Sitting up in his bed Parker yawns as he listens to the sound of his irritatingly loud alarm clock waking him up for yet another day of school where he is ridiculed nonstop for his intellectual intelligence. Sighing quietly he pounds his fist off of the top of the clock to make the excruciating noise stop before he turns himself 90 degrees and stands up out of his bed. He walks across the room towards his closet to pick out some clothes for the day but as he does this he catches himself in the mirror. He slowly turns to face himself in the mirror and sighs at what his eyes are met with; he's never exactly been a strong person on the outside. Academically, yes, but when it comes to body mass or confidence, no..

He's pretty slim and he wears glasses, not that his vision is all that bad, but he needs them for reading and schoolwork so he has grown accustom to wearing them so he is rarely seen without the temples over his ears unless he is required to not wear them for some type of reason. His hair is dark brown and is naturally neat and tidy, even at this point after he has just woken up there is very little that needs to be done for it to be fixed, a couple of flicks and he's happy with it (well his parents are anyway) but he does not see this as a good thing...

He has always wanted to at least look rebellious in some way or another, while he is grateful for his intelligence he hates that he is made to look the part of a stereotypical nerd just to please his overbearing parents. He knows there is no point in trying to look how he wants to because his parents would be quick to punish him. He feels more and more stressed out as the days go by but he doesn't speak about this because he feels there is no telling his parents, they seem to believe that it's their way or no way at all. He usually just tries to ignore all of the negative thoughts or at least just shove them to the back of his mind and focus on his schoolwork, pretty much living in denial.

He is quickly snapped out of his thoughts as he hears loud banging on his bedroom door. He begins to panic as he hears this since he is in nothing but his underwear (his parents always say that it is disgusting to sleep in such a derogatory fashion) but thankfully the person knocking does not enter. Instead Parker is met with the voice of his mother, yelling at him from the other side of the door.

"Hurry up! You have to wash, dress, have breakfast and leave! You can't be so damn lazy!"

Parker doesn't respond because he hears that same speech almost every morning, yes, even on weekends! He listens as his mother storms down the hallway and goes downstairs, most likely to the kitchen for her regular morning argument with his father. He goes out to the bathroom to wash up then re-enters his room afterwards to start getting dressed. He slips on his usual dress attire of a plain pair of blue jeans and a buttoned up shirt, today he has decided to go for a regular black shirt with an additional red tie. He looks across the room at his slightly ajar door, hoping that both his parents are downstairs in the kitchen at this point and not anywhere nearby before he looks back at the mirror. He runs his right hand through his hair, trying his hardest to make it look even remotely messy in some way, any way at all! After a full 60 seconds of ruffling his hair he steps back and sees how it looks - messy but not too messy and yet natural looking in some way - he smiles at this but is soon startled by the familiar sound of an angry voice. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" yells the voice of his mother as she storms towards him, grabbing a brush from the night stand and roughly combing his hair back into shape. "Do you want to be associated with the other disobedient brats at that school of yours?!" she yells, inches away from Parker's face as she aggressively runs the comb through his hair. Parker remains silent, much to his mother's annoyance as she groans and storms back out of the room "You have exactly 10 minutes for breakfast before you leave for school at 8-0-5!"

Parker quickly packs his bag, knowing that if he is downstairs any later he will have to go the morning without breakfast. He gets to the kitchen and sees his parents at the table having a 'heated discussion' (that's what they call their arguments) with one another. He sets his bag down on one of the spare chairs by the table and walks towards the toaster to make himself some toast. He shudders when his mother clears her throat "Um, excuse me!"

"O-oh, sorry" he turns to look at his scowling authority figure "Good morning mother and father" he smiles.

"That's better!" his mom yells before turning away from him. When out of sight Parker rolls his eyes and starts to make his toast, soon sitting down to eat. Just as he goes to put the food to his mouth he hears the familiar beeping of his mom's watch. Parker silently curses in his head, knowing exactly what that beeping means. "Time for-"

"I know, time for school" he mumbles as he stands up, leaving his full plate of toast on the table as he flings his bag over his shoulder. He notices his mother's usual look of anger and disgust at how he just spoke to her but after 18 years of kissing up to her and meeting her every little expectation he has grown tired of apologising for every little thing he does 'wrong'. Without another word Parker walks out of the house and starts walking to school.

Upon arrival at the school building that could easily be mistaken for a prison, he looks ahead of him to see someone he wishes he hadn't - Nathan Ryder. Internally groaning he continues walking towards the school building, hoping that Nathan would just keep his mouth shut for once and leave him alone.

Hey, a boy can dream, right?

Of course Parker is not met with his wish as Nathan soon appears in front of him, right outside of the school staircase with a big smirk plastered across his pierced lips.

Nathan is six-foot-two, standing exactly 5 inches taller than Parker, he has his lip, nose and ears pierced. He is usually seen dressed in nothing but black clothing to match his straight jet black hair. Even for 19 he is a pretty buff guy and just by looking at him you know that he is not the kind of guy you'd want to piss off.

You would think that after 19 years on this earth he'd have learned how immature and wrong the way he treats people is but apparently not...

Parker decides to remain silent with the hopes that if he doesn't say anything Nathan will just leave him alone - again, very unlikely!

"I missed ya last week, Davis"

Nathan has always referred to Parker by his last name, something that he has never really understood. Then again, it's not like he'd ever stop and ask why Nathan does this!

Nathan didn't attend school at all for the last 5 schooldays, Parker was actually hoping that he had been expelled but it must have just been yet another suspension.

"Didn't you miss me?" he asks and chuckles.

"Can I just go to class Nathan? Please?" Parker asks, his eyes remaining pointed at the ground, not looking his cocky foe in the eye.

Then again, calling Nathan his a foe may make people believe that in some way these two could be matched against one another with either brains or brawn and that is certainly not true.

Nathan is about to make yet another snarky remark when the school bell rings, catching him off guard and giving Parker just enough time of Nathan's distracted manner to sneak away and run inside of the building. He turns a corner and is stopped by the principals angry voice "MR. DAVIS!". Parker quickly stops before running right into this big brute of a man. "If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times! No running in my hallways! Do I make myself clear?!" he yells.

Feeling too intimidated Parker finds it impossible to find any words to say so he instead nods and quietly mumbles a barely audible 'sorry'. Principal McNeil shakes his head and walks off and Parker continues to walk to class, no longer running but still walking quickly in the hopes that he will not be late but given that the class is almost at the other end of the school he is certain he will be.

Ms Clare was a strict teacher but usually also a pretty sweet and understanding woman so as he reaches the classroom door and knocks gently he expects her to be somewhat understanding of his lateness, after all, he is only late by a minute or so. He walks inside of the classroom and immediately hears the angered voice of Ms Clare. "Well, look who it is everybody! The boy who doesn't have to show up for class on time!" his teacher says as she looks at Parker with daggers in her eyes. The class laugh at Parkers embarrassed state. "Take your seat Mr Davis before I start doling out detentions" she says with a shake of the head, returning her attention to what she had been writing up on the board. Parker nods and quickly rushes to find an empty seat. He soon sees that there is only one seat left...the one next to Nathan. Nathan smirks at him as he waits for him to sit with him. Parker instantly knew that the next few hours were going to be a living hell!

He sits down and decides to just try his best to ignore the inevitable quiet teasing and ridicule he is about to receive.

After pulling out his books from his bag he begins to take down the notes that Ms Clare has prepared on the board for the class.

"We have a lot of catching up to do. A whole weeks worth". Those words send chills through him as he stops writing momentarily.

'Ignore him. Just ignore him' he tells himself.

Parkers aim to do this is destroyed when the pen he is writing with is snatched from his hand.

"Thanks. I forgot to bring one in today" Nathan tells him with a smirk.

"Nathan, please, I-"

"Aw, just get another one outta your pencil case. You can't be so damn lazy"

Nathan saying this brought the voice of Parkers mom into his head as she had said the exact same thing in the exact same aggressive manor just this morning. Soon every disapproving and angry voice Parker has heard just within the last 2 hours flood through his mind. His mother's complaints of his laziness and small act of 'rebellion' this morning, the principal's complaints of Parker running in the halls, Nathan's taunting and teasing and Ms Clare's disapproval of his tardiness. He bites his lip as the voices seem to get louder in his head.

"MR. RYDER!" Ms Clare yells from the front of the room, snapping Parker out of his stress induced trance and causing almost every student in the room to jump, himself and Nathan included. "Return Mr Davis' pen to him and get to the principal's office!" she yells. Parker feels a small sensation of relief for a few minor seconds before his pen is slammed down in front of him on the desk. Nathan stands up, grabs his bag and heads for the door. "You'd think after a week's suspension you'd learn but apparently not!" Ms Clare continues as he walks out the door, making sure to slam it loudly behind him.

It was doubtful that Nathan would even go to McNeil's office, he'll probably just leave the school and come back to in a couple of hours. Trying to block out the voices of anger and disapproval that are still going through his mind Parker continues to write in his A5 Science class book.

Like most other school days this day seemed to last forever, especially because of this quadruple period of taking notes in Science class, and after what felt like 40 hours, 4 hours later the bell rang indicating that it was now time for lunch.

After leaving class Parker scurries through the crowded hallways towards the boys bathroom. Once inside of the bathroom he set his bag down and starts to wash his face with cold water, making him shiver but he was hoping that this would somehow help calm him down...

After soaking his face he looked up at his reflection in the mirror, staring at his face as the water dripped from it.

He is then made to jump when the bathroom door is practically kicked open as it smashes against the wall behind it.

"YOU!" Nathan yells as he storms up to the smaller figure that is Parker.

"W-What?!" Parker stutters quietly with fear, almost tripping over his own bag as he takes a few steps back while Nathan gets closer and closer. Parker soon feels the bathroom wall against his back. Nathan stands inches away from him and starts his verbal attack.

"You got me suspended again! Another damn week!" Nathan screams.

"I-I'm sorry. I-I didn't do anything though! It-It was Ms Clare!"

Nathan continues to yell with mindless anger at Parker, not seeming to care about a single thing that Parker has to say when he tries to defend himself.

"You're worthless, you know that? Yeah, you might be a complete smartass but aside from that you're a fucking lonely nerd! You don't have any friends, your parents are stuck up snobs and you spend your time doing nothing but kissing ass and doing schoolwork!" Nathan growls his words at Parker, his voice seemingly getting louder with each word.

The room seems to start spinning as Nathan hurls this verbal abuse at Parker.

'He's right! You know he's right!' Parkers thoughts seemed to agree with his bully.

Before anything else could happen Parker seemed to feel himself growing weaker and weaker. Nathan's words seem to echo within his mind. He shakes and before Nathan could open his mouth to question what he was doing Parkers legs gave in and he dropped to the floor of the bathroom...

To be continued...




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