The sunset over the sea is beautiful as I stand barefoot in the sand with him, staring down deep into his beautiful blue eyes. I can't help but fall for him more and more, as if that's even possible. "I don't know why it took me so damn long to admit how I felt about you" I tell him and smile as he giggles and blushes.

"Well you were trying to keep up that whole bad boy front but I always kinda knew" he tells me with a small grin on his face.

I can't help but grin back at him, wondering if it was ever obvious that I have always had feelings for him, even if I never would have admitted it up until recently. Ignoring my thoughts I lean in close to him kissing him passionately. Each time we kiss I never want it to end. It feels as though time stops when we're together but then before I know it our time together is over either because he has to go or I do. Pulling back from the kiss I can't help but smile at my smaller and incredibly cute former-victim.

Feeling his arms wrapped around me as we both smile at one another is like I'm living a dream in reality.

"Nathan? I-I have to tell you something..." he starts and grasps both my hands into his own. I feel concern come over me as the 10 second pause he takes seems to last forever. "I-I think I- No-" he smiles at me "I know that..." he sighs and looks me in the eyes "I love you"

I feel my heart beat 100 times per second and I'm sure I'm smiling like an idiot.

"D-Do you feel the same way?" I hear him ask me, snapping me out of my daze. The question almost sounds ridiculous to me but then again before now neither of us have said that to the other. While we have only been together for a short period of time now I have felt a certain way about this boy for a long time now...

I see him beginning to look more and more nervous as he bites his lip, seemingly starting to assume that I don't have the same feelings for him as he does for me.

Just as I open up my mouth to finally respond to his question I begin to stammer, not able to make a single word, let alone the three words I have been wanting to say to him for so long now!

"I-I-P-Parker, I-" is all I can say and I start to worry as he looks more and more concerned.

What's wrong with me?!

Why am I talking like this?!

I just want to finally tell the guy that I--

Being awoken by the sound of a loud banging, Nathan quickly sits up in his bed breathing hard and sweating slightly although he's not hot, quite the opposite since he had forgotten to close his bedroom window the night before. He looks over at his door as he hears his father yell "Nathan! Get up! You gotta leave for school in 20!". Groaning he turns it off and slowly gets up out of bed. As he is walking to the other side of his room to grab some clothes from his closet he stops when he catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He stops and stares at his reflection, not doing anything but looking himself up and down repeatedly. For an 18 year old he is pretty buff although he's never understood how, he does little-to-no exercise, but he wasn't about to complain. It just helped him keep up his tough guy image around school. He's a pretty good looking guy - black and messy hair, a few piercings and tattoos, he stands over six foot tall and has a pretty sizeable package in his underwear.

Despite his good looks he stares at the image of himself staring back at him in the clear glass of the mirror.

'I can't believe I put the guy in hospital...' he thinks to himself silently.

He knows that the thought of what happened yesterday is going to haunt his memories for a lifetime...

"W-What the hell are you doing?" He asked, staring down at Parkers motionless body. "C'mon, this isn't fucking funny!" he said, leaning down and shaking Parker. While Parker was still quietly breathing he still wasn't moving at all. "Fuck!" Nathan exclaimed, quickly bolting out of the bathroom. After running through the empty hallway he stopped around the corner and pressed his back against the lockers, covering his face with his hands in panic.

"Mr Ryder?" he heard a familiar voice say as it came closer. It was the principal.

"Why aren't you in the cafeteria? I expect you're not causing MORE trouble? After all, you have already been suspended again!" the principal lectured.

Nathan bit his lip, resisting his urges to fire back at the principal with some kind of insult. He was uncertain whether or not he should tell him about Parker.

"Well?! I expect an answer. Don't be so disrespectf-"

"Parker Davis just collapsed in the fucking bathroom!" Nathan snapped. He took note of Mr McNeil's shocked expression so quickly backed himself up by adding "I was...I was trying to find someone to report it" he mumbled

McNeil quickly stormed towards the boys bathroom and sure enough Parker was still laying on the floor unconscious.

Everything else happened so fast that Nathan's memory is fuzzy with the details. All he remembers is seeing the principal attempt to wake Parker up and after failing at that, almost instantly, a couple of paramedics showed up. Parker ended up having to go to hospital and as far as Nathan is aware he's still there now.

Trying to block everything about Parker out of his mind Nathan quickly throws on his clothes. His dad still has no idea that he was suspended again, after all of the commotion yesterday Mr McNeil ended up forgetting to call Nathan's father. Nathan heads downstairs, trying to act casual in the hopes that his dad won't notice that he's acting suspicious.

Although he's spent most of his life doing it Nathan still isn't a good liar...

He walks into the kitchen to find his dad sitting at the table and reading the morning paper. He doesn't look down from it as Nathan sits down at the table in front of the already prepared plate of toast at the table that his dad had made for him.

After a full two minutes of complete silence between the two men Mr Ryder pipes up "You hear about this?" he asks as he turns the paper to Nathan's attention and he sees that Parker's picture is in the paper. Nathan's eyes go wide but his dad doesn't seem to notice. "Apparently this kid goes to your school. He's a top student and yesterday he was found in the bathroom unconscious by another student" he gives Nathan a brief recap of the story as he turns the article back to face himself.

"Yeah uh...that's...Parker somebody, I think" Nathan stammers.

His father catches the tension in his voice and puts the paper down for a second time "Are you okay?" he asks.

"Yes, I'm fine! I'm gonna be late" Nathan mumbles as he stands up and heads for the door.

"Don't forget your-" the door slams closed "-bag" Mr Ryder mumbles, completing his sentence before rolling his eyes and returning his gaze to the paper, reading through the newspaper article about this Parker Davis kid for a second time.

Nathan begins to walk around aimlessly. He obviously can't go to school, if the principal so much as lays eyes on him he'll instantly remember yesterday and probably call his dad. No other family member want anything to do with him because of how he has treated them in the past. His mind is flooded with thoughts of paranoia, he can't get Parker out of his mind no matter what he does!

'My Dad knows I'm a complete asshole but even he doesn't think I'm capable of putting someone in hospital!' he thinks as he begins to walk through a seemingly empty park. He finds a bench and sits down, putting his head in his hands.

He repeatedly ponders the idea of going to visit Parker in hospital to make sure he keeps his mouth shut about all of this.

There is only one local hospital so he knows which one he's in and if he were to ask for Parker's name at the reception claiming to be a friend of relative he could easily find him without any trouble.

He realises that while he is sitting here and thinking about all of this Parker could be spilling the true story of what happened to him to anyone - his parents, the doctors, the nurses, maybe even the police!

He gets up and quickly starts walking to the hospital, it's a small distance away but he knows he could make it there within a half hour if he's fast enough.

Running through the automatic doors of the hospital he approaches the reception to find a small and slim lady sitting behind a computer screen. She smiles up at him "Hello sir, how may I help you?" she asks politely.

Nathan already sounds flustered from running so quickly and panicking that Parker may have already ratted him out so that plays in his favor as he begins to act concerned. "M-My friend, his name's Parker Davis, he was taken in here yesterday. Can I see him? Please?" he asks quickly.

She looks through her computer to find out the whereabouts of a Parker Davis. "Yes, he's upstairs. I can bring you but sir..." she stands up "he came in yesterday in a bad condition. From what I know he's recovering well now and is awake and well but please try to remain calm when you're with him." she warns.

Nathan gulps hard and nods "O-Of course" he says and begins to follow her. He noticed by the lady's name tag that her name is Lisa.

'I can't believe I did this to him...' Nathan thinks to himself.

They soon arrive outside of the room that Parker is in. Before Nathan is able to go inside Lisa stops him by smiling at him and quietly saying "I'm sure he'll be so happy that you're here. You're his first visitor"

"I am? Really? What about his parents?" Nathan asks, not sure himself why he is curious about this.

Lisa simply shrugs "I think Nathan's doctor has been in contact with them but they haven't come in"

Nathan nods "Thanks for bringing me you mind if I see him alone?" he asks.

"Of course not. I should get back to the reception anyway." she smiles and walks off.

Nathan stands outside of the door for a minute, thinking through how he's going to approach Parker and make sure he doesn't mention his name when he's asked what happened to him. He finally manages to cover his face with a look of anger before pushing the doors open aggressively.

Parker jumps at the loud sound of the doors hitting the walls behind them before turning to see who it was that made them do this. His eyes only grew wider when he saw his school bully storming in through the doorway.

Parker decided to remain silent, if yesterday taught him anything it was that speaking up where Nathan is involved is a bad idea...

Nathan is about to start screaming out everything that he had planned to say on his 35 minute walk to the hospital but when he takes in the view of Parker laying in a hospital bed he seems to lose his voice. Guilt begins eating him up inside so much that it somehow physically hurts.

Parker sits in his bed, shaking slightly and instinctively expecting Nathan to be pissed off about something but is confused when he just stands there, looking at him and not saying one single word. He opens his mouth to ask what Nathan is doing here but before a sound can escape his lips Nathan slowly steps closer to the bed.

'Here it comes' Parker tells himself.

Nathan stands on the right side of the bed and looks down at him, still having not said a word.

Parker looks up at him and is shocked to see a tear running down his cheek...


**I'm going to put this story on hold for a while and take a break to try and focus on writing a few other stories**




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