"Nathan?" Parker finally asks quietly as he gazes up at his usually intimidating counterpart. He sighed, beginning to get an idea of why he's here. "Listen, I didn't rat you out and I'm not going t-"

"Davis..." Nathan practically whispers as his voice cracks. "I-I'm so sorry"

This came as a total shock to Parker. Nathan Ryder apologising?

"I-I don't know why I pick on you so much. I just do." he looked over at Parker, hoping to get some kind of reaction, any kind of reaction!

"Nathan...I...I wish I could forgive you but it's really not that easy." Parker mumbles, fiddling with his fingers awkwardly and not looking back at Nathan.

Nathan sighs, though he does understand.

"Davis...I've never given you any reason to believe a word I say..." Nathan starts as he stands up again and looks down at his bedridden classmate "But I am going to change...well, try to anyways" he smiles at Parker slightly, trying to fight back anymore tears than have already streamed down from his eyes. He then turns and heads towards the door to leave.

"W-Wait" Parker calls out just as Nathan's hand had barely touched the door. Turning back to look at Parker, Nathan watched as Parker said "I uh...well, you're my first visitor and...being here alone gets pretty boring, y'know?" he smiled slightly. "You don't have to but...if you're free...you can stay for a while"

For the first time Parker saw a genuine smile spread across Nathan's lips. "Sure. I'd love to Davis" he walked back to the bed and sat down on the chair by the bed. "What're you watching anyway?"

"Oh it's a thrilling nature documentary" Parker says as he looks from the TV back to Nathan.

"Oh..." Nathan replies, scratching his neck awkwardly, causing Parker to burst out with laughter.

"Nathan even I'M not that nerdy. The stupid remote's out of batteries and the TV doesn't have any buttons." Parker explains, earning a sigh of relief from Nathan.

"Well...I could paint that wall and we could watch it dry..." Nathan grins  as Parker gives him a confused look "What? That'd be more exciting than this" he says, pointing to the TV and Parker laughs, nudging him.

'Wow...did I just slap Nathan Ryder's arm? And he didn't hit me back? Am I still unconscious?' Parker thought but decided not to question it as he was actually enjoying Nathan's company.

The two sat side by side on the hospital bed and talked for a while before Parker decided to resurrect the topic of Nathan's constant bullying. "Why do you do it? There must be some kind of reason"

"I really don't know" Nathan replied in a mumble and looked down, shuffling his feet below him. "I can hardly blame how I was raised. My dad's great"

"What about your mom?"

Nathan went silent very quickly.

"Oh...I'm sorry" Parker said quietly, quickly noting Nathan's reaction to his question.

Nathan simply shook his head "I uh...I'm gonna go get a drink from the vending machine." he mumbled and stood up, once again heading for the door. Parker began to doubt that he'd be back.

Less than 5 seconds went by before Nathan walked through the door again "Uh...you want anything?" he smiled, earning a smile in return.

"Just water, if that's okay?"

Nathan nodded and left again.

Arguing could be heard from outside of Parkers room. At first he couldn't make out the voices or what they were saying but soon he realised just who they were - his parents. He quietly sighed as he heard them argue with the medical staff.

"Mr and Mrs Davis please calm down or I will have to ask you to leave" he heard a lady warn them both.

"I want to see my son!" his father snapped.

Nathan came closer to the hall where Parker's room was, holding a couple of bottles of water, having been completely unaware of the fact that Parker's parents had turned up, when he saw them walking into his room.

Not a hope in hell was he going to go in there while they were there!

Reluctantly Nathan stepped closer to Parkers room door and began to overhear his parents talking at him, not to him, at him!

"What were you even doing in the school bathroom? You should have been studying!" his father growled.

"I had to go" Parker mumbled quietly

"Don't lie to us!" his mom yelled.

"Fine!" Parker snapped "I was stressed out because of you two and when I went into the bathroom I was followed in and threatened. Happy?!" Nathan heard Parker yell at his parents.

Anger overcame Nathan. Slamming the bottles he was holding into a nearby trashcan he stormed downstairs and out of the hospital.

'I fucking knew he'd rat me out!' he was no longer panicking at all, he's just angry now.

Within a week Nathan's suspension was up once again and he returned to the school. After a firm grilling from the principal he was congratulated for reporting Parker's condition after finding him in the bathroom the week before.

"Whatever" Nathan mumbled and grabbed his bag "Can I leave now?"

"Yes, I'm sure you're eager to get back to class" his principal responded with a hint of sarcasm in his voice "Dismissed" he said, waving his hand.

As usual Nathan was avoided by most every student in the school as they know that he's trouble and with the look of fury more obvious on his face than usual they kept even further distance from him.

Throughout the week Nathan overheard rumours being spread around that it was somehow his fault that Parker was in the hospital which brought the fear from before back into his system as he knew they were all correct.

Parker must have people talking about this! Who else would have ratted him out?

Another week went by, each day being exactly the same as the first day Nathan had returned, rumours, gossip and quiet whispers about himself and Parker Davis but on Monday of the next week things changed once again as Parker made his return to the school.

I'm really sorry that my stories/chapters are posted so inconsistently, I'm just incredibly busy with work, school and a few other things but I'm trying to post chapters as frequently as I can. 

Thank you for being so patient. Hope you're enjoying the story so far!  




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