashed closed.

Nathan begins to recall his curiosity from a week ago; after Parker's explosion of rage towards him behind the school building last week he stood still while watching the slightly shorter and very pissed off guy storm off. He noticed him boarding a bus just outside of the school and wondered where he was going since Parker's parents place is only a few blocks away from the school...

Things began to make sense now! Nathan knows that Parker's uncle lives far away from his brother and sister-in-law, the reasons for that now being obvious. Nathan also knows that Parker's uncle lives somewhere close to where an old 'friend' of Nathan's used to live as once, a few years ago, when leaving his 'friend's place he saw Parker and his uncle exiting his uncle's house. Nathan vaguely recalled hearing Parker call his uncle 'Brad' or something along those lines before saying goodbye to him on his uncle's doorstep.

After pacing around his bedroom for what felt like hours there was a knocking on Nathan's door before his father entered.

"For the last hour all I have heard is you stomping up and down your bedroom..." his dad chuckled. Nathan had his big black boots to blame for that "Is everything okay?" his dad asked

"Yeah, fine" Nathan mumbled as he pushed past his authority figure "I'm going out for a while" he said as he walked downstairs towards the front door of the house.

"Well when'll you be-"

The sound of the door slamming cut Mr Ryder's sentence short. This seemed to be an ongoing occurrence between himself and his son; My Ryder starts to say something, Nathan slams the door and he rolls his eyes, knowing there is no point in chasing after his son as he will just be ignored. The routine ends with Mr Ryder finishing his sentence, even though he knows there is no point in doing so as he obviously can no longer be heard. "-home" he mumbles before going on with his day.

Nathan gets on the 8pm bus to Bright-View Street, takes his seat and begins to think about how he is going to handle things once he arrives at Brad Davis' place. 'Why is Davis even there anyways? ' he wonders. He began to think about the fact that it is highly possible that Parker's uncle has moved out of the house Nathan was now going to. After all it was a few years ago that Nathan had seen Parker there. Shaking his head he sits there silently with a look of fury plastered across his face, causing any other passenger boarding the bus to make sure to sit a good distance away from him. Nathan could care less that he was freaking out others in this bus, all he could think about right now was getting to Parker.

After a 35 minute bus ride that seemed to last for hours Nathan arrived at the bottom of Brad's neighbourhood. Upon arriving outside of the house he was intending on going to Nathan stands at the end of the front yard, now more unsure than ever of what he came here to do or say.

He is still angry but he is still confused as well. What exactly he was angry at even he wasn't sure!

Not bothering to think that through he approaches the door and knocks on it, making sure not to pound his fist on the door aggressively as he would usually do.

Inside of the house that Nathan is outside of Parker's uncle is desperately trying to convince his nephew to eat something for dinner.

"You have barely eaten these last couple of days, kid. You must want something?"

Parker remained silent and just effortlessly shrugged as he stared at the television screen, watching a show he would have once referred to as 'mindless'.

"Y'know...the Parker Davis I remember as a kid would never refuse one of his uncles homemade pizzas..." his uncle grinned.

Although Parker hated being spoken to as though he were still 12 years old he couldn't help but crack a small smile "Yeah, big Brad's burned pizza sounds great" he remarked sarcastically.

Brad chuckled before hearing knocking at the front door. He slid off of the arm of the chair Parker is sitting on and said "I'll hold you to that when you're eating the best pizza you've ever had!" Parker continued to grin and roll his eyes as he got up and walked to the kitchen to start getting out some cooking supplies for his uncle.

Opening up the door Brad is met with the unfamiliar face of a rough looking teen, seemingly close to the age of his own nephew.

"Hi there...can I help you?" he asked, trying his best not to stare at Nathan's piercings.

"Maybe, is uh... is D-P-Parker here?" Nathan asked, trying to refrain from calling Parker by his last name rather than his first as he usually does. He was certain that it would seem somewhat disrespectful, especially to an adult.

A relieved smile came across Brad's face "Oh, you're a friend of his?" Nathan got nervous when this question was asked but thankfully he was not given enough time to answer it before Brad continued "I'm sure you know that he hasn't been himself recently. He won't tell me what's going on but...maybe you could get through to him?" he smiled hopefully.

Once again, Nathan didn't have enough time to respond before a voice was heard from a few feet behind the tall 38 year old man - "What are you doing here?" Parker asked, sounding somewhat bitter.

"C'mon Parks, that's not a great way to greet a friend" his uncle told him

Parker scoffed "Friend?" he raised his eyebrow.

"I just-I wanna talk, man" Nathan quickly interjected "5 minutes, tops"

"Don't be ridiculous. You've come all this way to see a friend, I insist you stay for dinner" Brad smiled. That was the thing about Brad, he always assumed the best about people, even if he didn't know them. Some would say this was a nice trait to have but right now Parker was regretting not telling his uncle about this whole thing between himself and Nathan. His regret was increased when he saw Brad bring Nathan inside and close the door.

Parker turned away and without saying another word walked back into the kitchen to continue preparing for the dinner.

Nathan stood there in the living room awkwardly, not knowing where to go. Brad leaned in close from behind him and pleadingly but quietly said "Try and see if you can get a word out of him. He has barely spoken in days. Hell, he's even refusing to go to school, which I'm sure you know is unusual for Parker" and with that, Brad headed upstairs to give the two of them some privacy.

Nathan couldn't recall a time where he felt more nervous. Biting his lip he headed into the kitchen to find Parker rolling out some dough for the pizza. Since he couldn't think of a word to say Nathan cleared his throat as he took one step closer to the surely angry Parker. Parker froze as he heard Nathan behind him.

Hearing Nathan take another step closer Parker asked "What are you doing here? Surely you're not dumb enough to try and hurt me in my own damn house" before turning to face Nathan who was now only a couple of feet away.

"You live here now?" Nathan asked

"Yeah. I was 'removed' from my parents since they were deemed as abusive after screaming at their son while he was in hospital." he chuckled slightly as he turned away once more "Huh, I guess I do have one thing to thank you for. At least I'm finally free of their constant yelling"

"Davis, I'm sorry" Nathan said pleadingly as he stepped closer again.

"You've said that before Nathan. Difference is I'm not dumb enough to believe you this time" Parker mumbled.

"I mean it, Davis. What can I do to prove that I really am sorry?"

Parker simply laughed mockingly, not believing that Nathan is really willing to prove himself.

"I'm serious." Nathan said as he lightly grabbed Parker's arm, turning him so that the two of them were now face to face.

The two of them are now so close they can once again feel each other's breath on their faces.

"Davis, I'm sorry. I'll say it a thousand damn times if that's what it'll take for you to believe me. That day at the hospital I meant what I said and I really did want us to be friends...I still do"

Parker looked down the entire time Nathan said all of this, not wanting to look Nathan in the eyes. He stared down at the bottom left of his and Nathan's shoes.

"Why?" Parker mumbled, still not looking up.

"B-Because...Parker I..." Nathan sighed. He really never thought he'd have to admit what he was about to. "Davis...I-I think I...I really like more than just a friend"

Before either teen was given a chance to say another word they were interrupted as Brad entered the kitchen. "Guys, I'm sorry, I gotta- Whoa" he chuckled, seeing how close the two were standing to one another "Ooh, so he's that kinda friend, huh Parks?" Brad grinned playfully.




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