'I bet he's on happy pills or something now' Parker heard one of the jocks say to their girlfriend following a small and quiet laughter from himself and his peers. Parker just ignored them and kept walking to find his locker. Once he reached his locker it took a moment for him to remember the combination which concerned him but he quickly remembered it and opened it up; when he did a piece of paper fell to his feet. Curiously he bent over and picked it up.

In messy, almost child-like and close to unreadable handwriting it simply said:

Meet me after school by the trashcans out back Davis!


Only one person he knows calls him by his last name - Nathan Ryder!

'He wants to see me? Why? At the hospital he just left without telling me' Parker thought as he folded up the note and slid it into his pocket. Despite his thoughts he decides that he will go and see Nathan, hoping to get some kind of explanation as to why he left without a word or explanation a couple of weeks ago at the hospital.

The school day went on like any regular school day usually did, it was almost as if Parker had never even left. Sure, he had a few teachers asking if he was okay every once in a while and the occasional asshole in his classes making 'subtle' digs at him but again he just ignored it and got on with his work like he always has done.

At lunch he ate alone, as usual, but today he happened to look across the cafeteria and catch sight of Nathan looking over at him as he stood alone by a wall as he usually does. Parker smiled a little and waved over to him but wasn't met with the reaction he was expecting; Nathan's face did not change from the look of anger he seemingly permanently had and he didn't respond with a wave, instead looking away from Parker almost immediately and walking out of the cafeteria.

This worried Parker - was Nathan mad at him all over again? Why? What could he have possibly done? He hasn't even been back to school for a full day yet!

He began having second thoughts about meeting with his former bully after school...

The bell rang, ending the school day and as Parker packed the books from his final class into his backpack he continued to internally argue with himself about whether or not it would be a wise idea to go and see Nathan. Leaving the classroom he told himself that he shouldn't, it would be too risky and an all around stupid idea! Just judging Nathan based off of the look he gave off earlier in the school cafeteria he knew he obviously wasn't happy about something...but what?

Parker just headed for the exit of the school, not bothering to give any thought as to whether or not he needed to go to his locker for any reason but once he reached the school gates he came to a sudden stop.

'Okay...My options are these - I can get on a bus and go home, leaving myself unsure and curious...or I can go see Nathan, fix my curiosity as to why he seemed so angry earlier and possibly get crushed in more ways than one by him as well...'

Even though both these choices weren't exactly appealing he knew he had to go with one of them. He has become used to dealing with how his parents are so that seems like the smarter option to go with...So even he is unsure why he is doing what he is as he turned around and began to walk back towards the school and around the side of the building towards the back where the trashcans are, where the note had told him to wait for the note bearer.

Once he turned the corner he found Nathan was already there, seemingly carelessly drawing a few curse words into the bricks of the building.

"Y-You could get in serious trouble for that, you know" Parker mumbled

Nathan turned to see a frightened and fragile looking Parker Davis standing before him. He said nothing, wanting to see what Parker would say first.

After a moment of silence Parker caught on to the fact that Nathan wasn't going to say anything until he did first.

"W-Why did you want to see m-"

Parker was unsure whether or not this was intentional but Nathans anger seemed to grow with each word that escaped from his lips.

He nervously looked down and decided to change his question. Twiddling his thumbs and nervously shuffling his right foot back and forth he quietly but audibly mumbled "At the hospital...why did you leave without telling?"

Rather than replying with words Nathan simply scoffed at Parker's question.

Parker sighed, getting the feeling that he isn't going to get any sort of straight answer from Nathan.

"Nathan, why did you want me to come back here? Just to scoff and scowl at me?" Parker asked with a hint of attitude in his voice. When he saw the look on Nathan's face he instantly regretted his choice to even remotely stand up for himself.

Nathan stormed up to Parker and within seconds was so close to him that Parker could now feel his taller counterpart's breath on his nose.

"You fucking ratted me out" Nathan said through gritted teeth. His voice shook slightly as he spoke, making him seem really on edge. "I'm going to get expelled for this" he growled, while making sure to remain quiet enough so that nobody could hear them.

"W-What are you talking about?!" Parker asked with fear in his voice as he tried to step away from Nathan but this attempt was failed as Nathan quickly took a step closer to him again and pushed him down to the ground with anger. Parker stared up at his bully, feeling terrified.

"I heard you! As soon as your parents came into the hospital I heard you tell them that I followed you into the school bathroom and threatened you"

Parkers expression changed completely, he now looked angry as well. Forgetting about the fear he was feeling moments ago, he stood up to face Nathan as best he could once again.

After pausing and letting a moment of silence fill the air Parkers voice shook as he quietly asked "Did you actually hear me say your name?"

Nathan's face slowly fell as he realised that he didn't "W-Well no, but-but I heard you say-"

"You heard me say SOMEONE followed me in and threatened me." Parker snapped, the volume of his voice increasing more and more.

"And what about when your parents asked WHO it was?!" Nathan barked back, not wanting to appear as the stupid one here, although it was growing more and more obvious that he was exactly that.

"Did you hear them ask that?" before Nathan had a chance to reply Parker continued "No! You didn't! They don't care! They told me to stop being a drama queen and get over myself! Then they started yelling at me, telling me that I was just acting sick to get attention"

Nathan has never seen Parker this angry before. Hell, he wasn't sure if he'd ever seen Parker angry at all!

A tear streamed down Parker's face as Nathan remained silent.

"No. I didn't 'rat you out'. Why? Honestly, I don't fucking know! Maybe it was because, for a short amount of time at the hospital, I actually thought that we could be friends. I thought I was seeing a kind and sweeter side to you!"

Nathan continued his long drawn out silence. Parker was unsure if his black haired classmate couldn't think of anything to say or simply just didn't want to say anything. Either way, he'd had enough.

"W-Well...are you going to?" Nathan asked a few short moments later. Parker stared back at him with a hint of confusion. He thinks he might know what Nathan means but surely he can't be stupid enough to ask something like that at a time like this, well, at least that's what Parker thought.

"Are you going to tell your parents, the principal or someone about what I-"

"Oh my God" Parker cut him off. "After everything that's happened, everything I just said you STILL only care about yourself! You're pathetic, Nathan. Why did I spend so much time fearing you? You're just a moronic asshole who solves his problems with anger and self pity!"

Parker was expecting Nathan to be pissed after hearing what he had to say about him but no. Again, Nathan stayed quiet, not letting a single word escape his lips.

Parker closed his eyes and sighed "No. You'll be glad to know that you're safe. I'm not going to waste my energy on you anymore so I'm not going to report you. Just leave me alone from now on or I will tell everyone. Okay?" Parker scowled at Nathan for a quick second before storming off, leaving Nathan standing there alone, absolutely speechless.




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